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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  November 28, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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defense at the stadium. the young bucs want to make them proud. they turned in their best performance of the year against the best team in the nfc, the seattle seahawks. they sacked russell wilson six times and a season high of four right there. also hit him 11 times and picked off two of his passes. the bucs have racked up 27 sacks on the season, which is ninth best in the league right now. dirk koetter says the offense just lights-out defense. >> we're not going to win very many games scoring 14 points. last night or defense ruled the day. our defense stole the show and deservedly gets the credit. you know, the flipside of that is we need to take advantage of opportunities and and that was a game we should have scored 28 points. >> the bucs verner played a big
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two days before the game his dad passed away unexpectedly. we show you verner's emotional journey. >> verner took the field to honor his late father and made a stirring play just before halftime. an interception that he dedicated to his dad. the emotion of the moment was overwhelming. i know what have been. would have been smiling and very, very proud. i'm thinking about how he was reacting. so i'm definitely thinking about him. >> the team in turn was thinking about him. he led the effort to rally around his teammate. >> that's my brother. before the game whether i broke it down, i asked the team, i said do we break it down on family to do it, something we say or mean it?
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pick him up. it was amazing to play this game. a lesser man couldn't have done it. >> richard sherman was among the seahawks that offered thoughts and prayers. for verner, the win was terrific but he says his dad would be most proud of how hard he played. >> he was the most caring, loving person you'll know. he would talk to a stranger, and that's the up man i know and will cher rich everything. that's the time type of man he was. >> and certainly our thoughts and prayers are with the family this week as you go through this tough time. cynthia. before we go, we want to remind you tomorrow is giving tuesday. >> fox 13 is teaming up with metropolitan ministries at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow in downtown tampa
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and cass. if you're closer to holiday, drop off donations at u.s. 19 in holliday. donation tents will be open until 7:00 p.m. and we pasted that information for you on the website. >> if you're waiting to go by and make a donation, tomorrow is the day. come by and say hi. the news keeping going online at >> "money, power & politics" is coming up next, "good day" starts at 4:00 a.m. from all of us here, have a
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we have the american people
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>> you the writers are wonderful. >> a dictatorship. >> the only place in the hemisphere where human rights are trampled on. >> our goal is the vindication of rights. >> i'm appealing to the young pe something up and build something new. >> a critical focus of our increased engagement will continue to be improving the cuban government's respect for human rights and advocating for democratic reforms within cuba. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. >> our relationship with cuba is at another fork in the road. fidel castro is dead and
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strike the deal. tonight we explain how and why castro seized power. our complicated history. where we go from here and what it means for florida. plus we have more big changes in washington. more drama in trump's transition and recount in the works in three states. >> it's been so exciting to see people mobilized. >> it's a total and complete hit critical joke. >> this is money, power & politics. >> okay merissa. we've got a lot of ground to cover starting with the roads of cuba. >> we traveled to havana and the trump administration may change more. >> before we work through next steps we want to put this in context and explain why the politicians disagree on how to proceed. to know where we're going we have to know where we've been.
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see the remnants of the iron fist of spain. the spanish conquerers built to protect what they seized. the military governor sailed to tampa bay landing at what we call desoto national park. spain eventually let go of florida it beared down on cuba until the independence movement took off from tampa. gorillas rose up against conners and when the u.s. worship maybe be american journal is blamed it on spain. the u.s. declared war. cuba slipped from the grip of spain to the grip of the united states. it became a u.s. protector rat and we took over guantanamo bay. havana became a playground for tourists.
