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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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(kelly he's handing out >> he is handing out money simply to bring joy. meet the bay area man that's doing this and hear how much he is gaifg when the news starts ?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values.
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with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management? team. >> something was firing in discrim nantly into a a house. >> straj gikly a toddler inside that house was hit. the search to find the person who pulled the trigger and how the 21-month-old is doing tonight. >> a traff water. look at. that creating lane closures tonight. the major road this water main break will impact to your morning commute. we don't touch and feel and love and like and speak to other people personally. >> well, he has decide to give way money simply to help. the eye popping amount of cash one bay area man is handing out tonight. >> you're watching fox 13, and
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good evening everyone. and welcome. i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark will son. glat glad to have you tonight. a toddler hit by a bullet in her own home of the heat the 21-month-old was hit in the leg from a a spray of bullets that was after her dad. and she is at st. joseph's tonight. first things first, how is she doing? well, mark she is expected to survive her injuries. obviously this has been a horrific evening for now her parents also narrowly missed being shot and to of course tonight we learned that the father is the intended target. >> hours after the shooting, ali a avalez's mother ra knee sha was too upset to speak. police were combing through the bullet holes of her apartment door trying to figure out who fired 15 bullets through it. >> it is pure daylight and a child has been shot and it's bad. >> ali a was inside with her
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the door presume bly to hide from several men who a proofned made threats. >> clearly they were targeting someone but at some point when the door was shurkts they were firing in discrim natalie. >> police say one binlt went through the door and banged on something and hit toddler in the time. the shooters took off and she wa rushed to st. joes leaving the family and neighbors in terror. >> enough is enough. how do we combat this to come together in a community to make reba is the mobile park represent of the housing thomplet she says the agency must provide more security to a neighborhood that she says has seen far too many dangerous incidents. most here including alia's parents were too ner views to speak to the media. >> a lot of residents fear for their safety. so you know they hate to call the police or go to the front office because they fear retaliation against them. >> and fortunately nobody else
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word yet on when alia will be released mark. >> we hope it's soon. evan axel banch for us. thanks. >> and part of hillsborough avenue is closed because ave water main break. two lanes tbloctd eastbound directions. this is between north 22 and north 30th streets right now in tampa. one lane is still open but it's eastbound. crews hoping to have this waterline fix bid # tomorrow night so. they say it could take until friday night to fix the road. search on for a clean cut robber, a bank robber in hillsborough county. take a look. very closely. do you recognize this guy. a 3000-dollar reward up for his arrest night. deputies say he robbed a chase bank on flench flexor avenue this afternoon. and investigate sores say he hand the teller a note claiming was heavily armed. uncleared how much money he got away with. if you know who this is call
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of dangerous home break ins are under investigation and now detectives are adding another to the list. 35 guns. 35 guns were stolen from a home in ah ber burn dale in broad day light. the burglary happened earlier this month and police are asking you to be on the lookout for these two cars. one is a white lincoln town car with a beige top and the other is a white chevy malibu. investigators believe they could be break-ins. updating you now on the massive fire that broke out in rural why ma ma today. and they say someone was home when the fire started in the garage tear yaimplet they tried to get it out way garden hose. crews had to bring in water from the pond to get the fire out. no oo. >> and no one was hurt. >> to st. peevment a church that is known to be gay friendly is
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sidewalk with an acronym for gone don ald trump's campaign. and a swastika with the trump campaign make america great again. and a neonat die tone was also written in chalk. they believe they were targeted because the congregation is mostly gay and lesbian. not what they expected and right now they are a little anxious. >> i'm concerned about the state of country right now and i hope an anxious feeling these days. >> reporter: oo and the the church on sunday, donald trump con stemed similar incidents that caim happened throughout the country. church has beefed up their security. new at 10:00 tonight. small gestures can go a long way. tonight a man from brandon is em
