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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 22, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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punched and damaged by this burglar. we begin at 11:00 tonight with a college student who says he needs his emotional support dog to help him deal with the stress of freshman year, but to keep the dog, the student apartments at hillsborough community college have rules. rules he says are unfair, so now he's filing suit. fox 13's evan axelbank is live tonight at the apartment complex. first, why does he need the dog? >> reporter: he's been diagnosed with clinical depression and been prescribed the use of an emotional support dog. he says if the management company of this student housing complex has it's way, it's nearly impossible for him to stay in school. austin kline's new friend makes these days -- >> i was having suicidal
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horrible. >> seem like the distant past. >> now that i have her and stee her, she helps me wake up and saturday taking care of her and myself. >> luna seemed like the perfect aid for his first semester away from his native south florida. hcc seems like the perfect fit. >> i saw that they had on-campus living, which is rare for a community college. >> because the complex bans pets, he management about the emotional support dog. they are an atlanta-based firms that manages nearly 100 student housing buildings nationwide. a lawsuit filed in federal court on monday says theys inned on a cleaning surcharge, that roommates agree to the animal and the dog never be left alone. impossible for a college student who also works off-campus part-time. >> the emotional support animals and service dogs are not pets
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requirements discriminate against the disabled under the fair housing act. >> these rules only stop students from going to college, from getting what they need, from staying in school. >> they're suing for peek to change their rules to allow kline to keep the emotional support dog and for punitive damages because of the stress kline has endured. >> i want to not be intimidated, pressured into abiding rules, illegal rules, and i just want to live my life and be happy. >> the campus management says they cannot comment on this lawsuit because they have not yet received it. also, hcc, cynthia, says they will not comment on this one either, but that's because they're not specifically named in this lawsuit. >> we'll hear more about this i'm sure. thank you.
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tennessee where six children are dead after the school bus crashed into a tree this afternoon. 23 others are hospitalized. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash. tle say the bus's speed could have been a factor. parents, students, the entire community is trying to cope with what happened. >> reporter: authorities say there are fatalities and dozens of injuries following a horrific bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. >> there were multiple fatalities. at this time we cannot identify who they are until we notify all the parents. >> the bus was carrying students from woodmoore elementary monday when it veered off the road. it was the only vehicle involved. at least 23 patients were transported to local area hospitals. >> we believe 35 children on that school bus ranging from kindergarten through fifth grade. it was a single-vehicle crash. >> reporter: emergency crews
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pull children from inside. other children escaped from the roof hatch. >> a bus crash involving school children is every public safety professional's worst nightmare, but it's also what we train for. you have police, fire, ems, and our partners out here doing everything they can. >> we just asking for prayers in our hearts and sympathy goes out to the families for the students that have been transported to the hospital. we try to do everything we can to make sure they get the best >> reporter: the police department said the bus driver is cooperating with the investigation. steve rappaport, fox news. >> counselors whim be at that school tomorrow to offer assistance. as for the woman inside the home when the bus crashed, she was not hurt. new tonight, a costly case of criminl mischief. a teenager from st. pete facing a number of charges for $80,000 worth of damage to high-end luxury cars. the police arrested 18-year-old
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parking garage at the mcnulty loft conned dois on second street south. once inside he broke intoou two cars. the video shows him punch that 2016 mercedes-benz causing damage to a side panel. what the surveillance video don't show is him allegedly jumping on top of a rolls royce and a 2016 mclaren. in total, $80,000 worth of damage. st. pete police say any can't uderstand why. >> it's motivation was. most of the time people break into cars to steal something. in this case he just decided to damage these really expensive cars. just jump on top of them and leave dents and cause problems that way. >> in fact, police say franklin didn't steal anything from either of the cars. he is charged with vehicle burglary and criminal mischief. >> how bizarre. this one is also bizarre. call it an almost-perfect disguise. this senior citizen went
