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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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now- new surveillance video from the burglary at the tampa arms company. right now, new surveillance video from at burglary at the tampa firearms company. watch a car slams through at door and thieves too many to count swarm the shop stealing as many guns as they possibly can. >> i have never seen anything like that. >> business versus bad are you views. fed chooses sides in this controversial battle take place in cyber space.
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but when should they end? debate over mammograms continues this morning good tuesday morning gang is all back i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. >> outside with, what happened my tie was like that. anyway it's hot. why you do view of your jacket on i got busy. >> you know it's muggier. you definitely feel some humidity around. we're already at 72. anne marie just said take it off. i don't know where she thinks she is. take it off. >> it's anne were you talking to me or him? 72 degrees our current temperature outside. and you know, lakeland's at 70. 71 in frostproof. 71? sarasota. yeah. it's a little bit warmer than yesterday. some spots two, some spots 4. sarasota is ten degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. we're going back. no doubt to lower 80s over the next couple of days. a little breezy. a little humid. changes on thursday. we'll discuss those next time around.
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9:01 pinellas two serious crashes relatively close to one another. it will be causing concerns as far as work arounds for both of them u.s. 19 at 78th avenue north. we have reports of a motorcyclist involved crash with serious injuries. and then just a little bit to the west, 49th street north at park boulevard. we have southbound lanes blocked following a so also serious injuries here. normally work arounds for each other you will want to avoid both of those roadways 19 and 49 from southbound direction. perhap you can make it all way to 66. that might be a good choice for you as well. all right. we have been talking about this gun store burglary break-in that happened overnight. and now we've got this surveillance video. you saw it just a little of it when we started show. let's just get to shayla and start showing you pictures. i've never seen anything like this. i mean you wonder how it could happen so quickly. well i guess when you have that
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something powerful enough to slam right through the entry way of the business. you're absolutely right, russell. i've never seen anything like this. before and you can see the impact the damage left behind. right over my shoulder there, this is the impact left behind after a large truck literally rammed right through the entrance of tampa arms company overnight. i want to take you to that that surveillance video released from you can see how this unfolded. it was before 3 o'clock in morning when authorities tell us burglars in this case, they used a vehicle as a weapon. and smashed right through the entrance of the business. and you can just see them swarming all throughout business grabbing whatever they can. this entire operation took a matter of seconds. and i asked a hillsborough county sheriff's major this
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experience, about the people involved in this type of crime? here's what she had to say. >> i think the way entry was made and fact numerous people to enter and clear out the store, that it was obviously thought out and organized. now at last check we're told that the crooks in this case got away with at least somewhere in the neighborhood of fourth weapons. of course the company will be working to conduct their inventory operations throughout the day. but this is certainly a situation that they are trying to make sense of this morning. we're told at least two possible three employees here worked full time. and certainly, this is a dfficult impact for them with at holidays so close. and insurance adjuster is inside right now working to assess the damage to determine any cost associated with the damage. and we'll continue to keep you posted as any new information is
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russell, back to you. you say 40, 40 weapons taken. it looked like 40 people going in there. >> i know. it's i've never. i know. can help you find a restaurant, or a gas station. or whatever else you need. it. splrt phones enthey can helpou or whatever else you need. >> and when you are searching you're looking a review as to. and jen epstein is here now with new legislation that protect your comments when it comes to this, come on that's right. one most popular places to look online for things you need is yelp. you're going ton trip people tend to use trip advisor comments or great for consumers businesses aren't thrilled and some are fighting back. some of them filed lawsuits against the commentators.
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one star ratings. companies accuse them defamation, liable or whatever legal term they could try to use. some suits actually made it to court. others were tossed out. but now, as of last night. no more legal fees. the senate pass bipartisan bill that will prevent companies suing anyone who post a negative review supporters of bill to insure freedom of speech especially in this growing online economy. u.s. representative isis said, the internet is supposed to be open forum free exchange of ideas of all kind how free that is exchange if cherry picked and censored to weed out things about some people find unfavorable. legislation is now on its way to president's desk for his signature. he is expected to sign it. all right. jen, thank you. another developing story from overnight. this time in plant city. a house caught fire. but this may be more than it appears to be.
