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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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a body found by a dumpster beh >> alcides: a body found by a dumpster behind a shopping center. now police are trying to figure out how it got there and who is responsible. the holiday shopping season is here. we all know it. how you can protect yourself and your information when you go good morning. welcome to "good day tampa bay." the time right now is 7:00 a.m. on this sunday, november 20th. i'm alcides segui. let's start off with a check of your forecast. i saw the sunrise right behind you, lindsay. 51 degrees is gorgeous. >> you saw that right. chilly to start out the day. we have 40s and 50s, and it's
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spots. let's get your day started so you can plan on how long the jackets stay on. it's 51 in tampa right now, and not a cloud in the sky, and as expected this hour we've had another drop in our temps including 39 degrees in crystal river. it's by far the coolest many have seen since march, even lake placid is down to 54 now. it's 45 in brandon, 49 in clearwater. not a beach day. not a boating day as the winds are up it's 38 in gainesville behind the front to 70 in marathon and key west where the cold front is hanging to the north. 24-hour changes and it's 11 degrees in tampa but 23 in pence dole la. it's one thing if it's cold, but it's windy and will stay gusty today especially at the area beaches. i have sustained winds at 23 in st. pete and a gust of 22 in venice. so not a cloud in the sky, but we're at 67 today. that's the coolest afternoon
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then monday morning we drop even colder, so we'll talk cool and be in the 30s monday morning and it's going to stay cool for turkey day coming up. >> thank you. pinellas park police try to figure out who killed a man. his body was found behind a shopping center. here's what we know two people found the body by the dumpsters at the shops at park place. he appears to be a homeless man that died as a result of blunt force trauma. his name at this point has not been released. investigator to figure out how exactly the man was killed and who is responsible. also new this morning, the polk county sheriff's office is investigating the death of an inmate found in a cell. investigators say 23-year-old brandon levan was found after 6:30 saturday morning during routine rounds. levan was arrested in september and deemed a threat to himself. he has no apparent trauma,
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the search for a body on green key in newport richingy has been called off and the park has been re-opened. investigators combed the park friday and saturday after they got a tip a body had been buried somewhere in the area. after searching for two days, they came up with nothing. investigators say the cadaver dogs simply had a false hit. >> a cadaver dog can pick up vents from a variety of things. also body fluids, things that may be in the area. this this case we did not find any things, but we did where the dig site was set up found a few random socks. i think there was a couple of other articles of clothing found. deputies say they're questioning the person that gave that thip that led to the search. a family's beloved dog is snatched right from their front yard in st. petersburg, and now
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could be sold. the family is pleading for the public's help to find their little girl. crystal clark tells us how the pup went missing. >> reporter: a neighbor says he saw someone park a few doors down from the home where bella was sitting in the front yard. without knocking to see if the owners were home, the woman snatched the dog up and took off. like bella's dog crate, her owner says their home feels empty. us. you know, she's just the love of our lives. >> reporter: this 7-year-old yorkie who brought them joy since she was a puppy went missing saturday afternoon from the backyard of her home on indian rocks roads south in st. pete. >> the side gate was open, so she went out the side gate and was in the front yard. >> they say bella doesn't often get loose, but whether she does she doesn't step foot out of the
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backyard for five seconds and she won't be alone. >> a neighbor say a woman in an older model gold sedan drive by the home. she spotted bella and parked her car next to the stop sign. >> got out of her car, walked down, called bella and took her. >> was it a good samaritan or someone out to make a quick buck? bella is a purebred yorkie, a dog that could sell for an average of $1500 with akc targeted locally in the past. back in january a man walked out of the all about puppies store in largo with a yorkie puppy stuffed in his sweater, less than a month later a yorkie named toby was taken from his home in lakeland by a group of burglars. >> my biggest concern is she's not returned to her family. >> reporter: despite four cars in the ra driveway, the woman never knocked to see if bella's owners were home. finding her won't be easy. bella's collar was removed hours
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his family hopes the person that took her will realize she's loved and deeply missed. >> no questions asked. you can put her in a box and put her on the doorstep, but she's been our baby. we've had her since she was that little. she needs to come home so they can cuddle with us. >> crystal clark, fox 13 news. >> alcides: hillsborough county fire was busy overnight with a house fire in tampa. it broke out after 10:00 last no one was hurt, and the cause of the fire was under investigation. polk county deputies look for a person behind a deadly late night stabbing that happened on friday night. investigators 32-year-old gabriel gambino was stabbed in in his front yard. investigators are looking for that person responsible as well. friends and family gathered to say a final good-bye to a
