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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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y26kzy yy6y >> it's a little bit chilly out, not really used to living in florida. >> the mercury continues to drop across our area. we'll have a look at how long these cold temperatures will stick around. >> disheartened and concerned and sad >> why a st. pete couple says their support for hillary clinton may have made them a target. >> and for the second week in a row, the bucs come out on top. we have more on that today's win meaning for the team and their standings in the division. >> good evening, i'm lloyd sowers.
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for being with us. happening now, the mercury continues to drop with some cities in our area seeing freezing temperatures and mike, what is this going to be like for moafolks in the morning? >> it's going to be cold, no doubt about it and you may want to hang on to it throughout the day tomorrow. 53 degrees from our tampa net cam, looking downtown, the winds getting lighter, some areas have already dropped to calm, and so that is going to keep the temperatures up just a bit until the winds drop down below 5 miles per hour. many areas already colder now than you were this morning for your lows, and you take a look
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and it is just incredible the difference between temperatures at 11:00 tonight verses 11:00 last night. 25 degrees colder in brandon and 15 degree cooler in tampa, and temperatures are going to continue to drop especially as the winds get lighter. 34 in brooksville, and 46 in sarasota, 41 in frost proof, around 41 down in well. we'll talk about how long this cold air sticks around and take a look at your thanksgiving forecast next. >> continuing to follow breaking news out of brevard county, a shooting at a gas station has left one person dead and another injured. prevard county fire rescue says it happened near the racetrack in mim.
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deadly shooting of a police detective in san antonio. the man in the picture might know who killed detective benjamin marconi. marconi was sitting in his squad car when i was sitting in his car writing a ticket outside police headquarters. >> the chief called it pure evil. >> i have confidence in in our federal partners that they are going to catch the person responsible for this. >> that the car is described as a black sedan with chrome rims and dark colored windows. >> in pinellas county, a gay couple says they are being harassed for supporting hillary clinton. they got an anonymous letter in the mail calling them fools and
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to be gloating over the fact that the democratic candidates that the couple supports lost, but it was addressed to resident dolt, a word depicting a fool. and they say the letter may have to come because of the clinton campaign sign, and the letter read you still advti will not let acoward allow them to live in fear. >> my thing was let's just paint the garage door rainbow, and i have a bunch of people on line willing to donate paint and willing to come with their husbands and wid kids and water. >> they will file police report
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details describing when they take their trash out and when they leave their porch light on. the police are not treating this as a hate crime because no actually threats were made, they say. >> and meantime dozens gaterred for a candlelight vigil to honor those transgenders people killed in violence. >> i just think it's the opportunity for them to know that we're here and that we're alive and we need help, we need people to understand and remember, just like everyone was saying tonight, that we are human, too. >> between october 2015 and september 2016, some 295 transdepender people were reported murdered, 26 of them
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man's body was found behind a dumpster, and the search for his killer goes on. two people found the body. we are told he was homeless and may have died as a result of blunt force trauma. investigators are still trying% to find out how he was killed and so far police have not released information >> and a local student is one of just two flo floridians chosen e a part of the prestigious roadss scholars program. they were chosen from 282 highly competitive applicants. congratulations.
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party from st. pete at 7:00 a.m. and in downtown tampa at 9:30 a.m., the 50-minute free trip across the bay is possible thanks to frontier communications. daily service is set to begin monday, november 28, and it was a fun day of fashion and pampering for some very special women. >> the tree focused on female veterans and service members. the ladies involved got to pick out brand new got gowns and cocl dresses and then got to stop by the beauty bar. the goal of the day is to empower them making them feel beautiful inside and out. >> being military kids, i mean,
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great to have a moment where we can be just like hey. >> it's a day about us. >> and it's nice to be appreciated. >> not only did the event include a fashion show, there were also 25 professional models, and miss usa title-holders on hand. and coming up dogs certainly are man's best friend. >> but now one man is going to extremes to get his four-legged friend back home, he is putting friend back home, he is putting up his truck to this season, unwrap disney magic... where smiles have no limit... and wonder fills the air. where joy is the reason for it all...
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four-legged best friend went missing? one owner in jacksonville is going viral after he posted that he is willing to trade his truck for his lost dog. why he is going to such extreme lengths. >> this is buddy boy, he is a pitbull mix, and you would normally find him with his owner james. >> constantly day and night, sleeps in the bed with me.