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suarez for that. >> good morning guys. i've doing this a long time i have covered a lot disturbing stories. that is very, very unsettling one. let me start with last night. young couple lives here with their two children they go to lakeland to her parents house who happened to be on vacation going to babysit the house he gets a call in middle of night that house is basically burning up. that there's anti trump graffiti inside the house. outside the house. and there's also racist graffiti there as well. you have to wonder who something like this. right now they are wondering what's going to happen with their lives. i can tell you house was in foreclosure they had some problems before. and now they have even more problems. this is matthew and britney smith. and their little one braden. when you get that call and someone says your house is on fire and there's anti trump graffiti, what do you think about that? >> it's ind it's kind of devastating you're trump supporter. did you campaign was a big deal did you get any feedback
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didn't didn't like that? lot of negative feedback was information that they you know were misinformed on i went ahead and you know made sure they at least got some type of truth it wasn't, you know they were spreading lies or anything mr. trump or anything like that. just did what i could to spread the word that you know not everything was said about him is true. and just, didn't work out for everybody the same way. >> now i'm assuming one has to do with the other the fire has something to graffiti. that is your take on it? i know early in the investigation. what are you athinking about that? i don't want to speculate. but it's, it's, pointing to you know one of two things. it's either, you know, people being racist or people being liberal. it's not, you know helpful for any american to have to go through that. and you are a veteran you have an nmia flag a navy vet and also pretty pay tree outic in general. >> yes, sir. when you walk in this and see
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livable you're sebl homeless what do you think about this happen what do do with your family at this point? >> it's very, you know, u, it's hard but we will stick together and we will get through it like we normally do. things happen we just got to stick together as a family like we have before and get through it. you know, we have family and friends that support us. and they will be here for us. and we can get through it. we took look in there what are your thoughts. is anything saveable in there? >> no. there's not whole lot in there that we saw that was you know something that we could you know wash or clean up. that would be usable. what about insurance? >> no insurance on the house why we're in foreclosure. >> what do you think about this happening to you guys? >> it was going to happen to us or any other american that
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it's not, you know, there's no way to tell, you know who they are going to hit next. or who is going to get paid to do what. and just, happens to fall on whoever. so at this point really, the case for fire marshal to take care of i was talking to plant city fire department. they are not saying anything official at this point. still putting together two plus two a day wears on we will find a little bit more about this. but at this point you have a young family that is homeless. two babies. and graffiti in their house, on their house. all over the place. yeah. >> you're right, ken, thank you. heart breaking story. >> very sad. russell. all right. another day another cabinet position filled. this time president-elect trump has choch congressman tom price he's georgia and next health and human services secretary he has been long time critic of obamacare. if he's approved by senate he would play key role in
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legacy law. happening today round two for mitt romney and president-elect trump. the former presidential candidate will and critic of trump they will meet again. romney is on short list of candidates for the secretary of state cabinet position. although some president-elect's trump's close advisors have spokening out against romney. >> also developing tragic news from late last night. plane crash in columbia has killed 76 people. we know there are 5 survivors so far. chartered plane brazilian soccer team on board for a tournament when crashed into side of mountain. reports are that the pilot declared an emergency just before the airport lost them on radar. and this is still a developing story. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. >> in last half hour another cuba bound flight departed from florida. jet blue is the first commercial airline to fly orlando from orlando to cuba. in five decades.
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airlines expected to make its first tlieft flooit to tampa on december 12th. splieths flights are made possible under newly restored ties between cuba and the united states. if you're flying to o'hare in chicago, good luck. workers are walking off the job today. they threatened to do this last week. but they postponed until today. they want a raise to $15 an hour workers janitors cabin cleaner wheelchair attendants some make wage. they just want now a living wage. and this is part of appear larger nationwide day of disturbs answer. locally people were protesting outside of a mcdonald's in tampa. they are fighting to make $15 an hour too. the slogan fight for 15 has going on for almost two years now. while some states and city have raised minimum wages business automated and gone to kiosks in order to order their big max and
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eventually have kiosks instead of humans as well. well, still ahead, johnny manziel is in trouble again. and debate over mammograms continues. when should women stop getting them? dr. jo has a little more on that coming up later. and charley belcher is at metropolitan ministries. it's giving tuesday. how is it looking out this my friend? fan tampa's ache lot of traffic online. and that's what what i want to talk social media world its big deal to get a message out. we see that in the news almost every day, right? here you go. metropolitan ministries on facebook. just metropolitan ministries. you'll find them on instagram, it's at metro underscore min and then on the twitter at metro ministries. so find them on there #s metro. ##giving tuesday. and you come down here and make donation you go on snapchat.
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selfless giving. don't know what i'm talking about? bring somebody under the age of 30 with you they will explain it all to you. we'll take your money, take your food. we'll take your toys. we want to make holidays bright for those in need. fox 13 joined up with
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. papa john's. tmz reported that a bartender is now suing johnny manziel. this bar tend are claims manziel punched him and broke his nose. the story goes like this.
