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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a mistaken invitation. leads to a heart-warming a mistaken invitation leads to a heart warming story and an
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for thanksgiving. and black friday comes early. as in right now. we're going to tell you which stores are starting their sales today. and good thursday morning i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. outside with dave. it's so nice. so nice outside right now. yes. anything you want to do outdoors today. its great. it's dropping. we need rain but that's not going to happen. let's just enjoy sunshine we're lucky we're not like tennessee and other georgia and all of those other places. drier and dr southeast has quiet 59 in crystal river. 62 in brooksville. 66 in tampa and 68 degrees in sarasota. it will be a nice mild day. we're not surprise me in the least bit to get back up close to 80 degrees this afternoon. but, cooler air by sunday, yanukovych. we will discuss that in a few minutes. all right can't wait action dave thank you. 9:0 one biggest concern on
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delay on westbound busch boulevard following it. this is earlier screen shot when skyfox was overhead. as you can see garbage truck on fire. fire is out completely at this point we're still seeing pretty big back up from area 275 nebraska towards the area of 22nd street along westbound busch boulevard. still haven't gotten update on tpd lanes are open we wil assume they are closed because delays look same as when chopper was over and we saw that full shut down. continue to avoid that area westbound busch boulevard once approaching 275. a contentious meeting happening right at gulf high school in pasco county. parents are worried. they are upset over proposed new school boundaries. fox 13 alcides segui is at the meeting right now. good morning, alcides. hey, good morning to you, laura so i'm going to whisper but meeting going on right now started about 8 o'clock this morning i want to give you a little bit play by play so you have about 50 parents that are here.
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the committee and the committee is made up of principal as well as at least one parent in each school. overall nine schools are affected by this rezoning four middle school and 5 high schools. as it stands now there are several plans on the table rezoning plans if you will. 5 of them, maybe 5 maybe six i think one was just proposed a short time ago. and each one of them is becoming lookedve this is actually their fourth meeting. by the end of today, this advisory committee has to come to an agreement on a plan. here's the thing. if they don't agree by the end of today, the superintendent will make a decision by the end of week possibly even by the end of today. the once superintendent decides on where they will go, they will present, he will present that plan to the school board and the
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hearings in which the public can go and give comment. but again, as it stands right now i've number meeting for last 45 minutes. several different principals. and no one can come to an agreement on what they should move forward with. this is actually one the plans here one option i know you can zoom in because we're on tv. and it will picks picks late this is what they are looking at it breaks it every school and where the neighborhoods are at. and it talks about you know, low income, the number of minority students in classroom. capacity. and again, this is option 4. and there are 5 options on table possibly even six because again they just brought one up to table a short time ago. so with that said, a lot of work ahead. they want to come to an agreement by the end of today. the issue here in case you're
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capacityschools a 117 percent capacity. so they are having to move some of those schools to different schools in district or in the county. well, a lot of parents are obviously upset at that because some of these parents they purchased their homes in an near an a school middle school or a school high school. now their children are being bussed to b schools in c schools. lot of parents a superintendent says i'm sorry there's not much i can do your school is at capacity. not safe for the students. it's difficult to teach them mathematics or just the academics that they would a normal school where capacity is average or where it should be. again we will continue following this story here on good day tampa bay. by the way, if you want to watch the meeting i've actually streaming it live on my facebook page i have been for last 45 minutes i will doing it for next 20 minutes or as well that way
