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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  November 29, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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shut out. we don't see it here. yes we do see it here. here's the shot the score. the 5th of the season. bolts losing third straight 5- one the final. a big time rookie year for noah spence. after his performance in the win over the sea hawks that included 5 tackles. 1 and a half sacks. a hurries on quarterback russell wilson. we'll find out the results of that poll tomorrow. in tallahassee quarterback has been named acc rookie and offensive rookie of the year. deandre francois. 18 touchdowns. the only freshmen in the country with 3,000 passing yard this has season. so congrats to him.
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this week's pga event in bahamas. 500, 600, 7 hundred, how about 897th in the world. 1 better than simon yeats. eat your heart out yeats. he's back after 15 months back surgery was the cause. the hero world challenge is the tournament this week. one that he in fact hosts. it makes sense for is old tiger long gone or will the time off to heal up give his career a second wind? >> i'm going to give it my best. going to be focussed. do what i can do. give myself looks and try and burry these putts and post post scores. get myself in that mix come sunday afternoon. the mind set is still the same.
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i know they're going to try to beat me. i want to try to beat them. >> reporter: he did say during his practice round walking the course afterwards he felt really sore. this is a rigorous training regimen leading up to this. bike 30, 40, 50 miles a day. if he does win he jumps up to 123rd in the world. there's motivation there. >> anchor: got a ways to >> anchor: that's amazing. >> anchor: maybe he can do it. finally tonight it was a dream come true for a pooch in central florida. >> anchor: maybe you've the photo. that's chia sitting on santa's lap grinning from ear to ear. in seminole county. her favorite stuffed toy is a stuffed santa claus. let's take her to the mall to meet the real thing.
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>> we got home. and left it on the kitchen counter. we see it on twitter with so many retweets and likes. he posted it on twitter. >> anchor: 90,000 retweets. 150,000 likes and growing. i think she likes the big guy. >> anchor: are we sure that's a smile and not a hey i'm going to eat big stuffed santa here. >> anchor: it's >> anchor: money, power, politics is next. good day at 4 a.m.
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hack a voting machine and switch the results within a experiment. >> the good news is it's not something easily done from russia. the bad news it is possible to do locally. >> we'll drill into the recount. the new faces in washington and trump's proposal to expel or jail people who burn our flag. plus one on one with our special gust senator rubio. and in the humor segment i turn up the heat on pass this is money, power & politics. >> okay. we're going to start with the recount effort. >> and the president elects claim of mass voter fraud. >> an interesting warning from newt gingrich. >> next we'll be told not
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winged martians. >> is he serious? >> no. we found evidence that some extraterrestrial thats tapped into the system are not right wing. >> i was born on crypton and sent by my father to save the planet earth. >> was he serious about that? >> no. gingrich is bringing up the martians because the trump team thinks the recount is a joke. there could be odd untended consequences. >> it's not going anywhere, ultimately. you have the rules they're fighting. wisconsin, for instance, they have to certify the election results by the 13th of december. the electors have the meet by the 19th or the electoral votes may not count. >> repeat. as a result of the recount, wisconsin, the state of wisconsin, six million people, may not count.
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recount system. >> the state orders it and turns it over to local governments to carry it out. >> the clerks missed the deadline two weeks from today, wisconsin would not count in the electoral college. trump would still have the majority of votes without wisconsin. he would also have to lose michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania in a recount. the recount could move a few hundred votes but that's not nufr to flip all the states. >> no. michigan. more than twenty in wisconsin and up nearly 70 thousand votes in pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania stein missed the deadline for a voter recount in pennsylvania. it's an uphill climb to say the least. >> stein says the potential for voter fraud and hacking compelled her to seek the recounts. >> she did. and trump may have inadvertently supported her argument by claiming millions voted illegally this year. we have no evidence this year of that. but we have found problems in
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for example after the 2012 election, we found six people in hillsboro. 7 in panellis who voted in florida and north carolina in 2012. with records provided by the integrity project the list grew to 149 people in voted in florida and north carolina in the same election. we never found evidence of mass fraud but stein is raising concerns about potential hacking. before the election. >> i have demonstrated how to hack the abc advantage voting machines we use in new jersey. >> princeton university professor says the touch screen voting machine, the type used in about ten state, can be tampered with. >> the back door. >> in 2008, he nonstraited how as part of an election lawsuit against new jersey officials. he notes there's been no documented case of a machine actually being hacked this way
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he says it could happen. by simply swapping the machines computer chip for his own. >> i have to replace this one chip with a fraudulent computer program. >> he was able to change the votes the machine counted. >> i figured out how to make a different computer program that just before the close of the polls it shifts votes around from one candidate to oochlt i wrote that on a memory chip now to hack a voting machine you have to get 7 minutes alone with it with a screwdriver. >> our experience here in this office, we all concur that we have not seen one document the machine being copromiezed. >> the deputy superintendent of elections in new jersey insist in real life it cannot be done. pointing to safeguards that protect machines.
