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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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interviewing the parents and gathering evidence. nobody is in custody. >> it is saddened that this would take place and a child would be shot. i'm hurt i have been advocating of the safety of the residents. >> we're talking about a situation where someone was firing indiscriminately into a house. they were argumenting someone but at some point they were firing and as you was. and police say four other people were inside the apartment at the time of the shooting and nobody else was injured and police are stilled trying to catch those shooters. the housing authority administered the property and they tell me that they are unable to comment on what happened there until more specifics are known.
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during work on a cell tower. and kimberly kuizon shows us what happened to a crane. >> the crane came down and looking behind me, no one was injured. the crews were here at 1 this afternoon working to install the equipment off toledo plate road and bobcat. there was a person operating the happened. we know one thing. they are lucky no one here was injured. >> it was a close call for a lot of people here it landed on a trailer. a fellow stepped out thereof a minute earlier. >> this could have been a different situation. and you know.
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the pieces and they'll be working to bring the crane back up right. developing from minnesota a prosecutors have charged a police officer with three felonies in the death of the man who was shot and killed as he reached for his driver's license. his girlfriend live streaming the aftermath on facebook. his death at the hands of the officer touched off protests across the country in dallas. and chris cato tells us about the decision. >> the head prosecutor concluded that the officer's use of force was not justified. he said no reasonable officer would have shot him who told the officer that he had a gun and permit and he was going to reach for his wallet not the gun. that's the way his girlfriend described it in the facebook
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>> we're waiting. he just shot his arm off. >> call a get hit down, you told him to get his license. do not tell me he is dead. they pulled him over because he looked like a robbery suspect it with the robbery. he was compliant and respectful when he asked for the id. he said that he had a gun on him and a permit for it. he then said, okay don't reach for it then. he tried to respond but was interrupted who said don't pull
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>> i'm not pulling it out. the officer pulled his left arm out of the car and then fired 7 shots he said the words were i was not reaching for it. he has been charged with manslaughter and two felony coupeds and discharge of a firearm because his girlfriend and her daughter were in the car. his mother is happy with the decision to file the charges but they have to hope that. the nation has to understand this is a tragedy. to say he was not going for the
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>> he was 32. an employee of the he is described as mr. rogers with dreadlocks, everyone loved him. the death was one day after the shooting dealt of alton steriling in baton rouge. that protest exploded across the country ending with the shooting death of five police officers in dallas the officer will be in court on friday. august. >> everything from handguns to rifles and shotguns, all in the hands of the wrong people. all stolen from a house in auburndale. investigators released the photos of the cars that could be accepted. a white lincoln with a beige top and malibu. and we have more and, ken. it sounds like they really had
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guns. >> this is no easy task. they have to break in and then get through two locked doors. the hardest part they had to haul out something like this, safe with the guns inside weighing 300 pounds empty. and they were able to pull them off. >> they are in the wrong hands. they cannot relax in their home any more. she started keeping the gun at arm's length. stolen from her home in broad daylight. they were out her husband walked into the house first. >> we both have conceal and carry permits. and walking through with the i realize that something was wrong. >> they had been burgularized. they say the thieves knocked at the door. they went around back where they will be less likely to be seen and broke a window.
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it. they pride open the door and rolled the safe out the front. police are concerned there are now even more guns on the street. >> they have committed a felony. >> and. >> and this could be died into three others in winter haven and the surrounding area. they got away with firearms that can be used to intimidate people hurt or kill them. >> now the detectives say this is not a one man operation to move something this big. 300 pounds. you need two people, maybe more than that. reporting in lakeland, ken suarez. >> makes you wonder if they knew. >> thank you very much.
