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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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((russell he's being called a "hero".. but this deputy says he was just doing his job. how he stopped an armed bank he's been called hero this deputy says he was just doing his job. a he stopped a blank robber from threatening drivers and getting away. a victim ill for the young children killed in chattanooga this more thanking what bus driver told his mother in the moments following the crash. from tampa bay's number one station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's an 8 o'clock i'm laura moody. thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday morning it's november stwird thanksgiving eve. we need to know forecast a lot of people are starting to get together for it. today. tomorrow, friday. oh, boy it will be so much fun. we're at 60 degrees.
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60 degrees. not going to complain about that. a mild start. much milder everywhere that it was yesterday brandon up to mid 50s. i got 53 degrees in brooksville. 55 in crystal river and already 60 degrees in sarasota. >> dew points are up as well. but there's just a manageable pleasant level. i think it's going to be absolutely gorgeous afternoon enjoy it high temperatures 78 for thanksgiving tomorrow around 79. vanessa. >> we will fix it. and get back to you. how's that? >> here we go. the airport is always an exciting time around holidays. people rushing off to see their family and friends. before the big thanksgiving meal. and then there are at hugs and the tears of people returning home. that's best part, right?
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happening right here in tampa this morningfox 13's shayla reeves is live a tampa international airport to catch a little bit of that right in middle of all the excitement. shayla, steady stream of people there since 4 o'clock this morning. i know there have been people arriving early, some of them taking naps. waiting for their flights to take off. we've seen hugs you mentioned too a lot of people giving hugs. some saying hello others saying good-bye. lot of that happening right here terminal c. i will step aside here and give not a lot of activity right now. but certainly still moving on what's said to be a one airport busiest travel days for the thanksgiving holiday travel period. don't expect to see much of a slow down as we make our way through the next few hours. more passengers actually travel through this particular terminal than any other terminal at tampa international airport. we've talked to people picking up dropping off some waiting to see relatives they have not seen in months.
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so far. about a one way so i could stay just a long as feel necessary for thanksgiving wanted to get here a little bit early because all traffic would better earlier in morning a we get closer to thanksgiving maybe later in the day, things will pick up for sure. now if we bring you back out here, here's another look at terminal c. airport officials suggest arriving about an hour and a half to two hours before your flight. and of follow the rules. if you are going to be a traveling, you're encouraged to leave your weapons at home. you can't bring them on plane this includes rocket launchers. we're told someone tried to get one of those through tsa. if you're not sure if you can carry that cranberry sauce on at plane or your popular much requested holiday pie you can certainly ask those questions tsa via facebook messenger or twitter at ask tsa. plus, if you're going to be heading to the airport, to pick
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check this out we learned that a curb side pick up drop off on the blue side, that's the departures and arrivals will be open through december the second. that means you can pick up, drop off, not park in, you don't have to park and wait at any designated lots. and all of the garages are open for that as well. in meantime, just make sure that you give yourself plenty of time you also wopt have to deal with those nightly construction closures either for the next and keep you posted and of course i'll back with another live report in the next hour, guys. back to you. just leave rocket launcher at home whatever you do. right? this morning. already. yes. leave the rocket launcher at home. >> thank you, shayla. there is snow across northeast and the northwest. so how does your flight forecast look? let's check in with dave right now to talk a little bit about that.
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48. because i know sometimes thanksgiving traffic is air traffic has ab nightmare because of that we do have some rain, in louisiana. some heavier showers going up through memphis. traveling to memphis you will running right into some of that rain up through the ohio valley i know cincinnati is getting ready to start dealing with rain. most part presip is just about done in chicago. but it will be kind of cloudy and breezy up there. now that's where looking a some snow. upper up in michigan. near minneapolis where they have some is out west too. not necessarily seattle and portland. but once you get several,000 feet up they will dealing about that white stuff as well. >> as far as temperatures go around the country, 48 for a high new york city today. flying to d.c. there will be 52. 68 in atlanta. mid 40s for chicago. 30s in minneapolis. 54 for denver. and absolutely gorgeous if
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very selective place. yes, very selective. i'm sure one of our producer is anxiously listening to forecast we're not just watching flights we're also watching roads. todays supposed to be one busiest days on the road as well. that means potentially a lot of distracted drivers. so watch out for that make sure you're in the one of those folks not just that as well transportation officials say folks are rushed afraid of get late start maybe they are stressed out that could make for very dangerous time on what's going on around you of course is better to get to your destination no matter what time you get there rather than getting into crash on the way. so true. easier said than done sometimes. but slow down. owners of a tampa jewelry store are cleaning up big mess this morning after an overnight robbery. thieves stole $1,000 worth of silver gold palm jewelers south macdill avenue. tampa police are investigating right now. they are going through lot surveillance video. 8:06.
