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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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developing this morning . >>jennifer: developing this morning, a community devastated, wondering what they'll do next as a local rec center goes up in flames. >>russell: it was one of the most memorable moments from the show "cops." a murder for hire fakeout. now t it was all an act and she wants out of jail. >>jennifer: today we're learning more about president elect donald trump's deal to keep hundreds of jobs from moving overseas. >>dave: i do have widespread inland fog this morning visibility is down below two miles. it's scattered, kind of just drifting around so i need to you
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spots and i rain on skytower radar. a couple of quick showers in and around the sebring area, also along highway 17 and that main line of rain. that is our cold front. once that moves through, the winds start the shift to the northwest ask -- and bring in much drier air. highs today in the upper 70s but tomorrow, much drier and back to normal with highs in the mid 70s. >>vanessa: of course we're watching fog a been watch checking out cameras along i-4. this is the camera in the area off i-4 and looks a little better here, at least visually, than what we were seeing in the area an hour or so ago. dave mentioned we could see this fluctuate and there are some cameras that look worse so slow down and use the low beam lights. you don't have anything else in
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construction projects. >>russell: developing overnight, after several hours, crews say they finally have a fire at a local rec center under control. >>jennifer: shayla reaves is live in the area. this has to be devastating news to the community. >>reporter: yeah. good morning to you. this is certainly something a lot of people in the neighborhood are trying to make sense of this morning. i'm goi firefighters are working on the ground and high above to put out remaining hot spots after a blaze overnight. we're told the call came in around 3:00 in the morning, just before 3:00 in the morning. the smoke and the flames were so intense, we could see them curling over the tree line as we travel on the crosstown expressway a few miles away. once we arrived here, that's when we really got a picture of
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recreation center really means to the people who live here in this neighborhood. i had a chance to speak to jose rivera. this is what he had to say. >> this is somewhere where people come together. it's just families, you know. this is what it means, you know. it's just -- it's just a punch in the gut but we bounce back. that's all we can do is hope and pray. >>reporter: and this morning, he saw the flames. he rushed over, thinking that this fire might be someone's home. he wanted to help. but instead, what he found was the fire that you're seeing here on the screen, the aftermath here. this has been in the news for the last several months. we told you back in the spring the owners of the tampa bay lightning made a substantial
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and girls club. in fact, the largest in the 90-year history of the organization, the multi million dollar donation in part would pay for renovations of the winston park recreation center. so for many here, including jose, this building represented hope, a 3,000 square foot expansion. we're talking about new technology, game room, teen center, theater, kitchen, new outdoor roller hockey rink, ti activities for the children to enjoy and this morning, a way for them to have a place to go, a place to get off of the streets and a place to safely play and take part in community activities. right now it's unclear exactly what caused the fire. we know investigators are on the scene. once they're given the all clear, they'll begin that
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where in the building this fire might have started and of course, at this point now, we're told they will be trying to find out, you know, where it began, what will happen next and certainly something a lot of people will be waking up to here in the community, devastated, heart broken by what we're showing you here on the screen this morning. back to you. >>russell: it is terrible. talk later. thank you. it's 6:05 and the tampa man who court is being released from jail, at least temporarily. trevor dooley is serving eight years for killing david james during an argument in valrico. it happened in 2010. it happened in front of james' daughter danielle. at the time she was eight years owed. this spring, dooley was granted a new trial and yesterday a judge set his bond at $100,000 and he could be getting out as soon as today. under the conditions of his bond, he will not be allowed to leave his home in hernando
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or legal reasons. he also will not be allowed to own a weapon or have any contact with the victim's family. >>jennifer: we know what caused a deadly fire at a mobile home in odessa. investigators say someone left candles burning. the fire started early thund morning. a disabled man was trapped inside while his wife ran across the street to get help. officials say the couple fell asleep while those candles were burning. they had smoke alarms but they apparently didn't go off. >>russell: still no arrests after a well reward is up to $10,000. a truck smashed through the front of the arms company. thieves swarmed in, grabbing whatever they could carry. >>jennifer: a substitute teacher is accused of molesting three p. detectives say bad bellinger knew the girls outside of school. they say the abuse had been going on for years. according to the school
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substitute teacher in november of 2011. in a statement released to the bradenton herald, upon learning of his arrest, he was immediately removed from his position. >>russell: a con man groom and a murder for hire plot. remember the show "cops" featuring a florida woman with hiring a hit man to kill her husband. later he was still alive and to her surprise, shechs arrested. well, now that episode will be used as evidence as she fights for her freedom in a second trial. >> we received a call transferred from the florida detective bureau related to a woman who wanted to hire a hit man to kill her husband.