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since wednesday afternoon and so he decided to make a bold move, he went to facebook and offered to give his 2015 chevy silverado in which change for his dog. >> the truck is replaceable, the dog is not. >> and if you don't want the truck, he is offering cold, hard cash. >> at this point? and it's been good to james but buddy boy has been better, and he promises to hand over the keys to whoever brings him home. >> not accepting the reward is not possible, the reward will be given no matter what. >> in pinellas county, the search is on to find a dog that owners say was snatched from her
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a neighbor says he saw someone park down the road a few houses, grab the yorkie and take off. finding her will be difficult. she was not wearing a color, and was not micro chipped, her family is just hoping that whoever took her will bring her back, knowing that she is loved and missed. >> and children and adults were out sledding and enjoying other winter just yesterday the daily temperature record was broken with the ame mercury hitting 72 degrees but back in florida freeze warnings are in effect as far as south at marion county, but that did not stop folks from heading to see the holiday lights in downtown ocala. >> it's a little bit chilly out, and not used to living in
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is know up there. >> temperatures could dip into the upper 20's in some counties tonight. >> it's a novelty for the temperatures to dip down because you know next week we'll be at the beach anyway. >> i love seeing the snow and knowing that i'm not livin' in that snow. >> and seeing that snow while you sit down here in weather and of course today was a little bit closer to the snow temperatures but tonight is the night we'll have to bundle up and tomorrow morning is the morning where you will have to bunlbundle up and you may want o keep that coat around all day, as the temperatures tomorrow will not get out of the 60's. it's hard to see the time lapse view, until the sun goes down
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cloudin the sky. many areas fails to get out of the 60's and we'll get at least five to six degrees below that. not record territory, but certainly the coldest air of the season. a dewpoint of 41, and a barometer steady, and it's 41 for you in brooksville, and inland a few 40's and 50's but everybody is pretty chilly, if you walk out right now, it is pretty cold. you head down to marathon and key west and that is even pretty cool down there but you look to the north, and it's hal tallah, 39, and we do have freeze warnings in effect tonight. elsewhere we don't have freeze
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watches but it will be cold tonight heading into the start of the day on monday. clear skies and high pressure keeps on shifting in, keeping the clear skies going. you have those warm waters of the great lakes and that cold air moving over it and the result is lake effect snowshowers and we have already seen some of the interstates closing down for heavy snoarks they will continue to see snow up there for at least the next 24 hours. so it's pretty chilly across much of the eastern half of the county at this point. after a cold start, a pleasant look finish on monday, similar to what we saw today, and just has been a little bit less in the way of wind. and by the time we get to turkey day, we are talking about
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37 in spring hill, and in and around the bay, slightly warmer than that, but as you head up north or inland we'll be close to the 40-degree mark. 53 in st. pete, and 52 in st. pete, and you had that water influence keeping you just a tad warmer. close to the 40-degree mark and we'll see temperatures inland, could be approach the 30's. and once we get by that cold start, similar to today, plenty of sunshine and more on tuesday. 75, overall a bit warmer but still pleasant, a better boating day tomorrow, although it will be chilly, and up to 79 on day forecast, look at that, 80 degrees. that turkey is jumping.
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there who like it cooler. >> all right, thanks.
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thanksgiving is just a few days away... and while many families are checking off >> thanksgiving is just a few days away, and while some are checking their shopping lists some may not be able to afford
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is helping families shop for thanksgiving, it's all for freerfrefree,and all a part of o field over 18,000 families in the area this holiday season. >> this is what we need, we need to be united. >> they are still looking for food donations and for volunteers. visit our website, fox >> and heading to the big apple a chance for the spotlight. the newsome high school band one of only eight that will get a chance to participate in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> good luck to them, we'll be watching for them on thursday morning.
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>> and speaking of fun, jameis winston has -- >> a lot of fun in kansas city, the bucs coming a long way from that 1-3 start we saw in september, and for the second week in a row, chris conte comes up with a turning point in the game, his second pick of the
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welcome to disney springs.
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>> well, the bucs have positioned themselves for a run at the plawfers. play-offs. and they are just behind the they have won four of their past six games. chris conte comes up with the play of the day, intercepting alex smith in the end zone and he brings it back all the way to mid-field, a seven-point save for the bucs and from there, the offense carves through the kansas city defense. shorts has his best game with
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the bucs finally find the end zone, for the first time in the game with alan cross, his first nfl touch down, the bucs had been 0-4 inside the read zone all day, and 2:27 left, the bucs up by 2, and now it's up to the offense to close it out, winston to evans for the first down, and that would eat up a lot clock. casey got a final shot but picks were the only thing left, and the bucs beat kansas city for a fifth straight time to get to 5-5. >> definitely a big win, but like i said, we expect to win every time we step on the field. we might get another one next weekend, we are just taking it one game at a time.
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brushed that to the side and came together as a defense and practiced and been working hard on practice, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and on sunday we come out and just do what we do. >> i wish you could have been in the huddle, and seen the faces, everyone anxious, and i stepped in and said guys, let's just calm down, and finish, let's finish, we got this and we did. >> the nascar chase for championship came down to the final 14 laps under caution. the four leaders pulled in for a pit stop and on the restart a big wreck ensues and truex' car burst into flames and edwards' car totaled, his hopes dashed.
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the best sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! know better sleep with sleep number. >> we'll show you how trumps pick to lead the yus tis department call take down medical marijuana in >> good people don't mock marijuana. >> in tonights monument men tear in the war of 2016. >> i want each and every one of you to march right in. >> craig: we'll show you how historians may describe the democrats smashing defeat to our kids. >> the insiders basically said it's our party we'll do what we want. war is hell. >> craig: this is money, power


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