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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  November 21, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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anyday. that's what they accomplished and return home in second place in the atlantic division. in nashville just under five minutes of the game, the predators win the face-off here, and then victor ar individualson right in front of the net beats bishop for the early lead. stays that way until the second period. the preds pick up a power play, and ben bishop doesn't have a chance to react to superintendent pan's slap shot. that was coming fast. it's subban again finding the hole through bishop. he takes a shot headfirst into the boards and coming up bloody but returns to the game for a long night for the lightning. they lose it 3-1 and go 4-1 oat trip. this is the gators fourth stop on their sunshine state tour. the o'connell center is still not ready. that $65 million ven vagus don't
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building until december. gators feeling at home, though. part of the gators 15-30 run to open the game. it's all florida in the second half. barrett extends the lead to 9 with his dad and former nba great rick barry watching along. robinson drops a three in. the gators move to 4-0 with a 78-60 win over belmont. because of all the injuries, the times, but it gives opportunities to a number of players along the o line. it's been and roberts and peyton barber. a couple of guys stepped up when they're chance came on sunday. defensively one of those guys verner stepped in for brett grimes who was knocked out early in the game. did a nice job. had just one bad play, a bounce
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offensive i how about alan cross having his number called in the fourth quarter. the second nfl reception, and it's a touchdown, and that's the game winner. dirk koetter says everyone is doing their part. >> you know, we talk about role playing all the time. play your role and understand your role could change at any second. it's easier to do the grunt work and dirty work when you get some of the glory. these last two games we've been doing a really good job as a football team of playing our roles and the coaching putting them in positions to play and symptom guys' roles expaneded. >> next up is the seattle seahawks. >> it's a brand-new facility and you get the feeling of flying without the fear of heights. >> without jumping out of a plane, which i'm a fan of. the first indoor sky-diving strr opening tomorrow called i fly. it feel features a vertical wind
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you can go solo, on if you have some friends who want to try that with you, you can do that with them, too. the price is around $60. i fly is located right next to top golf on palm river road in the bradenton area. >> brandon area. >> my bad. it looks pretty cool. >> it looks like a lot of fun. i'm ready to try that. >> there's a chance walter allen will try it out on "good day." >> first, we have craig patrick with "money, power & polit a great night, everyone. closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon.
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tonight. we continue our investigation of government back loans that burn taxpayers. we'll show you how bad loans cost more than $24 billion. >> the loan wasn't paid. taxpayers are left hold it in the bag. >> scott versus nelson. see how floridas heavy weights may collide in a show down for control of the senate. >> has he made sure its clear? >> no. >> he's made a mistake that's going to >> our glory day buccaneers are back to match wits on political squares. this is money, power & politics. merissa, the trump administration is promising big changes first off for small business. >> repeal boemd obamacare, cut environmental regulation, cut business taxes by 15%. the list goes on and on.
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reconsider how it gives out loans because the current system is costing us a fortune. ? ? >> these bankers in tampa crank out thousands of pie and caking. >> it's a small business. >> they chop, scoop, mix the batter, stamp the crust, and cook up what used to be rare holiday treats. >> i learned h mom's pies when i was 27. i got tire of waiting for christmas and thanksgiving to come and go. >> mike martin started by baking for neighbors and selling pies for his car. >> i had one employee, me. >> he expanded and with help from a government backed loan he ships his pies to store and restaurants across the nation. >> without the loan we would not be here. >> s-b-a loans are supposed to help mom and pop businesses but we discovered that's not
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business loans are going. >> beverly hills maintains the reputation. >> 124 million dollars flowed into zip code 90210 and that's beverly hill, california. their bentley auto dealer, the botox clinic, $4 million to their diamond brokerage. >> that's just the start. public records show our government is granting special loans as reduced rates to some of the most keszful companies in the nation. sub si come beet against the little guys. and taxpayers assume the risk. we pay for it when their ventures fail. >> $1.5 million flowed intu the auto dealer. a reduced rate. taxpayers had the risk on the loan and the auto does he recall went out of business and the loan was charged off. >> over the past ten years. adams watch drag group found $27 billion in charge offs. that's how much we got burned.
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taxpayers hold it in the bag. >> many of the successful small business loans wind up feeding business big. ten fortune one hundred companies and affiliates scored more than $250 million in reduce theed rate taxpayer backed small business loans including divisions of chevron, xon, ford and j gm. >> my administration supported records amounts. >> president obama lending to jump the economy. >> before you look at welfare for the pooshgs you need to look at corporate welfare and eliminate things likes that where taxpayers are put on the hook to divert money to business and individual who is were well off and can afford it themselves. >> the rich get richer and they find the loopholes to work the system.