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it started near the porch on aerosmith road. someone inside tried to use a garden hose to put it out. and nobody was hurt. >> church in st. pete is beefing up the security after a swastika was written on their sidewalk with the acronym make america great again. and we have more with dan matics. >> the chalk has been washed away. this happened on monday and let you take a look at the message the church is sending here. this is in front of the building. love one another. and this is what happened on workers arrived to see this a swastika written in chalk with the acronym, make america great
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and the reverend believes they were were targeted because the congregation is gay and lesbian. this is something that the reverend did not expect to see in the year of 2016. right now they're anxious. >> it has been there a long i'm concerned about the state of the country right now. i hope they are unfounded but it's -- it's an anxious feeling these days. >> now they had a team here today at the church beefing up security but they are ready to
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and the president elect trump is not happy about reports of chaos in his tradition team he fired back through twitter. the team is closing in on key picks. now time to bring in our political editor. >> and in terms of concerns you have laura inghram looking to be press secretary and rudy guliana you you have the reports of turmoil after pence takes over from chris christie and the individuals like mike rogers leaving. trump took to twitter because he wanted to put that to a stop. can you read hear you don't have to to know he does not like the leaks out of the transition, does not like other people suggesting what he will do, this is an organized process that's
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and. and trying to clamp it down. he meet with the mayor of new york city and with this he said they had an open and candid conversation about the concerns that the people of new york have and with this he said he wants to give trump perspective from outside of the bubble. they use wad a lot yorkers are thinking, he wanted to make sure that trump was aware of this. it was not an emperor's fuelly clothed scenario. they used deportation policy and matters of law and order as well. look for the next pick to be the secretary of state where rudy gulliani may have the inside track and there is talk about
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alternative based on feed back we're getting from washington w this the press sect will come after that. now almost every night we have seen the protests and cities and across the nation. are there polls and how they are feeling after the election. >> there is. >> you have all the polls add lead up to the campaign but with this we're seeing with gal is going up despite the protests that are you seeing here. it is showing that 51% of americans are more confident in president-elect since he was elected than before. that's right on par with what the president at this point a few days into the transition despite the election dispute of 2000. in line with this but 40% say
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trump after the election only 9% with no opinion or undecided on this. that's a small number and confidence is growing that the nation is still divided. >> still divided. you're right. >> thank you very much. >> i was just getting everyone ready for bed i was home alone with the five kids. she turned her back for a second but big brother saw what was going to happen. his hea the brother what he says about it later on. >> wow. i know. >> sometimes a regular 9 to 5 is not enough. next how some business people are turning their side hustle into a second job. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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(cynthia--2 shot) all this week, sorboni is showing us how to stop wishing and make what you want, a reality. (linda) we've covered retirement and getting out of debt.. what's today, sorboni ???? (sorboni)today is for any of you wishing you could do your >> today you wish could you pursue your dream job and we're going to help you do both at the same time if you want to moonlightedder we're talking to people who are making their side gigs successful. >> sometimes the 9 to 5 is not enough. >> we offer printers. >> the system integrate year has a trick up his sleeve. look through that. find a word that jumped out at you. >> he mon lights as a magician. >> and go for the whole thing. >> and you see i know why you
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secure in what you do and career. that's part of why you chose independence. >> many people don't have the independence to pursue a venture. coafford to open his shop on weekends. , and moonlight something balancing act. i work two jobs. chris jones said the number of people has gone down it is in the 20 to 24 age range.
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>> i wanted to see them that's my country. that's. >> and celebrating with a small investment. , that's how. >> and you take that time you do have invest i ahead of the other person you have to give yourself 100%. >> and if i work hard they have.
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and the day job all that and it is your second. >> and that makes it. that is the other full time job out there. >> and what have you got for us tomorrow? >> tomorrow how about making the side gig into your full time job. >> we're talking i be a the boss how to be your boss. >> and. >> dom says the boss out by the dumpster. that's how they work out. a super moon.
