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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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runs :o2 >> yes, there is mrs. brady. >>laura: she was a lovely lady with three very lovely girls. but to a generation of baby boomers, she was this morning, we remember carol brady, florence henderson. >>russell: and ready, set, shop. today is black friday. official kickoff of the holiday shopping season and deal seekers are out in force at the malls across america. >>laura: do you remember this box of chocolates? they are back and they are getting new homes today. jennifer epstein is on her way right now. hey, jim weber. >>jennifer: we're off to a mild
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we have scattered clouds overhead and we've seen a big warmup over the past couple of days. you look along bayshore boulevard right now and there you see some clouds overhead right now and temperatures up to our north just a little bit cooler up in brooksville, currently sitting at 54 degrees. here in tampa, 68. mid 60s along the coastline. lower 60s and some 50s as you work throughout the interior, places like bartow at 57. lakeland currently checks in at 61 more of the easterly wind. that's a milder afternoon. if you like warmer temperatures, you're in luck. 80s this afternoon. no rain with the next couple of cold fronts but eventually a little rain could head our way as we head towards the middle of neblgs -- next week. >> we're getting reports of one
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the door northbound along i-75. big bend road, reports that the left lane is blocked but it's still early, still quiet out there so we're not seeing much as far as of a delay through this area but do keep in mind. pasco county roadways moving along well, state road 54, accident and delay-free and so far, so good along the suncoast parkway and i-75. >>russell: we have some sad news to start this morning. one of television's most icon yik and has died. >>laura: florence henderson residing over the brady bunch passed away late yesterday surrounded by her family. >>russell: loved by millions, her legacy will live on in the reruns. ? here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls? >>russell: henderson is the
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talentd landed her a job on tv. she starred in every single episode of all the five seasons of the brady bunch. they returned in various forms for decades. she earned a star on the hollywood walk of fame in 1996. in real life she married a doctor. she was married until his death in 2002. she's survived by her four children. she was 82 years old. >>laura: with the leftovers quic shoppers headed out to get some of the biggest deals of the year. black friday started with throngs of shoppers across the country. as soon as the doors opened, the competition was on. and in years past, shoppers had lined up bright and early to grab the door busters but recently, retailers started a nutrition. >>russell: many of them are staying open. while that gives shoppers more time to browse, some say it
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kenny is live at the tampa premium outlets where most of these stores, we understand, went the old fashioned route, right? >>reporter: opened up at 6:00 last night and everybody is chasing one thing and that is savings. and sales. i guess that's two things. let's go to sara. she's with the organization here and she knows the best way to shop. what's the strategy at this point to get that perfect christmas present or 150 christmas presents? >> getting 150. here we have exceptional savings where you can give more and we're launching the give it all sale which allows you to get extra savings during december as you take advantage of the sales. >> what are you talking about? give me the basics. >> right now if you go online and become a v.i.p. shopper, you can sign up online. it's free and you get access to
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savings. >>reporter: i should wish you a happy birthday. the mall has been open one year and one month, right? >> yes. >>reporter: how many stores do you have here? >> 110. >>reporter: give me a list of some of them. >> coach, michael kohrs, polo, ralph lauren, disney outlet store just to maim a few. it's a little bit of everything for everybody in the community. >>reporter: this weekend you're going to have se >> absolutely. we have movies under the stores holiday movie marathon kicks off this saturday. we're showing "elf" so that will be fun to get you in the festive holiday mood and every saturday through christmas, you can see a holiday movie. you can find them on our website. and then also this saturday evening we'll be having the new tampa dance theater. they're going to be performing