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of the deal, and she took none of them. >>russell: she offered an undercover police officer $7,000 to kill her husband. she wanted the savings and town home. she claims she was just acting and didn't really want her husband dead. she says police had trapped her because they wanted to impress the "cops" producers and give them an would give them national attention. her conviction and sentence were thrown out because of a judge's error. her new trial starts today. >>jennifer: time is 6:08. walker international events has agreed to pay $24,000 in fines for circus tent collapse that killed two people and injured dozens in new hampshire last year. robert young and his 6-year-old daughter anne a bell died. a storm with 75 mile-per-hour
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just minutes after the crowd had settled in for the show. 50 others were hurt. government safety inspectors determined the company failed to use the required tent stakes and said walker ignored severe weather and high wind warnings. >>russell: newly elected state senator has filed legislation that would undo a 2014 law allowing in-state tuition for undocumented immigrant students. the son of manatee county while serving in the house. if his measure advances during the 2017 session, it could divide republicans and while the new president and house speaker voted against allowing in-state tuition for undocumented students, others supported the bill. >>jennifer: this morning the state of wisconsin will begin a statewide presidential recount. green party candidate jill stein
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she wanted it done by hand but a judge denied that request. clerks will have until december 12 to process nearly three million ballots. >>russell: after claiming victory in wisconsin, president elect trump is celebrating another win. >>jennifer: he said he worked a deal to keep hundreds of jobs in america that were going to be outsourced to mexico. today trump and mike pence will travel to indianapolis to tour carrier. in february, carrier's parent company announces the plant and move to mexico, laying off 1400 american jobs. it appears many jobs are safe. the company attributed its decision to the incoming trump administration and financial snentt -- incentives provided b indiana where pence is governor. still ahead, we're looking back at the direct hit, the close call and what's in store for next hurricane season.
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oslaught of drought, fire and flood. >>dave: fog a little more widespread than yesterday at this time while other areas are waiting for showers to move in. i have a little shower activity near sebring and that line, although it's not impressive, it's starting to fall apart sit
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(russell - developing right now in tampa... investigators >>russell: developing right now in tampa, investigators are waiting for the okay to go inside destroyed in an early morning fire. it's still too dangerous to go in there. this is a live look at the winston park rec center. it's on destin drive. the center is popular with neighborhood kids and was undergoing a $2.5 million renovation thanks to the viniks. no one is sure what caused the fire. shayla reaves is talking about investigators ahead of another live report at 6:30 but this is
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>>jennifer: hurricane season is officially over. >>russell: 2016 had the most storms since 2010 and also a storm hit florida. september 2 hermine ended a 3,966 day string of days without a hurricane making landfall. they knocked out electricity in tallahassee. the last hurricane was wilma in 2005. >>jennifer: close call in early october. remember this, hurricane matthew skirted across the east coast. it was the first category five storm in the atlantic basin since 2007. matthew went on to make landfall in october 8 in south carolina causing severe flooding. in all, 15 named tropical storms formed during 2016. seven turned into hurricanes. normal season sees 12 named storms. >>russell: 2016 will mark the last year that hurricane hunters
