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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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another horrible dictator is gone. right now at 6:00 it's the end of an era. tonight why cuban refugees and their families are saying about the death of fidel castro. plus, the incoming trump administration has vowed to reverse some of president obama has taken to bring the two countries together. what castro's death could mean for those plans. they can find things that are local and made right here in tampa bay. >> and the perks of shopping small on small business saturday. how some local business owners are connecting the shoppers. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening thanks for
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lloyd sawers. hayley has the night off. the end of an era. the death of fidel castro. news of castro's death spread. here in tampa the celebrations were a bit more subtle. but as fox 13's kel is cowan explains generations of refugees in tampa are celebrating with their families. >> reporter: on the streets. >> thi >> and in the diners of west tampa. >> reporter: the news of fidel castro's death spread quickly saturday morning. fortuitous timing according to many families we spoke to today who were already gathered together for the thanksgiving holiday. >> when we all got the news it was not only a time to celebrate family but a time to celebrate the end of an era. >> reporter: it's news they've been waiting to hear for more than half sentry.
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couple months we're back in cuba. >> reporter: he fled cuba in the child just before the bay of pigs invasion. >> we are very grateful for the united states. >> unbeknownst to him and his family at the time they would never be able to return. though he's celebrating with family members the long anticipated news also brings back painful memories of a life shattered by fidel castro's rise to power. >> from one everything that my parents had worked for and that my family has worked for was gone. >> public executions, no freedom of speech no, right to bear arms, you know what our constitution allows us and protects us in our freedoms here you couldn't have that in cuba. >> reporter: tampa councilman himself the son of a cuban reching, says it's the symbolic end of an era for cuba. >> the image of the illusion
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dies with fidel castro. >> reporter: in tampa, kelly cowan, fox 13 news. while many are hopeful they also acknowledge the dwrefth castro doesn't mean the death of the -- death of castro doesn't mean the death of the dictatorship. tonight police are investigating a murder in sebring. police say a man in his 20s was shot and killed on friday. so far they have not released his name or anything about suspects. we'll bring you updates on police in barto are investigating a deadly crash two. people were child a passenger van crashed into a car. this happened on highway 17 south. the two people who died were both passengers in the car two. other people were injured. so far no names have been released. tonight a sarasota man is in the hospital with critical injuries after a crash early this morning. f.h.p. says the driver of chevy pickup was doing
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the truck flipped ask one of the three passengers was thrown out and hit by a toolbox that also went flying in the crash. no one else was hurt. the driver 23-year-old charles is facing careless driving charges. new at 6:00 crews in clear water are working to repair a sewer main break due to a main break on gulf boulvard. the sewage is flowing into two storm catc waterway. traffic on gulf boulvard will be affected by the tank untrucks for the next couple days until repairs are complete. tampa bay's local businesses spent the week preparation for one of their biggest shopping days of the year. today is small business saturday, fox 13's at aly heinz stopped by a few shops to see -- hayley heinz stopped by a few shops to see how they're cashing in to buy local. >> reporter: if you can find it at a big box store
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business. you just have to know where to lookry. >> toy boxes, i have kitchens. >> reporter: reruns for little ones is a can consignment and retail boutique. >> we've been in the tampa bay community for 10 years. >> reporter: it's not every out the door. >> small business saturday is our holiday. there's no way us small guys can compete so this is our opportunity to take you know what we can offer to t express shopping holiday go out of your way to spend at a local business to keep them in business. >> the money we spender. >> can help keep our town growing. >> on small business saturday let's shop small. >> reporter: last year american express reported 95 million customers took part. spending more than $16 billion up nearly $2 billion from twourn. >> we're doing a -- from 2014. >> we're doing a door buster
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those who spend a certain amount. >> 20% off our private label line of cass nets and fishing -- cast nets and fishing equipment. also doing up like to 40% off some citizens apparel. >> reporter: they've been open for 10 years but this is their first time participating in small business saturday. >> it just feels more empowering to be able to serve the customers specific needs and make that really cater to the local community. >> reporter: it's money you can feel good about spending because it's all staying right here. >> the money that i put into this i get back to the community. it's something that's really and i love tampa bay and everything i make pretty much goes back to either supporting local or shopping local. >> hayley heinz, fox 13 news. >> if you still want to ship -- chip in head to small
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point you to all the participating business in the area. >> some had a chance to connect with the public in st. petersburg today. shop apalooza was held today drawing about 150 vendors with all kinds of specials for the holiday shopping season. those who took part tell us the event is a great fund opportunity for them to meet their buyers face-to-face. some do most of their business on-line. if you were excited to get customers a >> i love it. i think it's fantastic. i think unfortunately, a lot of times people are so fixated on the big box stores and what's quick and easy and what i love with is an opportunity like today gets people out in the community. they can find things that are local and made right here in tampa bay. >> the event helps benefit and spotlight local businesses as well as local nonprofits, including sharp
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those of you planning to do some on-line shopping this season we have a consumer alert. what you need to know to protect yourself from hackers before you type that credit card number in. and paul is in for mike tonight's. >> hey, paul. >> good to be here and cold front going by right now. it means cooler and drier for sunday. take a look outside. spectacular picture from the beach cam the planet sign
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a consumer alert tonight- al consumer alert tonight as you sit down to do your on-line shopping.