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a bar drinking bartender said something to somebody else. his thoughts on johnny football. manziel heart him got upset and punched bartender. now bartender suing up to a million dollars. manziel says it's a total lie. okay. tim tebow says he plans to keep playing baseball and will report to spring training for the new york mets next spring. no doubt that will draw bring crowds he didn't do that well in instructional, he batted less than 200. he said he still had fun. i love it i've i've had so much fun being on the diamond and being in and then arizona fall league and such a blast. such a huge learning curve for me but i'm enjoy every single day can't wait for spring training. it's so fun to take on new
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it will be interesting to see. now he kind of knows what he has in front of him for spring training he can go home this winter and trap a specific way and work on specific things. you know what i mean? i don't think he really knew what he was getting into in instructional league but now he does. >> got a new book coming out he's on book tour as well. i'm a big fan. >> yeah. i hope he makes it. big fan. we're inow it's, been so warm. warm, warm, warm. that's because we have that southeasterly wind. any time we sit there with south to southeast wind like this. this is what you're going to get. yeah we mix a few clouds in? absolutely. but it's still going to be beautiful. there's your 72 degrees looking weston kennedy. one more camera for you. riverview camera looking west. 75 degrees in hillsborough county. but that south wind is 7 miles per hour.
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which you know whattist great. we love the 80s. technically. that's 7 degrees above normal. warm and bit muggy tonight. 69 degrees. overnight low. and then, 83 for a high temperature for tomorrow. the next 7 days, going to see, well there's rain chance for thursday, not much 30 percent there maybe another 30 percent for monday in general. okay. >> all right. dave, thanks. 9:19. a heads up on a couple projects that going to roadways. this one is no under way right now. but it will be. a closure off of the northbound ramp to 75 from selman expressway. expected to start tonight. 8 o'clock. and that full closure will last until 5:30 in the morning wednesday. so keep that in mind if you take that route, you're being urged to take falkenberg to state road 60 to 75 instead. and to this now. this water main break we've
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closed between memorial highway oh olympia avenue that should clear today by 5 o'clock. so, big shopping days are done. at least for now. so now, today, it's time to give back. to make difference in the community. fox 13 walter allen is doing just that at metropolitan ministries. he's at the tent in holiday. this is at pasco county location. right on 19. hey walter. how's it going it's going good. donation here and there. some carts that are filling up. we need toys. we need toys. pleating with folks out there. if you're in holiday or pasco area please stop by 3214 u.s. highway 19. board member of metropolitan ministries really interesting story how you came to become a board member here with metropolitan ministries. >> yeah a number of years ago maybe half dozen years ago i saw a segment on 60 minutes talking about this homeless family living in bread truck out of
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this market, boy, i got a feeling we've got bad situation here in pasco. i did due diligence and found out yet a situation is no the only bad but at the same time is the worst in the entire state. so that is how i got involved with met min. i thought about doing something myself i don't have expertise i went to the best. i went to met min. and kind of copied the model they put together in tampa. and we're growing it here in pasco. what kind of numbers you helping out i know there's over kif,000 people living in poverty. so they are feeding thousands of people every single month here in addition to feeding folks we got housing facility here currently with 12 years. that housing facility takes in homeless families. and kind of refer rekts them. help them work towards self sufficiency. we're working towards an optimistic 2017 we'll build another 12 units. >> that's going to fantastic
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when we were talking about inside all donations where they can go shopping preserving dignity of these folks letting them pick out the toys and different grocery and things they need. you said the key word this is dignity. very difficult situation. nobody wants to admit to that. these are human beings. they are our brother and sisters. we have to keep that dignity. and we're going to set it up just like it's a publix. we're going help them. if they are looking an important time of year people are hungry every day. they are hungry every day. you know they don't, they don't only need food on thanksgiving or christmas. so we need the community to get behind these projects. especially now during giving tuesday. and come out here. certainly a great start. scott, i appreciate your help. thank you so much. and of course, they need food, but definitely toys. need infant toys and need things for teenagers.
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stuff for girls sports memorabilia footballs that sort of thing for guys. 3214 u.s. highway 19 metropolitan ministries metro giving tuesday. let's give. let's open our arms, laura hope to fill those selves. looks like they need a little love, thank you, walter. >> we're not done yet with giving tuesday we're all over bay area this morning charley's up next a tampa location.
