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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> and maybe we can put up a departments. and and million people here and that is the number. >> those. >> and only of policies as well. president have common ground. >> and including protecting patients who have adult children to stay on the plans. and he a year ago he said he supports the concept of
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the issue of equality he is fine with the law as it is because it is settled and needs to move on. where he differs on matters of trade poll. the justices to the supreme court. he has 26 names. they are conservatives who oppose abortion but he said the legality is something left to each of the individual and 21 names he said he will pick from that list most of those come from the heartland on the state support. we're getting an idea. >> but he is making appointments, what are you thinking about the appointments. >> and reince priebus is the
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odd couple and they say wait a minute this is not what we had in mind. and it is being with the outsider with bannon and there is the potential that the two of them can clash and clash in terms ever style. >> he picked t focus on and and who would prevail. >> how are they responding? >> it will take time with what the president said a short time ago. >> it is a healthy thing and the party to go through and some
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>> for me not to be big footing that. and it is a useful thing. >> the president is saying soul search something good after a loss on the election. democrats lost a lot of seats since obama became president and senate and in governor's >> and across the nation. thank you very much. >> there is talks about a bucs player protest of trump. and mike evans sat during the anthem and the team has come out
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the timing and the statements could not have been worse. and the game itself was the best of the year. and not about politics. he is indebted to what is going on he cannot stand for with stop supporting evans and the bucs. dirk koetter made a statement about the protest by collin kaepernick. listen to this.
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i don't know if they need to tell someone that. i would be disappointed if they did not stand up. that's a salute to the people who paveed the way. that is something we believe in and freedom of expression. that's an individual's choice. i would be disappointed and enforce that rule. >> are you disappointed? >> i'm disappointed for that. >> i respect mike's freedom of speech. >> it is clear that it has nothing to do with the decision to kneel. and he votes according to a now and in the post he had not voted in the election.
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free speech and the right to protest. arson is spreading fear. aaron mesmer is near brian and williams road. what is going on? >> reporter: they don't know. they don't know why it has been targeted. can you see behind me. that was the house that was painted and it has been covered up where the fire was set but it has long been put out. what is left is a this goes beyond the speech and dangerous. someone could get killed. >> it is a jarring message to wake up to. some graffiti and the words "burn everything" with an arrow to a mobile home that was set on fire, i don't like them smoking
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if not he was going to bed. we would have not known. >> the flames would have spread, the trees next to our house, there are people there. they could kill someone over trying to spread hate. >> reporter: on brian road, another homeowner found signs of a fire. neighbors are on edge. >> have to worry about our safety. my house, what if that is next. moving. >> i don't need it. >> by late morning the deputies painted over all the remaining graffiti. and russ sideline not sure why criminals are targeting the block. no one is outspoken about politics i have not seen supporters in any of the yards. >> and the deputies want to put a stop to it. >> that's a form of criminal acts. the homes were vacant but there
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>> until there is an arrest, people here don't think they will get much sleep. -back, they didn't get what they were hoping for the big giant fire. >> reporter: folks around here, they say maybe it was not a political speech, maybe it was someone trying to commit mischief and crime. they say that the reason they may have closen the neighborhood it is dark out here and get away. does not matter deputies want you to call them if you have information. >> thank you. breaking news from georgia a father has been convicted in the murder of his son who was left in a hot car. ross hair harris sat stone faced when the verdict was red. officials say he left the 22 month old in a car. he would meet up with women other than his wife and that's
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the defense maintained he loved his child and would never hurt him. he faces life and 42 years when he is sentenced next month. the defense said it will appeal the verdict. >> man accused of murdering his girlfriend is in jail. he was arrested in georgia where they found him sleeping outside of the gym. his girlfriend was found in the middle of the road in tampa with a head injury. even though he was the main suspect. now they have found him he will be extradited back to hillsborough. a manager may be giving fired for giving false information. she worked for the polk district for ten years a teen was hit by a car and killed. he was crossing a street to get to the stob. but young told a supervisor that
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require him to cross the road. she changed the bus assignment in the computer. and she was suspended without pay and speak to the board. still ahead boaters in the right place at the right time. >> we knew that we had to get them off the boat. >> how they rescued a family whose boat caught on fire. car payments, insurance. >> a list of everything coming out and in and trying to handle as new series on achieving your financial and career goals. getting your finances back on track. how to get out from being buried
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we've all gotten hit with who has not been hit with a big credit card bill what if the balance is too high to pay off? been there, right. sorboni banerjee has a plan to get you back. >> what you want to be when it comes finances, where does the money go. >> credit card debt. >> car payments. >> insurance. it is expensive. >> my first card was exciting. >> if you want to be debt free don't let the bills wear you down, you say i'm supposed to pay all that. >> a plan to pay them down. >> a family now is over $10,000 in credit card debt.
