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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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another tow truck driver is hit and killed on a busy tampa highway by a drunk driver. this is the third times this year... the second time in just over a month. the latest on the investigation. and fire those cannons. the bucs win a game they were supposed to lose! we're breaking down their big win against the seahawks. good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay. it's monday, november 28. i'm walter allen. and i'm vanessa ruffes in for jennifer epstein this morning. thanks for joining us. let's start off by checking in
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it's happened again. a tow truck driver is hit and killed on a busy bay area highway by a drunk driver. fox13's shayla reaves is live outside the orient road jail shayla, such a sad story, especially on a holiday weekend. he's accused of driving drunk...losing control...and causing another man to lose his life-- in just a few hours-- 30-year-old leandro corrales perez of tampa is expected to appear before a judge... after a sunday arrest for dui manslaughter. this all started off i-275 south of fowler avenue. authorities say 42-year-old tow truck operator danny ray hand stopped to help a motorist overnight. as he stood in the outside shoulder the the situation took a deadly turn when another car left the road and struck him. hand of new port richey died from injuries at the scene. troopers later arrested perez and transported him to the orient road jail. we're told hand parked with all caution
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requires driver to change lanes if safe to do so and slow down when you see flashing lights with responders working on the side
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thank you shayla. we'll check back in with you at with you at we'll check back shayla. thank you thank you shayla.
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this is the second tow truck driver killed on a bay area highway in just over a month, back on october ninth, "troy mcguire" was killed on i-75, at big bend road. he was one of several tow truck operators who responded, when troopers pulled over three cars for racing. he was standing on the shoulder, when troopers say, a drunk driver hit him and his truck. mcguired died. the driver was charged with d-u-i manslaughter. and we're following another developing story out of tampa this morning. tampa police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a bicyclist on hillsborough and himes avenue sunday morning and kept on driving. police found the truck at an apartment complex in clearwater yesterday afternoon, but no arrests have been made. if you know anything about this accident you're asked to call tampa police. in pasco county... a man has been arrested for shoplifting, but it doesn't stop there.. he knocked down an elderly woman in the process, causing her to break a hip! it happened at the target
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conca" turned himself in after they posted his picture on facebook. investigators say conca stole hundreds of dollars in merchandise from target. while security was chasing him out he ran into an 82-year-old woman knocking her over. the story has shoppers shaken. the woman's family says he had a partial hip replacement as a result of the collision. conca is now facing robbery and grand theft charges. you may want to give yourself a few extra minutes if your commute involves gulf boulevard in clearwater this morning. parts of gulf boulevard will be closed this morning after a sewage spill. the spill happened on the 13- hundred block of gulf boulevard in sand key friday. just over 100- thousand-gallons of sewage spilled into the water after a main break. the sewage flowed into two storm catch
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waterway for almost 12 hours. emergency contractors brought in a tanker truck to remove the sewage. but parts of gulf boulevard may be closed over the next few days while repairs are made. the cuban people start day 3 of their 9 days of mourning today for former dictator "fidel castro". castro died on friday at the age of 90. alcohol sales have been suspended, flags are at half-staff and concerts all across the nation have been canceled for the entire today, large rallies are planned in revolution square. a public memorial service is expected to take place in the square tomorrow night. castro's ashes will be taken around the country leading up to his funeral on december fourth. and world leaders continue to react to castro's death. that includes canadian prime minister "justin trudeau". he's back tracking this morning after his original remarks appeared to ?praise castro. fox's "kelly wright" has the latest. ((take pkg))runs: 1:41out: std chyrons:0:26-0:36 justin trudeau / canadian prime minister0:46-0:55 sen. ted cruz / (r-tx) / courtesy: "this week" / abc1:06-1:16
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1:23-1:32 gleimys vento / foreman1:32-1:41 kelly wright / fox news correspondent (on- cam "fox news" tag) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------trudeau says: "the fact is fidel castro had a deep and lasting impact on the cuban people." canadian prime minister justin trudeau now defending his controversial comments... in which he praised cuban dictator fidel castro following his death... calling him a "legendary revolutionary and orator." many criticized the statement... even within canada... citing castro's poor human rights record. trudeau says: "but on the passing of his death i expressed a statement that highlighted the deep connection between the people of canada and the people of cuba." u-s leaders condemned trudeau's comments... including senators marco rubio and ted cruz... both cuban americans... calling the comments disgraceful. cruz says: "you shouldn't be what barack obama and justin trudeau are doing that is honoring a communist murdering dictator. " other u-s leaders are also weighing in on the death of castro... including former democratic presidential candidate and self-proclaimed democratic socialist... bernie sanders. sanders says: "many people have left cuba for better aspirations. so no, the cuban on cubans are now preparing for events in memory of their longtime leader... in havana's revolution square. vento says (translation): "we are setting up a big screen and the platforms for tv for the events around the death of fidel castro ruz for the people who are coming to sign the book of condolence." (on-cam tag) cuba is observing nine days of mourning ... before castro's burial on december fourth. in washington, kelly wright, fox