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hundreds attended service for 72-year-old david roundtree. the funeral was held at greater zion ame church. they hit and killed roundtree while he was setting up school cones. he was a crossing guard for three years. walton was arrested and charged with dui manslaughter. we're getting a better idea of what a donald trump cabinet could look like. he met with a bunch of cabinet members at the trump national golf club in new jersey yesterday. among the meetings is michelle rhee considered for secretary of education. robert woodson sr. considered for secretary of housing and urban development. retired marine general james mattis, secretary of defense. ceo of cke strauns andy putz zero secretary of labor and betsy davos for secretary of education. the biggest name trump met with
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romney could be selected for secretary of state. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump meeting with 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney. the two are trying to mend fences after a bigot election year. >> i appreciate the chance to prt and look forward to the coming administration. >> there was no suggestion of a job offer despite reports of the secretary of state post. it was the first of many high mike pence this weekend. also on the schedule, michelle rhee the former chancellor of public schools in washington, d.c. and james mattis. >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance. >> reporter: earlier in the day trump took to twitter demanding an apology from the cast members of the hit broadway musical
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lectured by the cast on friday night in new york city. at the end of the show, brandon dixon read a message to pence hoping the administration you will be inclusive. >> we hope it inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. >> in response president-elect trump said the theater must be a safe and special place. the cast of "hamilton" was very rude to mike pence. apologize. rudy guiliani and president-elect on sunday. fox news. some south florida police officers were working hard to raise some money, and they did pit on the dance floor. pretty good moves, too. [ music ]
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ludz kuehl -- let's keep it old school. [ music ] >> alcides: are you kidding me? sna guy is awesome. the miami police department had a fund-raiser for the athletic league a few days ago. look at those moves. i'm waiting for the worm in a minute. what bells way to do it dance-off right? this was part of give miami day. they raise money for nonprofits in the city last year it raised $7.1 million for the city. they both have some moves. got to love that. two big moves for nasa as well. first a new crew arrives at the internal space station and a satellite to change the future of weather forecasting and a big saturday for florida football. fox 13's kevin o'donnell looks
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>> lindsay: at 7:10, you notice the winter chill. temperatures took a big tumble overnight. the strongest front of the season brought with it 40s and a gusty northeast wind to brookdale bayshore. we will need jackets if anyone has any workout plans this morning there. look at the temperature update at this hour. upper 30s in crystal liver, 50 in bartow and only 60s for highs
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snow causing a
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snow causing a big problem in parts of china. this was the scene in northeast china. roads were closed and people were told to stay home from work. some areas expect to feel blfd conditions and it all started on friday and is expected to last through the week. the international space station gets a new crew, an american, frenchman and russian entered the space station yell. the american peggy witson is the oldest woman in space at 57. holiday season aboard the iss. four, three, two, one. and lift-off of noah's gozar, america's most advanced weather eye in the sky. >> alcides: a u.s. weather satellite that could revolutionize forecasting takes off from cape. the satellite promises to deliver continuous high-tech
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about a year's worth of testing before it's put to use. lindsay, we were talking about this a short time ago. >> lindsay: it's a huge deal. very incredible. it's been a while since we saw a satellite upgrade, about 20 years. we haven't seen a satellite like this. so once this becomes operational and we can show you that data here on skytower, it's going to be incredible and help with hurricane forecasting and the classic summertime storms, fog, you name it. this morning we don't need a satellite toho and chilly. it's 51 degrees. that makes it the coolest of the season in tampa, but tomorrow morning we drop it even further. i have a north wind and we're dragging in air that came from canada. skies stay crystal clear all day long. you notice the bright blue hue to the sky and not a cloud to show you and yesterday we had haze and shallow moisture and now we're bone-dry. i hope you made it to the beach yesterday, because this is a change.
