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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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disrespectful, i thought it was out of line. >> reporter: evans says he apologizing to all the u.s. military members, their families and the fans who he offended by his actions. he says it was never his intention as he has tremendous respect for the men and women who serve our country. at the vfw there's mixed reaction to the apology. >> he did it just to save face, and i don't accept it. i'm sorry. >> we all make mistakes. forgiv >> reporter: evans said he sought out the anthem because of the election of donald trump, a frustration for him as it was for many americans. in his apology he says he'll find more effective ways to bring about change to support organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities. he says this sunday he will be back to standing with his teammates. that will be his next opportunity, this sunday, in kansas city as the buccaneers play the chiefs.
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the sidelines. we'll mention one more thing. a tweet that went out this afternoon from state senator jack lavalla. he tweets, thank you mike evans. you're quite a young man. hope to have the opportunity to meet you someday. go bucs! you remember the state senator from pinellas, a republican, said he was boycott the bucs until evans apologized. that has happened, and we assume the state senator will be watching this sunday as the bucs take on the sowers, fox 13 news. breaking news from oklahoma where will rogers world airport in oklahoma city remains closed following a shooting near a parking garage. officials say one person was shot and killed and they're looking for a potential second person. those inside the airport were ordered to hunker down and seek shelter. they believe this was an isolated incident, but they haven't said if they're looking for a suspect or have someone in
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three thieves pose as shoppers distract elderly women and take their money. it makes you wonder what else they're capable of. evan lambert is working on the story for us. we're going to check in with him in a couple of minutes afrjts polk county school employee has to wait until next month to see if she's fired. the school board says due to time constrants, brenda young's termination hearing was district officials say that young told her supervisors that kay len kirk was assigned to a different bus that did not require him to cross the busy road. she changed it in the computer to support her story. she's been suspended without pay since june. well, donald trump's transition team is going through some big changes tonight. his point man on national security, mike rogers, is out.
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in less than a week. craig patrick is here to break down the changes for us. here we go, craig. >> we do. keep in mind that president-elect trump ran an unconventional campaign and that went through shake-ups, and we're seeing that in the transition. voters wanted an outsider, and naturally when you get an outsider with a lack of experience in washington, you may get a little turmoil along the way. that's what we r seeing. right now sek lags is heating up over the next secretary of state. giuliani is feeding that speculation himself saying he would want to be and would make a good secretary of state. sources within trump's team told "the new york times" a short time ago that giuliani is, in fact, the leading contender. of course, he will have some competition here. john boldon is getting buzz. he served as u.n. ambassador
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strongly opposes the nuclear deal with iran and his prior support of the war of iraq could cost confirmation votes in the senate if he gets that far if he gets the nod. meanwhile, we could have laura ingram has white house press secretary. she is also fueling the buzz herself. she said she's honored to be considered for that particular position. meanwhile, former presidential candidate ben carson said thanks but no thanks. he does not want a pit trump's cabinet based on his lack of experience in running a large federal bureaucracy. he had drawn speculation as a possible secretary of education or possible secretary of health. he said trump is still his friend, and he would like to continue to serve him as an adviser not in the cabinet. >> a lot of moving pieces here. republicans cleared the path for paul ryan to continue to lead the house. >> they did. a show of unity here. house republicans renominated
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he needs 218 votes in january to hold onto the speaker's gavel, but the nomination was unanimous. it looks like he will not face a serious challenge for this job. combine that with his close friend and ally reince priebus being the chief of staff. this suggests paul ryan will have a lot of clout and power starting next year. meanwhile, democrats are still soul-searching and searching for a leader of their own. there are you possibilities here who want to take over the party. keith ellison is drawing a lot of hype and howard dean that ran the party once before when president obama won in 2008. in addition to leadership of the national party, house democrats in congress also delayed their leadership vote, and that does not bode particularly well for nancy pelosi. don't be surprised if she faces
