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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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. it means a lot because it helps me out for having food so i can provide for the girls. >> lloyd: right now at 6:00, metropolitan ministries comes through for families in need. how you can be involved and bring some hope this holiday season. fire crew ought a mobile home fully en gulfed in flames. what officials are saying what is left behind. we are looking for video footage to track this individual. >> tracking a news alert out of texas where a police officer was shot and killed. tonight the search for the shooter is still on the loose up. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 6:00 news. >> lloyd: good evening, i am
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lots to get to tonight, but first temperatures are dropping a cross the bay area. to meteorologist mike bennett. hey, mike. >> mike: the coldest night of the season. 58 in tampa. 59 in brandon. 59 in wauchula. 59 in bartow and we will continue to see the temperatures plummet now that the sun has set. to. 13 degrees cooler in tampa 16 cooler inland and 18 degrees cooler frostproof. a cooler night. as we head throughout evening hours we will continue to see the temperatures drop. by 11:00, 51 and we don't stop there. a look at the forecast lows for tonight, 44 here in tampa. the coldest temperature in nine months. to the north closing in on that
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certainly you will want to wrap up as you head out tomorrow morning. it is going to be pretty chilly out there. not the only cold morning to talk about in the seven-day. details on that coming up in just a bit. a news alert tonight out of san antonio, texas. authorities there say detective benjamin marconi was shot and killed while writing a traffic ticket just otside of police headquarters. police chief say detective marconi pulled over and he was inside his car writing a ticket when another car pulled up. driver of that car got out and shot and killed the detective. he was a 20-year veteran of the police force. >> this is everyone's worst nightmare. everyone's worst nightmare. the officers on the department
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like dallas, baton rouge. >> lloyd: san antonio police released this photo of what they believe is the suspect's vehicle. we are told the suspect has not yet been caught and the motive is not known. we will keep you updated when we learn more. people in the area are giving the giving back to thanksgiving by donating if a families in need. families got a little help metropolitan ministries tent in tampa. >> lloyd: making sure the family also be able to put a turkey and all the trimmings on the table. >> reporter: a treasure hunt of sorts. at least that's how this feels watching this volunteer sort through piles of donated food. >> my baby. >> reporter: gravy has been hard to keep on shelves this week. she gets ready for the next round of needy families, constance wants to make sure
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complete meal on the table. >> nice to give something. >> reporter: as a former foster child, they knows first hand what the smallest details mean to a financially strapped family. >> we have to remember, i mean, this is a really awesome meal for them. not the same for a lot of us that can go buy whatever we want. >> let's get your mashed po potatoes. >> reporter: on sunday, dozens of families had to shop for their thanksgiving menus all for a free at the metropolitan ministries mother. money goes to day care, sports, everything else so it is like having extra money for food and extra food helps a lot. >> reporter: organizers hope to feed more than 18,000 families this holiday season. >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> reporter: many who unexpectedly need the help. >> i don't know why i am a little bit nervous. >> nervous? what are you nervous about. >> i don't know, my first time. >> reporter: a pediatric cancer
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tailspin this year. >> all our efforts was on that. this is a relief. >> reporter: dolly gets ready to make a thanksgiving feast for her family, she is thankful for the complete strangers helping to make it happen. >> this unites people. and this is what we need. w need to be united. >> reporter: in tampa, kellie cowan, fox 13 news. >> haley: metro ministries are still looking for food donations and volunteers. to find out how this get involved they need most, visit pinellas park police are trying too find out who killed a man whose body was found behind a shopping center. the victim is 38-year-old will joe hodges. we are told his family has been notified of his death now. two people found hodges by the dumpsters at the shops of park place. we are told he was homeless and may have died as a result of blunt trauma. investigators are trying to
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responsible. so far though police have not released any information about any potential suspects. a polk county deputy will continue their search today for the person who stabbed a lakeland man in his front yard. investigators say 32-year-old gabriel gamino was stabbed just before 11:00 on friday night. gamino managed to go to a neighbor's home for help but died at the hospital. put out a mobile home fire overnight. authorities tell us the call came in morning about a fire at a mobile home on hart lane in tampa. it was fully engulfed in smoke and flames when police arrived. the home was fully engulfed but no one was hurt. a pinellas county family is pleading for help tonight when their dog was snatched from their home. this is bella. a neighbor saw someone park a few doors down from the home on indian rocks road, grab the dog, and then take off.