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broken security tape showing any violation. >> i don't know how you could do that to five hundred machines and get the secrecy and the time to do so. i don't believe that's possible. >> but the professor insists it is. >> the good news is it's not something you can liez do from russia. the bad news is that it really is possible to do locally. >> again that was eric shawn reporting. now the voting machine company said that was not a credible test because it was not an actual election. send it to craig and our special guest senator marco rubio. >> thank you merissa and thank you senator rubio for joining us i. want to ask if you see any possibility that voting machines may have been hacked and results switched in michigan and wisconsin or pennsylvania? >> no. i wasn't involved in the elections in those states. has anyone pointed to evidence of that. minus the existence of evidence
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>> what do you make of president elect trump's claim that millions of people voted illegally. do you see any evidence there? >> no. image there are individuals across the country that perhaps are ineligible to vote. but i don't think it's widespread from anything i've seen and i don't think it impacted the outcome of the election. i can only speak with authority about florida. in florida i believe the elections were conducted in a way that was fair and straightfo legit massachusetts i've heard no complaints from anybody about the way the elections were conducted in florida. >> what about the big debate today over the american flag? should people be jailed for burning the flag? >> i would love to keep people from burning the flag or any anti-american things. the supreme court case law and this is straightforward. that is that as offensive as it might be and as unacceptable it is it is protected under the
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president elect trump cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes. do you still believe that he cannot be trusted with those codes? yes or no? >> doesn't matter what i believe at this point. the voters chose him and the voters trust him. that's what i trust. i trust the voters. he's the president elect. the campaign soefr. i'm going leave behind the rhetoric of the campaign, the rhetoric of the primary and focus on giving him every chance of being a successful president. >> give us y on cuba. what specifically will president elect trump change and when will he change it? >> you have to ask his administration about what they want to change. i want us to re-examine all policy towards cuba. i've never been against changes. i want to make sure they make sense. i have two interests. number one is the national security and national interest of the united states. and i want our policy to reflect that. number two is i want to see greater opening. more freedom on the island.
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impact on the united states and on florida. that's why i stand for human rights not just in cuba but anywhere in the world they are violated. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> all right. thanks, craig. senator rubio changing gears it was a busy day for president elect. trump plans to name steven manushan. heworked on wall street and hollywood but has no government experience and picking tom price to be secretary of health. that takes florida governor scott out of the running. scott wants to finish his second term of governor and possibly challenge senator nelson in 2018. >> trump picked elaine challenger. the department of transportation. mica is out of that position. coming up. why did the president elect
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how that may fit into his strategy. >> in our humor segment
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all right. this morning on twitter president elect trump triggered a debate over the flaeng whether people should be allowed to burn it. >> nearly 30 years ago. president george h.w. bush said you should not be allowed to
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here's the tweechlt nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do there must be consequences perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail. >> he may have been referring to student protests over the weekend at a college in massachusetts. students did burn a flag. here's how his team responded. >> one of the great things about the president elect is he's going to voice his opinion. when he has something to say he's going to say it and people are going to know it. >> it r back to the late 1980s. we had this before. congress passed the flag protection act. the supreme court ruled that burning the flag is is protected free spech! kennedy wrote the flag protects those who hold it in contempt. >> trump ran and won on the theme of law and ored and knows many supporters agree with his belief people should not be
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and a democratic congress agreed with him decades ago. it does, at least raise questions about his pick to replace justice scalia and where he or she may stand on this as well. this may be a long way from finished. long way from finished we have a lot of ground in the second half of the show. now it's time for something different in tonights humor segment. this time it's going to be a little differential. >> we taped our first password challenge with you calling the shot thing that is you and the others have to say or do and try to make you laugh while you have a serious discussion of politics. let's do this in 3, 2, 1.... >> welcome to another edition of the password challenge. i know russell, you like to laugh a lot. we can make it happen again. >> remind everybody. we gate secret phrase and we
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conversation. if we laugh we're out. >> nobody really loses. let's be honest. >> we're all winners. >> everybody gets a troe fichlt that's what wrong with the world. >> i was going to say! criss kros will make you jump jump. >> you know, if people are -- who was it, crisscross said you've got to jump jump. you're jumping from being happy to being sad. so the democrats who were happy for the last eight years now republicans felt for the last eight years. >> say i'd like to express myself with some interpretive poetry. >> it makes you think. i'm not sure we have that anymore. it's also knee jerk i'm going to respond to this right now. >> go ahead. sometimes i'd like to express myself using interpretive poetry, i think. >> you going to do that now?
