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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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((laura a bad morning.. at the bad monkey.. a bad morning at the bad monkey in ybor city. a car crashes through at front of the bar and it may have been on purpose. and you want to lose weight we will tell you best time of the day to eat. guess what, you're not going to like it. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm start early too. i'm laura moody. good morning we thank you for waking tuesday november 15th. we will get straight to day of the way we always do with look at the forecast. just as cloudy as it was yesterday morning. but, it's you know that wet feeling damp feeling russell we were talking about it's not there. drier. it feels nicer cooler. 62 degrees in tampa with dew point of 54. and north wind at six miles per hour. got mid 50s to the north.
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bradenton area. we're going to get rid of clouds later today. and that plus the drier air and a little north wind will allow us to get back up into the mid 70s. overall pretty nice day. vanessa. all right dave, thanks. right now at 8:0 one. we have skyfox continuing to monitor florida area of hollywood street. old seminole heights area of tampa. south ever south of bird street we have lanes blocked completelyyou're just joining us this is a scene that was originally reported to us as child that might have been tampa police are able to tell thaws a pedestrian was hit but they won't tell us age of that pedestrian. but that person's already at the hospital. >> investigation under way we don't know the extent of injuries but lane blocks are pretty clear. you can see northbound ask southbound is shut down in the area. zooming in here it looks like they've interviewing some folks that maybe they are witnesses. but those folks are remaining on site. work arounds here north boulevard you can take nebraska of course on other side of 275.
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this one. meantime we want to update you on travel times. still pretty slow northbound on 75. approaching i-4 the scene of an earlier crash now on shoulder. plan for couple minutes of delays that way. and here's here 275 south heading to interchange from 75 we are above 30 minutes with that ride. >> thanks, vanessa. 8:02 right now florida stand your ground law is controversial. we were the state in country to enact it first if i am we're seei jennifer epstein joins us no with this new information we have. good morning jen >> good morning, laura stand your ground law has around since 2005 but started making national headlines in 2012 after a george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. since florida enacted it at least 24 states have a created similar self-defense laws. this morning a study published in a journal american medical association there has 24.4 percent increase in homicides.
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since it was implemented using today from cdc, researcher studied month rates of homicides in florida between 1999 and 2014. they then compared that rate to the a rate after the law ras implemented. and the increase was substantial. researchers stress the study is not political, and they are only trying to a put facts out there so peek appear can look a pros and cons of laws had have a heavy impact on the communities. all right jen, thank you. >> welcome. also in news this new port richey woman is facing child neglect charges after three-year-old was found wandering in streets. just after 4 o'clock friday afternoon, neighbors called pasco county. called the sheriff's office saying that the child was walking around alone for more than 30 minutes. and they claim that that was the third day in a row that that had happened. deputiesed and up knocking done door where they found whitney show maker passed out child protective investigators were called out to scene and show
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in may, kevin kirk was just trying to get to his bus stop he never made it hit and killed by car while crossing a very dark and busy road. and an employee of school district is accused of a lying to cover for herself. but she claims this is not how it looks. and tonight, five months after being suspended without pay, she's going to face the school board to fight for her job. shayla is live in lakeland this morning. this is where the team died. and kind of can explain what happened here and this womaning role and what she's trying to accomplish now. >> hi there, good morning to you. and a just a few hours brenda young is expected again to face the school board. the board is going to making the decision about whether or not she gets to keep or lose her job. this all stems from what happened on may the 2nd. we do know that that particular
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is a bus transportation area manager answering some questions. the 17-year-old kaelin kicker tried to cross club house road never made it is to has bus stop district officials say young falsely told her supervisors that teen didn't have to cross busy road to reach his bus stop. and later changed information on the computer to back up her claim. officials say young admitted making changes not to cory anything up route for students. the superintendent for polk county schools is an expected to recommend termination in this case. we heard that a hearing officer upheld the superintendent's recommendation. and now it's going to be up to the school board in which coming up at 5 o'clock today, we know brenda young is expected to address the board members herself. and what has been described as a final order of termination.
