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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and we're right back where we started. we look like catalogue models! who trusts a clean handyman anyway? we can't look this good! dinge is the dirt the bargain detergent can't get to. tide pods can.
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we're following a news alert right now in hillsborough county. a ?gun store has been targeted by thieves... and they didn't bother using the ?door. they broke down the front of the store.. it happened earlier this morning... near waters avenue and dale mabry in north tampa. fox 13's
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((jen/take vo)) also new this morning - a house goes up in flames in plant city.. it s morning.. on johnson street.. the chief says - firefighters saw heavy smoke when they got there - and the back of the house was on fire.. no one was hurt - and it's under control now.. they will be out there for awhile - to figure out how it started. and update out of st. petersburg: the state attorney's office has ruled the shooting death of "john zemola" at the hands of deputies... as justified. two pinellas deputies shot zemola after they say he charged at them with a knife. it happened back on november 5th... along north
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officials say the deputies' lives were in danger... and they had the authority to use deadly force. an autopsy is planned today in citrus county... for a woman found dead in a burning car. firefighters responded to sunrise loop and sunshine path in crystal river... after getting reports of a car on fire. they believe the body inside... was 58 year old "linda steve." family told depuites that she went missing the night before. her cause of death is still not clear. for now, deputies are just calling the death suspicious. to be ?containing the zika virus... the threat could be growing in ?another state. texas has just reported its first ?locally transmitted case. until now, florida was the only state to have mosquitoes ?carrying the virus. health officials in texas say a woman tested positive for the virus. she had no recent travel to mexico.. or anywhere else with ongoing zika transmission. one interesting note about her case: lab tests found genetic material from the virus in a urine test.. but the blood
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means the virus can no longer be spread by her... through ?another mosquito. they are now testing her family and neighbors... to see if there are any more cases. the number of zika cases here in florida... continues to plateau. only ?one new case was added on monday. and that was a travel-related case in miami-dade county. ?no locally transmitted cases have been reported. in fact, there hasn't been a ?local case in the miami beach area, in the past 45 days. a total of 12 hundred and six cases have been reported across the state. a second florida man has filed a lawsuit... after claiming his e-cigarette ?exploded. james dardin of clermont says he was smoking with the device in 20-15 when his leg was suddenly engulfed in flames. he was rushed to the hospital to get surgery. dardin is now suing the ?store where he bought the e-cig, along with the manufacturer. a destin man has already filed a similar lawsuit... after his e-cig also exploded in 20-15, burning his face. the "morgan and morgan" law firm
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they blame the fires on cheap batteries. e-cig makers... deny that claim. we're one step closer to finding out our ?next florida supreme court justice. a state nominating panel interviewed 11 candidates and whittled down the list to just three finalists on monday. the panel is recommending governor scott pick chief judge "charles lawson" , district court of appeals judge "wendy berger", or attorney "daniel gerber." the governor needs to make the pick, because justice james perry is retiring on december 30th... at the age of 72. later this morning: the public will get its first look... at the ?future of downtown clearwater. the city council will finally vote on its "imagine clearwater" master plan. a plan that's designed to revitalize the downtown waterfront. the plan includes expaning coachman park, adding a new walkway with views of the intracoastal waterway, and upgrades to osceola avenue to help connect downtown with the waterfront. the plans will be revealed during today's council meeting at nine a-m. the public can give their imput during two workshops tonight and
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one couple in polk county just got some huge help, with their wedding planning. why someone ?else is now footing the bill. ((walter and speaking of money, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. tonight's mega millions jackpot is worth 25 million dollars. and tomorrow's powerball jackpot
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surprise.. for a very deserving couple in polk county. meghan and her fiancee gabe were overcome by emotion when they found out they were the ?winners of the "blue i do" contest. it provides a free wedding to a deserving law enforcement couple. the two work with the polk county sheriff's office and couldn't be more thrilled: they won't have to wait too long for their wedding. they will be walking down the aisle in january!
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talk about a ?big week on broadway. after the break: why one hit show... has a ?lot to be thankful for. plus: another 80's movie gets a modern day including a new take, on one of the most popular movie songs... of all time.
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the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things.