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the airport. they're staying in the neighborhood. earlier this year the air force told noaa they needed extra hangar space and told the agency to move by july 1, 2016. the new lease starts in may and includes $13 million for a new hangar, office and shop space. >>dave: nice. >>russell: it's something now that we can have a chance to look back at it. i mean, we had some really scary moments and some rough days there for a time. >>dave: hurricane tt i was really concerned and of course, it did a lot of damage, too, but it could have been worse if it made landfall. technically it did not make landfall as a major hurricane. that drought continues. wilma was the last time a major hurricane made landfall in the u.s., knock on wood. so round about early next year, we'll talk about the hurricane season. i have some fog to show you and the fog is really kind of
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to like one or two spots and now you're seeing most inland locations dealing with at least a little bit of fog but like yesterday, boy, it was out of here. just as fast as it came in. i just need you from lakeland to bartow to wauchula to arcadia to sebring, and these spots i need you to understand you'll have to deal with some fog very early this morning but once the sun comes up, it will be a lot better. look at this. a little line of showers. not much to it. looks like approaches a cold front. this is the one that's going to change the air mass, make it feel so much drier out there and ahead of it, a couple of sprinkles down between sebring and avon park, right along highway 27. had a quick shower. go back to the coast and you see, here's your little main line of some very, very light rain. once this moves through, then we can begin to drag in some of
6:18 am
it will happen later today. we're starting in the lower 70s, very, very warm, very muggy. look at the panhandle. it's 50 in pensacola. it's 60 in tallahassee so not too far away, the cooler, drier air is going to set up shop so it's one of those deals where we had dew points in the upper 60s now and it will feel very summer-like, at least through early afternoon and then we'll start to drag in drier air and wake it's going to be like this. dew points in the 40s. so today is kind of our transition day. we're starting with fog inland and then a few tiny showers running through the area. we'll follow that with a northwest wind later today and that is what will drag in the drier air. tonight, i think tampa goes back to 60 degrees. areas to the north in the 50s. more importantly, the way it feels. these dew points are getting down to the 40s. the 40s for tomorrow morning.
6:19 am
perfect timing, of course. friday looks great, saturday looks great. sunday looks great. the clouds and the warmth may start to stroll back in by early next week, though. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks, dave. 6:19. we just have one new incident to mention. it's a crash with lane blockage reported out of our southern viewing area. whitfield estates. sarasota, tamiami trail. direction but with a single lane blockage. be careful. >>russell: at least 13 twisters in parts of alabama, mississippi and tennesseement five people have died. a dozen more injured due to tornados. 45,000 homes and businesses were without power at one point. it's just unbelievable what these folks are going through.
6:20 am
control of wildfires that have killed seven and damaged or destroyed more than 700 homes around gatlinburg, tennessee. while the rain did help douse the flames, with brought threats of landslides. the mayor said that the downtown area is intact and could reopen later this week. >>jennifer: a police officer who was shot multiple times while responding to a domestic violence call in tacoma, washington has died. authoritiesel house with a gun. the officer's name has not been made public. >>russell: protests in charlotte, north carolina after news that the officer who fatally shot keith lamont scott will not face charges. an investigation found that the officer, also black, acted lawfully when serving an arrest warrant against someone else. scott was holding a gun inside his car. shooting got attention after
6:21 am