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well. >> a lot to watch with both parties. a child is recovering after being hit by a car on her way to shool this morning on florida avenue and hollywood street after 7:00 and closed that street to traffic for a while. she was walking when she stepped off the curb into the traffic on florida. the side mirror of the bmw hit her in the face. she went to the hospital, but she's going to be okay. that drive stopped. he was not cited. tampa police are night at ybor city and drove through the front of a bar. police say after the bar closed for a night, a group of men started to fight. one man got in his car, hit a man and went through the front door of the bad monkey bar. there it is. so the driver got out and ran. the victim suffered a broken leg. police are looking ats surveillance video. clearwater police arrested a man they say robbed a
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charged with strong arm robbery and aggravated battery. he robbed the speedway when the clerk tried to stop him at the door. he hit the clerk in the head with the cash drawer. an assistant principal in pasco county is under arrest after she overdosed on a cookie made with marijuana oil. investigators say 50-year-old donna lunch half ate the cookie on sunday and went she was arrested and allison was arrested. the daughter says her mom wanted to try marijuana for her 50th birthday. back to the story we mentioned a few minutes ago. three thieves posing as shoppers distracting elderly women and taking their money. evan lambert is in plant city where police are trying to, first of all, i.d. who these people, con artists are, and that's the first step to track them down for sure. they need to find these people, evan. >> reporter: that is the first
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reports, the thieves strike up a conversation with the elderly victims, and then just take things, grab things right out of their cart. so they want you to take a look at these surveillance pictures. they hope you can help identify these people. in each instance they say two women and a man have been spotted in or near the publix stores off alexander street. they used one of the victim's cards to buy hundreds of they are driving a blue 15-passenger van. they say the crimes bother them more because these people are already vulnerable targets. >> it reminds us of our parents. if you come from a big family, like a lot in the south do, or it reminds you of your grandparents. to think of all the good things that grandparents and elderly people represent to so many
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victimized. >> reporter: it is a shame. if you recognize those alleged thieves, call police. there is a $3,000 crimestoppers reward, and also just a general tip. remember when you go shopping this is good throughout the holiday season to remember. keep the values out of the cart and just hold them close. live in plant city, evan lambert, fox 13 news. >> good advice, evan. don't put the purses in the cart. there's a tearful i plea a man shot and killed the day before the birth of his son. coming up at 5:30, the search for the shooter. >> let's forget about the market. get the house paid off and live the dream. >> planning for retirement. the four things you can do right now to get ready for life after you stop working. well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack,
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a lot of financial demands... the mortgage... kids... saving for most folks have a lots of financial demands on them. the mortgage, the kids, saving for college, right? obligations that keep you from setting aside money from >> she gets advice from people that pulled it off. >> you think about the statistics here. go banking rates ask how much they put towards retirement. this box would you check off in this survey? thee are options that range from less than $10,000 to more than 300,000 or nothing at all. guess what? more than half, 56% that answered said they have less
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retirement and a third have none saved at all. what do you need to do if you want to be retired? dreaming of sailing into the sunset? >> raising a glass of good life, takes planning. >> we said let's forget about the market. get the house all paid off and then go live the dream. >> the biggest part for us was always looking to live below our means, and we were able to save money early on. >> not many people are doing that. in fact, surveys people have zero dollars saved for retirement. >> we really don't think about retirement and planning until we're about to retire. all of a sudden it's like, oh, my gosh. it's here. what i do now? >> try to save 10% of your salary and contribute to a 401(k)s in your 20s and 30s. >> when you have children and families, the focus is on family. >> up your savings to 20% during middle age and get help
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professionals, which is nice, because they help with the discipline and not, you know, knee-jerk reactions to sell at the wrong time. >> tally how much you need a year to live after you stop work. >> think about the things that hurt you in retirement. maybe unup examined health care and higher taxes.p>> in our cas have been out of sight. >> have your plan in place ten years out from when you want to be retired. >> the appropriate goal would be i want to have a good quality of life in retirement. you rich. i just want to be secure. >> you know, it sounds so easy, right? it is so hard for so many people to actually set aside that budget. >> 20% of your salary is a lot. >> even 10% for some folks, i think, is tough right now. but if you can just spare just the smallest amount and pay yourself first, have it come out your paycheck so you don't see it. >> you said something so key. pay yourself first, and that's
