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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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an anonymous tip shuts an anonymous tip shuts down a an anonymous tip shuts down a park and we are live as forensic crews search for a possible body. president-elect donald trump making picks for top advisors university fraud cases. how much the deal is worth and what the settlement means for our future president. shut down. how one woman is going to great lengths to keep her house clean before the thanksgiving hol holiday. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> good morning, once again. welcome to "good day tampa bay." 9 a.m. on this saturday mor
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>> alcides: i am alcides segui. lindsay, on our saturday morning forecast, 64 a little while ago. >> lindsay: a big jump. 70 this half hour. cooler air headed our way. a big cold front. 61 brookville bayshore and riverview where we saw a little haze mixing out. relatively clear skies. light winds. morning plans, no weather issues. we are now near 70 in st. pete and brooksville. you made 40s to low 60s this hour. 67 in sebring. so some of us flirting with 70. our cold front has entered the state. it is past pensacola. in pensacola. the winds are picking up out of the northwest. that will happen to our area later tonight, but in cold cold front won't move in until once the sun sets. another dry day. another warm day. and then change is coming while you are sleeping. look at today 79 off the mark if you will. 10 degrees below average. 67.
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couple of chilly mornings to get through first. we will talk about how cold north of the bay coming up. and developing this morning in pasco county. deputies continue to search for a body that might be buried on green key in new port richey. fox 13's kellie cowan joins us from the entrance from that park. kellie, this all stemmed from a tip. a lot of activity as the investigation continues. >> reporter: yeah, the investigation in fact has just started back up again into this park and will have to shut darkness fell. but now that the sun is up, a lot of vehicles, forensic vehicles driving back into the park. the park, by the way, is completely closed you off to everyone. we have seen a lot of people hoping to go out on the water and just enjoy green key park and they are having to turn right around and head back, and we are being kept out as well; however, yesterday we were inside the park during part of the investigation before it was completely cleared.
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to capture some of the scene as well as our fox 13 crew who was there yesterday before the area was cleared. now yesterday, cadaver dogs alerted to a specific area inside the park, and once they did, green key was completely closed off. now detectives right now are working closely with usf forensic anthropologists on this search, and they tell us that the investigation could continue through the weekend, and if it does, the park is we definitely know that it is closed today. now deputies, as i mentioned, have begun their search once again. they tell us they didn't find anything yesterday, but they -- they will continue to search the park after those indicated from cadaver dogs and continue to work on this tip, and as i mentioned right now, they are being pretty vague about the specifics about that tip. all they know so far they have received a tip that there may
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and so they are look into that. the latest information we have and we will continue to bring you the story and the latest information when we receive it. >> sorboni: a strong enough township inspire all that activity behind. you thank you, kellie, we will back in with you. looking to are man accused of fatally shooting a father of two. jimmy rogers jr. had crashed his door in an apartment on avenue i northwest. the woman inside found rogers in the driver's seat with a gunfire later at the hospital. winter haven police say it appears that roger was tar targeted, but as of now, no suspects. new this morning, a massive sewage spill has been reported in town and country. a broken sewage pipe has leaked 200,000 gallons of wraw sewage into nearby rocky creek. a contractor was fixing a malfunctioning valve at the river oaks waste treatment plant. a bypass pipe was being
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tap water is still safe to drink but avoid fishing, waiting or swimming in that creek. the public utility department will take samples of that water today and continue monitoring that area. tampa police have arrested a pinellas county school employee. nathaniel prince facing multiple charges. the 56-year-old was arrested yesterday. the overnight janitor is facing four charges related to using a computer and traveling to meet a minor for lewd and lascivious purposes. we we learn more details in this case. a florida man found guilty of manslaughter in the hazing death of a famu drum major has lost his appeal. the fifth district court re rejected arkments from martin's lawyers. they argue that florida's hazing law as constitutionally vague and too broad. right now martin is serving six years in prison for robert champion's death. back in 2011, he died after a hazing incident involving