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z26htz z16fz
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z25ehz z16fz y25ehy y16fy my mom and dad told me a better
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as kid i thought they were nuts. i didn't get that. didn't get it as an adult older i get i much rather see someone else open a present. much rather spend day helping others then spend day helping myself. tim marks believe that motto as well that mantra tra. m et electro policy tan ministries station of power of fox 13. power. we're going to try to make as good of a day as possible for as many people as possible through this holiday season. we we match that up with power tampa bay. great things are going to happen. this is global event we will focus on what we can do l.a. years globally 70 years participated in 116 million was donated 700,000 people donated gifts on giving tuesday. giving tuesday is about taking care of others. we took care of our self on black friday. we took care of friends and loved one on cyber monday. giving tuesday taking care of
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700,000 individuals donated last year. i mean we should have, we have 4 million people in our big viewing area here from manatee to hernando. over polk county. we should have 700,000 just here donating. i love that challenge. let's let tampa bay show the rest of the country show the world what we're all about here. this is a great place to live. all right. it's all about feeding people. you guys feed 2500 people a day. going to 60,000 meals. and an up until children, toys, time to think about that as well. yeah, people can't participate giving tuesday today. even though we have a match going on you can give a gift feed somebody. feed two people for 1.96. we have 16,000 children that we're preparing to care for on tampa bay. in pinellas and pasco here in hillsborough county. and if you want to do toy drive that would a great thing for you to do. at your office. or have your kids do toy drive buy something for your children. buy something for another child
9:28 am
tampa bay community standing up for that. 16,000 children, we could really use the help. we're here to help. we're here to help. thank you. >> russell, they really need toys for infants and for teenagers. those are kind of forgotten ends there infants and teenagers teenager tough i know target gift cards a good idea. the teenage slash adult coloring books. i know it sounds crazy. that's big thing right now. so anyway just, just, think about that. and we are already had somebody tweeted me oh you food drive at her office do food drivers do toy drives. we're we're good day tampa bay i want to see as many people have good day as possible. you don't have time give them money. go online give them money. metro a shopping list there you can buy stuff. donate. it's so easy. and they appreciate it so which. and it's going to people. i love it. love. glad we're there. see you later. okay. see you at noon. live at noon. that's how dedicated i am to
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i'll swing by. do. come on.
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the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. fresh out of the oven, why can't they cool things? new things, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season.
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(russell - we begin this half hour with we're going to start this half hour with that stunning surveillance video that we have been talking about since. we were talking about story all morning long.
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do we have it anne marie? >> it's coming. this is the burglary that happened. inside this tampa gun store was rolling as some sort of vehicle smashed through there. you can see all the disarray happening. and look at all of those people. we have no idea how many people swarmed into this gun store and just started grabbing what they could and running with it. owner has td that around 40 guns have been taken. hillsborough county hillsborough county office is investigating. somebody put on my facebook page i said have you ever seen anything like this. this many people involved, somebody will do some talking. so maybe that will help them find who did this. wow i've never seen anything like this a big story all day long. officials around work looking into car and knife attack at ohio state university was an
9:33 am
11 people hurt when police say plowed his car into a group of people yesterday morning. 18-year-old then began stabbing people he was shot and killed i campus police officer. he was nearby. because there was a reported gas leak. officials say artan was a somali born student. he ones criticized. police searched his home last night an exact motive still is not clear. >> north dakota's g ordered expulsion of thousands of activist saying an approaching blizzad posed a safety hazard standing rock chairman doesn't believer it's for their own good saying just last week police turned water hoses on them sub freezing temperatures activist are rallying against multi billion dollar project to bring oily from north dakota to illinois. governor has not said how order will be enforced would he got direct agencies to refuse emergency assistance to anyone
9:34 am
tennessee officials say about 100 homes and have been damaged or destroyed by wildfires. and gatlinburg area. fortunately no deaths have been reported. one person was burned while leaving the area which is under an evacuation order. the flames are coming dangerously close to the areas largest theme park dolly wood and nearby aquarium where thousands of animals are housed. region has dealing with drought conditions for weeks now. currently raining in the area. and officials hope the rain will fires. take look at this. this is from a darlene and keith. they are friends of one of our directors here they live in gatlinburg. they sent him this picture from last night. they were evacuated. they believe that they lost their home. >> it's dry here. nothing like they are experiencing there. you know russell you and i live by our phones and breaking news that comes out just a few minutes ago.
