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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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kicked off a plane after an argument with a flight attendant. the political statement she was making with a pin on her uniform.. when
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i think no company should allow to that happen until they're willing to accept the consequences. he was kicked off a plane after ahe airline is siding wit him tonight. take off that the life of a soldier in combat. >> backlash over a player protest. how veterans respond to mike evans' decision on sunday to sit during the national anthem. millions of tax dollars spent but not much to show. tonight fox 13 investigates serious questions surrounding a usf think tank. good evening, everyone.
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thank you for joining us. at 10:00 a passenger kicked off a spirit airlines plane over something he said and a button a flight attendant was wearing. the two had a heated confrontation over it, and it got so bad the captain had to intervene and escorted the passenger off the plane. evan axelbank is here at tampa international tonight. the passenger was kicked off the plane here? how did this all come about? >> reporter: he shocked that a flight attendant would wear something so political while doing her job. when he questioned her on the pin, she defended it, and now it appears that the airline is siding with their passenger. visiting from houston, robert coil had a good vacation with relatives. >> we went out to tarpon springs. big festival out there. >> whether it was time to go back sunday evening, he boarded spirit flight 315.
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this flight attendant was wearing a button that said, black lives matter. white supremacist kill. >> i said all lives matter. she said i disagree with you. i disagree with you and went into a memorized i really can't speak politically when i'm in uniform. she asked to see the picture he had taken of her insisting that doing so violated airline policy, though he agreed to delete the picture he sti demonstration to ask the pilot to take the plane back to the gate to kick him off. he was able to recover the picture later. >> no compan should allow that to happen unless they're willing to accept the consequences for that happening. >> reporter: indeed spirit says their flight attendant broke policy and not wearing anything political, religious or inflammatory on their uniform. they offered coyle undisclowed
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undisclosed disciplinary action on the flight attendant with the airline for 14 months. coyle is satisfied with spirit's response. >> if you have something offensive on your uniform, you're going to offend customers and customers pay the bills. >> reporter: of course, that's his own opinion on the button itself. spirit passed no judgment on the content of what was actually on the button except to say that it violated their flight attendant uniform policy. he said he's absolutely going to they rebooked him on a flight heading back to houston tomorrow. we're told that it is going to be the same flight number, however, we're also told that it is going to be a different crew flying him there. >> i'm sure that will make a difference in his case. thanks very much. new reaction coming in tonight to mike evans' protest yesterday. the bucs star receiver chose to sit during the national anthem in protest of donald trump. tonight local veterans are weighing in on what happened,
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at raymond james stadium tonight. this definitely is a heated topic, josh. >> reporter: yeah, and you know, mike evans tried to make it clear. his protest meant no ill will towards the vet rance. he says he has a lot of respect for the veterans, but it's clear he ticked a lot off. tonight they say, well, it felt like a slap in the face. >> the american flag on the field. >> reporter: he was sitting during the national anthem, but mike evans might have been lighting a fuse, >> that's who he is. it's well documented what he's done, and i'm not going to stand for something i don't believe it. >> he's protesting the election of donald trump. he told reporters after sunday's home win he wasn't trying to offend the veterans but he made his statement on the very day the bucs were celebrating the vets and their sacrifice. the team's uniforms were even accented by camouflage.
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blatantly unacceptable. >> i think he has no respect for veterans. it's not really donald trump he's disrespecting but the united states of america. >> it doesn't matter what he says he did it for, it's still offensive. >> reporter: brian wilson spent 22 years in the armed force. >> take off that uniform and put on a real one and live in combat and see if your opinion doesn't change. that's the advice i would give him. >> reporter: evans plans election despite the growing backlash. the team has put out a statement in support of the military and in support of evans' first amendment rights. wilson says he should apologize. >> just really does dishonor or veterans, especially those and their families who have died in combat serving their country. >> reporter: tonight coming up at 11:00, you hear from state
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he won't step foot inside the stadium until evans is off the team or apologizing. we have that tonight at 11:00. >> josh cascio, thank you so much. some vandals in hillsborough county are taking their political protests to a dangerous level. deputies say criminals sprays anti-trump graffiti on two mobile homes near mango. one of the homes had the message burn everything on it with an door. investigators say somebody did try to light that house on fire. neighbors say this is not political, it's downright dangerous and somebody could get killed. >> i'm also afraid. i thought they would come back last night, maybe tonight because they didn't get to accomplish what they wanted. you know, we got on top of the fire. the fire department was out here and it's out and the house is still standing, and they keep coming back.
