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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> it's bad enough that you are shoplifting but to have injured that lady like that? >> it wh it's what he is accuser doing after the robbery that has everybody upset. >> please don't drink and drive. >> enough is enough they say, after another was hit and killed. and more than a decade later, elian gonzales, the survive and center of a custody battle tells us of fidel castro's death. >> good evening, i'm lloyd sowers, haley has the night off.
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ran into an 82-year-old woman who fell and broke her hip. >> the shoplifter knocked into this woman off of the target near north little road, and 26-year-old cameron conca has turned himself in before his picture was posted on deputies say he was chased by a security guard and he ran right into the 82-year-old woman outside the store leaving her helpless, shoppers were horrified to hear about her injuries. >> what if that was your elderly aunt or father.
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shoplifter but then to run into that old lady like that! >> in tampa, police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a bicyclist and then kept going. it happens at selection hillsbod himes avenues around 3:00 this morning. >> they are asking anyone who knows anything about it to give them a it's something that we unfortunatery have to report on all too often. for the third time this year a tow truck driver has been hit and killed. this happened on 275 southbound near the fowler exit. the 22-year-old was killed when he stopped to help someone on
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flashing but the other person apparently did not notice. investigators believe he was drunk at the time of the crash, and again this is the third will fatal crash this year. fellow tow truck drivers say enough is enough. >> i am tired of having to sit there and try to explain to the world something as simple as not something as simple as paying attention. >> we have an update out of bartow where two people died in a crash yesterday morning, happens along i-17 south. 73-year-old and another
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her man side swiped another van. their injuries are not life threatening. and a yo yo suspect has been ard in the murder of w will hodges. frindz clothing helped to break the case, he has been charged with second degree murder. >> and people really morning the loss of a leader who ruled cuba
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half a century. but elian co gonzales was the target of a custody dispute. his mother tried to leave cuba with elia but his father staying behind, and -- reunite with his father. elian went on to say he was honored to have known fidel castro. >> can you hear the crowd immediately letting their
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kaepernick, there was a huge bash lash over his wearing of a fidel castro t-shirt. >> that story is from back in august when kaepernick wore a t-shirt with both castro and malcome x on it. the q.b. spoke after the game saying he was taken out of the investment in edge daition and in free universal health care as well as the involvement in helping to end apartheid in south africa. i would hope that everybody agrees those are good things. and trying to push the false narrative that he was a supportive of the oppressive
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>> kaepernick also chose to sit again during the national anthem. >> and a woman describes being attacked by a bear. >> i could feel my energy leaving me as i bled out. >> wheel explain coming up after the >> it's been warm over the last couple of days and up to now it's been present, and comfy. humid returns and we'll talk
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>> a developing story out of new orleans tonight. chaos in a popular tourist destination. a celebration on bourbon street turned deadly after two men imot intoan argument and shot at each other, killing one person and wounding nine others. it started as an argument between two men, none of the victims were intended targets.
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saying this shooting was completely unacceptable. and a maryland woman is out of the hospital after being attacked by a bear. the woman her her daughter's dog parking but when she walked out of her home to see what was going on she unknowingly walked between a female bear and her cubs. >> i really didn't think i was going to make it. >> four broken teeth, a broken arm and pelvis but she lived to tell the harrowing story of coming face to face with an angry black female bear. >> i heard a tremendous growling and the bear came out and grabbed me by the face and
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half, literally, and then she came back around again and grabbed the top of my head with her teeth and started to try to go for my neck and i was going like this to try to protect my neck, and i hit her like four times, once really hard to get her to go away and it didn't work, and then the last time they attacked me, she paw on my back and tried to bite at me, and every time i moved she came back and tried to attack me, and i could feel her breath. i think she stopped because she was tired. >> she found her phone under her leg, and managed to call 9-1-1. >> i've being attacked by a
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broken my arm. >> people said he he w i was so, but i was not, i could feel my energy believing me. >> and the next day the bear was tracked down and killed. and now she is worried that the three cubs have been left in the area to forage for food on their own. >> i'm a little concerned about that decision but i understand they are trying to set up a meeting to discuss neighborhood. >> she has a lot of rehab in front of her but karen says this holiday week she also realizes she has much to be thankful for. >> i'm happy to be here. >> wow. can you imagine? >> nope. weather-wise it's been pretty calm around here, and that is holiday weather.