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fast acting pasco county deputy. this is a previous mug shot. deputies say he walked into a wells fargo on state root 54 in new port richey and immediately started yelling threatening he had a gun in his shirt. he then left the bank with cash in hand. >> his escape however did not do smoothly. he tried asking two different people to get him out in their cars. and that's when a deputy caught up with him on foot and tackled there was it was implemented that suspect did have a gun at that time. doesn't go through your mind just trying to get the suspect in custody and to protect the citizens of pasco. in end nobody was hurt and sergeant downey was able to make the arrest. >> it has ab very tough week for law enforcement across the country. new this morning nassau county sheriff's office is mourning one of their own. hit and killed while chasing a man.
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oliver a hero he joined sheriff's office in 2009 after serving in navy yesterday morning he was one two people called to assist border patrol agents while they are trying to question six people one of them took off deputy oliver went to chase after him that's when he was hit by suv. that man was eventually caught about 12 hours later. all six people including woman who hit the deputy were arrested. oliver is the sixth deputy killed in line of duty in the department's history. he leaves daughter. >> and then in volusia county a man shot and killed a k-9 officer. that man is still on the run this morning. it started just after 7 o'clock last night. volusia county deputies were following up on tip about fugitive in home in deltona. interviewing people inside, deputies heard someone jumping over fences near the house. this k-9 named forest was tracking him when the man shot, hitting forest. he was rushed to a nearby animal hospital where he later died. >> right now at shooter is corner ad park.
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refusing to cooperate. just about 8:09. we've all been there a bad habit we just can't quit even though you know it's not good for you can't let it go jen's here why quitting the facebook could make us all a lot happier f. been if do you ever feel angry after skrol through facebook maybe sick of all your friends posting about politics you get a little jealous after looking vacation pictures. it's true facebook can stir up a lot of study by university of copenhagen enproves what most us already know too much facebook is not good for you. >> they even titled the study quitting facebook leads to higher levels of well being. so about a 1100 people took part in the study. half of them were asked to not use facebook for a week. 7 days. get this, only 87 percent of them even made it through the entire week. they couldn't do it. >> 88 percent of the group not using the social media network
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percent still using it. >> a couple other worrisome finding people on facebook are 55 percent more likely to feel stressed out, 4 out of 10 users say they are envious of the success of others. now group living without facebook for that week said it was easier to concentrate more productive and 18 percent said they felt more present in the moment. >> i don't know if i could do it for 7 days. really? >> yeah. i don't kn i'd love it if i didn't have to. that's the thing for us too. it is relief take like afternoon off. >> all right. see you later. >> bye. so true about mindfulness. you know we don't really have that any more. >> yeah. whether it's luxury. we have to make it happen. put it down. yeah. put it down. this story, this morning very sad and scary one. very close call for family in st. petersburg. their house caught fire overnight with their newborn
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a neighbor saved the day but first what do you get when you have habitat humanity and humane society joining forces? >> what happens? >> hey walter. good morning there guys. yeah you put them together a fantastic good did i good deed going on here at the humane society of pinellas county. usually you're one helping little ones they are getting a helping hand today helping out to make sure peaches people helping people all for the little guys. but first, oh, peaches is shivering. it's lovely outside. it is lovely. lovely, about to shed the vest. oh, look at this. our lovely skier coming by on our swivel ski. oh look at that. very nice pose. oh, yes. little yoga on water at the same time. appear tampa bay water ski show team in oldsmar, they've got two free shows coming up this
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kweef skyfox overhead a scene a suspicious package investigation all happening intersection mlk and have a hawaii vannah we do have lane blocks in place they will intersection shut down while investigation is under way. what we're told is happening southeast corner of that intersection. so that would be the area that has starbuck's, a boston market in the area. not corner that has st. joe's. it's the basically opposite corner of the hospital is traffic being rerouted in area. we do have heavy delays work arounds to offer for you. tampa bay boulevard eastbound westbound to the south. another eastbound alter alternate hillsborough avenue to north. northbound southbound drivers can take himes or armenia. armenia of course that will be a work around for you. to the east side of where this scene is. more updates on the this to come shayla head to the scene we will let you know once we learn
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dave. >> all right. we'll go ahead and take it from here. let's talk about habitat for humanity. humane society. it t. gives animals a second chance. today pinellas county chapter is getting helping hand from habitat for humanity big time upgrades. let's get to a walter who is rolling up the sleeves and going a little work today. hey my grend, good morning. no no you don't want me doing any of the work here. that's why humanity. they know everything they are experts they will do some pretty serious upgrades here at the humane society of pinellas. stacy joining us morning i will show you peaches. now going to challenging to listen to what we're saying, but i'll let you look a peaches while we talk. stacy, you need serious upgrades. habitat stepped in how did this all come in mike the treshth is one of my classes that i go to once a month.
