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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  November 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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from tampaba news at noon. >> no words. i have no words. how sdou explain something like this? you can't explain nothing like this. >> no you can't appear terrible tragedy in chattanooga, tennessee. a school bus wrapped around tree and 5 young children are dead. >> good afternoon i'm linda hurtado. thanks so much for joining is. the driver of that school bus has been arrested and charged
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a nightmare scenario for parents and chattanooga, tennessee. several children are dead and a many more injured after a school bus crash monday afternoon. 37 elementary school students on board when the bus flipped on its side and smashed into a tree. >> it took almost two hours for first responders to get all of the children off the mangled bus. >> most unnatural thing in the world is for a parent to mourn the loss of a there are no words that can bring comfort to a mother or a father. and & so today, city is praying for these families. >> an authorities say bus driver jonathan walker was an arrested following the incident. the 24-year-old is facing multiple counts of vehicular homicide a well charges reckless driving and reckless endangerment. speed is suspected to be a contributing factor in the crash. the ntsb is also investigating. >> we are looking a what caused
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prevent it. school district holding classes today with a counselors on hand to help students and staff in the wake of the tragedy. >> one parent says he doesn't know how he's going to el it is has first grade son his friend is among those killed. that's our challenge all night long to see how we're going to tell him and how we're going to break the news to him because he don't understand death right now. and i just which don't really know how to explain it to him. ntsb investigators expect to remain on scene for 7 but their investigation into at cause of the crash could take up to a year. in atlanta, jonathan serry, fox 13 news. new at noon, black friday is quickly approaching. can you believe it? and tampa police are already keeping an eye on shoppers. officers launched their annual operation secret santa this morning. from now through january 1st tampa police will be closely monitoring parking lots west shore and international mall and popular shopping centers on dale
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horseback, motorcycles and inside unmarked patrol cars. they say they are looking out for anyone suspicious. and cars that could be easy targets? the big is problem that we face sometimes in crime in this particular area is maybe sense of security. this nice small i'm going to walkthrough a mall buy seven opa-locka $0 and forget to lock my door or leave it in plain view. police say, where criminals are looking for and shoppers can keeping their cars locked and items out of sight. >> new at noon st. petersburg police are looking for a pick pocket. see the woman in pink. police say she picked the pocket of the man standing in line in front of her taking $5,050 bill when he confronted her she bent over and a we'll just say she crudely put money in her underwear. she left the south side foot matter on fourth site side while that man called police.
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roche accused of a targeting three clearwater businesses over the last 48 hours. authorities believe the same man is responsible for two robberies monday and another early this morning. clearwater police think they may have a serial robber on their hands and they say he is getting bolder. fox 13 shayla reeves reports from the scene of this morning robbery at 7-11 on drew street. wee getting a new robber accused of a targeting three clearwater businesses in the last two days. take a good look at your authorities believe same man is responsible for two robberies monday and another early this morning. surveillance cameras captured these images overnight. most recent robbery happened a seven-11 on drew street. the man is seen wearing a red hoodie. pulled over his face. picture is similar to an earlier image made public by authorities. now the crimes happened at 3 different locations less than three miles apart. clearwater police believe the robber could be driving a silver
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cameras rolled a crime scene technicians took pictures and collected evidence after authorities arrived on the scene of the 7-11 robbery. we're told clerk got away with money, and implied he had a weapon in that case. if you recognize the man or at car you're certainly urged to reach out to the clearwater police department. reporting in clearwater, shayla reeves, fox 13 news. thank you, shayla. >> a woman walked into st. petersburg police department and said she is wanted for a crime she told him look at up so he did. 65-year-old janice ellenwood was prompting arrested for robbing a bang earlier this month. surveillance video captured her walking in wearing a wig with long black hair. ellen wood told officers she saw herself all over the news and decided she wanted to turn herself in. a costly case of a criminal mischief. teenager from st. pete is facing several charges for $80,000
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luxury cars. police arrest 18-year-old donovan franklin. back on november 7th he broke into a parking garage at the mcnolt lot of condos on second street south. once inside he broke into two cars surveillance video shows him punch 2016 mercedes benz causing damage to side panel. what surveillance video does not show you is him then jumping on top of a rolls royce and a 2016 mcclarn. again inn total again $80,000 worth of damage done. st. pete why. >> it's hard to tell what is has motivation was. most of the time people break into cars because they want to steal something. but in this case he just decided to damage these really expensive cars. jump on top of them and leave dents and cause problems that way. in fact police say franklin didn't steal a thing from any of the cars he's charged with vehicle burglary and criminal mischief. >> pinellas park firefighters getting ready for thanksgiving
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serve. fox 13 ken suarez caught up with them a publix where they are shopping for all fixings for thanksgiving meals. this is certainly at time to shop. it is thanksgiving and christmas time. guess what you see the firefighters pinellas park fire department have been shopping their all morning long. buying all kinds of things for thanksgiving dinners for needy people in this community. let me go to jason, he's in charge of this program. so you've been this for a number of years jason i've for three years department has doing it for over 10 i've only been in charge of it for three. trying to keep good tradition here. we get about a dozen meals. and that we pay for out of our union funds. we get reimbursed from our donations coming in from the community. but the money comes from the union where does that come from? >> we have events throughout year that support that. our benevolent fund which we use for other things throughout year to help people their houses catch on fire, stuff like that.
