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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 15, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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the 11:00 news starts now. we're starting with this. a polk county school district employee accused of a cover-up after a student was hit and killed trying to get to his bus stop. it happened in may on clubhouse road in lakeland. evan lambert is live now. evan, the superintendent is actually recommending that this employee be fired, right? >> reporter: that is right, chris. the school district says that employee lied to them saying cross the road to get their to bus stop, and then they say she covered it up. 17-year-old george jenkins high school student jayden kirk died cross the street in may. a polk county schools employee may lose their job over the fallout. district officials say brenda young, an area manager for
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bosses to cover for herself. she's accused of falsely telling supervisors kirk didn't have to cross the road to get to the bus. then young changed kirk's bus stop in a computer to support her story. the district says young admitted to changing the bus routes the day kirk died and told them she did it to come up with a safer stop for opportunities and not to cover anything up. we went to young's home to get answers. >> are you a relative or mrs. young. >> it doesn't matte >> reporter: a woman to wam to the window would only speak to them there. at a vinyling jal after her son's death, she begged for change. >> fight. do not let my son, our son tie in vain. >> since the county put up a streetlight in the area and students no longer have to cross the road to get on the bus. and that meeting where a
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young's employment starts tomorrow at 5:00. we are also expected to hear from kirk's family at that meeting. chris. >> evan, how about that streetlight you mentioned in that story? does that make much of a difference where you stand right now? >> reporter: well, it's up, and the problem -- one of the problems was it was dark back when the incident originally happened, and that child was crossing the road. so that is making a change here, and especially the bus stop no longer across the road for some students that live out here. that's another thing improved out of this tragedy. chris. >> evan lambert is live in lakeland. thanks. new at 11:00 tonight a section of i-75 in lee county is baek open 12 hours after a driver shot and killed a man fighting with a lee county deputy. d.o.t. cameras capture the aftermath of the shooting as part of the interstate became a crime scene. officials say deputy dean bartus
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suspect sped past on the shoulder and let to a high-speed chase that ended in an all-out brawl. the depp see says the suspect was armed and another driver with a concealed weapon permit stopped to help. that driver warned the suspect he would shoot if he didn't stop beating the deputy, when he didn't he shot him three times and that suspect died. the deputy was treated and released from the hospital. more outage over mike evans' he sat on the bench during the national anthem on sunday to protest trump's election. he did this on the day the team was honoring veterans scombh the sacrifices they made. josh cascio has reaction tonight at ray j. to tell you about it. do you think this is growing, josh? >> reporter: absolutely. i expect to see even more of this kind of stuff as we go into the future. we talked to a lot of veterans who were incredibly upset by what mike evans did, and now one
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we you caught up with the state senator today. he posted on facebook that he won't step inside raymond james stadium again until evans apologizes or is off the team. he says mike evans needs to better understand what we stand for here in tampa bay, and he is calling on fans to send evans a loud message by boycotting as well. he said that the protests during the national anthem and on a day the vets were being celebrated was disrespectful to the those who have fought and died for this country. listen. >> the young man makes $3.6 million a year, which is paid for we the people that buy the tickets to go to those games. so in effect he works for us. and i think he owes us an apology, and i think they need to deal with this. >> reporter: now, the bucs,
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praising the work of the military and the sacrifice, but they also stand by evans' constitutional right to protest. several veterans we talked to said they really don't have a problem with his protesting, but they say doing it during the national anthem is the wrong way to go about it. evans plans to keep this up despite the backlash, so cynthia, it looks like this story will keep on going. back to you. >> it sounds like it. thanks so much, josh cascio, at ray j. tonight. the protests through cities across the country continue in some places tonight. this is a look at seattle, washington where several hundred people have gathered to march in the streets tonight. earlier thousands of students from several schools walked out of their classrooms in seattle, losangeles and denver. many of them in protest of donald trump's comments about minorities. now, this is first time we've seen student marches since the election. while those protests continue, the transition to the trump presidency is moving along as
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busy going through resumes now. >> they filled two of the top jobs in the administration. tonight the associated press is reporting rudy jewel yawn that is trump's favorite to become secretary of state. for am bass dot united nations he's considering an openly gay mane, richard grin nell. steve munch in and of the michigan republican party ron that mcdaniel, mitt romney's niece is floated. she would replace reince priebus celebritied as white house chief of staff. >> it's really running the operation to that the right people are getting in front of the president giving the president the right advice at the right time, and then privately advising the president. >> trump has chosen former campaign ceo steve bannon as chief strategist and chief white house counsel.
