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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  November 16, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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the lightning have shown before... they have enough talent to withstand an injury or two.. and keep going... even if that injury happens to be their best player - steven stamkos... stammer will miss sometime with a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee... he suffered for repair and rehab... no timetable yet given. former bucs safety john lynch is hoping this is the year... the recent ring of honor inductee has been named a semifinalist for the pro football hall of fame for the 5th straight year... among a list of 26 including the likes of kurt warner, ladainian
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this is one way to prepare for a game at arrowhead stadium in kansas city... dirk koetter cranked up the music and crowd noise during today's practice to simulate what is always a noisy bunch in k-c... preparing the bucs to communicate in other ways and using silent counts... full sunday coming up for you here on fox 13... starting with your sunday morning staple, tailgate sunday at
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the game, stay on fox 13... i will be live in the locker room for all of the post game reacts.... intro evans sot have to show you this from tongiht... i think it's ball state playing toledo.... not really sure... heavy fog rolled in to the stadium and just set in.... toledo's bright yellow uniforms were easy to see, but ball state's, not so much.....37-19 toledo and a big hello to the 3rd graders at ms. carson's class at denham oaks elementary in lutz... i visited the class
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tonight, merissa lynn investigates toxic water and vets who say they were poisoned by our own government. >> charley leduff digs into the salaries of college football coaches with the highest pailed coach in the land. >> are you worth the money? >> no. >> and i investigate the problem with obamacare that crushes people who need help the most. >> it's a good insurance plan except when you get really >> until you get sick. then they take it from you. pretty much. >> sounds crazy. >> this is money, power & politics. all right. we'll start with the rising cost of college tuition and soaring student debt. >> with that some salaries and earnings of the top college football coaches.
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tops the list at more than $9 million. follow bid nick say ban and urban meyer. >> charley leduff asked if he's making too much. >> are you worth the snun >> no. >> then give it back. >> i like making a buck like the next you know, it's not doing five times as much work as somebody else or doing more work than somebody that's, you know, not the head football coach at the university of michigan. to answer your question honestly i would have to say no. >> wow! if you took a pay cut you think all the rest of the coaches in college and major football would take a pay cut? >> i don't know.
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fair question but as i said. i'm willing to work for it. >> college football rakes in more than three and a half billion dollars a year. but only 20 schools including michigan, make money on football. the rest need to drain cash from taxpayer answer students to maintain the team. few erwins means fewer dollars that trarns lates to higher tuition or fewer male cheerleersd and nobody wants that. the math is simple. just win jim. >> i can do a lot of push-ups. >> how many? >> in a row? >> yeah. >> 60. >> nice. >> you? >> probably could do 25 in a row. >> want to do them with sne >> no. >> come on that would be great tv. >> you're doing great. knock out 60 right now. >> okay.
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10... 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 58. change your arm angle. 59... 60. >> in terms of the value to the university, i think he'll probably be worth it. is there something a little bit than the university president or much more than anybody else on campus? that's the way the world is. >> there's also the education part. remember, athletes don't get paid they get scholarships. michigan prides itself not only on football tradition but also the academic achievements. >> first public university
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ser prize winners. 7 nobel prize winners, one president of the united states. the una bomber, maybe not so much him. >> can a guy get an education and put in the time you expect? >> yeah. when he or she is motivated to do so then you will get out of it what you put into it. >> michigan tries to be very serious. you know, i don't think you hear a michigan player jones said about ohio state, that i didn't come here for school. >> you don't need to take a stab at ohio state. we're talking michigan. keep on topic. >> i always like taking a stab at ohio state, if i can. [cheering] >> michigan football is back. jim is back. i'm back.