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using the internet in a public place. fox's dana jay has more. >> reporter: if you plan to skip the lines and do your holiday shopping on-line we want you to meet zohar. >> i can own the dmur a alberta beatert. >> reporter: he's an ethical hacker. he helps protect people by finding weaknesses in computer systems and he's showing us how on-line bad guys can make your life miserable, especially if you're connecting your comput internet in public. first look out for unexpected gifts. if you see a usb drive lying around never ever picket up and use it. >> you just plug it in and from that point you're doomed. >> reporter: think of it as a trojan horse that lets the bad guys into your system. >> you can program this device to do whatever you want. >> reporter: like steal your bank account information. next, let's talk about your mouse and your keyboard.
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wireless keyboard and mouse which is not blue tooth, okay, you're definitely vulnerable. >> reporter: a hacker can intercept signals used by basic nonblue tooth technology and take over your machine. >> i can just sit in a parking lot scan the entire building and just kill each and every computer in a few seconds. >> reporter: and it's not just a public place. what he can do by parking outside your home is a nightmare. >> just stop next to a house regardless if he has a firewall, anti-virus it doesn't matter what it is and i can convert this computer to be a child pornography server if i want to. >> reporter: so the tip from the expert if your mouse or keyboard is wireless make sure it has blue tooth technology. >> from my point of view that might be the best. >> reporter: you might want to put that on your list as you shop on-line for others. dana jay, fox news. just in time for the holidays there's a shiny new
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still ahead tonight the latest bump in the grand prize and your odds if you
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the u-s-f bulls.. pulled off a win over u-c-f in today's "war on i-4"... usf bulls pull off a win the last game of the regular season for both teams. the winning their are record tenth game over the golden knights. 48-41.
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fans no doubt went home happy. >> i am a usf graduate love the school. very school spirited. i follow them wherever they can go. you know trying to support the team because those kids need to us support them. >> with today's quinn usf still needs east carolina to upset temp told earn a trip to the aac championship game. highlights and much more still ahead in sports. just in time for black friday shopping, holiday dreaming and post christmas bill paying powerball jackpot has jumped over $400 million. no one has won the top prize since september 17th. so jackpot now sits at $403 million. tickets are $2 and you can buy them up until 10:00 tonight. tonight's drawing the odds by the way of winning that
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million. there is a chance. >> you need that to pay off your black friday shopping. >> we hit the jackpot with weather. less humid today, a little freezey great weather today for the usf game. let's take a look outside today. a couple great photos coming in. that'sic jackson which is in sebring out for a late day run. nicely done. charlotte and james mann on the boat. and sung set from paris tonight look at this view. over from the sky way bridge from jenny harper of duckworth and the final one is a view right over tampa bay. there's a cold front going by right now we're back in the string of temperatures above average.
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and the next day then the warmth comes back at us. we may somehow get some rain on wednesday or thursday as a frontal boundary heads our way. right now we're sitting at .001 for november. november is usually our driest month but this is a little overdone isn't it. we've had months in our climate history with no rain at all. so this is not a record just as i said earlier, we have a cold front going by now. the air mass behind this cold front is not really all that cold. you will notice a definite drop in the hum tonight and tomorrow. and high pressure builds in behind it. you can see some of the high cirrus clouds. all of this will sag to the south you get into this dry air in red and tomorrow should be a great day.
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cooler great weather tonight up in tallahassee between florida state and florida great weather clear skies 63 now, in the 50s to kick off. 50? in birmingham, definite drop in temperature behind the front. and the cool air moves in for about a day and a half two days and the winds will shift to the east and southeast then by tuesday and wednesday, we zoom back up. the moisture comes back and watch and wait for a fron into thursday. so tonight the cold front zips to the south high pressure be builds in behind it very, very nice. behind the front but also by monday, notice the winds they're turning around to the east and southeast. you know what that means, that means we start warming up it turns more humid then we watch for this. cold front moving through memphis. that could impact us mid-week and hopefully, hopefully give us some showers even that's kind of dicey may not be much.