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sustained at 23 miles per hour and those wave heights are up. most of us are not headed to the beach in the water but there's a higher risk for rip currents and small craft advisories and temperatures this morning continue to drop. i have 46 in new tampa, 47 in west chase and even st. pete is 55 and jackets. a lot of people will be in boots today and possibly some sweaters through the afternoon. we drop to 39 in chris cal river, and i want to point out a pocket of 30s because winds and we know when the winds are lighter and temperatures bounce down into the mid-30s. we could see a little bit and nothing widespread, and patchy frost in the northern counties tomorrow. it's 46 wesley chapel and inglewood at 53 and 51 in myakka city and lakeland at 46 and even sebring at a cold 54. let's bring in the wind which is coming in out of the north. that's a cool direction
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bartow at 16. so throughout the afternoon at times it will be gusty once the sun sets and the winds go down. it's a little windchill involved so we throw it out and show you frostproof feels like 47 and 39 in brooksville. colder in the season is here and we only rebound in the upper 60s. as this cold front dives south and high pressure builds in from the west, it will quiet the winds for us and set the stage for the real cold stuff coming in overnight until 30s, and anytime we have an air mass this dry, it cools nicely, but you can see where the front hasn't passed. dew points are 40 degrees higher in marathon. temperatures are chilly across the southeast. it's 33 in nashville and below freezing in birmingham and 30 in charlotte and gusty for the southeast as well, which raises concerns for those fires we've been discussing. dry, windy conditions not good. we have the dry, windy conditions here as well.
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only 51 for the 1:00 kickoff which is an outdoor stadium. florida fall for us and layers today, too. average high is 77 and my forecast is 10 below that which makes today the coolest afternoon since march 21st in tampa. it's been a while since we stayed in the 60s. chilly and breezy through the afternoon today. the front pushes south and we head through the overnight hours and tumble back into the in tampa. as high pressure builds in, we have a delightful monday on the way starting to washing a bit. tuesday we're in the upper 7 ands thanksgiving near 80. if you don't like this, give it a couple of days and we're back to reality. breezy day today, lighter winds tonight and clear. 46 in tampa, and more like 52 in st. pete. we wake up on monday cold, but we rebound to 70. that's still 7 degrees below
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i would avoid boating and small craft advisory for obvious reasons and some waves this morning up to 6 feet offshore and choppy bay waters today and a low tide is 1:07. i know we could use rain but a little something for everyone. we're back to near 80 for thanksgiving. good morning. this definitely has been the year of the bulls. usf picks up the ninth win of the season, which ties a school record in 2002 and 2007. if usf can boot ucf next week and temple loses to east caroline that, the bulls play navy nat acc championship game. usf bulls score on their two big plays on their first two possessions facing fourth and 1. you take the 1 plus 59 more yards for the gulf coast offense flowing early. 14-7 bulls, and quinten flowers
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touchdowns with 35. this puts the bulls up 28-14. final minutes, smu needing a fourth and 1. to tie this thing or try to tie it, and augie sanchez sniffs it out, and that's a hard yard short. the bulls win the ninth game of the season 39-27. they can clench that spot next week and a temple loss. gators and lsu waited two months for this one. before it kicks off, they go at it. leonard for net w be out an ankle injury. he was in the middle of the mix. he would play. austin appleby drops back and finds cleveland, watch him tight rope himself down the sidelines. 98 yards for a 10-3 gator lead. florida's defense was outstanding when they needed to be. lsu fails to score three times inside florida's 10-yard line. last time that gave the gators the improbable win. they stuff him at the goal line
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face alabama. it's a record-setting day for dalvin cook and syracuse. he runs for 225 yards and four touchdowns to become the all-time leading rusher. cook came in needing 19 yards to break warrick dunn's report that stood for four years. he became the first player in acc history to rush for 1300 yards in the 'noles season. next up, the gators in tallahassee. they get the offense going in the second half against after playing to a 3-3 tie. mark rick puts ball in bolten's hands. walton cracks the end zone three times in the second half and goes over 1,000 yards on the season. miami goes to 7-4 with a 27-13 win over the wolfpack. the tampa bay lightning continue to buzz through their five-game road trip winning their fourth straightaway from home in philly. alex dishes a pass here to the