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kaelin kirk is also expected to address the school board this evening. that's coming up a 5 o'clock. and we'll continue to follow and keep you posted on the outcome as we get any more details. russell and all laura back to you. all right shayla we'll talk later on. thank you. new this morning students at university of central florida are being warned to watch out for bats. 50 bats were removed from the college of sciences building yesterday. school officials have since posted warning signs on all the bats are not new to campus school set up seven bat houses in effort to try to get rid mosquitos and other pests sometimes flying mammals don't stay wrer supposed to aerial lift was a used. but bats are not posing a threat to students. >> female florida panther just crossed a river in southwest florida for first time in 40 years. it was all caught on camera too.
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happened earl this more than a good sign female panther is look foggy mate because it's typically male that crosses the river. not other way around. it's successful this could help panther population too.pthere an the in the wild. i love that story. it's great. yeah. yeah from hot to cold dave bass being in few minutes with big changes on the way plus early berd special may way to go and why time you eat could have major impact on your waistline. and then at 8:30 getting out of debt can be tough. but not if you know what to do. how you can save your self from financial stress. right now we check in with charley belcher. >> hello my friend. russell if you've ever driven two 75 you look to west in pinellas county you probably see this big facility especially at night with glowing red eyes. it's burning garbage that
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garbage. turning into energy and enough to power 40,000 homes a day. the ash then is used over here in land fill to cover and then anything that can't burned in ends in there you see mountain is way too big. we will tell you what to do with stuff like this. reduce, reuse, recycle america recycle day from pinellas county
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((laura on cam)) and welcome back 8:lenny now an interesting story here a quick peek in person's phone could tell you a lot about them. downloaded apps, call history, and emails could all be very revealin might find out more about someone by looking a the your cell phone's chemistry. >> fox medical editor dr. joette giovinco joins us to take look a some research. good morning, dr. jo. good morning. this is very, very interesting. so it turns out what's on your hand is on your phone. we've seen stories about bacteria, different things that grow out. well now they are looking at the chemistry of your hand matching it to your phone and the results are really amazing.
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they took samples from the fingertips and also the hand. matched them up to back and front of phone. they found out that they could detect minute quantities of so many different things, hair products, things like your eyedrops, anti fungals antidepressants it turns out that the drugs that use oar secreted out sweat glands and end up on our overtime it just compiles itself and so when they did these fingerprints on individuals, 39 of them, they found about a 5053 percent match up rate between what was on the phone and what was on their hand. >> you can match one to the other? >> yes. what are the practical applications of this knowledge now? they are really mind boggling. i spoke with a researcher at length yesterday of course forensic side.
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can't always get a fingerprint could we forensically not profile but figure out what a person or a suspect may be like just based on things that they touched. but, for me the most amazing part is the medical implications. so they can look at how a person might be potentially metabolizing a drug. are they compliant with taking that medication. are there are other factors environmental factors. things they may be exposed to at they also said that overtime, they hope to really make this everyone better. right now there's a crowd sourced data bank of these chemicals. and it's contributors are from all over the world. so overtime that's going to continue to grow. so we will be an able to find out more applications for this particular type of technology. >> so it doesn't end here? >> no it does not end here. in fact they are already moving
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chemical signatures as well. i think one of the more are important things too is that these, these chemicals persist somebody that had used a deet product four months prior it was still there four months later. so how long are these things persisting from phone to our hand back to phone to our hand potentially. the people that had best hygiene of course had least amount of ones that wash their hands and clean their phones the most. buy and large we're talking about millions potentially of chemicals that can traceable right back to your cell phone. who knew there were even more uses for this little gadget. all right dr. jo, thank you. thanks. >> interesting. yeah. very. very. don't need to scientist to see how much hair spray i used build up on this phone alone.