8:17 am
help we needed with our facility. and a mike stepped up has been taets such a wonderful organization they help build homes. he said hey we can help you build homes for your animals. now to the left of us, they are building a trench. that's going save you $2,000. $3,000, yeah. we have trench that needed to be repaired we didn't have the manpower or the knowledge to do it. so we got quotes from going to be $3,000 to get it fixed. now after the trench is going to be built these kennels be back in use because were the yes. for a little while we couldn't use kennels during rainy season because it was flooding we had to stop using them that lowered our intake for animals we can take we will use kennels and help save more lives. how many animals do you have we save about 3 thousand lives a year money you saved on this trench project is going to go towards? >> peaches. i'm terrified of dogs. i'm sorry peaches. i'm sorry.
8:18 am
we put $600 to $3,000 will help go to more animals. >> and if only we could fast forward to end of the day >> it's going to be amazing. we're so excited. so grateful for the help. >> okay. perfect. >> and peaches is looking for a forever home. yes she is 6-year-old chihuahua mix. very happy and loving she just needs a good home. we'll find you that home. there you go, guys. stay with us, hopefully progress more into the morning coming up a 9 along with some of these projects. guys. you know i think everybody needs something someone in their life named peaches. i think so too. peaches. that was my nickname in college, russell. peaches. oh it's going to be your nickname now moving forward whether it was or not you've done it now my friend. >> i go from stubby squid to peaches. what else i do i got going how many nicknames do i got?
8:19 am
back to later peaches allen. all right. see you later. my friend. can't undo that. no you can't. you cannot undo that. ct reunited with his college nickname. get reunited. yeah peaches and it feels so good. >> okay. >> yeah. 8:19. come on. all right took you second it did and i'm sorry. so are we. we're all sorry for this right now. >> moving on. but for the he did. okay. 8:19. let's talk about how lovely and lovely, it is outside. we've got temperatures running 10, 15 even 20 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. big, big difference. sun's up we've got 53 degrees in brooksville. 57 in crystal river. 56 up in leesburg. look a tampa, clearwater, st. petersburg, bradenton sarasota, venice all above 60 degrees here in the 8 o'clock hour.
8:20 am
is going to be a just a fantastic day with mostly sunny skies. look at the difference, right? >> 10 to 15 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time. one of the reasons taking dew points, bringing them back up in the 50s enjoy a beautiful sunshine today. this rain goes up to the north. goes over and around that big area of high pressure. we're going to stay quiet. we're going to stay dry right through this weekend. 78 degrees for high temperature today turkey trotter waking up to mainly 50s and 60s again tomorrow mornin then it looks like we're going to go go upper 70s upper 80s for highs tomorrow and friday. russel and laura. thank you. earlier this week we told you how clearwater central catholic high school lost a heart breaker. they had nine overtimes. well we invited them on good day to talk their incredible season we will have for you at 9 o'clock. a story to tell. and dachshund has millions of followers online.
8:21 am
studio. we'll take look at his skills and learn about some of the issues that a lot of dachshunds face. jen epstein has that story coming up at 9. first, though a sight to see. alpine skis.