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he he is doing that to make their day a little bright eemplet and josh cast yo is here now with more on his story. josh. >> and kelly, this man came into a a large sum of money and he wanted to do something good for with t. so he is trying to give it alabama way. so to him it is about giving it to people and their reactions are priceless. >> i'm just trying give a little bit of love. >> this is what love looks like. i want to for being you. oh wow. thank you so much. it has to start somewhere josh. it has to start with one person nice to meet you. can i give ten bucks? >> yes, you know what i want you to tell someone you love them. i came into a little bit of money and i decide i was going to go somewhere and give it all back. he is giving way more than ten grand to complete strangers e. went from place to place in
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other times ten, at times even more. i've been enjoying meeting people. i've been enjoying just seeing people's elation. spread joy. appreciate too. starts with one, right. >> if i can teach my daughter anything in life, it's to give and to feel the joy of giving. mike nursha was recently laid off and head tying church for a hot meal. is he is gratefu and do you understand what a dollar means. this man didn't have to understand what a man d. this is one of god's children right here. it's joy. pure joy josh. and one small gift at a time. you're deserving. you're a goodman and be good dude. >> simms tells me his family is already financially set so he didn't need the money e. gave about five grand in five to six howrdz today and he says he will
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got a big heart. even if he has a lot of money, he didn't have to give it away. >> right f. you're tired of all the political argument on your news feed, are you not alone. and a way to get rid of the negativity and after the break how social media sites are filtering out haters and negative speesm we'll shell shoa what you they are doing. >> and paul, it's a nice cool night. the visibility is great. the moon rising in the east night. check out sunset tonight, worchlt on and mars clier visible in the western sigh scie. what i great day. there is rain but the weather is g. we have a preview coming up in five short minutes. don't go away. >> why are firefighters at the police shooting range? we go through the ax sil ri police academy and we're certified police officers. they go in with the swat team and called to the most dangerous rescues. the under water stuff can be trickdy ci because you don't have all the help down there.
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new at ten.. >> new at 10:00 tonight twitter is take an aggressive approach to one of the biggest problems. that's internet bullying and harassment. the social media site has launched a new tool allowing users to block abusive or negative tweessments as crystal clark explains tonight. they are more common after the heated election we went through. i'm allen countered the tirn net trolz and that that is to attack your post on line. twitter gifg it's users a way to block out the haters and hate speech. >> it got ug light. so much negativity and so much ar giewsmght. >> really ugly. i know a lot of people that lost friendships. during the presidential ee lervetion sites designed to bring people together instead created a divide as long as your
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amanda says after seeing many post after people arguing over politics. she tried to lighten the mood. by posting something like promoting love and trying to stay positive in such a crazy time. >> but it back fiers fired. people would be like oh, well, what are you like antitrump? >> in recent months some twitter users have complained about being bomb ward negative and nasty tweets to the point of feeling what wassed or bull lid t. leat led twitter to launch a from abuse by allowing thoam blark certain words or phrases by showing up what they logged on. i would filter out words like hate or something having to do like ma sawtion nis tick. >> i wouldn't could it because i'm the type of person that want to see everything going on around me. >> media experts say it's not the once that are more sensitive but rather more exposed to it in their daily lives. >> more people are on social
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social media 2000. which many consider to be the first social media a election. and kelly burns says it's another big step in moderating content. monday, faces book and geelg announced they are cracking down on deceptive or misleading con techts news. >> and people are reading through the news feed, they are not looking to see if it's verified but they may spread it farther so it hash tags and o ee month geez thaw find offensive. the foal does not remove that from diswirt with you for those who do say it may bother them as the saying goes out of sierkts out of mind. kelly back to you. >> all right thank you so much crystal. >> well, a prediction out of this league suggested florida could be in for a water shortage if the population keeps expanding and more is not done to concert. the state department of agriculture and university of florida got together here for
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organization called 1000 friends of florida and the report says an additional 15 million florida residents by 2070 could increase the demand for water by more than 50%. putnam says more planning needs to be done for water use. and we think we have so much room for growth and we do have a lot of riew rural areas and there's fuzz call croom but that's an interesting pint point on how it would esm pact infrastructure tour. >> i'm glad they rk looking ahead twhavmentz we want. need to be plan. and i'm thinking about the weekend. stair downg the 50s. tonight. and our water usually comes from rain and we got none of that coming up all the way maybe into december. that's how quiet it's been. the moon was super a couple nights ago but still pretty good tonight. check this out. moon rise over safety harbor from dennis, a crystal clear tonight. how about this.