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raising money which is pretty cool. yes. we we do some movie nights and stuff like that. how do you decide who gets a thanksgiving dinner? through our application process. just folks that need the help the most we have a limited number of meals, so it's really, it's the experience of doing this year after year. and just who you think really needs the help the most we go around and visit everybody. but i think that everybody in general needs the help. that too much. >> but that is pricey kind of project. how much per meal will you estimate does it cost? >> we're spending anywhere from around $120 to $140 per cart. that would be for the whole family. that include as turkey, dairy products, breads, numerous vegetables. and just other odds and ends that you have families typically have through thanksgiving meal.
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to come out and help. no, no. we have a good turn out for this event. our people like to help out. all the guys that work for the department are very generous. and ladies like dana. dpa da in an is over there with her family and little logan we met him in the morning show. exactly. he's a peach. >> and at christmas time, you get done with this project you start your christmas project. what is that? we will probably provide toys for close to 100 families. last year we and it was around 95 families. and plus teachers in area that send us children their way if families they think need help. so it's a big operation. and it will start after this weekend. i'll get right on to the christmas stuff. we already have toy boxes in community to collect for season. i think bigger story highs pinellas park firefighters are doing this. but there are a lot of an
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just giving organization that is really go out of way this time of year which is a great thing to see. if we can spread that throughout year wouldn't be better world to live in? absolutely. this is certainly a great start. back to you. thank you, ken on that note let's share more good deeds. local school collected and filled more than 350 shoe boxes for impoverished kids. st. petersburg christian school partner with a samaritan ministries operation christmas child out reach for second year in row this year students and families collected and filled wouldn't get more or any this holiday. they also raised more than $2,500 to help cover the cost of shipping those boxes. the boxes will be shipped all over the world to areas designated by samaritan ministries, a st. petersburg christian school as spirit of giving through only one you initiative. good job. i'd love to hear what good deed your school is doing this holiday season. message me on facebook at fox 13 linda hurtado. or you can tweet me at linda
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right here on the fox 13 news at noon. when you buy luggage, how do you know it's going to hold up? the good question. up next we will take you behind scenes to a lab where they put your luggage through all kinds of tests to see what it can actually take. hey jim those pictures at the start show it just looks beautiful out there. absolutely beautiful. another cold one this morning we saw freezing temperatures to our north. but as you look outside. you can see crystal clear skies. lots of rebounding nicely for afternoon. we're already into the 70s. in many locations. complete forecast coming up in
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almost all of us have dealt with damaged luggage at some point... check out this video of bags being unloaded so check out this video bags of being unloaded. if you look carefully, that's just a handle no bag on it any more. and then there's always bad weather to deal with. every wonder what it takes to try to fox 13 consumer reporter sorboni banerjee gets inside access to a company that invented the rolling suitcase to find out. welcome to boot camp. for bags. yeah. absolutely. so this is where it happens. this where we test everything. travel pro lets us inside their
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actually grabbing the bag from the carousel from conveyer belt they actually tossing it and lifting. >> it's where they push their luggage to the limit. we have to make sure we test above normal usage. to make sure that consumer won't have any issues roller boards and spinners do distance training. so wait these bags are going to be on treadmill for two days? right. 30 miles rolling. they are going way more miles than i would ever put it. then see how much the >> and a whether the bags can withstand weather appear cold air mile high. straight out of the freezer. it's got frost on it. you're looking for failures in the material. so what happened to this one? well that is one of the big things. in this case one the wheels broke. tester looking for material they use to last for 15 years of normal use. we cut a piece circle piece put it in machine.