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the first order stop using it. contact the creditors. >> the consider is killing you. rates of 18% that could be more than 2000-dollar as year. >> and clear point puts people on a >> it will take ten years. >> you have to stick to a budget. >> i could go three days then i make chicken. >> a list of everything coming out and in and. >> it was about a year. >> and the counselors say you
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income but americans have less than $1000 put away, they may have a 401(k) through the job or. >> savings that you should have available to dip into it when are laid off work. >> making sure you save can save you from having to use your credit card like a get out of jail card in a financial emer >> sorboni banerjee, fox 13 news. >> some important information. >> tomorrow at 5:00. you want to be retired. >> a look at how you should plan for life after working and gets advice from people who saved for retirement. >> on wednesday pulling off a side job. the combination if you want to be a moonlighter. how to be your own boss. chatting with business owners and taking a leap of faith.
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women who are managing to pay the bills. what an interesting series. >> a good one. beneficial. >> tonight is the last chance to get a look at ms. . >> the closest that the moon will be to the earth. lok up when you can. and overcast and check this out. new york city and they got a real wonder up there. the super mon is not your >> and and it is a little closer to early. >> and rightly over the gate the biggest and brightest.
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2034. so, there is a problem though. >> try to see the super moon through the clouds and rain. >> it is super clouds. the point of what the map was closest to the earth was after sunrise and tonight would be that's a view on the beach camera. skies are mostly cloudy. every once in a while a break in the overcast. >> there are great views last night. some were amazing. that's the view of clouds across
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boulevard from this morning and let me just fix my graphics for a second. there we go. that's the view. that's the john hopkins camera. the moon is going to rise in that direction after sun down. you can tell it is mostly cloudy now. we stay cloudy and cooler today a big change. the highs so far today 73 degrees, the average high is 78. so we're going to end that ridiculously long stretch of temperatures that were above mid-october. this looks like it is going to be the coolest afternoon.
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some spots never got above 70. we had 19 days. running above average. that ended today. >> and the high today so far 73 the average high 78 degrees. most of the week looks good maybe more reinforcing coming during the this is why i'm you have thick clouds. >> and there have been sprinkles. >> a couple of sprinkles out over the gulf. they are moving and west to east. and you don't see skies dealing with clouds and showers. the temperatures in the southeast not really that chilly and tallahassee and dallas a lot
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back. for the west of the week. we'll see the temperatures near average and there are signs that cold air will head our way sunday and monday. we'll talk about that in the future weather cast. 67 west case. 73 in sarasota and bartow. our forecast is for clouds and sprinkles, not much in the way we're down to 60. it will go away. developing sunshine, mild, we're back in the 70s. >> wednesday is good. lots of sunshine a pleasant day and highs in the mid-70s. if you're boating a wind about 10 knots on the bay. low tide at 701. the forecast is quiet. each day. and a reinforcing front this
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could. look at monday the lows to near 50 and in the 60s. >> back to you. >> plans for orlando to buy the pulse nightclub have been put on
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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the city of orlando wants a little more time before they
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orlando wants more time before buying the pulse nightclub. the city was set to announce a deal but it is on old. >> 53 more wounded they have 2340 problem and for the cost over the >> and we want to preserve it but the community as a whole. there are a lot 6 people that -- a lot of people that want to show their love. we want to get input and find the way to create the memories.
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in december. and smoking among teens is down in florida. many are crediting to an amendment approved nearly ten years ago. the amendment requires 15% of the state's tobacco settlement to be on tobacco education programs. as a result tobacco free florida stayed youth cigarette smoke something at 3%. that's down 70% from 2006. >> that's huge, through the great recession. >> and the amendment really has ensures that we have stable funding and that is critical to long term success. it has been a very important as suspect of the success of the program. >> the work is not finished. more efforts are needed to ease
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and there is something for everyone at the strawberry festival. and year aplaying your song. willie nelson. little big town. patty labelle, three doors down. that's not the whole list. for the list go to our web site. a family of four rescued from a caught on video. hear from the boaters who saved them next. fists are flying among lawmakers overseas. what sparked the fight coming
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl,
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one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. first, they saw smoke and flames pouring from this boat.. they saw smoke and flames then people on the bow and they needed help, that's how a trip turned a family from deerfield beach into heroes. , for heather and her daughter, the sea is the second home they know it comes with a responsibilities. >> you try to help people the
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they decided to take their boat out one last time. and something caught their eye, we saw smoke trickling off. >> time was a lurkry. and a black cloud and flames were coming out of the back of the boat. >> they were scared. >> they pulled a family of >> we saw everyone off the boat. they crowded together on the boats and waited for help to arrive. the family thanked them over and over. my good eye. >> you're welcome, you're welcome. >> she was in tears she was calling us. >> it was heart warming they were saying thank you. >> the rescued family said they
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>> we were there for a reason. everyone is thankful for that. >> and. >> it and you need to have all of the property safety tools and that's a radio. life jacket. and the they perform checks for any boater. >> that could have been wor. >> and gwen ifill passed away from cancer. she had taken a absence in may. shy worked at the post before becoming moderator of "washington creek in review" and cohost of washington review. she was 61 years old.