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others crave salt this could be dangerous. >> our genetic play a huge role in what we like. those that have a love for salt or about twice as likely to exceed the daily limit of salt recommended by heart health specialists because of their taste receptor that cause heart healthy foods such leafy greens to taste bitter. how about this? could the secret to boosting your metabolism be eating between the hours of eating a.m. and according to study pennington biomedical research center the answer is yes. called early time restricted feeding which only allows people to eat during a smaller window of time. which will ultimately increase our body's ability to burn fat. obesity society says the biggest take away is that eating a very early dinner or skipping it altogether is better than skipping breakfast. this is just an initial study so more will have to be done to
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there's a fasting word for this. not like full fasting. i can't think of the name of it right now. but it's like, eating all your meals in this period of time. and then fasting the rest of the day. some people do it. and say it's been very successful. dave's trying to chime in on this. interintermittent fasting. could you imagine on a friday night, you know, not being able to have piece a pi >> i can do monday through thursday. our day starts about 5 hours before the average 8 to 5 cycle. so for us our last meal could if that theory stands true at 2:00 p.m. for average working person. 10:00 a.m. would our last meal. last meal 10:00 a.m. way you and i eat out here that might not be a bad idea. for the rest of the day. then we'd all cranky by 5, 6:00 p.m. come in here in a bad mood.
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i know the clouds are still hanging around this morning. but as far as temperatures go, its cool. 62 in tampa. 63 in brandon. 63 in st. petersburg. mid to upper 50s, citrus hernando. pasco county. looks like polk county has gotten back into the lower 60s as well. better in tallahassee. they are 45 degrees this morning so panama city right now we are running between 4 and 10 sunshine returning, we will finish a couple degrees warmer then yesterday. that's kind of interesting, right? we're 4 to ten degrees cooler this morning but finish warmer than yesterday. turning drier. clouds early. sunshine this afternoon. we will go 75 for a high. tonight, clear skies, cool, cool conditions you will need a jacket tomorrow morning low 59 degrees. then for tomorrow, we've got temperatures up around 77 degrees. seasonable weather.
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next 7 days, you're going to see no significant rain chances. look at this look at early next week though. we may see a significant cold front come through here. not knocking us down to 50 monday morning with high of 66 in the afternoon. all right dave, thank you. >> right now we want take you to a shot live from ground. we have crew on scene here at florida. and in case you're joining us or you're look thing refresh around full shut down following what's repoed that part is confirmed. we're hear thing possibly this pedestrian was a child. that person is already they hospital at this time. this is intersection of hollywood and right now we're hearing from tampa police that stanley street to han land street that portion of florida is shut down right now. so we're working to get more information we don't know the extent of injuries. but once we find that out we'll let you know. work arounds here north boulevard and nebraska avenue. and like we told you too, we
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and please look for those as we go on throughout morning. we will get here too. i-4 a new crashed reported in eastbound direction in the area of 75. we have reports from fhp i can't find it on camera but a right lane is going to be partially blocked. it looks a little bit slow in this area, mostly westbound as you might suspect. that's busier direction of i-4 this time of morning eastbound drivers no big delays in connection with that car. but, involved in the crash but heading that way. you know what the flu seems to have hit early this year. i got lot of people in my life with flu. 9 o'clock dr. jo will take a look at how bad florida is feeling the flu and how well flu shot is working. knock out the whole ground zero for this. might be patient 0. the shoe that we've waiting decades for. self tying sneaker are here.
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will tell you how much they will set you back. but first, we're all about going green this morning. charley belcher is in pinellas county celebrating tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. u know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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good day tampa bay you're
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and they are doing just that. they are taking garbage, burning it insin rater and turning it into electricity and enough to power 40,000 homes a day a large is fatties of its type in world. right here in pinellas county. doing a great job. not everything should or can be burned in the incinerator. so that's why we're talking america recycles day. it's a real thing. presidential proclamation. we're talking about reduce r later. we did reduce now it's time to talk reuse with josh here from pinellas county solid waste. you want to start on bottom shelf with all that stuff we have in our garage? yeah a lot of this stuff we here we collect chemicals. and electronics. but chemicals we actually reuse in way. we have swap shop. and whatever's good whatever is usable. we'll actually put into our swap shop and opinions county residents can and in and collect
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really. so if i have a half gallon of white paint left. i can't pour that down the drain. i shouldn't throw it in bar badge can i brianing that our how doi aget to to you basically pull up to our htc3 facility or we also have we will actually come to your neighborhood. you see one trucks adrop it off and put in swap shop and man i need some white paint they get that for free. absolutely. ably. as long resident you have free access to all chemicals. let's talk electronic all this stuff what do we do with this? electronic we all get recycled basically we receive these things and we segregate them all. we have vendors who actually we have verpd in texas who basically shreds them. and recycles >> copper or pulse out copper lot computer components have a heavy metals.
