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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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(mark we're following a news alert >> well, we're following a fox news alert tonight at 10:00. another police officer shot on pa trosm the manhunt to find gun man. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero.
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irst month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> at the moment of crair tirks it's like wait a minute. i think someone just stole my car. >> no doubt it's shock and so is the amount of cars they toofnght the common link ben twen all of these victims. >> my boss freaked out and stoodz back sow came around to her like this. >> and he struck four times in the past 24 hours. tonight at 10:00 yoo why investigate investigators say this robber is getting more bold. >> we were look at 3000 for the four day weekend. >> and a quick way to make a few thousand dollars in one weekend. how some are cashing in on college football. >> you're watching fox 13, and the 10:00 news starts now. >> good evening everybody and
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i'm mark will son. glad to have you you with us. first a news alert. and a wane state university police officer has been shot. right now a massive manhunt underway to find the shooter department. troit tv stations are reporting the officer was shot in the head while he was stopping a man on a bike. this all happened off campus. the officer stopped the man but he was in the neighborhood investigating recent car robberies. detroit police chief says the officer is tonight. >> so sad. all right 46 stolen cars just in the last two months. they all have one thing in common. they were left unlock. but tonight deputies say they arrested the guys who did it. evan alex bank with more for s. >> evan. >> reporter: and all 46 cars that were stolen this had their doors unlocked. they call it car hoping.
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driveway trying each door handle and pulling on them until one opens. that feeling when. >> wait a minute, think someone stole my car. >> it happened to easm costa. he went up and down the street check the cars. >> just as it did to his neighbor, jason. and we were freaking out. both their cars found 30 miles way from riverview in clearwater all smashed up. of 46 cars take nent last two months, 41 have been recovered but mostly near where they were taken from. and it bolings bog wills my mind to know what is going through their mind to steal something. >> and all of the cars were unlocked and had the keys in them or north car in the driveway. 14 arrests made on 50 felonies including to cory cruz, david
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one only 13 years old. >> some of the teens were in alternative schools. so they had problems before. one of the teens had been arrested 11 times and he is only 16. deputies say some of the suspects tried to turn the parts in for money and others stripped them anything vawl bell and left the cars wherever. you cannot leave that temptation out there qulieferg vehicle unlocked and leaving the vawl bells inside. >> both costa and rodriguez say it's a lesson learned normally we keep everything locked to make sure that never happens. >> reporter: and deputies say the 14 suspects are not all necessary in one group but this is a group of 14 who were in several different griewsms 14 people total arrested. and gun were recovered by sheriff deputies meaning those guns are not out on the street. >> that's great news. that would have made it worse
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one of us. a trip to the atm turning dangerous for a man in osceola county. new video of a scary scene played out and you can see him parked by the atm. and out of no where, look at this. two guys run up with a gun. they asked him to get out of car and instead he hit the car gas and they fired assist drove o. he was shot in the arm bu and not badzly hurt this. all happened last weekend. tonight the guys are still on the run. ander and today prosecutors charged her for the death but today the mother worked out a deal with the state that will lieu her to get out of jail and go home. in february 20 15, her 6-year-ld daughter died from dandy walker syndrome after a number of surgeries she had been wawrnd warnd a severe headache could be fatal to her daughter. when the girl complained of a headache she took her to the
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and prosecutors say it wasn't long before the headache returned. >> and law enforcement and asking the defendant to take her to the dmplet the defendant refused saying they were too week. the child died hours later and prosecutors reduced the charges from man slawter to child neglect after two doctors disagreed on whether the little girl could of been saved with a immediate medical care. found in evidence of foul play at family hoavment she get to go home now and serve five years probation. >> the clearwater police now and the search for mawn who robbed four different bips neses in 24 hours. during one of the hits he poind the gun at the cash year. they want to is making sure he doesn't strike again. and hayley here with more on it. what do we know about it? >> reporter: we're on state
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he srk, he came here to rob the store in broad daylight and ignored the warn. he has a lot of nerve gentleman. >> and so far a four and zero record for crime. police say this man robbed and orr attempted to rob four different stores in a two hour period two of them 15 minute as part. it started monday at 31:00 a.m. he entered the speedway on drew street and implied he had a weapon and grabbed cash and took o. rob the store but went way empty handed. 15 minutes later they say he drove to rs market and deli and pizzeria. >> and he pulled up along side of the building here and came here and had his hoody drawn like this. this time around the man got more aggressive. he was like open the register. open the register. by o boss stood back and sow came around the corner and held
