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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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still looking for a job. doug arms, our expert, looking for a job? doug arms our expert in these matters is here with why you may doing this time of year. and a parents even love them or they hate them. but a new study says we have to give them props. can video games really make your child smarter? and good monday morning hope everyone's turkey comma has worn off you had a good holiday yeah i'm russell rhodes. doesn't feel like end of november right jim weber but it's okay. sure pretty outside. it's really nice out here you get outside it still has that
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the air. but things are going to be changing a we go through day look down kennedy boulevard looking to the west right now. you seem just a couple scattered clouds. but as we go through the day. we're going to bring back more moisture a few more clouds and maybe just maybe by the end of the day we actually see a couple stray showers. right now not bad 68 greed dew point at 56 giving humidity at 56 or 65 percent. and currently the winds are very light out east at 5 miles an commute with vanessa rufus. good morning, jim it's 9:01. right now we're watching police activity on skyway bridge close to top. it is in southbound direction. looks like at this point we do have partial blockage of that right lane folks as they should moving over and running a bit slow heading south over the bridge. we're hearing that f w c and coast guard being dispatched presumably a searchs necessary what happening at the top bridge plan few extra minutes as always
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by. 9:0 one. breaking news out of odessa this morning a home has been destroyed by a fire. we're getting new information in right now. let's get to shayla reeves. yeah good morning to you russell we're jut getting an update about the fire we've been telling you about since just before 6 o'clock in the morning. i'm here with public information officer corey for the hillsborough fire and rescue. latest on this investigation? yeah we have a really tragic update to this fire. we have confirmed there is one fatality with a fire person we transported from scene their health is improving at this time. but we have found one person inside the home so far identity of that person has not been released as you all go through the process of trying to notify family members. at this point we have seen the fire marshal on scene. what will they be doing oh during coming house going inside
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sources look physical evidence and trying to out the pieces together of what happened here this morning. again this unfold 17100 block of gulf vista court. located here in silver dollar club. silver dollar golf and track club complex. it's one with many mobile home units. can you tell me about how of the challenges for firefighters on this scene putting oh out blaze at this particular that firefighters face this morning first being the lack of fire hydrants out here. so crews has had to actually shuttle water in they put up what a port a dunk tank and draft out that provide firefighters with water. the other thing that is really a challenge how close these homes are together. so there were some heat damage to the surrounding homes on each side of this home as well. and last but not least before we let you go, this certainly is scene dozens of firefighters
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out hot spots on back end here, weather when you're dealing with this type of fire, what are some of challenges you deal with when it's a mobile home unit in trying to get this knocked down? any time we dole dealing with fullwood structure, it really ip address the fire load inside. so heat of fire is something that we deal with also the fact that it's almost a plywood floor. the floor's collapsed. ceiling collapsed metal roof trapped some eat inside. it makes it very dangerous fire to fight. so something we try to get a handle on as soon as we can. thank you so much, corey for your time. again, certainly the fire marshal is here on scene working to determine exactly where inside of home the fire might have started. a lot of questions still out there. we'll continue to stay on top of the story and keep you posted should any new information be released. back to you in the studio. all right shayla, thank you. cuban government is in middle of their nine-day
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fidel castro died friday. while some cuba mourn, others especially in miami celebrate. question is what exactly does it mean for the country. he gave up power to his brother raul eight years ago. we brought in fox 13 political editor craig patrick to talk a little bit about this this morning. good morning. doing fine, thank you. a real sense of home hope here certainly for people in miami and cuba. but how much change really is expected here? castro is more moderate but still c we don't know how much change will come entirely because we're not sure exactly how much castro was truly coveraging on his own assuming he was, yes. there was a change eight years ago when fidel castro first became ill. with this he already passed the baton on to his brother raul. what changed within the government of cuba not very much at all. still a closed society you see this by virtue of the fact that nation itself is ordering people
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with this i don't think you wil see anything other than a symbolic change across the nation of cuba. but, if there is a possibility that you could have a weakened raul castro with passing of his brother. bet that already, marco rubio and rick scott and ted cruz and others are exerting a great deal of pressure on president-elect trump to reverse the economic changes over the past couple of years. reverse the t he already has begin some remarks especially in south florida just a few days before the election suggesting that he may do just that. and that's where we could see some interesting changes. yeah. i mean we've heard president-elect trump. wee heard vice president-elect mike pence says this deal isn't very good they don't spend to do much at all for the people in cuba. >> yes. yeah. that's right. now donald trump has also said a lot of things that don't necessarily add up. if you weigh what he said
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with easing restrictions on cuba and moving toward a thaw in relation only later a campaign advance did he more fervently speak out against cuba. with this we're not exactly sure which trump administration we're going to get. we do know as you mentioned that vice-president vice president-elect has firm in taking a hard line substance on cuba. with this that's where yes, it's symbolic but beyond that death fidel castro cretes a real administration staunching opposed toll changes in cuba that we have seen so exert pressure on president-elect to roll back the clock from where we were before december of 2014. >> you mentioned senator rubio. let's go back to that on moment for sunday morning tack shows. he seems hopeful for transition that is meaningful and different. in the coming years. a raul castro is 85. he had previously pledged to step down in 2018. so when that happens who will replace him?
