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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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these shelves are usually stacked with guns.. of all shapes well these shelves are usually stacked with guns all kinds. this morning they are bare after a large burglary at tampa gun store. >> and moments before the disaster, this is picture of a brazilian soccer team. they took off just before, this was taken just before that plane went down. 76 people are believed to be dead >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this tampa bay. hey everybody's it's akt o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. tuesday, november 29th. we need to get over to dave for look at the forecast. how about 70 degrees at 8 o'clock in the morning. i mean just yeah, we're actually 5 gross away from our normal high for this time of the year. so let's go on a limb and say it's going to warmer than normal dew point's run thing 65 at southeast wind eight let's see anybody else at 70.
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you may feel that mugginess in air. that's because of southeasterly wind. easily going back into the lower 80s for high temperatures today. vanessa. all right. thanks, dave. >> right now we have a skyfox checking out a crash in tampa. this is reported on nebraska near 122nd. so between fouler and fletcher. southbound lane blocks we're seeing mostly you can see that that center turn lane is also going to be taken up with this crash. we do have i'd say maybe just minor delays in area please take care as you head once again more of that crash is. we've watching this one for a little while now dale mabrey highway. a last check we had single lane blocked in southbound direction. looks like our delays are a little bit better. but barely. in this area. so the crash is reported southern intersection with lake view drive in back ups right now are to the northern intersection with lake view. dozens of stolen guns are on
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following a major gun heist. thieves wiped shelves clean tampa arms company. leaving behind nothing more than empty cases and broken glass. fox 13's shayla reeves live for us outside building on waters avenue. this big deal talking about a lot guns and will the of ammunition, right? >> yeah, good morning to you. we are getting some new information as well from the hillsborough county sheriff's office. right now a spokesperson is telling me investigators are looking for multiple people a with this gun store break-in. within the next couple of hours we hope to have our hands on some surveillance video to show you an exactly who detectives tell us they are looking for. this is unfolding here in tampa arms company located off west waters avenue. multiple deputies are still on the scene. and so far no information has been provided on the exact number and type of firearms
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several minutes to at least the next hour to have some more information to bring you. there are multiple deputies on the scene, detectives. we learned that a spokesperson is in the process of finding someone to speak with us on camera about the events unfolding here during overnight hours. we will stay on top of it and hopefully get in touch with the owners of tampa arms company as well within the next hour, guys. back to you. i'm sure they have lot to take care of shayla, thank you. >> it is 8:03 ivan hour middle school teacher out of a job after being aly touching a girl in 2014. 26-year-old amet jared santee di-igo was arrested on sunday hillsborough county deputies say he knitted to telling someone he inappropriately touched the girl while he was watching her two years ago. deputies say he did not give any further details. but they know that it was not a student at the school.
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district until a year after the incident happened. >> santiago resigned from teaching after his arrest. he's out of jail this morning. >> almost 8:04. new this morning a hernando county k-9 officer stopped a thief in his tracks. deputies say anthony lord edwards stole dozens of items spring hill walmart on sunday worth nearly $1,600. authorities confronted him but he took off he was running deputies say edwards ran into a water treatment facility so they bit edwards and he have started punching dog 18 stitches in hospital now being held on $13,000 bond. florida's crime rate overall though is on the decline. but a newly released report shows violent crimes are on the rise. in fact, this year's murder rate up by 15 percent chaired compared to first six months of 2015. sexual assaults are up by two percent. crimes decreasing from last year include burglaries robbery
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percent. governor scott says the newly released report shows how committed the state's law enforcement agencies are when it comes to make certain from floridians are protected. happening right now fight higher wages in tampa. skyfox was over mcop east hillsborough avenue about an hour and a half agoyou can so fast food worker protest thing. they say their wages are not high enough to support themselves they want at least $15 an hour. this morning protest is part of a low wage workers across country walking out of their jobs and rallying for bigger paychecks. developing this more than columbian oils around work quick toll pull 76 bodies from plane wreckage mr. smebs of brazilian soccer team 81 people on board reported an electrical failure while on its way to international airport. just 22 miles from landing the plane crashed. on board, a brazilian soccer
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tournament final. they know for sure at least 5 people survived. they believe the rest, 76 people on board were killed. rescue efforts are happening right now to try andal the bodies from the wreck age. and sadly this photo was taken by the team just before the plane crashed. it shows players chatting a they were heading to tournament excited. and laughing vice-president of brazilian first division soccer team says the city where team is from is in mourning. fans are gathering aun stadium where team played and they are crying and showing support for other members of team vice-president says they are waiting to hear of more survivors. 8:0 south carolinas right now cubans continue to pay their respects to the late fidel castro. the government ordered nine days of mourning on behalf of the dictator. tonight havana residents will continue to honor the man by holding a mass gather at 7 o'clock tributes will take place all week long until his ashes are buried on sunday.