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and we're looking to the southeast there is a lot of smoke to the south and the southeast and the out look going to the end of november. and not good and no rain on t way. and this is pickens and and all the way down theutsdz is the
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inch this is not nearly enough to put a department in the which extends from west west western north carolina west through mississippi that's more sunshine. and dry air. it is looked in. it's not going in. and right now with dazzling crisp afternoon in t the future cast and building in and then watch and wait for the arrival of a front. that is going by. behind that front it should be the coldest weather of the season should be in the 40s. we stay dry and sunshine.
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and nice day. 80 on friday. and sunshine and very nice with a high at 80. if you're boating a northeast winds. and 2 feet. light chop on the way. 805 tonight and your 7 day forecast is filled with small chance of showers on saturday and then chilly and drive. >> looking good. then a phone call that nearly cost him big bucks. the scam he wants everyone to
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(cynthia) new at five: companies are warning of a phone scam making the rounds in pinellas he got a really superintendenting phone call from someone claiming to be with duke energy and warning that the power would get shut off within 24 hours if he didn't make a deposit to a prepaid debit card. he called the number on the electric bill and found out that was not true.
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got in trouble and paid that bill and that money would have been gone. he wanted it on a prepaid credit card. >> remember companies will never ask to you pay via a prepaid card that should send off the alarm bells. in sarasota deputies are temming people to look at their statements. monday they were called by a bp gas station off north lock wood. they found a scammer in a pump. collected evidence. deputys say if are you a victim of the skimmer contact them. >> usher and flo rida will be at the playoff championships in tampa next year. part of a three-night music festival in january. and the preview event at amalie arena. there is an app for the event. prizes for people who post
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what this means. >> i think that on that game day when the world turns on tv and turns on the sky line on a day like this i promise you the mayor controls a lot. hopefully the weather is one of them. they will see a city that will produce a ed host one of america' it will be a theme park on january 6th. >> that should be fun. >> the sky line at alpoll low beach will look different. the change happening soon at the big bend power plant. >> and how gross is this. dead pigs flying off a truck out on to i-75 in sarasota. people driving over all the parts. what a mess.
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one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. (linda-take vo) it's not it's not the way anyone wants to leave a courtroom. and a murder defendant found in contempt by the judge and arrested on the spot last week. today he is back and wants to the judge to cut him a break.
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>> he wants to serve his sentence from home but the experts say the chances are not good. >> and the last time that the defendant left the courtroom. >> let me get my stuff. >> it was not by choice, he was held in contempt. >> can you turn this off. >> i do have a guy. ky not do that >> can you hear him, he was sentenced to six months in jail. >> i don't need a hand. >> and he does not need it, you don't get. >> it was the last straw for the judge who watched the disruption over and over. >> i'm a monarch.
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not apply to him. he is representing himself and all the documents in the case. reminding him of the pitfalls with that. but that did not sway him. >> i'll ask you for the last time are you certain that you do not want me to appoint a lawyer to represent you? >> i am positive. >> he was less combative he was still sassy with the judge asked her to cut him a break and give him house arrest instead j?ail. an expert, who reviewed the case for fox 13, said it does not look good. >> he is not getting out he cannot control himself in the courtroom. the individual cannot show the court respect and cannot show the system of justice respect then he is going to be held in custody. >> if he wants house arrest, he has to file a motion to get a hearing. so we'll wait to see if that
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new husband during an argument. he is expected in court in january. we will continue to follow this one. >> thank you, shocking to hear someone talk to a judge like that. >> the crews are cleaning up a mess after two trains collided. it was north of ocala. take a look here. this caused 20 cars to jump the tracks. the trains were carrying the rock and and the crew was called in to deal with the fuel spill. and the two engineers had only minor injurys. >> the damage and someone walked away is amazing. >> and loaded cars. and it is bound was 110. and the cause under
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a memorable and disgusting drive to work. >> those are dead pigs and parts on the road. and it closed down lanes and made for a slow drive. crews had to come in and clear the pigs, hose down the road. the carcasses fell off because they were not properly secured. >> a deadly shooting at oklahoma city airport. the airline employee who lost his job and was targeting a southwest airlines employee in retaliation. police suspect that lloyd beaui. he new where the employees parked. they found him in his truck. he was dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he was fired after he refused to take an alcohol screening.