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g your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! know better sleep with sleep number. good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming tou from old march this morning. just behind the oldsmar flea market of douglas. you will find the tampa bay water ski show team most every
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show. are you ready for christmas, kids? >> yeah. yes. i mean are you ready for christmas elves? yes. like it or not holidays are here we haven't had turkey yet. now is time. steve is here to tell us a little bit about ski team. we've got lovely ladies standing by. shall have them hit the water. have them hit the water. tell me, first of all what are they going to do for us? swivel line. so we put our girls together they do tricks on it will yous them to do rotation things and things like that. they will performing ballet on the water. look at that. i love it. i see them wearing their red tops something similar on saturday? yeah on saturday like i said it's a themed show based on buddy the elves trying to fit in. so you're going to see on the water toys, barbie dolls, toy soldiers princesses all sorts of who are these water skiers?
8:25 am
team. we've number existence since about 1960 actually in one form or the other. we've skiing out here on tower lake for about 20 years. we're a group volunteer that is love to ski and perform. we just range in age from 6 to about 60. >> just have fun out here. it's amazing to me, anything that's free. inn this day and age actually is amazing to me. and i love that this is good family friendly fun for free. >> that's what it is. that's wha w in lot of us raised our kids on team great atmosphere out here how do you offer all of this for free? do you accept donation ifs somebody wants to help do you do fundraiser wes accept donation and our saturday shows which we put on basically for march through october, daylight savings time. and we ski out here every saturday at 6:30. we accept donations. we also get paid to put on shows throughout state. and then we have a little bit of membership fee and rest have is donations
8:26 am
paying for it yourself to become a member of the ski show team. look at that. lovely. lovely. oh, man. takes me back to my cypress gardens days. i know some of these folks are from that generationally from cypress gourds several that concede with cypress gardens while they were still in business third generation skier some elves their grandparents concede in cypress gardens tampa bay show water ski team out here tower lake by oldsmar flea market. 1 o'clock and it's free. all about buddy the elf. and you know it's going to be fun russell and laura. looks like. looks great out there. beautiful morning. thank you. newborn saved from house fire overnight in st. petersburg. alled there is talked with man who saved this baby. us mraus dave o. science pro
8:27 am
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tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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welcome back. live look mlk and havana tpd is on scene a suspicious package. they are reporting on southeast corner of that intersection. so last report, that's the corner that has the starbuck's and the boston market. it's not the corner that has the hospital, st.s joe's on northwest corner. it looks like they still have lane blockages in place they are rerouting traffic. we have heavy delays reported in the area. so please continue to avoid work around once again tampa bay boulevard or hillsborough avenue. and then in the northbound southbound directions you have himes and armenia. we do have crew headed to scene we will get you more information
8:31 am
all right vanessa, thank you. complaints, frustration, and a now grief. a chattanooga mother says she complained repeatedly about the 24-year-old bus driver months before the deadly crash that took her daughter's life. and sent two other children to the hospital. 5 students, three fourth graders a kindergartner and a first grader all killed when bus going high rate of speed hid a mailbox and a utility pole, and then wrapped itself around at tree. the driver of that bus vehicular homicide. bus driver still behind bars. and his mother is speaking out in his behalf as new information is being released about him. this was walker first year as bus driver. at the end september his bus was involved in a mierp fender bender. but that was nothing compared to what happened op monday walk radar walker's mother says right after deadly crash he called her to tell her what happened. and described how awful the scene was. she says that walker's a
8:32 am
for all of the families involved. >> a st. petersburg family has a lot to be thankful for this morning. their newborn baby. and a hero in their neighbor. fox 13 alcides segui is live for news st. petersburg with their story. and when you hear it, you wouldn't think at first they'lled been thankful but they sure do have a lot to be thankful for, right? >> absolutely. in fact, if you talk to the father he'll tell you they are lucky to be alive. why? because they were so close to the baby right here in this room. by sliding glass door. fire itself was about maybe 15 feet away. it looked like it was here. centralized in back patio. it was neighbor who actually called 91 when fire crews go the here they put out that fire, no time at all. but then then quickly realize the fire kept sparking up and sparking up. they put a slenl hammer to that wall. they realized that this source of the fire was actually behind