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news for weather forecasters everywhere. nasa is set to launch new satellite, gostar. the satellite will care instruments ha thank will help improve the way we all see the weather, but nasa said the satellite will travel on an atlas 5 rocket. scheduled for launch at 5:42 this afternoon. some good news for the university of south florida. their business program has been named the number one graduate pr entrepreneur magazine. the princeton review ranked us f center for entrepr entrepreneurialship number 10 in the entire country. the survey ranked 300 schools and places usf alongside schools like harvard, northwestern, and the university of michigan. video this mor morning.president-elect donald trump arriving at his golf club in new jersey. he plans to spend the entire weekend to fill the open
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will meet with trump to discuss a possible secretary of state post. new jersey governor chris christie expected to arrive at the private club. trump has been busy filling those open spots. alabama senator jeff sessions was worked for attorney gen general. >> alcides: he was the first senator to endorse trump and known for his support of tough immigration policies. he named mike pompeo as a cia director. a conservative republican and a fierce c on friday, trump announced retired lieutenant general michael flynn as his choice for national security advisor. meanwhile, it looks like president-elect has put away some of the troubles with trump university at least for now. he has agreed to a $25 million settlement for the school. the announcement came just ten days before one of the cases was set to go to jury. the lawsuit claimed trump
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unqualified teachers. still ahead here on "good day tampa bay." most of us don't think twice before giving our telephone numbers out there. how private is your cell phone number? >> sorboni: we will take a closer look to find out if you should maybe be worried. one mom is taking entertaining for the holidays very, very seriously. saying keep out, but to who. 9:08. whether we like it or not, a big cooldown headed our way starting it was cool and here we go with 70 this hour. upper 70s for highs today and our last day of warmth before this front puts all warmth to an end. check out a strong cold front pushing through our state. we will talk about what that means for the second half of the weekend. i will give you a hint. you will need a jacket coming
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for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving...
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time now is 9:xx.. right now about 11 minutes past 9:00. we all know disney world is around the corner, an hour and 15 away, but how would you like to own a piece of disneyland. >> alcides: now here is your
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of disneyland auction today. the auction will feature more than 1,000 rare and ne never-before-seen items over the last six decades. here is what we are talking about. costumes, artwork, souvenirs and other collectibles. the auction also features items that came from the estate of the late disney icon annette funicello, proceeds from those items will benefit her namesake research fund for neurological diseases. th acquisition of virgin america may soon come to a close. the deal has been held up by an ongoing antitrust evaluation by the department of justice. some newly filed court documents suggest that review may soon be coming to an end possibly by the end of the month. if approved the 2.6 billion deal will create the fifth largest u.s. airline. all right, iphone lovers out there listen up. iphone users it seems that
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is like what does that mean is that the term for touchscreen issues that start after you drop your phone device a lot. if you drop your -- >> sorboni: who could ever drop your phone a lot. >> alcides: not apple. apple recognizes the problem and rolling out a repair program, but just for the larger 6 plus model. apple will cure your touch disease for $149, as long just screen is not cracked and your ph >> sorboni: you saw me drop my phone three times. >> alcides: you are the clumsiest person i has seen -- i just threw you under the bus. sorboni srz the work phone has the case which protects. and this one i don't know why it doesn't have touch disease. i really don't. >> alcides: how private is your control phone. most of us don't think twice of