to shoot her husband. >>jennifer: emergency crews in jacksonville helped save a manatee from a storm drain. construction worker spent several hours cutting pipes and concrete in order to pull the manatee free. it was taken to sea world orlando last night. they want to make sure she can still move and swim on her own before releasing her back in the wild. >>russell: there are museums for art, science and history not a museum for hamburgers? >>jennifer: say cheese. a police department's trail
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it's time to see >>russell: it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>jennifer: vanessa is doing it this morning. i don't know if you can top yesterday. >>vanessa: we want to top polly. polly was a really winner. i think this one might make you
6:25 am
deer, coyotes, alligators, some have even found new animal species but a police department in kansas got a big surprise when they put out two cameras to watch for a mountain lion. here is what they found. >>jennifer: what is that? >>vanessa: they don't find the mountain lion but this. multiple photos of people dressed up in animal costumes posing away. one of them is a gore ail -- gorilla and the others werewolf. they say their effort and sense of humor are greatly appreciated. that's what russell was doing last night. he didn't get his duck costume but his werewolf costume. creative pranksters have not come forward. that makes me smile. everybody has got an obsession, right? something you love and becomes an obsession. for a miami man, that something
6:26 am
burger museum, according to miami herald, through donated and loaned items, he is creating an evolution of hamburgers. the two sided container from mcdonalds mc dlt. >>jennifer: bob's big boy. right? bob? >>vanessa: it was a way to keep th the beef hot. burger museum will open friday inside the magic city casino. >>russell: it's kind of cool. >>vanessa: and eventually it got there. the mannequin challenge made its way all the way to antarctica. they're frozen solid. >>russell: frozen. >>vanessa: they were already chilled to the bone when they
6:27 am
participants remain frozen in place so why were they there? we told folks about this yesterday. it's an extreme marathon after doing the mannequin challenge, 17 countries took off on a race around the glacier exploration camp. doesn't that sound horrible? >>russell: dave, weigh in on this. >>dave: i would love t. i would absolutely love it. >>vanessa: just 600 miles from the south pole. you have to keep running so you don't freeze. >>russell: i guess good point. >>dave: you guys fund me, i'll do it. >>russell: fire crews are waiting for the all clear to go inside a rec center after a devastating fire. >>vanessa: coming up, shayla reaves will bring us a live update and if you have a package in the mail, you're going to
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>>dave: 6:31. the fog is back inland locations. i will tell you that brandon, the visibility just jumped up to seven miles. if you give me a little bit more scattered this morning, lakeland has a quarter mile visibility. then once that just a tiny little line of showers is going to produce next to nothing in the bucket but this is your boundary between the real humid air we have now and the drier air to the north of that. in fact, it's absolutely gorgeous in the panhandle and that type of air is headed our way. we'll go back to the upper 70s by noon time today and then begin the drying out process which you really will feel by this time tomorrow morning. that plus the rest of your weekend outlook.
6:32 am
thank you. we have something we're watching out of pinellas right now. crash in the middle of an intersection with a couple of lanes blocked so this could be a problem for some folks. 49th street north at 54th avenue north, two lanes blocked there in the intersection. so please plan at the very least a couple of extra minutes out the door and be careful if you plan to head this way. otherwise, steer clear if you can. >>russell: 6:32. we'll start this half hour with a story all morning long. devastating story. crews are watching for hot spo caught fire a few hours ago. >>jennifer: it was in the middle of a 2.5 million dollar renovation. shayla reaves is live near the winston park rec center. news of the fire has to be disappointing to the kids in the area who i'm sure spend a lot of time there. >>reporter: yes. from the people we've had a chance to speak with in the neighborhood, this is an area that for many represented hope.
