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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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opening up.. president-elect donald trump looking toward the future - opening up. president-elect trump looking forward to the future. and opening up about his a 14-year-old deaf dog coming up the incredible rescue and how dog is doing now. and good monday more than i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. outside with dave right now. it's. very. forecast? yeah. moist. damp. it's wet. not rainy just kind of wet. maybe a little sultry? i think sultry >> meteorological term. it's not warm.
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that's what it is outside right now its all going change. >> seattle. >> we go. it is a little muggy. we've got dew point the 63 degrees. when you go out tomorrow it will be in lower 50s. we do have drier air going to settle in, i just think we stick with lot of cloud cover today. mostly cloudy, cool eric 76 degrees. sun will return especially by afternoon hours. tomorrow, hey we're still going 75 for a high temperature. and i think clouds today, a lovely seven-day forecast, so vanessa i will talk more about that in a few minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then. few minutes, dave, thank you. 9:01. some roadway concerns we're seeing right now in case you're joining beverly hilts area of citrus county. we have this i know it's hard to believe but this is car that's being swallowed by hole. a water main break on truman boulevard and that road is closed completely between washington and barber streets. take loot a this next picture.
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on singing really something to see. so needless to say the sheriff's office is asking drivers to avoid this area. and are gina boulevard will be best work around for that. we want update you crash 75 state bound. unfortunately, the previous crash here cleared. and now we have a second crash that's replaced it. so we have lane blocks still in area delays southbound. so avoid or leave early if you have to head this way. >> all right vanessa, thank yo historic win. now he is putting cabinet in mace he made some selections already. one was expected. the other a little controversial. fox doug luzader joining us from washington now to talk a little more on this. good morning, doug. good morning. donald trump is talking now. he did an interview with 60 minutes getting better idea of what trump administration is actually going to look like. never dog anything like
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donald trump telecbs60 minutes a little overcome when he learned he won the election last week. >> i did my final speech at michigan in 1 o'clock in morning and we had 31,000 people. many people outside of the arena. and i felt when i left i said how are we going to lose? meantime he beginning feel key white house position steve his controversial but behind the scenes campaign chief xekt executive will become cheat balance bid a consummate reasons preprooe bus who won trumping confidence over the course of the campaign will serve as chief of staff. responsible for day-to-day management. >> trump says he will address immigration, promising again to build a wall for at least a fence in some areas. >> could be some fencing. and then there is obamacare. where he's now talking about keeping at least some key provisions. he'll also have to name a
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country. with angry sometimes violent demonstrations. questioning his legitimacy. and some supporters accused of stirring up racial animosity. >> i'm so saddened to hear that. i say stop it. it would help. i will say that, i will stop it. meantime, here in washington, today, the this afternoon president obama is set to have a press conference he doesn' d and opportunity to get his thoughts in the wake of the election. back to you guys. all right doug luzader live for news washington. thank you, doug. thanks, laura. and now the protests. they continued over weekend cities across america. people still upset over the trump win. they took to the streets. even buccaneer mike evans made his feelings known. shayla is at raymond james stadium this morning with his story. hey shayla.
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russell. white receiver said he did not share his intentions with the team because he did not want his decision to be misunderstood. sunday, you are looking a some video as mike everyone's sat on the sidelines during the national anthem. this happened during tampa bay buccaneers game against the chicago bears. you can see in there seated on the bench. now, he later told reporters the protest centered around tuesday's presidential election presidential nominee donald trump became the country's 45th president-elect. veterans day followed on friday. bucs paid tribute to military service members during a special salute to service sunday. here's how evans explained the decision to remain seated. >> don't want to sdt respect veterans or anything or men and women that served this country forever indebted to them. but the things going on in
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stand for that. you know, when ash to kutcher we've punked then i'll say i'll stand again. >> buccaneers issued a statement saying, the buccaneers deeply committed to the military. and honoring the great men and women that have dedicated their lives and have made great sacrifices to ensure all tremendous freedoms we have in this great country. we encourage all members of our organization to respectfully honor our flag during playing national we also recognize every individual's constitutional right to freedom of speech which is trushl krieshl to american principles we cherish report raymond james stadium shayla reeves fox 13 news. in other news this morning we can leaks julian assange will be questioned swedish prshs they will here they will consent to the dna sample. he's under investigation in sweden for an alleged sexual assault of two women.