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clearwater. margie hamilton baker and the moon through a pine treatment nicely done. and jane black well fl, very bright night tonight. very nice. upper 70 eansd low 80s and similar temperatures on tap until a cold front goes by on saturday and then behind that, a pretty tig drop in temperatures sunday, nonday and tuesday. but the dot bottom line is no rain in site. and that is going to be a story that will be ongoing for probably the next extreme drought and in someplaces an exceptional drought from western north carolina t. includes metro north carolina. chattanooga and back to bur ming. that will end up being a smokey smellly thanksgiving in atlanta and charlotte and clemson south carolina and ashville and maybe greens burrow. just a lot of fires still ongoing. and that is going back now a
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drought in rainfall between now and saturday. let necessity show you. not this saturday but next saturday, you're talking ten days of rain and maybe a .10 of an inch in charlotte. maybe .13 in atlanta. maybe an inch in western tennessee this is a big deal no. rain relief on the waism we're dry too and we have nothing coming up in the predick able future. high pressure dominates. weather great tonight. crystal clear and cool, some in brooks vivment 63 in tampa. 60 wa chew l.a. 63 in sar tax the air mass is nice and dry. spectacular day today and more good weather coming up through the weekend and probably beyond that as well. so right now we're 63. the tiew .56. a light north wind at three and if we get at some point a wind that blows from north to south, we would eventually get some of that smoke around tampa bay.
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the winds that generally blow west tend to gloat smoke out in the atlantic east of us. but if some time in the next week or two we get a north wind. don't be surprised if we smell smoke here in tampa bay. a cold front south of us. high pressure in the southeast. the rest of the country is quiet. but there is snow in the rockies and this front way, way back here. that front is going to head our way and bring us a shift in the wind and then colder temperatures sunday, monday and 48 in chicago. we are talking tropical development in the caribbean sea. hurricane season ends november 30th. think we'll see tropical storm otto someplace in this zone in the next couple of days. 80% chance of development in five days t. is not heading our twaivment will probably move west into central america. tonight chilly. 350's for lows and tomorrow a spectacular day. lots of sunshine. low humidity.
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just kind of wait for this cold front showing up right here. going through kansas city on friday. memphis on friday afternoon and night through atlanta early on saturday and then it zips across the peninsula saturday night. we get on the back side with cooler temperatures. unfortunately no rain in site. again, very crispy outside. tonight it's clear and chilly down to 57. sunshine tomorrow. nice day. back up near zero. more of the same coming up on friday. highem beyond that a cold front on saturday. small chance of rain. and then look at the weekend or next week. sunday support seven day. you'll see 40s monday morning and probably 75 to 80 on thanksgiving day. back to you. >> winter time pawvment thanks. >> and coming up next. going against the president-elect. a battle is already brewing and the plan very de vied among major cities croots u.s. and and
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developing tonight.. . from los angeles to chicago to new york... mayors of developing right now from
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country are strong go against trump's immigration dwraition plan and strong allow help to immigrants. and many democratic mayors say they would rather risk the funding then tear families part. and chris, his threat is fooj de vie fie ant ears isn't it? >> and leaders from more than a dozen cities have come out and said to the president-elect try and stop us from pro fiegd sanctuary cities are those cities that don't notify federal im graiks officials when they are about to be released from custody or prevent police from asking about their immigration status. trump said if those cities continue those poll seerksz he may withhold millions dove lars in department of justice grant money. l.a. police chief beck says trump's plan is miss guide n. a city like his he needs their
10:25 pm
>> i need them to work with the local police stations. i need them to be witnesses to violent crime. i need them to be part of fabric of los angeles if we're going keep this city safe. >> if you're an ill leeg leag alien in our country committing crime. you don't have the same rites as a legal immigrant who has gone through the process of becoming an american citizen, time and money spent doing it and these legal m ma grants can be deported for a lot o that illegals are committing and some of the cities and towns are pro tech themg from for. >> mare reri an mendosa speak there. her son was a police officer in arizona and killed by an illegal immigrant. here in florida, the mayor of miami-dade came out today saying he wants to make it clear that he his si city snot a sanctuary city. he said if his officers are arrested in an illegal crime,
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>> thank you chris. and selfie addiction is a real thing. >> that's up next. just how many snapshots a day can classify you as an dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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we're used to be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >> you know we're used to seeing firefighters and paramedics saving buildings and saving lives. but in tampa a group of paramedics have a others have fold suit but tampa was the first in the nation to cross train a special group of paramedics to also be police officers. >> that's right and fox 13 lloyd show us if there's extreme danger, they will be rung toward it. >> first responders face danger whether they are firefighters, paramedics or police officers. but a select few are all three. tampa fire captain tim haze can
10:30 pm
9-millimeter. they are firefighters first but we go through the auxiliary police academy and we're certified ax sil ri police officers. police officers who are firefighter oosms and it was a bit difnlt the rivalry between cops and fireman. but those rivals team up on the swat next. tampa and other jurisdictions, across trained par made sick part of the swat team that goes in sometimes as bull es and make entry is critical because sometimes the entries you make are deepen side a building. in the best position to save lives. whether it's an officer, a vim victim. suspect. bystander. in tampa they are called tactical medic. a dozen elite firefighters who have to stay sharp on the shoot range and they also have to master rugged and specialized rescue nay city that's virtually surrounded by water.
