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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  November 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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a brazen burglary.. caught on camera. a gang of men bust through the a brazen burglary caught on camera. a gang of men bust through the wall of a gun shop with a truck then load up with an arm full of guns. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado thanks for joining us hillsborough deputies are going over surveillance tape and there are a lot of people to try to identify. fox 13 aaron mesmer joins us from the arms company at waters avenue and dale mabrey highway.
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pro folks fegsal job. do they know how many guns were stolen? >> linda, right now we're hearing the number is 40. but right now investigators are actually in there doing inventory to see if that in fact the number of weapons that were stolen from the store early this morning. you can see they've booed boarded up the front of tampa arms company of guns and ammo. right now the investigation is really just gettin under way. and calling a brazen as we just did might be an understatement. check out surveillance video. again a truck or an suv rams through the fro company. and then as many as a dozen criminals run into the store. they all appear to be wearing same masks and same hooded sweatshirts. it takes them just 60 seconds or so to clear guns off the shelves and out of the cases. hillsborough deputies say like we said 40 guns are stolen before they all got out of there. investigators spent morning trying tri-iggy to piece together what happened and who might be involved. this say this was well thought out crime it was a quick operation. the owner understandably shocked
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himself and his employees. >> it's devastating because, it's not i'm not really worried about me i'm worried about the other guys that work for me. we're going to have my partner of course and three other employees that count n this for extra money. full time gun smith and a two other gentleman that work here part-time on weekends. they are out of a job for now, you know, and any plans of holiday money that they might have had are gone. and this is at third time since the end of last year that a gun store in one was in tampa bay. one in tampa, other was in pasco county. and both cases, criminals busted through a concrete wall to get inside. as we said detectives are in there right now, checking inventory. that is an exhaustive practice that can take hours of literally making sure serial numbers of guns that are there checking those serial numbers. and figuring out which ones are no longer inside the store. meantime authorities don't want any of these weapons of course to get into the wrong handsthe
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should either call the sheriff's office or call crime stoppers. linda. yeah. 40 guns as you said could potentially be in our neighborhoods. very important to identify these suspects. >> thank you, aaron. and overnight fire guts a south plant city home it looks suspicious after flames are anti trump graffiti found on home. luckily homeowner and his family were not home when that fire broke out. but they lost everything. fox 13 ken suarez has their story. just a really devastating morning for young plant city family of 4. that is now homeless. it started last night when they went to lakeland to house sit for her mom. they got a call in middle of night 3 o'clock in morning. the house is on fire, and it also has graffiti inside, outside. and elsewhere. anti trump graffiti and also racist graffiti. really tough situation for the smith family. this is matthew and britney and little braden. when you got that call matthew,
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immediately? >> hoped that everybody was safe and upset that something like this happened to me. >> but no one was home at the time? >> correct. >> why would it happen to you, do you think? >> could have been because of my support of america. or support of trump. and just, couldn't tell. >> how strong of a supporting family for trump were you? you know there is something you did that was so public that it might ticked smbd off or? >> we, we've been supported trump since he started running for office. we never made it public. we never had sign in our front yard. no one really knew that we were pro trump. but i guess somebody did. i guess matthew was on facebook. >> yes. he would talk, you know to people. but nothing bad. he wouldn't say you know, bad things or neither would the other people. there was, you know there's one person in maryland that he talks
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>> so you have to pull this together. you've got a family. you don't have a house. what about insurance? >> there's no insurance. >> we were, we were in process of foreclosure on our home. so you know no insurance on it. okay. so investigation is really under way at this point. we don't have those kinds of details i want to add in one more thing. and that is that matthew is a navy veteran. also in front of his house he has american flag and flag. so not only happens when a young family but people that were very supportive of the military and of is the u.s.. back to you. thank you, ken. >> wow. developing this afternoon wildfires fueled by strong winds have forced thousand thousands to evacuate damaged hundreds of building in southeast. the fires have been burning for weeks in tennessee, georgia and north carolina. you're probably seen this video. it's from gatlinburg. about 14,000 people have been evacuated from that area.