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to seek refuge equilibrium dourn embassy in london he feared being extradited because of his we can leaks work. city of orlando will be moving one step closer to making the pulse night club a permanent memorial. city council is expected to approve the purchase of the building by the city. mayor buddy dire said his an out of respect for ?victims and important city take control to figure out best way to honor them. remember last were killed in and one the deadly's acts terrorism. appear coat lean middle will hold a public for em kathleen and four our polk county middle schools are in danger of being shut down. and westwood. state board of education is threatened them because of their failing grades because begin thing next week all 5 will go before state with plans on how they will improve things. but again, tonight, you can hear
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plans at 6:30 in the school cafeteria. with only a third of americans have been a college degree, universities have to find their students from somewhere. and they go across the globe to do that. but they are expanding there reach not just to china and far east any more. now recruiter heading to middle east south asia latin america. colleges and universities will rely on foreign students because they tend to pay the full some schools are heading to mexico or iran to find potential students. stay with us still a lot more ahead this morning including a way to say thank you to our community. jen's got an amazing story women doing her job for 40 years and has affected thousands of lives. plus, it's not just family history and genes. huge influence our life-style plays on our health next.
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belongs on stage with a newest generation of thespians making the most out of macbeth. to have a good or to not have the good day. that's question. >> wrong question there. that's hamlet. wrong play. tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow we shall have another good day. but why wait until tomorrow when you can have good day today. there you go. there. there. thank you. thank you. kids are like can we drown him out we're dunedin high school they have their own pipe band sch perfect fitting for scottish play macbeth being done in the a scottish town. we're breaking down language.
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((russell//2sh)) sometimes, when they're good, teachers become more than just someone who teaches math or english. ((dave)) sometimes teachers become part of the family... someone a child remembers for a that's why when one teacher is sick, everyone comes together. ((dave)) fox 13's ken suarez is at rowlett academy in bradenton.. where they just when teacher gets sick everybody comes together. for that let's go to fox 13 ken suarez in bradenton where they just had an emotional tribute and last hour we were all just glued it television ken unbelieverably awesome. i think it was really cool about television when you can bring something to folks live that is emotional like this.
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whatever jessica bass. she unl just got through a cancer treatment and a you were out five weeks let me go to your class. her third grade class. did did you miss ms. bass? ms are you happy she's back >> yes. when you walked out there this morning and saw 1,000 people your kids, kids from rest school administrators and kv camera first, but just so happy to be back at work. and whole time i was out i couldn't wait to get back here. and >> why? >> because this is where i want to be. this is where you saw it this morning the love here. everybody is working towards helping others andths just i knew i would feel at home here more than i was at home. >> the folks are seeing what just transpired a short time ago. kids it was just a sea of pink
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what was that like to walk in and know that you're this loved? >> it was very humbling the whole time since i was going through this my school family has been here for me my administrators have been wonderful me teammates and students same students i had last year have been here and wonderful. so, it just such a great feeling to know that i'm loved as much as i love on out? >> i am considered cancer free i do radiation treatments ahead of me. those should starting next week. just last little bump in this road and soon this all be behind me. you certainly like rainbow and unicorn and it's not. how do you talk to kids about i'm hoping from they will take from this about how they can help others by just a smile.
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smile face and put other peopling feelings in front of their own sometimes. what we teach here about character education. and seeking first to understand if i'm having a rough day, maybe they work a little harder to find out why why and things like that. >> and unfortunately not only person going through breast cancer cancer in general. really message to awful those folks. i think with this real obvious that the kids are wear pink they are support you but so many people that support those that going through that very, very but just a wonderful morning great story to cover. thanks for letting us do it. back to you guys. >> very nice. very nice. and what a great school. what great school she's a great teacher. what great school. thanks kenny we'll see you later on. you know, we're talking about cancer here. there are cancer some diseases are regarded as hereditary sometimes you think that deck is just stacked against you. but now a new study urges people not to give just because
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the new england journal medicine talked about finding conference in new orleans yesterday. they said a healthy life-style can slash your risk of heart disease even if you're family history and genes are stacked against you. study found people within hertd risk for heart attack can cut chances by half if they didn't smoke eat well exercise stay slim. and they also found that even if a person has no family history doing those high risk habits can >> so a little wake up call to all of us to take a little better care of ourselves. i had friend in college who all the males in his family had never made it past the age of 45 he did everything he could. still alive today. he did everything he could could to exercise eat right to make sure he could break that. so kind of goes along. it can doneths hard. yeah. true. true. it's 67 degrees. we've moved up one degree in
