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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a k-9 deputy is shot and killed while chasing a >>russell: canine deputy shot and killed. the standoff going on hours later. it hit law >>laura: it is expected to be the busiest thanksgiving weekend in nearly a decade. holiday travellers are in for a wait. >>russell: and new video of a mysterious fire ball spotted over florida. this time flashing in front of police cars. >>dave: it is much warmer this morning. everybody is warmer. lakeland yesterday flirted with the 30s again.
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seconds, and we have 50 degrees in brandon. 54 in crystal river. temperatures again in the tampa area running about 58 degrees and a high today will likely get back to the upper 70s, close to 80 degrees. very, very nice so enjoy it. >>vanessa: definitely looks enjoyable to me. we're following new stuff in dover, a crash at u.s. 92 and if you can't avoid it, plan extra time and use caution. looks like we have some traffic signals malfunctioning in the tampa area. alamo at 50th street. signals will be on flash. teco is in route to fix the situation. in the meantime, remember, you'll treat flashing signals as a four-way stop. >>laura: developing this
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deputy is dead after chasing a man. >>russell: deputies were investigating a crime stoppers tip about a wanted fugitive at a home in deltona. while interviewing the people inside, deputies heard someone jump over the back fence. helicopters spotted him in the nearby woods. the canine, named forest, was tracking him when the gunman opened fire. deputies fired back. forest was shot in the cross fire. rushed to a nearby animal hospital but deputies say he could not be saved. deputies follow the shooter to a park where they have him surrounded for seven hours. they've been telling him to put down the gun and come out. so far he's refused. >>laura: forest was one of the newest canine deputies. he joined the sheriff's office in february. according to the officer down memorial page, 30 canine
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line of duty. forest is 31. >>russell: new this morning, usf police are investigating a suspicious death at the moffitt cancer center. investigators want to know which medicines were prescribed to 65-year-old herman biddings. he reportedly died while undergoing treatment for cancer. moffitt has not commented on the investigation. automobile. about 48.7 million people will take a trip over this thanksgiving holiday. >>russell: expected to be the busiest thanksgiving in nearly a decade and today is the busiest day. shayla reaves is at tampa international airport. we're already seeing a steady stream of folks, right? >>reporter: good morning to you. we're continuing to see the traffic building here inside tampa international airport and we expect that to continue throughout the day. i'm going to step aside here and
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stopping, waiting, sending people off throughout the morning and it's really going in spurts so far. and we expect at least some flow of traffic to continue as we get into the daylight hours. this is actually terminal c and we're told that more travellers, passengers make their way through this terminal than any other in the airport. we spoke with a woman headed to washington state this morning and she had this advice for other >> the earlier, the better or te less ideal time, the better. just try to beat the traffic and get through security as smoothly as possible and bring a book for the flight. >>reporter: and the rule again is to plan ahead. here's another live look at terminal c. this is actually the southwest terminal and airport officials tell us about 35% of all airport passengers travel through this terminal so if you're going to
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headed to your thanksgiving destination, we're told that tsa lines here at tampa international airport are among the shortest you'll find in the country. still when it comes to holiday travel, the best rule is to give yourself more time. try to arrive early. officials suggest between 90 minutes and two hours before your scheduled flight time. the good news to report, we've been telling you about airport construction here at tampa international until after december 2 and curbside pickup and dropoff is available in the blue arrival and departure side through december 2, too. hopefully that will provide a little bit of relief for folks picking up and dropping off as we make our way through the holiday weekend. back to you. >>laura: thanks. we need to get to vanessa for a look at holiday travel forecasts. >>vanessa: shayla reaves is looking at the air. i'm longing at the roads.
