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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 17, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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that will be coming with it. you're watching fox 13 and the 11:00 news starts now. a year after a polk county man was killed by a drunk driver. the victim's brother is suing two bars that he said served that driver alcohol in the moment before the crash. knox fox 13 hayley h mull bury this evening with why that man's attorney says those bars are response oobl. >> a year later a memorial stantdz the mulberry intersection where paul woot ten junior was hit and killed. night representing his brother says paul's death could of been prevent fd bartenders hadn't knowingly over serched the driver that hit him. and they drive passed the memorial every single day. when his daughter bailey comes out here, we bring the pups out.
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it's a reminders of a devoted father and fisherman and gators fan. always laugh. and the collision essentially is what woke me up. >> november 620th 15, the polk county sheriff says woot ten was liegdz motorcycle when joan stone rear ended him with his pickup truck. woot ten died on impact and stone kept going. he cep was arrested days later for leaving with scefs. and had he is iewg to xyz lickers in mulberry which has since been turned into another business for their roles the night of crash. according to lawsuit, both bits necessaries knowingly served alcohol to stoarntion a victim of beverage. and that's a vie o laifghts shop act. you have to prove thee knew he was ah drunk and they served him knowing he was a drunk and that
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owner of q exrks yz did not return our casms at 'tis stand bar manager told us stone wasn't drink there the night of crash and hadn't been there in three years. they knew this individual at xyz had a problem with alcohol. and those the people you don't semplet when you do serve sthernlings have you eye liability. any money would go to his two young children and as well as his medical and funeral expenses. no doubt about could of been avoided that john anthony was not drunk on that particular snievment and they say the police have to investigate whether stone was at american lee gage the night of crash or at another bar xy disnches. reporting in mull bury, hey lie hierntionz fox 13 news. and a tampa toddler in the hospital after getting shot in the lesmg she was hit by a
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the hop for us and toils how she is doing and this is the child that was shot through the door, is that right? >> yes, right now she is expected to be survive her injuries. what happened here is the built was fired and went through the doofer her apartment. it banged off a wall and then went clear on through her leg. but again, she is expected to survive those injuries. take a look. 21-month-old here ali a after a her mother and another child and her father came in after arguing men out sthievmentd was around 12:30 in the afternoon. after the door was dlotsd parntle the men fired up to 15 rounds through the walls. one of the belle bullets hit the wall and then hit the girl. no one else injured. police now looking for the shooter. and the tampa housing authority is say she is not confidence cft that neighbors tell police what
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had. a lot of residents fear for their safety here so you know, they hate to call the police. they hate to go to the front office because they fear retaliation against them. >> and the tampa housing authority administers the park property but they could not say yet or they could not give any comment yet on the shoot bawgz they say there are not enough siks that have been known and are investigated yet bit police. fortunately no one else in the apartment was injured in this little ali a will be released from the hospital. that took somebody with a change of heart in cost so we can settle this one. thanks so much. evan axel bank. and news eart l. a water main break that is causing traffic problems two eastbound lanes of hills broar are blocked between 22 and 30th street. only one lane o. crews hoping to
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they say it might take fill till friday to fix the road entire light. a lot of wiew tear coming out there. a hillsborough county firefighter is a wanted man. police in key west say there is surveillance video of a firefighter repeatedly punch age man in the face during a ballroom briewvment 31-year-old clinton walk ser a member of the motorcycle gaing n. december he and 14 others tacked employees at a bar in key west. this mug shot from walker is from an incident in st. pete che was treasd for brairt on a law enforcement officer. that stemed from this fight that broke out the the del mar gastrolounge in may. surveillance video shows an officer using a tears and stun gun on walker. not only was the charge later dropped but then walker then sued st. pete police claiming the officer assaulted him. now walk surfacing a new charge of battery in the key west case. >> also tonight, a researcher at move get cancer center is
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tampa police say luis junior tried to record a man in the shower at the wreck center on the campus of usf. he was arrested yesterday. move get confirms he is a post doctoral fellow there and has been placed on administrative leave. and investigators trying to figure out how that crane toppled over. and it happened on the road. it did thankfully no one hurt. it land on one of the trailers here t. looks like one of the gentleman tells us he just stepped out of that trailer a mip earlier. so this could of been a different situation. thankfully things were on the side those of who were here. probably not on the side of some insurance companies. >> well, they cleared up the scene now and while a truck and trailer wore wr imrished that falling craifnlt cell tower
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picked the wrong property to want ter on to this week. got arrested fortress passion. a deputy saw christopher couch walk around in her backyard on monday. the deputy ty's marked patrol car was in the driveway and she held him at gunpoint in the lake wales police got there. he told police officers he got into the backyard to our name. admitted to being a sex offender and was arrested. and the ballots for f of the students would be hanging in the ballots tomorrow morning. and there could be a rezoning program and forcibly shift a lot of students to go to other schools. and the uncertainty sim pact reag, potential home bierdz are hesitant to close on a home because they don't know what school their child will be a theangtd point. >> it definitely got to swell
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and unfortunately but we understand that that you know is a pretty big decision you know for most families. >> no matter what the school committee decides tomorrow morning. the superintendent and the board will have to approve t. we'll stay on top of and let now what happens. well, for the first time since conceding last week. hillary clinton breaks her silence. i will admit coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. not afraid to admit and after the break what else she is saying about the election results. plus, peace and love in the cyber world isn't as har hard as you might think. they are forcing to you weed out negativity. paul, nothing negative about the weather tonight. >> and a cold front front on the way. look at my seven day. this is from the hilton beach cam. not a cloud in the sky. beautiful evening under way.