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community is targeted. they say nobody put political signs up in their neighborhood during the campaign season. newly released numbers from the fbi show hate crimes are on the rise now, especially for one religious group. the data shows that hate crimes are up about 6.7% last year. crimes against muslims saw the biggest increase up 67%. the fbi says the surge in hate criming could be due in part to better reporting by victims and law enforcement agencies. was it murder self-defense, and who was chad olson really texting the night he was shot to death inside a movie theater in wesley chapel? the answer to that question would sway a jury's sdiegs when curtis reaves going on trial. he wanted to reveal all the text messages before the shooting. they could though bha what olson's state of mind was.
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3-year-old daughter, but the evidence showed that was not the case. in fact, some of the text messages according to court records were sexually explicit. >> some of those texts that were sent, some of those, the context and the content of those messages are not what you send your daughter. some of them are graphic. some of them are sexual in nature. >> in january of 2014 retired police captain curtis reaves was arrested for the shooting death over texting inside the theater. reaves said olson was aggressor, and the 71-year-old feared for his life. reaves is using florida's stand your ground dwejs and hearing is expected to happen in february. if he wins, reaves walks away a free man. if he loses, he goes to trial. the face of florida's highest court is now changing, and it certainly looks like it will shift to the right. governor scott is set to appoint a new justice to the state
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when justice james perry retires. he's part of the liberal leaning majority of the seven-member court. governor scott is expected to pick a more conservative replacement. we should find out the replacement in a at 10:00, justice for a toddler killed in a hot car. >> a jury decided a george faerz did it on purpose. up next, the possible punishment that ross harris now faces and why his lawyer calls the verdi in any negotiation whoever is willing to walk away as the leverage. >> tonight at 10:43 six keys to negotiating your pay and the one thing our experts say you should always, always ask for. clouds for the wind tonight. even they produce a bit of light rain, no super moon action for the time being. a couple of sprinkles over pinellas county. there's a cold front across the peninsula. we talk about that and plus the seven-day forecast is rain-free.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. it's a guilty verdict in it's a guilty verdict in the georgia hot car murder trial. today the jury found ross harris guilty on all eight counts in the death of his 22-month-old son kocooper. the defense claims it was an accident but prosecutors say it was intentional. haley haines has a wrap-up on
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into the courtroom hoping it was a tragedy. as the trial went on, the jury found that was not the case. what happened two and a half years ago was no accident but malice murder. >> we find the defendant guilty as to count two, we find the defendant guilty to count three, guilty as to count four, we find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: ross harris' face showed no emotion, neither shock or remorse has a jury of six men and >> we didn't go into the case hoping it would be anything but some god-awful tragic accident. >> reporter: they watched surveillance video from the day he died in the the suv and saw emotionally meeting as harris' now ex-wife consoled him. harris told police he forgot to drop the toddler off a day care, and it was all an accident.
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harris had been sexting with six women that same day including a minor. they accused him of intentionally locking his son in the hot car. ultimately, the jury agreed. >> i will tell you that today is not a day we consider a victory. it's not a verdict that we celebrate. in fact, today is a monumentally sad day. it's the culmination of a 29-month journey that ended with the guilty verdicts that the jury returned today. >> reporter: harris' attorney says the jury got it wrong, and he plans to appeal. >> when an innocent person convicted, there's been some breakdowns in the system. that's what happened here. >> reporter: cobb county assistant city attorney says this is an occasion when actions speak louder than words. not only was harris found guilty of murder but cruelty to children and dissemination of minors. he has a maximum of life in prison without parole plus an additional 42 years. mark and kelly.