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the flames are also coming dangerously close to that area as largest theme park that dolly wood resort. and a nearby aquarium where thousands of animals were house. an ongoing drought and high winds have made it difficult tore crews to put out those flames >> in the past 24 hours we experienced a wind storm that was up to 80 miles an hour when you think about that that's hurricane level type of winds. and we also sustained at least 30 to 40 miles per hour wind that was sus of time for over 12 hours. when you couple that with the drought that we've been experiencing for the last two months, sometimes we have dead trees in the park. i mean everything was almost like a perfect storm. that wind later knocked down power lines. which started even more fires in gatlinburg. when you see this wreck age it's really hard to imagine that anyone could have survived this plane crash. but six people made it out of that alive.
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team. it crashed in columbia late monday night killing at least 76 people. fox phil keating has the latest. rescue workers and a first responders combing through wreck age of charter flight that krshd in columbia late monday night killing at least 76 people include all number of a championship soccer team from brazil in route to columbia for south american soccer tournament. >> we are the neighboring municipalities awe logistical matters emergency medical staff this is tragedy. something that's unthinkable. >> we are very sad that this is happened to them. because this could have easily happened to us. to any family member. to any player. >> authorities say at least three soccer players were among the 5 survivors. relatives of the players now arriving at the team headquarters where officials have set up a crisis center for
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>> we were very moved and shared a lot of dream with them. but dream is now over. the plane was en route from santa cruz bolivia to columbia when the radar contact was lost around 10:00 p.m. monday. it declared an emergency before going down and electrical emergency. but there's no other information at this time about what may have caused that crash. columbian officials say they are gearing up for a thorough investigation. >> obviously in these types of in other causes. testimony from at survivors will be as valuable as other factors. but we're going to have an investigation. soccer club was having a fairy tale season having made a finals which were supposed to begin tomorrow and have now been delayed. brazil's president has also declared three days of national mourning. in miami, phil keating fox 13 news. new a noon a former lakeland teacher who admitted to having
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her sentence. last year jennifer fichter was sentenced to 22 years in prison on more than 30 charges. judge called her predator. today she's back in court after serving only a year and a half. fichter wants her sentence reduced. her attorneys are arguing that fichter has mental health issues. she can't get appropriate treatment in prison. i think what you have is you have an accumulation of factors that no accumulation of factors lead to these kinds of what most of us consider odd, unusual behaviors. the expert witness says fichter has emotional issues an eating disorder and may have been sexually abused as a child. but the state pointed out that that expert witness never even met fichter. he just studied transcripts from the trial. we'll have much more from the courtroom coming up in our later newscast. >> new at noon a bald eagle is
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almost two months ago the eagle was hit by car in clearwater and hurt its wing. busch gardens and other local res crew groups nurseback to. was released this morning. check it out. he didn't look back. it's giving tuesday. a day to give to those less fortunate. we will show you how you can help in this very easy. coming up. and students at the ohio state university tried to get back to one day after a man attacked of people on campus. hear about officer who is being hailed a hero today. jim's back. we've got great weather, jim. after brief little cool down getting ready for a sunday and monday. it's all come right back. and we're looking a kind of a humid day with these temperatures warming up very quickly as we go through the day. right now sitting at 83 degrees. sitting in the low to mid 80s as we go through afternoon. with partly cloudy skies. this all in advance of a cold front which is going to try to work et cetera way down over the state as we head into the second
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coming up in just a little bit. today, we talk differently....
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and all those differences take energy. at duke energy, we're doing things differently too. like new ways to generate power and even store it... ...for cleaner energy every day. so no matter how different things become, we're always here .... ...with power for your life. doctor: oh yeah... right there. oh!