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constantly for 200 cycles we compare. they deliberately bring the bags the zipper to their breaking points. how many did you sip unzip in 7500 cycles. >> when you're trying to close your bag, and the bag is like really, really full it's liking pulling both sides who would ever overstuff a suitcase? >> travel pro wants their fabric to stretch to accommodate at least 60 poun speaking if i were to put my shoes in there my jeans my clothes in there hair stuff mike up in there more shoes in there and everything is pulling the two ends of your bag. so all we know. so 72. we're good. good to know. asking for a friend. >> torturing more suit cases. so we have to a before we go
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perfectly fine going to withstand the rigorous of the normal use. that's how rigors of use get rigorously tested beating up bags in an attempt to beat the competition. sorboni banerjee, fox 13 news. now you know. >> travel protest samples from each batch of luggage before sent to production. and then every six months after it's on the market. suitcase they only have a 1 percent rate of return on their products. >> pretty nice. another chilly morning out there, jim i liked it because i remember you telling me it's not going to last temperatures creeping up again. >> exactly so. you like the cooler temperatures enjoy it while it lasts. because each morning will get a little bit warmer bit warmer during afternoon as well. in fact we're already into the 70s. many locations. our view from our riverview net camera just a beautiful view.
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riverview. looking towards say about west northwest right now. you can see just as far as you can see not a cloud in the sky. still very dry atmosphere. so we will continue to see plenty of sun as we go through the day. that's going to allow for temperatures to warm up nicely. we start out on the cold side this morning especially up to our north. up up in brooksville once again at that freezing mark 32 degrees. 32 up in crystal river. here in tampa 49 degrees. st. petersburg 56. degrees. still is a 30s inside interior bartow, 37. down in wauchula down to 38 degrees this morning. loads of sunshine, you can see with at visible satellite loop. few scattered clouds off the east coast. and we continue with primarily a north rl wind starting to become a bit more from northeasterly direction. that's a little sign that we're starting that warming trend. as it becomes more easterly
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temperatures to not get a quite a cold at night and allows temperatures to get warmer during the day. you can also see that in dew point. yesterday at this time, that number was down into the 20s. our humidity was in the teens. we were talking about just being ridiculously dry outside. now still very dry outside. but we are starting to see a little bit of a return of the moisture. so right now we're currently sitting at 71 degrees. at the noon hour. wesley brandon already at 75 degrees. down in sarasota, 76 degrees. bradenton has a 73. and over in bartow and lakeland both at 70 degrees. yesterday had dew point about ten in tallahassee. you're seeing a little bit more moisture. still you've got a dew point of 20. still ridiculously dry. we've got numbers in the 30s and 40s. across central florida. so you still you head outside. it feels delightful outside. even though we've got warmer temperatures.
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right through the middle of country. we've got rain, working its way into southwestern iowa. and then throughout minnesota, you've got a lot of sleet, freezing rain and snow. then wrapping back towards denver as well. talking about some snow. sae time, wee talking about snow and cold temperatures. we're watching tropical storm otto. td number 16 yesterday. this is now increased its winds up to 70 miles an hour. it is expected to become a hurricane. you can see that track as we go through heading right over central america. and then out into the pacific ocean. our forecast for us today, looks beautiful. sunny skies, daytime high of 75 degrees. then for tonight, clear skies, not quite as cold overnight low of 59 degrees. another beautiful looking day for tomorrow mainly sunny skies. daytime high a little bit warmer. 78 degrees. now on the water, winds are out northeast 10 knots. seas two feet light chop on bay high tide comes up 9:57 this evening. here's the seven-day forecast,
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into the upper 70s, low 80s by time we get into thanksgiving and black friday and very mild overnight lows once we get into the weekend. linda. >> thanks, jim up next teaching lifesaving lessons in the classroom. we'll show you the new cpr requirement for all hillsborough county high school students and plan to expand to other grades. you want wonderful crisp vegetables. can the mind body does? lean protein, fresh fruits. fitness program is hoping to change how people work out.