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and they sell for an average of $1500. finding her won't be easy because bella's collar was removed and she was never mi microchip and the family is hoping that the person they took her will realize she is loved and deeply missed. with thanksgiving just a few days away, a tampa church is making sure families in need are able to fill their plates. miracle center church held their annual thanksgiving celebration at steinbrenner field. th h turkeys. organizers welcomed everyone first-come first-serve because they want to make sure no family fallen on hard times has to go hungry during the holidays. >> life happens. nobody expect to be in the position they are in. accidents, unemployment, divorce, relocation, homeless, take your pick. life gets in the way, and the people that we are serving here never thought that they wouldn't be able to have a turkey. so we feel we want to just meet
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>> reporter: this is the fourth year for the thanksgiving celebration. in the last three years, the event helped feed more than 6,000 families. a lot of talk since the election about the role of fake news articles on facebook may have played in shaping people's opinions. >> haley: up next what facebook founder mark zuckerberg is saying about the role of social media in elections. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. per ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg spoke to world leaders at the world economic sum knit lima, peru.
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acknowledged the role that facebook has in the elections. >> haley: trying get more people online to improve global living standards. >> reporter: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is working to weed out hoaxes and other m misinformation for failing to stop the spread of phony news articles in the run-up to the u.s. presidential link. >> we have a fundamental choice of how we choose to address this inequality. >> reporter: addressing the asian cooperation sum knit peru, the founder acknowledged the roam of social media in elections and the responsibilities such sites in ensuring rack see and fairness on the internet. >> we can work to give people a voice, but we also need to do our part to stop the spread of hate and violence and m misinformation. we can build artificial intelligence to fight terrorism, but we also need to make sure that we protect privacy.
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peopleline saying it will help reduce income inequality and raise living standards. >> you take a country with half of its population connected, you connect the other air force and increase gdp by 10 points. >> reporter: he outlined his attack on fake news warning labels and better fact-checking systems. facebook is hardly the only company addressing the of fake news. this week google took steps to stop creator of fake news from making money off of their ad service. in los angeles, will carr, fox news. a lot of you will be traveling for thanksgiving this week. good news for those hitting the roads. >> up next, your trip back home
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it's a holiday means the airports and the interstates will be packed with travelers. >> haley: haleigh aaa anticipates more people will hit the road this florida. 2.4 million floridian also be driving 50 miles or more the holiday weekend 5% more than last weekend. here is good thus, though gas prices are a little higher than they were last year, aaa expects prices to fall next weekend for a drive back home. if you were taking a road trip
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to see family, they have some advice. >> so many people out on the roadways during the who holiday weekend, extra time to go where you need to go and you won't get in a rush. minimize distractions while you are driving. put that cell phone down and don't be eating or drinking or having conversations throughout cart and focus on the primary task and that is driving. >> reporter: currently the state average is $2.11. around tampa we are lower at around 2a gallon. >> 4, 3, 2 of noah's gozar, america's most advanced weather eye in the sky. >> lloyd: in case youed missed it a u.s. weather satellite that can revolutionize forecasting took off from the cape this weekend. the satellite promises to deliver continuous high-tech views of hurricanes and other storms. the new satellite will undergo about a year's worth of testing
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>> haley: for all those people hoping for cooler fall weather, we sure got it today. >> lloyd: it is nice. >> mike: felt a little like december and as typical in florida, we will be back in the 80s later this week. more to come later on down the line. not the first cold front of the year. don't you worry and the coldest night of the year tonight. we are not quite done with it yet. before we go to that to go zar, the weather satellite. a weather trivia question paced >> lloyd: you were excited. like christmastime. >> mike: geeking out for a number years. gozar will allow for 16 spectra channel. your visible, infrared and everything in between. okay. how many did the previous go satellites have? was it 5? is it 7?