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tell you again as of right now they have not come to an agreement on any one of the plans but they hope to come to an agreement by the end of today. we'll see how it works out. we'll keep you up to date. we'll have an update at noon then fox 13 news at 5 too. alcides, thank you. russ pell $3,000 reward for information that helps catch bank robber pictures from surveillance camera showing robbing a chase bank on fletcher avenue. yesterday, he gave the clerk a note claiming he had several weapons. we've not been told how much money he managed to get away with. you k stoppers 1800873 tips. that usf student who claimed she was robbed has been arrested. police say she made the whole thing up. she claimed she was near the interdisciplinary sciences building tuesday night when two men approached her and stole her jewelry. she's now being held on charges of filing a false police report. still not clear what tipped off police that that story was untrue. black friday isn't until
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are doing a huge preblack friday sale. now. starting today, places like amazon and a walmart have listed big savings. so that you don't have to wait. >> and how much are you going oh spend this holiday season? it might depend on how old you are walter allen is here with more on that. good morning to you. that's right laura you i going to fork over a little bit of cash. buy a little bit cash big cash new research three generations show's there's quite a di much people spend, but how they will pay for those gifts most impulsive shopper millenials here most likely to use cash they are least likely to stick to a budget. then you have your again xors people born late 60s and 80s. they will spend the most. makes sense ins they have kids probably height of their money making in their lives. on average they will spend a little more than $700. baby boomer most likely to use credit cards to pay for
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quickly. big question is, you go to brick and mortar store will you shop online national retail federation says about 17 percent of gifts bought will be bought online. 17 percent doesn't sound like a lot that translates into about $92 billion. overall retailers are expecting about a 3 and a half percent jump in spending from last year. that's about $655 billion, russell. country get a peak into the real adult world. great american teach in day profession will from all different careers share their work and their life experiences also reminding stoountsz just how important education is in whatever. field they go into. this is so cool. 5 big cats have new homes this morning at the big cat rescue these tigers delivered to sanctuary around 6:30 this more than they go came from facility in colorado that has been closed. 110 big cats and bears were there.
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and the equipment. so big cat rescue was asked to help out. and take some of them. 5 tigers are named andy, charlotte, gabrielle, pre-a and seth. >> and a health news u.s. surgeon general is asking americans to think differently about addiction. he says science has proven whether drug or alcohol changes the brain and should consider ad chronic illness not character flaw. report comes out today and addicted to something at some point in their lives. but only 10 percent will be treated for it. today is world prematurity day. day to mark struggles of having a baby too soon. and to honor the people who work in neonatal intensive care units of hospitals. miracle workers they are. later this more than i will with parents and some kids. they call them nicu grads that have made it through this trying ordeal. they will handing out cards and hugs to some of these new
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trauma right now. and so this if you're wondering why you're seeing so much purple this today, this is why. >> other scary thing when ayour child is young is sids. sudden infant death syndrome. when child just stops breathing while sleeping and devastating. still a mystery. and this morning dr. jo is with us to talk about it. there may be some hope to figure out why this happens. good morning. good morning. yes. you know this is coming out of australia. what they discovered they looked suddenly they found they decreased level neuro peptide or something in the brain. we also see it associated with narcolepsy. and what they found in these babies it wasn't all the babies, they just didn't seem to have enough. now it is involved in arousal. they belief it may be linkeded to some of these cases where they just can't figure out what happened to these particular babies. that's been sort of thing
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reason which i think leaves a lot of these parents with no closure at all. yeah, i mean there are those unknown cases. the vast majority of cases in the past remember were related to things the way baby was sleeping. when we went to that, you know placing baby on the back numbers decreased considerably. you know, there have also been speculation that there maybe another hormone involved u.s. researcher saw something with serotonin. it maybe that these babies for some unknown reason don't have chemicals in their brains. the hope is that they can then test for this. but they are saying it may take ten years before we come up with whether or not we can use it, how it will be used and then what do you do after? what do do when you find out. and what it's going to be an effective way to potentially screen these babies, and then prevent it from occurring. but then, it is a big break through an answer to a question or at least a question to some of the babies who do die of sids.