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and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury. math, science, and english can prepare students for anything a career may throw at them. but a new
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setting them up- to dr. jo has that story. and an i know you're a test later on housh long class a brandon high school may look like any other class. before you get to go home you have test on those numbers. after this lesson students will carry a new title. >> one more minute. life savers. just turn and put your hand in it hillsborough county schools requires all students to learn hands only cpr before they graduate. kind of like a dream. you know come to fulfillment. appear important to catch young people before they go off into world where more than 350,000 cases cardiac arrest occur each year in rust alone. we may never see them again we want to take whatever chance we have to communicate the information to save a life.
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the, cardiac arrest. and a practicing this in on someone in their own household. i feel excited because i never been through experience before. >> justin hester learning cpr for first time. the lesson will come in handy especially considering how much time he spends with his niece. i love my niece with all of my heart i would do anything to protect her. so i kind of took it upon myself to learn as much as i can from this. freshman lauren baby sits her nephew and already sees role in her life. certain circumstances like we were swimming or if we were at the playground or something it was good to know. instructors find one the oldest ways of remembering the correct method of cpr. anybody know the song i'm playing? is still the best. number one it has 100 beats per minute very positive because it has a keep that person alive. i didn't know how far you had to
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and how long you had to do it for educating a generation lessons of the heart preparing them for situations that can occur anywhere and any time. >> we really got an army of people out there in the community. that are going to be ready to step up if they are needed for fox medical team i'm dr. joette giovinco . program made possible by partnership between hillsborough county fire, the school board and american heart association. and it's been so successful school officials hope to add all middle school years. terrifying video skauth on a state trooper's dash cam of a wrong-way driver coming straight at him. we'll show you what that deputy
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only. informaiton about the man at carrabba's. arrested for killing a san
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"otis mck new information about man an arrest tore killing a san antonio police detective he said he was angry about child custody battle he's charge with capital murder in shooting detective bing min mary connie. he was writing a traffic ticket in squad car when he was shot to death. authorities say mccain targeted the officer. simply because of his uniform. despite the arrest a san antonio police chief officers are very much on edge. >> the fact he's taken into custody, does not negate fact there people out there still targeting police officers. so our officers will always be vigilant and on guard for that. >> detectives marconi was a 20-year veteran with the department. he is 60ly officers in nation to death this year. a st. police sergeant who was shot 22 is in face was released from hospital. gunman 19-year-old george bush
12:30 pm
investigators believe bush shot the sergeant while he sat in traffic because he, bush was, murder suspect and was afraid of being recognized. >> in missouri glad stone police officer is expected to recover after being shot in the line of duty. officer just pauled over a car when passenger darted out of the vehicle. shots were fired after short chase. both officer and suspect were hit. the gunman died and the officer has been released from the hospital. >> and here in florida, author's say they've arrested a man for officer in sanibel. officer was filling out paperwork during a traffic stop when he was shot in the shoulder. >> john hey was injured during shoot out with police then arrested. investigators have not released a motive. police in philadelphia say it was no accident. a package that exploded in a man's apartment contained a device that was meant to hurt someone. early this morning a man was opening a box that he thought contained maybe an inhaler or something other type of
12:31 pm
chemicals in medicine accidently exploded. but now they say that package was target specific they don't think it was an act terrorism. a man suffered injuries to his hands and chest he was taken to hospital for treatment and in stable condition. >> president-elect trump is heading off to florida for thanksgiving holiday later today. but before leaving trump continues meeting with potential administration hire laying out his vision for his first 100 's joel waldman reports. foregoing traditional news conference held by previous president-elect. mr. trump instead turned to youtube. in his own video saying his agenda will be based on a simple core principle putting america first. among his promise first 100 days. negotiate new trade deals, removing regulations on businesses and deporting undocument immigrants who have committed crimes notably absent from m trump's agenda his pledge