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security numbers which have to be kept pry, your cell phone numbers have no restrictions. >> reporter: watch out consumers, your cell phones are not just a link to friends and family. scammers use your ten-digit number to access your personal information. half of us ditched a land line for this little device. businesses use it as a way of identifying you and where businesses go, scammers are soon to follow. >> think about all of the different aspects where your cell phone number comes into play. anywhere from surveys to product purchases to loyality programs to registration programs. all the different aspects of why you are life normally when you are asked to give contact information, people are comfortable giving their cell phone number then giving their e-mail address. >> here is what the scammers do once you have your number. they may call you and pretend to be the irs or the bank looking to get more of your private information so they can
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take out credit in your name, or they might bypass you entirely and try to fool the banks into thinking they are you and steal money that way. >> our cell phones are truly an extension of our arms, of our lives, and they are not just communication devices, they are data storage devices, and they are the ultimate gate fwhooi our lives. >> reporter: bottom line, if someone calls you climbing to be the bank or irs and want information like the security number even your social security number, don't give it to them. staying safe isn't easy, but it is worth the effort. in new york, jerry lewis, fox business. forget the selfie stick. >> alcides:ious your bottle of a snapchat of you quenching your thirst. this is a weird story. >> sorboni: do you want this picture. >> alcides: i don't think i do. the selfie -- it snaps a photo
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to me i think it would be an awkward shot. >> sorboni: not as bad as i thought. more like a up the nose unflattering sort of thing. >> alcides: i still don't think it is great -- the images taken are then uploaded to know if this is a promotional stunt or event or something they put all over social media. >> sorboni: alcide s says, if i >> alcides: i don't think it is flattering. >> lindsay: to try to get you drink coke. >> sorboni: gets people talking about it. >> lindsay: i agree. not a flattering shot. i don't want to take one like that. are you ready for the coolest of the season. tomorrow, monday morning. i guess. >> sorboni: i want it to be warm, sunny, 80 all the time. >> lindsay: we got it today briefly. a little something for everyone. if you don't like the cold. only for two mornings.
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fact we woke up in the 40s north of the bay. 60 in tampa is normal. that is average. where we should be this time of year. we woke ought 63 in st. pete. 52 in brandon. but we know the sunshine goes to work and now we are at 64 in lakeland. light winds. clear skies. only a few clouds but not until late day ahead of that cold front. it is still in the cards to head our way. it will just take all day to arrive. as we look toward the beach, a good beach day. clearwater beach looks 64. clear skies but tomorrow, that number down and those winds up. so if you have boating plans and you want to get it in before this evening when small-craft advisories will start to be in effect. 70 in plant city this hour. we are across the bay to 68 in st. pete. 65 in palm harbor. low 60s inverness and bushnell. 70 in venice. 67 in englewood. our dew points are up further south. not quite as comfortable sebring at 68.
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here comes our cold front, but ahead of it, you don't see many clouds or a drop of rain. it will be dry. it is fortunate because i know a lot of us will like to see rain. november the driest month of the year in tampa and go fi figure, .01 of an inch. if you were curious what the record is for how many days without rain recorded. not even close, 52 is the record. we have only gone a couple and we will be going through many more dry days as the week itself won't feature a drop behind the cold front, chilly. 35, chicago. 56 in atlanta. some of that cooler air makes it our way after this afte afternoon. so another day where we are at 79 in tampa. 81 in bartow. mid-70s for anyone heading to the beach. tonight, cooler than what we woke up to now. by about 5 to 10 degrees in most pots. 42 brooksville. 50 the cooler of the season. 51 in sarasota. we are not done yesterday.
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tampa, but by mid to late week, mid to low 60s. timing it out on futurecast, a lot of sunshine today, right. winds northwest this afternoon. all you will notice as it passes by, once the sun sets, a cup of clouds. by the way the weather look okay. and the cold front dips on by, and so we have sunshine and gusty winds on sunday. and the tropics, this disturbance is still there. it haven't developed and convection increasing. a 50% chance that and move over central america. no u.s. threats and hurricane season ongoing. 79 the cold front early this evening move through after sunset. 40s north and breezy overnight. only 67 for a high on sunday. so tumbling temps for two days and back to reality and that is 80 on wednesday. 80 for turkey day. weather looks great for anyone traveling locally or leaving town midweek. >> alcides: all right.