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and he jumped p pped over the counter and he was out. >> another employee chased after him way kitchen knife, slark the front tire of his early nissan sentra but even a flat wasn't enough of a deterrent because tuesday morning he made this 7-eleven on drew street his 4-bg target getting way with a handful of cash. so far no leads on a suspect but lucky streem streak, the crime can only last so long. >> he muffs needed it i guess. i don't know what else to say >> reporter: if you recognize the man in the surveillance pictures, make sure goif clearwater police a call right way. he was most 'recently seen wearing a blue hood sweat shirt with gray gardening gloves and black on the palm. back to you mark. >> thank you so much and the pasco town cown ti work leads to an arrest of a suspected bank robber. walked into the new port richey wells fargo and started yelling he had a gun this is a previous
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deputies say he left the bank with cash in hand and tried unsuccessfully to get in two different cars. the deputies caught up with him on foot and tackled him. we do have a happy ending to night to tell you about a story of a stolen dock dog. remember this. we told you over the weekend this. yorkie named bella was taken from her home, her yard in st. pete. tonight we can tell you she is safe and sound back at hoavment thank goodness. her family says they received a call from somebody who said they took her. they didn't know who she o belonged too 'til now. bella's family says they are just very happy to have her bap back home and safe and sound with him. and looks like she is happy to be back home too. and tampa will soon be transformed into a hotspot for fans. and coming up in january, coming up in tonight, the creative way some are tbhark con crowds for the national championship game
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imagine coming to work here every day. i'm fox 13 chris kay to. we're taking you inside the central florida company that produces some of the most popular video games in the world including madden nfl. >> >> and what a weather streak we're on. we can't even find a cloud. another cloud free day today and ended on a great note. take a look outside thing and what a great sunset. this is from siesta key. clouds will eventually move i% site well. have the seven day forecast
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a victo >> we have news of a victory tonight in the fight against zika. the area where the virus is spreading right now in south florida is slimpg. that's gt niewsms o. gof nor scott snopg miami beach today to share the good news. a 3-mile area of that city is free of zika transmissions. >> today the good news is that for beach area that was impacted, we're able to clear it now because it's been 45 days since our last time, last time of active transmission. >> that's out stand oog yeah, the department of health believes zika is snreaghtd southern part of miami beach and little river area. pregnant women still advised to stay way from the areas. and still unsettling effect of the effects on babies. infants
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develop microcephaly after birth. cdc released 2350eu7bd gz today saying 13 born with normal size heads and researchers say 11 of them ended up developing microcephaly after they were born. researchers say those infants did have other brain abnormalities as well that were consistent with the zika virus. >> the biggest college football game year could mean big bucks for hoanl owners in tampa. on january 9th, the stadium is ship and that means tens of thousands of fans flooding to the city and as hotels are book up, residence are starting to list their homes for rent at top to 'do lar. fox 13 crystal clark is here now with more on how you could cash n. okay tell us crystal. like many people found out when tampa hosted the super bowl back in 2009, a quick way to make a few thousand dollars in one weekend. now they say they are lition their homes, con dorksz even
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urging people to use caution. >> it's not a get small house either. stacey teagen is hoarpg two bedroom home in seminole heights will be a hotspot for toot ball fans. we're 3 miles way from everything. the stadium as well as ybor city. >> it's one of several locations in tampa that could draw renders during the college football national championship more than a month way. shows 70% of area hotels are booked. the demand for beds is why folks like teagen can justify these price oosms we were looking at 3000 for the four day weekend. she posted hefer home on craig's list and air b&b. check out difference in listing prices. the first weekend in december, 100 to 200 a night is an average cost but for game weekend in january, some owners have already hiked their brieses hundreds. one listing is more than $7000. i've heard in the past that it's
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but tampa police warn the easy money could come with way bigger price tag if renters damage your home. it's risky to open your doors to someone you don't next best thing to could not leave any high currency laying around or any firearms around. and before listing your place make sure your porely covered for theft and damage with your insurance company. take photos of your items and fo toast your residents. air as liability cover up to $1 million. segan says she he is is she is willing to take a rest are for a big die. i'm really not that concern. i think most people are here for the sporting event and not here to terrorize the town or my home. and tonight many popular hotels like downtown like the hilton and meridian are all full as of that first weekend in january.