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>> lloyd: we should really know this, right? [laughter] >> haley: common knowledge for meteorologists. >> mike: i was doing a story earlier in the week. if you were watching the story -- >> haley: i wish i would have seen that. >> lloyd: the first story you i did ever missed. >> mike: darn. an improvement over what the previous was. we will have the own and we will talk a little bit more about the gozar weather satellite at 10:00 and closing on the end of the year and crunch time. not a lot of time to make up ground in the weather trivia again. we will see soon. lows today. the cool their place. you woke up this morning. boy, you needed that sweater, that jacket, 50 for the low in tampa. near 50 inland. and head to the north, and if you were watching us from brooksville, inverness, homosassa, crystal river, the upper 30s to low 40s.
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tonight we will see these temperatures minus another 5 to 10 degrees and even colder for tonight. highs today 69 in tampa. that's all we mustered after that cool start. 72 in bradenton. 67 in west palm beachle. 66 in bartow. 60 in frostproof. 70 in sarasota and venice and 64 in clearwater. 58, a dew point of 30. remember last night a dew point of 62. so it is not just the temperature dropping, it is those dew point very dry air in place. winds out of the northwest 9 miles per hour. at least our winds are calming down a bit this they will go light as we head into the overnight hours. 61 apollo beach. 60 in st. pete. 54 for new clearwater. 55 in brooksville. 54 in inverness to the south. temperatures near that 60-degree mark. 63 in venice. 56 in north port. 62 in sebring. and 60 out in lake placid. the satellite and radar not a
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leaving clear skies behind it. by the way, cold air pouring into the northeast and we have warm waters over the great lakes over lake ontario and lake erie. cold air over it and a lot in the way of lake-effect snow. couple of feet of lake-effect snow. futurecast shows through the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. high pressure continuing to work in so again a cold start to the day tomorrow. another cold start to the day likely once we get beyond that, we start to see those temperatures moderate a bit. there is the next cold front kind of hanging out back there toward the middle of the week. may approach us as we head a little bit later on into the -- say next weekend or even beyond. here is the seven-day forecast, temperatures over the next couple of days slowly warming up. 69 for monday. 75 by tuesday. into the upper 70s as you head toward wednesday, and right now the early call for thank
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partly sunny skies. tell you what, some pretty chilly air over the next 24 to 36 hours. chilly air in kansas city as well, scott. >> scott: tell me about it. i forget my scarf. i needed it out here today. tell you what, this defense and offense from this bucs team, they were heating it up on the field. one thing if do you it against the 2-7 bears and do it on the road of the 7-2 chiefs, now 7-3 chiefs, you are making a at the statement in the division. the bucs with a huge performance in all three phases of the game. we will give you a full recap
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happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure.
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head stadium in kansas city where the bucs are off a pig 19-17 win off the road. their fourth road win improving to 5-5 on the year. we heard a lot of the chief war chant in this stadium, a stadium known for being quite loud and raucous. but what they use to rev up their home team. i guess they didn't take into account rev up former florida state seminoles from their same chant from their days in tallahassee. 4-4 in field goals passing through the air and huge on third downs and bring you the highlights from ar arrowhead stadium. the turning point in this game comes in the start of the fourth quarter chief at the bucs, 8-yard line. big again, intercepting alex smith and going the other way. stopped at the 50-yard line. that is a 7-point save right there from their -- from the bucs offense taking over
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jameis winston to shorts 11 yards and first down. shorts best game is five catches, 62 yards. how about this, trying to punch it in. winston to rookie tight end alan cross. it is his first nfl touchdown. the bucs have been 0-4 in the red zone prior to that finally punching it in. 19-10 the lead. alex smith hits albert wilson with a touchdown with two and a half to play. bucs up by 2 bucs offense to hold on and that is exactly what they do. on a third and 3. closing it down with two minutes left. win our top stories finds mike evans for the first down. kc gets one final shot and the bucs defense seals it and beats the kansas city royal snapping their five-game winning streak for the fifth straight time. they haven't lost to the chiefs since 1993 and now 5-5 on the