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>> hl ri clinton made her first public appearance tonight from conceding the 2016 election last knight week. former secretary of state was honored by the children's defense fund ierks oo and that organization recognized clipton for her worg on behalf of clinton throughout her career and in the speech she tiewkd people who were disappointed bit results ooft election. >> i know many of are you deeply
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i am too. >> more than i can ever express. but as i said last week, our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about a country we love and about building an america that is hopeful, inclusive and big hard. >> the children's defense fund grant $10,000 scholarship and laptop computers fo five students who adversity to exsell in their stiewd degrees. meanwhile president-elect trump doing what he does best. ruffling feathers and defying convention and pushing back against critics while an still trump protest continue. 80 planned today at college campuses. this one at rutgers university. trump insist everything is going smoothly. fox doug reports. >> and a ma thol thot call approach to all this being putting to.
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we're absolute sure and we're going to make sure that we're confident will pass confirmation and they can im pla meant president-elect's vision. >> and president-elect trump defended the decision too with a tbeevment very or dwa niedz process taking place as i decide on cabinet and in other positions. back in washington mike pence visited the transition headquarters and stopped off at naval observatory for lunch with joe biden. once a vir real trump they ran out of plat forms and they are going try and movement i think that a lot of things that have been done where we can meet accommodations and look, it's a whole new world. the steady stream of administration and cabinet candidates continue to file through the trump tower today now considered a possible pick for security adviser as lieutenant general michael
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policy because it is not senate to senate confirmation and his views would bypass scriewt my by senate democrats. the president and i spoke last week. and arkansas republican senator tom cotton who would bring a big mind and big experience to the job. the har voord school graduate brought up a career to receive as a a platoon leader in iraq. feeling criticism over the team's process, the dismiss tall of yesterday loy rogers was seen as a possible cia director but ab solving secretary of state clinton in the benghazi report may have sealed his fate. and unlikely visitor to trump tower todays with bill de blast yovment in an hour long meeting with trump, he wants answers to what he should tell troubled new yorkers about the next president and the huge cost the transition is costing new york. the traffic situation is a real
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because of going into the hole died daid this. a experience for the toon soon to be trump ood oosmed the criticism won't let up after ag an inauguration day. doug. fox news. and if you're like a lot of people, you're on social media and maybe you're getting sick of see sog much negativity and out right hate in your timeline or news feesmed there's a new way now to block that content thaw don't want to see. twitter launch aid new toll to lieu user to and phrase and emojis that they find owe fend sifs. some complain about feeling harrassed or bull lid over the past few months. during the election season. and folks we spoke with swr r- just divided on whether or not they would use this feature. i would philadelphia ter out words like hate or like anything having to do like massage a nis tick. and i wouldn't personally use it because i'm the type of person i want to see everything that's
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more common on social media. on monday facebook and geelg announced they will be crackdown on fake or deceptive content that is being shared as news. this is something that a lot of brain trust that facebook especially really sat down this week and tried to really look at how they may have influenced in unwanted ways the out come of the election. and you know, when you look at facebook t. is niegz the stuff that scrolz volumes and then you dig into it and say what is this? and the trending stuff up in the corner. where is that trending? that's bizarre. >> that's why i stick to paul's facebook page. nothing but beautiful photos. you can't go wrong way good sunset. there you go right there. that's fantastic. kind of slipping over the horizon. sunset earlier tonight was just 5:37. that's a great view from the hilton clearwater beach cam. more good stuff.