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based on what's happening in cuba alone, that's what you would see. a move of power from basically what you saw in egypt over to military of that country. then it would remain a closed militaristic dictatorship. rubio is hopeful because within coming administration that has different per spenth his hope is you can exert additional pressure on nation of cuba. roll back some of the easing of economics. and with this, from within. there's another school of thought, advanced obviously by president obama is that if you open the nation up and exposed more cubans to what we're doing here in the united states, with that then change will come from within. that's where there's a real push and pull that i think will be exacerbated by demise of fidel castro you can't talk end future of cuba without mentioning venezuela.
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trade will be necessary for them >> it will be. if you go back in time cuba got through by relying on soviet union until soviet union i don't know collapsed in early 1990s. that's what drove cuba into a significant decline that it's reeling from to this day. with this cuba needs money to survive. it needs trading partners if losing partnerships or lose leverage where else does it go that's why it reaching out to united states about. where else does it go for money? that's one key decisions next administration will have to make. craig at that trick, thank you. police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a cyclist and then kept going it happened himes and hillsborough just investigators say a red truck - stuck a cyclist in crosswalk. truck was later found in an apartment complex in clearwater. victim had not been identified. authorities are asking anybody with information to give them a call. pasco county troopers are
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accused of an almost hitting multiple drivers head-on. investigators say christina was driving north of southbound lanes of highway 19 around 1:30 yesterday morning. according to fhp she a strong smell of alcohol on her breath before doing poorly and open beer can on center console. she was arrested after refusing to take a breathalyzer man arrested for shoplifting deputies say 26-year-old cameron turned himself in after they posted but it doesn't top there. investigators stole hundreds of dollars in merchandise from target while security was chasing him he ran into an 82-year-old world knocking her over. the woman's family says that she had a partial hip replacement as a result of this collision. he is now facing robbery and grand theft charges. no worry about running anybody in you're shopping today because you're most likely doing
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do you get your inbox flooded all kinds ever offering analyst are not so opt iggyic first numbers from weekend are in and shopper spent less than last year about three and a half percent. national retail federation says this is because discounts were bigger then they were last year. and over a longer period of. coming up 9:30 we will go behind scenes one biggest places in bay area right now ken suarez is at amazoning fulfillment center. unprecedented gridiron too they beat seattle seahawks. started in first quarter with two touchdowns. but that's awe they needed bucs moved ball and defense stepped up. keeping seahawks off balance. seattle's quarterback was sacked six times. three turnovers including the game clenching interception. wow. still lot more ahead including why you may want to let your child play video games. that's right. now it affects their intelligence according to latest study anyway.
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how to deal with the holiday and the job search. doug arms has some ideas. >> and charley belcher is back from his holiday vacation. getting us in in the christmas spirit now he's robert christmas wonder land. i've never been there before. you've got to stop by. it's great place to do shopping and you will leave full the christmas spirit if you did not have it when you first walked in. we're going to talk about collectible villages in next segment these are so have been for years. we will talk about what is new with villages all different styi love the peanuts. we will take villages not one to
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((russell/wipe vo)) the holidays are here. everyone is well holidays are here everybody busy shopping soeblz being with pam taking time off if you're looking for around job, this may be the wrong time to do it. doug arms is with us. >> good to see you i feel like i haven't seen you in long time. it's been a two weeks. good to see pick up you as well. >> you've given us tips to survive the holidays when you're job hunting basically you're going say don't stress about this. >> you know it's job hunting because you're out of work or that you just, you know want a better job. i'm going to contradict myself i'm prey fasting this segment i'm going to contradictvery spent on type person how many stress you want to take different strategies. all right. you have some keys.