6:33 am
park recreation center, it was an emotional conversation this morning with a man who said he lived in the neighborhood since a child. i'm going to step aside and give you a closer look why this is touch -- such an emotional experience for him and others. right now they're focused on pulling apart all the debris, making sure there's point, they'll use technology to get in and make sure that they indeed have all of those hot spots so investigators can begin to comb through the debris and look for a cause of this fire. it started just before 3:00 in the morning and i want to take you to this video of the scene that we arrived to. you can see the smoke curling over the tree line as we made our way down the selmon
6:34 am
fire coming out of the windows. the fire and the smoke coming out of the roof examine -- and firefighters could not get in the building because it was simply too dangerous of a situation at that time. they've since been able to get the fire under control. the focus now, making sure there are no additional hot spots to address. as for the people who live here, i have a picture of what this experience has been li, something like this from jose rivera, a man in the neighborhood. he said he thought he heard -- he thought this was a home on fire. he rushed over trying to help. once he arrived, he realized this was the winston park recreation center. we've been telling you about this location since the spring. tampa bay, boys and girls club, received a substantial donation and they were using that donated
6:35 am
owners, the viniks, to renovate a facility that was at one point slated to close. it represented hope for the people here and hopefully as we make our way into the daylight hours, we'll have a chance to speak to representatives here in the community as well as those affiliated with the wins ton park recreation center to get a better picture of what this means and where we go from here. back to you. >>russell: it is a terrible story. terrible story forha had gone into fixing the place up. got to start over now. all right. see you later. thank you. >>jennifer: hundreds of cuban exiles rallied in miami following the death of fidel castro. they're calling for freedom and democracy on the communist island. the miami area home to the largest number of the estimated two million cuban americans in
6:36 am
found near a central florida subdivision could be those of a woman who was killed by her boyfriend five years ago. 31-year-old woman disappeared in february of 2011. her ex-boyfriend pleaded no contest to her murder and was sentenced to life in prison. there was no sign of a body until last week when a man searching for his crashed drone stumbled upon a human skull in the woods. investigators are waiting for dna results. >>jennifer: police say flakes from an armored truck. it happened in new york city in september. police now believe the thief could be hiding out in florida. the gold, worth about $1.6 million. the bucket weighed 85 pounds. police say the thief lugged the gold up the street for about an hour before getting into a van and taking off. >>russell: 6:36. by now you're probably in the thick of it, shopping for your family, your friends, yourself. we get busy, caught up in the
6:37 am
identities and our stuff. so it's probably worth a reminder or two this morning about online shopping and home deliveries. colonel chad with the hillsborough sheriff's office here to talk about it today. >> did you get any sleep last night? >>russell: a little bit. we went to see streisand last night. we're both a little tired. i want to talk about deliveries because packages are starting to arrive and let's talk about ways to things don't get stolen. you guys are already getting reports of people taking gifts off front porches. they call them porch pirates. i don't like that term. it's like calling people grinches. it endears them too much. they're thieves. and the easiest thing is just maybe not have packages left at your door, right? >> that's a really big one. talk to your employer. see if you can have it delivered at work. delivered to a relative.
6:38 am
after hours or this is a really good option, mandate that there's a signature required. so if you're not home, they have to come back when you are home and deliver it to you. >>russell: we're seeing some that far right now. some things have been taken off people's porches. a lot of people have surveillance cameras now. that's another way to at least protect yourself a little bit so maybe if something does get taken from you, you'll be able to help you guys identify them, right? >> certainly a great option in helping as we're talking several steps you can take to protect yourself because as we prepare to celebrate the season, unfortunately there's some, a few people out there who want to take advantage of it, russell. >>russell: one of the newer things out there or what -- and i know amazon does this, these amazon lockers. and you can have your packages taken to a specific location and then you can go there and pick them up. >> and i think that's great. there's also another option
6:39 am
bolted to the concrete that they can deliver boxes there. so a couple of great options that amazon is coming up with because so many people use that as a shopping option. >>russell: i'll tell you one of the things that i really like having for me are those amazon text alerts. they'll tell you when a package has been delivered so at least you can know to go outside and get it or when you come home and i not there, you'll know that something is wrong. >> that's right. i think that's a phenomenal option. >>russell: let's talk about protecting your online conversation here several times before but we really need to remind folks again. >> you're right. and i love online shopping. as you know, it's great. it's an easy, convenient option. my wife, as you know, is a huge fan of it. but you do have to protect yourself. like any type of shopping option, you have to protect yourself and i hate to say this, but florida leads the nation in
6:40 am
so you know, use those reputable sites to make sure you know what you're clicking on. popups, make sure you're not clicking on something that you don't know what you're clicking on. don't open those unknown emails where you don't know where they're coming from. we know that's how viruses are coming through. i know another good option or i should say a good tip is make sure you're not giving out any social security numbers or bank information online. any time you go to website, there's never a reason for you to provide a social security number or bank information. >>russell: it's all good advice. glad you're back. and we'll talk again soon. thanks, chad. good to see you >> have a great rest of the week, everyone. >> five, four, three, two, one, go! >>jennifer: it's officially christmas time in new york city. last night thousands braved the
6:41 am
84th annual rockefeller christmas tree lighting. event featured performances from dolly parton, kneel -- neal diamond. the spruce stands 94 feet tall. it's the second largest tree to ever stand in the plaza. >>russell: can you believe it's december? and we're seeing all the signs. only thing missing is that
6:42 am
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>>dave: we have done it. we've reached december so let's go through november, right? 25 of 30 days, 25 of the 30 days we had above average high temperatures.
