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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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it's certainly something you don't expect in south tampa, especially on south howard. >> it happened three times. the negative trend that some burn steakhouse employees on edge. there's a lesson all across america and all the campuses. >> amidst the evil a hero arising today. the stunningly quick response by a ohio state university police officer to take every time this happens, it's like, you know, it just rips open those old wounds. >> bringing up the painful past. why one bay area family says the possibility of one man's freedom means reliving a nightmare. >> you're watching fox 13, and the 10:00 news starts now. good evening, welcome. i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. first up at 10:00, it's a
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armed robber that held up a valet at burn steakhouse last night before 10:30. this is the not first time. this is the third valet driver robbed on the job in may. crystal, i heard you reached out to a victim. any luck? >> reporter: yeah, we spoke to the very first victim. josh wra didn't want to give his last name due to safety concerns, but he's now a former me. he felt burns didn't do enough to protect drivers after he was robbed. six months have passed, but the fear remains. >> it changes your perception of people and situations. >> reporter: joshua worked four years as a valet for burns steakhouse. in may he was robbed.
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me and told me to give him all my money. >> he handed over $200, and the man said to turn around and run. >> i thought he would shoot me as i was running. >> reporter: he mate it out alife, but his sense of security on the job was gone. joshua quit. the restaurant installed lights around the alley, but four weeks later another valet was mugged in the same location. fast forward to sunday night, and it happened again. same alley, different valet. >> m but then anger honestly. i can't believe that this is happening a third time in such a short amount of time. >> he says there's no excuse for it. >> especially an establishment with such a good reputation and has basically unlimited resources to fix the problem. >> there seems to be a lack of concern from burns and tampa police.
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the second valet robbed was asked to take a lie detector test. no suspect has been arrested. >> we need to work together to get this guy caught. >> reporter: now, today tampa police said they are describing that sunday robbery as an isolated incident. however, the suspect in all three cases has had a similar description. a white male tall and thin holding a handgun. i did also reach out to burns to find out if they're as of tonight we are still waiting to hear back. back over to you. >> crystal clark this south tampa. thanks. tonight investigators are working to find out if the ohio state university attacker had ties to terror. 11 people were hurt when police say a student went on a rampage hitting people with his car and going on a stabbing spree. they're looking for the latest. a campus police officer is being praised tonight for shooting and
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>> sint that smoot is here now. what's the latest? >> they're saying they won't rule anything out because they're looking into potential motives. we know the suspect's name, and there's a photo of him. he's 18 years old and attends osu and came to the united states as a somali refugee. he was granted status as a legal permanent resident. well, tonight the ohio state university police officer who shot and killed artan right there is hailed as a the officer was able to take down the attacker in one minute after he plowed his car into a crowd of people. that officer was responding to reports of a nearby gas leak when artan's car jumped a curb on campus at 9:52. university leaders say the officer ordered artan to drop the knife and then shot him when he didn't obey the command. by 9:53 he was down.
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together, think about what this incident, what that tragedy could have meant. a man with a butcher knife and who knows what else. i don't know what else he may h have, but think about driving a car into a bunch of people. think if you were standing out there with the terrible stuff you would see. fortunately, from what i'm understanding from both doctors here, that they expect a full recovery. >> so the haven the spoken publicly since the attack, but he really did save the day. tonight five people were struck by the car, five were stabbed and one other person has orthopedic injuries. the fbi joined the investigation. they also are searching for a motive. ohio governor kasich saying the university will re-open tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you, cynthia. it was a fight on a basketball court that ended in deadly gunfire. well, tomorrow we could find out
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trigger will walk out of jail. trevor dooley was convicted of shooting david james in 2013. a few months ago he won an appeal and will be granted a new trial. dooley was in court today asking for bond white awaiting the hearing. josh cascio was there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: kelly, the judge didn't make a decision today. he's going to take a day or so to decide whether or not to grant he awaits a new trial. >> we have to still fight for d.j. because he doesn't have a voice anymore. he needs justice. >> reporter: like any fighter she knows there's no winning without suffering at least some pain. >> every time this happens, ilts like it really rips open those
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>> reporter: she wants trevor dooley to stay behind bars. he wants to be released on bond awaiting a new trial. in 2010 he shot and killed her husband david james after an argument to the basketball court right in front of james' daughter. dooley was convicted in 2013, sentenced to eight years. >> if he is granted bond, he gets to go home to his family. we don't not even an extra second with d.j. because of him. he took that from us. >> reporter: in april the now 75-year-old won his appeal. the courts ruling there were errors made during the sentencing and his appellate lawyers were ineffective. his legal team asked for a bond between $50,000 to $100,000. >> if the court would grant a bond pending appeal for mr. dooley to his home.
