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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> a st. pete man got a letter after the election was over, and now police are involved. when the news begin dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. be noisy.
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be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >> i have never had somebody invade the privacy of like where we live. >> right now at 10:00, an anonymous letter harassing a couple who voted against donald trump. wh for more than just their politics. >> we'll be burying one of our own because of ar an ultimate at of cowardice. >> the hunt is on for someone who shot and kill ad police officer in front of police headquarters. >> it helps me out with having food so i can provide for the girls. >> metropolitan ministries comes through for those in need, how
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holiday season. >> good evening, i'm haley hines. >> and i'm l lloyd sowers, thans for being with us tonight. a local gay couple claims they are being harassed after the election with a letter after they think people say their hillary clinton sign sti >> in addition to criticizing their sexuality the letter basically told the couple they were being watched. it was in such for them to contact local police. >> hateful words. >> hey, dumbass. >> dropped right at their doorstep. >> i take it as a threat. >> ron and his boyfriend say at saturday at their home in
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the neighborhood dolt, a word to describe a fool. >> the letter read congratulations! you lost on all counts, detailing how republicans swept most of the state elections and how hillary clinton was defeated by president-elect donald trump. at the time the couple still had their clinton/kaine poster boards still in their front% advertise as you are ignorant of developments but that is -- gay house. >> the couple clearly flies a rainbow flags outside their door. >> you are bigoted and you are using the elect to target us. >> and they are not alone, last thursday a gay-friendly church
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a swastika on the wall. >> obviously the election has emboldened people to feel this way. >> -- but you can't figure out garbage day. >> the couple filed a police report but they say they will not live in fear. >> we'll just make sure we are vigilant for each other and let people know this is not okay in our neigh welcomed. >> at this time they say st. pete police are not considering this a hate crime because no actual threat was made, but the couple said they want to fight back by getting the community involved and with an w w lbgt youth program in the
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people were bundled up tonight, and our meteorologist mike bennett is with us, and how cold isit going to get? >> you have to go back to february to see temperaturing this cold, and the temperatures are dropping under clear skies and the windows winds starting t lighter and that allows the tempera in the 40's in wauchula, and 50 down in lake placid. and if you thought last night was cold, it's certainly much chillier now than it was last night. and brooksville is 27 degrees cooler than last evening at 10:00, that is impressive.
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in crystal river, and would not be surprised in folks in inverness and homosassa you may end up close, close to that freezing mark. mid 40's along the coasts and certainly the coldest night this season but not the only chilly night, and we'll talk about that and how long before we warm up. >> mike, thanks. breaking news in brevard county, a shooting at a g left one person da dead and anor injured. it happened at the racetrack gationgasstation near highway 1. >> and we are following breaking news from san antonio texas where a sergeant was shot and
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someone drove up behind the officer and started shooting. the officer was shot twice in the head. they do not believe that the killer knows the person who was getting a ticket. >> we consider this you a expect to be extremely dangerous and a clear threat to law enforcement officers and the public. >> the police chief says investigators are looking into all leads and possible motives for an officer-involved shooting. >> we have a news alert out of lee county, a sanibel island police officer was shot this evening during a routine traffic stop. it happened around 8:00. the police said the suspect ran over and later exchanged gunfire with officers but he was later taken into custody.
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on his condition. and investigators found the body of 38-year-old man yesterday, found dumped by the shop at park place. two people found him by a dumpster. we are told he was homeless and may have died as a result of blunt force fr trauma. tso far police are not >> and a family is pleading for help after saying their dog was snatched from their home. the dog is bella and a neighbor says he saw someone park a few doors down from the home and grab be w bella and take off. she is a pure-bred yorkie but finding her won't be easy, because her collar was removed
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that the person who took her will realize she is loved and deeply missed. >> and now we officially know how close the election numbers where in florida. in the race for president, donald trump won by 113,000 votes, he and mike pence got just over 49% in p florida and 47.82% for we are four days away from thanksgiving and whether you drive or fly it's going to be a busy travel season. >> aaa estimated 2.3 million will be traveling and that is up 5% from last year, the state average is $2.11 but in familiar
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gallon. although gas prices are a little higher than last year, there is some good news. >> gas prices are just a little higher than thanksgiving last year, but they are declining. and they should be lower by the time the ho holiday rolls aroun. >> but give yourself plenty of time and minimize distractions. leave your cell while you are driving. don't be eating or drinking while driving and focus on your most important task behind the wheel and that is driving safe. >> good advice for the entire year. >> especial will families in the car. >> yup, precious cargo. >> this time of year a lot of people face the prospect of not enough food on the table. >> how you can get involved and >> how you can get involved and find hope
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z26lnz zy6z y26lny yy6y >> the many people across the bay area are putting the giving back in thanksgiving, right now by donating to families in need. today hundreds of needy families got a little help with their thanksgiving menu shopping at the holiday tent from metropolitan ministries in tampa. >> the volunteers made sure the families will be able to put a turkey and all of the trimmings on their table.