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right, right. but still long way away from having any conclusive answers. in meantime follow the advice, right? yeah. there's lots and remember new advice now. that is to keep that baby in the room with the parents. obviously in its own crib. in its own area. we already know putting baby on its back has helped. we know should not have anything loose within that crib. no bumpers no toys, no anything. shouldn't put a baby to sleep in a swing or in a car stroller. and then so many other things that seem to happen is environmental factors. we know smoking in the home can increase the risk. but one of the things that american academy pediatrics is saying too is a pacifier. definitely reduces the risk. and then they say if you're have that baby in the bed next to you. when you have to take the baby out to breast feed, strip your bed, you only want tight she had on there set an alarm so you didn't fall asleep in bed with
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just within anything, obvious you'll don't want to fall asleep with that baby because that definitely will increase the risk if that baby's in a bed especially with lots comforter and pillows and we're finding out more and more and more. but now, it looks like we're going to be able to find out you know some of these chemicals, some of these other things that perhaps increase or decrease the number of kids with sids. such a scary thought too. all right dr. jo. thank you. >> still lots more ahead ts morning including a wrong number that led to a thanksgiving meal invitation cool story that will warm your heart. final hanging up the hose after 30 years of fighting fires. jen is wrapping up her of saying thank you with lieutenant morgan. saying good bay to the job of an all of those years. that's coming up next. back to charley we go. man the food looked great that last segment. good food here. definitely good food.
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like you are. isn't it lovely? nice day. lovelying lovely morning i encourage you to get outside. we've stepped outside i call this maybe a patio or porch they call at that beer garden. this is the beer garden. where you come to brewery you you can come outs and enjoy your beverage we're wild rover in westchase. going to give you tour of this place. how three spaces come together as one place. stick around everybody.
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cg3)) dave, dave, dave.. look at this: 320
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hey dave. are you looking? $320 million. nobody won the powerball. so it rolls over. and then drawing is this saturday. >> lump sum 200. >> nice, minus taxes. you can liver on that. nicely. >> i can liver on that. we sure could. wow. dream everything going through your mind. odds of winning 8 zillion. no. no6 win if you don't play. good point. good point. it's gorgeous outside. i mean it sure is this is what i love good november too. typically is driest month of year we get fronts to come through it cools it off ask dries it off. we're going to get warm over the next few days. when i say warm back up to around 18ed degrees. but, a strong cold front coming
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clearwater beach picture i'm surprised there apt more people jogging up and down the beach anyway i guess it's early. 66 in tampa. 61 in crystal river. 68 in sarasota. everybody back in 60s. after many of these spots bartow and brooksville you too, they were in the 40s. just a couple of hours ago. now you're already back in 60s. enjoy today. i like to call it sunsational. 79 degrees for high temperature. i'm going to put seasonable in tampa area. but if you're east and north with dry air and clear skies you're going to need a jacket tomorrow morning with many areas into the 50s. then more sunshine, more warmth forp tomorrow with your high of around 81 degrees. now looking through the next search days, obviously you see big change. saturday into sunday. where you're going to from 18ed degrees to a high to 69 on sunday afternoon. then down to 50 on monday. it's not extreme, vanessa.
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clouds with this front as well. >> no clants with that at all i think it looks good dave, thank you. on roadways we have a good up a date for folks in haines at the wear worried about lane blocks we've seen throughout morning u.s. 27. looks like lanes are clear according to fhp as of few minutes ago county road 5:46. looks like there might be something still to see from scene from shoulder we still have lingering delays in area. plan a few extra minutes. otherwise you should be able to t traveling lanes just fine once again. live look here. 75 in the area mlk everything is trucking along just nice and smooth. with great travel times. pretty much on all of our major roadways. we're wrapping our series this morning with a local man living out his dream of fighting fires and saving lives. but after three decades of hard work, he's ready to trade in his fire truck for a tractor. lieutenant joe horton has a tough time imagining life
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>> 30 years went by so fast. just amazing. so i'm going to miss every bit of it he's done more than fight fires along side these men and women shared three decades of laughter, meals and memories. probably one of my best memory is with joe sitting eating dinner and having conversation with him. >> joe's fascination with fighting fires goes way back to what he was just six years old. chasing the local engine. >> i would back my bike into the garage like a fire truck. and as i could until i was exhausted. and i would actually watch them on vehicle accidents and fires that were local by my home. and that is when i decided i wanted to become a fireman. he started volunteer in 1984 and got his first job with city largo three years later. by 1999 firefighter joe became lieutenant horton. >> in a sri warding career for
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was named firefighter of year and competed in national firefighter combat challenge ten years in row winning four national shps, reward and recognition have nothing to do with joe's love for the jobcamaraderie and community that kept him there just been able to help as always be neat. and myself myself seeing people they go through in hurt times and stuff in i can offer a that's always what went what awant to do he's ready to move on and up to the mountains of tennessee where his cabin is wife and his dogs are waiting. we're hikers we're kayakers mountain climbers we do everything outdoors and mountains are just beautiful. and while it all sounds pretty perfect. retiring in great outdoors lieutenant horton admits it's still won't easy to break 30 year habit and hang up his uniform for good.