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for retirement. you have to do that. it's all about the habits. something interesting that that same study found and that same survey is people saved less than 10,000 or the second common answer was more than 300,000. so you have these saves and save notes, essentially. the people who have the habit or the people who don't. >> exactly. if you eat out fast food. you skip two a week and put that aside, it adds up. >> there's a book i read "want to be a millionaire" or something like that. it said if you get rid of the coffee, they added that up, and you go whoa, okay. i'll be making that at home now, won't i? >> exactly. >> tomorrow you have something for us. >> wanna-be a moonlighter. any who like the 9:00 to 5:00 and like the stability to that, but i have this passion i want to pursue. how do you balance that and make it pay off? we talk to regular people who made it happen and get direction plans to hopefully help you out
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same. >> maybe dream jobs, right? >> all right. sounds good. >> good stuff. paul, were you taking notes over there. >> i certainly am. cutting back on the coffee every day is a big deal for me. we've had a kind of changeable day today with some clouds early and then eventually the sun kind of winning the battle. should be a fantastic sunset which happens less than a half hour from now. kind of a cool sky. clouds continue to shift to the south, and now we're locked in with i mean, really long stretch of dry weather. clouds are thick south of tampa bay. it was a little bit of a struggle today even around midday. skies are mostly cloudy from tampa south. as expected we pretty had increasing sunshine today. there's still areas of light rain from key west across the florida straits kind of a dash day in miami and fort lauderdale. this rain obviously is not going this way.
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delightful late afternoon underway. we have temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. the cold fronts will continue to shift to the south. there will be a reinforcing cold front coming our way this weekend, and then behind that as we head into the thanksgiving week it should be quite a bit cooler at least the first half of that week. thursday looks good. high pressure dominates, and maybe not even a single cloud in the sky. thursday into here's the reinforcing cold front. that will dive to the south, and i think and, in fact, i'm sure we have the coldest or coolest weather this season heading our way sunday, monday and tuesday of next week. it's a big cooldown. you have temperatures next couple of days pretty close to average, about 75 to 80. the average high is 78. then look at this. we go from orange, which means
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low 70s early next week. by most standards you don't classify it as cold. at night you have 40s across the board. at 72 the dew point is 49. very dry air. northeast winds at 5 around the country. departing cold front is moving away, and some rain in the northeast and that is good news for them. the rest of the country is pretty quiet. some rain in the pacific northwest. dry weather continues in the there's no rain on the way. they still have some wildfires burning in western north carolina. nashville is 67, chicago is 52, raining in new york and 49 degrees. raleigh is 57. hurricane season officially ends at the end of november. so we're almost there. here's a list of the number of named storms per year. we had one last year, i think it was hurricane kate that developed in november.
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southwest caribbean sea, 80% chance of development in the next five days. this will probably become hurricane otto in the caribbean sea. now, usually when storms form down here in november, they go this way and go well south of us. i think this one is probably going to sit and meander in the caribbean sea for many, many days and probably into next week as well. i do think it will be coming our way. it's going to meander about and maybe head northeast, but there's no motion predicted next week. watch out. we'll be talking about this in the days ahead and likely have a hurricane in the caribbean sea at some point next week. tonight cool, 40s and 50s and near 60 tomorrow. a beautiful day. lots of sunshine, and high temperatures 75 to 80. the dry weather continues all the way into next week. becoming clear and kind of cool tonight. we're down to 60. sunshine tomorrow, a dazzling
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double 7s for a high, and on thursday it's more sunshine and very nice. back up near 80. if you're boating, northeast winds and north winds at about 10 knots and seas two feet and light chop on the bay and low tide is 7:32. the seven-day forecast looks really good. let's not forget, some rain would be nice, but i don't see anything. sunshine and cold front goes by on saturday. behind that, 70s for highs and 40s and 50s for lo everywhere talking about attorney john morgan. a major force behind the medical marijuana drive in the state. who is pushing for him to make a run for governor? thieves are hoping for an easy target after hopping this fence until thousands of little crime fighters started to swarm. the beehives they accidentally ran into and the police detective that went to extremes