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johnson, quickly fdeposits it i for the power play. andre palat takes a drop pass and beats steve mason over the bloeshg, 2-0. the lightning get a goal in each period and shut out the flyers 3-0 behind his 32 saves. it's a full sunday starting with "tailgate sunday. city at 10:30 this morning, and then it's the bucs and chiefs at 1:00. after the game, stick with fox 13. we'll be live in the locker room in kansas city for all the postgame reaction. that's a look at sports. you have yourself a great day. the holidays are right around the corner. many people are leaving town. what you need to know if you're hitting the road this weekend. and we just talked about it. the holidays mean more shopping, too. we got some easy tips to keep
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the holiday the holiday spp make you a target not just in stores but online as well. so tampa police released some tips to keep you safe. be mindful in parking lots. know your surroundings. carry your purse clowse to your body or keep your wap let inside your coat or keep your wallet in the front pocket. if you see unattended baggage or a bag, also, this is a big one.
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it's an easy target. inside stores keep your receipts together for verification of credit card and bank statements. avoid openly showing cash when you shop. also, consider using different types of payments. things like disposable credit cards or gift cards. lastly, wait until a cashier asks for payment before pulling out the credit card or checkbook. if you're like me and like shopping online, make don't sfond to a request to verify a password unless you started the request. always use secure websites, those with a padlock on the screen or the http is the url. only shop with companies you know and trustment finally, print and save all the order confirmations. tpd reminds you if you see anything suspicious, do yourself a favor and do everyone a favor.
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speaking of the holiday season, a lot of families will start leaving town for the thanksgiving break. there's a lot of construction going on at tampa international airport. what you need to know if you fly the skies coming up next. we track a cold front moving through the country this week. could bring weather delays tuesday and wednesday, but today it's all about the winter chill here. 46 in lakeland, and that's it. jackets, you need them. with the northerly wind it feels colder. yes, we have 40s at the beach and not a beach day will be whipping. how cool is it in your neighborhood? as of 7:00 a.m. we're down to 41 and 51 in tampa. we discuss colder dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts.
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good morning. thank you for joining us >> alcides: good morning, and thank you for joining us this sunday for "good day tampa bay." i'm alcides segui. we'll get to the forecast with lindsay in a minute. first, a quick check on the headlines at this hoff hour. florida's unemployment rate is going up slightly. they announced it was 4.8% in october. that's a slight increase from september, but it is lower than the national jobless rate of 4.9%. the governor's office says the increase is because of people returning to the labor force and fire crews make an unusual discovery from a cemetery. they found a fate sound from under a large smernt box used to store coffins. they found five puppies and removed that cement slab and rescued the puppies and they're doing just fine. lindsay milbourne >> lindsay: if you have any
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sweater this morning. skies are clear and make sure everyone is budgeded up out the door with that north wind it feels chillier. clear skies from tampa to lakeland to st. pete. not a boating morning as the winds are gusty out of northeast, and they will stay up through most of the afternoon. they don't drop in st. pete until really once the sun sets. it's 55 and that's it. so we're greeted by the coolest air of the season, but with the sunshine we're starting to tha brooksville. we're at 43 and it's 46 in lakeland and 55 in sarasota. so we're in the blue, and it's 11 degrees colder than this time yesterday in tampa thanks to that strong cold front to the south. behind it we get the northerly surges, so look at that wind out of the northeast at 23 in st. pete and 12 in sarasota and higher gusts throughout the day. as the front ditches south and