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wednesday before thanksgiving typically one of, if not the busiest travel day of the year. according to the traffic app waze, the watch will begin at 11:00 in the morning. company released this traffic forecast. we expect the gridlock to last all day so if you don't need to go far, they say tomorrow is a great day to drive. getting back home may be a different story. waze recommends leaving saturday but predicts that saturday will be 40% worse than on sunday so take that for what you will. today though historically, the day before thanksgiving has earned the name blackout wednesday. that's because it's one of the biggest drinking days of the year and law enforcement agencies are stepping up patrols and d.u.i. check points. so if you find yourself too
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aaa and bud light have teamed up for tow to go. 855-286-9246. you know, last year 973 people were killed in drunk driving crashes between thanksgiving and new year's day. 10% of all drunk driving crashes for the entire year. day before and after thanksgiving and christmas, more than 30% of fatalities were caused by drunk driving. please stay safe >>russell: there is another real concern the holiday weekend. the threat of possible terror attacks in the united states and europe. >>laura: law enforcement agencies investigate a specific threat from isis. the travel alert says there is credible information that isis and al qaeda are planning terrorist attacks throughout europe. places of worship, tourist sites
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transportation. the exact target is unknown but the warning is days after french authorities arrested several men suspected of planning an attack at a famous christmas market. >>russell: and at home, law enforcement agencies are on alert after a new isis magazine urged followers to carry out attacks this holiday weekend. they recommend using trucks as weapons. monday's arrest of a brooklyn man accused of plotting an attack using a garbage truck only >> terrorists have proven in the past and we have to assume they will probably capable in the future of using a variety of means, lethal means, to hurt, kill and damage innocent people and innocent property. >> the main point we were trying to convey to potential travellers is to be vigilant. >>russell: officials are warning travellers to stay vigilant and as always, if you see something that concerns you, say
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hillsborough county, deputies busted more than a dozen thieves responsible for stealing 46 cars in two months and in every single case, they say the doors were unlocked. deputies have made 14 arrests so far. five adults and nine juveniles, including one only 13 years old. today they're charged with 50 felonies. not all suspects are connected but deputies say some did work in small groups, stripping cars of anything valuable and then leaving them wherever. of the 46 been recovered. four guns were also stolen. those, too, have been recovered. >>russell: the search continues for a serial robber in clearwater. police are looking for a man who robbed or tried to rob four different businesses since sunday. latest happened yesterday at a 7-eleven on drew street. investigators think he's armed and getting bolder with each robbery. >>laura: a woman has admitted to making a bomb threat at the university of florida. according to university police,
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she said. they say jessica ward is not a student but works a coffee kiosk at the college of engineering and she told police she wanted to get off work so she called in the bogus threat. she faces one count of filing a false police report and bonded out of jail yesterday evening. >>russell: we have new video of that mysterious fire ball seen streaking across the skrie monday night. there's still no official word on what it was. take a look. thiss cameras were rolling about 11:17 monday night. the american meteorological society has gotten nearly 100 similar sightings. some scientists are calling it an extremely bright meteor. but there's still no official ruling. >>laura: maybe it was a sign of good luck.
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tonight's powerball jackpot is the 18th largest in u.s. history. top prize is an estimated $359 million. that's more than the movie batman versus superman made at the box office or enough to buy your own 747. cash option of $219.6 million. there have been 18 consecutive drawings without a winner. $2 will buy you a $292 million shot at the jackpo overnight in st. petersburg where a family had just brought home their newborn baby. >>laura: a neighbor and a very quick thinking family member saved this baby's life. alcides segui has that story coming up at 6:30. then it is a white house tradition. the annual turkey pardon. coming up, meet tater and tot and how you can decide which will live the rest of the days at gobblers rest. >>dave: 6:12. quite a different start to the
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i got 50s, even upper 50s and lower 60s back toward the coastline so very nice. sun will be up in just a bit. gorgeous day overall. looking at high temperatures back to the upper 70s for later
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>>dave: it is 6:15. let's go back. since october 1, we've really only had an inch and a half of rain and our november deficit well over an inch. it is so dry out we may finish this month with no rainfall. there's a last chance of picking up a shower early next week but to be honest, even that chance is still kind of low. november 9 the last time we had any recorded rainfall. not that .01 inch is anything to write home about. we talked earlier about how different it feels this morning. it's still light jacket weather. it's 52 in new tampa. 50 in brandon.