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to get that out of the waste. what do people need to know at home i should not throw this bar gage can. absolutely not about what you want to you're like why do i still have this. okay. so take it to a proper recycling facility. >> yes. htc3. i shouldn't throw that bar gage can. absolutely not. they have plenty of merry occurring in them. okay. all right. old cell phones. there's lot metal that is can recovered recycled inside of cell phones precious medals gold, silver platinum lithium batteries are very toxic. of course batteries. what about double a a's as long they are alkaline those things go right in the trash. >> okay. anything rechargeable we take here. because rechargeables typically have metals like toxic metals and stuff like that. thank you very much. that's what we're trying to do
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to do with what. how to properly recycle, how to be committed to this we we've got to do it better job of it absolutely. josh thank you very much reduce, reuse, recycle. recycle up next. solid waste we celebrate america recycles day. >> very nice. so you know the point is you throw it away. there is no away. that, that's kind of their mantra here. lie love that. somewhere. an going to see it again. exactly. you're right. it still is our problem. our kids and grandkids will see it. by the way i love the snapchat. that was pretty good. good filter i want that filter every day. okay. show you in minute. this is crazy, it turned out to be crazy story somebody crashes into a bar police think it's no accident. ken suarez is live with an update on this story.
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for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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from tampa bay's number one news tampa bay. the bad morning at the bad monkey in ybor city. someone crashed into it and then took off. tampa police now believe the person did all of this on purpose. and ken suarez is live in ybor city with look at what happened. hey kenny. >> hey good morning you certainly assume after the bars close here in ybor along 7th avenue that things would kind of calm down. that was not case last night as a matter of fact exact opposite
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up. cops say half a dozen guys in front of bad monkey had an argument escalated into fight. one guy jumped into rental car plowed through the crowd of guys and hit one of them. impact flung him through front bad monkey invest dparts say man who was hit was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. the driver the car took off. two other young men who were arrested. police say men were drinking, and the driver the car may have been intentionally run through the crowd because off. cops have surveillance tapes sort out who is who who did what. whole ordeal left bad monkey in pretty bad shape. bottom line this front window has broken out lots of repairs to do probably going to start on repairs this afternoon. but whether they are done or not the manager tells me, the bad monkey is going to be good spirits. tonight, and going to be open as usual. back to you. thanks. see you later on.
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this morning president-elect donald trump and russian president putin worked to agree thank you out icy relationship between a united states and russia they spoke over phone combining efforts to fight terrorism settling crisis in syria and setting up face to face meeting statement released gave very little information about the phone call other than to say the president-elect donald trump told mu tin i say very much looking forward to having a strong and enduring relationship with russia. meantime president obama is speaking for first time about saying that while of course he has lot concerns they do agree onning cool relationships u.s. has already established and that includes nato. north atlantic treaty organization which has purpose of defending against aggression. during their meeting president obama said he urged trump to work on unity within his own party and within the country. >> but also warned him that certain elements of his temperament may not serve him well unless he is able to recognize them and work on them.