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>> well how about that. college coaches also boost fundraising. until the foreman alabama president said the smartest investment his school made was hiring nick say ban. >> five national champion shirps helps. >> you know what i remember most about nick say ban. he made tim tebow cry on the sidelines. broke him down. >> you had to bring that up. >> we've got some serious ground to cover. but he did! he did. over healthcare. premiums going up and choices are going down. >> and another big part is you have people who are struggling and they get left behind because a lot of states like florida and others will not expand medicaid and that's the core of the problem. >> let's talk about the affordable care act. also known as obamacare. >> as the story goes, we pay in when we're healthy. they pay out when we're sick. >> insurance companies have
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the affordable care act! they're supposed to look out for us. >> every american from this day forward will be treated with simple fairness and basic justice. >> and never pull the rug out from under us as long as we pay. >> insurance companies will no longer be able to drop people's coverage when they get sick. >> raymond martin found out the hard way why you can't always trust what they say. >> it turned me into an emio is what it did! he lined up a job. >> i've been working since i was a kid. >> he got insurance under obamacare. >> the plan i have is a good plan. >> and he got cancer. >> be bow well movements, you almost black out. >> he needed surgery and chemo. >> i blacked out in the hallway and my mom picked me up off the floor.
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his mom postponed retirement to pay premiums for him. >> i can't eat. when i'm throwing up, she was there when i blacked out in the hallway. she's the world. that's my mom. >> and then the other bomb hit. this one by mail. >> if you can't earn the income for us to give you this subsidy we cannot give you insurance. >> bottom line he can't keep his health without his job and he can't keep his job without >> i'm stuck in a catch 22. >> under the law you have to earn income to qualify for subsidies of affordable care. no income, no affordable care. and your mom's money won't help. >> the premiums are paid, why do you take my healthcare! obamacare figured people with no money should not buy policies. instead they should get state run healthcare for the poofrment which florida governor skon scott supported then refused.
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healthcare. i'm not standing in the way. >> so when the president said he covered everyone. >> we were able to deliver on universal healthcare. >> he meant everyone except for many who live in states like florida. >> there are people that fall between the cracks. >> it's a good insurance plan exempt when you get really sick. >> until you get sick then they take it from you. pretty much. sounds crazy, right. >> so when you compare raymond's story to the sales pitch from >> insurance companies will no longer be able to drop people's coverage when they get sick. >> this law is working exactly as its supposed to. in some ways better than we expected it to. >> it's like i'm wasting away. >> back in re monday's home he got his final notice in march. >> i don't mean to to stop my treatments! then they cut him off.
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through if something happened to me. i don't think she could handle it. >> oevenlth here's the good news for ray. after we took up his case the state agreed to give him state medicaid. today he told me he just had surge troy remove the koonser but hundreds of thousands of others are in a bind and washington can't figure out what to do! washington struggled to help veterans. that brings us to the continuing investigation of the coming up bay area veteran drank and bathed in toxic water in north carolina and now suffering from lifelong illnesses that make it hard to get out of bed.
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merissa, this year we produced a series of reports showing how government tainted the water supply and poisoned the people of flint, michigan. >> before flint, reservists drank toxic water in north carolina. one veteran said it made him sick. what makes him sicker is he says it's difficult to get the help veterans like him need following one of the worst con tamination in u.s. his rhode island foreman marine corp. reservist trained in the heat of the summer. >> this was august. i mean trour you're training
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go to bed. i drank well over a gallon of water every day. >> that was 1985 when he was just 21 years old. even then, he had concerns about the water supply on base! it smelled synthetic at times. putrid at times. like a pool at times. there were days we didn't want to drink it but we were put in formation, had force water drills! staying hydrated came >> it was like you were dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. if you didn't drink you were dehydrated. if you did drink, which we didn't know it was contaminate wed got more contamination. >> three years before the marine corp. discovered elevated levels of chemicals in two of the eight water supply systems on base. that list of chemicals found in the water later included benzene, which is known to cause cancer. >> they knew about this.
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>> but it wasn't. instead it was covered up and in the years after leaving the camp, his health took a turn for the worst. in 2004, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had 90% of it removed. he says he suffered from neurological dszs. see veer migraine, impaired kidney and liver function. he blames it on the water. >> no one in my family has any of these health issues. i was a golden glove boxer the reason why i'm not shape i'm in. even my doctor can tribute my health to fwg way it is now is because i kept myself healthy. he basically said i outlived my life expectancy by ten years. >> it wasn't until 2012 he discover theed his suspicions about the water were real. at a social security disability hearing, a judge asked him if he heard of the caring for camp family cares act.