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one, st. petersburg at 61 degrees. here is where the big difference is. crystal river at 54 degrees this morning. close to 20 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. dade city, wesley chapel, loned o lakes, lakewood ranch all in the lower 50s. upper 50s for bradenton, for sarasota and i got low to mid 50s for inland locations. just a magnificent start to the day and look at the difference. look at the difference in temperatures. 10 chapel to brandon, 20 degrees warmer in crystal river. eight degrees warmer in tampa. even though you need a light jacket now, 9:00, it's gone. you don't need it. dew points are up. that's helping a little more moisture in the atmosphere. all that's going to translate into are a few clouds. no rain. and temperatures this afternoon should be very similar to yesterday. we may have 77, 78 for a high temperature yesterday.
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again for today. this front is going to do nothing for us so we're gust kind of sitting here, status quo, back to the upper 70s. you have a very disorganized looking hurricane. it's drifting toward costa rica and nicaragua. it's going to move through central america. very odd to have this type of track but especially as we're getting into last week, officially of hurricane season, but it is going to move over eastern pacific where it dies out sometimes over the weekend. so obviously not a bother to the lower 48 at all. highs today, we're going back to 78 degrees. sunrise at 6:58. tonight you're going to wake up even warmer, right? 63 in tampa versus the 58 we have now which is great because i know so many people, thousands and thousands of people are running the turkey trots tomorrow, right? mild to start things off.
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if your home thermometer says 80, don't be surprised but just in general, it's going to be a very, very, very nice holiday. east winds shifting to the northwest at 10 knots. low tide is at 4:08 this morning so high tide right around 10:00. here's the next seven. only one rain chance for the rest of the month. 20% next tuesday and maybe a hint of a cooldown for saturday and sunday. i just think that's still all in all a very nice forecast. >>vanessa: it is. we have sky fox checking out a new injury crash in the middle of an intersection. it's at 22nd avenue north and 28th street north and while you can see it is right there on that intersection, most of the traffic concerns we're seeing are to the westbound direction. i believe that's definitely the area to avoid. they have some driers being detoured through a parking lot so if you feel you want to head that way, plan a few extra minutes.
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watching other traffic patterns, not really seeing any other big concerns getting through other than it looks like there's going to be detours in the northbound direction, what we just saw a second ago. that's happening at 22nd and 28th street in the st. pete area. this is carrying over from earlier hours. a crash in the englewood part of sarasota county. northbound outside lane blocked. we have electrical lines down to >>laura: developing in detroit, a wayne state university police officer is recovering after he was shot in the head while on patrol. officials say that officer colin rose is out of surgery now but not totally out of the woods. meantime, a man considered a person of interest is in custody. shooting comes after a string of ambush style attacks targeting law enforcement across the
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mother is grieving the loss of her daughter while she waits for her two other children to recover in the hospital following a bus crash. five students were killed in that crash. the driver, that's 24-year-old walker, is charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. police issued a warrant to remove the black box from the bus and they're also investigating whether alcohol may have >>laura: donald trump arrived at his resort for thanksgiving. trump's stay will bring road closures and heightened security. how nasa is giving astronauts a taste of home this thanksgiving and looks like the cast of a next hollywood blockbuster but it's not.
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clicking >>laura: 6:23. time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: what's going on? >>jennifer: good morning. how are you doing? everybody good? it was an emotional day at the white house tuesday as president obama awarded 21 recipients with a medal of freedom. award is the highest civilian honor and goes to individuals who have contributed to notable change and progress in the united states. 21 recipients included famous names from hollywood as well as architects, scientists, mus president obama thanked them for helping to move america forward and inspiring millions. only ellen could make this happen. the most star studded mannequin challenge. have you seen this? right before the ceremony, ellen got all of her fellow honorees to pose for what i think is the most star studded mannequin challenge ever. pretty much everyone in the room, world famous, robert
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>>laura: that's an all star cast. it was neat to watch that. very cool. >>jennifer: we'll move on to this adorable pregnancy announcement from a mom expecting her fourth child. blogger mel watts shared this picture of her 1-year-old daughter telling her followers that number four is on the way. she also had a hysterical message to her crying her act together before baby four arrives saying, quote, we're sorry we lied. you are not our last baby. you have until june 2017 to get used to the idea. until then, we would appreciate it if you learned to sleep through the night. >>laura: good for mel having a sense of humor about that. very cute. >>jennifer: and this will be the last day i obsess about this. he has a "new york times" best selling book, an award winning
6:26 am
on facebook. cacuso, the celebrity dachshund and his dad ryan will join us in the studio to tell us about life in the spotlight and maybe even show us some of his favorite tricks. he's gone on many adventures. this is just one of the many. >>laura: you're very excited. >>jennifer: i'm very excited. >>laura: what time? >>jennifer: in the 9:00 hour. >>russell: >>laura: a family in st. petersburg has a lot to be thankful for this morning. >>russell: who day -- two days after bringing a newborn from the hospital, the house is on fire. astronauts need to eat.