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our temperatures tonight. as we spell out the afternoon, how much do we thaw out, and the answer is not much. 67 for the high, and the first time in the 60s since march for many. snsz we're a few days out from thanksgiving and this is the byest time of year for airports this year. kellie, construction there to make it difficult for travelers. actually, i have good news this morning, alcides. i talked with people that work at the airport every single day. times we're bhun to the construction and all the changes that happened here, because we come here fairly regularly to report and keep people updated on what's going on. if you do only travel through t.i.a. maybe once a year and maybe this time of year, you may notice some traffic cones up around this time, but if you happen to travel earlier in the
7:33 am
confused by some of the construction going on with the new people mover, the pedestrian bridge, things that are being put into place right now, all of that construction has been completed so normal traffic patterns have resumed. you will see some cones as you enter into the airport, but no major changes as far as rerouting people either coming in to take a flight or coming in to pick up people. that should be a bit of good news for people this morning, but this, as you mentioned, tsa expects more than 27 million americans will take an airport ride this -- take an airline flight this week. that peak started on friday actually, but as far as things are looking here at t.i.a., it's been smooth sailing. i talked to a couple of the employees here and asked them if it's been busy. they know this week it will pick
7:34 am
drop. so at this point we're seeing things flowing very smoothly and not seeing big lines and we see very few delays, if any, and those are on the arrival side coming from parts of the country where if you watch college football yesterday, you know a lot of our country experienced some snow. so some delays coming from the midwest up north but everything so far sailing smoothly here at tia. >> alcides: all right, kellie. a missing week-old baby is found safe in dallas after her mother was shot to death. baby sophia was found alive after police executed a search warrant at a home in dallas. police got a tip someone knew sophia's mother fled to dallas with a baby. two adults are in custody and being interviewed. according to investigators, more suspects could be identified, but no one has been charged. baby seo foo ya was reported missing on the same day her
7:35 am
safe. >> baby sophia is currently in protective custody and is doing well. the family has been notified and we're working to reunite them as soon as possible. this is the best possible outcome to a very sad case. the death of laura will be on all of our minds and in our hearts throughout the coming days. >> alcides: baby sophia and her family was reunited late last night. it's a relief to have her home, but there's deep grief over her mother's death. through buses carrying members of the texas state university football team were involved in a crash in texas on saturday. one player was sent to the hospital as a precaution. about five other players were injured including staff members on the bus, but none of those
7:36 am
and they're expected to be okay. the team's football game was postponed against new mexico state for about an hour so the team could get to the stadium. it's a familiar sight for us here in the bay area. about but not over in africa. a giant sinkhole opens you in the middle of the road in algeria. it's linked to an old sewage system below the iraqi kurdish fighters restore a cross atop a chris yan church near mosul. the original crucifix was destroyed by isis two years ago. the town has been recaptured by kurdish fighters. they started to restore all the damage. people gathered in front of church to bless the new cross before it was raised atop of that church. there are 17 new cardinals in the catholic church this morning. at a ceremony on saturday, pope francis criticized a surge in
7:37 am
world. he called on the new cardinals not to allow the virus of division to impact the way we think and act. cardinals are close advisers to the pope, but their key job is to elect the pontiff. two pandas make their public district attorney debut in china. they just arrived in the wildlife park. the two have been online celebrities in china since their births. two officials say bot are in great health. they say based on how they're acting, they believe it will take much longer before they adapt to new surroundings. thanksgiving week is here, which means black friday. where can you find all the great deals? we have that coming up. say hello to pinky, the cutest dog i have seen in a long time. this sweet little girl needs a new home.