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northwest winds at seven. pretty quiet around the country. it has been kind of a damp and chilly long thanksgiving weekend in the northeast with some rain and snow showers. kind of cloudy in chicago, more rain and snow out west. raining lightly in buffalo and 39?, atlanta 52, chicagoland at 40. so tonight we stay clear and cooler or becoming clear and cooler down to 59. good looking sunday coming up mostly sunny. highs about 78?. monday looks okay. partly cloudy and we're back in the low 80s. if you are boating tomorrow winds north northeast if you are behind the front. next high tide 11:40. and your seven-day forecast the next chance of rain is going to be wednesday into thursday with the temperatures in the 80s. >> the usf bulls set a new record today but are awaiting another game before they can really celebrate. will tagert couldn't help himself though getting a
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the history between ucf and history between usf and ucf the bulls have controlled this rivalry winning now six of their eight meetings. now for usf they have a lot more at stake than just bragging rights right now. they're looking for thele school's first 10 win season and a chance for the aac title game. ranking seventh in nation here's why after ucf opened with a touchdown. that's marlin mack with a burst to the enzone. a 43-yard run to tie this game up. now the bulls defense has been a weakness at times
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pressure on the knights. brown right here picks up the loose ball. scoop and score. 14-7 usf bulls open the game up here in the second quarter. marlin mack breaking loose for another big touchdown run. mack finishes and the two touchdowns. but really what makes the bulls offense so dynamic is quinton flowers he can hurt teams with his arms but he's more dangerous with his legs. the nights can't get a hand on him here. he goes 62 yards for lead flowers adds another touchdown run in the fourth quarter. how with is this for balance? flowers had 152 yards through the air. another 152 yards on the ground and the bulls win comfortably 48-31. time to warm up those buses for the first time in school history the bulls finish the regular season with an impressive 10 win season. and now they're pulling for east carolina to upset temple tonight so they can go to the aac title game they would need that to happen.
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looking to make some history tonight. in tallahassee. their senior class has a chance for the sunshine state sweep. a win over florida would give fsu seniors that has never been done before. for florida this game is really all about pride and snapping the seminoles three game winning streak against them. >> so here's what i don't think people get. they want to make a big deal about it. here's the big deal. based on how how you prepare, is going to help you be successful in whatever you do. >> the emotions are important, but they don't always win games that's why i think sometimes emotions can help you or hurt you. i think it's very important to keep those in line but still performing in the game doing the things you do. i think that's what happens. people are going to do everything they can do. there's no doubt. >> it's going to be a good one. the national championship spot on the line for the
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third ranked wolverines this one lives up to the hype. the buckeyes rally down 17-7. after two missed field goals tyler getting another shot for redemption. six seconds left. and that one is good for the tivt time this rivalry here heading to overtime. and michigan takes the lead with a field goal. ohio state for the win. curtis samuels game-winning touchdown. ohio 28 a thrilling double overtime victory 30-27 over michigan. the bucs position for a playoff run if they can handle seattle tomorrow. really tough task. but the bucs appear to be coming together on both sides of the ball they're just game behind the falcons in the nfc south with four of their six games left. now this is going to be a big challenge for dirk cutter's bucs. the seahawks are dominating the nfc west with a 2.50 game lead over arizona and they're doing it with defense.
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seattle is number one in points allowed giving up just over 17 points per game. >> you know they're super bowl champs, she have been able to get up to the top reload it and circle back making their second run. very well coached team and loaded with play makers. we got a lot of respect for them. they with tell how hard they play on tape. we know this will be a very physical game excited the challenge. if you're a competitor that's what you're in the business for. >> we have another full day of football for you on sunday. catch our full game right here seahawks and bucs preview. tailgate sunday at 10:30 the network takes over around be 11:00. later on it's the seattle seahawks and bucs. taking to the field at raymond james at 4:05. it should be a pretty good one. but they haven't played a defense like this that's dominating. 17 points a game. >> we have to see the bucs
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be a game. >> it might be one of those ugly games like 12-10. with just win, right. the death of fidel castro puts u.s. cuba relations in the spotlight. coming up next how trump's promises could be affected by the death of cass trompt coupons and my weekly ad are is folded like, ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you?