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he went home to be with family, we don't know if he will return for the family. police say that a customer shot two robbers and it was at a pizza restaurant on tuesday night. two brothers walked in, armed, one beat the customer the other pointed a gun at the shop owner. before they shot the workers. >> it was an armed robbery. a take over style armed robbery, the older brother died; the younger hospitalized. no one was hurt. the concealed carry registration expired and out of the grace period, however, the district attorney said no charges will be filed. the president was in greece as part of his last foreign tour as president. he got to do a little
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the site was closed to the public during the visit and spoke to the greek people before heading to germany. the visit is the first official visit since bill clinton. drivers in colorado and several other states wild have one less thing to remember on the way out the door. the state was one of the first planning to offer digital driver's licenses t is part of a program funded by the commerce department. the digital license will require a pin number identification making it harder to fake. iowa, idaho and washington, dc all taking part in the pilot program. the sky line is about to change for good. tampa electric is going to tear down the striped chimney at the power plant. >> you will start to notice work on the red and white striped chimney and it will take april to remove it.
5:37 pm
for 30 years. and it started limbing use and stopped using it in 2008 to curb pollution a specialized team will take it down in stages. >> kind of a landmark, though. can allergies cause autism or adhd? children.
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for years, research has for years research suggested there may be a link between allergies in pregnancy and autism and adhd.
5:40 pm
what did it find? >> they were looking and what they did they took the rats and sensitised them. they exposed the females to that and they developed an' clerkic reaction. they wanted to see what the off spring would be like. it was different than a normal control rat. in the males think showed less anxiety but hyper the nerve cells they have to communicate in the brain what they found were decreased numbers but increased in the female rats that were born to the moms exposed to the allergens. they found a difference in the behavior patterns. they were less able to be flexible in the thought processes. they could not find the food when they changed up the
5:41 pm
in the mother rat that translated into the effects in the off sping. what is your advice to pregnant women? >> it is always to be as healthy as can you be before are you pregnant. i think that seeing your doctor. being in contact with them. taking care of yourself. we saw the prior research towards certain things. and were elevated levels of a c-reactive protein increased and studies where women who have things like arthritis or inflammatory conditions have an increased rick of having a child with adhd. and you know keep your, anything in control. any chronic illnesses. be healthy. but buy and large the mortgage of the women will have healthy babies. >> research is giving us reason
5:42 pm
what do we need to know, this is the ick factor. they looked at 66 across new york and queens and brock lin. what they found a lot of stuff that was probably be the result of food stuff you may have eaten. the dna associated with say rotting plant material or milk. they found evidence of fish and all sorts of different t indoor or the outdoor atm but they said that they could not find a geographic kind of fingerprint for a area. but i think it goes to show us thatway touch and what we do we're leaving it behind in lots of different places.
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pin number card i'll take care of it. >> and not good us in for the bolts without their captain. the injury of steven stamkos. and mike evans talked in the locker room. >> and sitting down in that anthem. and we have the thoughts on the matter that's in sports. ?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ??
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sun september at 537. a ed and a nice between on the beach camera. and showing up and in the western sky. 79 which is one degree and 78. and we'll stay near average through the weekend. and upper 70s and the 80s. >> and outside not looking apt any major rain heading our way
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between today and not this saturday but the saturday after thanksgiving. a goose egg and edge a meesely amount in charlotte no rain relief. and you know the drought drought is awful. we're n future as far as rain goes. the loop shows clear skies and dominating the sky and just high pressure and look how extensive the dry air is. and red is not it is dry and any direction you go. it will be dry and sunny. here is the 5:00 temperatures.