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>> lindsay: good morning. it's a sunday favorite, and you are killing me with cuteness right now. is this for real? >> her name is pinky. she has a little pink on her nose, pink on her little feet, and guess what she is? a little baby -- >> this has jen written all over
7:41 am
need her. purebred chihuahua eight weeks of age. thegsd they couldn't take care of a puppy and didn't have the time for it so they turned her in to us. she's 2 # -- 2 pounds now and maybe 5 or 6 pounds she will be. she's a little on the shy side for now. she's a adorable, isn't she? >> lindsay: she and light colors. you think she gets along with other pets and kids? >> i think so. she's a baby. december 1st and 2nd -- we did the last couple of years. keep me in stritches. you go in on those days and they provide the sewing materials and lunch for folks and you sew things for our animals. it's really great if you bring
7:42 am
tack off some 20% off if you want to buy fabric for yourself. if you're a seem streamstress, it's a great way to help us. we're on the website, too. >> lindsay: hopefully someone will come out and adopt this little lady. someone came last week to adopt our charlie. >> that is charlie with his dad who is used to big dogs. something about the segment, he really, really liked charlie. he adopted charlie. >> he was a s i know this one won't be around long. if you're interested in a little puppy in time for thanksgiving and christmas, now's your chance. 3607 north armenia avenue is where you can meet miss pinky. there's lots of other adoptables.
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he is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes...
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there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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a felon serving >> alcides: welcome back. a felon serving time in south florida voted by mail in in the november 8th general election. a treasure coast newspaper investigation found that desi hayes submitted a vote by mail ballot to the supervisor of elections office.
7:46 am
failed. the newspaper says there were no other instances of questionable voting on the treasure coast. when the university of central florida's newspaper was shut down after 48 years in business, students stepped up and started their own. it's called central florida focus. students use their own money for notebooks and pens. apparently they have 16 staff members. so far so good, too. since last month they've generated 137,000 a jacksonville man is desperate to find his missing dog. he's offering his pickup truck as a reward. james has posted this message on several facebook pages. he says he'll hand over his 2002 gmc pickup truck in exchange for the safe return of his 3-year-old pit bull boxer. buddy boy was last seen
7:47 am
time for the sunday savings. we're discussing the best deals for this friday whether it's for a tv and a bike. here with the answers is founder, kati kiefer. where is the plan for tvs? where are the best deals? >> tvs and electronics are the best thing to get on black friday because that's when they're the cheapest or super bowl. the absolute cheapest tv and tvs have come down in price bigger and better. it's amazing. the absolute best price is for a polaroid 32-inch television at target for $85. >> slightly smaller tv for someone looking for the new normal. what do you have? >> a 40-inch off-brand television is only $125 at walmart. >> that's a decent size. >> that's 40 inches. that's a good size. that's big. >> as far as the hot item,
7:48 am
>> right. the 4k is what everybody is talking about. it's in all the ads. so that one, your best price is at best buy, which means you have to stay in line. they camp out around the stores. only 199.99 so $200 for a 49-inch 4k. that's huge. >> normal size. what about laptops? what do you find? >> the interesting thing is laptops for $250 and under. powerful laptop. my top choice directly from drel for 199.99 and a 15.6 inch screen. i can't go into the ram and all that. >> headline, dell. >> exactly. >> but there's acers and asis brands, too, hp. they'll all good. 250 and under. you get a good computer for a
7:49 am
>> tablets are fun. this year amazon fire went down from last year for 33.33 you can get it at five different stores. that's crazy cheap. >> $30 is great. you don't think electronics even fall into that. another great time to buy for black friday toys. everybody is shopping for toys, and in particular bikes. you find good deals? >> yes, the interesting thing with bikes, because they're challenging based on the age. this is bikes for everybody. you're not going to pay the same price for a 10-inch bike than for a 24 or 26-inch bike. you can get a good bike for 60 to $70 and under. the best selection is i found it at kmart. i thought that was interesting. you need to know essentially to avoid a place, and that would be target to buy bikes. don't go to target. >> it's more expensive across the board.