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in something like that. >> no. not at all. so tonight perhaps tonight is it really tonight your lass chance to get a glimpse at history? >> we hope the skies clear. the full moon is actually a super moon if you haven't heard about it. the clouds across the area didn't stop some viewers from sending in the best super moon snapshots from last night. the super moon looks 14% bigger and 30% brighter because the moon's orbit brought it closer to earth. for the past couple of days. paul has been explaining this to us, but i think we have too many clouds out there. look at that. >> that's the big battle tonight, paul, is the cloud cover? >> yeah. i tell you, in this situation the clouds always win. there's no way around that. we have a couple of breaks in the overcast in our southern counties. you know, they actually point where the moon was closest to the earth happened at 6:00 this morning, so in reality it's kind of last night and tonight it's
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it's bright. this is more pictures, and this is last night in hillsborough county from joe robinson. love how the pine trees kind of illuminated by the super moon. that's a great job. appreciate that. in in black and white. kind of a spooky halloween look in bradenton last night as well. justin put that on my facebook page. nicely done. tonight, though, it really has been all about the clouds, and we're going to stay mostly cloudy until later on this incredible streak of above average temperatures. 19 in a row ended today, and today was a rare, cloudy and cool day around tampa bay. the high is 73 degrees and the average high is 78. think about it for a s.eec. we've been 73 many times for nighttime lows, and today was that was the high temperature because of clouds and kind of a
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port richey and 73 in tampa. south of us a few breaks in the overcast and a sebring at 80, and arcadia at 78. here's the calendar loaded in red except today way below average. the arch high is 78. we hit 73. we stay near average into the weekend, and then next week there are doesn't decent signs with a strong cold front headed sunday, which should drop the temperatures below normal like 20th all the way up to about the thanksgiving holiday. that's something for next week. in the meantime clouds are breaking up a little bit. you got a couple bands of sprinkles and a few breaks in the overcast tonight. so if you're persistent and tenacious tonight looking outside. you may see a few breaks allowing some moonlight tonight and sprinkles in pinellas and spottily light rain in manatee
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we'll see on skytower for maybe another one to two weeks as dry air continues to filter in from the northwest. here's your 10:00 temps including a 58 in brooksville, 51 in tallahassee, winds are from the north and northwest ushering in cooler and less humid weather. we are 65, 58 dew point and a north wind at 6. around the country the cold front continues to slide south. high pressur tomorrow, giving us many days of dry weather and unfortunately the dry weather won't end anytime soon from mississippi through alabama and georgia. about a dozen wildfires still burning in north carolina. this is computer model data between now and next week. look at the rain. i mean, atlanta 0.01 of an inch and charlotte 0.05. serious drought in the south.
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near 60 tonight and tomorrow when the sun develops it's going to be a beautiful day. high temperatures mostly in the mid-70s and sunshine will continue all the way into the weekend and probably beyond that. so tonight lots of clouds. they'll break up a little bit. a few sprinkles, too. we're down to 60, developing sunshine tomorrow. a nice day. back up to 75, and more sunshine on wednesday and very pleasant. a high temperature near 75 and your seven-day forecast, check out day seven we drop into the 60s for highs and probably the 40s for lows. that's the first real cold front heading our way for early next week. back to you. >> just in time for thanksgiving. all right. seasonal finally. still ahead tonight, taking a different tone whether talking about donald trump. >> after the break why president obama says many misjudged the president-elect and his one request of those still
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it's a brand-new world. >> cyber world checkups chak how people are treated. >> in the critical car world so much is based upon technology. >> see for yourself as hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma!
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before taking off for greece this before taking off for greece this evening, president obama gave reporters a chance to ask him his thoughts on the man that will succeed him in the white house, of course, president-elect donald trump. although he made a public statement after last tuesday's election, this was the first press conference president o presidency. >> it's the first time he spoke to the media since they had a historic meeting on friday. chris cato is here to break down what the president said about the president-elect. chris. >> he was speaking carefully as he fielded questions today. he described his successor in mostly positive terms saying that mr. trump is not ideological, he's pragmatic and that can serve him well said the current president. the president said that trump's
10:25 pm
world leaders will go a long way in defining his presidency. he asked the people protesting the election to give trump a chance. he said that many people misjudged the trump phenomenon, as he called it, and he praised the billionaire's ability to connect with voters. bullet the president did warn the president-elect to keep in check his penchant for making controversial comments once he's in office. >> there are going to be search elements of his temperamentha he recognizes them and corrects them. when you're a candidate and you say something that is inaccurate or controversial, it has less impact than it does when you're president of the united states. i think he recognizes that this is different. so do the american people. >> president obama also spoke about the future of the democratic party saying it's
10:26 pm
time, but i said there are core values that should not be up for debate. he said the party needs to do a better job of talking to people in all parts of country referring to trump's appeal to rural and suburban voters. he left for his trip in greece, germany and peru where the main topic of discussion will be the president-elect. mark and kelly. >> for sure. thank you so much, chris. is it a resea >> that's coming up tonight. why have millions of tax dollars gone towards the usf think tank. the unsettling discoveries o carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only.