9:35 am
area resorts appeared to have been destroyed. by wildfires. tennessee emergency management spokesman says isn't say was resorts, but gives you an idea of scope of what's going on over there. i will say this, they are getting some rain right now. but they need a lot more. they are in displays situation. let me show you how dry it has been here too. we've one one hundredth inch of a rain for entire month of november. and i mean, obviously, 0 would be the record. i think a so this got to be one the driest novembers of all time. but it's that area of tennessee going down to north georgia. dealing with the worst of the drought right now. the good news is, it's raining a little bit this morning. the better news is they are getting more rain over the next week or so. that whole area may see several inches of rain. i hope that will be enough to put the wildfires out. we on the other hand are looking
9:36 am
chances. one on thursday. one late sunday going into monday. today they will partly sunny and breezy with high around 82 degrees. next 7 days, they are 30 percent rain chances. tomorrow temperatures continue in the 80s. before slowly sliding back into the mid 70s by the end of the week. we do have few first birthdays on this lovely tuesday. we'll start with myra turning one today. she loves singing abc song, dancing and grandma happy first birthday to you sweetie. gill unturning one today. he loves playing with his three older sisters. three older sisters. and riding in his car stroller happy first birthday to the two of you. bless his heart. got oh long road ahead of him and an every year beginning at age 40. but very rarely do we discuss when to stop getting one.
9:37 am
point does it just not cost effective? we're going bring in fox 13 dr. jo at that talk about this a little bit with us. good morning to you dr. jo. >> i would imagine a certain amount of common sense come in to play here. what did this new study say about it. >> what it said they couldn't really find any clear cut off level. they looked at women aged 40 to 90 over seven years. over 3.4 million of these women that they used in this particular study. they were specifically at detection and some of recall rates we see with mammograms where you get that mammogram and you get called back you want to see what numbers were for that women in that age group. what they found is that recall rate was pretty low. it's about 10 percent and it actually decrease ad woman got older. and you know we have to really keep it in perspective that this is from a radiological society. conference. we which don't have full report
9:38 am
entire study. definitely one more piece of that puzzle. i know at one point we talked about, you know, whether or not women based on mammograms due far more invasive surgery than they need to as a result of this also. >> yeah. they didn't look at that. so that's another piece of that puzzle that they are going to have to look at. they worry about those false positives. getting a procedure done when it is not going to be cancer. when they looked at something called the positive predicte so that's of those women in that age group who had a positive mammogram, what percentage turned out to be biopsy proven cancer? it was 29 percent. which they say pretty good rate. and it's something that would be acceptable. and there have been some studies in the past about cost effectiveness. and over65 group. and actually they did find it to be cost effective in some prior studies. what was interesting to me again i hadn't seen whole study this
9:39 am
one of these studies done with digital mammography. better techniques 150 centers across 31 states involved in it were they cherry picked. were they, so many questions that i have, but i think the bottom line is, in this particular study, they didn't see that there was a cut off sfrgs age. right. right so many women are different. you need it. right. all right. dr. jo, thank you so much. all right. we will will get over to back to ru hey. move over beyonce rihanna there are other more interesting instagram accounts that will surprise you don't ever say the government is boring. and okay. theres was uber. then uber. will there be uber laundry? maybe. we'l tell you who's got plans to make that happen a little bit later. >> take live look at the board on wall street. up 5. yes?
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i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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((vanessa// but fans of prince will party yeah. partying like it's 1999. but, fans of prince are going to party like it's 2017. plans in other words way to celebrate the iconic entertainer with what's being called celebration 2017. and this is going to take place at paisley park minnesota. it will coincide with first anniversary of prince's death. that will be thursday april 20th. it will be performers including prince's band the revolution as well panel discussions. about his prince, of course just 57 years when he passed. while he was live prince stayed away from social media and having his music online in general. but of course you know newer artist celeb vits are almost always online. and instagram seem seems fob form of choice it makes wonder who best instagramer. rolling stone magazine ranked them. they are typical celebrities in top 5 k k beyonce rihanna there are some accounts you wouldn't expect national geographic
9:44 am
time. they come in at number 2. most interesting. behind kardashian. then there's nasa because, you know we all seem to be fascinated by space. but what we're also amazed at, what people bring to the airport and try to board a plane with. that's perhaps what makes the tsa number 4 on the list of most interesting insta grams. look at this, just some items confiscated, including this i guess dragon claw is what we're being told this is. so eight to get through with this. and this happened atlanta's hartsfield jackson international airport yesterday. and then we have this, walking dead fan with a replica of lucille that bat with a barche wire on it. yeah that's not getting on the plane bah bats are not allowed. so strange. well while you're trolling instagram you can total couch
9:45 am
for you from family friendly movies to thrillers, to games. video games fox karen mccue has what's new in entertainment. they cheer their way with top of new releases list with long awaited tv to screen comedy absolutely fabulous movie. this time glamour russ besties go on run after accidently knocking model indicate moss into a river. in a blast from the past, remake there's pete's version of 1977 classic star bryce dallas howard says this one enhances the original. it sparks your img nation when you watch this because you see a real boy with a dragon that looks so real. and you, you get to kind of see this wish fulfillment come to life. and, this magic.