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part of the mainstream despite his former role with bright bart news. ben carson is eyed for possible education center. michael flynn is in line for a security post. he walked back his plan for border-to-border frment. >> they're talking about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fee? but certain areas the wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this. it's called construction. >> trump reiterated his softsened rhetoric during the campaign that not all illegal immigrants would be deported. first criminals and drug dealers. >> after the border is secured, we make a determination on the people that you talk about. >> aides say one of the many congratulatory phone calms he got today was from russian president vladimir putin.
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forward to an enduring relationship with the russian leader and people of russia. >> president obama talked about trump's transition process at a press conference today. the president said trump's staff appointments and his first impressions with world leaders will go a long way in defining his presidency. the president did warn his successor to keep in check his penchant for making controversial comments. >> there are going to be certain elements of his he recognizes them and corrects them, because when you're a candidate and you say something that is inaccurate or controversial, it has less impact than it does when you're president of the united states. >> president obama is asking the protesters to give trump a chance, and he says that trump's
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encouraging. coming up, it's a one-two punch against a much criticized county board. >> we find out now who wants hillsborough's transportation commission gone for good, and the new legal battle it's in after its compromise with uber. plus. if you have something offensive on your uniform, you're going to offend customers, and customers pay the bills. >> a button on a uniform disrupts the flight. the backlash over what that flight paul, i guess we need to see nice pictures of the super moon. >> absolutely. there's clouds and rain on
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i wish i was in school. [overlapping chatter] if only i had a math test today. i'll stay after class. i'll clean the chalkboard.
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man: school ends, spirit airlines has but free lunches for your kids don't have to. disciplined a flight attendant for the button she spirit airlines disciplined this flight attendant for the button she wore to work. that picture shows a button wearing black lives matter white supremacists kill. that message didn't go over well with one the flight after he questioned the flight attendant about the button. fox 13's evan axleelbank is at t.i.a. to explain it. >> they had a heated conversation over the button and the pilot had the passenger escorted off the plane. this is a pictur the passenger snapped the flight taen ant wearing a button that says black lives matter, white supremacists kill.
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her, she said that she disagreed but that she couldn't talk politics on duty. ultimately she made him delight the picture and intrumented the safety demonstration for the pilot to bring the plane back to the game. he was able to recover the picture after deleting it. he then sent it to us. the passenger, robert coyle of houston, was ejected from the flight. >> no company should allow that to happen unless they're willing to accept the if you have something offensive on your uniform, you're going to offend customers, and customers pay the bills. >> spirit passed no judgment on the content of the flight attendant's button beyond that it broke their uniform policy. they said their employees have a wide range of personal views, but the expression of those views shouldn't interfere with their ability to provide a positive customer experience while they are on duty. the passengers says that he will absolutely fly spirit again.
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the same flight number tomorrow afternoon, but he says he's been told that it is going to be a different crew staffing that flight. at tampa international, evan axelbank, fox 13 news. >> thanks. just when we thought the war was over between ride-share services and hillsborough county's public transportation commission, apparently it's not. the ptc is now facing a lawsuit, and the plaintiff is not uber or lyft. instead it's a tampa-based company calledri ptc approved last week puts other competitors athe a disadvantage, like drive society, which is also afternoon outbased service. the agreement that the ptc reached says that uber and lyft can operate without having to fingerprint their drivers. they have to undergo a less intrusive form of background check, but several taxicab and limousine companies that expressed interest in operating like a ride-share have joined that lawsuit. in the meantime the former
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he wants the agency gone entirely. county commissioner victor chris stepped down from the board last week. now he calls on the state senator to help abolish the ptc. he says it's too bureaucratic and too slow to adjust to new technology. he wants it turned over to county government. it might be too cloudy for us to see it, but across the country people get their last look for now at the skaultd super it was brought closer to earth making it appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter. it hit its peak early this morning. the super moon is the biggest and brightest in 70 years, and we won't see it again for at least another 18 years. i think it's like 2034 or 2035, paul. >> 2034. love that picture. >> wow. >> that reminds me of e.t. remember e.t. when he was pedaling on the bike across the moon?