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for five years, for five years the university of south florida has poured millions of tax dollars into a campus think tank. so who is keeping them
10:30 pm
reporter has been digging into what they've been doing with your money and joins us from the control room. tina. >> when the think tank first started, they did research on global conflict, but it's had major problems of its own since then, problems not made public until now. usf's stakes its reputation on being a global research university. >> wow. >> that's year at her annual fall address. >> 440 million -- >> she announces the university's accomplishments measured in research dollars. what the audience didn't know was that one of the university's research centers called the global initiative had been flagged by an international report just a few weeks earlier for not having financial transparency and not spending and tracking grant funds
10:31 pm
understand university financial policies and would continue to make poor decisions without training and accountability. the global initiative started in 2011. according to usf, it spent more than $4 million in public money since then. >> welcome to usf global citizens forum. i'm here with david jacobson. david is the founding director on the global initiative on civil society and conflict. impressive. it takes you right to a picture of an employee with u.n. secretary-general bank ki-moon and another with president barack obama. another page shows lots of team members. their brochure looks impressive, too. it shows a photo labeled student interns, but what is the global initiative exactly? here's how director david jacobson explains what they do in a usf youtube video.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: then there's another part of the global initiative called the global citizens forum. and as you'll hear in this clip, thiz description is still vague. >> to get into the field not in terms of look being at the violence so much or conflict but looking at how citizens both ordinary and extraordinary operate. > reporter: we'd like to try and explain that a little re the usf employees that work there weren't really clear on what they do. the internal report showed there was no clearly defined vision or mission, and that they had no measurable goals or objectives. let's take a closer look on their website. if you click to read more about how a staffer ended up meeting president obama, there's nothing more to read. and this photo? the global initiative staffers
10:33 pm
before bank ki-moon was u.n. secretary-general and because there was a usf global initiative. as for the note in the global initiative brochure labeled student interns, the exact same photo is on a usf web page showing paid academic advisers. the global initiative is part of the college of arts and sciences. we tried to visit the think tank over the summer to find out more and found moving boxes and some we made a return visit last week and discovered those same offices are no longer empty and no longer used by the global initiative. the dean of the college of arts and sciences, eric eisenberg said the think tank is in between projects right now. what's going on in the past several years? a spokesperson that sat in on
10:34 pm
accomplishments. they held a conference in 2014 and that the directorco authored some research. it also says global initiative has partnerships with institutions around the globe. eriched out to all eight to confirm and heard back from two. one said the partnership was an idea but nothing materialized. the other said they had never even heard of the global initiative. that raised more questions. we wanted to know how the think ta of federal grant money, but usf said they couldn't release those details. that's not the only way the think tank has been spending public money. last year just as that internal report found that no one keeps office hours including the director, dean eisenberg sent him a memo congratulating him and renewing his appointment as director of the global initiative for another three years. in the phone interview, he said
10:35 pm
from my perspective he's doing exactly what i wanted him to see, but neither he or the university president would go to camera to answer why the think tank's director's salary and benefits package is worth near a quarter million taxpayer dollars a year. jacobson declined an interview request, too. i asked the dean what jacobson does in his role currently. he said he's been traveling around the world to network for the globa i've asked usf for a copy of his travel expenses, and i'm still waiting for them. back to you. >> tina jensen. thanks. still ahead tonight, upping your pay. >> that's right. the key advice to asking for a higher salary and what to do if the answer is no. also tonight, a visit from st. pete's top cop. after the break, why the chief's barbershop stops are all for the
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the new blow to the troubled agency in the ongoing ride- sharing war... tonight on the fox 13 11 o'clock news. make your holidays more delicious. right now, when you buy $20 in gift cards...