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we have this morning. but it's really not that bad outside. it's a little moist. a little damp as russell was alluding to 61 up in crystal river 63 in bushnell 70 if lakewood ramp bradenton. also down inglewood where it's 7172 degrees. we've got a little bit sun sheen mixed in sebring arcadia with temperatures in lower 70s. now when you step outside we talked about it being damp you may feel humidity up just however, drier air literally just hours away as we do anticipate that dryer air watch this with a forecast dew points. that's going to come settling in late tonight during the day tomorrow we will drop dew points maybe even down into the 40s. so again, going to feel so much nicer tomorrow in terms of humidity levels then it is right now. but if cloudy skies and a bit damp is the worst that we've got, i think we're having a good
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this afternoon mostly cloudy skies more sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. and then going right through rest of week steadily move temperatures up 75 tomorrow. 77 wednesday. and then we'll probably vanessa, close to 80 by friday. >> oh boy, all right thanks, dave. here a 9:18 we want to look right now howard frankland bridge northbound direction we have delays of course that's ging to be the more congested part of your screen here heading away 12 minutes from fourt we did have reports of disabled vehicle area mid span one blocking lanes. that seems to have cleared out looks like our travel times are starting to to do so. just keep in mind it might be a little bit slower than norm normal as you make your way northbound over the bridge. >> there are a lot of hard working people in our community. and this week on good day, we're honor something of those people who spent their lives making tampa bay better. we start with woman who has been
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decades. the adrenaline spontaneity and most importantly the people just some of the things laurie loves about her job. i like to be able to look at a challenge, you know, i like to come in and have a bunch of drips and really sick patient and know that i'm going to make them better that day, they are not going to get worse. >> nearly half a century helping patients heal. 40 cement hospital. how does your head feel? >> it's sore. pretty sore. she's title register nurse most of her life. but after 46 years, lori is getting reed to hang stethoscope and scrubs. something that ?alwaysbepartof my identity that will be different. i'm ready for an adventure a new one lori is no strange tore change. for medical to technological advances like computer nursing a lot different now than it was in
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and keller nursing school in tampa. you know you do what you have to do to take care of your patients. can do attitude that gotten lori so far and always remembering good old days with a smile. >> and about midnight to 1 in the morning it would get really quiet. we would have bed pan races down the hall. >> where away put we had old metal bed pans we'd push each other down the hall. and see who would win. you metal bed pans. it doesn't york as waework as w. there's lot of joy and sorrow of course but lot of joy because we do help people. we do become good friends. lori is more than just a friend to co-work are admired, respected and loved. everybody around her her patients love her families love
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every day and stuff like like that hospital won't be same find replacement will be hard if not impossible to do. but after five decades of taking care of others,ths time for lori to sit back, sleep in, and take care of herself. lori's last day st. joe december 22nd. exactly 40 years to the day when she started working there. i'll introduce you to hernando county decades keeping two decades trouble how community is helping her beat cancer. christmas is just a couple of paycheck as away. coming up a little bit later we'll back with chris the toy guy to see what's hot for teens. speaking teens charley's up next with their version of the
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i'm tampa bay coming to you dunedin high school where theater students are putting oh william shakespeare's macbeth opening night is thursday, runs thursday night, friday night and saturday night three prafrm answers, support fine young talent people like jason here who happens to be play macbeth. one the most famous speeches tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. and he will do that soliloquy for us right now. tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow. creeps in this petty pace from day-to-day. to the last syllable of recorded led fools way to dusty death.ys- out, out brief candle.
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poor play who struts and frets his hour upon stage and then is heard no more. a tale told by idiot full of sound and fury. signifying nothing. >> well done, jason. well done [ applause ] >> all right. now, what does that mean? well, macbeth has just suffer ad great tragedy. i don't want to spoil it anybody. but he has decided that life is now meaningless and nothing else significant for him. >> tomorrow's creeping in tomorrow's coming but he doesn't care. hey man, good job. english teacher here. help the kids breakdown the language. and signifies how theater department working english department working with music department i money whole school it takes a village whole school coming together putting on the show. did jason get it right that is
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there. jason macbeth is at that point where everything is meaningless i just found his wife died he's beyond emotions at this point. so he's grief is even gone. he's killed everybody. or all of his friends have left him. he's completely alone. and yeah and all the decision that is he's made have just wiped him out. heavy stuff. people are intimidated by language of shakespeare. how do you break it down? how do you help him? >> well, there's two different ways. one way i ideal with different way. with nonactors i guess. fur ain audience usually yoour the not going to understand everything that's going on being said. if you watch actors and actions that they are doing, it will help you what's actually being said don't worry about it let it wash over you. this very end he sigg signifying nothingyou missed everything you should still get gist of what's going on. all right.