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beautiful, yeah. i'm envious of all the pictures on social media of people's super moon photos and we have clouds here. >> we just imagine what it looks like outside right now. >> sometimes you can see it. it's so bright it's kind of -- you can see it opaquely through the clouds. >> a little bit tonight. last night was pretty good. we have great photos over tampa bay, but tonight it's tough when you get clouds and rain. you don't see much at all. this was the sky today, and today really didn't have a winter feel overcast coming in from the gulf. temperatures in some places today like new port richey stayed in the 60s all day. i mean, that's cooler than a nighttime lows have been. look at this. here we go. on and on. low clouds coming in from the gulf, and the high today, well, it was below average. we broke the streak of 19 straight days with temperatures above average. today way below average.
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we only hit 73, and i think there will be additional days below average in the week or two ahead as another significant cold front heads our way this upcoming weekend. developing sunshine tomorrow will put our temperatures near average, but in this zone here, from sunday maybe all the way to thanksgiving, could be some more blue as a big trough moves in along the east coast. today lots of low clouds, and tonight there's a hint of maybe a few breaks in the counties where you may see super moon action tonight and then the rain goes away later tonight and then sunshine slowly develops from northwest to southeast. a little light rain. it's in pinellas, and it's moving into coastal manatee county near longboat and anna maria getting wet tonight. a couple little showers near sun city center. this is not adding up to much. was driving back to work from my dinner break. it rained enough where
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intermittent wipers on. that's about it, and barely enough to wet the ground at all. right now we've got 50s and 60s around tampa bay under mostly cloudy skies. a dew point is under 60, and it's dry and air temperature is 65 and winds are light north at 3. just a weak cold front sliding south. high pressure is slowing building in behind that front to clear us up. then we kind of stay high and dry all the way into the upper coming weekend. no country yet. it will change in a week or so. chicago is 45, and new york city has some rain near by and 58, raleigh is 50, and columbia, south carolina is 46. you know, the incredible drought in the south continues. this is computer model output between now and a week from now. monday at 1 # 1:00, which is a week from now, and rainfall is zero.
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quarter-inch in birmingham. wildfires still raging in western north carolina and no relief in sight. tonight we're in the 50s and 60s and tomorrow morn sunshine and high temperatures in the hid mid-70s. we watch high pressure building in from the northwest just kind of sits and slowly camps over the southeast. weather looks really good. we need rain, too, but i don't see much next seven to ten days at least. this is on average november is our driest month. lots of clouds, couple lingering sprinkles tonight down to 60. developing sunshine and turning pretty nice tomorrow, and we're back in the mid-70s, and wednesday looks outstanding. lots of sunshine and pleasant and another 75. then on the seven-day look at day seven. we'll fine-tune this, but maybe cold air coming our way at least
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back to you. >> all right. thank you, paul. if you thought you had a case of mondays, well, at least you weren't dealing with this. >> this is a bad start to the day. look at that. this is a local driver who found himself in a whole lot of trouble. thank you for producer, jessie, for that lovely pun during his morning commute. we talk to him. we'll map out the sudden big changes in state and national politics and kick off a brand-new rournd of our game sh this time with former bucs great this time with former bucs great and our panel of you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. this time with former bucs great and our panel of general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ? in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, how's this for a crave those crazy squares. maddening commute? how about this for a maddens commute? a citrus county man's road beneath him disappeared and drove into the hole. in a matter of seconds his car was swallowed on truman boulevard in beverly hills this morning. a saw this this morning.