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and his vow to build a southern wall. i don't think there a wall across entire border he kind of admitted that now but enforcement agenda will happen. mr. trump also appears to be backing off in another controversial campaign promise. he won't pursue investigations into hillary clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state according to media reports. i do hope that all donald trump said about crook we just don't let it go. trump tower remains bustling with activity in anticipation. yesterday, mr. trump met with members of broadcast media while today plans to head to the "new york times" despite this earlier tweet. i cancelled today meeting with a failing "new york times" when the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last moment. not nice. >> one of president-elect trump's strongest supporter chris christie says he has no
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serve out his term as new jersey governor. in washington, joel waldman, fox 13 news. >> all right look at this dramatic dash cam video from utah. it shows a state trooper speeding toward a wrong-way driver. soon as driver spots on coming headlights he does what's atrained to do he puts himself in pardon me harm's way to protect other with incredible precision hits the back of car cause it to spin out. no one was nice. he is four time nascar cup series champion and winner of 93 career nascar cup series raises. now he's got a book out. his biography. what even you die hard fans don't know about jeff gordon
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he's four time nascar cup series champion and winner of near career cup series race and now his biography is hitting stands. well welcome retired nascar driver jeff gordon to the fox 13 news at noon. jeff, welcome. thank you very much. so let's start with biography. book and is this something you had in mind for a while? >> yeah. i kind of knew that joe who wrote the book with me, we had talked about a project a long time ago. i love his books. and his approach. so thought, well maybe one day we will be able to do that. when i knew my coming in homestead last year. i thought this is a perfect time. so we spent about a year and a half together traveling together. you know getting to know me as
12:37 pm
that, that were crucial role along the way in my career. and toe me it was very therapeutic to relive those moments. to reveal some that things maybe people don't didn't realize what this that journey was like great to put down in writing a well. some great pictures. you know we were to hold on to the years veteran there that kind of complete it. that leads me right into question fans are really some most passionate fans in sport they know just about every aspect of career something in this book even your most voted fans may not know? >> well i think it just starts right in chapter 1. you know, my mom and my dad and you know, what was happening in their lives and then how my stepfather you know, came into the picture. and you know really was a great dad to my sister and myself. introduced both of us to race cars my sister didn't want to
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regrets that she wishes she could danica patrick today. that, that right there in itself sacrifices the commitment they made and what they gave up to help me pursue racing. i think is not quite what lot of people were imagining it to be. today is release loo et cetera date how your nervous does compare to anyway that first cup race? >> not quite. i mean it's interesting. thou produce this our self publish this book. and so, you know, it's been online a little bit. some people have got ep early copies of it. and said some great things about. you know today's official launch. out in retail stores, so we'll see. yeah, anxious moment to see how people react to it and hey the holidays are coming upgreat, great edition to christmas list. jeff with this i don't know if you can see i'm holding a copy of your book let's tell everybody where they can find
12:39 pm
stores. but also, if you want to know which one carries it near you go to jeff and you can either get it online as well at amazon. thanks, jeff so much for joining us. all right. thank you so much. nice guy. here's a live look outside right now meteorologist jim weber will have another check on your
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, hey everybody i'm charley belcher coming to you from mike's pies today. we figure pies might be on minds of some in thanksgiving rapidly approaches and maybe a pecan pie or a pumpkin cheese cake for dessert. i never even get them. you better hurry. this is the, this is the tampa number one pie guy right here. behind mike's pis. how did it all start, mike? >> well i got tired to wait for
12:42 pm
of 5 we literally fought over the cherry pie they holidays. i was 27, i'm like why do i have to wait for christmas, thanksgiving. i'm with mom show me how to make that. did you share recipe? not at all. hard to do because she was going at it. she wasn't measuring anything. she was free pouring sugar. whoa, whoa. i had to stop and pour it into measuring cup so i could right it all down. still my favorite. and you started giving them years and everybody said man you got to sell these final in 1992 you said all right. let's give it a shot. exactly what i did. but i was trying to look something in wine business i was looking something where i could stay home and a help raise the kids i was traveling the kids now here i am five 00 times more than i it when iowa the in liquor and wine business. but, the benefits certainly out weigh that.