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off too. >> yeah. you know, during this time, you got to remember that everyone's trying to use their last of their vacation time, and their stacking it up for december. sometimes full departments take off. so why you're focus job search and finding new job they may not be the individuals necessarily to a get through process and interview you maybe taking time off as well. so you have to consider that with, you know how much you freak out a little bit during the time. well so you are that person who really wants to think not just forget about it. until january 1st. what should you do it's kind of like he's the thing you apply for a job. >> from the second it's human nature from second you hit enter and send resume you will think about what when am i going to get a response. on other end of that it has to go through talent acquisition and hiring manager and human resources and all of these different, not anything thinking of you every sedged second day
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priority your application is to them. verses how important your application is to you. so keep that in mind kind of calm yourself down a little bit. and you also say kind of enjoy life for a time. >> yeah. it's good time. yeah for a number of reasons. number one also companies that go on legitimate hiring freeze. sometimes somebody needs to leave in order tore you to get in they are off legitimate freeze. but you can take one of two passes take a break, and just don't think about build better search alerts in your online postings. listen to what other people are saying through holidays i know you might be able to learn. but people are generally happy and first opening statement during a christmas party or holiday party how's work? it might be hard for you to hear listen what's going on with companies are they growing? are they not? realistically take time to refresh or take advantage of seasonal work. and those kind of connections.
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well. i can tell you this also there are lot of charities out there looking for help this time of year. and i mean you think about about metropolitan ministries you can go there donate your time. you may meet somebody. it's a great point. you know what, if you join lot talent communities online go on companies twitter sights you love to post pictures that charity work you find a company you're interested in we just went to whatever charity we go to metropolitan those are strategically for to get, it's doing good thing. you're volunteering and doing a good. why not you're going to get a little updates on that really good thing to do. then you also probably, if you can, if you like that type a person action you probably can take some time to figure out how you want this to play in january >> you can. and again, we have this like calendar mind set january 1st we're going to start working out we're going to start losing weight. quit smoking find a new job.
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of mind set. get out that mind set take looking at it as rolling event i'm going extort all of those things tomorrow. i'm going to start calming down my job search tomorrow or start ramp amping up tomorrow. i think it's great point you bring up. if you have a vision of what you want to look like you can get strategic about it biggest priority to you right now is just not you know everybody else cooperating with that. pef a different agenda. but come first of year things like people that take advantage of if they are motivated to get out there not working right now take advantage of some seasonal jobs and the charitable you know events. if really gets you out there a tremendous networking opportunities and weep those ears open. good to have you here. good to see you. hey, jim. >> hey there russell. nice looking morning out mere about 15 minutes ago crisp refreshing cool feel. and just the past 15 minutes,
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bit warmer. temperatures will warm up pretty quickly as we go through afternoon. right now we're 68. dew point still pretty good 56 giving huey midst at 65 percent. key to everything is, it's the wind this time of the year. yesterday more of a northerly wind. bringing down more of that refreshingly cool air. and drier air. now it's switching towards the east by later on this afternoon. it's more out of southerly direction that will warm things up. we will warming up pretty quickly over in brandon alrea st. petersburg at 67. down in sarasota, currently at 61 degrees. and mid 60s as you work your way across our northern counties as well. we're looking at temperatures for 7 degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. we continue that warming trend as ridge of high pressure moves away. cold front moving into southeast. initially just runs out of gas. but we've got this little low that's going to ride along that that will eventually kind of drag the front down over us. slightly better chance of some
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thursday. but for today, increasing clouds as we go through the afternoon. and maybe a stray shower or two mainly throughout interior daytime high of 81. then for tonight, scattered clouds, a mild night low temperature of 66 degrees. seven-day forecast continues thee warmer temperatures over next few days. front heads our way through thursday 30 percent chance of showers and tad bit cooler behind that front. let's head back inside get check of the roads. all right jim, thank you. we have an update get first look suspicious death investiga good day. this is happening in crystal river. just a recap quickly sheriff's office is asking for folks to avoid the area sun ripe loop and sunshine path where this death investigation is under way. this was originally dispatch ad brush fire when crews got to screen they found there burned out vehicle in woods and there was a body inside that vehicle. so once again police please avoid sunrise loop near sunshine path. of course more updates on this to come.