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dealing with after shocks. it left two people dead and caused a tsunami and triggered land slides and more than 1000 people are stranded in their homes. and it is in a mostly rural area but wellington 120 miles to the north has damage. and the clean up could take months and cost billions. it's not just the people left stranded by the earthquake. look at the middle of the meadow. an island in the grass. it ripped it apart from the land around it. hope saved them. >> that's unbelievable. this is shocking, too. fists were flying in the parliament in ukraine. it was between the opposition and roadcal property leader. one accused the other of visiting moscow.
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more testimony in the trial of a former police officer charged with killing an unarmed black man. michael slager charged with murder for killing walter scott. the other claims that scott trying to grab his taser and the video shot by a witness shows scott running from sla ger. >> he and scott were close to each other and that video them falling to the ground dozens of feet away. it will be a while longer before bowe bergdahl goes on trial. a judge at fort bragg delayed the case and pushed back to may of next year. >> they asked for a delay and the reason is because the amount of time it takes to get approval to give the defense classified information. he walked off his post in 2009,
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years. before the president-elect takes office. chelsea man something asking to cut her prison sense. she served six years of a 35 for leaking military information to wikileaks. she said she is a different person when she released the information. at that pont she was bradley manning. she has filed a transgender rights lawsuit and has tried to admit suicide. fraud and dealing in stolen property after he conned a homeowner. jack bray was hired to install flooring. she caught 7 about 3rd at a cost of $4000. while working she noticed some of the cases went missing and could not find the receipt. she went to lowes made five returns of the flooring and pocketed $1700.
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doing the same kind of thing. >> big news for people with arthritis. what searchers are saying about a drug. the usf think thank has spend tax dollars. what is it and where is it. >> investigating make your holidays more delicious. right now, when you buy $20 in gift cards... get a $5.00 gift certificate for yourself.
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?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management? team. for years, researchers for years researchers have been worried about the use of a popular arthritis drug but a study says there is nothing to fear. let's look at the research. what drug are we talking about
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>> it is the non-steroidal inflammatory drug. some are ibuprofen or alleve and it had the concern. we started hearing about a drug vioxx taken off the market. and the reason was because of the increased risk of cardiovas vascular events like a heart attack or stroke. pfizer said we don't think it is causing the problem. we'll do a ten-year study involving 24,000 people follow them and prove that the drug is safe. >> what did they find? >> that the events were no
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form they took the drug regularly and a low dose in the past and the significant. they did see some benefits because that's what the protective of the stomach. something eliminated to help the stomach they said some parameters were different. there was not a lot of significant between those three groups. >> some are saying we're not sure. >> thank you. and world diabetes day and
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>> there is a breathalyzer you breathe. there is a strip in the device and test the acetone it can go up or down and what they found they compared that and the only caveat was if were you a smoker at the tim off. >> i spoke with a researcher. they will go into clinical trials in the next year and they hope it will be in the market by 2020. >> especially if you take that test every day. fewer parents are spanking their children according to a study. it is among the decline since 1988. researchers review the studies
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more low income parents that spaeufplging children is best but both types are using time outs as a way to get their message across. something that are you familiar with time out. >> a combination you know. >> before i spank i said this hurts me more than it hurts you. that works t is all good. tonight the lightning there for what feels like the weekly game answer the islanders. we'll look ahead. >> the big win on sunday.
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we traveled the world one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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and my daughter invites people over for a bonfire and a guest is not going to show. >> and we do have a few things to show you. >> this is incredible. >> and the skies way after this
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love the way it illuminates and there. looking good. and jose avala over riverview. orange and yellow t is kind of dirty. >> and that's a black and white picture. >> and that will do it. >> you want to howl at that one. that's good. that's justin labaddi.