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma!
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oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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((laura 2shot) good morning, i'm laura moody ((russell)) and i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. let's get to dave for the all important thanksgiving eve forecast. >>dave: it's a little warmer outside this morning and nicer. dew points are up so we're getting back to normal. and how pretty is this? tampa net cam, 58 degrees with a northeast wind hour. now i'm going to head you over to lakeland. first time we've seen clouds but still a beautiful start to the day. we're at 54 and they were in the lower 40s yesterday so big difference in temps. end result will be the same, though. back to upper 70s under mostly sunny skies. >>vanessa: wonderful, dave. thank you. 6:30. we're checking back in, in the st. pete crash. 22nd avenue north and 28th street, starting to see some cleanup now in the area and it looks like they're getting a
6:31 am
of the directions that were affected so plan extra time and please be careful as the cleanup continues here. live look here at 275 north end of the bridge. southbound lanes are heading away from us and all the tampa bound traffic is picking up. travel times should be good coming from pinellas heading to tampa side of the bridge. >>russell: a bad accident shut down a big portion of the brandon parkway. deputies say the driver of the car there's some heavy damage. one person inside of that car died. the roads are all back open now. >>laura: a common party trick nearly cost a 10-year-old boy his life. surveillance video shows this boy named josh playing with a balloon near a pool and minutes later it shows his parents frantically trying to breathe life in him. a combination of sucking helium and holding his breath likely
6:32 am
underwater. >>russell: florida health officials cleared part of the miami beach of zika. department of health has not detected any local transmissions of the virus on the north end of miami beach in more than 45 days. that leaves south miami beach where there hasn't been a locally transmitted case since october 24. pregnant women still urged to avoid travelling to miami dade if possible. >>laura: tragedy was avoided in st. petersburg overnight when a newborn and his family were >>russell: the baby had just been brought home monday. the bad news is the house is damaged but you can't get over how much worse this could have been, right? did we lose you, alcides segui? >>reporter: it could have been a lot worse. i'm here. you know, you said it exactly right. this could have been a lot worse. a family had just welcomed their new baby born into the home right here on monday and then all of this happened. there was a small fire actually
6:33 am
within a couple of minutes. no big deal, right? well, it was a big deal because there was another fire and then another fire so crews used a sledge hammer to actually break out the back concrete of that house and they realized the fire wasn't in the back patio. it was actually started behind the wall. meanwhile, the family was inside that house. they got out alive and they know how lucky they are this listen in. when we spoke to the father earlier this morning, they were telling us not only they lucky but his girlfriend, before that fire, she wasn't feeling well so she actually went to the hospital. thankfully she's okay but the good news here is that everyone is okay. clearly this could have been a lot worse. they think it was electrical fire as well. again, that started behind the wall. here is the thing. a neighbor called 911.
6:34 am
and actually told everyone inside that house, hey, get out because there's a fire in the back patio. you're going to hear from mark, the person inside the house who grabbed the baby and got out coming up in the 7:00 hour. back to you. >>russell: see you later. thank you. >>laura: florida forest service issued a fire danger warning as dry conditions fuelled wildfires throughout the state. >>russell: they're asking everyone to be early and avoid starting fires outdoors. counties with increased wildfire danger levels, in marked extreme. rest of tampa bay is high or very high and florida's official cause of wildfires, human carelessness with 20% caused by yard and trash burns. >>laura: turkeys are being shoved in ovens across america but two turkeys are getting good news.