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now 8:32. hey day of. morning back inside again. back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. 62 degrees the current temperature outside at tampa international. and show you this camera we're looking weston kennedy. know we're not wee looking brook dale bay shore camera there. but it really is just, a pretty little start to the day. again 62. there is north winds around six miles per hour. by the way that looks darker than it really is outside. it's not, it's a l brighter there is your 60 degrees brook dale bay shore camera. then over to lakeland we still have a little bit of peek a boo sunshine with a current temperature of 61. lot of areas, a lot of areas made it into the 50s this morning. but also the past 24 hours, just this is dryer air dryer air has been settling in so the surface its not, quiet. it's dry. and also beginning eat up any
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rain. that's not going to cut in fact we don't have any significant rain over the next 7 days. the dew points have dropped into mid 50s. almost down ten degrees from yesterday. what that means is that it just crisper outside. dryer outside. so once we get rid of some of this cloud cover, this mid level cloud cover, should have no issues getting back likely into the mid 70s for today. you've got sunshine back to the northwest. that will work its way toward us. can you believe we're still talking i know hurricane season always goes to november 30th hurricane center watching this area of disturbed weather. and while there's only 10 percent chance for development in next couple of days, look at the development potential over 5 days. 80 percent. pretty good shot that in the next several days, maybe going into the weekend, this becomes a tropical depression. something we'll watch for you.
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temperature ladder to as high as 81 on friday. and then right back down it again is another strong cold front comes through early next week. knocks our monday highs back to 66 degrees. you know i had to give a fox 13 good day mug away to a super moon picture i had to do it. go so many in inbox. this is awesome one. jim mcwilliams sent this beautiful super moon picture in to us from forth beso to. look how pretty, look fox 13 good day mug for you my friend. skyway in there? beautiful. very pretty picture. especially since i was unable to see the super moon myself. it was too cloudy. >> all right. thank you, dave. right now we want to switch gears 8:35 check on roadways in our trouble spots looks like unfortunately we still have florida shut down at hollywood. so south of bird street here in tampa area. this is the pedestrian crash. we know there are injuries of
8:36 am
hearing possibly a child. we're getting more information work arounds once again here north boulevard or nebraska avenue. want to good tote this right now looking a little bit slow coming off upper deck selman expressway heading into downtown tampa a we have a crash reported in the area. no lane blocks reported but it is moving slow. particularly in those right lanes you see heading in towards twig. planning a few extra minutes this way. meantime completely out of sarasota. crash reported on 75 southbound before fruitville road. right lane is blocked. moderate delays you can see aum the way back from fruitville to 70. okay. so what do you want to be when it comes to your finances and your career? it's time to save with sorboni. consumer reporter sorboni reporter spending entire we can action plans for you to dig out and get ahead.
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to be retired, maybe running your own company, working from home. but you really can't do anything of that if you're starting trying to dig out of debt, right? so to kick things off we looked a different way to get out credit card debt because that really is one most common problems. have you ever goat aep credit card bill and just gone oh i'm going to put this over here. yeah a lot. a little scary i don't want anybody else in my family to see this. you basically freak out i've had some bills how am i going to deal with what if it gets too high to pay off altogether that can really overwhelming question how much do you think the average family carries in credit card debt? $10,000 maybe? $5,000? or could it even be as high as $20,000? that's the question. yeah. i mean we've got the answer. that is it? right there. yeah. that's the answer. $10,000 is the average that people are carrying >> honestly i was about to go 20. you know i'm sure there are people out there because it can
8:38 am
so question what do you do to pay it down? >> first order of business you need to stop using the card. but contact the creditors i know easy to think they are bad guys but they want their money back too they want to help you. so most of time they can work out plan to bring you up to date because those late fees and interest can kill you they can waive some of those work work with you a little bit annual rates can up to 18 percent. that means interest could equal more than $2,000 a year on top of that average of $10,000 next step to create a payment plan it has to be more than minimum. interesting stuff from american bankers association majority credit card holder do not pay in full. each month. so how long do you think it takes pay off average debt in you only pay the minimum? >> what do you think? >> well i guest going to have lot to do how much that debt, okay. more i was about to thing long did i atribe.
8:39 am
and ding ding ding. debt to income ratio. i make it snappy in the morning. that the a lot. and t. really is carrying that interest we were talking about. so you're paying so much for that are privilege of carrying your debt. sou really have to stick to a budget. i know it's hard. you have to go through it and see what all of your expenses are, and then, you have to stick to a plan. the other thing is you've got to save. you have to save money. credit counselors say that you should saving percent of your income. but most americans they have less than $1,000 put away for a rainy day. and you're supposed to have enough set aside to live on for six months. so, it's all relative. all about what somebody needs to stay comfortable. but when you look at your income, say what do i aneed for six months so you can account for the emergencies and things that pop up. it's hard for lot of people. it really is to come, you know. which is why we have so many people dealing with debt.