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you get so many there and they want them to be highlighted and facebook it is tough to show them all. thanks to everyone last night. >> and it is a big social media night. and the weekend. sit in front of the computer and go back and forth, we love them. >> that was great. this is looking to the east. there are a few breaks it is not clear. it may be tough. clouds versus the moon and clouds are out there. clouds always win, we hope you get a few breaks. last night was great, for a time. 73, the official high so finally we have had a day time high that has been below average. >> and talking about cool
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that's 237 days ago. and in between today and the 22nd. we had lots of days in the mid-90s. some of you like the heat, i'm aware of that. but i like a change and later on the sun is coming back with highs near 80. should be good. we need rain. don't see that in the offing. that's it. we the 73. here is the problem on the super moon we have super clouds. they're pretty thick. there are a few breaks once in a while. we're lucky and hint clearing in the northern counties. if are you persistent. >> you may see some breaks in the overcast. and talking about a break in the overcast and areas of light rain
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to east. and brooksville. kind of heading to bring hill. there is at least some light rain. this is not reaching the ground and some is. >> around tampa bay. and that was about it. >> and some rain from cape to vero and we need more than this. we are continuing to stay very dry. right now, 60s and 70s. upup and down and the dew points are and northwest. there are no signs at all of humidity coming back for the predictable future. 7 to 10 days with a gentle northwest wind now right now we're 70. the dew point at 55 a north wind. there is a front moving to the south a little energy along the front. and spotty light rain. that's shifting to the east. the sun is coming back.
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along the chesapeake and the capital. no real cold air. >> we are mostly cloudy. and down to 60 tomorrow. the clouds break. developing sunshine. mild in the mid-70s on wednesday. beautiful day. lots of sunshine. and by the way the long range outlook does indicate a saturday. that should set us up for some of the chillest weather. monday's high in the 60s. lows in the 40s to near 50. if there was a tipping point game it was a win the bucs needed, avoid that skid and maybe most importantly the first victory at home since last season. the drought is over.
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home they put pressure on jay cutler. up with of the best of the season. and this is crazy. a huge loss into a gain. connecting with mike the fact that we had not done at home. and the crowd was great. i mean think about to last year the number of fans compared to yesterday. i remember very vividly what it was like the end of the game with the bears fans and the there was sweeter. >> sunday could not have gone
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standings. 4 and 5 record over and they get to play new orleans and play two more times of the season. and 2-1. and they're two win as game and a half behind the falcons and a game ahead of the panthers. a sweep against the islanders. they met for the third and last time. this is the third game between the teams in the last two games this season or this month. two of those are coming against the islanders. they owned new york outstoring them 10-2. they will be down two starters. and and and strahlman.
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time for to you help me out in the last call. you will predict what happens. >> let's go to greece for the world cup qualifying match. watch them battling for the ball here. player in blue here. he is going to go down on the field and above him. he doesn't like him. does he tackle pull out the shoe and throw it into the stands. does he go mike tyson and bite him on the leg or pull down his shorts? >> that's a hard one. >> i say takes the slew and throws it into the stands. >> i say b. >> i'll say d.
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>> here he is. >> see the scuffle, breaking out down to the turf. over him. he is frustrated and -- he looks appears to be a boxer brief man. [ laughter ] >> maybe this is not suitable. >> and there we go. >> that's the easy thing to do. he did he said i have no idea why. >> no idea how that happened.
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hey! is this enough? a little more...
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there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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(linda/2shot) megyn kelly is speaking about her past run-ins with donald trump. (cynthia) she writes about them in her new book. that and more on the book. here is access hollywood. and didn his first wife, he announced the candidacy, he was divorcing his vires wife. she had accused him of raping her. she later recanted that but the news broke that under oath she accused him. i had on the reporter on my show trump was not happy with that
5:57 pm
and four days before the presidential debate that is now so well known and seen, he called me up and threatened me. and made very clear to me that he was displeased he started screaming at me hung up the phone and the next time we met was that thursday night. >> in the dr. phil interview she gives details about the sexual harassment details about back to you guys. >> that will be interesting. >> interesting book. >> and the 6:00 news is next. >> here are mark and kelly.
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a witness in the movie theater shooting. why a witness tonight why attorneys are so interested in text messages by the man who was killed. it is okay. this is america, we we can protest. >> and i would not do that. >> and the mike evans the play he made before and that has
6:00 pm
imagine driving into this. when the driver started getting that sinking feeling. >> welcome tonight. >> i'm ale kelly ring. >> was it murder or self-defense. who was chad olson texting the decision when kurtis reaves goes on trial. his attorney said the story we were told is fiction. and gloria gomez is here to say why the attorneys are interested in olson's cell phone records. >> they say it could show his state of mind before the shooting which they say is very


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