6:35 am
killed is a tradition. president lincoln was the first president to spare a turkey's life but j.f.k. was first to officially pardon a turkey on thanksgiving. >>laura: let's meet the lucky bird or two. there are two this year. in case something happens to the main turkey, they're tater and tot, about 40 pounds. they were raised at a farm in iowa and once retire to gobbler's rest. they'll be neighbors to virginia tech's hokie bird. >>russell: there are still awe few hours left to see which turkey gets the president's pardon. there's over 42,000 votes. it is tied. tied. 50-50. >>laura: turkey is still on the menu aboard the international space station.
6:36 am
us. and here is dinner. give us a look. >> of course we're going to have our foods a little different so here's our turkey right here. it's going to be in a pouch. we'll heat this up and it will taste really good, just like you're having it at home. a few more items. we have cherry, blueberry cobbler for dessert. that will be awesome. let's see. one of our side dishes is candied yams. that's something else we'll heat up and we have some dehydrated food as well but it will make that thanksgiving meal that much more special to simulate being home with our families. this is the corn bread dressing. >>laura: in addition to the home cooked meal, mission control promises to beam up live football games to complete the thanksgiving experience. >>russell: don't expect meals to
6:37 am
astronauts. nasa is testing out food ideas for the crew of the owe ryan spacecraft. right now the menu consists of a variety of food bars. flavors like orange cranberry and barbecue nut. each one is about 700 calories. goal is to reduce weight while keeping the astronauts well fed. >>laura: better than the freeze dried alternative. a smash business in tampa but it wasn't the gold they were after. >>russell: and dave is watching the weather as well as weather that could cause travel problems up north and chipotle is under fire over how many calories are
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>>dave: time now is 6:40. how is that for a beautiful start? now, every day has looked like this, but the difference today is that it's a lot warmer than it has been. we don't have the 30s out there.
6:41 am
everybody else in the 50s and you can see by the brookdale, bayshore camera, soon, 6:58 the official sunrise and it should be another stellar one as well. look at the difference. frost proof 56. sebring, you're at 58. granted, brooksville, you're at 49 degrees but that is almost 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. tampa at 58. st. petersburg at 61 and sarasota at 57. 15 degrees there you go. crystal river is 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. lakeland 13. i mean, wow. what a big, big difference. dew points are back up, a little closer to normal. we've scoured out the extremely dry air and we've gotten back into more of just a lovely, pleasant atmosphere. with that we may get one or two clouds mixing in with the beautiful sunshine today. and even though it's like 15
6:42 am
can't tack that onto the afternoon. the afternoon is literally going to be pretty similar with highs in the upper 70s but there are a lot of people, a lot of people travelling today. maybe a couple of issues, maybe around memphis where they have some rain coming down now. typically this isn't a big deal but as you go further toward the north and the rain mixes with snow, going to parts of michigan, especially the u.p., they're getting some snow. minneapolis with a little bit of snow and then as you go back out i know typically you go through the country to show you what's going on but it is a big travel day so i wanted to give you heads up on that. we have some snow around reno and the higher he will va -- elevations with rain down along the surface but i don't see anything that's so big, so impactful that you get a weather related cancelled flight but a couple of places might be slowed
6:43 am
weather. this front is not going to do much. the very first view is going to go to the north and just kind of whimper out. we're looking at great weather for today, for tomorrow and i'm thinking even by friday, we get this chance of touching 80 degrees. and then suddenly, this little front just kind of drops down and cools us off a bit for the weekend. when i say cools us off, meaning it just brings our highs back to the mid 70s so it will be like a five degree tpe be about it. but quiet and dry as we go all the way through this holiday weekend. we're going to go 78 today. mostly sunny, seasonable, with a gorgeous sunrise at 6:58 tonight overnight lows near 68 degrees. a few clouds, it will stay mild and for tomorrow, scattered clouds, a warm afternoon with a high temperature around 79 degrees. i'm telling you, boaters have been loving it. light chop, seas running a foot or two and water temperatures in
6:44 am