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fo peld for a room that same weekend n. news room. crystal clark. foosm 13 news. >> all right. and thank you crystal. we don't next if we have speculation they mine here. >> i bet alabama fans but we don't know else. >> alabama and everyone else. and the top four were alabama, alabama, alabama, offense, defense. >> something like that. >> how we doing? still doo good. i i suppose it could be a couple degrees warmer and maybe a cloud go by. that would be a nice pack fa pore tor up. and let's take a look outside. another cloud free day. this is that chaim per of commerce picture you see a in a brochure someplace. that's how nice it s. same time today it was raining and miserable in chicago and chilly in the northeast and that's like a magnet. clearwater beach earlier today from jonathan nofnlt water temperature is chilly.
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and eventually this is how the day ended in apollo beach from donald stokely. beautiful shot and again another cloud free day today. the winds continue to filter in from the northeast and air continues to be dry even though the dewpoints rup a littl bit from a couple days ago. we stay with dry air pretty much lock nvmentd shows up nicely on the water vapor imagery. all the red investigates no water in the atmosphere. no we'll eventually see partly cloudy skies and maybe fair weather clouds developing tomorrow but the only thing we'll add to these rainfall numbers is to get a front november through and there are some signs that maybe next week, maybe tuesday, wednesdayish that could be the front headed our way but not until then. rainfall october 1st is 1.56. the deficite for november is now
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in this will end up with a .01 of an inch of rain in the rain gage at tia. and right now much more pleasant. a couple nights ago n- spots in the faux 40s and now holding in the 50s and 60s. so the atmosphere is warming up and the dewpoints are warming up a little bit. we lay dewpoint monday afternoon that was running about 15 degrees in pam ta. that's about as low as we ever get around tampa bay. a dewpoint that's like phoenix arizona kind of dry. for your travels tomorrow, low pressure going up in the mississippi valley so if by chance you're flying out to chicago or detroit, there maybe some delay. talking about detroit. i'm talking about o'hare and midway and milwaukee. maybe some flight delays. typical flight delays in the northeast and that could be a problem on thanksgiving day. with some developing rain and snow in the north east.
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what may eventually impact us is the weakening cold front and that may bring another surge of drier and slightly cooler weather for the weekend. but simply pitt put, thanksgiving day looks outstanding. 68 degrees at # a. 77 by noon and seven 3weu6 5:00. that's pretty good. and the same time we're talking about snow and cool temperatures. hurricane season is still ongoing and we actually have a hurricane on the map. can you believe this? >> this is hurricane southern caribbean sea. few of ever seen a storm down here in november t. is moving to the west and there may be what we look back on the record. there's never been a land falling hurricane in costa recavment it will be awfully close and then it will slice across central america. if is holds together, we think it will. this will stay as hurricane otto in the pacific. how often do you see this track
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coming our way. mostly clear, milder tonight and 58. sunshine tomorrow. fantastic wednesday. a lot of you may be working a half a day tomorrow. looks good. 77 for high and then thanksgiving. really good. lots of sunshine and mild. highs approaching 80. after that there is some hoam hope that we could see showers% at some point next week. at this pointy think it would be nice if we somehow get a rainy day. temperatures then shouldn't be 80s. back to you. >> thank you paul. >> for the first time school imus bs driver charged with the crash that killed five students. >> my heart and love is going out to all that was harmed, in harms way. >> that is still to come tonight. why she says her son needs compassion and what she has to
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z24zxz z12fz y24zxy y12fy driving info. all on good bay day wednesday. >> tonight six children still in critical condition after a school bus crash yesterday in chattanooga tennessee and for the first time we're hearing now
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driver. >> yesterday's accident left five elementary school children dead and cynthia is following the very latest from today. sin thee a. >> still a terrible story. five dead and six critical. 124-year-old walker is in jail tonight. he is facing charges including is vehicular homicide and wreckless driving and wreckless endangerment. a reporter spoke to her his mother by phone and she asked fo gave love to all the families. my son called me as soon as it happened. >> what did he say? i've been in an accident on the bus. he was trying to get the kids off the bus and bodies was every where he was explaining and the
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and flipped over on it's side. investigators say that walker was speeding down a narrow road at the time t. took emergency workers nearly two hours to get all the children o. more than 206 them were taken to hospitals >> and still some unanswered questions at this time but our pry toir remains in the students weemplet doing what twoak help the students through this time. >> and that's been the challenge. how are break the news to him. he don't understand. all i do is hold her and hug her and tell her i love her. >> all those students went to the sameel men stri school. counselors were there to help the teachers and students cope with what happened. the ntsb has been investigating on the scene and they will be removing the data on the black bovment walk ir is in jail on a hundred thousand dollars bond. he is scheduled to be in court a