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at least that's what it feels like watching this volunteer sort through piles of donated dd food. >> oh, gravy! >> gravy has been har hard to kp on the shelves. >> as a former foster child she knows first-hand what even the smallest details mean to a finaia meal for them, not like the rest of us. >> mashed potatoes. >> on saturday dozens of family has a chance to shop for their thanksgiving menus all for free at the thanksgiving tent. >> being a single mother, most of the money goes for day care and so having extra money for food helps a lot.
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families this holiday season, many who unexpectedly need the help. >> i don't know why, i'm a little bit nervous. >> what are you nervous about? >> i don't know, it's my first time. >> a ped assi assi as pediatrics send this family on a financial the people who made this happen. >> this is what united people and this is what you need, we need to be united. >> metropolitannen ministries is still looking for food and for volunteers. so find out more go to and that chill in the air certainly feels a lot more like thanksgiving. >> you may need a blanket tonight. >> absolutely, close those
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6:00. >> i felt the cool air coming in and i was like get that window down. >> it's nice until the temperaturessing drop below 60, and we've been talking about this for a decade, but here we go. let's talk a little bit more about it in tonight's weather tri itrivia question. this for 16 new channels. what is that up from? how many? a, 5, b, 7, c, 9, or d11. >> i found my answer based on your excite level. from 5 to 16, i think that is
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picked b, 7. >> so so you are tripling the spectral re resolution and so te images we get will be five times better looking and going times the speed. we are not going to see it for at least another year, but it's up there, and there is that. we have something to look forward to. >> and haley, you are the winner tonight. >> oh, five? >> it is a tie ball game, ladies and gentlemen. >> all right! >> and we probably have one or two more weather trivia before the end of the year. >> i feel like if we are tied at
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our points. >> but i think we may have a trophy this year. >> oh, nice. >> i like the little printed out black and white certificate from last year. >> maybe we could go color this year, we'll have to see on that one, and check this out. you still have some adventurous people at the beaches despite the fact that your high temperatured never got the water temperature was in fact warmer than the air temperature. 70 the high in tampa, and 67 in whewesley chapel, 64 in crystal river, and at least it was sunshine for everyone. as we head throughout the next few days another cool start to the day on tuesday but we start to warm up and by wednesday, thursday and friday we'll talk
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this one is pretty nice, especially if you like the current temp. 64% humidity and winds out of the north at 7. here are other temperatures across the area. everyone is starting to drop, with these optimal radiational cooling nights, where the winds are light and it allows all of that daytime heating to escape and this is the 61 in stewart and that is the warm spot, 52 in palm dale, and 55 in sarasota. here is the satellite and radar view, and there is really nothing to show. we have that north wind going but you phil flip over to the wr vapor loop and it's incredible
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and that means more sunshine for the day to come on monday and tuesday and probably a good portion of the day on wednesday before we start to see some cloud cover. a pleasant finish heading into monday afternoon, and by tuesday, the temperatures start to moderate a bit, back into the mid 70's, there is that front hanging back out west, and it's going to be a while before it makes it you are talking 33 in in invern, and 35 in crystal river, and 48 down in dis zephyr hill, in and around the bay, and low 50's in much of st. pete, and the surrounding counties. but inland close to the 40-degree mark, and then heading out to the inland counties, 41
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proof, and once we get through that cold start tomorrow, you will have a pleasant day, one more pretty chilly night coming up monday into tuesday and then thanksgiving into friday, into next weekend, the temperatures back above average. >> all right, mike, thank you. president election donald trump so-called sanctuary cities once he takes officer. >> what the mayors say they will do when it comes to the threat from the white house. >> and scott smith is in kansas city with a complete report including the story behind jameis winston's letter to the
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president-elect donald trump's shocking victory on election day... mayors in several sanctuary cities are >> mayors in several sanctuary
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immigrants. >> saying they will not cooperate with deportation orders. >> there are more than 300 sanctuary cities and counties across the country. the trump administration could limit the federal government to sanctuary cities. take san francisco alone, which got $1 million from the government when a man was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who was released from jail despite a plea to keep him behind bars. >> a trump administration will end this nightmare of violence.