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fact, get out. she won't know for at least another day. her fight continues. >> how do i walk to my car without passing out right now? my heart is beating out of my chest. >> reporter: again, the judge says it could be a day or so before he makes his decision. so kelly, we're thinking tomorrow, tuesday, or possibly wednesday. we will, of course, keep you updated with the very latest. back to you. >> thank you so much, josh. we have an speshs death investigation in citrus county. they believe the woman in the burned car is 58-year-old lind ada steve. firefighters responded where her car was on fire. relatives told deputies they haven't seen her last night. they have an autopsy scheduled for tomorrow. hillsborough county now, a killer on the run and could be anywhere by now according to police. they say somebody stabbed a woman to death and dumped her on
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city. chris cato is in the control room. >> i spoke with plant city police, and they haven't identified the woman. when you don't have a victim's name, it's almost impossible to establish who would have a motive to make that person the victim. the woman's body was found just after 1:00 this afternoon on the side of sammons road in plant city. police say she's a hispanic woman that appeared to die from a laceration, eye stab wound or slash wound. as you see this is an industrial area. not a lot of traffic here. police really aren't sure at this time how long her body was there before someone found it. >> right now there is a lot of unknown information. we have received several phone calls. we have some witnesses that we're speaking to and trying to gather information from. >> the pickup truck with the trailer, they found the woman's body. investigators spoke to them, but at the same time we don't know
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information about a possible suspect or if perhaps they saw a suspicious vehicle in the area near where the body was found. at this time police say that they just don't have any names to go on as far as suspects or persons of interest. so the killer has a big head start here. the most important thing that investigators would love to have this evening is the name or possible name of that victim. if you are familiar with the hispanic community in the plant city area and know a woman missing, please rch a call. it could be the tip that leads to justice for a family out there. >> indeed. don't think you can't make a difference, because you can. thanks very much. still ahead, talk about an unwelcome guest. >> one bay area family is picking up the pieces after two bad crashed s right into their home in the same spot. after the break, what police say went wrong sending two separat
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alarming. the serious health problem that can cause blindness and why doctors see a huge spike in cases among children. paul. finally tracking at least a little bit, not much but something on skytower tonight. some light rain moving across the bay area. sprinkles at best. we have a couple of cold fronts heading our way. we discuss the timing of those front in your ? think of your fellow man. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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it would be hard to find worse luck than this. it would hard to find worse luck than this. for the second time in seven months a family is out of their home after a car crashed through the wall of their house. the family actually had just recently moved back in. >> driving yet again. >> reporter: for the second time in seven months a drunk driver didn't realize this road comes toe an end. instead the car went through their front yard and bashed through the wall of their home. that happened in march, and now it's happened again on friday night. yvonne lives here with her teenage son and her teenage daughter. in march a car crashed through her living room wall injuring his son's father sleeping on the couch.
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on friday night a car crashed through her son's bedroom wall. both of them were allegedly driven by drunk drivers. thankfully no one was home this time. they're homeless once again and hopes to land a place at the shelter for the holidays. >> we're all thankful no one was hurt. that's the main thing. unless this home has an omen or something. i don't know. it's not good luck for sure. >> reporter: she worried about the placement of the home when she first moved in here three years ago. she now says she may not move back. in tampa, evan axelbank, fox 13 news. how about this? $35,000. not the boat. that's how much investigators believe it will cost to fix the damage caused by a drunk boater on thanksgiving day. we're talking about the dock. robert hart hit three docks and
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hart's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit, so he's charged operating a vessel under the influence and leaving the scene of the accident. it's a way for hospital patients to enjoy the holidays. >> three, two, one. a very pretty tampa general hospital held its annual tree-lighting ceremony tonight. this tree is in the hospital garden. staff tells us place for patients and families to be able to come and relax and get a glimpse of the holidays while they're still in the hospital. >> when you're cooped up in the hospital for whatever reason you may be here, it could be you're only here for the day for a procedure, but you have some downtime. it could be that you're here for long periods of time. you can come out into an environment like this and have a little bit of normal things going on. >> that's right. there are holiday light symbols on top of various hospital buildings.
