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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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-- captions by vitac -- gunned down... in the line of duty. ahead this hour: the latest on a series of attacks... on law enforcement. including one, right here in florida. plus... some of the coldest temperatures of the ?year... are finally here. but how ?long will this "sweater weather" last? and... a big week, for one bay area band. why they're about to america. ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your
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with dave. a developing story across the country this morning: ?several police officers were ?ambushed over the weekend. three... on sunday alone. including one in st.louis. the 46 year old officer was targeted while he sat in his cruiser last night. he was sitting in traffic when a car pulled up, and the other
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he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but he's expected to survive. officers has been out all night searching for the shooter using helicopter patrols and swat teams. they believe he was driving a silver vehicle. detectives are also going over traffic and surveillance cameras. the officer is a 20 year veteran, with three children. and earlier on sunday ?another officer was shot and killed... this time in san antonio, texas. police say 50 year old detective "benjamin marconi" was writing a someone executed him. the officer was pulled over, when another car pulled up behind him. that driver then walked up and shot the officer's window... hitting him twice in the head. the detective died at the hospital. the u-s marshall service say it ?has taken a man in custody. the are not calling him the shooter... just a person of interest right now. and another officer shooting... right here in florida. an officer on sanibel island was shot during a traffic stop around eight last night. detectives say
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criuser. the officer was hit in the shoulder. he was treated at the hospital and released. officers tracked down the suspected gunman to his neighborhood... where he died in a shootout. no word yet on his condition. sanibel police says this is the ?first time, one of its officers has ever been shot. new this morning: a pinellas county man is in the hospital, after getting hit by a car. deputies say "joseph puccio junior" was trying to cross bay pines boulevard just before seven last night. it was right center. deputies say puccio was in a median lane and ?not in a crosswalk when he went into the path of the car. he was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. deputies say puccio is homeless and no charges have been filed. in pinellas county: the search is on to find a dog that was ?snatched from its owners home. this is "bella". a neighbor says he actually ?saw the dog get stolen on saturday. he saw someone park a few doors down from the home on indian
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her won't be easy -- bella's collar was removed ??and she was never micro-chipped.. her family is just hoping the person who took her.. will realize she's loved..and deeply missed. the ?offical results are finally in... for all the big elections nationwide and statewide. official returns were due sunday... from the county canvassing boards. in the race for president... donald trump won by florida by exactly 113-thousand votes. he and mike pence got just over mate tim kaine received 47-point-8 percent of the votes. and trump continues to hold talks today at trump tower... about all his remaining cabinet picks. this morning he's expected to meet with former texas governor rick perry... to possible talk about the "defense secretary" job. perry is one of the only candidates who actually ?has military experience... serving five years in the air force. over the weekend, trump met with former ?rival mitt romney about the "secretary of state"
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the one holiday tradition we ?don't look forward to... kicks off this week. this is considered one of the ?busiest travel weeks of the year. and whether you fly or drive... here's the bottom line: it's ?not going to be a quick trip. triple-a anticipates 40 ?million americans will be traveling 50 miles or more for thanksgiving. that's the most since 2007. and that number includes 2.3 million floridians... who will be hitting the roads this holiday week. that's up about 5-percent from last year. when it comes to filling up your gas tank... the state averag tampa, we're lower at 2- dollars a gallon. though gas prices are a little higher now than they were last year... there is some good news. some holiday travel advice from triple-a.: give yourself plenty of time so you're not rushing and risking a crash. minimize
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cell phone alone. don't be eating or drinking while driving. and just ?focus on your most important task behind the wheel - safe driving. an amazing honor for one local student. "christian nattiel" from pinellas county, was just named a rhodes scholar. nattiel gradudated from boca ciega high and is now a senior at west point. he is ?double majoring in mathematical sciences and philophosphy. nattiel joins 31 other american students getting the honor this year. from about 880 applicants that had to be ?endorsed by their colleges. nattiel will get a scholarship to oxford university in england, worth about 68 ?thousand dollars... for up to three years. new this morning: a local high school band is now heading out, on the trip of a lifetime. the "newsome wolfpack" from lithia is getting to march in the macys thanksgiving day parade. they are the first band from hillsborough county to ever be invited to the event. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us
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they've been practicing for months...raising money... and giving up mornings and weekends to make this moment possible. today-- our cameras rolled as newsome high school band members left for new york just after 2 o'clock in the morning. the 172 students on board are scheduled to perform three songs thursday as part of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. the high school band located in lithia is one of eight selected to participate. 250 competed! the group seen performing here... will march of three million people--- and perform three songs live on national television. one student shared her perspective
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the band actually found out about this last ?year... and they've been holding fundraisers ever since to help pay for the trip. the total cost is about 350 ?thousand dollars.we'll hear from the newsome high school band director coming up in the next half hour. ?feeling that ?chill in the air? winter weather ?chill in the air? ?feeling t ?feeling that ?chill in the air? winter weather is finally creeping into the bay area. but don't call it "winter" around any northerners... they just might laugh. after the break: a look at what cold ?really looks like... up north. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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winter weather has finally hit parts of florida. freeze warnings sunday. it's the ?first freeze warning of the season for central florida. but that didn't stop folks from celebrating the season... by taking in the holiday lights in downtown ocala. temperatures in marion and alachua counties dipped ?below 30 last night. but it's very unlikely anyone there will see any snow. sorry florida... but this
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first snowstorm of the season to hit the northeast. several inches of snow fell across new york sunday -- especially for towns like barnes corners near lake ontario. children ?and adults were out sledding and enjoying other winter activities. some states saw two ?feet of snow, over
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still ahead: a big win for the bucs.. we'll hear from some of the players.. about feeding off this momentum.. plus: the latest nascar champion... is crowned. but he's not stranger to victory lane. highlights straight ahead in your morning sports.