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>> you have the buzz for us. thank you. there's a twist in the shooting death of a manatee
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deputies say the person that shot and kyle killed mariah
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a witness pinning him to the crime has changed her mind. her mom is asking for cooperation. >> it's taken everything for jan good to stand strong. >> i'm just trying to take my next breath. >> she sat surrounded by her family and investigators today as devon freeman made his first appearance in manatee county court. he's accused of shooting into a car and killing her 18-year-old daughter. deputies believe he was aiming for the person mariah was with, and today for the first time we learned that person was frank bryce. bryce is well-known to deputies. he has a lente criminal record and was even charged in connection with with a 2014 murder of a cheerleader. but a jury found him not guilty. >> i'm just asking for the truth. i'm just asking for justice for mariah. >> reporter: deputies say she was an innocent victim. as they argued, freeman pulled
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mariah was shot in the chest. now one of the main witnesses is changing her story. >> yesterday she stated she did not see who fired the shots although the car. >> they're begs both witnesses to cooperate. her mom asks they do it for mariah. >> it's time to stand up for the truth, not revenge. the word on the street is revenge. i don't want revenge. i don't want mariah's name to go down with retaliation thing. i want her to go down as loving and kind like she was. maria would be there >> reporter: deputies haven't named the witness, but her mother hoped her conscience will guide her to do the right thing. >> there's still time to tell the truth. >> a judge set freeman's bond at $500,000. there's a trial date for the man accused of kidnapping a polk county girl last october. wild west hogs will go before a federal judgment in tampa. they don't expect the case to be
5:26 pm
especially since prosecutors have not offered a plea deal. he's accused of kidnapping rebecca lewis from her home in lakeland. they were spotted a couple of days later in tennessee where he was arrested. some of the bay area's top dogs put their noses to the test. today kicked off a three-day training and testing program to certify bomb-sniffing dogs and han handlers. the atf brought the program to variety of explosives they may not have. >> a lot of k-9 handlers around the can you tell don't have access to explosives atf has. we offer homemade explosives that our chemists make in maryland. >> tampa police, tsa, and law enforcement agencies from different counties across the state are participating in this training. if built it can be thousands of miles away, so why are people
5:27 pm
to build a pipeline in north dakota? she didn't want to go to school anymore. people would just stare at her. >> a 9-year-old bullied because of severe sa rye sis. why treatment is to difficulty and she finally got the help she needed. it's a brand-new world. >> cyber world checkups change how people are treated. >> in the critical care world so much is based upon technology. >> see for y
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl,
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one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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killed while sitting in his car. saint pete he was shot and killed sitting in his car. st. pete police still have a lot of questions, and the family of johnny better known as taz brown is pleading for closure. they spo afternoon. he's here to share the story. >> he leaves behind several children, one of which was born the day before he died. they describe him as loving and have no idea why anyone would want him dead. he was shot several times sitting in his car early one morning in a good neighborhood of st. pete. police are offering a $3,000 reward for any information that
5:31 pm
and a community volunteer. the motive for her his killing is a huge mystery, and his family is begging for someone to come forward. >> nobody knows what we're going through. it was tragic and sad and senseless. >> taz was taken from us. he was taken from us. please, >> reporter: you can visit crimestoppers of for information on how to come forward. there is a $3,000 award for any information leading to an arrest. back to you. a stabbing attack in utah leaves sixteen agers injured including with the teen with a knife at a boy's locker room in
5:32 pm
a 16-year-old boy stabbed five classmates before stabbing himself. he's in custody. police don't have a motive for the attack. the student was new at the school. he'd been previously home schooled, and no one was critically injured. at least 50 people gathered in a st. pete park today to protest something thousands of miles away. the dakota access pipeline. that pipeline is being built on native-american lands and standing rock, north dakota. it's attracted thousands of native-americans and supporters sites and potentially contaminate the water. they clashed with police and security. energy transfer partners, which owns the nearly $4 billion pipeline, calls it an economic boon that is lessen dependence on oil. they say the group wants to help protect our nation's water, native-american rights and national law. standing rock residents ask people all over the world to stand with them today to stop the pipeline.