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while the people suffered. so castro came along and led a rebellion from the mountains. people fed up with corruption and abuse joined the fight and swept castro into power in 1959. america was hopeful about castro at time. you may not believe what he said at the national press club in washington. >> we have peace all time of dictator. >> but after he spoke out a communist dictator seized billions in american asset and jailed and murdered critics. declaring castro a hero of the soviet union. america severed ties. in 1962, a u2 spy plane revealed soviet yet missile bases going up. president kennedy ordered a block aid. >> all ships of any kind
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it took us to the pg brink of world war 3. turning back ships with missiles on deck. when the soviet union collapsed cuba suffered. american leaders continued to squeeze cuba in hopes to drive the rejem from power. until december 2014, when president obama changed more than 50 years of foreign policy in one fail swoop. >> today the united states of america is changing its relationsh cuba. >> he relaxed trabl and bank restriction and then the president traveled to havana stunning the people of cuba. >> the rule of law should not include arbitrary tensions of people who exercise those rights. >> he called on young cue fwoons rise up and drive change on state run tv in front of their dictator. >> i believe citizens should be free to speak their mind
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[clapping] >> to organize and to criticize their government. >> cubans told us they could not believe it and then we started hearing whispers about corruption. for example, cuba has a dual currency system in which the money tourist exchange is worth more. some told us off camera corrupt officials are take cut ors demanding kick backs of whatever money comes in. in other words, they compare the castro regime to theme important to have americans here because it gives cubans insight and perspective that could drive the change they need. >> of course, that approach may end with the next administration. >> president obama drove the cuba on his own. next could refreeze it on his own and the death of castro could speed things along. >> fidel castro put his brother in power eight years ago. his death will probably not
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but it could drive big changes in the united states. president elect trump's allies are already urging him to slam the door on cuba. >> it wasn't a romantic figure if you were shot by him. he wasn't a romantic figure if you were driven off the island. >> on the campaign trail, the president elect sent mixed signals on cuba before the election he hammered the obama administration for restoring ties and easing travel restrictions. mr. that. >> but all of the concessions that barack obama granted the castro regime were done through executive order which means the next president can reverse them and that, i will do, unless the castro regime meets our demands. >> fidel castro east death is giving some of his strongest critic an opening toed a vienz lobby trump to follow threw on what he said.
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was staying in power. period. >> cuban was jailed in cuba claiming the repression is worse since relations. >> increased repression, insults and torture. >> on the other hand, president obama says the more we open and expose the people of cuba to the united states the more likely they may be to drive change from within. debate in washington. well this whole situation is also driving a sharp debate in sports. here how miami greated 49ers quarterback kaepernick after a sports writer asked him about a shirt he wore featuring castro. >> you hear the crowd. (booing) >> immediately letting their feelings known on cap per nick. >> fans have booed
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wearing a picture of fidel and bragging about the education system. here's his shirt labelleded liked minds think alike. malcolm x alongside castro. dodging questions about repression in cuba and focused on education. the argument between kaepernick and the sports writer reflects a debate plague out tonight. here's what the 49ers quarterback said during yesterdays press conference. >> what i said was i agree with the education. i also agree with the investment in free universal healthcare, as well as, the involvement in helping and apar tide in south africa. i would hope that everybody agrees those things are good things. and trying to push the false narrative that i was a supporter of the oppressive things he did is not true. >> so, yes.
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the healthcare system. but reviled for decades of repression and tyranny and firing squads and corruption. symbolic on the surface may have a bigger impact on our relationship with cuba. coming up, we're going to explain cuba's relationship with tampa bay and what tampa bay could gain or lose from a reversal in policy. >> we have some very unusual moves in trump's transition and a plan to recount votes in three states. we'll show you what to expect
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as we mentioned earlier, this year we traveled to havana on special assignment to show you a side of cubans most rarely get to see. >> we found a strong connection between the people of cuba and what they've been taught about tampa bay. ? ? >> this was one of hemingways favorite spots and it's packed with american tourists. >> i think it's good for us. ? ? >> he knows english and knows something about the history of tampa fra fr his days in school. cubas national hero rallied for cubas independence from spain in the late 1800s from tampa.
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this moment tampa is very good city and very good part of the united states. >> so like most cubans, he thinks of tampa as the cradle of cubas liberation movement. >> very important in our history. he was a big writing, too. writing for the children. writing for the people. it was important for us ? ? >> while he transformed cuba. cue bans transformed tampa by running the cigar fact ris. >> the connection between tampa and cuba is direct and long. it's based on families as well as tradition. >> okay. that was adam goodman and this is adam here with us onset. traveled with us to cuba back in march. where do we start? >> let's talk about the embargo.