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means. >> a haiku. >> i think i just lost. >> i once ate a large vat of coleslaw. >> i just ate a huge vat of coleslaw. i tried so hard to work in a huge vat of coleslaw into the conversation. >> that's our country. we're like a huge vat of coleslaw. >> this remind mes of something deeply profound. >> this something deeply profound. >> tell us something deeply profound. >> tell me something deeply profound. i don't know what's going on right now in my head. i feel like there's so many things going on that's so profound. >> this reminds me of a funny joke. >> this remains me of a funny joke. >> tell us the joke. >> here's the joke. >> that joke was worse than the florida gators. >> i only said that. he didn't tell mae joke. i would have repeated the joke.
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the florida gators. >> i can't go through college football. >> a win over lsu. >> i'd like to sing the everly brothers now. >> break out into spanish. >> si. >> time to sing my favorite vonda >> remember her in al i mcbeal? how does it go? help me out. >> i think we need to refocus. >> i do too. >> i'd like to close with my favorite dance move. >> i'd like to close with my favorite dance move. >> he got up and walked away. that's the end of this episode
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game of password challenge. >> i'm not sure what this was. >> that was the dab. you know cam newton. >> oh. i see. >> yeah. >> all the kids are doing it. >> i missed that part. >> that was good though. i think we should close on that. we'll send it back to you, craig. >> okay. well, that was ridiculous. we have something different around the corner. we have the to have year from charley leduff. government failures and a
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make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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this month, this month we showed you how failures in government over and over again. the headlines that played out in michigan before the election may have moved some votes. >> a killer ran free while evidence that could have stopped him collected dust. how a victim is buried in an unmarked grave. carlee leduff shows us how people responded by honoring her. >> antoia white was not 16 when she was raped, murdered and mutilated in a west side ally on her way home from the public library. her killer threw the city for another decade undetected while
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her killer is in prison now but what about antoia. someone's child. her life mattered. her memory matters. >> after hearing of the circumstances of the unmarked grave, a family of stone masons went to work. they cut her a headstone they refused to take money. the human species honors its dead. an anonymous businessman paid for the upkeep of the grave and the grave diggers came out in the rain. thank you. all of you from her family. thank you. it may not always seem so, but
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matters. it matters to people whom you may never know. >> thank you, charley. we have ground to cover on the backside to have show. a victory tour from donald trump. > that's coming up.
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so president elect trump is heading back on the trail.
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and it's going to kick off thursday in cincinnati at us bank arena. you were saying this has happened but not too often. >> it doesn't happen often. new administrations want to get off on the right foochlt they need buy in from the public. the clin tons tried this in 1992 after the election in 93. it didn't work well for hillary clinton as first lady. she was booed at times. they want to move an agenda through congress and winning over the public is part of that. >> we'll see how it >> that's our show tonight. thank you for joining us. we'll see you again tomorrow night. take care. ? ? ? you said you're not like me, ? ? never drop to your knees, ? ? look into the sky for a momentary high, ?
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volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. ? dish nation ? >> welcome to "dish nation." we have to say hi to all of our friends in atlanta. hey, atlanta, what's up? >> hey. >> hey. >> well, later in the show porsche has a few choice words for howard stern after howard stern said what he said about porsche, so we're going to hear what those words are, and they are good ones. also, cathy griffin has a brand new book out, and she has a few choice words for john hamm and ellen degenerous.xd first, beyonce has a new line of ugly christmas sweaters. >> she can't do anything ugly. she is so hot. >> you are absolutely right because look at these "ugly christmas sweaters." they're not ugly at all. >> that's nice. that's an insult. >> the only thing ugly about


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