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for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. following the death of fidel following the death of fidel castro people are now wondering what this could mean for u.s. cuba relations. castro's death now puts that issue in the spotlight. in the first days of president-elect trump's new administration. fox's brian yennis has more. >> reporter: one of president obama's signature legacy pieces was the start of normallizing relations with the castro regime and cuba.
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with cuba opened up travel, commerce and telecommunications but on the campaign trail president-elect trump promised to reverse all of that. >> but all of concessions that barack obama has granted the castro regime were done through executive order which means the next president can reverse them and that i will do unless the castro regime meets our demands. >> reporter: trump won florida and the cuban american would cancel obama's orders until the authorityian castro regime granted religious and political freedom to cubans and freed all political prisoners. cuban exile leaders say they don't want to cancel obama's deal altogether but rather renegotiate. they like the opening of travel of cuban americans to the island, for example, but urge the suspension of new trade and investment deals that only serve to enrich the regime.
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to be given to the castro regime must come with a demand and the demand must be to respect the rights of the cuban people. >> reporter: cuban dissent who has been jailed in cuba for his activism for human rights and has held dozens of hunger strikes believes obama's biggest error was not consulting the dissident community before negotiating with the castros. just last week, he met with republican senator rubio and bob mendez both cuban americans imploring them to alter or halt obama's deal until more democratic reforms are passed. >> things are worse economically, pligly and socially. there has been increased repression, incarcerations, assaults and torture because the government felt the deal legitimateized their actions. >> reporter: fidel castro's death now puts u.s. cuba relations in the spotlight.
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spotlight in the first days of the president-elect's new administration the question now how far will mr. are trump go to his promise to cuban americans to bring about change. in new york, brian yennis, fox news. new at 6:00, family, friends and loved ones gathered in st. petersburg today to honor the oldest member of the original tuskegee airman who just passed away. willie rogers died last friday he was 101 years old. loving man who cared deeply about his community and family and walked to worship services every sunday. part of today's memorial service included his family making that very same walk. roger did for 50 years. the pastor says it was an honor having rogers as part of his congregation. >> he served his country with distinction as a tuss
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continued to be a vibrant part, a father, a husband in this community and a resident historian. >> reporter: rogers was part of the 100 air engineer squad. he also served with the red tail angels and was wounded in action in 1943. rogers was passioniates about sharing stories with others and about his faith in god. in jacksonville, a cruise ship crashed into a bridge on friday. luckily no one was injured. the large somehow became wedged underneath jacksonville's main street bridge. the coast guard says the boat is not damaged. inspection officers are still trying to figure out just how it happened. the bridge will remain closed until it's inspected. an alligator attack in south florida lands a man in the hospital. rescue crews say he hunting for ducks near the everglades yesterday afternoon when an alligator bit him on the thigh. it appears to be a flesh wound. the 50-year-old is expected
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thanksgiving took a tragic turn in central florida. a man is facing attempted murder charges after deputies say he stabbed both of his parents. deputies found 32-year-old edwin dougherty walking down the street in port orange. they believe he and his mother got into a fight. edwin placedder in a head lock when his father tried to intervene we put him in a head ck steak knife and stabbed him several times and then turned to his mother. >> i happened to look out and see ambulances and police and fire trucks and the next thing i know i found out that there had been a stabbing. >> witnesses who were sitting at the dinner table saw the entire thing unfold. they said they saw edwin be stab his parents before leaving the house. the autistic 9-year-old nephew of marcus cambie was found dead today after a
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the discovery of marcus mcgee about two days after he was first reported missing. the connecticut boy was in the houston area for thanksgiving at cambie's property. mcgee was apparently found in a lake on that property ending a huge voluntary-driven search. officials have not revealed any other details but they do say there are no signs of foul play. authorities in texas are investigating a deadly shooting that happened in a parking lot of a wal-mart. police say the tried to help a woman who was being attacked. authorities say he saw a man assaulting a woman in the parking lot. the man had the woman by her hair. when the good samaritan drove up and tried to stop the abuse he was shot and killed. another with woman who was in the car with the victim was hit by shrapnel and was taken to the hospital. a third woman, a bystander was also hit by a bullet. her injuries have been described as