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cuba. when do you think and do you think this should be lifted? >> first of all, thank god we're moving into another period in cuba's history. that's one we want to turn the page on. what's interesting is to see what the president elect does. the master deal maker. i'm sure he looked at the cuba deal as lousy and wants to redo it. the question is how? looking at the evidence of an embargo that frankly has not with this a couple of weeks ago talking about predictions for cab nechlt do you see anything else in the future here in the near future? >> well the greatest cabinet post is secretary of state. i'm on record as having reservations object romney. not only bitter during the primary but all the way through. his foreign policy credentials
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giuliani supporter as i think he's made for this position. however, this is now come down to this kind of decision. the president elect can try to show presidential maturity and hands across the political seas and embrace romney while taking on grief from his own base. or he can remember what he ran against, why he ran for president in the first place, which he was running against the system here. >> you've done some work for rudy giuliani in the past. >> i have. >> how would you advise him in terms of going arabled and talking about credentials for secretary of state? >> horrible idea. it's tough to audition for something without looking overly hungry for it. you want to be drafted. optimally that's how you want to get there.
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however, mitt romney, the thing most attractive for his supporters is, maybe for president elect, they see this as a person who comes for business and may be a tremendous deal makers. you talk about someone as secretary of state who can put together strong deals. mitt romney maybe as fairly strong on that front. >> all right. adam goodman. tlaung for your time. >> always. >> switching gears a little bit. jill stein started the push for recounts in three hillary clinton joined in and that may have irked the president elect. he responded with claims of mass voter fraud. >> wait a minute. trump won. >> yes, he did. >> and candidates don't normally claim mass voter fraud when they win. >> no. not usually. >> especially when facing a recount in three states. >> you're right. >> because that might feed the argument for having a recount that he doesn't want. >> yeah. let's show you that tweet from over the weekend.
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landslide i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. >> he could not back that up with evidence from this year. he sited studies from years past refuted by am demices. trump is getting push back from people you never expect. kellyann conway rips romney and appears to rip trump in the
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conway helped trump win the election. but she may have worked her way outside kellyann conway helped trump win the leshgs but may have worked her way outside the circle of trump. >> ripping mitt romney which trump has done a time or two, as well. in the process she may have thrown donald trump under the bus. saying just considering romney as secretary of state is a betrayal of supporters. want that described in terms of betrayal conway's stock went down. >> unless trump is toying with romney. i think there's a better chance he went off the reservation and trump is not happy about it. >> we know romney is headed back for another meeting with the president elect. romney did rip trump hard during the primaries but trump said he ripped romney hard, too. and the chief of staff said the
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embrace rivals. >> it is a team of rivals concept if you were to go toward the governor romney concept. but i think that should tell all americans about where president elect's head is at. >> i heard rudy jewel yaw flee wanted to be the secretary of state. >> he's not subtle about the hints he's dropping. >> he's dropped more than hints. he said he wants to be the next secretary of state. campaigning for it traveling here and there and everywhere. >> he's been forward about it foreign policy is as good or better than anybody they're talking to. he said you can't say i don't know the world. whether that's supposed to be a slap in the face to romney. he's not holding back. >> and that just can't be helping his stock on this. with that there may be a compromised candidate in david pa petraeus the fellow that
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done. the scandal could work in his favor. mitt romney will have another meeting tomorrow. what do we have? >> coming up predictions what do we have? >> coming up predictions for trump's cabinet z26p3z zy6z
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merissa, here's my bre diction. rudy jew yaw knee may have talked himself out of secretary of state. donald trump does not want to be put in a corner. with this push back on romney.
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if it's not and it's not petraeus because of the scandal i think you could look at corker as a possibility for secretary of state. >> i find this situation so interesting because they've talked throughout the campaign about bringing america together and yet you have this transition team whose divided on this. >> a lot of drama and a feud plague playing. there will be an effort to recount. no it will not change results. you can't flip 12 thousand thousand. that's our show. see you tomorrow night. the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things.
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crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ? dish nation ? >> hello, everybody. welcome to "dish nation." no, that is not something wrong with your tv screen. headkrack did not get prettier over the weekend. that's porsche sitting in headkrack's chair. brad and gary will be dishing with hi, guys. >> hey. >> we have an amazing show. gary was out on the red carpet at the soul train awards. we'll see all of his antics there. plus, there's a new episodes of "real housewives of atlanta" that we have to talk about, and we will. >> oh, yes. >> yes. but, first, britney spears may have a new boyfriend. >> oh. >> well, come on, brittany. >> his name is sam, and he posted a pic on his instagram on saturday night. i guess it was the two of them


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