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>> so tragic. thank you cynthia. >> up next change of heart. where why it looks like donald trump is change his mind about pursuing charges against hillary clinton. >> for the record we don't play video games all day every day. which i lot of people think. >> so what do they do? after the break a inside look at world of ea sports. we'll talk with the man behind one of the biggest video games in the business. your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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he called her "crooked hillary"..and his followers chanted "lock her up"! >> well, he called her crooked hillary and his followers chanted lock her up. >> but tonight a major reversal from trump. the president-elect announcing le not pursue criminal charges against clinton. he said today pressing charges against clinton could be decisive for the country but said prosecution could still abe oppose bite. and one new york
10:31 pm
my in cla nation would be on the matter so to say let's go forward. that's been looked at so long. add nausea. >> a much different tone than we saw on the campaign trail. it's just awfully good that someone with the tem mer man. donald trump is not in charge of the law of our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> that was the quote of course. president-elect in palm beach for the thanksgiving. when he gets back expect the high filled. >> and tonight rumbling of possible terror attacks in the u.s. this holiday weekend. homeland security sent out animal cyst to all law enforcement after the latest isis propaganda magazine called on the foarlz use trucks as weapons and mere mir or the july attacks in niece france. and they did not announce the
10:32 pm
high profile holiday events. >> and you see the threats coming from isil and the ra maya magazine where it says that the parade would be a good target. we understand. that we accept that. that's our operating premise each and every day. >> just yesterday main from wrook land originally from yemen woz was rested. court documents show supported an attack by isis in time square using a garbage truck. well, if there's a game mer in now yowr house, they spr hav probably already given you a list of video games they must have for christmas. chances have many are made here in south florida did you know. and ea sports building, chris paid a visit. hawnd a chance to bentd air of one of the most influential game produces in the business this. has been one of the biggest games in the business. >> going back to 28 years now in 188 when some of us were more interested in it in school.
10:33 pm
he is a bucs fan and his story o blirt rates that the parents want the kids to stop playing video games to focus on their education. for the record we don't play video games all day every day which people think. shaun tries to down play it but he knows he works in one of the coolest offices in corporate merge. the walls are covered with awesome sports gear. random reems so people can attend meetd meetings and every coffee and cereal. the fuel for video games. [n welcome to electronic art continuer ron. this wall a shrine to every game ever created here. some of the most popular sports titles in the world including the crown jewel of them all madden nfl. >> shaun group in orlando cheering for the bufnlgtz like many of us his love fair with
10:34 pm
state. i used to drive down to gainesville and play my buddies and beat them back in the day. after grawd waiting degree at information science. shaun went to woorkt ao lnchts at the time his favorite game was being made in california but cha thainged in 1997 when they hired him to produce madden n. a way they also hired shaun. i played madden my whole liesm and mad sen being made in my home city. scheerly i need to be work throosmght he continue o ron in 2004. he joined the madden team and this year was promoted to executive producer e. math adges the team of 150 people and sky high expeck fiergtsz most successful of all time. since 1988. madden has generated over $4 billion in revenue. >> you're at theafd huge money maker. do you feel pressure? well, i feel pressure in the sense more to the fans honestly.
10:35 pm
guy that flaid game and braut it every year. i want to make sure the fans are gheaght they wafnlt sure you don't want to make a mistake ien multi million dollar project but at the end of the day, i want the fans to be happy ievment want the guys to have a good experience every single year. the latest veferghts game, madden nfl17 debuted in august to rave reviews. the improved animation of running back. the team wanted to give them distint styles that match the carrier. adrian foo peterson looks like adrian meet peter son. you get a feefl who the players are in the real nfl. and some of the play rertz biggest fans and toughest cred critics e. has an employee dedicated to handling players requests and complaints ievment can tell you the no. 1 request for us every time is always speesmed every player says they are faster than we think that they are. but shaun's team doesn't waiver
10:36 pm
which is updates weekly throughout the season to change the players abilities. and next year will be shaun's first season as detective producer, a title i he may never get used to. i have to admit it's exciting and fun when his son introduced me to one of his buddies as executive producer of madden. everyone east face lights up. they all note pro daifnlgt love nfl fans out there. i'm the luckiest guy in the world. i get. that it's anon >> so kids if you're out there in the dorm room playing, keep dreaming. stay dpowsd. shaun proof it can happen to you. and nba live is produced by tibaron. in very sent years it hasn't done swoavment so ea brought nay new team to revam it and launch it and i sat down with the producer of nba live to discuss how they are improving that game
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guys. >> very troosmght they are all faster in person like we are much skin any in person. of course we rsm so amazing. the graphics like you sevmentd my 14-year-old will be in there praying and i this think it's the real game. it's so crazy. and getting better year after year. still head night starbucks price hiefnlgtz the second time company has raised prices in four months. you'll be paying more for and
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? music ? welcome to disney springs.