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robbed a bank in st. petersburg. yes, there she is. now she's behind bars because she turned himself in. crystal clark explains from the bank of america on north 62nd avenue. >> when she walked through their doors, they never expected her to rob them. she did that on november 7th. they caught a black wig hands a note to a teller. it said she had a bomb on her and demanded money. ellenwood walked out with $1900 in cash and got away with the heist for two weeks just laying low at a retirement community less than five miles away. even they were shocked when this senior citizen showed up at police headquarters on monday turning herself in for a crime that probably no one would have suspected her of committing. >> it's been a long-standing
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police department as well as others across the nation. if you want to catch somebody, hang out at the front desk. they always turn themselves in. it's a joke. very rarely does that occur and especially for a bank robber. >> ellenwood told police she came clean because her face was all over the news. while she said the bomb was a hoax, she didn't tell officers why she robbed the bank in the first place. once she starmented to question her, she asked for a 13 news. right now st. pete police are looking for the man you see right there in that surveillance photo. they say he robbed a 7-eleven on north mlk street around 4:00 today. police say he reached over the counter, struggled with the clerk and stole money out of the register. call it an illegal family affair. three members of a northport family are behind bars as they caught them selling drugs in
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rebecca dickman and her estranged husband were charged with trafficking. to the meeting place.rove them - also in the car, the couple's two underaged children, and to that the couple is charged with child neglect, too. in spite of a year filled with less than positive headlines for florida, tourists are still flocking to the state at record numbers. governor rick scott anonounced today that 85 million came to the sunshine state during the first five months of the year. in pinellas county the tourism tax is expected to top $50 million. that's a record, too. all of this, in spite of a summer that brought us zika, hurricanes and the worst mass shooting in u.s. history, but it doesn't hold the tourists back. >> this is our second time because of that. we like the location. we like the weather. the people are really friendly. >> our bed tax, which is really
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for tourism, how many people did we bring to the destination and what did they spend? it's up 60% in five years. this is unchartered territory. >> governor scott set a goal of 150 million visitors to florida in year which would break last year's record. we're on pace to hit the mark. they keep coming, and then if you come too often, you become like me and move here and live here. >> the traffic is picking up already. even though snowbird season yet. definitely tourists are here for sure. president-elect donald trump, esteeing his message to the people once again right to social media to make sure you hear his plans. my agenda is base odd a simple core principle. putting america first. >> coming up, trump lays out his first 100 days in office in a facebook video. plus. >> we are just four days away
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their tents to secure their spots in line. nothing like tradition. we tell you what retailers are doing differently this year to compete in stores and online. very cold night underway. it's colder right now in brandon than it is in denver, colorado. we have a warming forecast, though, coming up that includes rm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever.
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police in san antonio, texas say they've arrested the man who shot and killed an
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say they arrested and sthot a police officer outside the police station. otis mccain is accused of killing detective marconi outside the station. they say dash cam video provided a lot of information about his death. they believe marconi was targeted simply because he was a cop. however, they're still questioning mccain. >> this is the person whose image we saw on surveillance. this is also the cold and calculated murder of detective marconi. we took him into custody without incident and recovered the suspect vehicle we were looking for. we have obtained a search warrant, and we're going to thoroughly process the vehicle for evidence. >> marconi was one of four officers shot across the country yesterday, and that includes a sanibel police officer in
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two were shot in st. louis and gladstone, missouri. they all survived. as president-elect donald trump continues to interview potential cabinet candidates, he took time-out to release a video. it was posted to the 2017 presidential transition facebook page. in it the president-elect said his agenda revolves around the principle of putting america first, and that includes withdrawing from the trans pacific partnership, pro cyber attacks and what he calls his plan to drain the swamp. >> as part of our plan to drain the swamp, we will impose a five-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the administration and a lifetime ban on executive officials lbbying on behalf of a foreign government. >> trump says those are a couple steps to held rebuild the middle class.