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>>reporter: there are sales all over the bay area. if you're up and watching television, you want to get one of the sales, maybe it's a good idea do -- to turn the tv off, just go and save some cash. i feel like i'm a pitch guy for the malls or something. >>laura: you are. hard sale. >>reporter: i'm going to look for sales and tell you what i find. >>russell: all right. >>laura: see you in a bit. all right. we're going to check in with alcides segui now for some safety tips whi o you're busy, you're in the moment and not thinking about it and that's the exact moment when things go all wrong, right? >>reporter: you said it right. yeah. you want to make sure you're aware of your surroundings. law enforcement agencies not only here but really across the country just want to remind folks if you're going out shopping today or throughout the holiday season, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings, make sure you're going up to your car, you put
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and know what's going on, especially around your car. sarasota police released some safety tips on their twitter page about a half hour ago. you know, and these are just really basic, basic tips but again, it brings home the importance of being aware. the very first tip, always know your surroundings. distracted shopper is a prime target for the bad guys out there. carry your purse close to your body, have your keys in hand going car as well before getting in. tell a security guard or an employee if you see an unattended bag. don't leave your baggage and valuables visible in the car. i lost a camera. it was the worst thing in the world. lock your doors. put it in the back. maybe even the back trunk. that way no one sees it. don't carry large amounts of cash, either. if you purchase gift cards or
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you carrying a bunch of cash. maybe arrangements to have someone there at your house if something is being delivered. whether it's a neighbor, family or friend, that way it's not sitting there for a long period of time. remember, yeah, it's black friday now. we just passed thanksgiving. a lot of people are shopping now but also come monday, cyber monday, a lot of people are going to be shopping. a lot of folks will have those items delivered to their homes. so b make arrangements, have someone or pick it up or do what jen and russell were talking about early this morning. have it delivered to the amazon lockers. that way it's always secure and never sitting around for someone to pick up. back to you. >>laura: all right. thank you. we'll check in with you in a little bit. >>russell: all right. and fox 13 has your black friday survival guide. for start times and deals, go to, look under
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fire in river view. this was just before 1:00 a.m. on gordon drive off balm river view road for carnival trailers. our photojournalist spotted this on his way to work and he was there before the firefighters. he said the owner did not know the bus was on fire. it's not immediately clear what started it. >>russell: a boat crash near the madeira beach marina. a small fishing boat crashed into the docks and sailed off. witnesses say the on. deputies found the boat and suspect less than an hour later. names have not been released. >>laura: polk county detectives are trying to track down a man who stole a bike from a child. sheriff judd called him a grinch. this happened on november 12. child rode his bike into a food market in winter haven and left it outside and that's when the man hopped on the bike and rode away with it. if you recognize the thief,
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spend thanksgiving with her family after police say she was abducted three weeks ago. >>laura: still ahead, how she was discovered. and the investigation as it continues. and find out what president elect donald trump is doing over thanksgiving day weekend. he's shopping for a lot more than deals. >>jim: thanksgiving is over now. the airports are in pretty good shape. weatherwise we're not really looking at much problems across the country. very mild across the southeast. atlanta 72 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. as we work across the country, pretty mild right through the middle of the country but cooler across the rocky mountains. denver, mainly sunny skies. 59. you head out west, los angeles,
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>>jim: it has been a very dry month. in fact, so far this month, we've only had .01 inch of rain. with no rain in the immediate
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for the entire month. looks like as we get towards about wednesday, thursday of next week, we'll start to finally see that rain chance. we don't get any rain on wednesday, looks like we move into december to get some rain. it's a mild start this morning. 68 degrees outside. dew point is sitting at 62. humidity 81%. the winds very light, north-northeasterly wind currently at three miles an hour. a little cooler to our crystal river. low 50s, bartow at 57 degrees. lakeland, you're at 61. here in tampa, that's 68. downtown st. petersburg, 67. you work your way down to sarasota county, and you're at 68. bradenton sits at 65 degrees but we've had a warming trend over the past several days and we continue it again for today. in fact, you can see most areas running between about four, five, in some cases up to seven
