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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  November 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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in polk county.. a series of dangerous home break-ins are under investigation. including a very dangerous one, just added to the list. ?35 guns were stolen from an auburndale home in broad daylight. the burglary happened earlier this and auburndale police are now asking for you to be on the look out for ?these two cars. one is a white lincoln towncar with a beige top.. the other is a white chevy malibu. investiagtors believe they are connected to the break-ins. if you recognize them... give auburndale police a call. a big vote this morning... could have a huge impact on hundreds of bay area students. thats because they may be forced to ?change their schools. and as
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fox 13's alcides segui joins us from the pasco county school board this morning, for the latest. no matter what the school committee decides... the superintendent and the board
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it's going to be a busy morning for "big cat rescue" in tampa. they're taking part in the largest rescue of big cats in u-s history. more than a ?hundred animals need to be moved from a sancuary in colorado. the owners health is failing, and he can't care for them anymore. "big cat" is one of several rescue groups that offered to take some animals. they will bring in ?five tigers today, three males and
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thanksgiving might be a ?week away... but the holiday season has already started, in ybor city. they had the annual tree lightning last night in front of centro ybor along seventh avenue. mayor bob buckhorn helped flip the switch. this year's tree is 37-feet tall. the crowd enjoyed holiday music... pictures with santa... even fake snow and real hot chocolate. the newest ?light show at disney world just made its debut last night. and it's the first show in the ?country... that uses drones! the "star bright holidays" show is taking place at disney springs. it uses three hundred drones, that weigh less than a volleyball each, each with their own lights. they come together to form 4- billion different color combinations! the shows are just four minutes long.. and will run nightly in
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a new business is strumming some success in st. pete. after the break: meet this week's extraordinary ordinaries. like father,like son... two musical minds, creating a
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a couple of guys in our backyard have a lot more in common that meets the eye... one of those is ?talent, which is enought to pull one out of retirement and it makes them this weeks extraordinary ordinaries :37????trt: 3:14oc: music ))))))))))))nats(((((((((((( runs:oc: joel and david run "seven c music" in st pete. the store just opened... their reta seven c music3:48:33runs:oc: david has been around music since he can remember.... david hosler, seven c music 3:41:02runs:oc: beleive it or now, david is considered retired too! after years at taylor guitars where he came up with his own patents that changed the music world.... he decided to move here to the bay area. david hosler, seven c music 33:59runs:oc: ?talent? which -- david will be the first to tell you -- that joel has more of... cultivated... much inthe same way that davids has. joel was in a very successful band himself. later worked at taylor guitars with david. they march to the beat of the same drum so to speak.4:02:18 runs:oc: same drum.....
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music3:46:54runs:oc: years of experience, knowledge and skill new to st pete that david and joel believe will be music to customers ears ))))))))nats(((((( as well as their own.david hosler, seven c music3:36:32runs:oc: 4:04:09runs:oc:david hosler, seven c musicruns:oc:
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this?
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the time is now 4xx and heres a look at the top trending stories from overnight. ?so what do bruce springstein, robert deniro, and michael jordan all have in common? they're all getting the same ?prestigious award. they are all among this year's list of recipients for the "presidential medal of freedom." thats the nation's highest civilian honor. on wednesday, president obama named 21 winners for this year. several actors make the list... including ellen degeneres, robert deniro, robert redford, tom hanks and cicely tyson. legendary athletes... michael jordan and kareem abdul-jabbar... along with other big names like bill & melinda gates, springsteen, and diana ross. also on the list, retired dodgers announcer "vin scully." here's the call he got... from white house press
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harry s. truman was the president when scully called his first baseball game. the awards will be presented next tuesday. and now... to a new version... of a hard rock classic. metallica joined "jimmy fallon" last night... to perform a new take on "enter sandman." and
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those are all children musicial instruments the band is playing with. fallon has been doing this music series for several years now on "the tonight show." with everyone from mariah carey to adele. metallica also has a new album out tomorrow. a new life... for one of the bay area's most historic hotels. the controversial construction project... that begins today. and before you head outside, we'll get another check on the
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today in polk county: at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp, baby back ribs, or parmesan crusted chicken. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. a veteran and his family are getting a new home, just in time for the holidays.
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present the home to u-s army sergeant "william schenfield" later this afternoon in brooksville. the charity provides mortgage-free homes to military families in need. "operation homefront" has helped tens of thousands of military families since it was created, shortly after 9/11. this morning in pinellas county: the groundbreaking for the new belleview place condos and carriage homes. the ceremony is at 9-30 this morning this is the same location as the historic belleview biltmore hotel. it was built back in 18-79... and was billed as the world's largest occupied wooden structure. but most of the hotel was torn down, after repair costs skyrocketed. a small section of the old hotel, including the lobby, was actually saved... and will be turned into a boutique hotel called the "belleview inn." and... get ready for a ?stellar conversation tonight at the straz. the tampa performing arts center is hosting astrophysicist "neil degrasse tyson." the successful author, speaker,
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mysteries of the universe. people magazine even named him the "sexiest astro-physicist alive." the show starts at 7-30. and tyson is also known for a ?lot of tweeting. including this tweet about the "supermoon" hysteria a few days ago.. where he said quote... " tonite's supermoon is super versus october's fullmoon only if you think 16.05 inch pizzas are super... relative to and then there's this tweet from earlier this year... where he questioned the speilberg classic "close encounters with the third kind" saying ... "note to space-alien greeters: if they arrive in flying saucers, they won't need runway lights."
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toss to dave...
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coming up in the 5 o'clock hour: why wait til black friday? the major ?online retailer... that's starting the deals, ?tomorrow. and fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live near i-275 in tampa... gathering information on a deadly crash. and: a local firefighter who has been saving lives... for more than three ?decades. now he's ready for his next big challenge... retirement.
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((walter happening today: a big decision affecting bay area students. the controversial move that could force them to change schools. and what parents are doing to stop it. ((jen developing overnight: an officer-involved accident on a busy bay area road. we're live with the scary series of events that sent a motorcyclist crashing into a deputy. ((walter and saving lives. one man's brave work that deserves a big good day thank you this morning. its now 5:?? thanks for joining us this thursday morning.. i'm walter allen and i'm jen epstein... i-275 is back open this morning, but the investigating


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