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classes. thank you. i certainly don't want to go to class now. there you go opening night thursday night. thursday, friday saturday dunedin high school they will do great job. let me ask you this before i let you go russ and all i were talking about i don't didn't know apparently this thing in theater that you don't say macbeth. >> no oh it's the most superstition revolves around this show as an actor you never say name show u backstage i've been in community theater plays they make you go outside turn around three times and spit. that is supposed to break curse. a stories go back to south carolina major tragedy happened during production of macbeth most of them probably have been exaggerated over the years but when you're having sword fights and somebody lops off an arm that becomes as cursed show. probably. >> so yeah it is very, anybody involved in theater it's a very
9:28 am
macbeth. very interesting. all right, charley. thank you. we'll see you when you get back here. all right sounds good still with us a 14-year-old deaf dog got lost in a pipe. coming up a little later amazing
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the time right now is 9:?? and police in northern california have made an arrest in the shooting death welcome police in northern california have made an arrest in shooting death of a deputy there there. arrest came hours a deputy was ambush in parking lot. deputy dennis wallace was investigating a report of suspicious van on sunday. in city of hooursz. just east detectives say man shot deputy twice at point blank range. they say he drove off in at van and car jack a kia sedan and committed an armed robbery. police find caught up to him about 150 miles he tried to steal a woman's purse convenience tore. officers arrested hmm after he tried to run he faces long list of charges. >> a memorial planned tore u.s. attorney general janet reno.
9:32 am
family announce public service held some time in december details coming a little later janet reno from south florida was first woman attorney general under president clinton. but during tenure she was diagnosed with parkinson she is never lot it stop her complication from parkinson's eventually took her life. janet reno was straight. four people had to he ban done ship off coast longboat key. their boat caught fire thankfully another boat came to rescue and picked up those four people. everyone is okay. the cause of the fire is investigation. all right. take look at this, this is what you asaw if you looked up last night. or early this morning. if you could make it beyond the clouds. super moon. dave and nasa told you on friday moon is close's it has been to earth in almost 70 years. it won't this close for another 18. makes it look like you can reach out and touch it. almost. i think we have one more night of it. one more night. that's what you said, right, dave? we have full moon tonight not going to as close technically. i don't know you will be able to
9:33 am
>> yeah. >> and that was an issue we've got a couple of sneak peeks but i think tomorrow morning we may scour clouds out enough that you can see at least the full moon and how bright it looking 67 degrees our current temperature outside. with cloudy skies. further north you go i mean it's nice comfy 61 in ocala 65 in brooksville. lower 70s in areas that have some sunshine. that's part of highlands county parts sarasota a little bit warmer. now i will say this dew points in low to mid 60s. you do feel some of that humidity today. moderate humidity. which is quickly going to change. as just look up ocala. 54 dew point. those yellow colors up across i 10 you got dew points in 40s. so it'somy going to a matter of hours before we start to dry it out a little bit. but yeah, this is the scene today. mostly cloudy skies. every once in while you brighten up sun's coming out and clouds will go back in.
9:34 am
out day today during evening hours. then overnight tonight, we'll begin to the clearing process. no rain anticipated with this front. like the last 5 fronts that have come through here. it will be dries mostly cloudy. cooler. 76 degrees for high temperature tonight. 59 the overnight low. so you see how that cooler drier air is going to settle in. and with the sun sheen coming back tomorrow, high temperatures are going to run around 75 gross. boat a just after 2:30 this have a noon our high tide. next seven days you will see that no rain chances. mid to upper 70s for high temperatures. really through thursday. then maybe touching 80 degrees for high on friday and saturday. >> on this november 14th, you have a few first birthdays to pass along to you. owen. look owen. that smile turning one today he loves to laugh >> clap and splash in the dog's water bowls. that a boy we keep it up.
9:35 am
happy first birthday to sam. sam likes playing in his bumper car. and of course, he likes to swing as well. happy first birthday and finally we've got marley turning one today. look cool shades on marley. she loves her cats and dancing also like to eat chicken yellow rice. we hope each and every one of you has a fabulous first birthday a couple of entertainment stories now. take look at this, >> big time. the singer posted this picture of her very pregnant belly along with her 5-year-old daughter saying surprise. not really a surprise at all. it is gorgeous picture. beautiful picture. not really a surprise considering this past may she said having child miracle she loved being a mama. she and her husband carry hart have been married since 2006. no official word oh due date but likely any day. this morning?