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this time and usual sounds of music filling the streets is muted. whether residents want to attend or not some say they feel they have no choice but to honor man that ruled that nation for 49 years. that includes signing an oath pledging loyalty to the revolution while signing voluntary, nearly every cuban with ties to the government is expected to sign it as part of that travel to the memorial plaza. >> and while many americans see castro a dictator many say he's believe he's & that's why they are gathering to honor him is ashes will be driven across nation with plans to stop in provinces to allow everyone to pay their respects. starting today, flights will be taking off from orlando going havana this comes first flight from cuba took off in miami first time in 50 years. flight which landed yesterday was welcomed with cheers. fort lauderdale will begin its flights to the commune nation
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a fire sparks a veterans home and officials believe it was set on purpose. coming up 8:30 ken suarez is live with investigation and what they are looking for in particular. >> but first, it's time to get back on this giving tuesday. walter allen is live how you can help thousands of people across bay area. hey walter. >> hey, good morning there guys. that's right giving tuesday. metropolitan ministries here pasco county. their goal is to give 60,000 meals need. meals they won't be able to deal without your help. we're encouraging everybody to visit us here in pasco county off u.s. highway 19. we'll have much more on that coming up. but also, in metropolitan ministries downtown tampa. charley, good morning. yes indeed walter. and the big checks are starting to roll in we're 9505 north governor street street put that the in your gps you'll find us arbitration forum comes in with
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at enterprise, $50,000 to feeding tampa bay and $16,000 to metropolitan ministries you can drop by any throughout tampa bay area to inverness, from sebring it inner very understand you can go by enter surprise food, toys and of course we love big checks. going to go a long way. it's giving stews we're having
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((laura on cam)) there's no doubt we want to make sure our kids are as active as possible... but a newly released report says parents might want to hold off on putting their young children in contact martial our kids around active as possible. but newly released report parents way mant want to hold off put in contact with martial arts. joette here now with look research and why this could bad news we heard all along this good for kids. build strength and good for not just physical strength. but mental emotional strength too. >> yes. i think that is correct. but i think that you have to a look at the potential for injury as well. again, it depends on it noncontact or contact. and what are they teaching your children how much time are they spending and how aggressive are these instructors.
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martial arts. they looked at things like tae kwon do, judo and even mix martial arts they didn't have any pediatric data for they computed the injury rates in those individual sports. they broke it down into which body part most likely to be injured even looked at the amount of time or percentage of those individuals who had to take time off from practicing that sport because of an injury. it's a very informative report available to so definitely something you might want to take look at if your child is participating. look at this i think what's different about this then wrestling willing or football or any other sport with their contact. yeah it depend on the particular type of martial arts. so they really did kind of highlight, they looked a karate for example. and tae kwon do that rule where you get extra points >> yes. if you make head contact. >> that's exactly right.