10:31 pm
trickdy because you don't evaluate the help down there and simulate age helicopter crash. i got a taifts training machine called the chair. not a natural thing to strap your self down into a a chair and then turn your self over and get your self out of that situation. there's excitement but also satisfaction. nothing better than making a difference in someone's life and knowing you were instrumental in that. >> their life saving situations range from water to flames to gunfire. officer. we don't get paid double. we get paid our fire department salary and that would be nice if it was not double the salary but a double dose of with what our first responders face in every emergency. >> and tactical metd sick one of the most sought after jobs in the department. they have to pay physical and psychological test to be chosen for this program.
10:32 pm
has now been charged with first degree murder for shooting and cailg man who was reaching for his driver's license. the ramsey county district attorney says the officers tbhoot justified in shooting cast time. you may remember his girlfriend facebook lived the entire ordeal. officers pulled him over on jula robbery suspect but that turned out to be false. castile told the officer he was h- a gun permit and was armed. the prosecutors say dashcam comply&respectful when officer yeah nez asked for his insurance and id. the family was pleased with their recommendation because we know what type of charges could be brought about by the statutes of the minnesota laws. we're here in solidarity, my
10:33 pm
decision. >> castile's 4-year-old child was in the back seat car. seand excel tald to make his first peer nns court on friday. >> and an in crebles rescue tonight in maryland. firefighters worked for hours to free main who was trapped in this trench. it played out in green bevment the city not far from washington dc. we're still waiting to find out how the man fell in but tonight we know he is in the hospital with serious injuries. thankfully he is expected to recover. well, police say the shooting at oklahoma city's airport likely killed an airline employee in retaliation for being fired. police say lloyd bui shot and killed southwest airlines employee michael wind chester as he walk thoidz car. he later killed himself and he was fired by southwest last year for refusing to take an alcohol screening. wind chester was his supervisor. and the victim's son james
10:34 pm
it's not known whether he will play in sunday's game against the bucks. >> well, new at 10:00 tonight. addicted to selfies. doctors are warning it's a real problem. even calling snapping multiple selfies a day of pathological. and adams now explains the concern behind this selfie craze. >> but first, let me take a selfie the selfie craze shows no signs of slowing down. media, self perception. and the way people felt. >> but are we addicted to talk photos of ourself. this is how many selfies ucla students told us they take every day. if it's for snap chat or something, probably a good it two or three dose even. and about 52. he says even though taking so many might seem new normal.
10:35 pm
association recently started talking about selfie and what they are saying posting three selfies or more is reviewed an obsession. and they are take to the extreme. robert says getting surgery to look for pr for all those selfies is getting more and more common. what are procedures that patients are coming in for after look at the selfies high per critically. nose procedures, neck procedures. those are all the things that they are requesting. experts point to celebrities for spreading the selfie trend. some is their brafnltd these people get paid a lot of money to have the perfect sell feesm they sell pro dufnlgt they sell thems sefltz. they get themselves work that way so how do you know if you're a selfie ad addict. marn says you might be an add fiscal those selfies pull you away from light. things we see happen all the time from.