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just so surreal that, i'm ready to retire but not ready to leave my family here behind. lieutenant horton just put his house house up for sale and movies how move to cabin in by beginning next year he has lot land he wants to buy tractor and push dirt aroundplans on keeping fitness routine he wants to sign up for 2017 firefighter combat challenge. coming up a little later thanksgiving friends. one grandmother's invitation to dinner is going viral. and this story will truly warm your heart. get out the tissues russell rhodes. >> and talk about wild. three bars in one. charley is taking us in a tour
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sure, you could buy this.
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it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups!
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good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming to you from westchase neighborhood of tampa. lynn park to be xabt. right off race track road in between linebaugh and tampa road. hillsborough avenue down there. the wild rover name of the place wells family owns this derek wells used to be brewery in odessa you've grown into this big space, right now in westchase. yep. we've needed to expand and here we are. full kitchen now full food full dinner and lunch menus. thou an english tradition of sometimes pubs have a different class upper class lower class one for ladies. and following a tradition you've got three spaces that a one gathering space. one gathering space depends on your mood what you want to do.
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tomorrow night. what is snug bar? the snug bar is somewhere where you can come get a little privacy. a little bit furnishings a little softer. snug in snuggle ands a bug in rug. where you feel comfortable to be. now in this room, this is public bar where we get the term pub from. yes. this where generally working man would gather. and play darts. working man and working woman. working coming here. you got your darts and basic bar. your basic public. then we go into this room, and this becomes then the this becomes sports bar. this is where we can put people in here, they can come in and watch their favorite sports teams. a big screen that pulls down for major sporting events. there is also where we have music on a friday night. this is going to be a little louder a little more raucous. also in this space, family friendly. family friendly.
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we prefer them to be in here. so adults have a space to themselves here. >> got you encourage families to gather in sports bar. you've got this where you have college football. you have good day tampa bay on right now. exactly. you've got, you've got college football games on in here. english premiere league soccer saturday, sunday morning hockey, the bucs. just about everything. and then, of course right in there brewery. real magic happens where beer is being made offer we offer tours, we also open as an event space now as welp want to get married in my brewery. do i? let us know. christmas parties too. christmas parties. yeah. all right. derek wells thank you sir very much. congratulations on new space. there you go laura moody. the wild rover. come by the way is a song that often sung in irish and english pubs no nay never. no nay never no more. i shall be the wild rover.
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rover, wild rover send charley right over. that's pretty good too. right? >> all right. i think that was red rover. we'll see you in a bit. all right. we're getting a in shape for our 9:30 shapes fitness to talk new is work out trend have you well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office
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find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at i don't clip, i don't plan, but i still save a lot. fi just shop for publix exprebrand products,rvices cuz they're great. and that's it. no really, that's it. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ((russell)) today, president-elect this is good day tampa bay. today prey trump will meet with japanese mime print ster first face to face meeting with at leader before empower. he is pushing back against reports that his transition is in disarray.