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water rescue with a few emergency vehicles here on scene. particularly taking up that right lane in the right emergency shoulder. make sure you're being kafr here we're getting reports coast guard and f w c assisting with the search in the water. all right. vanessa, thank you. it 9:22. sorry, folks. someone in tennessee won the huge powerball jackpot. single ticket worth $420 million. so far no one has claimed they are probably getting proverbial ducks in a row. there were two other $1 million winners. not here in florida though, pennsylvania and minnesota. and $12 million winner in north carolina. jackpot drops down for a mere $40 million and drawing is wednesday. still would be all right. lot more ahead including a behind scenes amazon fulfillment warehouse where they are shipping it all out. and charley is back.
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christmas from the classic beauty to the fun and the life.
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good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming to you from robert christmas wonder land right here in clearwater. we are talk about collectibles during this a. dennis back to talk us to about this department 56. right? by far the leader. they are the leader. department 56 only two biggest ones. all retiresome building come up new. new every year. absolutely.
9:26 am
popular. have these starting to get into lled lighting a little billy christmas in city things like that you will find more modern lighting and such. but they are coming out with all kinds of things like they have starter kits here when they have get you starter house with? some snow and little accessories. nice gift. every year. absolutely. can you retro fit >> you can part a stand. some of them actually have where you electric lights inside too. speaking ever elf one of my favorites movies is elf. all about buddy the elf. they've got not quite year. that's buddy elf village. brand new for the year. more and more popular every year. they found a call for it. and, it's great.
9:27 am
has to be my favorite christmas movie. its christmas vacation. and there is christmas vacation village they keep adding this every year as well. right. i love cousin ed here. checking out the moose. oh my gosh. i love it. i put a dog in there. but there, remember in the movie, they, they, clark ends up getting real tree they don't realize there's a squirrel in the key it wreaks havoc. that's one best parts of movie thank god we don't have to worry about that. right. rorntst christmas wonder land. gulf to bay and clearwater. russell rhodes always an adventure here. did i.
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we'll figure it out. see you later. still lots more ahead on good day. include true miracle on 34th street. very cool story on one
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((russell//2shot)) some developing news overnight. the phillippine police have detonated a bomb developing news from overnight the police in philippines dead detonated a bomb that was found in trash bin near u.s. embassy
9:31 am
enough to kill people within 100 yards. they link to an i say backed group that used a bomb to kill 14 people back in september. although no ones claimed responsibility the police say that this bomb was the same as the previous one. 81 millimeter round blasted cap cell phone. now authorities are thinking reinstating this check point capital city where this happened. deporting up to 100 thousand migrants germany welcomed america ep and her ruling party lost badly in local elections now because of pressure she's running for her fourth term she's saying immigrants must go she told country by force if necessary. leaving kwun person dead and nine other injured. victims range in age from 20 to 37.
9:32 am
targeted. police say they were caught in cross fire as two men started shooting at each other. to try and get a clear look shooters other news good news for people who had to fill their tanks. no huge price increases in past week, but they did start to plateau after dropping for more than 3 weeksist 1.99 a gallon which is actually up about about same price it was year get ready for hike later this week. opec meets on wednesday and that that could decide they could decide to cut production increasing price of crude. there will be other items that more expensive later this week as well anything you go buy online because a lot of deals today it's cyber monday one busiest plays around is amazon. ken suarez there is getting a a behind the scenes look.
9:33 am
think amazon a lot of us think electronic or things like mixers we showed you this really cool start wars helmet. because movie is coming out in couple weeks. what kind of sgound when we buy clothes in yeah we have fantastic deals across clothes, jewelry accessories up to 30 percent on. one of could have. 30 percent off. nice smooth leather it has a chain you can pull out and wear it as cross body. so if you want to be hands free. but how much is this? i believe it's around 150. and before you were saying that would a mid range pocket book. yes. i'm sure she's on the nice list.