10:36 pm
pictures them self in the background but they weren't look at t. and from the screen i think it's a complete different experience. and distraction is one thing but distoward the presemtion septions could be more harmful. one of the really negative things about selfies and posting is that we're comparing our inside. our internal life to people's external life a. and whenever we come bear people's out sides. we're always going to come up short. doreen adam geevment fox news. >> i know a few people that may fall in that category. i think it's just what kids do. >> a know and adult don't. >> and disney fans getting excited. that's right. a 1st of it's kind ee vengt at disney springs. after the break a winter approach in a drunk driving
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the driver.... tonight at
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coming up tonight at 11... one big night of >> coming up in just a few minutes at 11:00. a big night of football meenlz means fo four days of fun for tampa. hosting the college national championship game will affect the entire bay area. in five months after a local
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pleets police, he is now wanted in another florida city. what he is accused of doing this time. tonight on the fox 13, 11:00 news. oh imoirks cynthia, see you thefnlt and we're just a week way from thanksgiving and holidays right around the corner oofnltd disney springs rolling out the new eaft tractions for the sb and the stash bright holiday show is the first of it's kind at disney springs combining untell against and technology with a vision of disney imagine nears. look. that in it p h weigh less than a roll volley ball each come together to form an incredible christmas show cape aiivel 4 billion different color combinations. it was a partnership dom up with the most in no have a tiff way to inspire and be dispiertd our guests. >> it's really neat. and this experience is exclusive to disney springs.
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in december. i think that's something you should take your kid does too. >> that sounds like a great idea. looks like a lot of fun. the lightning hit with bad news today. the bolts will have to move forward without their captain steven san cosms the latest on his injury coming up. plus, the winston evans connect is one of the best in football but might shamous be developing a new favorite target. details coming up in sports. it looks like t. and hope for the holidays. thousands of bay areas in need and the simple thing you can do
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happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. (kelly/ now its time for >> now it's time for the good stuff and professional heading to classrooms for the great american teach in. and pa nel is county today. hillsborough tomorrow. today i went to north shore elementary school and they have a special message for all of us. >> we love fox 13. >> and we love them. this is the second grade class. great america teach in is a
10:45 pm
a live and inspried them. and a paid a visit to the production class. they turned the tables on me and put me in the hot seat and interviewed me but they broadcast their morning ago nownsment every day light. very impress ievment so always anxious to hear the questions that they get. i got no hair gel questions this year thank fulgly. i got hair gel questions before. you're right. it is something we all look forward too. i' tool tomorrow. so important to inspire the kids because they are great potential journalist out there. they are learning a lot faster than i doovment well, a metropolitan minutes trees is getting ready to deliver loop for the holidays. to thousands of families a these are precious children from
10:46 pm
with song. and they were joined by clergy from across the bay area who delivered prayers as the church gets ready to provide so many meelz to families all around the tampa bay area. o that is a safe environment. a hopeful environment and we can really bring the communities together to do this great work to help families in need. >> and the charity is take dog nations at the new tent location in downtown tampa as well as locations in pasco county and we are a very proud fox 13 is so proud to join with the minutes trees to bring families hope this holiday soon. and sit downg with our families and full plaift food is something many of us take for grant wesm really have to remember those who don't get that opportunity. >> and think how many people they help. >> we'll have more on how you can help next week as well. let's go to scovment what is going on scott? >> and quite operation they have going on.