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caused the boulevard to flood and it expanded and created a sing sinkhole that swallow this had hyundai into the massive hole there. in a matter of minutes the car was gone as you see there pretty much. just the taillight sticking out there. the driver got out of his car and got to safety quickly. >> he car started to lean forward, and i -- some water started to come up through the door. i was like, oh, my god. this is happening right now. >> a hyundai is what he was driving i was told. i knew that. sometimes the words come out wrong. they say the water main break there was caused by -- actually the water main break caused the sinkhole. this was not a sinkhole that formed as they do sometimes. neighbors say the hole has been filled and the boulevard has
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hey, construction crews are about to get to work on the new st. pete pier soon. demolition wrapped up last month, and now they hope to start the work in march or april. we have the renderings here for the new pier. the schematics are almost done. they're slightly behind on the pier's approach. it's a $70 million project, but design teams are still working out kinks. >> for example, we would like a more robust splash we may or may not have. we'll have a splash pad and how big and how many jets and hoe robust it is, we don't know that yet. those are some of the types of things that are being just refined. >> design teams presenting their final plans to the city council next month. scott. >> fun times. we're down in st. pete earlier today. the bucs fan get the experience of victory on monday. i hit the streets of st. pete to talk to fans about the game.
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myself to sit down alongside this lovely couple as they sat down for lunch. he was eating fish and chips and she was eating a cuban sandwich. how the bucs and bears fans are how the bucs and bears fans are actually digesting this sure, you could buy this. but why miss out on this? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups!
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bucs fans have bucs fans have endured a rough couple of weeks where many have tempted to hit the panic button or the apathy button. so sunday's win was a sweet
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i took a stroll down beach drive today in st. pete to talk to fans about the big win upon further review. >> first thing's first. what kind of delicious cake was that? >> it was a cheesecake with a brownie on top. everything homemade. >> are you guys going to finish that? >> bradley mcdougall went to my high school in ohio. he got the fumble. it was amazing. >> if they don't you think bradley should get you playoff tickets? >> definitely! bradley, hit me up. >> you went to high school together. >> yeah. >> ladies, what did we think about the bucs 26-point win yesterday? who wants to go first? one at a time. one of the great ones. speaking of graeft ones, yesterday's game, your thoughts? >> not good. we came down here, and i knew what i was in for.
1:28 am
game. >> the bears. >> my hamstring is calling. at what point did the bucs break the bears will? >> probably the scam bell where jameis threw and hit evans after he did his scramble, and that was about it after that. where's the cold beer. >> i agree that the pick six was fantastic, but to me, it was is the sack in the end zone of the safety. i think that's what i had. i imagine this victory this monday feels good? >> it me dolphins and buccaneers won the same day. >> you have two teams? >> yes, sir. >> that doubles the chances to be happy on a monday. >> excellent. >> if you go to three times, you'll have greater chances. >> triple the odds. >> they chuck at 50 yards harrell mary to the end zone. are you worried at all at that point? >> no. >> they got lucky. >> they got lucky. >> they ran out the clock. >> every dog has his day.
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in the end zone for safety? >> i just love that guy and love everything about the franchise. >> did you watch the -- hey up there! did you watch the buccaneers game? >> no. >> you didn't? i was going to dare you to climb higher, but i don't want to be responsible if you fall and break your neck. so it's pretty cool. >> i find that the tree is symbolic of what they need to do in order to climb back to the top of the nfc south guys. they're about where that kid was, and they need to take it a couple branches further. >> it's a beautiful tree, isn't if? >> gorgeous. >> as long as the bucs stay firmly rooted, they'll have a good shot. >> they need to branch out a little bit. >> it's time too leaf, isn't it. >> the news keeps going on >> miles per hour is up next and
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from all of us here, have a from all of us here, have a great night. closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nick vertucci real estate academy's "fortunes in flipping" system. if you're looking to make money while taking control of your financial future, then listen up. nick vertucci, self-made millionaire, has a life-changing opportunity for you. as the host of l.a.'s number-one and one of tv's most trusted real-estate investment experts, nick is hosting a unique, free two-hour workshop, teaching people like you how to build wealth in today's real-estate market. you'll learn how to flip and hold income-generating properties. whether you have great credit, no credit, lots of money, or little to no money, nick's system can work for you. nick and his power team of real-estate experts are looking


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