no rain to speak of, just that isolated 20% rain chance next tesday but that's about it. we'll go from 80 for a high on black friday to 76 for a high temperature on saturday. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. in the sarasota area, looks like we have some lane blocks reported westbound on university parkway following a crash at cattleman road. you want to plan some extra time or maybe even avoid that direction of university if that's along your route. moving around a little bit. let me step out of westbound university parkway. live look out the door, this is 75 in the area south of fowler avenue. looks like everything is truck ago long quite smoothly here. bruce b downs boulevard to i-4, only taking eight minutes. before we get to charley, we want to talk sports. nhl newest team has a team. vegas golden knights. the team's official name and
6:45 am
will play next season. colors are steel gray, gold, red and black. the knights are the league's 31st franchise. he had to pay a $500 million expansion fee to the league's other owners to make this all possible. after the announcement, the team immediately began selling merchandise. take a look at this. tampa bay lightning wer knights to the nhl. welcome to the show, golden knights. we'll see you soon. we'll get to charley. was that a welcome or a threat? see you soon. >>charley: hopefully ben bishop is not their goalie. that's what we have to worry about. >>vanessa: are they doing the draft in june? >>charley: expansion draft and yeah. teams are going to have to -- they'll have their pick of some
6:46 am
yeah. i don't know. h i'm just going to leave it there. i won't give all my hockey rants here on live television. >>vanessa: i have similar feelings when we talk about like rays trade and stuff like that. >>charley: exactly. i love ben bishop and so does the lightning, for the record. they want ben here, too. when we have an expansion like this, these are the rules. you have to give the new team a fair shake at good players. i like vegas golden knights. >>vanessa: they're flashy. >>charley: gray, gold, red and black. can they pick a color? i'm sure it will look cool. chris norman, our producer said that the vegas aces would have
6:47 am
gamblers. >>vanessa: lucas and i were talking about this last night. we had a couple of ideas which we can't say on tv but they were kind of funny. >>charley: follow vanessa on snap chat for all the jokes there. happy thanksgiving eve. i'm excited. my birthday, thanks for asking, it was perfect. very lovely yesterday. i spent a very low key evening with the people responsible for me having a birthday. >>charley: my mom and dad. it was lovely, lovely dinner with my mother and father. it was nice. and i'm thankful that i still can have -- at my ripe age, they're still around to have dinner with me. >>vanessa: so ripe. >>charley: i'm very thankful for that. so tomorrow is thanksgiving. we're all thankful for everything and the cooking begins and i can't wait. i think it's my favorite -- i love christmas but i think it's my very close second holiday so
6:48 am
i'm looking forward to today. have i got something great to tell you about. tomorrow we're going to stuff ourselves and we're going to be full, sit on the couch and watch some football. and then friday, a lot of people, not me but a lot of people like to get out and shop and you're going to spend a lot of money on black friday. so then what do you do saturday? you're full and you're broke. don't worry about it. i got some free entertainment for you. you're going to come out here to we're just north of the oldsmar flea market and south of douglas road right over there. this is tower lake and you can see a free holiday themed water ski show. tampa bay water ski show team has two shows planned for saturday. it's free. it will get you in the holiday spirit. you're going to see elves and santas and all kinds of crazy stuff out on the lake and it is -- the only thing -- vanessa, i
6:49 am
tower lake. i don't know why it's called tower lake. >>vanessa: i know. hopefully they'll figure that out soon. >>charley: we're going to have a preview. we have water skiers this morning. we're going to have a "good day" and get you ready for the holiday weekend. >>vanessa: can't wait. maybe follow the freedom of information act for a couple of days. do some digging. >>charley: i'll investigate. >>vanessa: thanks, charley. >>jennifer: new this morning, president elect chosen nikki halley as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. she was a critic throughout much of the presidential race but met with him at trump tower last week. if confirmed by the senate, she would be the first female non white cabinet level official in the trump administration. there's a huge mess at gold palm jewellers on macdill in tampa. overnight police say someone smashed through the front door and took off with about $1,000 in silver.