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it looks like the secret service has not clamped down on president-elect "donald trump's" twitter use. our soon-to-be commander in chief making headlines this morning for an sunday twitter rant. he took to twitter sunday to talk about the election and he even alleged voter fraud. he said quote: "in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular
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illegally. it would have been much easier for me to win the so-called popular vote than the electoral college in that i would only campaign in 3 or 4 states instead of the 15 states that i visited." by the way... when it comes to the popular vote "hillary clinton" is currently beating trump by about 2-million votes. good news for the u-s-f bulls. in addition to winning their tenth game of the season on saturday... a first for the team addition to winning the war on i-4. it looks like the bulls are getting some national attention... at least from college coaches around the country. the bulls have cracked the top 25 in the amway coaches poll. they came in 23rd on the list! could the bucs be a playoff contender? they had a ?huge win against one of the best teams in the league yesterday. the bucs hosting the seattle seahawks at ray-jay. and they couldn't have scripted a
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evans for touchdowns. they were up 14 to nothing... until the second quarter. from there the bucs defense takes over..... holding russell wilson out of the endzone for the entire game. wilson had just one passing yard in the first half. he was harassed the entire game... the bucs defense sacked him 6 times.... intercepted him twice and forced 2 fumbles.. tampa bay wins 14 to five... stretching their winning streak to 3 games.... the longest winning streak since 2013. a scary sight as shots ring out at a popular tourist destination in new orleans. this morning... what police say led to shots being fired on famed bourbon street. have pipeline protesters
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the army corps of engineers... but now the corps is saying the move may not be a drastic
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we're learning more about a gruesome murder at an alaska hotel. it happened friday in fairbanks... the bodies of four people including an 8-week-old infant were found inside a room. police say 22-year-old "mckay hutton" killed turning the gun on himself. police were called when hotel staff found hutton hysterically crying in the hallway. they are calling the whole incident a murder-suicide. one person is dead after a shooting at a popular tourist spot in new orleans. it happened around 1:30 sunday morning on bourbon street. people were out celebrating bayou classic weekend when someone opened fire. witnesses say the scene was chaotic with people running in every direction. 10 people were shot.. one of them died. the victims range in age from 20 to
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sunday afternoon, police say they are still searching for the two people responsible. they believe the men are ?not from new orleans. according to police, they think the men knew each other from someplace else and got into a fight on bourbon street. and that fight turned into a shootout. the army corps of engineers say they have no plans to forcibly remove protesters from north dakota. friday, the corps notified tribal leaders that starting december fifth all federal lands north of the cannonball river will be closed to public access... and property after that date would be considered trespassing and prosecuted. now, they say they have no plans to remove protesters and are instead looking for them to peacefully move to a safer location. and unfortunately you have to return to work this morning... you did not win this weekend's massive powerball drawing. the winning ticket for the 420- million-dollar drawing was sold in tennessee. so far
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dollar winners in pennsylvania and minnesota... and one two million dollar winner in north carolina. it's now 5:??. time to check the forecast with jim who has portland flooding video. over the weekend, flood warnings were in place along the north yamhill river in portland, oregon. the area got heavy rain for about a day straight... which led to rising waters... leaving the river at dangerously high levels. no homes were in danger... but all that water did wash out a park in the city of carlton. the river crested at more than 53 feet on saturday
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it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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no closed captioning is available for traffic. black friday was a little lack luster if you were in stores... but there was one place business was booming. we'll tell you why gun stores saw a sharp increase in sales on friday. and the holiday weekend was very good to online retailers. why some are saying people are spending more money... because of the ?election. but first here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. remember, tomorrow's mega millions drawing is going for 25- million-dollars. while wednesday powerball drawing is for 40-million-dollars.