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trump team has talking about all of the world leaders at the president-elect has speaking with over the past few days. but the hiring process for this incoming administration is getting all the focus. the comings and goings a trump tower in new york. that's about all we have to go on as anticipation builds. who will get prime slots in trump administration in the beyond a dinner outing this weekend trump hasn't really been seen but those around him say reports that they are running behind are coming. it will be today but soon a lot to digest in putting together a federal government is big priority. trump team seemed to agent backing n that point as vice-president met with vice-president joe biden in washington. >> no administration is ready on day one. we weren't ready on day one. i've never met one that's ever been ready on day one. but i'm confident on day one everything will be in good hands and handled. pence is now leading transition
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washington lobbyistsmost recent speculation about trump cabinet picks arkansas senator tom cotton thought to be running in defense secretary. there are plenty of names that we know of that the incoming trump administration may be considering for key posts. but remember, trump ran as an outsider. so there may be some real surprises along the way. >> in washington. doug luzader, fox news. earlier this morning the my transition team which is working long hours and doing a fantastic job will see many great candidates today. #maga make america great again. how did you figure that out? i'm glad you got that. i was lost. thank you. >> prosecutors have filed charges against that police officer who shot and killed a man during a traffic stop in mpt. prosecutors say officer jeronimo stopped castile in july had no
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32-year-old's girlfriend streamed his final moments on facebook live bringing national attention to his death. investigators say evidence showed castile cooperated. they say agave officer his insurance card then informed he was carrying a gun in video officer told him not to reach for before firing certain shots. castile last words were i wasn't reaching for it. he is charged with manslaughter. a judge has decided to make dyla closed to the public. he is man that police say shot and killed nine black people in ads charleston church. the judge issued order yesterday saying he had to protect roofs right to a fair trial. he still deciding whether evidence being used in the competency hearing will entered in death penalty trial. hearing is on monday. if roof is found competent jury selection will begin a week later. someone just spent $850,000 on a piece of stone in beverly
9:34 am
earliest known stone inscription of a ten commandments heritage auction last night a public auction of agent biblical arch artifacts a two square foot marble slab weigh 115 pounds inscribed. auction officials say it likely hung above an entrance to a synagogue that was destroyed by the roman between ad400 and 600. or crusaders in the 11th century new be let in public museum. pretty spectacular. fascinating all right. davinger beggar it looks gorgeous. chilly still in you see that? on there sunsational. i mean that is the best way to describe it. yesterday whats way today's that way tomorrow's going to that way. you're looking temperatures here. upper 60s from frostproof to sebring. down to palm dale, fort myers to sarasota. it is warming up very, very
9:35 am
the 40s. now overall inland locations you're running about two to four degrees warmer then you were yesterday at this time. i think those will be the spots this afternoon that will likely get above 80 degrees. but 80, 81, whatever. i mean dew points are nice and low. it's going to be gorgeous. notice the absence of clouds. although those are well east. i mean west palm has got a new clouds out over gulfstream we're generating some clouds. but that's it. wind which will continue to warm us up. and for the next three afternoons, with all that dry air in place, and all of of that sunshine, temperatures flirt with if not touch 80 degrees. but then a big old cold front on the way. going to move through late saturday. going into sunday morning. that will provide us with more florida winter-like air. i was doing to a winter like
9:36 am
which much different than north. beautiful pleasant 79 degrees. tonight overnight low temperatures will run about 61 degrees. and for you tomorrow, more sunshine, more warmth. your high of around 81. boaters delight off shore. northeast winds for coastal waters at 10 knots. seas running two feet with light chop. 79, 81, 80. there bee go. there's your cold air coming in for sunday. also windy on sunday as well. and then kno but i will tell you by wednesday right back to upper 70s again. zoey is turning one happy firth first birthday bee show loves food loves dancing and loves dancing most of all she loves her brother's and sisters. zo we, we hope you have a fantastic first birthday. >> what a cutie. hope you have a great birthday today and thank you, dave switch
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gandy boulevard. looks like it might be in eastbound direction lane blocks reported in most of our delays will be here near oak street and we're seeing them mostly in the eastbound direction where things are slowing down as you're heading toward bridge keep that in mine delays really moderate in nature. not too much of a concern but really a safety concern keep yo eyes peeled for that sight. meantime i-4 area 50th street things look like they are running up to speed no major crashes to report on interstates that should be a pretty ride for you. more people than ever are expected to hit road this thanksgiving. millions of people. off to grandma's house to eat turkey and dressing that time of year. one grandma in phoenix wand to make sure her family was though for thanksgiving he sent group text to everyone in that it said thanksgiving my house 3 o'clock let me know if you're going to come. >> but she sent it a wrong number someone she didn't even
9:38 am
eerie applied asking who are you. wanda replied your grandmother. he asked for a picture. >> so wanda sent a selfie of her at work. that's when jamal tested back his selfie and joked you're not my grandma but can i still get a plate. well wanda wrote back of course you can. that's what grandmas do. feed everyone. jamal was so moved he post a screenshot saying someone grandma coming in clutch this year. and of course it went viral. in more 290,000 people have liked that tweet. grandma wand today is not taking it back either. deal is still on the table. the two actually met and after some hugs and conversation jamal and his family will be joining wanda and her family for thanksgiving. what grandmother happy the way it worked out. jamal joked he's got another grandma now. isn't that great? i love that one. yeah. okay. i don't know if you can see.