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the potential for change there. they said that the concussion rate about 4 times greater than football. when they looked at mixed martial arts, again, only adult studies it was ten times greater. they talked about the head gear and mouth guards and padding really isn't any data or evidence to show that head pad is really making any kind of a difference in concussion rates. so that's a huge they talked about other things that may predispose your child to that risk. those who one study said if they were doing it less than three hours a week there was less potential for injury. but for every two hours above that it doubled the risk. also, kids not understanding and knowing how to block also increased the risk. they talked about foot injuries especially tae kwon do. and am some of things nose
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anticipated like aneurysm in fem roll artery. at last big artery. in groin area which ballooned out because potentially a fall or kick injured that particular participant. not to say you shouldnt do martial arts accurately assess your child's capability and strength and maybe maturity too. lot to think about dr. jo. thanks. >> all right. shall we check in with dave? >> i think so. all right. what about the weather? outside in some spots. and it's that kind of up and down where we get tease for dry air for two or three days and then it warms right back up. hey 70 degrees in tampa as you walk outdoor here 8 o'clock. we get 68 in brandon plant city. 69 degrees in palm harbor you go to the north it's what, 63 degrees in inverness. they actually got down to the upper 50s. but all the hourly, hourly these hourly observations from the
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overnight. sarasota at 67. venice at 68. and also in mid to upper 60s along highway 27. so yeah. warmer than yesterday. some 4 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. although ocala is about 14 degrees warmer than yesterday. rain is up to the north. actually we wish i could bring more of this up there. but hey at least it's raining in parts of tennessee and some mountains and carolinas they desperately, desperately need it. tere's always n issue, right in here's the issue today weather. i know, it's late november. but there is an enhance theed risk from jackson, mississippi down to say slidell, louisiana. for tornadic activity. over towards huntsville as well there's that potential. but at least the southeast is getting much needed rainfall. now for us just kind of warm. kind of muggy and 82 degrees for high temperature today. in fact our next couple of days will be well above our normal high of 75.
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chance of a shower on thursday. that. 30 percent rain chance. then we're kind of quiet friday, saturday and for sunday. vanessa. all right dave, thank you. >> want to check roadways right now. and we're looking veterans expressway. free and clear of crashes. but of course we have the usual congestion we see this time of morning. right now we see some slower speeds there. starting near the top of the vets. moderate congestion all way to area linebaugh we drop to about nine miles an hour. just couple minutes shy of half hour to get from it is completely clear in the northbound direction. in manatee sarasota area debris at 75 south and university parkway. might see right lane blocked. we do know that a road ranger is heading out here to clean this up. please be careful and watch out for that person. just aheads up if you're taking selman expressway to 75 later tonight, or early tomorrow morning, that will be closed. the northbound ramp from selman to 75 between 8 o'clock in the
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morning. there's look at your work around falkenberg to state road 60 to 75. usually mammogram debate is over when start having mammograms. this morning talk is about when to stop getting. we're going to talk to dr. jo bring her back to talk about when and why women should stop this important test. and giving back tuesday. charley and walter are working hard to make sure everyone has what they need this holiday season. you can help too.
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from a downtown tampa this morning. it is giving tuesday. it's a day sets aside really around the world to think about those less fortunate. and if you can give a little bit back this holiday season. fox 13 has partnered with metropolitan ministries this year t m need in tampa bay area can have extra help. that's why we're here holiday tent 9905 north governor street you put that the in gps you will get there. cass, governor to the north of us here. but 905 north governor street. there's also a location in pasco county we will check in a moment. i want to talk about what we're doing here. we're gathering money and food and toys all for holidays.
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these 2500 plates are how many meals we to foes in our community in need. every day we come they are empty and we fill them. what we need help today is to be able to pay for the food. >> that's an accurate plate you're talking about 1.96 you can do a plate for. yes, 1.96. today we have a generous donor that will match whatever we get that 1.96 will fill two plates today. >> wow. $20. not going to do math. >> yeah $20. you can get 20 meals. with the match. yeah 20 meals. your math is terrible. if i give $40. yeah. just donating. just donate.
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we talk about 60,000 plates we need to fill for holiday season. until christmas we need 60,000 plates filled. i don't know the math on that either. well yeah. i'm not going to try any more. it's a lot, folks that's why they need your help. you're serving this food at several different locations and providing food for folks throughout. >> yeah we have 39 partner sites. and there are hands and feet. they come to us pick food in serve our community. we couldn't do it without them. we definitely couldn't do it with our community, tampa bay is generous community. they give to us. and they take care of their homeless. chef, thank you so much. that looks good bye way. i don't need math to figure out that looks good. come see 905 north governor street. $5, $10 you can see how far that can go. we love to say hi. i will say hi to you because our
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holiday inn pasco county. we're a 3214 highway 19 u.s. highway 19. we hope to see tent is officially going to open here i say in about 30 minutes from now. 9 o'clock where we're officially going to open. until then chef mark has been serving breakfast to the families who are living here. 12, 12 families live here? >> yes 12 family units. two bedroom family units over in transitional housing. and we h and the best way to do that is all you folks at home, if you come out, and you donate like charley said anything, $1, $5 $10 a generous donor offering up to $50,000 he's matching or she's matching we don't know it's anonymous. so you have a lot of work cut out because you want to serve 60,000 meals by christmas >> yeah. >> we serve on any given day 2500 meals. metropolitan ministries does.