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she said well you should have received something in the mail because they were sending notices out to everyone who was at camp la june for a medical survey. >> the bill protects active duty marines but not a reservist. >> i was so upset when i heard this that i was so betray bid my government. the government who i swore an oath to serve and protect the citizens of the united states did not protect me while i was tram year would compensate national guard members and reservists who served at camp le june 30th days. also granting service connection to those affected and up to million marines and families could have been affect bid their exposure, as well. >> i'll have to take pain medication to get myself up, to get myself going to get to the gym. but it is better to do that than just sit home. >> the new proposed rule has
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give others like him a fighting chance. >> like my doctor said, you're going to lose the battle. will it turn cancerous? it can. most likely it will. hopefully it doesn't. that's the only thing that i can look forward to that it doesn't turn cancerous. >> now at a news release from the department of veterans affair last month, secretary mcdonald said, we have a responsibility to take care of those who and have been exposed to harm vument of that service. establishing a presubjects for service at the camp will make it easier for veterans to receive the care and benefits they sdefsh. >> gives marines and reservists the benefit theys need. >> the va said that in december. nearly a year passed. veterans are left still waiting. >> we're waiting to see who the next secretary of veterans affair will be.
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miller from florida. ams looking into problems of the va for years. check out forgotten heros and the war at home. catch up on prior investigations of money and politics. our youtube channel. search for craig patrick money, power & politics and click subscribe at the top of the page. merissa, what is coming up? >> a messy transition for president elect. >> a closer look at the mrars in washington, prodecember or thes in the street and what
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elect donald trump took to twitter president elect trump took to twitters to set the record straight as he sees it about his administration! the only position filled are chief of staff and chief koun sichlt last night he tweeted very organized process taking place. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. maybe the president elect will >> he used finalist. in his interview with 60 minutes, donald trump looked at the camera and said to protestors he wants them to stop it. >> but eight dafs he won the white house, the protests continue across america. they are happying all over the country. they are taking place in the strooit streets, on school campuses and in the washington, d.c. area! you might not know it polling shows americans are growing more
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gallop showing 51% are more confident. that's online with bill clinton and george w bush. 40% less confident. not many undecided here. that is also striking. people are set one way or the other. i want to do something different. we're going head into the final break. let try to make each other laugh. a series of discussions but whoever can trip each other up first. maybe a generic american flag or something. when comb back we'll tackle
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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we have the speculation across the nation in terms of who the next secretary of state, the attorney general will be. will it be rudy giuliani. i think bolton could be the pick. it's an untraditna house. he could croon when a man loves a woman. time, love and ternedness. michael bolton as the chief diplomat would go a long way especially if he does his interpretation of siting on the dock of the bay! nice try. you didn't get me. >> what do you have? >> nothing. i can't come up with jokes. >> yes, you are. okay. you're going thoi about it. we're going to take a break and take to our youtube channel.
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patrick's money, power & politics. search for my name as such. click subscribe. you'll find the humor segment and merissa is quite wrong. we have a segment called something different. i'm going put her in the spot. what do you have for sne >> nothing. >> oh, no. >> i need at least a 24 hour notice. >> okay. well that's coming tomorrow night. we're going to work up something special and funny tomorrow. we have a new game show segment in the works. did trump say that? that's going to be tomorrow tonight. again, we will bring you more prediction and developments in the transition as they come. we'll see you again tomorrow night. take care. real-time closed captioning
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welcome to "dish nation." what's well, we are going to tell you and talk about a hollywood legend that has taken marrying young to a whole new level. he met his wife before she was born. >> that's not possible. >> it is possible. we're going to talk about that later in the show. plus we sent chuey hout out to talk to eva longoria. jen aniston, there are more baby rumors circling.


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