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>> mike is grateful for his loan but frustrate bid the flow of guaranteed money to larger companies that cater to the rich. >> i can't imagine a lamborgini company needs the loan! he's disappointed but not surprised. >> another example of the system being worked. >> the recipients of the loans are not doing anything loan but following the rules set by the current administration. >> open the books found 22 since 2000. for more check out our youtube channel. >> search for craig patrick money, power & politics on youtube. once you fill it in you find it, click subscribe at the top of the page. you can catch up on our investigations of money and politics as well as humor and game show segments which we do every week. >> which brings us to our game show of the night. former bucks brad and chini. >> you're the panel of star,
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questions in political squares. >> one of these stars is sitting in the secret square. and the con testant who picks i would win a special prize. which star is it? john wilson? jen epstein? have a necessary a rus el rhodes? mark wilson? matt merissa lynn in or charley belcher? all on the political squares. and here's the master of political squares, craig patrick. >> here we go round two political squares for the glory day bucks. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> tonight is going to be fun. >> ha ha. >> another botched night. >> we have our panel of stars and our sports stars with us. we have glory day bucks.
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cole pepper. and chini? >> thank you for having me. >> we'll see if you can even this up. since you lost the last round you get the first wing. who? >> i have to go with charley. >> i got this this time. >> what was gerald ford's real name that he was given at birth in >> a lot of people don't know it was gerald chevrolet. no. that's not right. wait. i got this. that's not right. gerald ford's real name was actually gerald ford. >> i are too agree. >> you're going to agree. and the answer -- you got it wrong. you got it wrong. it was leslie lynch king jr. that was gerald ford's birth
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>> you knew that, right? >> brad, who do you like? >> merissa. >> merissa, you ready? >> i was born ready! which u.s. presidents were cheerfleersd college? >> well, craig, that's e sichlt it was teddy roosevelt. i'm tell you why. he once wore this revealing one piece that others started calling a teddy. >> i know they didn't get the teddy that way. that's old w. bush. i will disagree. >> disagree and you get it right. >> i was bluffing. the real answer is reagan, eisenhower, fdr and george w. bush. four of them. >> you're going to are to go, i believe, upper left. >> i'll go with john. >> john wilson. are you ready? >> i think so. let's go. >> which nfl champion was
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is this >> that would be my favorite team. my favorite team. the one that has trouble winning games. the tampa bay buccaneers. >> if you miss this one, oh, man. >> hold the phone. did the world champion bucks get snubbed and will he miss a big question about his own team? we have surprises lined up in
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just before the break all right. just before the break john wilson said the superbowl champion buccaneers got snubbed by the white house. was he right? let's send it back to craig for political squares. >> i agree. >> you agree you got it. >> i knew that. >> all right. >> who's up? >> let me get russell. >> who said politics is is the second oldest profession but i've come to realize it bears a close resemblance to the first? >> ronald reagan. ronald wilson reagan. >> that's a tricky one. >> it is. i think he's bluffing me. disagree.
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he was not bluffing. with that x gets the square right there. >> i'm going go with jen. >> all right. give me a good, serious political question. i'm ready. >> where does the term shag originate? >> everybody knows that. it's austin powers. >> yeah. yeah. >> i know this one it's jfk because he saw a rug in the lirn lin bedroom and said that's >> i can't see him saying that. vi to disagree. >> yeah. you got that one right. >> all right. i was bluffing again. it was thomas jefferson. he used it in a legal proceeding. >> brad whashgs do you say? >> i'm going with vanessa. >> here for the block. this is it. >> this is it. we can go home, right? >> who said i have left orders to be awakened at any time in case of national
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>> jeb bush from back when he was getting attacked for having low energy. >> makes it sound like somebody in the presidency. >> not someone aspiring to get there. >> correct. i disagree. >> you get that one right. p absolutely. that was ronald reagan. let's go with mark. >> going to go with mark. mark, this is a big one. >> a lot on the line. >> george w. bush referred to hillary clinton as for this to get out but it was devil wears pantsuits. >> george w would never say anything like that. disagree. >> he did not. he referred to hillary clinton as his sister-in-law referring to the close relationship he developed with bill clinton like brothers. there we go. brad whashgs do you say? >> chris. >> there you go. he's the secret square. this is a big one.