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last night's cold weather sent hundreds of manatees looking for warmer territory. it was crowded with see cows and spectators. it was a cold night combined with the first day of thanksgiving break. all the families looking for something to do. good news and bad news for manatees this season, though. scientists counted 6,000 in the wild, which suggests the species is rebounding. we could see a record number killed by at you think all the protection is helping them and then the numbers come out and you have a bad year where a lot die by cold stress or hits by boats or things like that. it's an up and down issue. >> so far this year boats have killed 91 manatees, the record is 97. >> this is the time of year, too, when you have to really watch pause they're on the move to places like tico right there where there's no boating right
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i'm sure it feels pretty good, paul. think about that. it's like the warm water in your tub coming in. >> yeah. >> you go out in the gulf, and the water off clearwater beach is like 6 # -- 63 degrees. so get near the closest power plant for sure. >> that's what they do. >> good idea. we have changes on the way including warmer temperatures. today about 10 to 15 degrees below average. tampa, despite 100% sunshine only hit 70. 72 in the water, temperatures holding in the 60s. right now it is 41 degrees in brandon, a classic case of radiational cooling. it's 41 in brandon. at the same time it's 47 degrees in denver. so cold air is diving to the south. we see this a couple times every autumn/winter. they launch a -- talked about this a bunch of times. they launch a weather balloon twice a day.
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showed no water in the atmosphere at all. very dry air from mid to late november, and more dry air coming up on tuesday. that's why you may be complaining about chapped lips and dry hands. get out the lotion. that's why. 38 in brooksville and 57 in clearwater. the water is helping to keep the coastline, obviously, warmer. you head inland and south it's colder. arcadia is 47 degrees. the general wind flow continues. eventually the and allow some moderation in temperatures. i think the cold air after tonight is pretty much done. we're 75ish tomorrow, near 80 on wednesday and near 80 on thanksgiving. dry air is locked in and not going away anytime soon. tough to believe here we are talking about temperatures in the 30s and 40s. you head south, and there's a tropical storm on the map. a late season storm, don't forget the hurricane season ends on november 30th. s not unheard of to have
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this time of year. they're pretty rare, but once in a while we get them. this is tropical storm otto. winds are up to 60 drifting south at 2. probably will slide to the west and west-northwest and could become hurricane otto before moving across central america. eventually into the pacific ocean where if it holding together it will keep its name. not a lot going on in the southeast. snowfall, lake-effect snow continues in upstate new york, and then the west has been kind of wild the past couple of days. a lot of rain near the coast. a lot of snow in the mountains. there's been some drought relief in california. 42 in little rock, 44 in baton rouge, 39 in mobile. at the same time, it's 40 in new york city. 33 in buffalo, 28 in columbus, 26 in bristol tonight. 35 in brooksville, 48 in tampa,
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colder than these numbers. a couple of low spots, and tomorrow we're back to sunshine and highs in the mid to upper 70s and near 80 on wednesday. we stay near 80 on thanksgiving. there may finally be some rain next week, but certainly not until then. clear and not quite as cold, but hey, still pretty cold. we're down to 48. we have sunshine coming up tomorrow. we bounce back to 75. wednesday of sunshine, and the moderating trend gets going. highs near 80. the seven-day forecast is dry, and maybe next week as we get into december we could see some rain. a beautiful stretch coming up and absolutely no travel trouble across the state. sunshine from panama city to key west. back to you. >> we like that. that's good stuff. thank you, paul. just like most things in life, black friday is now
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it's worth it to camp out like this for days. tonight we continue our investigation of government-backed loans that burn taxpayers. we fount $24 billion in failed loans. we have a new round of our game
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first comes thanksgiving, then black friday. we're just a few first comes thanksgiving and then black friday. we're three days away from thanksgiving. from the official start of this that means just like this you see the black friday shoppers camped out already lining up. every year, you know, it seems like it starts earlier. >> why are people still doing that with the lines outside? i don't know. maybe they just like the excitement. the outdoors? >> i think some is the camaraderie. there's a tradition to it also. >> haley hines will delve into that and report on how black friday has shifted towards the internet except for those in
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best buy there are two tents lined up. rick hilton is first in line. he said it's worth it for a $200 tv or $100 laptop. some stores offer black friday sales for weeks. walmart is taking on amazon this dw year. we spoke to jennifer burton at the university of tampa about the h sories open earlier and earlier why for black friday. she said opening on thanksgiving morning hurt some stores, so this year they're taking a more casual approach still catering to the dedicated black friday crowd. >> they had to stop with the early thursday sales. the incremental profits weren't worth it. we find in year is retailers
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approach, and they're opening up at 5:00 or 6:00 on thanksgiving. >> though online deals are tempting, they still want the foot traffic. for those who line up days ahead of time for rock bottom electronics, she says it's still worth it. doors open up at 5:30 p.m. on thursday. burton advises you to come out here with the game plan. do your research ahead timend prices to make sure what you buy is worth the wait, stress and crowds. reporting in tampa, haley hines, fox 13 news. not a great night for the lightning at they wrap up the road trip in nashville. the bolts didn't get enough shots on goal, and one wouldn't
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for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving...