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want to have your house clean, right? >> seems like the second you clean it, somebody messes it up again. one sassy mom in ohio came up with a way to keep her living room spotless. she said say out. 17-year-old nick post this picture on twitter a note from his mom for bidding him from entering the living room until thanksgiving day. there are some exemptions, if the teen has showered and is states beside "mom" you can refer to her as "the payer of the bills" and the "queen of the castle." it received 30,000 like and shared 15,000 times and got the attention of clorox because nick posted an update showing a number their cleaning products and a note that said dear nick and family, we saw your tweet and thought we could use reinforcements. hope you are reunited with the living room soon. >> alcides: parents at home are thinking, heck, a good i
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>> sorboni: lock them out and you can get free products too. there you go. put him to work with the cl clorox. you have your turkey menu. stuffing, ready to be stuffed. what is your plan for dessert. that is the question. >> alcides: and we have the answer. a recipe rm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% antibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups!
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y24zvy y12fy you finish off that well, you know after finish off that big thanksgiving feast. it is time to sweep it off literally. according to a new survey, a third of americans say they will take a nap after they eat on turkey day, and whether you
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up to you part of the feast and with pie-making tip chef castro from picant in tampa's hyde park and they have a tree lighting ceremony coming up tonight. we are thinking christmas, we are thinking thanksgiving and we are getting in the spirit right now. i am going to take this pie and go eat -- no, we will learn how this make it, right. >> we call this a no fuss apple pie because we will be making the filling and at the same time, we will be wor it is basically baked off separate so help you save some time. >> perfect. >> very quickly get started with the filling and i have presliced apples that i have dipped in water and lemon juice which is something you can do the day before. >> sorboni: to keep them fresh looking. >> so they don't oxidize. everything together into the saucepot.
9:25 am
cinnamon, brown sugar and the recipe should be up on the web site today for those who want to look up the recipe and save it. >> sorboni: because you are making it in the pan right now. we actually have it up for people to kind of follow along too. >> we call this a stove-top apple pie filling. i just added butter and we will cook it off until it comes up to a boil. lower the heat. and -- >> sorboni: does it have to be fully cooked or bake it as we apples are tender. it never goes in the oven but cooked on the stovetop. ed a corn starch and water until it is heavy consistency. you will add it to your pie after the apples are tender, and then let it thicken up. >> that gives it that yummy kind of jelly consistency as well. we are talking dough now. >> get your favorite pie dough,
9:26 am
as you want, put it right on top with the same rolling pin. >> sorboni: get the size you want. >> cut the size you want and prebake it. >> sorboni: we are baking the crust but don't have to bake the pie >> the cookie cutter and cut the top part and cut like mini cookies. once you get those, bake them in the oven. once you have them, topping the mixture. little leaf shape toppings and makes it pretty as well. i don't know if you can see this. smells delicious and looks delicious. you made this easy. how long in a pan. >> about 30 minutes. the apple pie filling about 20. and baking off your cookie cutouts and dough also about 20 minutes. while one cooks, the other bakes. >> sorboni: to make it fast, you can do the dough from scratch but buy your favorite
9:27 am
super simple. >> correct. >> sorboni: i swear i saw alcides lurking around and know why, because he wants a bite of pie. alcide s, where did this go. it looks delicious. can i try a bite. >> alcides: i got to go read. i am in the other studio, sorboni. looks delicious. still to come on "good day tampa bay." bill nelson is lashing out at state's dmv. he wants to is making money for your personal information. a sweet story this morning, how a boy battling leukemia for the second time still finds some time to do what he loves
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." good morning and thank you for joining us this saturday for "good day tampa bay." i am alcides segui. >> sorboni: hi, everyone, i am sorboni banerjee. the forecast with lindsay and check some of the stop stories for you. sarasota police have arrested a man for sexual battery on a teenaged girl and say there could be more victims. 45-year-old f was charged with three counts of sexual with a battery. according to police, the victim worked for him at a restaurant called encanto. he told her he was a massage therapist before inappr inappropriately touching her. president-elect donald trum is at his golf club in new jersey this morning. he plans to spend the entire weekend filling the open positions left in his cabinet. sources say former gop nominee mitt romney will meet with trump this weekend to discuss a
9:31 am
new jersey governor chris christie is also expected to arrive today at that private club. beginning to look a lot like christmas in downtown tampa. curtis hixon park has been transformed into a winter village. your first weekend to check it out. an outdoor ice rink, a holiday market, a waterfront cafe and the village will re-a open until christmas day. >> alcides: that is our version of christmas. this is the vering of christmas up north. part of the northwest dealing with all that drivers were caught offguard if some spots. the snow is the first in denver and more than 200 days. falling a little bit later compared to previous snowfalls. parts of the rocky mountains could see close to a foot in higher elevations. and that storm is on the move attached to a cold front that brings us a big chill later to the. by the way, snow moving into the northeast for the second half of the weekend. for our second half of the weekend, much cooler than where we are at now.