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it looks like shoppers flocked to ?gun stores on black friday. now, black friday weapons sales were not driven by the christmas spirit. since in most states you can't buy guns for someone else. instead, the steep sales were driven by big discounts. gun owners say they saved hundreds with sales. one owner said he sold 15 guns on black friday instead of the usual two or three that he would usually sell. there was a huge spike in online holiday sales this year. according to adobe digital insights, thanksgiving day online sales surged nearly
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a university of michigan study found that more shoppers are feeling optimistic about the economic environment... that helped fuel one- billion-dollars in online sales on thanksgiving day. some say people are also relieved after a long election season.. which is causing people to reach a little deeper into their pockets. but it wasn't all good news for shoppers over the weekend. despite an increase in ?online sales... it looks like in stores thanksgiving shoppers spent less. why? all those the national retail federation people spent less this year because of all the widespread discounts. on average people spent just over 289-dollars over the 4 day weekend... that's down 3-point-5-percent from a year ago. say hello to mercedes' most expensive car ?ever. this is the mercedes-mayback s- 650 cabriolet. it's an upgraded version of mercedes already expensive s-class. the company only made 300 of these cars. they're loaded
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also get a set of luggage made from the same leather that is used to make the seats. and it's going to cost you in europe the car is going for 300-thousand euros... or roughly 320-thousand-dollars. miami was celebrating all weekend with the news of the death of cuban dictator "fidel castro". this morning their schools are preparing for an influx of students... we'll tell you why. plus after a long weekend of turkey, football and shopping.. are you looking to spend even more money? you're in luck, ken suarez is at the amazon fulfillment site in ruskin where they're
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you've eaten the you've eaten the turkey... gone to the big box stores... and even given back locally. but are you still looking to spend some money? today you can get some names checked off your holiday list without having to leave the couch! it's cyber monday! and fox13's "ken suarez" is live this morning at the amazon fulfillment center in ruskin. ken, amazon expected to have some of their biggest sales today?
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thanks, ken.
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another wrong-way driver. this time in pasco county. troopers say they pulled a woman 22-year-old "christina marie gasparini" was arrested sunday morning. troopers say she was going north in the southbound lanes near the intersection of 19 and fox hollow drive in port richey and when they pulled her over they could smell alcohol on her breath. pinellas park police arrest a man a week after a body was found near a dumpster at a shopping center. police say 27-year-old "corey
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the shoppes at park place off highway 19 on the 20th. police say they have evidence that ties watkins to the scene.... he also admitted to being in the area around the time of the murder... but denied knowing anything about it. watkins has been charged with second degree murder. and we're learning more about a deadly crash that happened in bartow saturday morning. it happened along ernest smith boulevard and highway 17 south. police say, 79-year-old "daphine myers" and 73-year-old "dwaine williams" died when their 81-year- front of a passenger van. the drivers of both vehicles were taken to the hospital, but are expected to make a full recovery. another senseless death on a bay area roadway. another tow truck driver is killed by a drunk driver on a busy tampa highway. this time it happened sunday morning on i-275 at fowler avenue. fox13's "shayla reaves" is live at the orient road jail this morning. that's where the driver responsible
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people in miami's "little habana" still celebrating sunday. this was the scene as people celebrated the death of cuban dictator "fidel castro". castro died friday night at the age of 90. people took to the streets all weekend shouting and waving flags. but castro's death could have a surprising outcome. miami school are now preparing for a potential influx of student's after castro's death. schools superintendent says the district is getting ready for a potential influx of child and adult learners. he said the district is already working with state and federal agencies to have the necessary support to help all those who arrive in the city. two people are dead after shots ring out at a house party in deland. the daytona beach news journal says that the shooting happened saturday night in the candlelight oaks neighborhood. they say three people were shot all together. one died at the scene and another
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have been made and police are still searching for a motive. no big changes for people at the pump this weekend. no price hikes this week... but it looks like gas prices are starting to plateau. after dropping for more than three weeks, gas prices stayed pretty much the same all weekend. the average today... according to "gas buddy dot com"... is 1-99 a gallon. which is actually about the same price it was, this time a ?year ago. but get ready for a hike later this week. "opec" meets on increasing the price of crude oil. this morning's good day good deed is guaranteed to put a smile on your face this morning. in washington d-c a pre-holiday event looked to cheer up some who may need it the most. the d-c police hosted their annual seasoned citizens ball over the weekend. and they busted a move in the process! the annual event is a way to give back to the
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seniors who turned out were treated to a free lunch, and of course some dancing. many of the people who attended are long time community supporters and safety advocates in their neighborhoods. the bucs were suppose to have a tough second half of
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they played yesterday you couldn't tell. they beat one of the best teams in the n-f-l! we're breaking down their win against the seahawks, after the break. and she served our country but ended up living on the streets. after the break we'll introduce you to a veteran who turned her life around all with some help of the internet.