10:26 pm
we will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. >> since the election, law enforcement and city leaders from san francisco, chicago and other large cities run by democrats say they will challenge any move by the government to crack down on sanctuary cities. >> as long as the local law community, the local law enforcement community, the local city counc mayor, this is a states rights issue, and the police should be determined by a mayor. >> others who support sanctuary policies say they encourage immigrants to report crime instead of remaining in the shadows. >> and more people hit the streets this weekend to protest donald trump. >> a look at the policy they
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees,
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on dunkin'. some people here in florida are speaking out against president-elect donald >> people here in florida are speaking out againstment elect trump's policy proposals. >> on the move. >> i'm a gay man and i'm absolutely terrified at this election. >> a couple of hundred protestors making three-mile march. >> we reject the president ea elect. >> with signs proclaiming peace and love they are protesting the president af-elects policies on health care and immigration. >> the majority of americans do not agree and we have to stand up and say it is not okay and we are watching you.
10:31 pm
climate change. >> the environment can't be here today to speak for itself, we have to be protectors of our land and water, and i'm here for the environment as well. >> a similar scene on sunday night. >> no kkk. >> with dozens of people marching up collins c avenue to prosoprotest out the trump >> he is going to take office, you know, that is going to happen and i think people need to realize that and come together and get behind one person, one president and give him a chance. >> as police stopped traffic and intersections were blocked off, some say there is an end in place. >> are we going to set people up to run for congress and petition
10:32 pm
pressure in another way. >> and in other news 115 people are dead and hundreds injures after a train derailment in india. india's railway system is the fourth largest in the world carrying 20 million people a day, but it has a poor safety record with dying in accidents every day. >> pope francis closes the holy door formally ending the year of mercy. he encouraged others to stay open to reconciliation and forgiveness. he says 4 million pilgrims have walked through the holy door and
10:33 pm
2025. >> an historic weekend for african-americans across texas. the first memorial unveiled at the state capitol in austin. hundreds of people gathered to see this monument, the history memorial foundation. it contained almost 500 years of members say it brings a rich history that will be displayed for this generation and many more to see. >> everybody has a staple and wants to leave their mark, and legacy is a big thing for my family and me, this is historic and i'm glad she is going to be a part of this. >> this is a place to bring our children, and it's also allows us to open the door for a conversation that we may not
10:34 pm
make. some people say it's so beautiful that it was worth the wait. >> extreme weather across the midwest now making its way to the northeast. heavy snow and strong winds batter the northeast after a heavy blizzard dumped more than a foot of snow in the midwest. winter storm warnings are out and winter weather are out as far south as the upper peninsula, from now until sunday morning, and northern california is also turning into a winter wonderland. cars have spun out of control and mountain communities are seeing both freezing rain and snow, and some are being told to use chains on their tires and
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>> it sucks. >> i'll get through, i've been here about an hour waiting. >> one man ran into a transportation truck while the driver was helping to get another stuck driver out. >> president-elect trump is >> president-elect trump is working to fil fill more z26lvz zy6z y26lvy yy6y we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore.
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>> president-elect trump spent the weekend with advisers and what he called numerous patrons patriotsas he worked to put toga security team. >> chris koboch among others. >> he is going to be the president for all of america. >> he picked alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general and kansas representative mike pompeo to head the cia, general flynn was also selected for national
10:39 pm
temporarily suh spent immigration from areas that harbor and train terrorists until better vetting is put together. >> -- and retired marine corp. general is a possible pick for defense secretary. >> i think we need to get someone in who understood what donald trump was saying: the iraq war was a mistake. >> -- meantime president obama was assuring world leaders that agreement transcend party politics. >> i can't agree that the president-elect won't pursue some of the positions he has taken, but what i can guarantee
10:40 pm
to adjacent. >> former texas governor rick perry is set to meet with president-elect trump on monday. >> big game for the bucs today in kansas city. that was fun. >> and no one saw this coming, did they? but they put on a show in kansas city. the bucs take down the hottest family in the nfl, a well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack,
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yeah, you break it down, baby! hey, hey, it's all about the family. if we stay together, man, the sky's the limit,. all right? family on three, one, two, three, family! >> if that doesn't get you fired up i don't know what will. the bucs knocked off the kansas city chiefs who had won ten straight and were 17-2 going back to last year coming into this the chiefs opened with a 14-play drive but only got a field goal out of it and then the bucs looked like they were going to match it, converting on three third-downs on this opening drive, but they mishandled the hand-off turning the b ball over inside the red zone.
10:45 pm
a big third-down conversion, and they get into the red zone, and it's winston i to the end zone because they have to settle for a field goal, and then watch this, vernon comes up with a nice defense, and chiefs 0 for three on third down, and the bucs get creative. he has some picked up 27 yards on the play, and then on second and 16, winston, a perfect pass and the bucs are in the red zone for a third straight time, but on third time, winston under heavy pressure, looking for something, trying to force it, almost picked off.