9:32 am
big deal. change is coming. a little hazy this morning. we have mainly clear skies. light northeast winds. and those become northwest later today. more northerly and gusty later tonight. boating looks great this morning. if you wait until this evening, you are going to regret it. here is our cold front dropping temperatures behind it. so this morning we are near 70 degrees in tampa. behind the front though, still 40s moving through portions of southeast. check out pensacola northwest wind at 26. that is comparable to some of the gusts we may see locally and late tomorrow. not only cooler but windier. clear skies this morning. a couple of clouds as this passes by early evening but that's really it. no rain today. down to 67 and windy on sunday. monday during the morning hours, we will be waking up in the 40s and 50s in spots. we will talk about a really chilly night tonight though. look at our low temperatures
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48 in lakeland. some new data from nasa show a dramatic loss of shoreline in louisiana following the deep water horizon oil spill in 2010. maps from nasa and the u.s. geological survey show that much of the recession came after the spill into the gulf of mexico. researchers say that loss of land can be seen from 2010 to 2011 after much of 9 coastline was coated with oil. they say that the oil can kill and weaken vegetation along the shore, and when that happens, erosion. a fox 13 investigation has turned into an action at the state capitol. this morning, u.s. senator bill nelson is demanding answers of how the state of florida is handling all the information from driver's records. nelson wrote a letter to attorney general loretta lynch asking for further information if the state is selling your personal information for marketing purposes. if the answer is yes, it would violate federal law.
9:34 am
selling this information but rather collecting fees required under state law. >> reporter: how much did the state make last year from selling data. >> again, tina, we don't sell data. federal law provides data -- allows data to be provided under certain exemptions, and state law says if those exemptions are met, that data can be given out. >> the state has collected with so many high-ranking military personnel in the state of florida, a huge security risk is posed putting that information in the hands of third parties. a tut u-clad burglar is behind bars. tampa police say javon jamison ander who man broke into the farmer's market earlier. they broke a glass door. cameras caught them on video.
9:35 am
criminal mischief and petty theft. tampa police made an arrest in the shooting of a toddler at a public complex. 17-year-old javaris lundy open fired at the girl's father as they ran into his apartment at robles park village. one of the bullets hit the 21-month-old in the leg. she is expected to be okay. police are searching for another man. a the port of tampa bay is d docked. people got particular. they think norovirus. it left nor italy two weeks ago and returned to tampa on friday. the holland america cruise ship is being sanitized before it can set sail again. a former tarpons springs teacher is suing the city because of an exploding toilet.