8:40 am
about their long-term goals of retiring. so the next thing we're looking this evening at 5 then back again tomorrow morning to talk more about that is if you want to be retired what should you be doing. obviously first step is make sure you're not carrying in debt hopefully because you don't want to go into retirement with credit cart debt. you can't you will working forever trying to pay down your minimums. okay so tonight, how to get retired. we've got tips for you we talk to some people who have done it successfully f very nice. and i'll back. tomorrow? we'll quiz you some more. good to see you. you got it. thank you. i don't know but you but i sure would liked to have heard that diatribe. would have been entertaining again we'll watching for sorboni in the morning. good information there. plastic and ocean can deadly combination. we know that. and it's not just for the marine life either. coming up next, dave o. the science pro will tell us why there's just something that seems to appetizing about it.
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((russell/2-shot)) we have an update to that traffic alert vanessa has been telling us about all right. we have an update to a traffic letter vanessa has telling us about all morning long. this is on hollywood street and florida avenue. fox 13's walter allen is there live. what have you been able to learn so far, walter? >> hey good morning unfortunately there are more answers or questions than answers. right now standing in middle inn avenue florida is closed in both directions because of this pedestrian accident. that's what i mean, we have more questions than answers we don't know anything more than just a pedestrian accident. but as you can see a number of tpd vehicles roads closed in both directions and has for at least last half our to an hour. it seems like they are focussing their attention around that bmw
8:45 am
getting information off of that vehicle. they've also been interviewing some folks around here possible witnesses. trying to piece together what exactly happened. so if you do normally take florida avenue, i believe vanessa said stanley is closed. that is what's north of us and then han land is close. in between hand land and stanley. here on florida avenue. >> so if you can use a work around i pay attention to vanessa's traffic. and we're working to get more information tpd said they will release more c that to you. russell, laura. >> sad. all right walter, thank you. all right. time to do a little dave o. the science pro. let's hit it. searching for alternative energy we've talking about this appropriate, right on recycle day. something signs t.i.a.s work on daily. here's we all go to bathroom. now some researcher figured how to use that waste turn into
8:46 am
behind all of this. no. i know it's, it's interesting. the pacific northwest national laboratory. we will call pnl says that come up with a way to turn our waste, listen to this bo into bio crude a petroleum like substance that can refined and used a fuel. wow. that, that caught my attention. now they are also including manure, emerdistil erie as, and wineries they a way to further into something we can use. they take material and pressurize it to 3,000 pounds per square inch. feed it into a reactor which gets to about 660 degrees fahrenheit. now the heat in the pressure break the cells in that waste down into bio crude and liquid.