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health care company should treat you like family, we mean more like this. operator: it's gonna be ok, and i'll be right here if you need me. member: really? operator: really. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. learn more about our marketplace plan visit or call (877) 753-8816 classes are back in session at the ohio state university.. one day after a man went on a rampage on campus, injuring eleven hoe state university. one day after a man went on rampage on campus. injuring a 11 people, one critically. police say somali born student plowed his car and started stabbing them with butcher knife kelly right reports investigators say it has all the
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i hear a lloyd noise and huge cloud and dust there are concerns monday's attack at ohio state university may be linked terrorism. police say 18 artan drove into a crowd on campus and then got out of his car and stabbed students until a police officer shot and killed him. 11 people were injured in incident. i would not. but everything is there somaliry sfu gee type of attack be hitting people with his vehicle. muslim leaders are now condemning the attack can believer the suspect was acting alone. we would also like to urge everyone not to jump to conclusions and let investigators do their job. responding to such a senseless act of violence with hate is never the solution. spl experts believe he may be connected to terror network tied
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this was an act terror by everyone's definition. i think we have to accept at this point in time there are cells here. these folks are here functioning, hidden within these larger communities. witnesses are now describing their reaction to the moments when violence broke out. people like really running and a screaming like this is something's going on. and then i heard three gunshots from about that oh. what do i what do i do. motive of attack is now under investigation in washington. kelly writing, fox news. the ohio state university police officer who shot and killed artan is being called hero. officer took down the attacker just one minute after he plowed the car into that crowd of people. he was actually responding to a reports of a gas leak that happened to be nearby. the 28-year-old graduated from
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fox 13 teaming up with a metro ministries to bring hope for holidays they have extended hours so people can donate to, location in tampa and pasco county on this giving tuesday. they are collecting food and toys until 7 o'clock tonight our charley belcher joins us from tent near nebraska and cass in downtown tampa. i heard you say earlier charley on good day these days you know the older you get the better you get more joy out of yourself. i like that. our parents are right getter to give than receive who knew our parents who what they were talking about. smarter your parents get too. nun 9:05 governor's street best address to put in gps you're right cass nebraska 9:05 governor's street will get you here to giant at the time. tim is here metropolitan ministries giving tuesday. a big deal. a world wide effort.
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ministries benefits day like this. we've taken care of ourselves with black friday cyber monday giving tuesday about taking care of other people. our little world here in tampa bay is where your viewer come along side to help families in need there families struggling paycheck to paycheck every day we're meeting that need we can't do it without this great community coming along side us. you're man in charge of making sure people get help they need on a face to face basis. we saw car load after c we're hearing that the traffic online is bigger than ever before. that's good. because this help is going to go where needed most. absolutely. you see these 2500 here that represents 2500 families that are in crisis. for thanksgiving we have 11,000 still to go lot more needs out there still to be had. 2500 plates. that represents how many meals they serve to folks a day.
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they plan on 60,000. they need 60,000 plates served by christmas day. each plate by the way 1.96. what it cost to put food on plate for one person. $1.96. you can see a little donation goes a long way. somebody matching up to 50,000 today. >> 1.96 feeds two people if you go online and make that donation you will feeding two people. metro food around corner of course. how many, 16,000. 16,000 children or counting pinellas pasco and hillsborough county. there's a real need for infants and for teenagers. and look who did a little shopping today. it is our own little hope laura moody from good day tampa bay. you were inspired you were watching live shots all morning you were saying i want to do something too little girls like 12 and 13 and 14. like your daughter. i know. and you know yours is just coming up.
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crazy and i got make up bags, and like i don't know, little stuff like this. stuff you wouldn't normally spend money on razor and nail polish $0.99 apiece. >> little hair brushes. i don't know if this stuff will work ma scar ra lip gloss teenage girls will love this they are ones they really need items for. i kept thinking that while i was walking through to think about families what they are going survival in general. i love it. good for you. go home and take a nap now. good job. laura moody. hopefully inspires you as well to get out here 9:05 governor street in downtown tampa. they will be here to 7 o'clock tonight. but it's certainly not one day effort. all season through. quite frankly all year round. we've got remember metropolitan ministries we're all thinking our charitable efforts this time of year. but they are feeding folks every day all year long.
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nice to see you and whole fox 13 get involved. going to check in with lindsay in just a few minutes, thanks, charley. again metropolitan ministries donation tamps have extended hours today until seven. we've also posted information at fox 13 care and as i just mentioned we will check in with lindsay milbourne. she's in pasco county. that's coming up in our next half hour. first jim is back after a day off. yeah, you did mention it's getting a little warm again. i did notice that when i stepped outside. >> yeah that wind turned more southerly direction we went from nice comfortable morning yesterday and by afternoon we had clouds and we had the humidity. even had a few showers down to our south. by last evening really didn't amount to much. it didn't make here in tampa this has ridley dry month. you look calendar of the month, and so far we've had officially had one hundredth of an inch of rain. that. little t on there for a trace of
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could manage for the entire montana. it looks like we're pretty much going to wrap it up with that 1 hundredth of an inch of rain visible satellite loop again today, you can see more of that southerly wind you can see how clouds just riding up from from south to north a bit on breezy side that wind starting to pick up yesterday because we've got relatively lower pressure to our north. ridge is working its way away from us. higher pressure. that squeeze play. that's helped to bring winds up curreny about 20 miles an hour down in sarasota. and there is some rain on skytower radar. problem is, it's about 5060 miles out into the gulf of mexico. in order not heading towards us basically working its way on to north. we will remain primarily rain free as we go through day again for today. look at the temperature at noon. we're already 83 degrees. the dew point is at 65. yesterday that was down into the low 50s.