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time to talk some sports this morning. and lets begin... with the bucs. they may have just pulled off their ?biggest win of the season. knocking off one of the ?hottest teams in the nfl. taking on the kansas city chiefs sunday... a team riding a ?five game fast forward to the 4th quarter... the chiefs at the bucs 6-yard line..... chris conte come up with the play of the day... .intercepting alex smith in the endzone... conte is bringing it back... all the way to midfield. from there, the bucs offense carves through the k-c defense... jameis winston to cecil shorts for 11 yards and a first down.. shorts has his best game as a buc, 5 receptions for 62 yards... the bucs finally find the
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tightend alan cross.... it's his first nfl td. alex smith would bring the chiefs back hitting albert wilson for the touchdown with 2:27 left. bucs up 19-17. now it's up to the bucs offense to close it... facing 3rd down and 3 with two minutes left.... winston finds mike evans for the first down. k-c does gets one final shot, but the bucs defense seal it. bucs beat kansas city for a 5th straight time to get the win... and the bucs are now 5 and 5 on the season. here's some reaction from
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the bucs schedule they're hosting the seattle seahawks at ray-jay. and now to nascar... where the next spring cup champion has finally been crowned. the chase comes down to the final 14 laps of the "ford eco-boost 400" down in miami. they're under caution... all 4 leaders pulling into pit road to get fresh tires. off the restart... carl edwards goes into the wall...
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ensues... martin truex' car bursts into flames. edwards' car would be totaled and his championship hopes would come to an end. after a second restart.... jimmie johnson takes the lead and never looks back. johnson races to the checkered flag... johnson win his 7th career championship. that ties him with richard petty and dale earnhardt for the most nascar titles. have another check on your monday forecast. and later: a preview of tonights "monday night football" matchup. and surprising... this ?is the right video. why the teams
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making headlines across america right now: a pipeline protest in north dakota... has turned into a riot. and police are now fighting back, using water canons... tear gas... and rubber bullets. the morton county sheriff's office posted this picture overnight... showing the scene. you can see
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"backwater bridge" . deputies say more than four hundred protestors gathered there and were trying to cross the bridge to block a nearby highway. they say the crowd started dozens of fires... and that's when deputies say they were ?forced to turn on water hoses to put them out. temperatures in the area have also been ?below freezing. no major injuries have been reported. at least 133 people are dead and more than two ?hundred hurt after a train detrailed in india. it happened early sunday morning. 14 cars were the track... while most of the passengers were still sleeping. the impact was so strong that one of the coach cars actually landed on ?top of another...crushing it. rescue crews had to use cranes and blow torches to help pull survivors out. india's railways minister says the government is investigating the cause. later today, president obama's ?final foreign trip in office... will come to an end. on sunday, the president met with canadian prime minister justin trudeau at the the apec summit in lima, peru.
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gathering. president obama said the u-s and canada will keep strong bonds for years to come. the prime minister said he would miss president obama, but also looks forward to working with president-elect trump. he even invited trump to visit him in canada, after inauguration day. are you ready for some football... south of the border? the nfl is gearing up for monday night football tonight... in mexico city. and of course you have to do some warmup stretches first. and even the cheerleaders are mascots were getting involved. they led fans in a city's capital square. the actual ?game will be played tonight in azteca stadium between the houston texans and the oakland raiders. and there ?is some concern over the health of the players. this staidum is 72 hundred feet above sea level... even ?higher than denvers sports authority field.... the most ?elevated stadium in the league. both teams will have ?lots of oxygen masks on
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biggest cruise ships in the country... is heading to its new home in florida. and wait til you hear what's on board. plus: an amazing experience for some bay area teens. they just left on the trip of a lifetime. fox 13's shayla reaves has more on their "macys"
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pinellas park police have now identified a body, left in a dumpster. 38-year-old "will joe hodges" was found in the dumpsters behind the "shoppes at park place" saturday night. detectives say he was homeless. his ?exact cause of death is still unclear. investigators are also trying to figure out who did it. they don't have any descriptions or witnesses. if you know anything, call pinellas park police. st. pete police are investigating a ?hateful letter... sent to some homeowners. the anonymous letter was left over the weekend at the home of a gay couple... that has a hillary and those two details... were the ?focus of the note. the letter was addressed to quote, the "resident dolts". it had no name or return address... it mocked the couple for their clinton-kaine campaign sign still sitting in their yard..and read, "you still advertise as if you are ignorant of developments, but that's not surprising for the community known 'gay house.'"


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