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meals by christmas. >> on that note, we have 1.96 per person that we are trying to raise. and we have a generous donor as you said for $2,000 match. so today is giving tuesday. and today's the day to give. now's time to give. >> you said 1.96 a meal? we can all swing that, right? >> yes. absolutely. >> okay. again, come here to 3214 we're up in holiday, florida. hope to come see us. the tent opens at 9 o'clock from your perspective really quick will how does it make you feel when you see people donate all of this stuff? it can really touching especially christmas time gifts and families are given a little help and a little just to see it on their faces sometimes is tear jerker. so please come and give.
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lot to do. and we can't do it without your help. >> see this man? this man wants to work. he's asking you. give him him the food i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at and i just clip them like this... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. today, we talk differently....
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and all those differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it... ...for cleaner energy every day. so no matter how different things become, we're always here ....
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for me, shopping is a three step process. step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three: see, that's what's great there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ((laura 2shot)) the search for answers in the ohio state and welcome back. it's 8:30 now. search for answers in the ohio state university shooting continues today. as the community prays for the victims and for their families. federal officials say they believe terrorism played a role
8:30 am
people. f.b.i. says yesterday an 18-year-old somali born student plowed his car into the students. then started stabbing them. the attacker identified as abdul artan wrote a facebook post before the rampage saying he was sick and tired of seeing his fellow muslims killed and tortured. artan was shot and killed i about an an ohio state university police officer. that's him there. all 11 people injured are expected to survive. artan's rampage lasted just under two minutes before ohio shot him and killed him. potentially savoring people's lives. the officer was responding to reports of a gas leak and happened just to be there at the right time. 28-year-old graduated from ohio state in 2012. he started on the police force early last year. in just a few hours the tennessee school bus driver accused of a speeding and killing at least six elementary school children is set to face a
8:31 am
hawaii collar homicide. a complaints against him started a stacking up days before the crash hamilton county department of education shows that just five days before the crash six students complained about walker sying that he was swerving. going so fast they thought the bus would flip over at one point. and prurply trying to cause them to fall if they were standing in the aisle. walker responded to complaint saying the students were not listening to him. walker still in jail this morning being held on $107,000 bond. he's expected to make his first court appearance today. dozens of stolen guns on the streets this morning following a major gun heist. thieves wiped shelves clean at the tampa arms company. that's on waters avenue and shayla is live outside of the building. i think you've got one of owners with you right now shayla. what have we learned? >> yeah, you're absolutely right. and certainly a lot to take in. not only for richard smith here, but his business partner as well. they are arrived this morning
8:32 am
and what did you feel when you saw your business today? >> well i saw what looked to be a smash and grab robbery. very disturbing. because they did seem to get a lot of guns off of the wall. that concerns me because we don't want guns getting in the wrong hands. so >> and you all take measures to protect your property. what you have. but in this case, what can you tell me about what happened that you really could not have prepared for you said >> right. we did the maximum that we do to secure the facility. there were bars across the entire front facade. state of art alarm system camera system inside. unfortunately, that's just not going to stop somebody with a 6,000 pound truck smashing through there. it seemed to be well coordinated. several people involved. several vehicles involved. um, so hopefully the police can find these people. >> and the last information that we received from the major with
8:33 am
neighborhood of at least 40 weapons might be missing from the business. as a business owner, what do you feel? i know you probably work hard for what you have. to have this happen. what does it make you feel? >> my main concern right now is the guns being on the street in wrong hands and people getting hurt with those guns. other than that, you know, we have insurance for other things to take care of that. i feel bad for the employees that aren't going to have their extra money for christmas and stuff like but my main concern and disappointment is the missing guns being on the street. okay. and last quickly before we let you go. if you can say anything to the public, if they recognize or know or have any information about this, what would you want the public to hear right now? >> i would like them to hear if you're approached to buy any, any gun, that you don't have some type of record for, that you report it immediately to the police and the authorities. keep these guns off the streets.