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moisture over the state. humidity is currently at 54 percent. winds coming up south about 12 miles an hour. 86 right now over in brandon. wesley chapel 80. just look at the map and how many temperatures you see in the 80s right now. pretty amazing how big of a warm up we've had across the state. and then the dew points, which is the measure the amount of moisture in the air when these numbers get into the 60s, starts to feel a little more uncomfortable. you look down to our south places like wauchula point of 70. even up towards brooksville dew point of 70. that's a very moist air. that's why it really is kind of muggy outside right now. now we've got front to our north. this basically going to kind of continue to work et cetera way on to the east. just kind of run out of gas. but on the backside of this, you see this the shaded area here. that's an area that as we go through the rest of today. it looks like we will see more and more thunderstorm activity as yet another front is working
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see strong storms in that area. then they had the rain, some rain yesterday across portions of tennessee and through georgia. and they really need the rain. we've had really an extreme drought across much of georgia into eastern tennessee. back into mississippi, and alabama. and they will continue to be dealing with this really over the next several weeks or months. it's going to take some time to rebound from that. but good news is as this cold front comes through rain through these areas we go through next couple of days. watch front number one. that's the first front. just runs out of gas. fizzles out. another front pushes in to southeast. could see strong storms across much of the south. but as that front continues to work its way down over us, again, it's just kind of running out of gas. we will see yeah we'll see couple showers as we get into thursday. but really we could use much more than just a few showers. 85 degrees for today.
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on muggy side as well. it will continue to be mild night for tonight with low temperature of 69. again for tomorrow partly cloudy we stay humid. that daytime high of 83. on water winds are out 10 to 15 knots. moderate chop on the bay. high tide comes up 3:09 this afternoon. here's your seven-day forecast, even though we've got cold front coming through. really not whole lot cooler behind that front. we're drop temperatures a few degrees. but still probably going to running above normal all the way at least through the middle of next week, linda. all right, thanks, jim. there's a new deadly drug on the streets.
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(linda ) new at noon: the federal government is
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several times more powerful than heroin. the frequent government taking action several times more powerful that heroin. lisa evers tells us about designer drug known as pink. we know pink as a color. the name of at superstar entertainer and a woman lounge ware line but also the street name for a drug that 7 times more powerful than heroin and so deadly that the dea issued an emergency ban. chemical name for pink is 47700. a failed lab trial painkiller created decades ago and never tested on humans. and now opoid addiction epidemic in the country, it's finding a new and growing customer base says special agent in charge of new york dea office james hunt. what is synthetic opiate like fentanyl. it mimics same effects as morphine or heroin. it's about 7 times more powerful than morphine is.
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hits the street. another feature is anonymity. users can purchase the drug and powder or pill form on internet from companies that look legitimate. most of it comes florida china. but since it's synthetic it can be made anywhere. but you never really know what's inside. >> you have to realize, we don't know who we're dealing with. tis is mixed by a.tub chemist mad scientist a not being made country. so, it's the unknown that you have to worry about there have been overdose deaths in at least half a dozen states and the number is rising. earlier this month the dea added u 47700 to the scheduled one list of illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine. >> there is no experimenting with opiates. you cannot experiment with opiates. you develop an an addiction very
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so it's not something that you can experiment with. i'm lisa evers fox news. hundreds of worker in chicago o'hare airport have walked off the job today. part of a nationwide protest.
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happening now: hundreds of workers at ic happen thing now hundreds worker chicago o'hare international airport are on strike. about 500 workers committed to walk off the job including baggage handler cabin cleaners and janitors worker 19 other airports across our country are also planning to show their support through protests. now this is all part of a nationwide day of disruption in the fight for a $15 an hour minimum wage. which also includes strikes from fast food workers.