8:33 am
meanwhile, the family was inside the house. you had the dad newborn and his stepdaughter inside. thankfully they managed to get out. listen in. my stepdaughter comes in and says my name, mark, mark the back porch is on fire pipe jump up, rush to the back. look outside, the back deck was on fire. so i try to put it out with buckets of water. but didn't do no good. more smoke. he had no clue obviously fire was behind the wall. he couldn'to it. but obviously fire crews did. thankfully no one was hurt. now, his girlfriend lives in this house. he lives in a separate house. he was teleme his girlfriend at 11 o'clock last night was taken to the hospital suspect she wasn't feeling too well 3, 4 o'clock in the morning she had no idea her house had this much damage. no idea of what happened. but again thankfully no one was hurt. also in terms of investigation itself, still ongoing. but they do believe it was
8:34 am
outlet somewhere behind this wall back here. so again, lucky to be alive. especially for the holidays, everyone can get together and have a great thanksgiving meal. >> true. could have been so much worse, thank you, alcides. >> so much worse. >> hillsborough county firefighters spent night monitoring a brush fire in riverview. it was burning behind publix mcmullin road even though no homes are buildings were in any danger. this was still a source of concern. it is dry out right now. all of that brush can fuel a fire quickly. if you live in the area you'll sell in the air. at least for a little while. >> dave i guess this is, time to warn everybody. i know it's dry this time of year anyway. but it's really dry right now. it's incredibly dry. i don't think people understand they think our rainfall for year we're still above normal. it doesn't really work that way around here. >> and when we get into dry season, we need every drop that we can get. now it's cooling off people are lighting up fire pits and things like that. you've got to be careful out
8:35 am
drier and drier and we start to have our problems in florida with wildfires. but it's 8:34. it's quiet. you just mention very dry outside. it's pretty. i mean that's one thing that i tend to love with november is, you know you get these crisp clear days. 58 degrees in westchase appear lot of 60s on map here 8 o'clock hour. we just didn't have yesterday. 62 in st. petersburg. brandon a place cool off so fast and warm up so fast as brandon area. they are already back to 60s. crystal river at 57 degrees. i got bradenton at 63. so is venice. ad inland locations in 50s and 60s too. including wauchula and into sebring. our forecast highs today, likely making their way back into the upper 70s. for tomorrow, we may actually touch 80 degrees in a few spots. and enjoy the sunshine it's
8:36 am
high today of around 78 degrees. give or take. tonight, 63 in tampa. and i'm always thinking because we always do like live shots from turkey trot all of that kind of thing tomorrow morning relatively mild for you runners which fantastic compared to like it was on monday. 30s everywhere. scattered clouds tomorrow afternoon. for your thanksgiving day. high temperature around 79 degrees. 80 on black friday. next 17 days, 76 on saturday, 75 on just the slightest chance of a shower. 20 percent that's it for next tuesday. vanessa. >> all right, thanks dave quick update for roadways. we'll start off with the big incident out tampa the suspicious package investigation. that's shutting down mlk and havana. we're getting word from tpdmlk will be reopened. and then havana will remain closed through the duration of this invest dpags. to we'll keep the work arounds
8:37 am
you whether you want to take tampa bay and hillsborough since mlk is now clear and dlais should start to clear out as well now that travel lanes look good. look good here major roadways. area close to the south end of the howard frankland bridge, pinellas side a reported hit and run can't find it on camera traveling times look excellent on our interstates. nasa, we should always jt over it in an at that primary goal to put humans into space. 60 years it's done a lot more than that. much of whattist created makes its way back to earth. it's helped create everything from selfie technology to memory foam. and even baby formula. >> what? >> i didn't know this. reading these articles this morning bring dave o. the science pro in to talk about 1600 to 1800 inventions every
8:38 am
1600 to 1800. not every one of them make into main extreme public. you got to go way back decades ago. they were trying to ferg out way nasa was trying to figure out a way, okay, how do we get long-term food supplies access to clean airportable water with space with is that stra naughts in confined area as well. so they started to study whae they call micro algae. it sounds kind of gross. benefits of micro algae. not only for astronauts but for every day use as well. they pinpointed dha. which is just this little compound. and they found that the fatty acid in human breast milk was known to improve brain function and visual development. right. you see it on store shelves dha supplement.