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boulevard, you can see the light display right there on tgh. nice night to see that. did we get some rain? >> paul: well, sprinkles. at this point we'll take it. >> something hit my windshield. i don't think it hit a rain gauge or not. >> it could have been a bird. as long as we hav a cloud, that's the firgs step. it looks like we could see some rain next week. we'll talk about that in a sec, guys. what a fantastic view from indian rocks beach. beautiful sunset again tonight. this is fantastic. mark weaver of the gandy on the right looking west over tampa bay this evening. that's good, mark. katherine over in clearwater beach, fan tafshg picture. this, unfortunatelying, is anything but fantastic. this is from tonight. the wildfires continue to burn in gatlinburg where there have
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thankfully there is some rain on the way, but this is ongoing now for over a month. the next couple of weeks and months should see some rain. that looks like something out in california when the santa ana winds are blowing. that is happening tonight in gatlinburg, tennessee. highs today back above average. we had that nice surge of drier weather yesterday and dropped the dew point today. dew point is back up, and high temperature was 80. the dry spell thankfully we're not in a drought here, but the drought does extend into the panhandle of our state. 1.55 back in october, a meesly 0.01 in the rain gauge. running 2.11 below average since october 1st. sprinkles move over the bay area now. the rain was heavier in coastal sarasota county this evening.
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this is good news, though. raining now in birmingham and raining up in huntingville, which is great. they've been very dry, and also rain soon to impact gatlinburg if it's not happening right now. this is great news. certainly not an end to the drought, but this rain should help with the wildfires situation tonight. then the rain kind of curves around the low pressure where it rains in chicago. then it's snow on the backside. agai a definite shift in the wind tomorrow coming in from the east and southeast. that's why dew points came up, and the rain we had today was generated by a surge of moisture, not any storm system. it will be done pretty soon. right now it's a warm night. 60s and low 70s the dew points are coming back up, and there will be patchy fog developing. kind of muggy the next couple of days. highs today were generally in the 80s up and down the state. right now we're 73 and the dew
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south-southeast. this first front has minimal impact on the weather. maybe some showers in the dying front on thursday. that's about it. a more significant front could impact us early next week. snow and cold in the west, and then warm and muggy right now in the southeast. here's futurecast as i said. the first front really doesn't make it at all. i mean, it tries to move our way on thursday with maybe a couple of showers. then the front will likely kind maybe a bit cooler and drier on friday and saturday. hopefully another front comes down the pike and should impact us early next week. finally some rain, and see how it plays out in the days ahead. tonight maybe some sprinkles and patchy fog and mild. we're down to 68. mix of clouds and sun tomorrow, breezy and i tell you, it's going to be kind of muggy. we have dew points 65 to 70. high temperature of 83.
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83 for a high and briefly cooler and drier into the weekend. it should be okay on friday. then perhaps and again confidence is low, perhaps some showers late sunday into monday. back to you. >> thank you, paul. still ahead tonight, the pdeath of a dictator. >> up next, how cuba is marking the death of the country's former leader, fidel castro,
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thousands of cubans lined up early this mor thousands of cubans lined up early this morning in havana to begin the week-long services bidding farewell to fidel castro who, of course, died on friday night. here at home, though, there are questions about whether president obama's outreach to cuba is another legacy term threatened here by the incoming administration of donald tonight from havana. >> reporter: the official mourning of fidel castro began at 9:00 a.m. on monday with a 21-gun salute. hours before dawn, thousands were already lining up to pay final respects to the man that ruled the island nation of 11 million people for 49 years. >> translator: i came to church today for the soul of fidel. he was the man that taught us everything we know. the man that educated us and taught us how to live.