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continues his high profile meeting in trump tour this week he just elaine chow transportation secretary. she was labor secretary on president george w. bush and transportation secretary under the first president bush. fox's lauren blanchard has more on president-elect trump's cabinet picks. >> another president-elect donald trump twitter frenzy firing folks up. after the future president tweeting early this morning nobody should allowed to burn the american flag. if they consequences. perhaps loss citizenship or year in jail. >> although burning the flag is controversial, it has been protected by the first amendment since the late 80s. and revoking citizenship as punishment was ruled unconstitutional in the 50s. mr. trump's spokesman on fox this morning. >> i think the one the great things about the president-elect is he's going to voice his opinion. when he had something to say he will say it and people will know it trump transition team
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mr. trump's intent to nominate republican congressman and former orthopedic surgeon tom price of georgia to be next secretary of health and human service a staunch critic of obamacare price will be become the face of the republican's efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act. democrats claim prices far out of main extreme senator chuck schumer saying in statement nominating congressman price to be hhs secretary is akin t house. >> while republicans say congressman price is the perfect choice. >> he is in many ways the perfect person for donald trump to pick to shepherd this repeal in replace through. we've just learned mr. trump is planning to hold rally as part of a thank you tour celebrating his win starting thursday in cincinnati, ohio. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox 13 news. texas is the second state to
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state health officials say woman infected with the virus lives in brownsville which is near the border with mexico. the zika virus was likely transmitted through a mosquito bite. the woman is not guilty pregnant and officials say they don't think she poses an infection risk pregnancy is concern because zika is linked to severe birth defects, texas is now working with at cd drvment to increase mosquito control efforts. u.s. army corps engineers set december 5th deadline for protester dakota access oil but there are no plans to forceable remove those protesters. of north dakota issued his own mandatory evacuation late yesterday calling it an attempt to safeguard against at hash winter conditions. protest started over concerns pipeline would affect drinking water and native american sites. plans are under way to celebrate the late pop star prince prince one year after his death legendary musician will be honor four-day music festival. morris day and princess ban the
12:35 pm
perform. celebration 2017 will take place april 20th to the 23rd. prince died april 21st, 2016. he was 57 years old. presales rogue one a star wars story crash fandangos website tickets went on sale after midnight yesterday morning no the long after clash site. promising a fix. that didn't stop competitor chiming in. some like adam tickets tried to to tryout their new app. it's time to get in holiday spirit. what better place than busch garden christmas town.
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((linda vo)) welcome back with the holiday season upon us many families are looking for fun things to do with their loved ones. you could begin another family tradition this year b you could begin another family tradition this year by visiting christmas town in busch gardens. park is really transformed into a holiday wonder land from 23 dates from now until december 31st. joining me now is jamie johnson the vice-president of entertainment a bus that sounds like very fun title. it's awesome. he's brought two guests with him. so yeah ones dancing behind me. i'm going to let you introduce them. i'm guessing rudolph. absolutely. brand new additions to this family this year we have rudolph red nosed reindeer and clarice to your right. also bumble and yukon cornelius a brand new attraction you can meet all of them pictures taken family photos taken for your cards. i've always had my family photos
12:39 pm
what christmas town. busch gardens naturally beautiful park i'm a little bit bias during day absolutely beautiful at night we truly transform into winter wonder land. two million lights. two million lights plus one right here on his nose. our few favorite light. shows food, shopping for all ages. and it's just a terrific place to come and celebrate the holidays. i agree. actually hillsborough county fire rescue over there the other nightyou guys had lights out could actually book a guided tour. goourp busch garden and look for your group. and, find auto opportunities you will have a really, really talent and energetic guided tour around the to give you will best tripgs and tricks in one night. another great thing christmas town pass holder fun card holder it's include in daily admission you come time after time. way too much to do in one night. but, guided tour are great way to experience our event. as vice-president of
12:40 pm
answer the next question. there's got to some cool shows going on p.m. we've always been incredibly proud of our stage shows. we continue to grow them rudolph attraction. but we have an old favorites that returning christmas on ice is running every day not just during christmas time nights but all day long as well. we have christmas celebration from heart elmo christmas wish returns this year. lots of kids love elmo. lots to see. santa did we mention he's going to there. best santa hou claus at the front door some of her elves take you on personal tour to meet santa himself. give him your wish list an awesome experience there might be a cookie at the end tour too. my kids teenager they will want me to ask are rides open too. best way to experience our rides at night they are open. all of our favorites are open it's a great seerns. there's new snack that i can't stop i smelt it other night i can't stop thinking about
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exactly. we've got lights and smells. thank you so much for coming by. and bringing clarice and rudolph. thanks for having us. we'll see you there. if you like more information i've already posted it on my facebook page look for fox 13's linda hurtado and like the page. you can also follow me on twitter at the linda hurtado fox. let's take a live look outside right now. meteorologist jim weber will
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it's 'giving tuesday' and fox 13 is teaming up with bring hope it is giving tuesday fox 13 is teaming metropolitan ministries to bring hope for holidays another remind interest today extending hours to donate and holiday inn pasco county. until 7 o'clock tonight. we checked in with charley earlier let's check in lindsay for pasco county donations center in holiday.