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>> first of all, jameis -- jameis was out of sight today. as good a compaq play in my however many years in the league. sxwraimis was awesome all day. we gave him the game ball already. we don't have to wait until the next time -- jameis got the game ball. >> just shows us what we are capable of. it sets the standard. by no means have we had an easy go-around this year. we played against tough teams and this is the nfl. every week y a play against a great defense and great offense. next week will definitely be a challenge with the seahawks and we have to play buccaneer football. >> you came up big. several big catches and what jameis has done, spread the ball out and hit a couple of receivers. couple of weeks in a row he has done that. >> jameis is a true, true leader. he typed up a letter to every player in the locker room. he sat there and read the letter to us and told us how
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play ball with us. and this kind of hit everybody like -- hit everybody home. and. you always want to play with a quarterback for that. at a young age to be a leader and stand up like that. he is a born leader. it is pretty cool. >> reporter: for you guys to convert as many third downs that did you, is that a snowball in terms of confidence next time you are in the 3rd that you are more capable of getting out of it. >> definitely. like running a ball. a cup of runs, five yards confidence and a rhythm. brings confidence for the offense to complete those third downs. >> reporter: you knew you were facing a tough chief defense. what was the idea. >> to go out and have fun. just play. don't worry about anything else. record or whoever we are playing. go out and play. do what we do. execute on defense, and that's what we did. >> scott: the stat of the g
6:28 pm
conversion was jameirk s winston and buccaneer offense. the defensive side of the ball. signature for the defense as well trying to back up what they did against the chicago bears. so much to talk about this chiefs defense and how much they forced the turn over. guess who won the turnover battle today. the bucs defense did that and stole the show. the play of the game. chris connie doing work in the end zone. the second week in a row. chris coney stepping in front of a huge a kansas city touchdown could have given the chiefs a f four-point lead and the fourth quarter and instead of a 55-yard return, the bucs turned into a touchdown themselves and two-score lead and connie on his big contribution today. >> i was just doing my job, and i was just patient on that p play. and it is a play that we have seen before and we practiced. so i was ready for it. and, yeah, we always talk about playing complimentary football.
6:29 pm
it off. that's what you want to have when you come out and be on the road. >> reporter: has this defense turned a corner? >> every week is a different week. we have got another big challenge next week. we need to keep on working. whenever you win, it's huge. and i think we played a relatively clean game on defense. there was a couple of big pl plays. and we are getting better each week. >> reporter: you get the sense lo players and still room to improve and a big sign of encouragement for the bucs f fans. defense coming along and st starting to understand it and get mike smith's scheme and coming together with another great defensive performance. coming up, jameis winston inside the locker room being given the game ball. you will not want to miss it. a lot more from kansas city ahead in the show. back to you. >> lloyd: thank you, scott, very much. donald trump has been busy this weekend in a series of
6:30 pm
new administration. >> lloyd: coming up who is
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president-elect donald president-elect donald trump is spending the president-elect donald trump has spent the weekend in bedminister, new jersey where he held a series of meeting in an effort to staff t n some of the appoints could be a shift away from the hard-line security picks that trump announced last week. >> haley: fox's brian yennis has the details from new je jersey. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump is full steam ahead on filling his administration by meeting with a slew of high-profile. chris christie and john bolton the former ambassador. >> the problem with bolton and giuliani is unrepentant of the
6:33 pm
to commit it again. >> reporter: med with james mattis, the potential pick for secretary of defense and mitt romney who is considered secretary of state. >> the great first step and people should be proud of how things are going in president-elect donald trump's. >> reporter: away from the hard-line security picks including senator jeff sessions to be attorney general and general michael flynn to be national security advisor. >> donald trump and his democrats, not republicans. massive transportation bill, trade, getting rid of the carried interest loophole, cleaning up the swamp. we challenge him, work with us. >> he is not draining the swamp, he is filling it up more and more swamp creatures than ever before. he is -- lobbyists and big-time investment bankers. he is not doing what he said he was going to do for average working americans. >> reporter: a trump spokesman
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for more cabinet announcements to be made in bedminister, new jersey, brian yennis are, fox news. demonstrators took to the streets of new york city saturday to protest against the presidency of donald trump. some of them holding signs reading "stop bannon." a reference to steve bannon the president-elect's top pick for white house strategist and senior counselor. bannon is the forme of breibart that has been associated with the so-called alt-right movement. nearly 1,000 people participated in the march. first lady michelle obama and thousands of others gather to remember veteran washington journalist gwen ifil this weekend. friends of celebrated the l long-time journalist at a memorial service of the ame church d.c. gwen ifil was a long-time member of the church and remembered by her pastor