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time yesterday. so it's going to be another warm one for this afternoon and you start to notice a little bit of that humidity as well with the dew point climbing back up into the 60s. got a cold front back to our northwest. really doesn't mean a whole lot. these fronts that are working towards us, they're kind of running out of gas so we will eventually see them pushing through the area. it will kind of clear out the skies some over the weekend, maybe drop the temperature a few degrees. that's just about all we're you can see it's pretty quiet across most of the country. a little snow flurry activity across the northeast and then out across the pacific northwest in the mountains as well. there you see a few showers across michigan heading over to new york and once you get up to maine, you see a little snow in there and pretty cool temperatures across the northern tier states but really, a lot of cold air is staying locked up to the north as there's really nothing to push the cold air
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through the next seven days. we're still talking about the tropics. very late in the season to be talking about this, but we still have what, almost a little over -- a little under a week left of the hurricane season. this made landfall across nicaragua yesterday with winds of 110 miles an hour. it's now moved out into the pacific, is now downgraded to a tropical storm but because it maintained that tropical intensity all the way across, it keeps the name even though it's moved the pacific. there's the latest coordinates on this one. winds right now are at 70 miles an hour. it will continue to work its way towards the west and eventually looks like it will dissipate as we get into the first part of next week. we're going to watch the fronts working their way across the state. just partly cloudy skies, warm afternoon for today with the daytime highs into the lower 80s but eventually here comes another cold front. that will clear the skies out, maybe bring a little bit cooler
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so the forecast for today, not bad. partly cloudy skies. daytime high of 81 degrees. a little more humid as well. for tonight, scattered clouds, overnight low of 65. for tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds, daytime high of 80 degrees. high tide at 12:11 this afternoon. extended marine forecast showing primarily that northerly wind and seas running two to three feet throughout the weekend. seven-day forecast, see the daytime highs in the upper 70s plenty of sun and we watch for maybe that slight chance of some showers as we get into the middle of next week. let's check on the morning commute. >>reporter: there is one accident reported along northbound 75. no reported delays here. traffic is getting by, up to speed. we do have reports that a left lane is blocked so do watch out for flashing lights on scene, but delay-free through the area. live look here at 275 looking to
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interchange right around ashley here. about 13 minutes from the i-4 interchange across the howard frankland bridge to the st. pete side. >>russell: two people were killed and four others hurt in a shooting at a park in louisville, kentucky. it happened during a youth football game. officers evacuated the park. police have not made any arrests. they're still searching for suspects. >>laura: northern california woman is missing three weeks ago. investigators say sharri papini was bound with restraints when they found her. detectives believe she was abducted while jogging near her home on november 2, 150 miles from where she was discovered. she spent thanksgiving with her husband and two children. >>russell: law enforcement officials are fearing copy cat attacks after a string of deadly shootings. a total of 60 law enforcement
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related accidents -- incidentd, i should say, in 2016. that's a 67% increase since last year. texas has seen the most fatalities this year, 18. benjamin marconi was ambushed on sunday. worst single attack was january when a military veteran killed five others at a protest in dallas. it was the deadliest day for american law enforcement since the 9/11 terror attacks. the international association of chiefs president elect trump to put together a national criminal justice commission to address the shootings. it's been 50 years since the commission like the one the iacp is requesting was established. that commission made over 200 recommendations to congress resulting in more funding and the creation of the 911 system. >>laura: just about 6:20 and president elect is spending the thanksgiving holiday in florida. he and his family are gathered
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trump's team is raising tens of millions for festivities related to his inauguration. they're expected to raise significantly more than the $43 million president obama raised for his 2013 inauguration. taxpayers will cover the cost of official activities like the swearing in but outside donations are needed for the balls and parties. trump has set $1 million donation limit for corporations and no limits for individual donors. and it is going to be a star studded event to be elton john. sir elton was going to be part of the concert on the mall. during the campaign, sir elton supported hillary clinton. trump used the songs "rocket man" and "tiny dancer" without the singer's endorsement. >>russell: a shooting reminds us to stay safe on black friday.