12:43 pm
he sold 600,000 pies. you've got this beautiful production facility. how many employees do you got and tell me a little bit about the facility. we moved here in 2011. it's 30,000 square feet. we moved from 16 square,000 foot facility. i say we moved here we probably have 30 employees. we're now at 64. and still, still hiring. and we're running two shifts. crew that comes in at 6. another one comes in at 2:. aound the clock because we have time to clean the facility. and that's what we have a cleaning crew that comes at night and that's. how many different pies and cakes are you making? >> we're probably doing about 65 different flavors. whoa. but main line the ones right down the center center the plate our key lime, apple pie new york cheese cake pecan pie peanut butter pie and chocolate cake. something that sets apart you
12:44 pm
putting 10,000 pies and hoping to sell them. you're not going into production until your orders come in we ask for two week notice. so far it's, it's worked. and as long as we can continue to do that this way we will do it that way. bass i mentioned to you yerl point of sale point where the fork goes into the pie as long as we get that to customer highest quality they are going buy it next time they come in. that's where our value comes in a supplier. right here. this time of year all about pumpkin cheese cake. and that, that's your biggest seller and two months a year. two months as he mention earlier number 8 on list key lime half our business. and nice. just today you can find peanut butter pie local winn-dixie stores. restaurants and grocery stores nationwide now that how big
12:45 pm
ling you to website, mike's you can find out exactly where you can buy them. you can actually order and pick them up right here production facility on florida mining boulevard and waters. to be exact. two late to order anything for thanksgiving. but you can start thinking christmas orders you can stop in today tomorrow and buy something that they already have on hand. for the info. and enjoy. charley mmm, are you hungry now you don't want to jump airplane and be adventurous just place for bay area first indoor sky center opens today we sent fox 13's walter allen to i fly's grand opening. i fly tuesday afternoon. sky diving without the danger element. i'll step out way.
12:46 pm
daniel is joining thus afternoon. daniel, you were one top instructors. gwen this is first time this is number market a lot beginners that's what you alike lot of people to come out try it. absolutely. we want to show anybody in family can do this. any anal one few activities or whole family can participate. we fly people from 3 to 103 years old. so anybody can get in there and learn. it's structured at nice pace. to where weaver never going push people outside of their comfort zone we will keep you learning whole come in and you walk, work on body movements did movements and that sort of thing? right you will get checked in when your class starts you go classroom you watch short video explaining kind basics of flying and what to expect. then instructor will do detailed review with you. teach you the body position of flying with different hand signals are obvious super loud so we can't talk and rely on communicating with our hands. go through that process. it takes about 15 minutes then you will get geared up with class jump suit helmet goggle
12:47 pm
your rotation fly your instructor will give you tips on how to improve your flight when your rotation is over take seat at the and of the beach everyone else flies and you fly again. 3 to 103. what kind of people do you market to? i mean birthday parties bachelorette parties? everything. lots of kids birthday parties. obviously really big for them i would have loved to have this when i was a kid corporate events. team building. we have stem programs field trips for kids stem is technology, engineering and math. and it, it's field trip where we teach them the physics of flight with different balls and things that different wind speeds how science behind it works. it's, it's good for everybody. now when you see people in light bulb goes off oh my goodness i can do thshg so much fun from your perspective what's that like when you teach people get involved in that kind of enjoyable process. that's most rewarding part for
12:48 pm
they are understanding what you're trying to communicate to them, and they get it you can release them they fly that's best part. because it takes me back to when i first got it. i'm reliving it through them. that's awesome. thank you very much. you folks at home if you're wondering open 365 days a week. a week appear a year 365 days a year including thanksgiving and christmas. located right here in brandon area right boos pro shops. and top golf. you can come ifly. walter allen. why didn't walter get in there? i wonder. yeah. be a good christmas gift for kids a little bit older than yours. >> that does look like a lot of fun right there. yeah. lot safer than jumping out plane too. take it from someone who knows. we've had some just beautiful looking weather over the past several days. cold starts in the morning in fact, brooksville, once again,
12:49 pm