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and 72. dade city. sarasota 78 inland around 70. cooling tonight a chilly night. high pressure to the east and the southeast. plenty of sunshine coming up on thursday a great day. we watch for the month. i did put in a chance of rain on saturday. but that may be high. i think the front goes by unnoticed then behind the in for the first couple of days. the average high this time of year is up around 80. then we drop below that. and we go 80, 80, 70, 74 our. cheer and chilly. highs near 80. %p near 80 on friday.
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a perfect way to rap up the weekend. sees about 9 feet. indefinitely... the lightning steven stamkos is out lick we have seen others will have to step up in his absence. and no time able table given que yet. and not having examined him.
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severity. the bucs shifted to another opponent and on sunday. and the 7 and 2 chiefs. a team that's red hot. the bucs were back at one buc getting ready for them. minimizing all the tracks. and this week we had some distractions. and trying to tamp down the situation to sit for the national anthem releasing a statement apologizing saying th teammates. calling him one of the greatest but since sunday we have a chance to hear from evans himself. >> and. >> this is a way to prepare for a game in kansas city. and the crowd noise to stimulate
5:51 pm
be like. preparing for the bucs and getting them ready to community in other areas out there. we cranked up the noise. you could hear it. it is one of the coolest venues to play at. it will be a great fall day. and what more could you ask for? >> on sunday we have a lineup here starting with tailgate sunday. the bucks and chiefs and we're going to get you reaction and with our past game show this sunday following the game; we talked about him earlier, he
5:52 pm
>> it is big on the military. i hurt a lot of people i want to apologize again to the people that were you know affected by what i did. you know to the people that are disappointed in the decision to stand with the teammates from now on. don't worry i'll use my voice for rights and help the minority. >> and finally a big hello and thank you to the third graders at miss i visited the classroom today for the great american teach in. and they peppered me with all kinds of questions. but a great class they were engaged. we showed them video of what we did here. they have the -- they have the poses down. >> look at them. >> they're ready. >> big personalities. >> okay big brother to the
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his life saving catch that's going vie viral. >> are you ready to leave your job to follow what you want to do. >> leaving that stability of a full time job and 401 k. and from regular people just like you who made it happen.
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bank stocks pulled bank stocks and lowered today. the surge finally faded out. the dow fell and the nasdaq was up 18. the s&p lost 3. >> a 9-year-old in south florida made a stunning save. and he caught his brother who fell off the and she was changing her 11 month old when this happened. and her back turned can you see that it falls and he catches him. >> she felt awful but there must have been divine intervention. >> joseph agrees. >> i cannot run that fast. so, i felt like something came
5:57 pm
and caught him in the right moment. >> i was going to stay, she heard stories from parents sharing times they dropped their kids. she said this is a remind they're life can change. she had five kids. >> she has her hands full, littler brother to the r the news is next. >> the target of the gunfire. a little girl is hit. we have a update on the condition of the lod ler. >> shooting by a police officer seen around the world after girlfriend broadcast it live on facebook. tonight at 6. prosecutor announced the next step and charges against the officer. >> are you going to see how a
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to our troops.
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how a letter from pasco county's school superintendent has rocked the real estate market in tampa bay. runs:04there are children who need homes. there are babies who need homes. and fomer coach tony dungy wants to help those children find homes...
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runs:05oc:"yea the time is now. it's not 10 years from now, it's not 5 years from now . it's now. how the defeat of amendment one has turned out to be a good thing for the solar industry. (kelly/ good evening.. i'm kelly ring.(mark) and i'm mark wilson. thanks for joining us. ((mark--vo-)) with new neighborhoods popping up all over pasco county.. one of the first questions families new neighborhoods are popping up. they are asking which school their kids would be zoned for. now readers are told the answer is anything but clear. aaron mesmer has more. this is a big decision and the superintendent getting involved what did he do? >> he sent a letter to the realtors the zone something fluid. they should not be promised


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