6:35 pm
in humility. the peaked. >> body award winner died at the age of 61 following a y year-long battle with cancer. president obama is considering removing admiral mike rogers as his head of the u.s. national security agency and u.s. cyber command. the president may be following a recommendation by his top defense officials. fox's garrett teny has more. >> reporter: a peculiar spot for admiral mike rogers with both of his bosses telling president obama he should, he the national security agency. the"washington post"citing government sources reporting that recommendation was sent to the white house that month by defense secretary ash carter and the director of national intelligence james clapper who jointly oversee the nsa. carter is disappointed with the lack of progress the nsa made in the cyber offensive again the islamic state. clapper, meanwhile, believes that the agency should be headed by a civilian and not
6:36 pm
background such as rogers. admiral rogers quickly cut off a reporter trying to ask about this report. >> i am not going to go down this road. i am not going to comment about anything in the media. i am accountable for my actions. i certainly understand that. not appropriate for me. so i want -- if anybody wants to go down this, you are fine and welcome to ask but i am going to give you the same. >> reporter: amidst the reports that rogers is trying to be pushed out is that he is donald trump's leading can't candidate to be the intelligence. rogers met with mr. trump thursday at trump tower and ruffled a lot of feathers in the obama administration by not telling any of his superiors about that meeting beforehand. devin nunez sent a letter to ash carter and james clapper praising rogers that they appear to testify on this report before the end of the year. in washington, garrett teny, fox news. an illinois congressman is
6:37 pm
his own grandson at the hands of two other teenagers. 15-year-old j avan wilson was shot in the head after two young men broke into his chicago home. the gunfire fire erupting over an argument over sneakers. one day after that tragedy, congressman danny davis shared memories of his grandson. >> his father had just told me about how proud of him that he was because he was catching on and life was in front of him. >> lloyd: congressman davis went on to add that the gun violence that had plagued the city just turned personal. part of a culture of an environment that has to change. the two teenagers suspected in the killing are now in custody. german chancellor merkel announced today she is seeking a fourth term in office after a
6:38 pm
of her center right party, merkel said she is ready to run for office. she is 62 years old and if she serves the entire four-year term she would match kell met kohl's 16 years in office. the fallout from mike pe pence's visit to "hamilton" on broadway. >> lloyd: up next, the apology
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the battle bet the battle between the president-elect and the cast of
6:41 pm
today. after a number of tweets today, mr. trump tweeted out again this morning. >> lloyd: as fox's will car r reports, the president-elect is once again demanding an apo apology. >> reporter: the battle between president-elect donald trump and the cast of one of the most popular plays to hit broadway continues after a number tweets yesterday, mr. trump tweeting out again the cast and producers of "hamilton" which i shear is highly overrated should apologize to vp mike pence for behavior. mr. pence attended "hamilton" with his daughter and other family members. the actor playing aaron burr read a prepared note singling out the vice president-elect. >> we are concerned that your new administration will not protect us, our family, our children, and defend us and
6:42 pm
inspired to you uphold -- >> today on fox news sunday, mr. pence joined chris wallace and downplayed what happened. >> i know this is a very disappointing time for people that did not see their candidate win in this national election. i know this is a very anxious time for some people. i want to reassure people what president-elect donald trump said on election night, he absolutely meant from the bottom of his heart. he is preparing to be the president of all of the people of the ute of the united states of america. >> reporter: after mr. trump tweeted yesterday calling the move harassment and calling the cast rude, the actor -- the actor in question brandon burr tweeted conversation is not harassment sir and i appreciate mike pence stopping to listen. mr. trump is not the only one upset. even member of bruce springsteen's e street band van zan, it said it is inappropriate to call out a
6:43 pm
hard for hillary clinton joining her on stage and a very outspoken critic of donald trump. reporting in the newsroom, rob schmidt, fox news. send it back out to scott smith live in kansas city. >> lloyd: a long time since the chiefs lost in arrowhead stadium. >> scott: it's been a while, and the last time the chiefs actually beat the bucs, 1993. how about that. their first win against the kansas city chiefs. an impressive one winston was on his game. and this beautiful drop down to and this beautiful drop down to mike thaechbs went over 100 today, we talk differently.... work differently... relax differently. and all those differences take energy.