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but some changes coming up. we've been pleasant, and the humidity starts to decrease, so something to talk about. >> we could use the rain. >> certainly we could, this is the dry season but this is getting ridiculous, and something calm and serene about seeing the beach, people on the beach thanksgiving weekend. and maybe it was just growing up up north, it's different. >> it's nice. >> sure, it's why we live here. >> and the time lapse showing what a beautiful day it was and a beautiful ending to the day as well. 80 degrees the high, and we continue that above-arrange trend, but it still felt comfy. tonight we bump those lows up to
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arrange. winds out of the east-northeast at 5. other temperature oos round thee area. 51 in wesley chapel and brooksville, 51, and 59 in crystal river. this starts to change, though, as we head through the next several days and you look at our trend, starting tomorrow we'll bump that up another 4, 5 thursday i think really that is when you notice that change in humidity. it's going to feel a little bit stickier out there. satellite and radar? clear views across the entire state but you see this mass of additional moisture back to our weather, a lot of it in the form of high clouds, and so i think especially tomorrow afternoon
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in the area. and high pressure shifts to our east when that happens but you get the southernly winds going and that increases the threat of moisture and even a threat of stray showers. i would not be surprised if it ends up lower but then as we head into tuesday, it looks like the cold front is coming bubba not quite. it moves back to the north but this one coming up i think gives even at that we are talking about 30%, especially the farther north you get. i think they are looking long-term and we have a better chance of showers monday or tuesday. 52 for tonight, mostly clear, and 81, increasing clouds, maybe a stray afternoon shower, and for tuesday, 83 degrees, maybe a bit more riewmed, clouds and
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sun. it will cool off a bit, and back to near 80 by next day. >> all right, mike, thanks. coming up, play harder, play
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new tonight... mom and
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change how they feel about on-line video games after this report. a new study shows that kids who play on-line games get better grades. >> where are the bad guys at? >> talk about a dream job. >> let's just head you ever the streets here, oh, jimmy, a $500 bit, thank you for that. >> adam plays video games for a living and people all over him while he does. >> it's like a mixture of talk radio, a podcast and playing. okay, that guy died. >> that is why there are advertisers who pay as they play, and he has other games like crusader. >> jesus is playing world of warcraft. >> and ezekiel who all do the
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this lakeland, florida house 24/7. >> it's like community. you can fieppe find other peoply play with or play with us. >> the concept has changed of us, the industry made over $21 billion, but every gamer remembers being told at some point in their life that video games are not good for them. >> i when you grow up playing too many video games you are going to be a loser. >> but this new study shows in a on-line players tend to get better math, reading and science scores. >> ron weaver says the study shows that the on-line video
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mental workout and all of that kick thinking essentially makes brains stronger. >> indigo is not surprised by any of this, after all, his own interest gave him a really cool career, and put his name -- >> oh, 200-bit cheer, thank you so much. >> -- on thoughs of people's screens worldwide and did ac >> i am like the smartest person out there, so it's definitely true in a my case. >> one of the biggest stories in town was the bucs win today. >> kind of a bizarre score there, and i know a lot of people gave the bucs a chance against seattle but i think they pulled off the win of the week. they are playing their best had
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>> this is what bucs fans have been waiting for.
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winning streak in two reasons but more importantly the bucs just beat two of the nfl's top teams. now, they could not have scripted a better start. jameis winston with two passes both going for touch downs and from there the bucs defense takes over, holding wilson out of the endzone for the entire game. he had just one passing yard in the entire first half, and he entire game. they sacked him six times and intercepted him twice, one a fumble. this was the longest winning streak since 2013. >> after the game i said to dirk you bring in something that i have never seen and this is a foreign place to play, and it used to be you never heard the
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because we have given them something to cheer about and that is going to continue to put people in the stands. >> you know what he is capable of, russell wilson. what did you do to confuse him? >> he picks you apart when you don't play assignment football, and our guys played great, and we are just trying to make this a greatnv defense. >> the bucs had their largest crowd of the season. they hit the road for san diego next sunday. >> all right, kevin, thanks very much. for more news follow us on twitter. craig patrick's money, power and politics is next. and good day tomorrow starts at 4:00 in the morning.
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this is the money, power & politics 100th anniversary special. it's their only front runner jeb bush by a mile. ooh. he ran out of energy. romneys by mitt trying to stop the trump machine. >> a business genius he is not. >> hoover is booed after the convention stage as he urges delegates to vote their conscious con science. >> cast his ballot the way his own conscientious shall dictate. >> a young orson wells admits it have a hoax.


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