9:34 am
you said lou vuitton is $1,000. big bucks but you can get a discount. that's good. adorable little shoes. they are also 30 percent percent off from sketcher. what's great they light up. how cute that is? very adorable. >> this is, these are how much? i don't know actual individual price but i know they are on sale you can find out all prices and deals on monday. stephanie showed you one but parentally you get two for whatever then we have baby shoes these might not be super practical in florida but if you do have loved one that is in some more colder climate these are great for the snow. they are women's up to 30 percent off as well. you were think a colder climate. a lot ladies i know have horses and get very muddy in florida this will be something really
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do you do you know price i don't know the price on this one. again they are all on slash cyber monday that bridges me to the website. so lots of good stuff on am son 30 percent off for this really fun stuff like this. stuff like, i don't know, if you're dog wants organic food. for an all natural 3 and a half pounds of dog treats. those i've teased myself they are pretty good. don't forget fido on your and everything else. irtsz been fun i got to tell you. a fine job you've do done. they are official bringer of all things christmas. thank you, ken. >> outside we go. outside. i don't know where you are jim weber. >> i'm outside. a little bit ago i was standing
9:36 am
stand in front of the flowers. so we're very proud of the >> hey bub. they said bub? >> yeah i think that's what they said. >> something along those lines. you know, but it's florida. and if we were in north dakota we would not be growing flowers outside this time of the year. so it's a beautiful day. getting a little breezy and these temperatures are starting to warm up as well. outside right now we're currently sitting at comfortable the 56. giving humidity of 65 percent. the winds, they are currently out east 5 miles an hour i think in just past few minutes starting to pick up a little bit. more on winds, they will bring swinging a are southerly direction what that will do is warm things up bring more clouds our way. it's also going to bump that humidity up as we go through the afternoon. here in tampa that's 68 over brandon, you're in the 70s. 73 degrees right now.
9:37 am
and along the coastline temperatures generally in the 60s. down in venice you're already up to 72 degrees. the dew points still pretty comfortable running in 50s. starting to see couple of 60s showing up. but watch as we go through the next day or so. there you see numbers kind of climbing up into the 60s. ups you get numbers especially into mid 60s that's where it doesn't have that nice refreshing feel to the air. that's going to be cases we get rest of first part of week cold front working waits way down across the state as we get towards about thursday. that will give us about 30 percent chance of some showers by then. for today though increasing clouds, daytime high, 81. maybe stray shower during late afternoon heading into early evening. scattered clouds overnight low of 66. seven-day forecast, bit warmer over 30 percent chance of showers on thursday. just a touch cooler as we get
9:38 am
heading into sunday as well. have a couple of first birthdays to talk about. there we go. we're going to start with kaden. he loves to play with his cat, present to be different animals he also loves all the disney movies. happy first birthday to you cesar is turning one he loves and dad. playing with his mom - good picture there happy first birthday to you. very special birthday shout twins. look at that oh how cute. we hope you two have a very happy birthday. let's head back inside. very sweet happy birthday guys. all right now we'll get over to the roadways here in maps. just in case you missed it water main break closing george road in town 'n country area between memorial and oh olympia until tomorrow close of business continue to avoid until then. and we are still watching this, this water rescue off the sunshine skyway bridge. southbound direction.
9:39 am
please be careful. and avoid if you can easily do so. more ahead including possible prison time for a breakfast club actor. that's anthony michael hall all kids want it for christmas. most of them anyway. video games now santa might have to think twice. reasons they could be gift that keeps on giving. could they make you smarter? the results of a new study straight ahead. live picture of the board on wall street.
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sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. at progresso, we are now using 100% atibiotic and hormone-free white breast meat chicken in all our chicken soups!
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((vanessa/wipe vo) another disney hit. the animated tale "moana" dominated the box long holiday weekend... taking in 55 million dollars... it's the second highest thanksgiving taking in $5 million. this is the second highest thanksgiving debut release ever. second only to frozen. where to find them still doing well in second place. pulling in $45 million. and here are rest of the top 5 dr. strange third. brad pitt ally came in number 4 and arrival was fifth.
9:43 am
to 7 years in prison. remember this video from september? well we did have some video. but that's not what we're looking a right now. this is video from september of this year. surveillance video showing hall fighting with his neighbor. hall broke the guy's wrist allegedly hurt his back now tmz is reporting l.a. county district attorney has charged hall with felony battery with serious bodily injury and there are some special circumstances alleged. as we told you gets up to 7 years. this allegedly all started when hall screamed at the neighbor because he didn't close the gate to the condo complex. and to another strange story kanye west is still in the hospital. sources tell tmz that kim hopes to take him home soon. could as early as this afternoon. those same sources say kim has been kanye's rock and has been by his side even though he has ranting that people are trying to destroy their marriage.
9:44 am
9:43. an overnight success that took decades. hollywood saying even though we don't know their names those actors sing singer entertainer are trying to make. adam housley talked with country stars about what they did before they got their big break. country stars walking red carpet maybe big time now. but when they were paying their dues they played anywhere. we of those memorable gigs. i have gefly been background music a lot of spoths spots bars i look forward to never going that again. started from bottom. now we're here. people did not care that we were there and they were shopping. they were like-- i played v f w 1 night. somewhere in north georgia.