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purchases. >>laura: a local band steels the spotlight. we'll show it to you when we
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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>> we're is the wolf pack marching band directed by michael jay miller. these bright students play gold medley to warm up manhattan. ? ? >>laura: look at them bringing the florida sunshine all the way to manhattan. members of the newsome high school marching band have a lot to be thankful for today. they made their big tv debut yesterday and they were flawless during the macy's thanksgiving day parade. group was selected from 250 high school bands across country and they were the only band from florida and the first ever from
6:25 am
$350,000 to take the trip to new york city this week. >>russell: meantime, thousands of people line the streets while millions watched the ma raid from the comfort of their homes. charlie brown led the signature balloons. he was one of the new balloons replacing snoopy who was a no show. macy's says that snoopy has been in 39 out of 90 parades and it was charlie brown's turn. this was the 50th anniversary of eye our a good man, charlie brown, by the way. >>laura: tak >>russell: he's 50 years old? >>laura: i'll console you during the commercial break. thanksgiving toast across the international space station. six crew members had dehydrated turkey, stuffing eshgs vnl tabls. they sure were excited about eating it yesterday. we talked to them. it's something the way they operate up there. >>russell: it's how they live
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>>laura: they signed up for it. >>russell: they sure did. two out of three drivers are not paying attention in the parking lot. >>laura: how to protect yourself from thieves. ken is live at the tampa premium outlets looking for the crowds and looking for the deals. we'll talk to him when we come
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((laura 2shot) good morning, i'm laura moody >>laura: good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. happy black friday, everybody. >>laura: that was spunky. >>russell: i know. wasn't it? what are you doing? you're in for dave. how are you? >>jim: i'm doing pretty good. talking, doing a little trick here. we're actually starting off
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we had a nice start, a lot of clouds around first thing this morning, starting to see the sun breaking through the clouds. really a nice view over lakeland right now with scattered clouds and it's going to be another warm afternoon. we're starting out pretty mild in tampa. right now it's 68 degrees. sarasota, 68 degrees. st. petersburg currently sits at 67 degrees. we continue that warming trend. in fact, you can see most areas right now sitting between about, say, four to seven degrees yesterday. yesterday we had a daytime high of 83 degrees and we're going to be in the 80s for this afternoon. by lunchtime, we're heading into the mid and upper 70s. we top out into the 80s for this afternoon. we're looking at a couple of cold fronts heading our way, slightly drier air and cooler air over the weekend. we'll talk about that in a little bit. time is 6:30. let's check on the morning commute with courtney. >>reporter: heading out the door
6:31 am
in good shape this morning. a couple of minor accidents to keep in mind. pone is northbound i-75 at big bend road. this did reportedly have a left lane blocked but traffic is getting by, up to speed. no need to worry about delays through this area. authorities responding to an accident in the thonotosassa area. this is u.s. 301 north of fowler avenue. no reports of any road block and delay-free ride as well. >>russell: and we are member was killed by an e device in syria. the death marks the first time an american service member has been killed in the country since special operations forces were deployed there in october of last year. american troops are supporting kurdish forces fighting islamic state. >>laura: also we're learning more about how brady bunch mom
6:32 am
henderson suffered a heart failure and passed away last night. for millions of her fans, she will be known as carol brady. they had a house with no bathroom and a maid. she went on to guess star on several sitcoms after that. she's survived by four children and five grandchildren. henderson's on-screen daughter was one of the first celebrities to react to the friend for so very many years and in my heart forever. love and hugs to her family. i'll miss you dearly. henderson was 82. >>russell: in memphis, police are investigating a mall shooting that happened just after 11:00 last night in the parking lot of the wolf chase galleria mall. a gunman fired several shots from a red ford mustang.