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for the man for trying to intervene and unfortunately this man was too eager to shoot so i think anyone would try to intervene if they were to see something like that. >> authorities say the beaten woman was able to escape and a police helicopter followed the suspect's vehicle for 10 miles before taking him into custody. authorities have not yet released the name of those involved. authorities are now offering a for a pair of dangerous prisoners who escaped from a california jail. leon campbell and chavez cut their their window bars before repelling down the freedom -- building to freedom on friday night. they tied clothes and bed sheets together to escape. >> so they went down the guadalupe trail heading northbound. the dogs still had a very strong scent both dogs one
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just kind of the movement. >> weekend rain forecast for today could help thest to capture these two fugitives. they're believed to be in the san francisco bay area. a thanksgiving week surprise for donald trump as green party candidate jill stein launches an effort to recount votes in states where trump anniversary -- narrowly beat hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton could still end up in the white can of recounts in several key ballot ground states. the chances of that happening are slim to none but still, green party candidate jill stein is launching an effort to recount votes in states including wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan, all states where donald trump narrowly beat hillary clinton. while stein admits there's no indication that hacking or vote tampering took place in any of those states, a handful of computer science experts are claiming a
6:39 pm
influenced the election. of course, there's currently no evidence to support that claim. still, stein says a full recount is needed for voter reassurance. >> we are standing up for a voting system that we deserve that we can have confidence in, that has integrity, and security and that we know is not subject to tampering, malfeasance, handlinging and so . >> -- hacking and so on. >> stein has $5 million well on the goal to $7 million. following the election the clinton campaign said it looked into every report of hacking or voting irregularity and found nothing. but late yesterday when they received stein's request and agreed to move forward with the recount the clinton team jumped on board. in a post on media clinton attorney wrote now that a recount is underway we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million americans who cast ballots for hillary
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ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be rote reported. the official recount effort in wisconsin is expected to get underway late next week and the filing deadline is monday and michigan is wednesday. in washington, i'm garrett tenny, fox news. at least nine people are dead and six others missing in costa rica after tropical storm otto moves across the nation. hundreds of others were hurt and there's widespread otto hit as a category two hurricane before losing strength. those of who you prefer on-line shopping to fighting the crowds cyber monday is fast approaching. coming up next we'll take a look at how on-line sales may be keeping the stores a
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black friday is behind us.. but the holiday shopping season is official black friday is behind us but the holiday shopping season is officially underway. it was a rather slow black friday morning but things picked up later in the day at malls and shopping centers in tampa and beyond. police and deputies were there, too. police agencies have beefed up patrols at malls and shopping plazas. at clearwater mall offers ran bike patrols and had officers in uniforms and plainclothes. it's something that will continue through the busy shopping season. >> one of the reasons black friday wasn't as crazy this year on-line shopping. according to information collected from the top 100 retailers in the u.s., on-line sales thanksgiving day totalled over $1.9 billion. that is up more than 11%
6:44 pm
numbers for yesterday for black friday, about $3 billion in on-line sales. seattle and the bucs pair up tomorrow. kevin what is it going to look like? >> i think it's going to be a low scoring game but a close one. in 1976 the guys came into the league as babies in the nfl and tomorrow they meet at raymond james stadium. bucs are looking for their third straight win. scott smith and ricky reynolds give us a taste of what to expect. what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8.
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what's the best way to get two servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day. kevin sports the bucs are back home tomorrow to face the bucs are back home tomorrow to face the team they came into the league with. we're talking about the seattle. seattle has won 100 more games since the bucs. they both have gone to the super bowl and have rings
6:47 pm
franchise. they have been to the super bowl three times. they sit down and discuss the bucs chances against a seven with win seahawks team. >> this week on the menu not so much turkey as it is seahawk, i think it's a little bit gamey, but this is going to be a tough one at raymond james. when you start talking about the seahawks you are talking about russell wilson he has been on a tear two interceptions this year he has been phenomenal he doesn't turn the ball over. what are the little ways that way defenses play? last week we saw him catching the ball so he can do pretty much anything, right? >> yes, he can. he's he's phenomenal like you said. he's a guy a guy that's really great with his feet. he will get in that pocket he can stand in the pocket throw from the pocket. but if he feels that pressure he escapes with the greatest of ease. once he starts running and gets out the pocket that's when he's even more dangerous. because now the receivers
6:48 pm