12:44 pm
3-24 u.s. 19 in holiday. if you're not familiar with pasco location a great place you can help out metropolitan ministries outside the tampa area. everything in pasco goes to pasco. for information on this facility expanding we have morris who president here. yes. thank you. welcome. thanks for having us here today you're not familiar pasco efforts tell us where >> well, the need in this community is just overwhelming. tousands of families are hurting and need the and community can supply through the efforts of metropolitan ministries. over 3 thousand families we're facing for christmas alone. there are families who live here as well that need these donations to survive daily and enjoy the holidays. so we've got some donations
12:45 pm
pasco chamber of commerce. what kinds of items did you hope people bring out today? we want to focus on two items. i mean, toys for the children. and because it's christmas its all about the children. and then of course the food in order to feed those families. so we have to raise enough food to feed 2600 people a day. or that's what we're trying to do. also with this, this giving day that's being honored around the world. this give day you can expand more families can live here next year, correct? >> correct. we have plans to expand the housing that we have emergency housing 12 more families will have a prays to live next year, more than what we have this year double what we have this year. double. so we need your donations to help them out and expand. i'm standing behind what's an empty pod of toys. so these are some of items we
12:46 pm
any, anything that you can give and donate as welcome monetary donations as well. we'll out here until 7:00 p.m. tonight. if you're interested in donating stop on by. you don't even have to go out of your car for the donations to help out great cause here at metropolitan ministries in pasco county. back to you, linda. >> thanks so much, lindsay. all for great cause again metropolitan ministries donation tents in tampa and holiday, they have extended hours today until 7. we've also posted that information on how donate at fox 13 care there's no rain, but it's just a little warm to >> it doesn't feel like holidays. it's, but you know, it is warm. it's kind of muggy. a little bit breezy as well with these winds. yesterday, they kind of turned and came right up from the south. and so all that humid air we pushed down to our south came right back overs. as you look along beaches have patch of clouds moving through. right along immediate coastline looking mainly cloudy skies
12:47 pm
degrees over clearwater beach. notice winds south, southeast 14 miles an hour. move away from coastline, you have a little more sun and lot more heat as well. look at the temperature right now over in riverview right now. sitting at 86 degrees. 86 degrees at the noon hour. this late in the year, that's pretty ridiculous. visible satellite loop. looking at more clouds kind working there way up from the south up to north. that. wind that your honor brought back over us a more and more clouds a couple more showers yesterday mainly to our south. no n that made its way over pus we've seen some rain on skytower radar all out into into the gulf of mexico. this is probably about 50 to 60 miles out into the gulf. notice the motion. its moving to the north. so it's not going to working its way overland. we remain rain free again for today. we can certainly use the rain. we've really had a very dry
12:48 pm
at the noon hour, here in tampa we're at yeah degrees. westchase han 81 along with new tampa. but 86 over in brandon. plant city at 84. downtown st. petersburg, that's just the influence of the cooler waters around you you're at 76 degrees. you move away from coast a little bit and pinellas park currently sits at 81 degrees. 79 for brooksville. weeki wachee 82. over in dade city, and bushnell both at 82 degrees as well. and lower 8 and throughout interior, sebring you're at 82. lakeland 82. bartow currently sits at 81 degrees. and then the big key to all of this has just been that humidity. was it dew points coming back up into the 60s yesterday. we started out in the low to mid 50s. i was talking to actually felt kind of nice outside still. but as we went through the day yesterday, these numbers came right back up. and in fact, as you look to our south, places like wauchula,
12:49 pm
right now. that very moist air has worked its way right back over the state giving that very muggy feel to the air as you step outside. sop watch a couple cold fronts this first front pushing through much the deep south. big storms yesterday. but as it works its way into the carolinas, really starting to just kind of fizzle out. this orange shade yellow shade. that's area where we could see some tronger storms as we go through this afternoon. in fact already starting to see few storms developing right there acros texas into louisiana. that's in advance of the next front. that one will work its way on to the east. that should actually move down over us as we head into thursday. so for today weaver got scattered clouds. front number one just kind of fizzles out here's front number 2 moving into the southeast giving some showers and thunderstorms across much of the south. in fact many areas can really use the rain across georgia, and portions of tennessee. back into alabama.