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coming up tonight at 11... roles reversed... coming up in a few minutes at 11:00, roles reversed when a florida deputy found himself in need of saving. who came to the deputy's aid as he was attacked along interstate
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student's death. why sthees accused of covering up her tracks the same day that teen was hit and killed on his way to school. all right. thank you so much, cynthia. time now for some good stuff. some good news we can all use for sure. >> saturday night had a great saturday night at ruth deck kert hall. this is the wheelchair for kids program. it was so inspiring. they actually fit -- on saturday night they wheelchairs. that's kylie there. she was quite a riot. some bikes are so incredible. they can do therapy on the bikes and move around. wheelchair for kids focuses on kids with physical disabilities and in many cases the cheel chairs insurance companies provide them they don't ensable them to do anything. you talk about the mobility, therapy and dignity and joy they bring into their lives. we had so much fun. i want to thank them and
10:40 pm
they have done many, many great things for children. >> what they create with the wheelchairs, think about the lives they give the children. >> thr a number of businesses, too. the community came together and supported them as in years past. i'm told it was a banner year this year, so thanks to everybody that donated and it was a great auction and night for everybody. >> that's so good to hear. st. pete's top cop has been getting an earful in a very good way. chief anthony holloway, we love him. he to talk to residents about what they're concerned about. he stopped by the atl barbershop and against the grain, and he plans to drop in shops and salons all around the city in the coming weeks to just talk to people, which i think is fantastic. >> probably the best way is to get out and enjoy and start meeting those people. so he's really good at that.
10:41 pm
i'm going to say happy birthday in a minute. is it your birthday? >> is it me? i don't think it is. unfortunately, it's not. >> you're so funny. >> whose birthday is it? >> it's a surprise. >> that's on the other side. that's my tease, in fact. the bolts are back if brooklyn tonight taking on the islanders, a team they had beaten solidly already twice this year. tonight different story or a little more of the same? the trop had strange look at this indoor shot in japan. where did that ball go into midair? stay with us.
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hoping to make the big bucks someday at your dream job? it could all depend on the offer you get... right hoping to make big bucks at your dream job, it could depend on the offer out of the gate. >> we get some tips on how to abbing for more money without jeopardizing your job. >> reporter: want that sky high salary? we'll let you in on the secrets recruiters know. >> you never get an answer
10:45 pm
recruiting. >> reporter: how you ask could determine your window of opportunity. >> if somebody asks for too many money, you're off the table. you have to understand your market value when you go in. >> if we say what you earn over your entire career could hinge on what you negotiate day one? >> if you look at the research and if you start low, you end low under most circumstances. so the best thing you can do is never say yes right away. never. >> we sit down across the table from lisa jacobson. after years of decisions at companies like verizon and coca-cola, she switched gears from hr to career coach. she has made me the employer so you can ask for more money. >> what do you think? >> i've given it some thought, and i have other offers on the table and they're about $5,000 higher. >> well, it sounds like maybe that might be the way to go, because this is agreat place to work. our salary is what our salary
10:46 pm
and re really want you, but i don't know that there's that sort of breathing room. >> i feel like we're on the same page, too. i really want to work here. i mean, more than the other companies, but $5 sthou thousand is a significant amount of money, and if i start 5,000 less than i would at another company, that could hurt me down the road. is there anything you can do for me? >> you know, this is coming from the top. this is a corporate decision. i don't make those final decisions. we have a set amount of so i don't know that there's any sort of room here dollar figure. >> hmm. i think what i'm going to have to do is give it more thought, then. >> let's talk about the key thing she did here to get you an action plan. first, know the marketplace and standard salary to be able to compare it to other offers. >> $5,000 higher. >> being enthusiastic, flatteried and grateful as you push for what you want. >> i really want to work here.
10:47 pm
to raise the base salary. >> is there anything you can do for me? >> if the answer is no, look for other forms of compensation like extra vacation, signing bonus or moving expenses. get creative and schedule and hours can be negotiated. ask for 24 to 48 hours to think about it. recruiters add if you're going to ask for more money, have specific reasons why you deserve it. >> it's all about leverage and being able to take the value that you have as an employee and being able to show that. if you don't keep track of the organization, you don't have much of a leg to stand on. >> you have to be willing to say no, thanks but no thanks and walk out. you get a call the next day. >> you think so? people are scared to walk what way. >> whoever walks away has the leverage. this is your one and only shot. you take what they give you. time for sports. the lightning have grown quite familiar with the new york islanders in recent weeks.
10:48 pm
have been against them, and quite frankly it's a team the bolts don't mind facing at this point. all three overwhelming lightning victories, and let's head to brooklyn. lightning on the board first. an active first period. parquet with a nice pass to brown. brown's second of the season. just a short 42 seconds later victor hedman, the shot deflected wide. shuster flips it in and it's deflected the bolts are up 2-0. working the give-and-go to perfection. he scores the fifth goal in the past seven games. lightning have dominated the isles this season winning all three games, outscoring them 14-2. a last goal for the bolts, and vasilevskiy had 34 saves in net.