6:45 am
it was this. it was so dry. driest month we have had the entire year so far. .01 inch of rain. that was it. the record dry november was a trace of rain so technically this would be the second driest but you get the point. it was warm, it was dry. now, we're starting things off today on a very warm note, very muggy note and because of that, we do have this. some fog from bartow, really as you go from eastern hillsborough county all the way through polk county and then south, that's where the fog tends to set up shop this morning where it's not too bad along the immediate coastline. the other thing is we have a cold front on the way. this front is really going to dry us out over the next 24 hours but before it does that, we may get that .01 inch of rain with this little tiny line of showers ever so slowly drifting towards the southeast.
6:46 am
sebring. those team -- seem to be gone now but we'll see the little line of rain move through and behind it we get the cooler, drier air. it's like 70 in ocala. 71 in tampa. normal high temperature for this time of year is in the mid 70s so i think we will hit our high temperature today close to noon time. back in the upper 70s but then breezy conditions will take settle in overnight. so this morning, you've got dew points, upper 60s to around 70. tomorrow the dew points will be in the 40s so it will be like that refreshing, crisp air smacking you in the face when you walk out the door tomorrow. now, for today it's still muggy with kravariable clouds. then tonight, the drier air just comes pouring in, also allowing the overnight low temperatures
6:47 am
mostly sunny and much drier and really beautiful tomorrow. we'll finish the week off with the high temp around 76 degrees. whole weekend looks great. saturday, 77. after lows in the 50s, right, saturday and sunday morning, guess what happens? the warmth and the mugginess come back again for next week as do the clouds and a chance of showers monday, tuesday and wednesday. >>vanessa: right now a crash in river view that is causing some notable delays on 301 northbound and southbound. this picture thank you to folks who are sending information at fox 13 traffic so i can pass it along to everybody on air. this is 301 near duncan road where it looks like we do have a head-on collision right there in the intersection. as i mentioned we have delays in both directions of 301. this is going to be 301 near bloomingdale but the specific information is duncan like i mentioned a couple of moments ago. a lot of the delays we're seeing
6:48 am
bloomingdale intersection so more updates on this to come. but we do want to switch gears right now and get over to charley belcher. looking a whole lot like christmas. >>charley: indeed. good day. how are you this fine morning? >>vanessa: just fine. how are you? >>charley: good. i'm fantastic. happy december, by the way. happy december 1. and i've got some interesting facts about christmas and the holidays that you did not need to know that i'm going to share >>vanessa: but we would like to know. >>charley: you'll find it interesting, maybe. it's from a list it's a fun website that gives me interesting facts about things that you might not care about or you might not have known about. the ups delivers $20 billion, with a b, 20 billion cards and packages through the holiday season. none of those cards by the belcher family. we gave up on cards about three
6:49 am
thing. my parents had a stack of them already. you do the christmas cards still? >>vanessa: yeah. i don't, you know, send them out to everybody but family members and around the office or something. >>charley: we take a selfie and put it on facebook and there you go. >>vanessa: i was going to ask, how do you do it? facebook. >>charley: we facebook. i've seen you all year. what do i need -- i don't know. the first have been created in germany in the 1600s. nowadays almost two billion, with a b, two billion candy canes are produced for the holidays every year. u.s. shoppers spend $5 billion, with a b, $5 billion on christmas gifts for their pets. >>vanessa: i'm not surprised by that. we all do it. and they still want to play with
6:50 am
>>charley: my dogs have stockings hung up with their names on them. eggnog was first made in 1607. they're still talking about pets, aren't they? eggnog was first made in 1607. i had my first eggnog a couple of nights ago. i love it. >>vanessa: really? you don't like eggnog? you mean your first of the year, right? >>charley: first of the season. i' not ever. no, no, no. yeah. i'm a professional with the eggnog. 1836, in 1836 alabama became the first state to declare christmas a legal holiday. how about that? thanks, alabama. and then finally, the perfect segue, each year 33 million real christmas trees are sold for the holidays. 33 million.