6:50 am
the owner of the pawn shop is also there trying to clean up. now that voters have approved medical marijuana, the highway patrol has to deal with the prospect of drivers being high behind the wheel. recreational and medicinal marijuana are legal. troopers say they're not sure what to expect once more people can get a prescription but warn that you can be charged with d.u.i. if you're high. chipotle h cheating on their calories. three men are suing the restaurant over the chirrizo burrito as advertised it's 300 calories. it's closer to a gut busting 1100 calories. plaintiffs claim the signage is misleading to customers. chipotle said the calorie count is for the chirizzo alone and not the other ingredients.
6:51 am
bing pulled from sewage hole. they called the fire department who went into the drain to rescue it. the cat was wet and was shaken bupt one of the firefighters' wives liked it so much, she adopted the kitty. >>russell: very nice. >>laura: a warning for iphone users this morning. be careful opening unknown videos.
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y24zwy y12fy ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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a lot of >>russell: welcome back. a lot of people will be using smart phones to find black friday deals but something is going around to freeze your phone. >>laura: lauren simonetti, be careful what you click on, right? >> yeah. it's a video bug. five second video circling on the internet f. you open it up on the iphone, it might mess up your phone. turn it into a block in a way, make it go really slow. you're forced to reset the phone and then everything should be fine. five second video bug making its way around the iphone. >>russell: it's not like a virus or something like that.
6:55 am
phone will fix it. >> correct. it doesn't mess up your contacts or make you lose apps or anything like that. >>laura: that's the caveat. it's just scary to think about what they can do these days. do you know what i mean? >>russell: yeah. to starbucks. price hike? what's going on? >> every time i go to starbucks, i'm hesitant to get something other than a drink, when i do, my bill is like 10 bucks time. it's not a meal. it's a snack. guess what? starbucks hiked prices again. they did so in the summer and then after the electin because this was sneaky. this hasn't been spoken about. some cold drinks and some baked goods saw a 10 cent to 30 cent increases in price. so if you've noticed your tab at starbucks is getting bigger, it's because they did hike
6:56 am
>> i know and so quietly. i remember the first price hike in the summer. that was sneaky, too. some of the stores because of the mess in the system were charging more before they said, hey, we're hiking prices. >>russell: i hope you have a great thanksgiving. i know you're taking a day off, right? >> tomorrow i have off, yes. i'll see you guys next week. >>laura: enjoy your time with your baby. >>russell: thanks, lauren. a lot of y international airport today, whether to fly some place or to pick somebody up. >>laura: shayla reaves is live at the airport this morning, try to explain how to get around the easiest way possible and then we have a story to warm your heart this thanksgiving eve. why a repo man had a change of heart and paid to return this couple's car. that's ahead at 7:00. >>dave: that's nice. it's beautiful outside. you might need a light jacket
6:57 am
heavy coats. our temperatures this morning are running 10 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. and the sun will be up in exactly one minute. that's how pretty it is. we're looking at, again, temperatures in the upper 50s for tampa. some spots, bartow, brandon, brooksville, back to the upper 40s. not for long, though. we do anticipate temperatures getting back to the upper 70s today, tomorrow, how about an 80-degree temperature for friday? an t saturday and sunday. temperatures then look like they go back in the mid 70s.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>>russell: just what is in store for you at the airport today? since 4:00 a.m. we've seen a sede stream of travellers at tampa international. >> president elect donald trump heads to florida for thanksgiving, but the hiring process continues at trump tower. we'll have more on that coming up. >>laura: and yes, their house caught fire but a st. petersburg family has a lot to be thankful for today. a newborn is saved from the smoke and the "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot ahead but weather, very important the next few days. let's hear from dave. >>dave: why do you put so much pressure on me? i'm going to tell you here it just gets nicer and nicer. look at that beautiful sunrise. book dale, bayshore camera. not to mention it is warmer than yesterday at this time. i got most of us, most of us in the 50s versus the 40s and even


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