12:50 pm
in those areas. this front will work its way to the south. and weaken quite a bill still could give us a few showers as we get into thursday. so our forecast for today partly cloudy and breezy. daytime high of 85 degrees here in tampa. then for tonight a muggy night. overnight low down to 69 degrees. seven-day forecast keeps temperatures on the warm side. over the next several days, rain chance about 30 percent as we get into thursday. just ever so slightly cooler behind that front over looks like maybe some more rain heading our way the first part of next week linda.
12:51 pm
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he virtually grew up on the streets only to he virtually grew up in streets only to come immerses in child play as an adult he now brings smiles to faces of kids everywhere kelly ring shows us why he's right with tampa bay. this fun stuff walk whacky world studio is child's play. you're whacky i'd say. why we call bruce barry's company designs and creates various kid themed projects. for churches, amusement parks, schools and businesses. it's like kid once you take a projects on, it becomes yours and becomes your own. bruce started drawing a young age while working with his dad who was animator for disney. he taught me how to cartoon. how to design and how to think outside the box. bruce's father got sick and passed away. when bruce was a teenager. while his family moved to
12:54 pm
new jersey to finish high school. >> found basement to live in it was there probably for month or two before i couldn't pay my rent. homeless and nowhere to go. and i ended up live in my car for two years going to high school. when i lived in a park. and through the 12 seasons of the cold and fall and a winter and snow and weet and sleet and rain after high school graduation bruce enlisted in the navy. it was best thing i ever did. it really put me on a path straightened me out. he left wacky world studio. in 1979. hard work. that's what it takes. it's not p never handed to you. i want to really wacky looking. bruce takes personal ownership of each project. when i'll do is you'll actually sit down and i'll draw with clients. i'll cartoon and design and create right there in front of you. there we go companies love the turnkey approach of whacky world. we design it we create if we build it we scope it we make it
12:55 pm
bruce is so thankful for his team and we calls the blessings that have come his way. i'm very hum bemed of what i have. and where we've gotten today. >> that was our kelly ring reporting. so call it a winter get away this life size gingerbread house made out out 5 thouks,000 tiles of baked gingerbread you can find ritz carlton dove mountain in arizona. pastry chef and this is team it as working fireplace it is available for dinner reservations for parties of up to six people. a group chihuahua getting lift to there forever homes. virgin america teamed up animal rescuers for operation chihuahua air lift. the program was started six years ago because shelters and in california were over populated with this type of dog. i had no idea to make sure pups found new homes taken to new york where the demand for small
12:56 pm
to give a little pups just a little something extra, they were dressed for the season in holiday sweaters. cute. just a reminder everyone that today is giving tuesday. we really want you to consider shopping for families in need. fox 13 is teaming metropolitan ministries to bring hope to holiday donation tents in hillsborough county and pasco counties will be open until 7:00 p.m. you can bring food and toy donations to the tent in downtown tampa. it's located on 905 governor street near nebraska and can drop off donations at the location holiday and that's located at 3214 u.s. 19. we've posted additional information at fox 13 care you may see clouds but it's not going to rain. in the going to rain but hard to get into that spear because its so warm and muggy out there. but maybe that will help you giving for this great cause to kind of get you into the spirit. but we're looking for a cold front to be working toward us on thursday.
12:57 pm
cooler as we get into the weekend. i'll take ever so slightly. that's we can get this time of year i guess. thanks. jim news doesn't end here we will keep postulatest all day on fox 13 and on our fox 13 news oop on your phone look for more news, weather sports beginning a 5 o'clock. hoe to see you right back with us at 5. until then have a great afternoon. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." right there. oh! you got a nickel back there! heh heh! when we say a health care company should treat you like family, we mean more like this. operator: it's gonna be ok, and i'll be right here if you need me. member: really? operator: really. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. learn more about our marketplace plan visit or call (877) 753-8816
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