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the lightning know they're not going to win them can't win them all. taking four of five they will do anyday. that's what they accomplished and return home in second place in the atlantic division. in nashville just under five minutes of the game, the predators win the face-off here, and then victor ar individualson right in front of the net beats bishop for the early lead. stays that way until the second period. the preds pick up a power play, and ben bishop doesn't have a
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that was coming fast. preds keep up the pressure. it's subban again finding the hole through bishop. he takes a shot headfirst into the boards and coming up bloody but returns to the game for a long night for the lightning. they lose it 3-1 and go 4-1 oat trip. this is the gators fourth stop on their sunshine state tour. the o'connell center is still not ready. allow the gators back into the building until december. gators feeling at home, though. part of the gators 15-30 run to open the game. it's all florida in the second half. barrett extends the lead to 9 with his dad and former nba great rick barry watching along. robinson drops a three in. the gators move to 4-0 with a
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because of all the injuries, the bucs have been stretched thin at times, but it gives opportunities to a number of players along the o line. it's been and roberts and peyton barber. a couple of guys stepped up when they're chance came on sunday. defensively one of those guys verner stepped in for brett grimes who was knocked out early in the game. did a nice job. back with key pass breakups. offensive i how about alan cross having his number called in the fourth quarter. the second nfl reception, and it's a touchdown, and that's the game winner. dirk koetter says everyone is doing their part. >> you know, we talk about role playing all the time. play your role and understand your role could change at any second. it's easier to do the grunt work and dirty work when you get some of the glory.
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football team of playing our roles and the coaching putting them in positions to play and symptom guys' roles expaneded. >> next up is the seattle seahawks. >> it's a brand-new facility and you get the feeling of flying without the fear of heights. >> without jumping out of a plane, which i'm a fan of. the first indoor sky-diving strr opening tomorrow called i fly. it feel features a you can go solo, on if you have some friends who want to try that with you, you can do that with them, too. the price is around $60. i fly is located right next to top golf on palm river road in the bradenton area. >> brandon area. >> my bad. it looks pretty cool. >> it looks like a lot of fun. i'm ready to try that. >> there's a chance walter allen
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with "money, power & politics." with "money, power & politics." >> have a great night, everyone. closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nick vertucci real estate academy's "fortunes in flipping" system. if you're looking to make money while taking control of your financial future, then listen up. nick vertucci, self-made millionaire, has a life-changing opportunity for you. as the host of l.a.'s number-one and one of tv's most trusted real-estate investment experts, nick is hosting a unique, free two-hour workshop, teaching people like you how to build wealth in today's real-estate market. you'll learn how to flip and hold income-generating properties. whether you have great credit, no credit, lots of money, or little to no money, nick's system can work for you. nick and his power team of real-estate experts are looking


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