6:51 am
we have made our annual trip to ervil christmas tree farm. the trucks just pulled up. we've got all the varieties of classic christmas trees you can imagine. what makes this place special, it's also a real farm where they grow florida christmas trees we call them and you can go out in the field, pick your own tree, cut it down yourself and take it home. it's it's the classics you think of but they have both here. we'll talk about the crop this year, see how business is doing and we'll have a good day. >>vanessa: i'll bet it smells wonderful. >>charley: it smells so good. love that christmas tree smell. >>vanessa: enjoy. we'll enjoy along with you. we'll see you in a bit. >>charley: okay. >>russell: load up on the
6:52 am
hour, the unusual punishment adding humor to a serious situation. first, netflix with no internet connection. you can now take the popular streaming service on the go, but there are limitations.
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it's december, a lot of us are traveling this holiday season. that often takes >>jennifer: it's december. a lot of us are travelling this holiday season and that takes us to places without good internet connection. >>russell: that may mean no "orange is the new black." lauren simonetti has an answer for that fixed. >> what do you mean? i can't watch when i'm on the plane? what? just sit here and read a book? >>russell: yeah. >> so netflix on the go happening. some shows like "orange is the new black" and kung fu panda will be available for download. you couldn't download the shows. you had to streamline as you were watching them. now you'll be able to download some of them to your mobile devices. excellent news if you're travelling somewhere. >>russell: very nice. >>jennifer: i like that idea. we have some sad news. we heard the man behind the big mac has died?
6:56 am
interesting. the big mac is the most iconic fast food sandwich out there. mcdonalds wasn't in there first and it took jim, 98 years old who died earlier this week, it took him years to convince mcdonalds to sell it. they're like, we're not going to fix what ain't broken. nonetheless, they got on board with the big mac and look what happened. de franchises in pennsylvania. when the millworkers would work their overnight shifts, he served them hot food, sausage and hot cakes. so he's very well known in the fast food world pertaining to mcdonalds and unfortunately, he died at 98. nice life. >>russell: and thank him very much for giving me one of my favorites. thanks. see you later. >>russell: a lot going on in the 7:00 hour of "good day."
6:57 am
devastating fire that destroyed a local rec center. we're live with the latest on the investigation and why this fire is hitting the clair-ml community particularly hard. >>dave: and a nice start to the day. look at the lakeland camera. doesn't look too bad there. so visibility is starting to improve even though we still officially have a half mile in bartow and excuse me, an eighth of a mile in lakeland. i anticipate another pretty warm, muggy day today, back up to trend. 76 tomorrow, 77 on saturday, 79
6:58 am
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7:00 am
((russell- a massive fire. a local community lost its recreation center overnight. the ro >>russell: terrible fire. local community lost the recreation center overnight. road block for investigators trying to figure out the cause of it. >> donald trump kicking off a thank you tour today. he's also stopping in indiana to take credit for some jobs there. i'm doug in washington. we'll have the very latest on that coming up. >>jennifer: fire and brimstone. a page from the bible found in it gave the man who found it a spiritual awakening. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm jennifer epstein filling in for laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. let's start with the weather and dave. >>dave: a couple of things i want to point out. we do have some inland fog for the second morning in a row. seems to be shrinking a little bit but bartow is sitting there with the half mile visibility and parts of lakeland have reduced visibility as well. it's not bad towards the coast.


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