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do you get a block but win a special prize. >> you're going to love the prize. >> true or false? william taft had a rat ere embarrassing moment in the white house which he got stuck that bathtub and was hoisted out? >> false. he wasn't heavy. she was drawn that way and the white house didn't have a bathtub. >> i disagree. >> it did happen and you get this one and the secret square. >> all right. i'm a big taft fan. not >> you just won the political scares board game. hours of fun for the whole family. >> awesome. beta max. >> here we go. that's the last child welfare on the map. in this situation whoever gets the most squares is the winner. it comes down to this. it's you and matt. >> my buddy matt.
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obama in an election? >> bill dailey. >> i believe... i disagree. >> you disagree waen that you are correct. it was bobby rush. the only fellow that beat barack obama in an election. that's five x's to four o's. chini is the winner of round two. thank you for joining us. see you again next week. [clapping] lots of fun. i hope brad liked his home version. it's fun. >> makes far popular gift this time of year. maybe not as popular as the craze in california. >> the apple iphone 7? >> no. >> roku express. fun viewing. >> wrong again. >> it's california i'm sure it's not the trump hats. >> you're right about that
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after the election. what do you get the person who has everything? in california, you can now give the gift of marijuana. >> it's healthy, wholesome, enjoyable, good for the holidays. it helps you deal your family! san francisco medical marijuana dispensaries hope to take it to retail now that proposition 64 passed. >> we have green friday. >> one dispensary is make holiday gift bags. >> they are going to be festive a accessory, grinder, lighters and cannibis products. >> it's a good gift. i would rather give than receive. >> you need someone with a pled kal marijuana card to get it for you. so what could potentially be on your weed wish list? >> obama curb. >> anything cookies related. >> but this new frontier in gifting may not mean big sales. >> in all honesty i don't
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even though people are allowed to be gifted there's a limit. >> it's not much. an ounce of weed or eight grahams of conn's grate. but to some people good things come in small packages. >> that was fox reporting. it'll be interesting to see how the new energies washington deals with that. >> marijuana is banned under federal law and the obama is looking the other way. the future trump administration may or may not. what's coming up democrat standing in statewide office. and governor scott may try to take him down! how they match up and what could be the battle for florida and
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scott has been governor cot has been hammering and hammering bill nelson. >> he's thinking about running him in 2018. how they match up and what's at stake. >> rick scotterer sues bill nelson. a heavy weigh florida. a die hard democrat versus a dead red republican. they've already gone at it over high speed rail. >> we can make high speed rail a reality despite the fact that the governor will not let the state of florida participate. >> just as they have over zika. >> he could have roted for and voted against it. >> rick scott says running for bill nelson's senate seat
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the same year rick scott is forced from tallahassee because of term limits. they already don't think much of one another. >> i like senator nelson to show up. since he's been there has he made sure it got repaired? >> no. >> he made a misit's a that's going to cost 24 thousand people jobs. >> a few things in bill nelson's favor. midterm elections are historically tough for the party that two, he won florida by a larger margin than democratic presidential candidates running in the same year. and three, he is an institution winning five statewide races in a row. but rick scott is tougher than any of the candidates that nelson has beaten and can basically self-fund his entire race. he has always beaten expectations politically, going from unknown to the governor's mansion and then resurrecting
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second term against charley kris who is another huge florida name. and he would undoubtedly get a boost from donald trump and his supporters. rick scott was one of the first to endorse him. rick scott versus bill nelson, it would be a florida fight for the ages. a sitting senator against a sitting governor. the last time that happened was 1986. for money, power & politics, i'm evan axlebank.
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melania trump will not live in the white house, at least not right away. she would not be the first lady to not do this. martha washington because the white house was not built yet. anna harrison because her husband died before she could take up resident. >> the reason she wants her young son, barron, who is ten to finish out the school year in new york. that is why they ar n >> good insiechlt thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow night.
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er ? dish nation ? >> hey, what's up, y'all? welcome to "dish nation." fans are loving some real housewives of atlanta. guess what? frack is back! >> frack. >> in the building. you got to break down housewives of atlanta." >> you got us? >> i got you. >> all right then. ama's also aired last night. we got some of the highlights of that show later on, but, first, kanye west, he out there in the streets, ladies and gentlemen. that last week we told you about him going on his big donald trump rant in san jose. now he is taking the party to sacramento. he went all in on beyonce and jayzee. we're going to need jesus, mary, and joseph, and moses if he is


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