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c >> coming up in a few minutes at 11:00. a local family on edge after somebody tried to break in through their daughter's bedroom window. they found this hole. look. that possibly cut out of glass so. what stopped the guy from finishing the job and why this case has deputies truly scratching their head. and a pick pocket who baird it all a revealing approach to taking the cash. coming up on the fox 13:11 news. thank you so much sin thee a. the holiday shopping season is about to kick into high gear. tampa police are keeping an eye on guys from now on through january thimplets tam a pa police will be closely monitoring park lots at shopping centers. that includes west shore and international malls. officers will be on foot, on horseback.
10:41 pm
it's called operation secret santa. trk pb drks says the operation is effective when it started actually in 2004. 67 people had items sto lel o- len out of their cars at west shore orrin inn malls and last year they only had eight incidents. so moving in the right directions. yes wrerks learn oog. >> bad news for starbucks lovers. prices for your favorite trirchgz and treats are going umm up. the second time in o four months price for certain cold drinks and bike ri items by to cents. back in july the price went up for the lattes rose 20 cents and certain other prices increase bid a dime. >> and critical strefnlgt season here and today they got word that they would be mission a player for the next four games due to suspension. get your details on the site. and the bulls still have slim
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some mind. one thing that needs thoop in toward to get there. beat rivals this week and the war on i-4 and we'll pretu well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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(mark/ now its time for the good stuff.. it's been >> all right. good stuff sto night. a busy day at the grocery store for a lot of firefighter oosms yes it has pinellas county at the park. firefighters and their families went shopping to buy enough food to give thanksgiving meals to 13 families in need. the department started helping the families about ten years ago. we're very thankful as fay family. the dmien our son caiden is coming up on his five year anniversary of being cancer freesm we wanted to bless the community by being able to give back. >> and the firefighter union helps pay for the neevmentz weekend the firefighters say they will start working on the christmas project when they will help more families with meals and gifts and that is just wonderful to see out there doing good. and helping people all over the world. a couple place oosms and how about this veteran who will have, a veteran and his wife
10:46 pm
today. we want to show you more. wuk a near great and martin and the hard work of many volume enteempletz the foundation. in 2012, that is staff shar sergeant jet. he lost his leg toy a roadside bomb in afghanistan. there sevment after extensive rehab he and his wife moved to tampa so he could go to usf and she could help other veterans by training service disogz to them. they and now the family foundation has this, brand new home. it going to be a big stevment you was hurt in afghanistan and life is different and it's going to noah low me to keep moving forward in life without skip age beat and it means the world to iewssments. >> the foundation built the home in seminole heights using funds donate bid the community and labor donate bid a number of contractors. it's been building homes for combat wounded veterans since
10:47 pm
that is so fantastic so, important for them and see how happy they are in their new home. former bucks doing well and current bucks doing well in the community. that was a great night all around for the bucs. the bucs last # six games will expose what they are made of taking on explosive teams in football and two teams that o r- super bowl front runners. the dallas cowboys and seattle sea hawfnlgtz the bucks will be without jude this home stretch heasms been suspended for four games for violating the performance enhancing substance policy. in a statement he pool guyed and said he will be ready to contribute to the last two games. [n season. lek back week 16 at new orleans. and here's the fun we were talking about. no practice at bucs today but a busy place to be tonight. the 10th annual turkey time with the lowe o line event.