9:36 am
>> and we've got sad news to report a big loss to music world legendary icon leon russell pass wood on sunday. his career pan spanned more than 50 years collaborated with some biggest names including beach boys do be dylan elton john inducted rock and roll hall of fame in 2011. russell pass wood in his sleep in nashville house, 74 years old. a busy weekend at the box office. but repeat for movie dr. strange. number one at the again for the second week in a row marvel based movie brought in another $43 million. it made a movie trolls earned 35 million coming in number 2 followed i rival almost christmas hack saw ridge. those round out the top 5. closer to home, come march, it will be boot scooting and boogying. strawberries fast val is out man its got something for everybody.
9:37 am
listen to this, willy nelson little big town jennifer negligentses brenda lee oak ridge boys three doors down and that's just to name few. for entire line up go tour website click on seen on tv section. they always get. they yes. all right. still lots more ahead including samsung's decision to buy company for $8 billion and deaf dog wapdzers with a gets stuck amazing reue coming next focus on older kids and what's hot on their christmas list to you guy is back and vanessa is testing them all out right after the break. >> and live look at the board on wall street right now. the dow hovering just below 19,000 mark right now.
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((vanessa/2sh)) we're back with chris byrne- content director of t-t-p-m dot com... welcome back we're back with
9:41 am we like to call him toy guy. thanks for being here. last hour we talked maybe toys for younger kids. yeah. so we have focus now on older children. what age range is are we talking about? really looking 6 and up here. >> you know, some things go lower we will start over here with disney, coming out in theater disney feature doll. she actually sings the song from the movie. she has beautiful head rest, this is exclusively at the disney store. 39.99. and you can see she is got all of this beautiful stuff all accessories going with it sort cross over between play doll and beginning collectors. that's really what's startig to happen at this age playing with dolls. so for parents who maybe they are tired frozen song they want another song to be played. >> yes. we will have another one here. ear worm from disney this holiday season barbie fash knee stas these aren't like bashes
9:42 am
everything. four new size this is year curvy tall, petite and regular barbie size seven different skin tones. 30 different eye colors really celebrating diversity kids see around them. just really, really wonderful. those are about 9.99. top fashion doll of year i'm going to give you one of these guys. >> okay. and you're going to squeeze his little belly. oh. these are called, called the sing ma lings from fun rise. they are really silly funny characters. just squeeze their bellies you can do all kinds stuff. right exactly. exactly what you do with them. >> funny. have fun with them these just great stocking stuffer as well for some older kids. now the maker movement is hugeyear. >> what is that? >> making things. arts and carts d i y from lex toys called little lock et
9:43 am
different features to them put it down. you can seal it up. you add different things. like glitter and jewels. yeah you add it all into it. then when it's done, you actually can make them and share them. and this is just, there we go. we'll see. there you go. you can make them and share them really just a beautiful kind of thing wonderful way to do that. >> i'm so guy biassed about this i'm traffic reporter. you know what it is you know what so kwies are really hot online essentially you add an app into tone then one of these guys it actually moves a frame at a time. you can create different things and you can see some of the different let's see if you can we can get different video that is kids have created but go online just see how crazy kids are getting with these so popular green screen. we have tell people. it's a chrome key you can see on phone there i have put sky image in there.
9:44 am
against the sky. finally i'm going to jump around to here. because battle bots show on tv is huge. kids love doing that. this is from hex bug battle box arena. the whole idea is you're going to get your xbox actually battling and playing. and here we go. does this one work? >> can i play with this? do this one. so you're going to get that going. drive him around. >> and then few push button on top right exactly whole ideas we're going to try and get into a see if we can't the first one to destroy the other one. is this not reflection on my driving skills in real life. whole idea with the there. there you go. [ laughter ] >> you go down. whole idea when you knock pieces off last one standing will be winner. so takes so much fun 79.99. hey you're winning. >> older kids might like this one.
9:45 am
with hammer. you can make these like however you want or do they come. they come like but several others you can buy complektible. as you battling with them i have pieces come off you're going to end up you're going end up out of business just like tremendous freedoms v show. kids having a blast with thp this is so nice. i like this one i love this one. really kind of cool. oh my gosh. that's really cool you were showing some videos to. i think that's talking about maker whole concept of being be creative. they want to they created a whole community on youtube about this. so they have done great job they a created whole time of people though a make video and kids are trying to do that themselves. thanks so much as always. i had such a good time. great. little kid at heart. russell, we wish you were over here, don't you? >> oh, gosh. yeah laura's ready to come over here play with battle bots. all right thanks so much.