8:34 am
hurt with these things. you know we do our best to try to, to try to put these things in the hands of responsible people. and for this not to happen. and unfortunately, it did. so if they do get approached, or their son or daughter gets approached that they immediately report it so we get these things off street. if we have catch one of them catchall of them and get these things off the street. thank you so much for your time. i'm sorry your company is having to deal with this today. thank you. again the hillsborough county sh to investigate. we'll follow the story. and keep you posted as new information becomes available. back to you in the studio. all right shayla, check in with you later. thank you. new this morning plant city fire officials trying to figure out what started a house fire broke out around 3 o'clock this morning on north johnson street. crews arrived to find heavy smoke and flames coming from the back of the house. nobody was hurt. we'll update you soon as we get more information demolition fire straights 50 as begun in
8:35 am
in same spot on corner of country side boulevard state road 580. station was built in 1977. for now firefighters are being housed in the library. that's right next door. right now there are a mandatory evacuations for people living in area surrounding gatlinburg tennessee smoke is filling the area you can see some pictures there. this wildfire is burning at the edge dolly wood theme park and already set fire to at least 30 structures we hear. fire officials believe fire is only going to get worse because high winds blowing through the area national guard activated to try to assist some firefighters. to help with the evacuation. we'll bring dave in to talk about this. because this, this is some drought, you know there's no rain. >> they have had nothing for rain. long time since they've wildfires like this. a lot of debris and stuff on ground to work with.
8:36 am
next week, computer models are saying they may see few inches of rain this is obvious gollying to help the situation out. but i mean, i just feel bad. especially in gatlinburg you have fires moving in on populated 8:36. looks like brandon, venice, join tampa by touching 70 degrees before 9 o'clock this morning. i've got mid to upper 60s everywhere else. state-wide though, i mean how about 74 in 72 in tallahasseei mentioned this rainfall. here is just first little batch of rain moving through the southeast. but what i did do was kind of took an eye on some computer models. and for the next week or so, this, this may be some good news. i mean you notice these purple these reds, oranges look at the rainfall totals through next tuesday nights three inch in charlotte. four and a half in atlanta six
8:37 am
want all your rain at one time. if this pans out this would likely take care of a lot of wildfires in f. not all of them. we will cross our fingers for that 82 for high temperature today. we're going to back up to 83 tomorrow. i've that doesn't feel like wintertime around here. 30 percent rain chance on thursday. then we'll knock down humidity just a smidge for friday, saturday and for sunday. we always show you beautiful sunset pictures. do we not? absolutely. but, i got a mug picture for you. >> that is beautiful picture. what that? what is all that? just hanging in there for one second. my goodness. oh, you're going to come in here. now we got it. okay. that is way my webcam ra everybody. okay. so i want to show you beautiful sunrise picture this time from little harbor jeffery pierce
8:38 am
picture? because it's been retweeted million times and my phone keeps buzzing. fantastic picture jeffery. it was worth the wait in seeing my mug on webcam to get that. yeah. ruskin, absolutely. remember, it was that restaurant. it was hot. like in july i think. still beautiful. gorgeous. okay, vanessa i've taken enough time. go. a great picture. bonus points for aerials sunrise. and the boats. all right, gears get into roadway crash with lane blockage manatee county area your trouble spot 63rd avenue east watch out westbound direction right lane is blocked major road wies look about as we had expect with no crashes. southbound 275 on the lighter side of red here from bearss to i-4. same goes for westbound i-4 lighter side of red heading into
8:39 am
enjoy. >> some more proof there is benefit to good relationship between a mom and her daughter. teenage girls are known to butt heads with their moms appear point of fact. but a new study shows that mothers may want to fight hard for strong relationship with their daughters. jen epstein is here now with why their teenager sexual health could depend oh on it, right? good example. if you've ever seen gilmore girls, that show. well notice the relationship between laura and rory, it's a unique one. they are pretty about pretty much anything. well dutch researchers say you may want to emulate that. researchers say high quality relationships between a mother and daughter could make the team less likely to have sex younger age previous studies risky sexual behavior with poor parental relationships. but this is first time that a study gives more insight into what role a parent plays. now teen's relationship with her father isn't as much a factor. it also sdment doesn't work same with boys strength of
8:40 am
when boys will have sex. scientists say biggest take away is that a child that is more closely supervised and has lot less stress a home as more time to focus on education which takes precedence over their sexual relationships. >> not surprising either. really isn't. it's hard to, i mean already-- know what i mean. not in a booed way. just, it's just think laurel and rory. that's all you have to think. thank you, jen. to infinity and beyond in a says on a mission to explore every part galaxy dave o. science pro is up next with nasa latest mission and push to get in ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ?