9:36 am
about a trip to the bathroom that landed her in the hos hospital. >> when she used the toilet at fundamental springs elementary, it was truly a life-changing experience. >> it was scary. >> reporter: the now retired teacher said it happened back in 2012. she had just finished her business ... and was watching her hands next to the commode when it exploded. >> it just made a big, loud noise, kaboom, and the whole side of it blew out. little pieces of shrapnel >> reporter: right into her l leg. she had to go to the er where doctors stitched up her leg and a week later infected with bacteria and her doctor told her. >> this is the way you lose a limb >> the injuries left her confined to a share at home with a thursday visiting her every day. she also missed six weeks of work. the suit claims that tarpon springs city workers performing maintenance outside the school on a water line that created the pressure that caused the
9:37 am
>> they waited until now to file the lawsuit because they have a lot of legal details flush out. and puns and jokes aside th though, this is a serious situation that has had a major impact on her life. >> it was terrible. it was -- first of all, it was my last year in my career, which i had planned to be this spectacular -- kids doing all kind of fun stuff. >> reporter: even today. >> a long time before i could confidently flush a taillet >> reporter: in tar pan springs, fox 13 news. >> sorboni: we reached out to the city and we are told they don't comment on current lawsuits. when we come back on "good day tampa bay,"did you ever have a feeling you were in the wrong job. >> one mom had that feeling and followed her leap of faith and went after her passion of art. that story is going viral next. a look at last night's lottery numbers. someone won that mega millions
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ee: see, that's what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. new this morning: new this morning: inspirati new morning, inspiration can come from many different places of course. >> alcides: detroit reading disney fairy tales to her daughter inspired her to combine passion for painting with the magic of movies dena alfonti explains. >> reporter: this dream-like sequence in the hit disney animated film "tangled" is now a reality for one little girl from lavonia. >> 60 hours. i kept track and if i did something similar in the future
9:41 am
and i played the movie the whole time over and over. >> reporter: lavonia mom and artist jennifer treest was always interested in art and began painting seven years ago. >> i was going to go to school for illustration, the center for creative studies. one of the top three art schools and i immediately ch chickened out and i switched into graphic design and art direction because i thought i would have a better chance of getting i had a good career. and for about 10 years, i never even thought about fine art. one day at work, i had done some drawings and a guy who paints. do you know how this paint. i said i don't. i will show you how. and he brought his paints in and we had two lunchtime le lessons and i couldn't stop ? tale as old as time ?
9:42 am
>>reporter: she haven't looked back once. jennifer love painting pictures inspired by the fairy tales she reads to her 8-year-old daughter giann sparks my dream is to be a licensed disney artist. i love working on disney art. i know because of copyright i can't really sell it, but i do it out of pure joy, and that is my dream. my -- i have realistic goals. >> reporter: that soon become a reality about woreed panda. she shared her story and pictures of the tangled moral and her story went viral to news web sites and martha stewart's magazine. >> the one thing that really decided me to post on bored panda. i love seeing all the different posts on there and there was a post last year of a woman who
9:43 am
journal and did a post and it went viral and within a week she quit her job and had enough orders like to last her six months. and that always just kept coming back to mind for me and i thought let's try putting it up on there and see what happens. sure enough right away it just went -- it was all over the place. >> alcides: while jennifer waits to be an actual licensed disney artist, she banks for commission around detroit for custom paintings at home. she does a beautiful job. >> with the mural behind her and the painting, she looked like she was in a fairy tale. >> alcides: time is ticking for mankind. >> sorboni: how long we have left on planet earth. nothing will stop this courageous kid from practicing his basketball skills. awesome video of an aw e new
9:44 am
today is your beach day. tomorrow is windy and cooler at the beach. so what can you expect right now? warming temps. still a light jacket.clearwater beach and clear and comfo comfortable. 64 turns to 77 this afternoon and cooler and turning breezy if not windy.
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl,
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in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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time now is time right now is almost 9:47. donald trump supporters have launched a protest against starbucks. they are now asking starbucks baristas for drink under tr trump's name. it comes after a video went viral showing a supporter yelling at a barista in coral gables. the man in the video believes he was racially discriminated against and the wouldn't serve him because she knew he was a trump supporter. some believe -- excuse me some believe being refused a trump cup is a breach of rights. others simply say it is counter intuitive because they are still giving starbucks money. the clock is apparently ticking. stephen hawking feels our days are numbers unless we find another planet to live on. he says humanity has 1,000
9:48 am
because of the threat of nuclear war, global climate change and artificial intelligence. how about an inspirational story for you at 9:4. video posted by dan of his body, his son, brody stevens. this 7-year-old is fighting cancer for the second time in his life. but he still found some time to practice some b ball to practice on his sdils. brody has been in the hospital for almost chemotherapy and waiting for a life saving bone marrow transplant. he knows he is in for the fight of his life and if he wins the battle, no doubt he will go back on the court. his current favorite basketball player is golden state warrior point guard ste ph curry. he is holding out and hoping that one day he gets to meet him.