10:47 pm
the bolts have about been will have to do it again. thankfully they dreep on tanlt. last year he returned from injury on the 17th game post season this. year he gets injured on the 17th game regular season. nothing really to tsm just an interesting note. here's where he sustained the injury last night in detroit. later ral meniscus taimplet the team is saying he is out indefinitely. we'll have a better idea on how long it will take repaired or rehand. and that's with what gm jason, rather steve icer man says they are figure out right now. recent bucs ring of honor in duck teets tease john lynch is hoping. he is one of the semify na lises for the pro football hall of fame. meanwhile the bucks were back to practice today and for mike
10:48 pm
focusing on that after a couple of days of deel the fallout from his decision to sit during the national anthem. yesterday issued a statement and apologized and today he did it in person admitting the protest coinciding with military appreciation day was poorly timed. on the field i'm going to continue to do what i do and play hard. i have the freedom because of the events and things like that. but i'm going to reach out to organizati the organizations i feel are doing the best job to help minorities. and one of winston's favorite targets at fsu is tight end nick o leer rivment no surprise that one of his favorite targets haze prove. his tight end. cameron break is tide for most touch downs so far this year. more than a quarter of winston's completions in past two games have gone to him as well. and four things hard work pays
10:49 pm
that and tom is the ee pit to my of. that after practice he is standing out there getting balls when. you work that harksd only something good can happen. >> coming up this sunday, it will be a fun one in kansas city taking on the seven and # chiefs. tailgate sunday ciesktz 10:30 a.m. we'll be live in kansas city and 1:00 bucks and chiefs followed by alive post game well, the two best pitch ners baseball this year according baseball riders. the national mack shur ser winning his second shy young. the six toj win one in both leagues. with the detroit tigers and his tigers teammate. in and now win wing the sigh league. edging out current tiger justice a and now we're all on the same page.
10:50 pm
that is legendary vince skully after he was told he he would self presidential med all of freedom. the highest honor any civilian can get and sea among 22 individuals including michael jordan and&harry truman was president when skully called his first baseball game and harry truman was the first who started the med all of honor or freedom rather way back then. congratulations to him. another father in his cap. but certainly a nice one to have. and definitely deserved. >> and we're going to miss him. >> all right. well, expect deep discounts. for black friday coming up. how much you can expect big items to be marked down.
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>> now, you're sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist paul dellegatto. >> this is a true ah tom sunset. this time of year, lots of blue
10:54 pm
like we get from the summertime. beautiful days. cool epg. if you want to win the fox 13 umm brel a what have you to do is go to my work facebook page. like it and there's an app on left hand tide. this is weather picks con tesms upload the photos to the app. wee give an umbrella way monday through friday at 1055en dlovment high pressure dpom naits and it will stay in play for the next several days. the only weather feature that will go buy on saturday and when that goes by, it's a couple more days of cooler and drier weather and right now the long range outlook including thanksgiving looks dry and mild. simply no rain on the twhaivment is friday at 5:00, 8:00 in the morning. wait for the cold front to go by. tomorrow a beautiful day a lot like today. a little chilly in the morning and 62. sunshine by 1:00.
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get ready for deep discounts. after you digest your turkey. a new report from wallet hub says the average discount for black friday items this blower yeer will be nearly 40%. the article maiming macy's the best for black friday and sears for discounts. and shoppers looking for deals. target is targeting shoppers for tinier stores. they are planning to smaller stores, try hundreds more. the goal is to cater to crowded urban areas and college towns. good luck. meanwhile the post election rally on wall street is over at least for now. the dow falling today for the first time since america picked it's new leader. >> and you could own a piece of the american history if you have a couple of extra million hanging around. the dress marilyn monroe wore to
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? music ? welcome to disney springs.
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football hall of famer tony dungy may be better >> you know football hall of famer tony dungy mayen known as a all-star dad than of the game. and now he has adopted seven children. and dungy teamed up with the florida department of children and families to advocate for fostering and adoption. the department says more than 25,000 children need permanent homes in the state of florida. the campaign willse public service announcement show people how much a difference they can make in a child's life. >> none of us have enough time but you can make a difference. that's the big thing we want to get across to pevment you can make such a difference nay young person's life. >> anybody interested in adopt age child from the state can find out more information at adopt
11:00 pm
going to do and walking the walk. >> yes. >> he has done it and an inspiration to many people. yes he is. and time now for the fox 13, 11:00 news. >> and it's all yours chris. and redirecting the blame for the du, a croorchlt the family says the bar tender who served the driver was partly to blame. it was prevent table. the legal battle to bring justice and paul root death. >> and a child has been shot. what are they going to do? >> someone fired a bullet what hit a toddler. why fear may be keeping residence from helping police. >> there is one thing about this city. no. 1, we believe in each other. no. it, we know how to do these big events. and one of the biggest nights for college football is m dog tam pax the big name concerts that will be coming with it. you're watching fox 13 and the


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