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stadium scott smith where the bucs have come up with a big 19-17 win on the road, the fourth road win of the season. a happy locker room and one of words thrown around was complementary football getting it done on all phases. special teams with four field goals and four attempts today. on the offensive side, jameis winston seven different receive everys over 330 yards carving up chiefs defense. and the bucs defense stepping up winning the turnover battle and chris coming away another intersection. show you some of the highlights in this one, and really the turning point in this game happened in the fourth quarter. let's take you to it. and this is the start of the fourth. chiefs at the bucs six-yard line and coming up with the play of the day. interception interin the send zone picking alex smith pass up
6:47 pm
midfield. saving seven points from going on the board and giving away that lead. the bucs offense taking advantage. carving up that kc d. jameis winston hitting cecil shorts. five catches, 62 yards. bucs finding the end zone after four field goals. allen cross, the rookie tight end. his first nfl touchdown. couldn't have come at a more opportune time. up 19-10, alex smith bringing the chiefs albert wilson on the receiving end of this touchdown. the chiefs pull within two with two and a half to play. bucs offense trying to hold on to the ball and move those chains and they do just that. mike evans coming up with the big reception here,ing the first down. kc with someone final shot down two, but the bucs defense seals the win, beating kansas any their own place, fifth straight time get to now 5-5 on the
6:48 pm
and what can you say about the play of jameis winston here today. again, targeting seven different receivers today and over 330 yards through the air. afterwards, he was given the game ball by the head coach. take a listen inside the locker room. >> man, i have seen a lot of ball. this dude played his tail off and that is number 3 our quarterback. [cheers and applause] >> i told you -- i told you i was grateful for every one see how we play as a family. you see what we can do as a family. one team. it is all about us. i am going to give game ball back to coach. because he -- [ laughter ] -- yes! break it down, baby. hey. hey, it's all about the family. if we stay together, man, the sky is the limit. all right. all right. on three, one, two, three!
6:49 pm
>> reporter: this is guy a two-year pro or a ten-year veteran. my goodness. the leadership. the moxie he has with this t team. a true born leader and we talked to ceil shorts the receiver after this game. and he talked about during the middle of the week, jameis winston gave a letter to each on his teammates letting them know how valuable they were to him and how much he needs them and it was really a key thing. you don't see that very often from young quarterbacks. in fact i would hasten to say you never see it. so a really huge winor a signature victory. pull to 5-5 on the season, guys. next week back home to face the seattle seahawks and plenty of belief in this locker room that that division is certainly winnable for the bucs team. >> lloyd: very impressive. they didn't have any fun after the game -- in the locker room they were having a great time. >> scott: going to be a fun ride home. >> lloyd: scott, thanks very much. >> haley: he had that sweater
6:50 pm
lows in the 30s. >> mike: we will be almost as cold as them as we head into tonight. that is pretty crazy. tampa, kansas city. normally you don't see temperatures that close. >> haley: no snow. >> lloyd: i had to close my windows. >> mike: that is the florida winter. i had to close my windows. >> haley: we all make sacrifices. >> mike: time lapse from today. looks like one of those cool, fall days. sure enough it was. it was bre high temperatures got into the upper 60s, near 70. nothing unmanageable, but certainly with that breeze at times felt a bit on the chilly side. here is the almanac officially, 70 actually in tampa for the official high. 77 the average. 86 the record high. 35 the record low so, no, we were nowhere near the record low and it has been warm lately and the first real cool shot of air we have seen. 58. current dew point temperature of 30. relative humidity at 35%.