10:25 pm
castro's ashes will go on the road across country moving east to the city of santiago where he began the revolution in 1953. his remains will be intered in a cemetery on sunday. in a police state where people closely guard the public activity, there has been little display of emotion beyond a few makeshift memorials. castro is largely sidelined by illness for the past decade. for the passing is met with indifference, in sharp contrast to south florida where the news sparked celebrations among many cuban-americans who hold castro personally responsible for dividing their families. >> i think this is the beginning of the end. he has been the key person. everything else is a component. i think after him -- after he's gone, i think we're going to start seeing changes. i'm sorry that my parents and my husband are no longer here to
10:26 pm
fidel left his brother, 85-year-old raul in power. he vowed to step down in 2018 raiding the possibility of a generational change in cuba's leadership. it's mainly region leaders so far that confirmed they will attend the funeral. even cuba's ally russia has announced vladimir put up tin is too busy to attend. >> steve, thanks. still ahead tonight at 10:30, election recount responding to efforts to take a second look at ballots in three crucial states. tonight, a zika alert. the new state where mosquitos the new state where mosquitos are believed to be
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tonight - donald trump is tonight donald trump is mocking the efforts to recount ballots from the election in three crucial electoral college states. the hillary clinton campaign is
10:30 pm
by green party presidential candidate jill stein. >> as kevin cameron reports, so far there's no indication of any wron wrongdoing. >> in wisconsin election chicagosers rejected jill stein's request for a hand recount of the victory. instead, local clerks will decide how best to recount thursday. they have to finish by december 13th. the commission chairman, a democrat, repeatedly predicted trump's victory >> we'll look back and find that the system worked well. >> stein missed the deadline for a voter initiated recount in pennsylvania last week, an arduous process requiring at least three votes in the 9,000 voting precinct to download an affidavit, fill it out and have it stamped and delivered to the county clerk's office for consideration. >> in pennsylvania it's especially conflicted.
10:31 pm
rekoubt. stein has until wednesday to file for a michigan rekound. if approved truch gets seven days to contest and object it. >> last night i congratulated donald trump. >> the president-elect blasted the clinton campaign for joining the recount efforts over the weekend. >> recount no. >> saying stein is trying to fill her coffers. she raised more than $6.2 million for the row could you notes. clinton's campaign lawyer tweeted we're attacked for participating in a didn't ask for by the man that won the election but things there was massive fraud. he alleged widespread cheating. in addition to winning the electricitial college i won the popular vote if you deduct those that voted illegally. just as he redefined what it means to be a presidential candidate he's redefining president-elect. as a practical matter, it will be forgotten because the odds of
10:32 pm
hillary clinton conceded. >> more high profile names meeting in trump tower as the next administration begins to take shape. >> it's a busy week. get ready. >> reporter: that's vice president-elect mike pence arrives as the public battle over the next secretary of state continues. there's general david pet russ in the running for the position. he met with president-elect trump in new york today. >> the meeting went pretty well. was with him for about an hour. he walked u showed a great grasp of a variety of the challenges out there and some of the opportunities as well. so very good conversation, and we'll see where it goes from here. >> former governor romney will meet with trump again tomorrow, and one other big name tossed around for the position former new york mayor giuliani. texas reported the first case of zika transmitted by local mosquitos.
10:33 pm
carrying the zika fivirus. in the case in texas a woman tested positive for the virus, and she had no recent travel to mexico or anywhere else with ongoing zika transmission. last tests found genetic material from the virus in a urine test, but the blood test came back negative. they believe this means the virus can no longer be spread from her by a mosquito. serious health problem that has led to blindness in some people. doctors are seeing a spike of cases in children. >> as laura evans reports, it may be tied to time spent in front of a screen. >> so i bring this up. >> reporter: the doctor examines a child looking for signs of myopia or nearsightedness where you see
10:34 pm
is fuzzy. >> blink and open as big as you can. >> reporter: more and more kids are developing myopia these days. what's causing it? doctors say increased screentime and less time outdoors. researchers don't know for sure, but say there's something about sun exposure that helps with eye development and something about the screens that is having a detrimental effect. >> screen time is a reality for our children. my kids at least are handed ipads at school and use them a lot during the to do homework at night. then you have the addition of video games or texting friending. screen time isn't going away. >> reporter: dr. erin staal says the key is catching it early. >> up until now it's treated with glasses. in children it gets worst over time. > see the spots over here? >> reporter: treehouse eyes focused only on myopia treats the problem with prescription
10:35 pm
help stop the progression. >> the younger you are when you start to become nearsighted, the higher the likelihood that you will become more nearsighted or more severely nearsighted later in life. >> the incidence of myopia has increased 60% in the last 30 years. >> it's really alarming. >> acting early, a few drops of prevention and limiting screen time where possible and promoting outside play can all go vision long-term. >> thaufs laura evans reporting. you heard her say, the two thing things dr. stall asks her patient to do is watch their screen time, watch their kid's screen time, maybe it meaningful and number two get outside and play more, which is good for visual and overall development. knew they would come. >> i get a headache from staring a at screen.