but you look outside, from our usf marine science camera. that is just a gorgeous view there. lots of sunny skies. in fact as you look on to the east, not a cloud in the sky. very dry atmosphere. although we've got a little bit more moisture compared to yesterday. it's still very dry. way too dry to expect to see any cloud cover developing. right now here in tampa we're 71. 71 a popular number over in new tampa. sun city center. west pinellas park as well. all at 71 degrees. start out at 32 this morning in brooksville. all way back up to 70 degrees right now. crystal river 72 degrees. weeki wachee 71. dade city very mild at 74 degrees. and all way up to 76 in sarasota. bradenton at 74. and lakewood ranch currently sits at 77 degrees at the noon hour. string of 70s throughout interior. in fact many of these places from bartow all way down towards
12:50 pm
the 30s as well. you have started that warming trend. just about everybody running between 5, 6, 17 up to some cases up to about nine degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. i always say this a lot that dry air. 2 cools quickly also warms quickly. now that the winds have switched armor towards an easterly direction. we're not tapping that much colder air from the north. we're bringing in air across the state which allows it to really moderate and warm up day. so we do cool off at night. we're just not going to cooling off as much over next several anythings we're not going to continue to continue to bring down that colder air from north. right through middle of country. lots going on a couple cold fronts. some rain moving into iowa as you work your way to the north of that pink shade that's sleet sleet and freezing rain snow mixed in there as well once you get into higher elevations, up towards denver we're also
12:51 pm
tropics, yeah still hurricane season. this here is tropical storm otto. it continues to gain strength. right now winds are at 70 miles an hour currently stationery. 10.4 degrees north 79.4 degrees west. it is expected to gain more strength as we go through the next 24 to 36 hours. eventually could making land fall with winds of 90 miles an hour. then eventually working its way out into the pacific. now for nice looking weather. sunny skies, daytime high of 75 for today. for tonight not quite as cold overnight low of 59 degrees. looks good for tomorrow as well. cool start in morning. but we're up to 78 during the afternoon. here's the seven-day forecast, we will continue that warming trend as we head towards thanksgiving and into black friday. daytime highs in the low 80s. and overnight lows pretty mild into weekend low 60s as well linda. thanks, jim getting cooler that
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
((linda-vo-)) a major migration is under way. the cold weather is driving hundreds of sea cows to warmer crystal river and all along the coast. coming into tampa bay in crystal river and all along the coast. >> manatee viewing center in apollo beach is packed with people watching manatees. fox 13 lloyd sowers tells us about the manatee's rush to warm water. >> the perfect storm happened under a clear blue sky. and the sea cows came by the dozens. >> with water cooley down we've probably got couple hundred in here today.
12:55 pm
more top side. teco's manatee viewing center m apollo beach with a warm water from power station in refuge my youngest shown at although interest in animals in nature. they get a great kick. they arrive this season amid good and bad news on plus side, scientist count more sea cows than ever around 6,000. but it could also be record year manatee's killed by boats. stressful sometim them numbers coming up then you have a bad year where lot of them have died by cold stressor hits by, you know, boats or things like that. so yeah, it's kind of an up and down issue. so far 91 manatee have been killed by boats this year. now they are on move to remember wasser waters, that number could go up. >> that stra manatee zones went up for boaters last week. with more manatees now rushing to stay warm the danger goes up.
12:56 pm
they are known by their marks every manatee in wild has some type of scar. they log them, take pictures of them and that's how they identify them. but on this day, hundreds see the sea cows after chilly night found a protective place under a bright blue sky. in the warm waters of the refuge. lloyd sowers, fox 13 news. they are back. even though it might warm up for us a little bit they are probably here to stay for while yeah i think so water 60s. as we get more and more cold fronts that water temperature will just continue to cool down. they are there for a while now. warming up for us. yeah a little out bit warmer we go through week here if you like cooler temperatures get outside and enjoy it we're in warming trend right now. you can see by thanksgiving we are look a did i time high 80 same on black friday. good news even though we're warming things up the humidity stays low. so still be very comfortable outside. i love it thanks jim news
12:57 pm
latest all day on and on our fox 13 news app on your phone. look more news, weather and sports begin give 5 o'clock i hope to see aright back with us a 5. until then have a great afternoon. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company."
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serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own.
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today on the real. the take over continues. >> did he pass down the gift of beat boxing to you? i don't think so. >> i smoke weed. weed don't make you do this. how you going to handle at the thanksgiving table. >> i need to enjoy my turkey. >> plus holiday hair the natural way. and then it's we read you.


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