6:51 pm
54 in brandon. 55 up in brooksville. mid-50s. and 59 in lake placid. across the rest of the state. 50 in gainesville. 55 in panama city to the south. 72 in marathon. 70 in miami. dew point-wise very dry air in place. look at this. you don't see this too often in the wintertime let alone in november. 16 the dew point in talla tallahassee. 30 in tampa. very, very dry air in place and that remains the case as we head to the next couple of days. a lot of sunshine in the forecast even as those temperatures begin to moderate for a bit. 35 in crystal river for your low. 33 in inverness. 34 in brooksville. 38 in zephyrhills. in and around the bay, 52 in tierra verde. 52 in st. pete. mum 40 in wimauma. to the south, temperatures a little more like low to mid mid-40s. 44 in osprey. 46 in sarasota. 46 in bradenton.
6:52 pm
inland, temperatures in the low 40s. right around that 40-degree mark. couple of areas may get into the 30s. 39 in lakeland and 39 in wauchula. the forecast into the day tomorrow. after that chilly start. not as breezy in the afternoon. maybe a touch warmer so 69 degrees. here is your seven-day for forecast. temperatures warming back up. by tuesday, back into the mid-70s. wednesday upper 70s. and thursday and friday as we head your thanksgiving holiday, back above average around that 80-degree guys. >> lloyd: thanks. a local jazz ledge end gets ready for his close-up on the big screen. >> haley: a trumpet man with
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
new documentary tells finally tonight, a new docken men tree tells the story of a bay area man that brought music to young people. >> lloyd: aid chance to the city down with the filmmaker and the musician that helped so many lives. >> i won a s julliard. >> reporter: he is 19 years old now -- 90 years old now, but he was a trumpet prodigy inspired by the apollo. >> we went to the apollo, the only white boy in the band, the only white kid. we loved it. count basie. it was so thrilling for me as a kid. i said i would love to be doing this some day. >> reporter: he would grow up to tour with famous big bands, but nearly 40 years ago when he
6:56 pm
america's youngest jazz band, a bunch of kids from all backgrounds. >> he woked with a lot of underprivileged children and he gave a great appreciation of jazz to these children and gave them inspiration and hope. >> reporter: fill 78 maker troy bowman spent three years making a documentary called "the ambassador of jazz" following sonny's life from childhood in the great depression to his performing career and how he brought jazz to a new >> proclamation galore. >> reporter: on the wall are the memories from doc severson to winston marsalis who admired him as a trumpet man but admired him more with his work for kids. not just the music. >> one kid wrote, sonny, i want to thank you so much what you did for me. and i said i don't remember what he said -- he said i don't play anymore. i am a dentist. >> reporter: the confidence, the performance that came with
6:57 pm
brought to the kids. >> he could have went on to play the rest of his life in the big time, but he stepped down to step into the lives of other people. >> reporter: from the child prodigy to the trumpet man at 90, if he had to to play all over again, he would have played it with the kids. >> don't have regrets like about anything. especially with the band, oh, jeez, it was -- it brought some happiness to me. >> reporter: and he brought the news. >> haley: what a gift he has given those kids whether they go on to be professional musicians or a dentist. >> lloyd: 90, looks great. >> haley: great story. follow us at see you back at 10 and 11. in the meantime, have a great
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
(bells jingling) ho, ho, ho! d'oh! (tires screeching) (grunts) oh, are we gonna stay roto-rootered like this the whole show? it's rotoscoped, dad. whatever it is, it's making me sick. a noble experiment that failed. (acoustic guitar playing) bart: why is the sky blue? hmm... i don't know. just is. why are clouds white? no clue. why are people yellow? it's the way god made them. why is grass green?


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