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president obama has asked the army corps of engineers to look for another pipeline route to bypass the standing rock sioux reservation. they're looking for two thieves that targeted a drel phone store at verizon at 5:00 sunday morning and smashed through the front glass door and took four cell phones on display. both of them are wearing halloween masks and gloves. if you have any information, you're urged to call crimestoppers because there is a painful itching, embarrassing rashes and flaking are symptoms for people with plaque psoriasis. luckily there are plenty of therapies available to doctors, but treatment in children can be tricky and frustrating. >> reporter: 9-year-old haley has extra pep in her step this morning. it's pajama day in the third grade. mom rebecca can remember a time not long ago when she wasn't so
5:34 pm
people would just stare at her. >> soon after moving to land o'lakes in 2014 haley got a terrible, scaly rash from head to tow. it was psoriasis, making her a target at school. >> he said that i'm ugly. he was bullying me. he was like curious about what it was, but he was putting his anger on me. >> her self-esteem, you could tell, was being severely affected. >> skin-wise, i would give an 8 or 9 on a 10. >> reporter: dr. forman is her dermatologist. he said between 2% and 4% of the world's population suffers from psoriasis. treatment for children can be especially difficult. >> one of the major limitations with children is the fact that there are very few fda-approved systemic therapies for children. >> reporter: that forces dr. forman to go off label using medications not approved for children. when doctors do this, insurance coverage is usually denied.
5:35 pm
it's devastating for a child and her mom. >> we tried the topical therapies, light therapies and diet changes. >> reporter: nothing worked and her skin got worse. >> it itched a lot. >> she would get to the point where she would itch the spot so badly that she would bleed. >> look where they are going. >> after four failed treatments including only one fda-approved for children, her body responded >> i really liked it because i didn't want that bullying to happen. >> reporter: while the doctor is pleased he found an effective treatment for haley, he's concerned future mashts might not be so lucky. >> my plea is we get more research for psoriasis patients and mainly in pediatric patients. >> a sentiment shared by a mother who watched her daughter go through heart-breaking times. >> just kind of praying for the
5:36 pm
medication for pediatric. i know haley is not the only child suffering from this. >> reporter: as for haley, she learned a new lesson to take to school every day. >> if they were bullying, i would stick up for that. i wouldn't be a bystander. >> that is nice to hear. dr. jo tsz haley wasn't bu bullied by all of her class hates. a group of fifth graders made an anti-bully squad where they waited for her to get off the >> that's so great. nike's self-lacing shoes from the "back to the future" movie are about to hit the
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?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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a sad update a sad update from orange county. a bald eagle rescued from a storm drain has died. two eagles were fighting over territory and somehow became entangled in the storm drain. one bird flew away, but an injured female was cared for by vet. it had fluid around its heart and abdomen and passed away the officers graduated this afternoon in north straw park and demonstrated different obstacles the horses go through and why they're vital to the police department and community. they go through crowds and get to where they need to be very quickly. >> you got to figure they're about 9 feet tall, so that gives an officer an advantage to keep an eye on everything and he personable at the same time. >> they seaed certificates today
5:40 pm
alodge. one is a full-time officer and other two are fill-ins. it's impressive to see those horses in action. let's check in with scott. where are you this evening? do tell us. >> we're inside a beautiful galley here. this is a big night at the hospitality center in tampa as five new inductees into the florida sports hall of fame. a star-studded cast, and we have much more with another on the other si. mike evans and the recent
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is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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((linda)) amalie areana is going to rock ?90's style with the boy b amalie arena will rock with the boy bands next july. everybody excited? >> i can't wait! >> i'm excited. >> can i go on ticket master right now. to men and paula abdul team up for the total package tour. >> otherwise known as tpp . >> it will be at at amalie a arena. >> boys to men, what was the big hate. i was thinking bye-bye bye. that's insync.