9:45 am
into vfw and mcdonald's parking lot and with guitar and amplifier, and i was just singing singing songs. so then i went and a didn't have to sing in mcdonald's parking lot a tour's artist they an earned opening acts several shared who helped them out along the way. i got to open for garth brooks. that was my very first tour i went on to open tore brooks and dunn. i'm from michigan i got to go out with one hi rows from detroit. i i learned i played piano for luke bryan i learned a lot from him justin more keith you are barn. little big town. i lowe owe lot to all of these guys and girls that taught me how it's gone. go out there hank junior leonard skinnard and go out there and ain't nobody has clue who you are. it's, it's, you can learn really fast what you got to do to make
9:46 am
in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. and still ahead, electronics big on cyber monday. but it's the number two sufrj
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9:48 am
((laura//live pix)) here's another live picture of the we will take another live look. dow above 19 thoushs park looking tret strong. now to 53 points to start the
9:49 am
cyber monday. >> i'm not complaining. look when market's up 10 percent this year that's what dow is up. this is best year so far. since, since let me get this right for you i i want to say 2013. yep i'm correct. in three years. we don't have much to complain about. >> big question that remains we're seeing pull back today. but still up solidly if you're richer because your 401 ks has more money spend more money on cyber monday >> no i haven't had time at all. i had time to look i haven't looked at thing all morning long. >> okay. so i think first last we spoke i said deals were pretty crummy not seeing anything much different than i saw on black friday lot of people would agree with that in two or three ours since i'm starting to see more deals coming. very similar to what we saw on thanksgiving and on black friday. but, you know, they are okay. you can get 50 percent off a lot of banana republic for instance.
9:50 am
and 50 percent and free shipping and everything else. but, look what's so different on cyber monday then on black friday? you can find good hotel deals today. 20 to 40 percent off. yeah. depend on where you're going and what the brand is. but there are hotel deals. vacation deals cruise deals, et cetera. to hourly deals a dell you can get certain discounts on electronics there. trying to think of some other stuff i've seen. that might be it. i did buy cool yoga pans for 40 bucks. there it is. there it is. doesn't seem blown away. not at all. all right. no. i, prove me wrong i want someone to prove me wrong. keep looking. happy shopping later for you guys. yeah.
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look the day of's forecast. i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list also happens to be what's on sale. stuff you actually want... on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon! know better sleep with sleep number. when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ((laura/2sh)) it's probably one of the more popular gifts under the tree every year.. video games. ((russell)) whether its for video games.
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everybody's wish list. but now there's a good reason for parents and santa do give that gift. new study out of australia found that kids who play almost every day tended to do better on their math, reading and science scores then this kids who don't play all that much. some gamers agree saying it's the quick think thing that you have to do in the game that makes your brain stronger study was not small either. scientist looked a 12,000. video games first taking a little break from toy building. with exercise. that's key to smart brain spotted skating around rockefeller ice rink in new york. delight thing hours with his moves. surprisingly nimble too. that classic white ask red old 16th innic time to hem other and took few selfies.
9:55 am
a good chance you will hear a lot of it over the next few weeks. all the holiday songs. that's the one with the most downloads. almost three and a half million. this time of year full tradition whether it's food songs, movies. one neighborhood in baltimore is playing off the classic film miracle on 34th street. because they are on 34th street. each year the kick off christmas celebration. and entire neighborhood and the city are invited. they love living on 34th street. they want to make miracles happen every year they spend weeks decoraing helping each other out to make this fantastic display along the street happy they are helping others young and old get into the holiday spirit. i passed by and seen it and walked down and look ad it but i have never actually seen it occur.
9:56 am
i'm excited. i'm because humbug kind of guy. but this might do the trick for me this year. no more because humbug. you can tell it was party jolly old st. nick rang in season this neighborhood has doing this for last 70 years. and young natalie wood. came out in 1947. that's good one. ist ab nice start to the morning plenty will cool temperatures lots of sun but that's going changing a we get into afternoon. going to start to see few more clouds those temperatures heading back up into 80s maybe slight chance of couple showers late in afternoon into evenings. cold front heading our way towards thursday. about a 30 percent chance of some showers by then. >> all right. thank you, jim. today's monday, november 28th and live with kelly's coming up next. and wendy william and fox 13
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