8:47 am
that. now here's the question. is that going to solve the global problem of fossil fuel usage? no. no. there's not near enough waste to do that. but, what people don't understand is a lot of this waste and lot of this sewage goes into land fills. and this is a way to refine that and not make that happen. so your advancing your technology in a way that you're able to alleviate one problem out of the land fills. not end all to end all. wie got our fuel forrest of our life no. incremental success. it a start it seems kind of gross, but i think people don't understand the a lot of sewage especially like paper, plans all that goes into land fills. you know what i mean. this way to keep it out of that. what do you think? i think it's a great idea. brilliant. more you can know about things like better off you'll be. yeah. and again, i think it was like,
8:48 am
gallons of waste per person whatever. it's not going to amount to much in general. but overall. how much sdp it cost it build extra structure and how much pay outdo you get volume of waste generated globally will increase by 50 percent. this way to kind of handle the mess so to speak that we put out. >> all leading to output. we've got through that. so i'm sorry. very professional. no, no. okay. i'm scientists have discovered most birds can smell, right? and birds fly thousands and thousands of miles looking for food. so why are birds eating all of this plastic? we know plastic horrible. it doesn't bio degrade. a they get all kinds of stomach problems, organ problems. well it smells like food to them here's why researchers put plastic in mesh nets out in the
8:49 am
collected it and test it had. they found plastic was emitting what did i methyl sulfide. it is a chemical that krill and shrimp like to eat. so when birds smell that off of algae, they associate that with food. >> really krill and shrimp. they were atabata perierased to plastic they couldn't sdringdistinguish. at algae forms on the plastic. emits that odor which that odor is same odor that sea birds are attracted to. that's pretty remarkable. its unbelievable study i've done a lot in college work on, people have to understand plastic so awful in million different ways. that recycling is way to go trying to get away from it. that's why birds eat it. because it smells like did i
8:50 am
is is shrimp eating off of it. once they eat it do they die? >> well they don't necessarily die >> some do. some do. some get sick. just not good for them. plastic can mess with their internal organs or if they eat enough of it it leads to malnutrition. they can die that way. >> yeah. you've done segments before on how pervasive it is. it is everywhere. just got to get rid of it. got to get it out of oceans and land fills. all right. dave, thank you. thank all waste around and everything. right? my friend? >> yeah. i know i'm discouraged and encouraged at the same time. yeah. i mean i'm discouraged because i, wait until you watch this next segment. i'm recyclely wrong. i've doing it wrong. i thought i was saving planet turns out i'm part of the problem. just by what i do in my recycling bin. i bet you do it too.
8:51 am
recycles day i tell my daughter that all time. any job worth doing, do it right. i'm going to tell teach yo ? music ? welcome to disney springs.
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hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. , all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from a pinellas county solid waste. they are waste energy plant right behind us where they burn garbage turn it into electricity, 40,000 homes a day. that much electricity. stephanie is here. we're talking recycling i want to get right to it because you feel like i should apologize to the planet. i've messed up. but we're going to talk about proper recycling. all right. let's just get to too lazy i'll admit it to get bags fabric bags or whatever so i get these but i throw them in my recycler because i'm saving planet. wrong. >> wrong. >> wrong. wrong. >> plastic bags reason you didn't put them recycle bin is what happens when it goes to recovery facility where you're recyclables go it gets caught in machinery these plastic bags will shut down a recycling plant
8:55 am
will manually go and cut these off you this want to put them in riek recycle bin. take take them back to grocery store or reuse them yourself. wow. i frailed. also, soup cans, and vegetable cans, tin cans i've throwing them garbage i thought they couldn't reek cycled if you eat food out of them they can do recycle bin they can now you were recyclely them when they came here to the line all metals fall out we do recycle them and all simple tore a resources to put them recycle bin. that can go recycle bin. this, this. this wouldn't go in recycle bin a drinking glass that will come here to plant and get that burned. what about that food container
8:56 am
oh. styrofoam that's a no no. we don't want to no way. we don't want to put recycle bin. that will fall apart and get clogged in equipment that tanger that a no way. so my cereal box i got to take this out before i recycle. and that will get burns for electricity in pinellas county. that's okay. this will get turned into new soda can in 60 days. paper plate that goes in bar gage. paper plates don't go in there. yeah. but that will get burned. it is good cover of new recycling gield pinellas county puts out find this. read it go to their website. i russell i can't believe how many of these things i got wrong. >> yeah. me too. i'm going to get better at i want to save this man et single-handedly. no let's do it together. you and i can do it together. maybe few other peoples. maybe a few other peoples will join us. did you hear 1-800-what i just said. our kids, kids, kids.
8:57 am
this right thing to do. it's right thing to do. all right. we'll get right. see you have later. take care. all right. pizza, french fries, chocolate milk are gone. but they could be making a come back plus we waited 30 years for these and they are finally here marty mcfly self lacing sneakers nike's invention will be in stores soon. coming up at
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open or closed? wait for a true open or closed. wait through a true black friday. the fight for thanksgiving hits the mall of america. and fall is here. and so is the flu. >> but that's not all we need to


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