6:33 am
gunshot wound at the hospital. shoppers were taking part in early black friday sales at the mall. now, the shooting highlights the importance of security outside of malls and shopping centers. >>laura: and officers throughout the bay area are stepping up patrols to keep people safe and catch shoplifters. national safety council says two out of three drivers are not paying attention. they're texting or talking on the phone, proam thousands of crashes happen every year in parking lots. sdraked walking can also be a big issue. many pedestrians are focussing on their phone and don't see cars backing in and out of parking spaces. >>russell: alcides segui is live in tampa this morning, staying on the subject. watch your back, right? >>reporter: exactly right. we're looking for the best deals out there, but you need to
6:34 am
looking for an easy target and there will be many of them not only here in the bay area but across the country and law enforcement agencies are telling folks, hey, put that cell phone down. put it down, put it in your pocket, your purse, make sure you're aware of your surroundings. make sure that your keys are in hand before going to your car. look around your car before actually going in because again, thieves are out there, they're looking for the easy target. sarasota police tweeted out information to make sure you and your family are safe during this holiday season. the most important tip, always know your surroundings. carry your purse or bag close to your body, your wallet inside a coat, maybe even your front pocket. have your keys in hand when approaching your car. check the back seat and around the car before getting in. tell a security guard or a store employee if you see an
6:35 am
valuables visible inside your car. lock them up in the trunk or even best part, take them home. that way it's safe at home. of course, always lock your doors. if you're shopping inside the store, never leave your purse or wallet unattended in the cart. you walk away for a second and then all of a sudden, it is gone. don't carry large amounts of cash. if you can, purchase your items with gift cards, possibly even credit cards. also one thing enforcement officers are telling folks, especially come monday which is cyber monday, make sure that you make arrangements. if you're getting that item delivered to your house, tell a neighbor, tell a family or friend to come back it up because this time of the year, we're going to get a lot of those pirate thieves that go to your house, pick up your stuff and it will be gone within a minute or two. also we said in the last hour of "good day tampa bay," amazon has new lockers.
6:36 am
7-eleven. if you can, have your item delivered to the amazon locker and you can pick it up whenever you're available. make sure you're safe during the holiday season and whatever item you purchase for the holiday season is there when you get there. back to you. >>russell: this weekend we'll set the tone for the rest of the holiday season. >>laura: an estimated 137 million people plan to do some shopping during the thanksgiving weekend but businesses are facing the increasing challenge of their money in person rather than online. >>russell: kenny is live at the tampa premium outlets where the business there hoping for big crowds today, right? >>reporter: they are hoping for big crowds. if you want to get a big deal, come now. i understand in the next hour, hour and a half or so, it picks up. last couple of live shots i was wearing my jacket. this is just a nice, plaid jacket. forget about that. i'm going to raise the bar right now and what better way to do
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that's the cool thing. this is andrew a, marissa and jessica. hold on to this. okay. now, this is what? explain this to me. >> looks like a letter jacket to me. >> letterman's jacket. it's on sale right now for $350. originally priced at $700. >> this is way too rich for my blood but i'm going to wear it during the live shot. the mandate. we have to do first things first. laura cross, our executive producer, says we have to pick something out for her husband craig to buy. >> zip top tote is on sale for $90. originally priced at $295. it is one of our famous, most popular bags. >>reporter: that's 66% off and under $100. a lot of things in coach are not under $100, right? >> yes, sir. we have here our slim backpack. it's on sale right now for $295,
6:38 am
$125. this slim backpack on sale. >>russell: can i wear the slim backpack or do you have to be slim like you? >> it's for everyone. it is from our calf leather. and then we also have our bears going on right now. >>reporter: this is new right now, right? >> they are exclusive time to purchase the bears. they're on sale right $275. they're originally priced at $550. >>reporter: you think this will become a collectible, right? >> yes. they are collectible bears. this one right here is outlaw. >>reporter: they have different names? >> yes. we have fuzz here, which is the pink bear. and then we also have our reversible totes right now on sale. they're going to be on sale for
6:39 am
originally priced at $350. and they're reversible so you get two bags in one. >>reporter: what's the blue one called? >> does this have a name? >>reporter: blue bear. >> yeah. we'll give him a name. he's denim colored. >>reporter: fox 13 bear maybe? >> sure. >>reporter: if you want to be classy, coach might be the way to go. and i am told by many, many women that is the gift that because no matter what you put on me, i'm not classy and i'm afraid i'm kind of sweating on it. don't tell anybody, but yeah. i'm taking it off now. i'll see you next time and see what else i can round up out here. hopefully some food so i can taste test it. and i need help. >>laura: and ken, don't worry about your aura. it could not be cooler so you're good. >>reporter: oh, please. i love you guys. >>russell: very nice.