10:48 pm
full thanksgiving meals toy through bay area families in need this holiday. families leez drive up and the players load them up with everything they need. everybody is so grateful and thank dpuvment you know, less fortunate people than us and we're trying to make sure they have a good thanksgiving and they have fun and able to get a good meevment just to be able to put food you know in these family mouths that may not be able to you know possibly have the thanksgiving that they want. so just to be able to do that and lieu them to eat and enjoy each other as a bletion bless. we want to make sure that they see that we're as exciting to give out and give back thoam as they are to be here and get these meals. this is something that we enjoy coog, our big thing that we do for the community and we like to show how big. we did a really great job this year. >> and college and lsu want jimbo fisher but what does jimbo want. he is fully invest ned florida
10:49 pm
throughout the season. fisher makes $5.2 million a year at florida state. reports are that lsu may go to 6 million but his agent is drawing up the offer like a lucrative house ago low answer. meanwhile the noles have a big one in tallahassee again s at gators and the bulls gore win no. ten at hoavment noon on saturday at against ucf. brag rites of course aism sweet war on the trophy with a win and hopefully a temple loss could put them in the conference championships. >> not only to get this trophy but keep our tefl snefl contention for the championship you know. and we van opportunity for that and it won't be there if we don't take care of business so. important to get tej win for a lot of different reasons you know and hopefully the guys that dot ranking realize that usf is
10:50 pm
you know. still winning over here. >> and that's all they do. they just keep win. nut college football break came out night. top four remain the say. and michigan and ohio state play on saturday. so represumably washington and wisconsin the next two out. this weekend they'll have a chance for the win to replace the wolverines or buckeyes there. and conference championship games to play. so that is far from finisher. alab weeks. yes, so in the ron con frens championship so things will still shuffle. not finish product yet. college football is fun, fun. that time of year. thank you so much guys. coming up next. skipping out on black friday. you may be surprised to find
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z26jnz zy6z y26jny yy6y hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl,
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one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure.
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y26kry yy6y >> now, you're sky tower radar forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist paul dellegatto. >> and i love this shot. clearwater beach. a long exposure that highlights the stars off in the distance. we've had some fantastic skies
10:54 pm
no haze. spectacular visibility and just fantastic weather which should continue nonstop into the weekend. this is clearwater from christian pore tell who gets a fox 13 umbrella. if you want to enter a photo into the contest, simple. go to my facebook page. like t. an app in the corner that says weather picks contest and upload the photos of the app and as we said we give an umm umbrella way monday through friday at 105 5:00. right now the warming trend is cool inland. 60s near the coast. the only change coming up tomorrow is that more of an east wind before the sea breeze kicks n. probably develop some fair weather clouds. so the first time nay couple days we start seeing gair weather clouds and there could be a couple sprinkles and showers over the weekend that's front goes by but that really is about too. and the forecast for tomorrow is lots of shine and as a mentioned, some vair fair weather clouds could pop up
10:55 pm
>> looks like most of you will be stage home tonight just after that turkey dinner diergd new survey. nearly five out of six americans are planning to skip the doors stors on thanksgiving day and more than half say they will not be hunting for holiday gifts on black friday or cyber monday either but lots of folks are shopping at work. a separate report says more than one in two employees admits to while they are on the job. and while shopping at on the internet or the store. moars consumers say they bust their holiday budget with the average person over spending two. 15 bucks. for the first time on tuesday a. and the s&p closing above 2200 for the first time ever and all the major markets ending the day on record highs.
10:56 pm
and thank you neil. and still to come. what do michael jordan and ellen degenerous have in common? >> well, they both received a special this morning today and after the break what president obama has to dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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obama gives out med all of freedom. highest civilian hon nomple the medal has exist dz in some storm since the truman administration. and this year's winners include bill and melinda gates and ellen degenerous. singers bob dylan and the star of space jam, michale jackson. and the today we celebrate extraordinary americans who have our union and pushed us towards prices. i always love doing this event but this is a particularly impressive class. >> other winners include this year's oscar winner robert da mare o. apollo mish programmer. and a lor enmichaels and rock
11:00 pm
>> that is a really impressive group for sure. >> time now for the fox 13, 11:00 news. cynthia and chris, take it a wife. and we're following another news later where another police soafer has been shot. right now an all out stoamp find gunman. not just a threat on me and the officers. it's a threat on all of us this. must end and must end now. what we've learned about the moments leading up to that shooting and how the officer is doing now. >> you want to eat somewhere else. chipotle is not the healthiest place in the world. everyone knows this. but that isn't stopping customers from suing the class action lawsuit that says chipotle's calorie count is full of genes. it's very hard to find someone would try to go into any child's room. >> a home invasion type of a different kind. why this cut out window has deputies worried.


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