8:39 am
this is good for everybody. especially for infants. and that is why 90 percent infant formulas today use that technology that they discovered when they were trying to find ways to make it easier to live in space. it i don't want to va accidental but just amazing that 90 percent of the infant formulas today are because of t using micro algae and pinpointing dha. that's pretty cool. pretty cool. not only that other stuff like too one company benefitted greatly from this program. nasa technology transfer program. where they take their technology, and bring it down to human use toos as well. i see the practical application. john deere. john deere has lot of stuff through gps allowed them to become much more accurate not
8:40 am
so that's why when i see like budget being cut i get nervous because hey they are really helping out too and creating inventions we can use on earth. just, you're right. one example. just just one example. who knew. now we know. now we know. thank you. >> very smart people over there at nasa. rocket scientists literally. okay. straight ahead rivalry meant to bring tampa bay and orlando closer. usf and ucf are
8:41 am
we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. dish soap. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain cleansers found in dish soap. dove body wash is different. feel good.
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((russell)) this weekend is the "war on this weekend is war on i-4 suchlt sf takes on ucf this saturday for the first time both teams are bowl eligible. not just trophy up for grabs
8:44 am
ladies. good to see you all. thanks for coming in. good to have you here. let's get to it man a big game this weekend a huge game this weekend. for us we're 9 and 2 looking for have first 10 win season of all time going into our 20 year. then you got natural rivalry here. you can throw records out. these guys are going to come out and play hard on saturday. this maybe a fist time a lot of folks have seen most people have seen this trophy. very true. tell us the story about let's start with it's dimensions. first of all four foot 3. it weighs 160 pounds. so yeah i saw it all bringing it it in this morning. it's huge. we wanted a huge trophy because it's a huge rivalry. but other piece of this is we thought about some the classic trophies we thought about stanley cup. we thought lombardi trophy. we said what if we took those concepts and applied it to our rivalry. the war on i-4. okay. and that is a result.
8:45 am
so, the slate i mean there are no, there's nothing on it yet. correct. how many games have we played in rivalry? we've played seven sore. usf is up 5 to 2. those will all be filled in those will all eventually be filled in this goes to i've got quake around this check it out. this goes to the game on saturday? >> correct. >> noon on saturday. >> the trophy home. >> wow. wow. i mean, you know what, what i love about i love the fact, first of all that usf doing sos well and it's a great story. but also, that we've got this fun little rivalry going on, right? we love having this rivalry with central florida. you know, early. people didn't embrace it now it looks both sides are really embracing.
8:46 am
i mean. this is true. it become as big deal. yes it does. look at the tampa and orlando markets and how large we are together. this is just very beginning rivalry imagine in 20 ares 30, 40 years from now this will be an amazing trophy and amazing rivalry. clearly, clearly we know we're going to win this. i hope i didn't jinx us but what i'm saying is, it doesn't something like this does areas. both communities can really embrace and a lot pride with they came from and where they bent w. toent school other big important piece of this is about student athletes and creating experience for these guys on the field. to think that later in life, they are going to really excited about the time they won that trophy and beat their rival. and be able to come home wherever they are and come back here, and watch that game. and remember that trophy. and whether or not they won it that wear they were there also being won again and that sort of
8:47 am
they were there by themselves. game is saturday. saturday. noon, get your tickets. some available still tickets? tickets are available come down it stadium check them out on saturday. go on lean. usf bulls going to perfect day for tailgating will be fantastic nice and cool by game time you're looking a high 70s, low 80s. it's perfect weather thank you. for coming in. thank you thanks for bringing it in i saw it's on a wagon. this is not an easy thing to carry. ladies, good to see you thanks for coming in have fun saturday. go bulls. good to see you. charley i wish you could see this trophy and lovely folks who are in here. all, you've got people in green there too. good, good usf colors out there. yes, indeed.