9:39 am
the latest in fitness for humans you get help from a dog. shapes fit n is up next to talk about it.
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((jen/wipe vo)) time to walk the dog. not only is it good for them, but it's good for you time to walk the dog. not only is it good for them but good for you too. and not just for your body. debby stewart with shapes fitness is here with us this morning. along with this cutie pie. chloe. can you say hi chloe. mary you're cute too. >>. this is a new trend. yeah basically you know it starts obviously working out with your pet companion that you don't have to worry calling a friend that com pan will always be there for you. a partner. starting out slow is important. working up to 5 days a week is your ideal goal to make sure that you're getting that in. the american college of sports medicine recommends 20 to 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. so making sure that you're duration of that time whether you're increasing steps or increasing your time on that. making sure you bring water for
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and comfortable shoes. and the other tip is making sure that that leash is close by you if you have a little chloe with you that likes squirrels you might want to make sure you don't do any injuries to your shoulders. keep your pup close by. exactly close range. exactly do you walk with here i do only for about two minutes because obviously she likes to breathe heavily. but benefits of working with your pet obviously like i said yerl accountability partner the benefits of decreasing your stress and depression. and, at the end of the day, you know that, the love of unconditional love and keep your pup healthy too. both of you healthy together. exactly i hear that some dogs who are smarter than others can really be supportive of congratulating you at the end of the walk a high 5. can you do high 5. are you ready, chloe?
9:44 am
sit. high 5. yeah. good job. good job. so you can get started this weekend. by walking with your pup for a good cause. tell me about that race for place that actually saturday. at cory lakes in tampa palms. >> and this benefits the humane society of tampa bay? correct. >> nancy alex an der will be emcee. it starts at 8:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. okay cool. it's walk run are you going to be there chloe? >> yes going to cheer o handing out autographs. i can't believe russell didn't make it into the segment >> i'm coming. >> i'm doing my best to not. that's a cute dog. get out there. walk with your pups. i've got chloe. you want a treat i'll do crazy dog. through go big girl. remember walk for place this saturday at 8 o'clock. good girl. good girl. >> yeah. coming up next it wouldn't be holidays without amazon, right? >> thank you.