9:49 am
to him. >> sorboni: that big smile. he has the spirit and he will power through and play basketball. >> lindsay: rooting for him and his family and everyone else dealing with that through the holidays. it will feel winter like by tomorrow morning and monday morning. change is coming our way, brief ones, but noticeable ones. we are near 70 this hour and that is warmer than what we will see all day tomorrow during the day. light winds, clear skies will top over to the beach. today is the beach tomorrow is the day that the sand will be whipping around. 68 with a northeast wind at 6. we have clear skies literally area wide this morning. after the chilly start 71 in sebring. even brooksille in the low 60s. so the cool air obviously not here yet. it won't arrive until after the sun sets this evening and cold front moves in. visible satellite the clear skies with the north and northwest wind. winds are light out of the
9:50 am
become northwest and gust overnight. behind this cold front, ahead of it not much moisture. not expecting rain but a few clouds and sun set tonight should be a beautiful sunset if you are watching. atamed to this is low pressure bringing light snow to parts of the midwest. as this deepens and pushes e east. for measurable. strong headquarterish -- strong high pressure building in giving us and chilly morning and our classy recipe with the north wind will bring in 30s north of the way monday morning. so today again near 70 behind a front. 56 in mobile. 31 in kansas city. so chilly air across the country and some fall. like game days. gator taking on lsu baton ro rouge, sunny skies, 62 degrees. now showers in syracuse where my seminoles are playing at
9:51 am
after the game. the bulls are in texas, 50, clear and chilly for that 7:00 kick off. not chilly today. 79 today but under, the chilly air, 67. a windy day and less wind. 70 monday and thanksgiving above average. tomorrow morning the coolest of the season so far. 50 in company. will 2 brooksville. 43 in st. pete. and ld sets. so all day we have the warmth. sun sets at 5:36. 40s developing north. under clear keys and windy conditions on sunday, but once the sun sets sunday lighter winds brings the 67 to mid-40s here in tampa. small-craft advisories. those don't start until tonight and want to point that out. if you were boating this morning, afternoon time to do it. seven-day forecast show we are back to the upper 70s, near 80.
9:52 am
we could use rain and no weather locally for the family traveling down. >> alcides: thank you, lin lindsay. after the break on "good
9:53 am
for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving...
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>> sorboni: finally this hour bowlers joined in sarasota to compete in the u.s. open and not bowling indoors and not aiming for -- [coughing] are you all right? the oatmeal? >> alcides: they are lawn bowlers and as fox 13's kimberly kuizon found out, their sport is growing. >> the sport is an alternative sport because it's open to everyone, and it is accessible to everyone. >> well, it's on old sport. a sport for knights. a sport that will teach you how this do strategy. >> well-done, well-done. >> each is 120 feet x 120 feet and divided into eight rings. people who know bowling know it is lane.
9:56 am
called a jack. everybody has bowls. we call them bowl. you are rolling it like a bowling wall and you are playing pool like it is a curvature and thinking four, five steps ahead like you are playing chess. so takes into a lot of physical and mental acumen. >> well played, man. >> thank you. >> i think i love the sport because of the camaraderie. you meet we have a good banter after the game. competitive on green and that is the good thing about the sport. >> florida was one of the centers for lawn bowling, and it has diminished, and we are trying to build it again and build it up to what it used to be. and we are well on our way with events like this. >> alcides: both the women and men's championship will wrap up -- are you okay?
9:57 am
sudden absolutely dry. i felt like being a little dramatic. run off that way. sorry about that. >> lindsay: you will need a jacket. moves through tonight. coming up, upper 70s tomorrow morning. we are at 50 and breezy with 60s for highs that 'it. sunday, guys. >> alcides: love it. keep up to date with all the news and weather follow us on facebook and twitter. >> lindsay: have a great
9:58 am
9:59 am
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