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it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury. the time is now 4xx... and heres a quick look at some stories trending overnight. and we begin.. on a ?serious
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hills 90210" actress "shannon doherty" continues to document her long battle with breast cancer... with all her fans on social media. she's been posting updates for the past year and a half... ever since she was first diagnosed. doherty went through chemo treatments over the summer, and yesterday was her first day of ?radiation treatment. she posted a picture to instagram showing her in the doctors office. the caption read: " i look like i'm about to make a run for it which is accurate. radiation is frightening to me. something about not and having this machine moving around you just scares me. i'm sure i'll get used to it but right now.... i hate it." and doherty is not letting her condition keep her from working. last week, she started filming a t-v remake of her dark comedy, "heathers." it looks like actress idinia menzel just "couldnt let it go." she
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under her belt. and it's remake... of a bette midler classic: )) that's idinia singing "wind beneath my wings"... in the new trailer for the "beaches" remake. midler starred in the original 19-88 film with barbara hershey. this time it will be menzel and nia long... playing her best friend battling cancer. the new movie airs on the lifetime channel in january.
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musical. in fact, it actually did the ?opposite. last week.. "hamilton" became just the second musical to gross more than three ?million dollars in a single week. and they did it with just ?eight shows. the previous record was set by "wicked" ... with ?nine shows. thanksgiving week is traditionally one of the ?biggest weeks on broadway, when many shows raise their ticket prices. "hamilton" made headlines earlier this month, when vice president- elect "mike pence" was called-out by the cast, after he took in performance. president-elect donald trump twitter. the average ticket price for hamilton is 300 dollars.... with some selling for ?thousands of dollars a piece... on the resale market. ?who needs a steering wheel? after the break: the latest in ?driverless technology... that will be on display today in tampa bay. plus... before you head outside: dave joins us after the break, with another
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gestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!? governor rick scott just visited the bay area... to highlight job growth. and this time he's putting the spotlight on "bluegrace logistics." that's a transportation management company headquartered on faulkenburg road in riverview. the company expects to hire upwards of seven ?hundred new employeees, over the next two years... as it expands nationwide. thats thanks in the future of driving will be on full display today
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automated vehicles summit." it will be full of live demonstrations and speeches from industry experts. organizers say florida has the ideal climate to test automated transportation. the event is going on today and tomorrow at the tampa convention center. if you want to check out the technology, it won't come cheap. admission starts at two hundred bucks. today in downtown tampa: a few dozen ?lucky kids will get to toss the pigskin... with the bucs star quarterback. "jameis winston" will join 24 hillsborough county students and community leaders for "education winston will do several activities with the kids including some nfl drills. it's all happening in curtis hixon park, to celebrate the parks' new "super-sized shade structure donated by the bucs. the structure is currently being used to cover the ice skating rink at the park's winter village. since 20-10, the glazer family foudation has also installed 24 court-sized shade covers at financially-struggling bay
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starting tonight in downtown tampa... you can see the tony-award winning musical, "into the woods." it blends together several famous fairy tales, and gives them a modern spiin. it was also turned into a hit movie back in 20-14, which is where this clip comes from. the show runs at the straz center tonight thru sunday. and tonight at usf... you can hear the sounds of the season. the grammy winnning christian rock band "for king and country" is bringing their first national ?christmas tour to town. they sing all the classic carols... with a modern twist. the show starts at seven.
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toss to dave... ((vanessa tossback... tossb coming up in the 5 o'clock hour of good day tampa bay: we continue to follow
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by causing some ?major damage. fox 13's shayla reaves is live at the scene. also ahead in the five o'clock hour of good day... mcdonald's worker nationwide are walking off the job. how workers are rallying to keep the "fight for 15"
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developing overnight: weapons stolen from a bay area gun store. we're live as detectives work to figure out who's responsible. ((jen students will return to class today at ohio state... less than a day after a frightening attack injured nearly a dozen people on campus. ((walter and we made it through black friday and cyber monday... now it's time for "giving tuesday." toys and food to those that need them the most... today. good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay at 5 a-m. i'm walter allen. it is tuesday november 29. and i'm jen epstein. thanks for joining us. we begin with raging wildfires and a state of emergency in tennessee... the fires are burning


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