place it's hard to keep up with the receivers down the field. he looks down the field to throw. but if he doesn't throw he can run down the field and get plenty of yards with his feet with as well. >> like the bucs they have experienced some injury to their runningback position. looks like thomas rauls will be the guy this week. he was banged up earlier in season he's now back. this is a different run game without lynch. in years past this is a top three running attack. this year not so much? >> not so these guys are having a lot of trouble you know trying to find that one guy that can take over and become you know who marchand lynch was they will try to get in the flow of things and try to at least commit to the run then use russell wilson to try to do their part of that
6:49 pm
jet lagged seahawks. for ricky and i we'll see you on sunday morning on tailgate sunday. >> thank you, guys. 4:05 is the kickoff. seattle and the bucs. guys. >> should be a nice day out at the stadium tomorrow. >> a good four days if you think about it. it has been a little warm on thanksgiving. a little cold front goes by tonight. no humidity tomorrow. a lot better than the 1:00 tilts in september which is a blast furnace. tomorrow half the gam half the game dark. this was in the sky today. 22 degree halo over boca grand. ice crystals in the cirrus clouds making for a perfect circle overhead and a beautiful day today. skies becoming clear as a cold front settles to the south. 81? the high today, the average 76?. low 66? we're back to above average. we fall a little bit below average or maybe near average tomorrow into monday
6:50 pm
the next cold front which will come down the pike by mid-week. hype clouds kind of mark the arrival of the cold front tonight. it is not dramatically cooler behind the front this is not going to be a big deal. in fact, temperatures overnight getting back to with where they should be meaning low temperatures near 60?. right now a pair of 71? in tampa and st. pete. sebring 71 and brooksville at 66. the dew points though gradually coming down as the winds pick behind the front. nice dew point of 51 in tampa. 54 in brooksville. so outside we're 71, with the 51 dew point. humidity is at 49%. a northwest wind at seven. there's the cold front with the blue line and triangles on it. high pressure builds in for about two days and once the high begins to move on shore our winds turn to the east and southeast. warm up begins. and should turn fairly muggy
6:51 pm
the next front moves our way. it's been kind of a cloudy damp drizzly in some cases some snow showers in the northeast. snowing in down east rain. raining near the coast. rain and snow in new york straight kind of cloudy in michigan. 40 in columbus, 46 in nashville, 57 mobile, 59 columbia. tonight 50s to near 60 and tomorrow with sunshine. beautiful day. highs in the upper 70s near 80. 77 brooksville cold front will zip by tonight then tomorrow high pressure builds in behind it. then the position of the high begins to move off the carolina coast and our winds will rapidly turn to the southeast. then the big question is will the front here will it be strong enough to give us a round of much needed showers by mid-week? that's a possibility. at this point we certainly could use the rain.
6:52 pm
cooler. down to 59. then sunshine coming up tomorrow with lower humidity. highs up to 78. and the outlook for monday heading back to work partly cloudy and warm and 81. after that, all eyes will be on the approaching cold front for wednesday and thursday. temperatures will stay right around 80 on monday, 83 on tuesday. showers most likely on
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if you're still nursing a turkey hangover... >> if you are still nursing a turkey hangover why not take in a movie. we get a look at what's new in threatsers there this weekend. >> don't panic there's absolutely nothing to worry about. >> reporter: hoping to keep the magic alive for a second straight week "fantastic beasts" and where to find them is expected to keep the top spot at the holiday box but it has a lot of competition. >> i'm not going on a mission with some -- >> little girl. >> disney's latest animated comedy features dwayne the rock johnson and music written by hamilton creator lynn manuel miranda it tells the story of a strong willed polynesian princess who set sail to find a legendary dem dog --
6:56 pm
warren beatty does it all as the eccentric billionaire howard hughes. it revolves around a young starlet and her relationship with hughes and his chauffeur. >> we suspect your wife is a german spy? >> it's insane. another throwback is allies playing world war ii spies who fall in love after a dangerous mission. >> it has been 15 years. >> well, you still hit like >> reporter: billy bob thornton is suiting up for another holiday season in the raunchy comedy bad santa 2. this time he teams up with his mom played by kathy bates to rob a charity on christmas eve. >> the state of virginia will argue that it is ununfair to bring children of mixed race into the world. >> loving about an interracial couple during the late 1950s. >> when you love someone
6:57 pm
it. >> and nocturnal animals starring aimingy adams and jake gyllenhaal. a psychological thrill better a woman haunted by her ex-husband's violent novel. in hollywood, fox news. for more news follow us on twitter and the news is always on we'll see you back here tonight after the game. until then, have a great
6:58 pm
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>> we are fox sports. >> mike macintyre's colorado buffs, they said just one win away from completing an improbable worst to first turn around in the pac-12 south, but it is utah that stands in the way of t p >> history can teach us many things. it can reveal the highest of highs. >> number one for colorado! >> and the lowest of lows. >> well, this is the day the buffaloes and its fans will soon want to forget about. >> but today, a new chapter can


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