10:36 pm
sure. >> parents need to take attention. >> moderation. still ahead tonight, her survival is called a miracle. >> one family in arkansas is counting their blessings tonight. >> i didn't hear no baby crying our screaming. i panicked. i thought she was gone. >> she flew out of the car when it was hit by a semi. that's coming up next.
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coming up tonight at 11... celebrating the life of a popular local musician. celebrating the life of a popular musician. bob cartwright died in a motorcycle crash last night and they're trying to cope. you'll hear how he touched so many people. breaking a sweat but a much different story at the amazon hub on the fox 13 11 news. see you in a few. firefighters are calling her a miracle baby. an 8-month-old in arkansas survived being thrown from a car in a terrible crash. her only injury was a small scratch. an 18-wheeler clipped the car.
10:40 pm
was missing, and that's the baby. first responders combed the area searching for the child. the baby was found 35 feet away inside a drainage grate sitting up. >> i know it was a miracle. nobody but god. the way they had to pull out the drain, they had to turn her head and body a certain way to get out. she was just sitting there looking up waiting on them to come and get her. he was so relieve i knew i was blessed nothing was wrong with her. they say she had grass in her mouth and that's all. they got one little scratch, and everything else is okay. she's still the same, happy baby. i'm beyond blessed and i thank god for sparing my baby. >> absolutely. the driver of the 18-wheeler has been cited for an improper and unsafe lane change. rescue crews say the car seat the baby was using was not
10:41 pm
family has not been cited. >> she's going to be all right. see all this smoke in tennessee. very heavy snow from nearby wildfires covers the area. at least 800 acres burned in the smoky mountains. the air quality is unhealthy for those in the section. hopefully they get rain soon in the next couple of days, kevin. they're expected to get a little bit finally. the whole southeast, too. south florida bulls and florida state on the hardwoods tonight but not together. i bring the highlights of the games next. bucs head coach dirk koetter has a beef with the refus on this play at the end of the first half. you have to hear what he'd like to see the officials do differently just ahead in sports. kelly. imagine being able to plan
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worrying about the cost. they get
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now it's time for the good stuff! first - something good we can now it's time for the good stuff. >> first, this is something we can take part in in tomorrow following back friday and small business saturday and cyber monday. tomorrow we're talking about giving tuesday. it's the fifth year americans have taken part in this charitable tradition. if you are interested to make donations to nonprofit groups. the national philanthropic trust has >> go to donorschoose, which is a great national site and or go to network4good which is a great national site. you can put in your zip code and find charities. >> you can give online or in person. either way, it's the thought that koupt counts. >> it certainly is so important. we team up with met pal tan
10:46 pm
tomorrow you can bring food and toys to the tent in downtown tampa. they need so much for so many people. that's located on governor street near nebraska and cass. follow the signs downtown. you can drop off donations at locations in holiday on u.s. 19, donations are collected from 7:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night tomorrow. we posted all the information and dladdresses and needs that they have on our and we need to be able to think about others this time of year. always, really. >> we have been down to the new tent in downtown tampa. it's great to get in and out. you don't have to get out of your car if you want to come by. we'll be there helping out. if you have anything to donate, don't get out of the car and say hello. we'll take care of it for you. we have a special surprise for a deserving couple today. this is great.
10:47 pm
what do i do? >> yes, they are. megan and her fiance gabe were overwhelmed when they found out they were the winners of the blue i do contest, which gives a free wedding to a deserving law enforcement couple. now, they both work with the polk county sheriff's office, and they couldn't be more thrilled. >> this is just such an amazing gift for me and gabe and our family. we are still in there's not even words. >> that is so awesome. they're not going to have to wait long, either, for the wedding. they will walk down the aisle in january, and they're going to get a fancy wedding. so we're so happy. congratulations. best wishes. >> good stuff, indeed. >> yes, it is. don't forget to share your good stuff with us. send a message and pictures and we need that on one of our facebook pages, and we will get it on the air.