9:46 am
rob robinson occur are you so an island dwelling macaw and friends paradise interrupted by a surprise visitor. those looking for a scare, there's the box office success of don't breathe. about a group of teens whose plot to rob a blind man goes awry. from small screen find fifth and final season of the showtime comedy series house of lies. in music includes iconic returning with their blues cover album. blue and lonesome. singer song writer john legend sends out his latest called darkness and light. and edm superstar dead mouse releases w 2016 album. gamers playstation 4 and xbox
9:47 am
final fantasy 15 and the crew calling all units. >> from coast to coast. karen mccue, fox news. all right. and it's about to be 4, i did that yesterday. it's 9:47. not 497. 9:47. besides doing the dishes, laundry might be one most hated
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((russell//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. another live picture board on
9:50 am
still holding strong though. lauren simonetti is back to talk business news with us hey lauren. good morning. well reason the stock market is down. we're down yesterday too. is because oil prices are sharply lower. not sure there's going to consensus tomorrow when the opec producers meet in sri sena to talk about cutting back supplies. with that price goes south. stocks do too. good news for you. we've got report on how fast the economy grew. great number. best one in two i'm not sure if you know this about me or laura certainly does. i love to do laundry. i really do. i love to iron. i do. that's why i am intrigued by uber laundry. maybe my second job. you could get paid for that very unique the appliance people thinking do figuring out way their washing machines can talk
9:51 am
out this wave no pun intendedwas totally intended for russell you for you to do like the neighborhood's laundry and get paid so much to cork work on to make this happen all part of a smart home connected home but request a ride on uber request your laundry basketball done the way you request aride all with an app on smart phone. people who love going through peopling dirty landry. there is that. there is that. >> literally. i'll never forgot. there is so much work on never forget my first apartment building in new york. i had to send out like building. i had to send it out. i, i get it back it would other people's socks. and shirts i was like who is getting my stuff. they need to figure out way to, to, you know prevent that from happening. i compensate you, your black socks have bleach stains on them or something. i got to work on my folding technique once i get that
9:52 am
i'm i'm not a great folder. fold's sheets tough for me. all right. my bottom sheet always looks like burrito. i yes. yes. yes. but really does it need to look that good? let's move on. it's it seems to the battle of to see who can provide can first and best to provide streaming services is on right now. right? >> yeah. and this gives you another reason to think about cutting cable cord. so if you sign up starts tomorrow for direct tv now, can stream live television programming espn some local stations. fox news cnn, it all starts at $35. that gets you 60 channels. 4 different plans. most expensive is $70 a month. about 120 channels. so if you were thinking getting ridiculous satellite dish i notice cable box any the equipment in your house you want cheaper bill this could be for you. okay. as long as they keep watching us
9:53 am
care. >> i agree. good point i'm keeping my cable bill. just easier. there's a lot of thinking going on. yeah. you're right. all right. bye. see ya. i'll send you my laundry.
9:54 am
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(xclyps-omni/ remote wx fx) oh boy next couple of days our high temperatures are going to runny 5 to 17 to eight degrees above where we should for this time of year that breezy, south's, southeast wind to blame. rain chances kick in i know not a huge one, 30 percent for thursday. after that we'll knock down temperatures a little bit. so 62 on friday. with high temperature finishing off our week of around degrees. >> all right, dave. don't forget. all day today it is giving tuesday. and happening on all over the country. locally we're at two locations from metropolitan ministry as location in holiday, in pasco county there that is right there. shelves are empty. hopefully by end day they will filled with toys and food. and this tent in tampa. big need around the entire bay area. a little bit from our viewer will make big difference for
9:57 am
i think that was my friend. i think that was my friend. you sent me picture look at all of this stuff i've got. go to metropolitan ministries. nice. thank you. all right that will do it for us today tuesday november 29th. live with kelly coming coming up next wednesday williams fox 13 news at noon. love you my friend. take care. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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