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? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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z26q7z zy6z
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isn't letting anything welcome back. 15 minutes away from top of the hour now. nasa isn't bet letting anything stop it from reach new heights. last 12 years it's can seen spacecraft orbiting saturn. spacecraft is about to enter its final frontier. plan et's famous rings. dave o. science pro is here to talk about the rings of saturn. do we not know what's in there i like the way you said there it's final we will find out bah spacecraft, taking a care looking all moons of saturn, it's about to get as close as it can to the rings in about 5,000 miles away. so spacecraft will get closer to planet's surface. repeatedly diving through this gap between saturn cloud tops and it's innering rings. they will go with f ring. i didn't know they named them. but going to be very close to where their main rings are.
8:45 am
these ring are put together. what they are made of. after that, it will perform a death plunge into saturn's atmosphere on september 15th of 2017 bringing long mission to a close. you know, so what it's going to do is gathering data from titan, okay. and then, the moon, the moon titan moon will help to position it tomorrow in a spot that gets it within 5,000 miles of that f ring 20 times in total. so it can get an eyed on what these rings are made like. and the reason, reason that is last mission. honestly running out of fuel. and they've turned on, i believe the engine i want to say engine for lack of better turn 100 or so times. and they just don't have any fuel left. and so they don't want, they want to bring it into the surface of saturn because they don't want to land this.
8:46 am
may be life on a couple of these moons. they did don't want like earth like microbes to infect those moons. so that's why they are going to crash it into the saturn atmosphere. but over the next a little less than a year you will know more about rings than we ever knew. and i think people don't realize how much work this aircraft has done spacecraft. >> 12 years. over 12 years. it's going to be about it at the end. how about that, you know okay. we don't want to go into this moon. because there could water on here. yeah. we don't want to contaminate maybe some microbes in there. as soon as they get biefl pictures rings we will know and we will send them to you. you've guys heard of leaning tower in san francisco. i've following this for a while now. engineer dug iggy down
8:47 am
fight story millennium story tower singing and leaning a bit. but, here's where the problem, this is where the difference comes in. i that from satellite imagery how good our satellite imagery is the sky scraper is continuing to sing at steady rate where as people on ground are saying it slowed down or even stopped. there's your discrepancy right now. not only is it sinking an inch and they are trying to figure out why, how do we stop it. is it because it wasn't built into bed rock. is it this, or that >> what do you do? >> data from this satellite recorded every 24 days shows that it is singing 1.8 inches to.6 inches which is higher than they previously thought. so it continues to sink and tenants are like wait a minute what's going on.
8:48 am
this is huge problem. do you think it has anything to do with the fact that building codes out there are completely different because of earthquake concerns? and you have to build a building that can withstand some shake. do you think the foundation is giving because of the way it's been built to withstand an earthquake? i mean you would think that by now. >> you're right. nasty what builders are saying. this has been built to withstand a here is my question. what about little tiny shifts in faults or anything like that? >> right. i mean does, does that make it or did they not do it the right way? not into bed rock where it should be. this is going ton one of those fights that goes on and on and on. meantime this sinking by two inches every year. >> two inches >> two inch over year. okay. i know it doesn't seem like a lot. but that's big.