8:48 am
free ski show thanks to tampa bay water ski show team out here in oldsmar tower lake. holiday themed. all about buddy the elf just trying to fit in. how about a christmas carol? were ? ? ? ? we haven't had turkey yet but it's elf season. holidays are here, folks stick around and let's all have a good day tampa bay. z26kjz zy6z y26kjy yy6y
8:49 am
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there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. z26kbz zy6z
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we're still following news alert regard suspicious package investigation in tampa. just a reminder for drivers we have a lane blocks here mlk and havanamlk reopening havana is will remain shut down. worker ones again himes armenia. hearing this might be a maybe utilities because teco is being called to the scene. of course we'll update you as we learn as well. all right. do you have your shopping list ready to go? it is almost time to shop, right the deals are just a few days away. you don't want to get into debt a their ways you don't go into debt trying to get all gifts comes down to setting a budgets knowing how much to spent spend on each person financial experts have given a general guideline how much you should spend on
8:52 am
and cousins try to spend about $20 apiece they say for nieces and nephews go with $25. toys these days are not cheap. >> parents and inlaws, these are kinds of gifts that really more about sentiment look for something that is closer to their heart. photos of you or your grandkids, those are better things to do. stick to $20 budget. but you know you won't do thatyou decide to get close friends or colorado co-worker 10 to sure you remember their teachers. they spend a lot of time with your child. don't go overboard you don't have to spend more than 10 or $20. it really is more about the thought. thought that counts, right? not about how much money you give. what is behind the gift. >> and coming up nine we've got unique ways to make the holidays a lot more meaningful too. it helps to have a few tips around. all right we will get over to charley belcher who is having fun this morning right along side the water. hey charley. that's why i give all my family
8:53 am
just 8 by 10, good shot. they can't regift it. that is true. terrible. >> hey if you want to save money laura you're talking about on a budget people are going to send, probably we all going to spend more than we should maybe this season. you have to look for things to save you money once in a while. you want to get out of house visitors in from out of town family in from out of town. you want to get out and do something with them on saturday. but you don't want to break the bank. how about free w i've got one for you. it's in oldsmar right behind oldsmar flea market tower lake. tampa bay water ski show team. they've been around in one form or another for gosh gosh since the 60s. they are offering a free, two free shows a 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock this saturday. happens to holiday themed. all about buddy the elf. just trying to fit in. and these other lovely elves who are ready for big shows on saturday? yes. >> and steve is ready, yes? we're ready.
8:54 am
i think they are ready. all right. shall we send them? let's send them. steve tell me what we're going to see now. what you're going to see doubles where we put some guys and girls together. and they do dance moves on the water. in fact these some world's best actually they've up to nationals and concede around the world. >> yeah, these lifts are tough to do on a dance floor, much less while you're water skiing. how do you, how do you practice? i mean how does one learn to do this? probably but >> they do it here on the team. we as water ski show team we put on shows every saturday. during week we're practicing different acts on monday we have our new people, tuesday the geese. wednesday the girls. thursday we do the guy and girl acts. so lot of practice. >> do you practice like on like just moves? i mean do do it on land first. on land first right out here we'll tie up the ropes to the fence and practice these moves on the on the land and then they
8:55 am
>> you know it's just beautiful. and the ladies really kind of trust the guys there. i'm not sure who as tougher job they've got to do beautiful moves. guys go to the a lot of trust involved. and guys job knows, you know their job is keep the girls dry. what, is this part of show as well we will see saturday? you'll see doubles. like this. you'll also see val ballet lines, jumpers you will see pyramids. you're going to see on the stage buddy and his elves. we will santa claus out there. santa. santa will make an appearance. nice after he's done mays today parade he likes to spend time down here. how long is show 45 to 50 minutes. and again, 1 o'clock and 4 o'clock. nice. >> i love it. they are having a good time. i love it. i just love watching this plenty of places out here to park. plenty of places for the crowd. i see you have a little, a
8:56 am
we'll food. drinks, we'll hamburger hot dogs. if you're tired of turkey you can have a change. we have bleachers you can also bring your own blankets and chairs sit around on the lawn. nice. there you go folks the tampa bay water ski show team. the doubles. very nice. coming up good job, guys. good job. coming up in the next segments, the grand finale pyramid. we will do a pyramid. i love russell rhodes, pyramid water ski pier mitt. love it live on tv right here good day tampa bay. only place you're going to see right here. well there it is, there it is. and i'm waiting for it. stay tuned as they say. see you in a little bit. okay. all right another holiday season brings with another nativity scene controversy. this one though is not about where the scene is located. it's about how they are depicted mary joseph and the others.
8:57 am
we've got wise men on segues. also, an internet sensation is with us in our studio. celebrity dachshund has got millions of followers. how he became a viral hit and we'll also hear more about his health scare and how he's doing
8:58 am
8:59 am
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no overtime. a judge stops a rule that would have allowed millions of people to collect overtime. and: garbage trucks filled with sand.. find out why that is the latest and safest addition to the macy's thanksgiving day parade. ( /dbx good morning. it is wednesday. we've thank you for waking up with us. look at this guy.


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