7:50 am
comparison here. >> she does her research. > i was an accountant before i was a mom. i have an excuse. >> it's a skill. walmart is changing it up a little bit this winter. >> they used to have a one-hour guarantee, and you would come and get in line for one hour as long as you were there everybody was guaranteed that they would get the tv or the hot laptop or whatever. they're doing away with it this year. this year you have to be in the proper line, and they hand out little so if you get that wristband, that's basically their shelf stock. so if you get the wristband, then you can have the item, but then you have two hours before you have to actually buy it. a little bit different. >> you can shop around for more stuff, right? >> the longer they keep you in the store, the more you spend. you know that. >> good tips. >> thank you. >> lindsay: it's 7:50.
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out the door. if it has been too warm for you the next couple of mornings are your time to enjoy. 46 lakeland, 43 brooksville, 51 tampa and even st. pete and sarasota in the mid-50s. thz this is easily the coolest of the season for most of us. i have a poll on twitter wondering if you like this or not. surprisingly 67% of the people polled like it. so ask your opinion, and we'd love to hear it on twitter. look f 51 in frostproof and 39 degrees in ocala this morning. we're 11 degrees colder in tampa from a cold front. we discussed it yesterday, and it is well to the south, so behind it as we see with fronts of the magnitude, some gusty winds out of the northeast at 23 in st. pete, a day where you don't want to do boating and those winds are elevated and light for the time being in river view.
7:52 am
today, but if you head to the beach today, well layers, you're not headed into the water because of big waves. 49 overlooking pier 606 and a northeast wind at 15. so our cold front dives to the south and high pressure nudges in. that will provide us with those lighter winds tonight, so if you think right now is cold, you get ready for monday morning. mid-30s creeping in north of the bay. so it's all relative, right, for florida standards? this is cold for us, but we have lake-effect squalls from this low right here bringing accumulating snow to upstate new york. several inches likely through the day and into tomorrow and not warming up much. 24 chicago, 25 minneapolis, and even atlanta in the 30s. columbia is 30 degrees, and jacksonville is near freezing tomorrow morning. let's talk about our high temperatures. how much will we bounce back this afternoon. only in the upper 60s and 10
7:53 am
late march so this is a big change. if you don't like the warmth, it's back late week. tonight our concern is we could end up seeing patchy frost brooksville points northward. elsewhere we're so dry and not cool enough. 42 bartow and 46 in tampa and 52 in st. pete. chilly and breezy today and front goes south and high pressure builds in. watch the wind arrows starting to shrink in winds will be relaxing. monday a lot of people have the whole week off, and cold start with 30s north and near 70 in the afternoon. a beautiful-looking day. more of an easterly wind on tuesday, and we got a big storm system off to the west. that one could trigger weather delays if you travel tuesday and wednesday. col and breezy with wall-to-wall sun this afternoon. we hit 67, and bothing, think twice and tomorrow a better day small craft advisories today and
7:54 am
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7:56 am
a cafe on long island, >> alcides: a cafe on long island, new york is serving up valuable job experience for people with special needs. terry's cafe is a take-out restaurant run through an organization called free. it provides real-life training for adults with disabilities. the cafe is staffed with four paid employees and even more volunteers. they serve breakfast and lunch five days a week. the money made goes back into
7:57 am
inspire, and build confidence. >> it like working in a real job. you work with other people, and i like preparing food. i like to do the register. >> i like to cut up the lettuce, working with the people and doing a couple of hours here and there to take my mind away from my problems. >> alcides: the catering business received the certification and passed inspection from the health department, so now they can serve the outside community like
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
a search is underway for a >> alcides: a search is underway for a killer this morning after a man is found dead in a st. pete alley. plus, donald trump slated for another ful at his golf course in new jersey. his meeting with mitt romney and why not everyone is happy with his recent cabinet selections. history made in the sky. a special satellite headed into orbit this morning on board this atlas 5 rocket. good morning, and welcome to "good day tampa bay." the time right now is 8:00 a.m. on a sunday morning. >> lindsay: i'm lindsay milbourne. flip the switch.


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