5:44 pm
got named the secciest man alive. they called him sweet, smart and sculpted. his biceps barely fit on the cover. >> that's a bigger kovrn than average. >> this comes on the heels on forbes naming him the highest paid actor. he brought in 6$64.5 million. i had no idea he was doing that well. pass holders of the tielthsz, of course, david beckham and chris hems worth. he's >> he's a hand some man. michael j. fox had a pair in "back to the future," the self-lacing sneakers. there's a reality. the nike hyper adapt 1.0 shoes go on sale december 1st and only cost $720 a pair. they have a magnetic adapter to charge the sneakers and take three hours to recharge. the battery life lasts up to two weeks. they have a button on the tongue
5:45 pm
if my daughter is watching, she's like thinking, the answer is no. >> i was thinking this is confined of square or whatever. the folks that could use these shoes can't bend over and lace the shoes up. senior citizens and older folks. they can't afford $720 for a pair of self-lacing nikes. >> they look cool, though. it's a cool name. >> maybe there will be a knockoff or something. >> lists, i'm sure. >> they'll be on krasing list in a couple of months slightly used. weather is unbelievable between now and next week. we had some clouds kind of linger and missed the sunset by about 5 minutes. it was beautiful. this is the view from the sirata beach cam. it's not the super moon tonight, but you know, we're about a day, day and a half past the full moon, so it will look good in the sky tonight. very bright night coming up.
5:46 pm
75 is the high today, and we're going to do lots of blue on the board between now and thanksgiving. temperatures will drop behind another cold front this weekend. 75 was the high today. this satellite loop shows clouds eventually moving away from us. these clouds do contain some rain, but this rain is not heading our way. pretty decent soaking, though, in miami and down over the keys. anyone who is vacationing in the day. temperatures are pleasant, 76 tallahassee and actually warmer in tallahassee than tampa with sunshine today. pam at that is 72 and raining in miami at 73. right now 72 with a dew point below 50 at 49 degrees and a northeast wind at 5. around the country pretty quiet. low pressure is spins off new england giving them beneficial rain. we get a second cold front. here's the cold front that will head our way over the weekend.
5:47 pm
brings cooler weather our way during the second half of the upcoming weekend. nashville is 67, chicago 52, kansas city beautiful day and 70. i think in a couple of days, not in two days but within five days, we'll have otto in the caribbean sea, which will develop south of jamaica, which is here. puerto rico is over there. this is going to spin and not move much. it is not heading our way, and we s hurricanes. we had one last year. it was hurricane kate. the models are kind of all over the place, and you could eventually drift west. i think heading to panama at some point next week. chilly tonight or at least cool in the 40s, 50s to near 60 and tomorrow what a day. dazzling blue sky and temperatures in the mid-70s. pretty simple on the weather map tonight. cold front gone and high pressure builds in. the high camps over us for a
5:48 pm
look back here way up by kansas city, that's the cold front arriving on saturday. small chance of showers, and then turning cooler during the first half of next week. becoming clear and cool tonight down to 60. spectacular wednesday, and lots of sunshine. highs up to 77. thursday looks good, too. more sunshine and very nice. highs approaching 80, and on the seven-day forecast, here's the arrival of the cold front saturday. then we kind of are chilly sunday, monday and tuesday. overall it big night coming up, scott. what do you have coming up? >> we're at the hoss fatality center in tampa for a huge night. first, to the bigger issue at hand and that is with the bucs andmy evans. he has now reversed his decision on sitting during the national anthem. from now on he will stand and he issued a statement that says
5:49 pm
i want to start by apologizing to all the u.s. military members, the families and fans i offended by my actions on sunday. it was never my intention, as i have tremendous respect for the men and women that serve our country. i chose to sit as my expression of a frustration towards this year's election. it was personal for me as it is for so many americans. ill the not sit against during the national anthem because i want to focus my e communicate my message and bring about change by supporting organizations and movements that fight for equal rights for minorities. this sunday i will be back standing with my teammates. so just a short time after, of course, making that statement, prior to our -- or following the game on sunday, he's now reversed course. so back to the matter at hand. this is the florida sports hall of fame and we have five new
5:50 pm