10:48 pm
good stuff going on. >> you don't need professional video. a lot of pictures just work with great stories already. kevin, what a weekend for the bucs, huh? >> a great one, mark. we have good stuff with them right here. we can talk about some good, winning victories for the team. the bucs are winners of three straight. that doesn't mean dirk koetter doesn't have a lot of work to do. he has more now, because he knows the chargers are looking at areas to exploit and he has to fix a win over seattle didn't come without controversy there. cam was hit hard by k.j. wright. the clock keeps running and the refs rule it was forwards momentum that stopped the play. koetter was fine with it. it's how long it took to get it to center joe holly that upset the coach. he said it could have been more efficiently.
10:49 pm
koetter is much calm irat halftime. he gave these guys an earful. >> for the umpire to run to the sideline and get a new ball and runback to the hash, we got so many ball boys on the sideline i don't have a place to watch the game there's so many down there. i wasn't -- i had no issue with them winding the clock. my issue is why didn't we get the ball spotted? that's exkuks. that's t mechanics i was getting an explanation for. >> they were in field goal range, to that was a big play there. florida gators play for the s.e.c. championship this weekend for a second straight year. while this is lopsided with alabama, the tide favored by 24 points. the gators have to get credit here, though, for getting to the point. they've been banged up all year. florida took another hit to the starting roster. jo
10:50 pm
seven other starters won't play against alabama. still the coach is still positive about the game and doesn't believe it will be a blowout. >> i don't think it's a mismatchal ought. >> everybody else does. >> i look at it as a great opportunity. you know, that's part of the chess match. i know this. we're playing in this game and we're going to give every tunlt keep telling them that. i'm good with that. in with a mindset to go and make plays, and i'm excited about that. >> reporter: kenesaw state owls take on usf. the bulls need a feel-good game and they got it. they hold off a charge in the second half. toledo desilva and finished with
10:51 pm
with two minutes to play. michael bif bivvy answers with a lay-up. in tallahassee they have a nice test tonight taking on undefeated minnesota. minnesota opened up the second half with a two-point lead. the 'noles crank it out. we have a sweet no-look pass over his head to jonathan isaac for the huge dunk. see that again. 'noles 58-47. a solid night for lays in 14 points. there's the first loss, 75-67. double win tonight.
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steven watts over at picnic islands sends in good photos and umbrella contest on my facebook page. it's an umbrella for steve, and that's a good picture. we had that a couple of weeks ago and maybe last week. a combination of palm trees, and sunset and clouds illuminated and good stuff. we have rain tonight, which is great news, and that posed some incredible pictures on my facebook page. gatlinburg is basically on fire with multiple evacuations underway.
10:55 pm
parts of gatlinburg on the hills are burning right now. thankfully there is at least some light rain in play. heavier rain from atlanta all the way up to huntingville and down to birmingham where the drought is extensive as well. so this is good news. this rain won't head our way at least in the short term. we stay with a southeast wind tonight, and it will be areas of patchy fog developing, too. tomorrow just a mixture of clouds and sun. a little breezy and warm the day and high temperatures in the low to mid-80s. that's the outlook, mixture of clouds and sun and kind of sticky with high temperatures in the low to mid-80s. back to you. an accomplishment far beyond her years. >> she's not even old enough to drive, but she was able to get a perfect score on the a.c.t. up next we introduce you to the sarasota county student with big
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
one sarasota county student has this is a great story. one sarasota county student shocked everybody by taking one test. >> probably not herself, though.
10:59 pm
eighth grader at pine view. last month she decided to randomly take the a.c.t. to see how she did. she put it out of her mind and just got her test results back. perfect. 36 score is perfect. the a.c.t. says only one-tenth of 1% do that well. most of them are probably not 13. >> i called up my mother demanding, how do i know these scores aren't fake? >> she's score will get her into m.i.t., and if not there she wants to go to an ivy league school. she wants to be a biomedical engineer. it's good for five years. don't take it again. >> no. she's good. she's all good. time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. a family with nowhere to go after a car drove right through their house. >> they say this isn't the first
11:00 pm
months, and we just moved back in. >> bad luck or bad location? how the family is trying to bounce back. i can't believe that this is happening a third time in a short amount of time. >> crime happening right outside an iconic steakhouse. why the valets at burn's may be a bit edgy. right now there's a big hol. >> that family broken after a deadly crash. how they're remembering this m musician, friend and father. we begin with a family stunned after what appears to be or may appear to be a string of the worst luck imaginable. for the second time in a year, a car crashed right through their house. fox 13's evan axelbank tells us they had just moved back in, and he reports from their tampa neighborhood. >> reporter: for the second time in seven months a car came


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