6:40 am
get. see ya. >>russell: wow. see ya. shall we get back to alcides segui? >>laura: craig cross is watching right now. go with the purse, not the bear. purse. not bear. all right. fox 13 has your black friday survival guide. everything you need. start times, deals, head to look under the trending section. it is the top story. >>russell: so there you're hitting the mall or making a tripo covered. >>laura: and then an earthquake and a hurricane back to back. a state of emergency in central america this morning as
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welcome to disney springs.
6:44 am
a bad situation gets even worse in central america... about an hour after hurricane otto made landfall in costa rica; a >>lalaura: bad situation worse central america. a magnitude seven earthquake hit poff the pacific coast of nicaragua and el salvador. there are no reports of any serious damage or injuries due to the quake at this hour. blamed on this rare late season hurricane. >>russell: forecasters predicted it has enough power to get into the pacific now. >> hurricane otto making landfall in costa rica thursday as a category two storm. the storm tracking agency says it set a record for being the southernmost hurricane to strike
6:45 am
winds flocked 110 miles an hour with a dangerous storm surge along the coast. thousands of them were ordered to evacuate homes along the caribbean coast. this woman says homes in her neighborhood are unsafe. she joined many others looking for fresh water, food and a safe place to sleep. it's a similar scene just to the north in nicaragua. storm predictors saying that otto will move and into the pacific. there's the possibility of flooding and mudslides. >>jim: we're watching otto. it's made its way into the pacific. winds of 110 miles an hour worked across central america, maintaining most of the
6:46 am
maintained that tropical storm or tropical characteristics, it does keep the name, even though it's moved from the atlantic basin into the pacific basin. here's the latest coordinates. still really far to the south. 10.8 degrees north, 86.2 degrees west. top winds at 70 miles an hour. it continues to work its way towards the west at 13 miles an hour. it will continue to somewhat maintain the intensity over the next, say, 24 to 48 hours but eventually as we get into the start to weaken and we'll say goodbye to otto well into the pacific. back closer to home, not bad. 68 degrees. the dew point continues to climb. that's why you step outside, starting to notice maybe a little more humid outside with that dew point of 62 making the humidity at 81%. a very light north-northeasterly wind at three miles an hour. 50s across the interior. bartow at 57 degrees.
6:47 am
cooler at 52 degrees but the 68 in tampa. downtown st. petersburg, 67 degrees. you head down into bradenton, 65 and sarasota checks in at 68 degrees. 50s up across the panhandle. pensacola, 61 degrees and very mild. once you get down across the southern tip of the state, down across the keys where marathon currently sits at 75 degrees, really all we're seeing are scattered clouds working their way across the state. northwest but really, these fronts aren't going to do a whole lot. we'll kind of push a couple of these through here, we clear out the skies and drop the temperature a couple of degrees over the weekend, maybe get rid of a little humidity. it's probably going to take yet another front which will eventually head toward the middle of next week, that one will give us a chance of a couple of showers and we could use it because so far this
6:48 am
of rain. this is the driest month of the year but it's been ridiculously dry so far this month. so we'll continue that warming trend again for today. eventually as the fronts come through, we clear out the skies and bring in drier air to start out next week. the forecast goes like this. for today, not bad but a little bit warmer outside. daytime high of 81 degrees. then for tonight, scattered clouds, overnight low of 65. for tomorrow, mix of sun and clouds. the rain forecast through the weekend showing primarily a north to a northeasterly wind and seas rubbing around two to three feet with the moderate chop on the bays and inland waters. seven-day forecast, 81 degrees for today and 70s through the weekend with partly cloudy skies and a slight chance of a few showers with the cold front as we get into the middle of next week. let's check on the morning
6:49 am
interstates are running up to speed. live look at 275. this is on the tampa side of the howard frankland bridge. headlighting his heading northbound. it's 13 minutes for you across the span heading to the i-4 interchange so really, no problems to get in your way there this morning. an earlier accident along northbound i-75. it's big bend road. it was reportedly blocking a left lane and now authorities letting us know it's off to the side. do watch out for the crash in the thonotosassa area. this is 301 north of fowler avenue at bradley road. it is off to the side and you can see here, we're in the green so no delays through the area. >>russell: coming up, a happy ending to a story we've been following all month long. >>laura: find out what will happen to this box of chocolate we see introduced you to a few weeks ago and how you can help