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79 degrees the high today. we're back boof average. the average high for today is 78. we'll be near average right into the weekend. and then a cold front goes by. saturday, and back to some blue day as we head into the thanksgiving holiday. it's still eight days out but to me it looks like thanksgiving day should be dry and mild with low humidity. we'll update that for the forecast tomorrow. in fact tomorrow it will be in the seven day forecast. it lend up being unfortunately a thanksgiving in the carolinas. and in georgia as the fire continues to burn. now this perspective is looking southeast. this is the atlantic ocean. this is south carolina. georgia, florida and here. we're over there. and the smoke is all being blown off to the southeast, the w- if the wind shifts, it's not impossible at any point between now and december that some of thoo th smoke may eventually get
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many, many times where there was smoke and fires up in canada and the smoke has blown way south into the united states. so the get smoke here from fires up here certainly not unheard of but tough to have a due north and south wind blowing into our state. that's not good. now, we're quite now. we have high pressure and we'll continue to stay quiet for next several days. just a cool night with areas of radiation of cooling. brandon 55. near theat tampa 63. plant city five # f. you're watching us in brooks vivment 52. wesley chapel 58. you slide south to sar 25. 62 and then inland many spots in the 50s n. most cases you can save money both ways in the sense no heat at night. at least most of the night and no air conditioning during the day so you do save lots of electric money on days and nights like this.
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the winds are light. north at three. high pressure dominates to our north. it will kind of settle in for a couple more days. and then we just watch and wait for the arrival of this cold front producing snow in utah. the ski resort east of salt lake getting snow like deer valley and snowing nup montana and wyoming. and the cold front will head our way for saturday. 46 in chicago and 40 in bris tax 46 with smoke in columba. storm in the caribbean stheavment will most likely become tropical storm otto bit weekend. could become a hurricane and most likely what does develop would eventually head to the west. i have so many e-mails from viewers that are vacationing in the caribbean. mostly on cruise ships thanksgiving weekend. i think the main threat will stay south of jamaica with the hurricane here next week.
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tomorrow we'll have daytime highs in the 70s near 80a. fantastic looking thursday coming up. rest of tonight clear and crips. we're down to 57. sunshine tomorrow. nice day. highs up near 80. same thing on friday. more sunshine. as a said, got a cold front going byson on saturday. a through in a 20% chance of rain. we'll be lucky to see. that behind that the dry weather conditions. rain on the note on the way. just fantastic november weather. back to you. >> it thank you paul. coming up the events will bring more than a hundred thousand visitors to tampa in january. >> we're talking the college football national championship and the fans will get to see more than a good game hopefully featuring alabama. up next the music stars set to perform a free concert.
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y25ehy y16fy light them iewvment there she s. the ybor city lit their holiday tree. this year's tree is 37 feet tall. we have to tell you that because that's an important fact about t. and also people who attended this eve holiday music, pictures with santa and cls pls claus and fake snow and real hot chocolate. what more do you want? >> in florida you get fake snow. i would rather have fake snow than fake o hot chok leave. can you believe it. we're just 54 days way from the biggest college football game of the year. you know how excited he is soovment he t- is going to happen in tampa too. ramon gaims james stadium posting the college football national championship january #.
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events planned including free three day musician festival and the headlines include r&b star usher and rapper flow ride da. and mayor buck says the city is ready for the party and all those wild things. >> and the best part of all this is we love being great host for the hundreds of thousands of visitors that will show up in tampa florida for upwards of a week. >> all those visitors expected to book noaj impact likely to be in the neighborhood of 275 to $300 million. they say people come to stay. they eat out. they party. they drink and scott, they do all after the bof and spend money. don't they? >> they most certainly do. i'm just bhag it will be like if alabama isn't in tt chris it is smiling now. coming up the bucks know they have goat ready for a sufficient
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aspect of sunday game that will come through loud and clear on sunday. i'll tell you about it coming up. and toledo taking on ball state. both teams seep seem to be in a
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in his right knee... he for repair and rehab... no timetable yet given. former bucs safety john lynch is hoping this is the year... the recent ring of honor inductee has been named a semifinalist for the pro football hall of fame for the 5th straight year... among a list of kurt warner, ladainian tomlinson, and hines ward. this is one way to prepare for a game at arrowhead stadium in kansas city... dirk koetter cranked up the music and crowd noise during today's practice to simulate what is always a noisy bunch in k-c... preparing the bucs to communicate in other ways and
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full sunday coming up for you here on fox 13... starting with your staple, tailgate sunday at 10:30.... then it's the bucs and chiefs at one.... after the game, stay on fox 13... i will be live in the locker room for all of the post game reacts.... intro evans sot have to show you this from tongiht... i think it's ball state playing toledo.... not really sure... heavy fog rolled in to the stadium and just set in.... toledo's
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easy to see, but ball state's, not so much.....37-19 toledo and a big hello to the 3rd graders at ms. carson's class at denham oaks elementary in lutz... i visited the class for the great american teach-in... (ad-lib) the news keeps going online at fox13 and on our fox 13 news app
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