9:46 am
this pipe that's coming up in a this pipe that's coming up in a few minute z25eiz z16fz
9:47 am
9:48 am
z25ehz z16fz y25ehy y16fy here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. ((russell another live look at the board on wall street right now. dow up about 55 points today. but you look at the mark there 18902. got your hat ready lauren simonetti? >> close. thanks for pointing out we canables hit 19,000 less than 100 points away.
9:49 am
dow that are hitting all time highs today in addition to the dow, will be jp morgan and united health. banks healthcare. both expected to do well with the trump administration. that's interesting. all right. let's talk about samsung deal. okay. so i mean, they've got a nightmare with the exploding washing machines and phones, right they know the connected car market is tremendous. they are getting in on it buying the u.s. company the audio company harmon for $8 billion cash. harmon shares are up 26 percent as i speak. and what samsung is going to do is use harmon's relationships with dozens of auto makers to put its technology on screens and software, and what have you in the car. you know lauren i was on flight this weekend. and first time i've been on unsince all the samsung news broke with about the batteries.
9:50 am
they pretty tough. when you get on a plane if you're got samsung phone you've got to tell us that you've got it. you know. >> and then did this they a what they would do if you said okay, i have one? it is for any samsung device? now i'm, now i'm back peldzing i'm not sure if was for any maybe it was galaxy note 7 i never saw anyone say they had one. so i don't know what happened beyond that they were making announcements. yeah. i mean some phone at the airport. >> wow. yeah. all right. let's talk about we talked about earlier post office. united states postal service are doing what they can to try to stay relevant to stay in the game. and this next story just does not seem to help them at all. >> they need to stop losing money. so they commissioned over six years 97 studies.
9:51 am
efficient. well wouldn't you know ironically they can't find any of the studies reason we know that is because office of inspector general conducted an audit and asked them to fetch an um could of studies and well, they couldn't. they couldn't find them. taxpayer money being spent on studies about efficiency. lost. so maybe they got lost in the mail. yeah. sorry. sorry obviously. reality. hey can i say something about the post officee huge one right here rockefeller center. and all of sudden, yeah they've been show nice. and friendly. and helpful when you're in there that i actually look forward to go to the post office. it's been dramatic change i say past nine months i have no idea what's going onyou know what i think has helped them lot? amazon. >> yeah delivering on sunday and things like that. you know. >> that's true. >> right. keeping them in business. keep giving them pep in step
9:52 am
all right. lauren simonetti.
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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((russell/2sh)) my homework. fifth grade math. i cannot see. relove our dogs around here.
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missouri was going through when she couldn't find a dog. yeah, but with some help from fire and ems regs ask you, her dog got a second chance at life. here's foxx's alice. 14-year-old max the shell tee is deaf he doesn't get around very well. but he pretty well cheated death on thursday. after letting him outside for a while his owner debby couldn't find him. >> and i looked for an about a minute and me pipe she found him all right stuck in pipe for neighbor's driveway. my baby. honey. you're good boy, max. west county. ms and fire responded. >> right there. >> so initially he was about a foot into the pipe. and so i got on my stomach and i was like trying to pull him. but he was crying.
9:56 am
three hours eventually deciding to take the pipe completely out of the ground. so we brought our k 12 saws running two saws we brought out sledgehammers, before i bars, once rescue crews go the pipe out of the ground they had to determine where dog was in the pipe. >> and we measured behind what we thought was safe distance behind dog we used saw to cut obviously i was like so happy and i just kissed him. and we put him in the car and we actually rushed him to the hospital. >> 14-year-old max the shell tee is deaf he doesn't get around very well. but he pretty well cheated death on thursday. after letting him outside for while his owner debby as you see there, the vet gave max a clean bill of health
9:57 am
pretty amazing. very, very amazing. hey dave. lot of cloud cover around today. it's okay. still going going to nice day overall with temperatures in the mid 70s. and look, mid 70s tomorrow. upper 70s wednesday, thursday, 80 degrees by friday. all right. we'll see you later everybody. take care have a good day bye. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly." today from the film "bleed for this," aaron eckhart, and star of the new comedy "nightcap," ali wentworth. and ming tsai kicks off thanksgiving week. plus billy gardell joins kelly at the cohost desk. that's all next on "live" ." and now, here are kelly ripa and billy gardell. [cheering and applauding]


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