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6:52 am
?remember these adorable little guys? >>laura: remember these adorable little guys? we've been calling them the box
6:53 am
lab pit bull mixes. they were surrendered to the humane society at the beginning of the month. more than 1,000 people contacted the shelter wanting to bring them home after they saw them on our show. everyone playing with them, i know. to avoid a mad dash, they started taking applications early and each one will meet their new family today. >>russell: okay. we admit this is going to disappoint a lot of people, but think about it. there are ma adorable dogs and cats that need new homes. jen is live at the humane society to talk about the dogs that are being adopted and the many more that need homes. what is going on? oh, head gear again. nice. >>jennifer: it's the season. christmas season, right? thanks giving yesterday. this has been the best week of
6:54 am
even frosty the snowman came out early to try to get one of the puppies. can you believe it? i want to know about your thanks giving. what did you do? >>laura: it was a great thanksgiving. jim made an incredible meal and all the kids were there and our family was there and it was everything that thanksgiving should be. what about you? >>russell: my friends joe and david hastings always invite us over every year to spend thanksgiving with them. we were there last night. >>laura: b >>russell: big to-do and we had a big time. jo is up and moving this morning so thank you again, sweetie. it was a great time last night. >>laura: what about you? did you have a good one? we were all here until late yesterday. >>jennifer: yeah. well, i did something for the first time ever. i went out to dinner, and i'm big on traditions for holidays. i like to cut down the christmas tree, carve my pumpkins. but we went out to dinner, and i
6:55 am
we had a five-course meal. there were so many people at the restaurant. i didn't realize how many people go out for thanksgiving but it was really nice. and didn't have to do any cooking or clean any dishes. >>laura: that's my girl. >>russell: sometimes that's okay. >>jennifer: all they want to see are the little chocolates. look at them. >>laura: they've >>russell: look at that. >>jennifer: and these two are the runts. we have m & m and baby ruth. and lon is quite festive as well in your hats. we were talking about almost 1,000 applicants. >> when we said we were going to do this process, within the first hour we had 180 applications. >>jennifer: and incredible, too, talk about black friday. black friday is going on here.
6:56 am
it's 75% off all adoptions for dogs and the fur babies, guinea pigs, rabbits over four months old. >>jennifer: and crazy, there are already people here i'm going to talk to later that are waiting in line. everyone wants the chocolate labs, of course, but they're still waiting. they're looking at the website right now to see what other pup i didn't see you ever available. just because you can't get the 12 which have been selected, right? >> the applicants have been screening process and i believe they're going to be here this morning at 9:30 to pick up the new puppies. >>jennifer: and all 12 have chocolate themed names. m & m and baby ruth and we'll check out a couple other ones as well as my heart goes out to the little chihuahuas. they have a whole bunch of chihuahua puppies, too. you guys, i may come home with a car full of dogs. >>laura: you can't.
6:57 am
happen. >>russell: we have to run. >>jennifer: dog farm begins today. >>laura: don't go away. there's a lot more ahead in the next hour, including an effort to change the presidential election results. the possibility of a recount in three battleground states. >>russell: and the fashion designer that is boycotting melania trump and they're asking others to do the same. >>jim: we've had patchy fog but not that bad. we're seeing some s the u.s.f. marine science camera. very mild as well, temperatures running in the upper 60s in most areas. we're at 68 degrees. we're heading for the 80s this
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
((russell- lost and found. a mother turns >>russell: lost and found. a mother turns up on thanksgiving nearly a month after she disappeared and the story she's telling police. >>laura: and recount request. the presidential candidate challenging the results in three battleground states. sales, some things you'll miss if you decide not to shop today. hey, everybody. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. it's ahead and more. jim web ser in for dave osterberg. >>jim: we've been looking at a little patchy fog in a few areas but overall, not that thick. it will be burning off quickly. just a beautiful view over


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