10:46 pm
third down right before the half, and a direct snap to weir and he goes inside the 15 for the bucs and the defense held kansas to just 90 yards but smith engineers an 80-yard drive, putting them back on top, 10-6, the chief's first touch down in eight quarters and then did you recol and settles for a field goal and it's kc 10-9 at the break, and then winston making the move to get a first down and he gets it, a big play for the bucs here. they make it to the red zone for a fourth time but have to settle for yet another fieldgoal for
10:47 pm
quarter. smith finding kelsey and he burns. kelsey takes it down inside the buc's ten, but then conte goes up with the play of the day, intercepting alex smith and brings it back all the way to midfield and that was all he had left in him, the bucs finally cashes in because winston and the rookie cross, this first nfl touch down, and it keeps the win streak alive, the last time he hadn't scored a goal? high school, 2010, and now it's up to the buc bucs offense to ce it out and winston finds evans and kc got one final shot but
10:48 pm
beat kansas city for a fifth straight time to get to 5-5, and we go to scott smith in kansas city for all of the reaction. >> well, kevin, confidence is high and the celebration was certainly loud in the locker room as the lan l bucs pick up r road win, pulling to 5-5 on the year. the bucs knew they had to avoid certain p pitfalls and that is turning the ball over. th but they limited the damage. jameis winston was spectacular, 331 yards passing and third down conversions? 11 of 16, the stat of the afternoon. hitting seven different receivers and 105 yards in the air, and allen cross picking up his first touchdown catch of the season. >> it just shows what we are capable of, and by no means have
10:49 pm
year, we have played some tough teams and next week will definitely be a challenge with the seahawks because we have to play buccaneer football. >> so much talk about the chief's defense and being the best in the league, the bucs knew they had to match not only the inte int intensity but th e, and who was it but chris hadhad it been a touch down, it might have been a game changer. but he steps in front and going the other way. conte and the defense stepping up big against the chiefs. >> has this defense turned a corner? >> every week is another week, and we have another big challenge next week, and we just have to keep on working but when
10:50 pm
we played a relatively clean game on defense. a couple of big plays but we are getting better each week. >> it's a buc's signature win, getting it down at arrowhead, and then an interesting back story, a midweek gift, a letter written from the quarterback to his teammates that inspired this team and shows just what kind of leader jameis winston is. and then take a look at this. what is belt of alexander.
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>> welcome back so arrowhead stadium. scott steel here, coming off the heels of a bucs win, improving to 5-5 on the season, and the word used in the locker room today was c comp complementary. you look at a guy like robert aguayo, he did his part and
10:54 pm
conte step up and then seven different rece receivers catchig balls today, and cecil short had over 60 yards in the way, and we asked him about his quarterback, jameis winston and the leadership he has shown with his team because he pointed to a moment midyear when this young send something he has never seen. he passed out personalized letters to his teammates to let them know he believes in them and in instill in them confiden. >> he passed out the letters and said how grateful he was to play ball with us, that hit everybody home, and you always want to play for a quarterback like that, and at a young age like that to be a leader and stand up like that, he is a born leader.
10:55 pm
use a little bit of good luck. kwan alexander wears a fox tail, this was attached to his belt following the big victory and i think this is going to be attached to his hip as the bucs keep on winning. >> you didn't have to th hunt it down. >> no. >> is this your good luck thing? >> >> and i might just have to keep on wearing this. >> 2-0 is the fox tail, and now 5-5, pulling within a game of the division-leading atlanta falcons and they are back home next week to face the seattle seahawks. >> and nascar's crowning moment,
10:56 pm
johnson, logano, edwards or busch? and we are under caution, with four leaders pulling into the pits. carl edwards goes into the wall, he got tagged by logano and a big recognize ensues. the car bursts into flames and edwards's h as johnson takes t lead and never looks back. he races to the checkered flag winning his second tieing him with richard petty and dale earnhardt for the most titles. what is interesting is he started in last place and only lead the last three. >> worst to first. >> thanks, kevin.
10:57 pm
>> and you might have noticed a chill in the air tonight, we are tracking how long this cool-down will last and what to expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.
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y26kzy yy6y >> it's a little bit chilly out, not really used to living in florida. >> the mercury continues to drop across our area. we'll have a look at how long these cold temperatures will stick around. >> disheartened and concerned and sad >> why a st. pete couple says their support for hillary clinton may have made them a target. >> and for the second week in a row, the bucs come out on top. we have more on that today's win meaning for the team and their standings in the division. >> good evening, i'm lloyd sowers.


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