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(laura - take cg) we're following a news alert out of manatee county. a toddler is dead... and the 25-year-old man accused of killing behind bars.. deputies say just before midnight..they were called to a bradenton home deputies say that just before midnight they were called to bradenton home where they found ethan sofrp son unresponsive. they took the child to the
9:48 am
detectives believe in a his mother's boyfriend monday tez mcneil beat ethan. >> mcneil is charged with aggravated child abuse boy's mother is not facing charges at this time. >> all right. take a live picture of board on wall street dow is up 14 points. we'll bring lauren simonetti in right now to talk business news with us this morning hey lauren. hey there. good morning. dow 19 thousand a possibility prol not today stranger things have happened. two things to tell interest raets likely going on middle next month jan yellen making case before congress today. her prepared remarks say she's she's seems to be completely for an interest rate increase and soon. we'll see. she speaks at 10. also i want to tell you home builders they are soaring right now. we've got a report on building construction of new homes. really good numbers. and jobless claims very slow also. so the economic signs we're
9:49 am
direction. >> amazon prime sale is tomorrow. what do i node to know about this? >> are you a prime member now? yes, i am. >> okay. then you need to know nothing. because this doesn't apply to you. but for those people who are not prime members, and you want to become one, you get a discount all day tomorrow. $79 for the year. not $99. what does prime get you? >> it gets gets you everything. gets you unlimited streaming music and movies free two day ship and come on next those lightning black friday deals. okay. let's talk, lot to talk about as relates to amazon this morning giving us x-ray vision this app that can look inside a package. >> uh-huh. >> yep you got that right. so if you have an iphone and you have the newest version of the amazon app when the box comes to your door scan box with app it will show you what's inside the box.
9:50 am
box. this defeats all the fun. right. perfect open the wrapping paper and put it back perfectly to see what was inside. right. so now i just need my mom's phone. what. what's the is advantage of this so you bought a bunch gifts sam sony you don't want to open them yet? is that what's going on. trying to figure out the point of this. yeah. well maybe, you know how when you start t and a boxes start coming in. can you need place to put them and maybe have to hide some. maybe so you know, and stuff is shipping in multiple different orders, sometimes helpful to know that's what that is. or maybe just because they can do it. you know they have technology to do this they can give us x-ray vision. okay. i don't know. they can do anything. i feel bad for santa his element of surprise.
9:51 am
his app is bigger than amazon's. santa app is way better than amazon's he knows you lauren simonetti have been naughty or nice with his app. >> i've been naughty as always. no she hasn't. those are the day if i see something with my name on i will rewrap it. >> yeah. i kind of still am too. to this day. >> all right. love you. see you later. so bye guys. bye. all right back with last look dave's forecast stay with us.
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z25ehz z16fz y25ehy y16fy ((take sot)) 1:56 happy birthday mr. president, happy birthday to you." happy birthday mr. president, happy birthday to you. those were the birthday wishes from a mary lan monroe to john f. kennedy today. that infamous dress she wore is
9:55 am
dress could bring in $3 million. are you telling me ten command meants sold for $850,000. and that dress is going for $3 million? i think so. auctions in los angeles. that puts it in perspective. it does. doesn't it? >> all right. it's finally here. sort of early this morning sprinkles the cupcakes store was supposed to open its you can buy cupcakes at any time of the day or night. it was supposed to open 9 o'clock this morning we understand it is a little delayed now technician is now trying to fix it. and we'll keep you posted. cupcake atm. sometimes you need a cupcake at 2 in the morning. that's all i'm saying on way into work we need cupcakes. all right, dave osterberg. what about it? >> you know going back to the other story, about the dress and ten commandments, russell i was
9:56 am
you. and i don't know if everybody else was or just we work together for so long, just you i mean, once you sent it i, you know, i think that's sort of beauty of you two together. or frighten part of it we can finish each others sentences. so sweet. okay. we are headed back to close to 80 degrees for high temperature for today. this gorgeous gorgeous beautiful condition. very pleasant. these temperatures are pleasant. because even if we do to all that humid. clear skies tonight, seasonable. probably right along the coastline stay in lower 60s but 50s inland and north. and then tomorrow, we have got temperatures back to about 81 degrees. and beautiful, beautiful sunshine and warmth. we will hold that through the first half the weekend. you like cooler air, second half the weekend's for you. we start mid 50s sunday morning high of only 69 degrees sunday
9:57 am
>> that's good sunday morning drinking coffee outside. sure is. morning uh-huh. all right that will do it for us? yeah. days thursday, november 17th. live with kelly's coming up next. one more time tell them where you're headed i love it to tampa general. niek yu grads, the kids and parents are handing out cards because it's world prematurity
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