10:49 pm
questions exactly half were about mike evans and his decision not to stand for the national anthem. the general conclusion? koetter is disappointed by the decision but up respects his right to do and home it doesn't distract the team and discourage the fan base. he plans to talk to mike on wednesday. k koetter enjoyed discussing the performance on sunday a little bit more. great defense and great quarterback play ston. 70% completion percentage and the most dynamic play of the year. an argument could be made this was the best performance yet this season, and koetter certainly thinks so. >> he had a heck of a game. we didn't have much going in the run game. they were doubling mike, and we were down three starters in the o line. so we needed jameis to play big yesterday, and he did. jameis showed all sides of his
10:50 pm
toughness and arm strength. he showed his ability to read defense, that first touchdown to cam. he showed his ability to see the field, the touchdown to freddie march tyne notice that wasn't where that ball should have gone at all. he saw freddie behind the safety informant corner on the back stooid there. that was a great unscripted play by jameis. >> one last bucs note. bucs o lineman evan smith could miss up to three weeks, sprain. singer was named a rookie of the year. we end this night on a strange note. this is a world baseball classic in japan. up at the plate, and he hits it ball just a country mile. everybody kind of looks up and says, where does the ball go? >> did it go through. >> they're trying to figure it out. do we have time to show the replay? look at this ink. it's tracking right towards a
10:51 pm
similar to the rays. there it goes. it just gets swallowed up, and some lucky fan taking a nice stroll outside the stadium got a souvenir. so otani is a pitcher, though. he has the record for the fastest pitch in japanese baseball history. he threw 102 miles per hour this year, and he's the best hitter. he's a prize possession that will be a major leaguer. >> i'm surprised he's not yet. >> he needs to go to a national league team, though. if he's that good of pitcher and hitter, no doubt. so the tease. who's birthday is it? >> it's happy birthday to joe terry. he's one of the our biggest fans. he's watched us for years and years. i was able to visit him for his birthday, and he loves all of you guys. he loves charley belcher, and happy birthday to joe.
10:52 pm
a big supporter and follower of us for a long time. >> love the hat. look at that smile. happy birthday, joe. you do not want us to sing for you, because it would ruin your day. we're so happy for you. that's very special indeed. >> so awesome. >> kelly, thanks for sharing. this is not working, and it's not being on the phone. up next, you might be surprised to find out what parents spend more time doing than pla hey! is this enough?
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. there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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always a good place to catch a sunrise, bayshore boulevard in south tampa. gene rivers catching sunrise off in the distance. that's a great sunrise that's a fox 13 umbrella winner. if you want to win an umbrella go to the facebook page and like it and there's an app that says weather pics contest. upload the photo through the app. we give an umbrella away monday through friday at 10:55. leftover rain across the state tonight. this is in conjunction with a weak cold front and upper level energy going by. we stay cloudy tonight. there's a few breaks in the
10:56 pm
much it's mostly cloudy.pretty - the front will sag to the south and we have lingering cloud cover for a time tomorrow morning. sunshine comes back and a few patchy clouds off the atlantic. overall the next couple of days look good and increasing sunshine tomorrow and cool in the morning and 66. by 1:00 we're 70, and by 4:00 we're 75. this will give moms and dads a new report saying nearly half of all parents spend more time commuting to work than playing with their kids. children they're too bisy to - play eight times a week. just because your credit isn't great doesn't mean you aren't paying attention. low credit scores say they only spend what they earn or less on everyday expenses. the dow closes at another record high on monday after the best
10:57 pm
nearly five years last week. looks like more holiday cheer this year. the average gift giver is expected to spend a total of 935 bucks, and that's up from 2015. it's going to be even cheerier in palo alto, california. holiday shoppers out there plan to shell out $2800 per person. i guess it's time to make
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
time for the fox 13 eleven o'clock news... here are cynthia and chris! time for the fox 13 11 news. we follow the fallout from a bus to tragedy. >> a polk county ski employee accused of covering her tracks after this teenager was hit and killed. the right place at the right time. who fired the fatal shot that saved a deputy from an interstate brawl? if bucs, he would sit and wouldn't play, and i wouldn't rye new his contract either. >> a call to boycott the bucs over a player's political protest to sit during the national anthem. you're watching fox 13 and the 11:00 news starts now. we're starting with this. a polk county school district employee accused of a cover-up after a student was hit and killed trying to get to his bus


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