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this is the win bucs fans have been waiting for..... they've put together thier longest winning streak in three seasons, but more importantly they just beat two of the league's top teams... one on the road and now one at home... the bucs couldn't have scripted a better start... jameis winston completes 7 of his first 8 passes.. two going to mike evans for touchdowns... from there the bucs defense takes over..... holding russell wilson out of the endzone for the entire game... .wilson had just one passing yard in the first half.... he was harassed the entire game... the bucs defense sacked him 6 times.... intercepted him twice and forced 2 fumbles... tampa bay pulls off the signature win of the season and
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2013....streak since longest winning games.... the streak to 3 their winning and stretches win of the season off the signature tampa bay pulls fumbles... twice and forced 2 intercepted him times.... sacked him 6 bucs defense entire game... the was harassed the the first half.... he one passing yard in .wilson had just the entire game... of the endzone for russell wilson out over..... holding russell wilson out of the endzone for the entire game... .wilson had just one passing yard in the first half.... he was harassed the entire game... the bucs defense sacked him 6 times.... intercepted him fumbles... tampa bay pulls off the signature win of the season and stretches their winning streak to 3 games.... the longest winning streak since
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the lightning and bruins face off in boston. we'll pick it up in the second period. no score. the bruins, dominic moore cuts to the net and chops a pass from colin miller past ben bishop... 1-0 boston. later in the period, the bruins on the power play. david backes gets another shot past bishop... 2 nothing bruins. in the 3rd period... now 3 nothing bruins. david pastrnak's shot from the side boards is saved by ben bishop, but the rebound bounces off a lightning player and into the net... bruins win 4-1. another nailbiter during sunday night football. the chiefs go to denver to take on the broncos. and this was a back and forth match all game. the chiefs would go up early in the second quarter and would even lead 9 to zero
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the broncos make a come back in the third quarter to go up 10 to 9. in fact, the broncos were up 24 to 16 well into the fourth. but the chiefs would mount a comeback with seconds left in the game. this game is going into overtime. and with 5 seconds to go in overtime... "cairo santos" makes the 34 yard fieldgoal.
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time to check the forecast with jim. it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening
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no closed captioning is available for traffic. she once fought for our country... then she found herself living on the streets. laura moody is here with a story of one woman who has overcome unimaginable odds to become a successful business woman. a story of survival and
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homeless army vet... now "raeshanda johnson" is a thriving entrepreneur in kentucky. she says hitting rock bottom, actually ?helped her achieve success. a few years ago, the mother of four found herself living out of hotel rooms and selling her belongings to make ends meet. to make extra money she started her own business where she would give women style tips and ideas on facebook. that lead to a personal consultation business... and a few years later johnson found herself opening up her own boutique! her business has grown so fast, styles women by appointment only... she even held her very
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this far. you can connect with johnson on her 'all is fair in love and fashion' facebook page or she even has her very own website. still ahead a little zen on this monday morning. and we'll show you how one thailand town gave back to some of their biggest bread
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how about a little zen for your monday morning. thousands of tourists flock to china all for this sight. after days of rain and low temperatures tourists at one of china's national parks are greeted by a breath taking scene. the entire park was overtaken by a sea of clouds! people on hand were fascinated with the tree branches cloaked in rime, and the sea of waterfall clouds over mountain peaks. and in thailand... there was plenty of monkey business happening this weekend. well, in lopburi a little monkey business is always on the menu. they bring in big business to the city. so yesterday, the people of the city held a fruit buffet to thank the primates for bringing in tourists and
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the province is also know as the monkey province. tourists say the monkeys are fun... as long as you're careful. the area is known to be a central hub for crab-eating macaques estimates there are about three-thousand monkeys in the city! ((vanessa)) there's much more to come on good day. ((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. for the second time in two months, and the third time this year, a tow truck driver is killed on the side of the road. coming up at the top of the hour, fox 13's shayla reaves has the latest on the investigation. one start-up thinks it's
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using drones, to protect your home. see how it works. plus, ticket's for "star wars- rogue" one are officially on sale, and some are already predicting it could do better than last year's star wars sequel. carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only.
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today, we talk differently.... work differently... relax differently. and all those differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it... ...for cleaner energy every day. so no matter how different things become, we're always here ....
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a suspected drunk driver is arrested, after the ?thi >>russell: a suspected drunk driver arrested after a third fatal crash involving a tow truck driver this year. shayla reaves has the latest this investigation. >>laura: the celebrations continue in miami. as exiles call for change on the communist island, one world leader's comments are raising eye prous. >>russell: today is cyber monday and fox 13 is live at the amazon warehouse in ruskin where they are already being flooded with orders. >>jim: a nice start this morning. just some scattered clouds working overhead.


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