8:49 am
i got it. charley. shall we go back. giving tuesday. hey charley. that's right say save my name. what is my name? charley. oh my name's hope anybody's name call me hope. all right. hope. well serious i tell you give hope to folks in our area who need alleges boost in this holiday season fox 13 has teamed up metropolitan ministries you - each plate represents a meal that they serve a day. a day. that's why they need our help folks, 60,000 meals to get us to christmas time. so accepting donations we're seeing lot of traffic online. so thank you. metro we're 905 governor street in downtown tampa. come see us. i'm going to tell you about some
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oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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i don't clip, i don't plan, but i still save a lot. i just shop for publix brand products, cuz they're great. and that's it. no really, that's it. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ((laura bw)) today is national giving tuesday.. and all it takes is a little do a lot for today is national tuesday all it takes is a little bit to do a lot for families in need this year. and fox 13 is working with metro ministries to make holidays a little easier for everyone. fox 13 walter allen is live for a metro ministries in pasco
8:53 am
they are all kinds of locations to give to. walter, you're there off u.s. 19. how's it going there? >> we have officially opened the doors to accepting donations. patsy jackson our first donator today. you sorry you have to talk with us on television. thank you for coming out. what did you bring? >> toys and canned items. >> okay. you've doing this for long time. >> yes, uh-huh. several years held christmas is for kids. >> yeah. and like i say i've doing this for several years now. i'll continue doing this as long as i can. thank you so much. i'll let you get on your way i appreciate it we're at the location 3214 u.s. highway 19. it officially opens up if you want to drop off donation pew can't make it person metro there is somebody matching donation up to $50,000. so we encourage everybody to
8:54 am
location in tampa. charley, good morning. yes, sir good morning to you too. walter allen. we're making a good day for as many people as possible. we're 905 governor street. get to downtown tampa. find cass street. find 9505 governor you will find us. big giant white tent metropolitan ministries holiday tent chef cliff is back with us i have an issue with numbers for some reason i have a problem with numbers. i have 2400 plates. it 2500 plates. 2500 meals. every day. metropolitan ministries serving thus the need for this holiday season, you're going to end up serving 60,000 meals until christmas >> yes a lot of meals. we need a lot of help. i like the idea mannequin challenge that's old news. >> empty plate challenge we started three years ago. and my wife and i it can it first. we actually went all day, 24
8:55 am
and the amazing thing is we went to bed hungry for first time in our lives. made it kind of reflect on it. but the thing is we already had planned big breakfast we were going to have this morning a lot of families are they had no idea no idea where this coming from. kids are going to bed hungry and parents are going without meals. so their kids can have meals. i tell you talk about teaching moment. you do that with your kids. take a day, and skip, skip lunch and dinner. and everybody complain about a have discussion about people going hungry in our communit. challenge isn't necessary toll skip all day but skip one meal you can tell by should do it daily for a few months. skip a meal. and then, what you would have spent on that meal, you go to metromini ott org/emptyplate you donate you would have spent on that meal. yes. that simply.
8:56 am
eat plate is 1.96. you get $20. you we going to math right? >>. you're going to $20 you we got match so 20. so $20 you're going to look i don't want to hurt in restaurants in area we love promoting our local restaurants. you don't go out to restaurant in south tampa fry night and maybe add up what you would have spent you give to metro ministries going to make big difference russell rhodes. when you're talking about feeding people. that's a great idea. that's a great idea. >> all right. good. let's do it. i'm doing it. i'm doing it. chuck on friend tell him hello. when you do skip a meal when you do the empty plate challenge, take a picture up load it #empty plate challenge. let's get it going. cool. very cool. great idea. see you later, man. okay. i don't know where you're think
8:57 am
have to stay. because i've never seen surveillance video like we're about to show you. shayla's got this from that gun store burglary. well, they got the surveillance video. we've got it now. i've never seen anything like it. just stick around 9 o'clock hour of good day is coming up trust me on this you're going to blown
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
now- new surveillance video from the burglary at the tampa arms company. right now, new surveillance video from at burglary at the tampa firearms company. watch a car slams through at door and thieves too many to count swarm the shop stealing as many guns as they possibly can. >> i have never seen anything like that. >> business versus bad are you views. fed chooses sides in this controversial battle take place in cyber space.


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