we have a former tampa bay ray. you were honored tonight and you're not among the inductees in the hall of fame, but you are receiving the fitness -- this is the fame of fitness honoree. congratulations on that to be back here close to the franchise once again, what does it mean to you this special night? >> it means a lot. i'm in a lot of good company here despite not being inducind. they wou voting was rigged if i was among these guys. it's an honor to be part of this event and rewarded for a lot of hard work i put in and several others did to give back to the community, the tampa bay community like we have over the last five, six years now. >> this was an interesting year to the rays. a bit of a down year, but certainly plenty of talent with the team. having been part of the association and this team for as long as you were, talk about kind of what it takes with the winning recipe for this team. i know that kind of being one of
5:51 pm
with a lower salary cap and finding gritty players like yourself that make it happen. >> it's hard. it's a tough division. it certainly hasn't gotten any easier. the a.l. east is as tough as it's been. you have to catch breaks. they had a lot of injuries to deal with this year. it's tough to have injuries and succeed with a lower budget than the other a.l. east teams. they do a great job finding diamonds in the rough and to compete. the record wasn't as bad as it should have been, seo i wouldn't sleep on them. they'll be competitive for many years to come. >> johnny damon is also one of the five honorees tonight. you'll have some baseball chat? >> it will be good to see him. i haven't seen him since we played together in 2011. i really respect the way he led our team that year. >> i want to get your thoughts on joe maddon and what he was able to accomplish in the
5:52 pm
cubs. >> pretty storybook. i thought he was the right guy in chicago, having played in chicago and feel that incredible pressure from the whole city and curse of the billy goat and that stuff. he was the right guy for the job. i'm not surprised. man, etches the right guy for that job. he kept them loose and had some talent on the team, too. >> they certainly did. maybe more championships to come. sam is one of the honorees tonight. five on hand that are going to be here tonight for the b that list includes phil esposito and jon gruden and allison jolly gold medalist. am i missing one? jeremy foley, who we'll have more on later, guys. now back to you.
5:53 pm
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(linda-2shot) tonight we are introducing you to a dog who is taking advantage of a second chance.(cyntiha) he went from a shelter, to a training school. tonight this dog went from a shelter to a training school and soon will work in law enforcement. here's andrea jackson. good boy, buddy. >> this is bear. this high energy traits prufed spot on when he arrived on the florida k-9 center for evaluation to be a search dog. >> good boy. check. good boy! there you go. >> bear was surrendered to the prevard county animal shelter after apartment living proved
5:56 pm
he was an office dog at the shelter before finding a second life as a narcotics dog. >> good boy, bear. >> he's extremely smart. he thrives to work. i mean, he really enjoys being around people, so, you know, coming from a situation where he was in a crate a lot, to be out and do something he loves, that makes him so great. he loves it. you ready? go work. >> tracy is the trainer and kennel manager florida k-9 where dogs like bear can be trained for obedience, personal protection and law enforcements jobs. these behavior scent devices are used for odor work. >> once he understands odor, we add blank boxes to that. he needs to understand that even though the boxes look the same, you need to go into odor. once you're in odor, then you get reward. >> good boy, buddy. there you go.
5:57 pm
keys to hones his scent and sensibility as he prepares to graduate from k-9 training to narcotics work this month. for tracy her drive to discover a dog's true talent taps into her life's passion and purpose. >> i love to take animals from a shelter and giving them a purpose. it's very rewarding. you never had a camera in your face before. >> reporter: andrea jackson, fox 13 news. >> so focused. >> i love that. i love that. don't you know there's a lot of shelter dogs that job and do a good one. i think so. the fox 13 6:00 nude is next. >> you may have had neighbors at some point that weren't so neat and tidy. >> imagine an entire neighborhood like that. well, coming up here it is. >> it brings in crime. >> coming up tonight at 6:00, we show you one neighborhood they're trying to clean up. twitter going after bullies. what the online service is doing to help you crack down on hate.
5:58 pm
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6:00 pm
gone bad.... the one thing thieves likely didn't count on when they hopped a fence. (kelly/ good evening.. i'm kelly ring.(mark) and good evening, and welcome. >> he hasn't changed his views but he will change his methods. mike evans says today he's sorry for not national anthem on sunday. lloyd sowers is live at the stadium tonight. he's going to stand after all for the anthem, huh? >> reporter: he is, mark. he says he's still frustrated about donald trump being elected president. he will communicate his message in different ways, though. not by sitting during the national anthem. he wrote a written apology today. it says in part that he wants to apologize to all the u.s. military members, their families and the fans who were offended


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