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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  December 1, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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((russell- a massive fire. a local community lost its recreation center overnight. the ro >>russell: terrible fire. local community lost the recreation center overnight. road block for investigators trying to figure out the cause of it. >> donald trump kicking off a thank you tour today. he's also stopping in indiana to take credit for some jobs there. i'm doug in washington. we'll have the very latest on that coming up. >>jennifer: fire and brimstone. a page from the bible found in it gave the man who found it a spiritual awakening. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm jennifer epstein filling in for laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. let's start with the weather and dave. >>dave: a couple of things i want to point out. we do have some inland fog for the second morning in a row. seems to be shrinking a little bit but bartow is sitting there with the half mile visibility and parts of lakeland have reduced visibility as well. it's not bad towards the coast.
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then you've got a very thin line of shower activity. probably kind of break up as it works its way onshore so if you get a couple of sprinkles or a tiny shower, don't be surprised. behind it is when the drier air settles in. right now it's very warm, very muggy. temperature dew point spread with our high temperatures today likely around noon time but tomorrow morning, nice, crisp, drier air settling in that in a little bit. >>vanessa: thanks. if you're just joining us, we're watching a head-on collision in the river view area causing the most concern on the roadways right now. it's affecting u.s. 301 south of bloomingdale at the intersection with duncan. this picture coming from a viewer on twitter that sent this to me on fox 13 traffic. you can see it's right there in the intersection. reports of southbound lane blocks but we're seeing delays and northbound delays and in fact, northbound delays are
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either way along 301 to avoid. it looks like the work around here, take duncan road southbound or northbound and duncan turns into kreikel. take 75 or providence. >>jennifer: thanks. firefighters were busy battling flames at a local rec center. >>russell: it's finally under control after several hours but the devastation is unbelievable. shayla reaves has been on the scene all morning long. i guess now they've got to get inside and try to start happened here, right? >>reporter: that's the big question. how did this fire begin? and once firefighters have completed the overhaul process, that means they're going in, combing through the debris, trying to make sure all the hot spots are put out, the investigators will be able to get inside, look through all of that debris and try to determine how this fire began. certainly a long morning and many people are waking up and seeing some of this damage for
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these lived in clair-mel more than 20 years and sheila is also a business owner in the area. i'll start with you, teresa. to see the scene this morning, what did you feel when you put your eyes on this today? >> actually, it's kind of devastating because my kids spend a lot of time here and just a few months ago, we had to deal with our brother being killed by the police and this was going to be a the children to know that this is our community and we able to come here and be safe. now they don't have nowhere to go. >>reporter: for many here like you and your children, it represented hope. it was a place to -- for them to go where you knew they would be safe. >> exactly. >>reporter: and for sheila, what did you feel this morning? >> i was devastated also. i also have been in the
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this has always been the place for the kids to go, like she said, to feel safe, to go to plays and the library would have trams here from time to time. we would utilize the park, the playground and the basketball court. i'm saddened and it brings me to tears because this is part of our community and we love palm river, clair-l >>reporter: this is a building that had been undergoing renovations after a substantial donation to the tampa bay boys and girls club in the spring. state of the art technology, technology lab among the many additions, expansion projects underway here and many in the community, including sheila and teresa here. we're looking forward to being able to utilize the new facility. it's unclear at this point exactly how the fire began.
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trying to talk to anyone that they can and also combing through that debris as well to look for a possible cause. a lot of questions still out there. a lot of details to sort out but we'll be out here throughout the morning, keeping you posted as new information becomes available. back to you. >>russell: the story gets more heartbreaking, doesn't it? they'll come together and they will rebuild it. it will happen. i feel confident. thank you. see you later. and we now know the cause of a deadly fire at a mobile home in odessa. investigators say the couple living there fell asleep monday and they were burning candles. the man was disabled. he couldn't get out. his wife ran across the street for help but husband didn't survive. the home had smoke detectors but apparently they did not go off. >>jennifer: a substitute teacher in manatee county is accused of
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outside of school. he feels a substitute since november of 2011 but he's not anymore. he lost that job after his arrest. >>russell: election recount starts today in wisconsin. that means counting three million votes. jill stein is requesting it. she has them counting ballots in michigan starting tomorrow and she's suing for a recount in pennsylvania. a lot of trump supporters question her motives. she said she's doing it because of the high number of blank nobody expects thee results to be a victory for hillary clinton. clinton would have to win all three states to reverse the election results. president elect trump is pretty much ignoring the recounts. he starts his victory tour today. >>jennifer: his first stop is i understand -- first stop is indiana. >> the president elect hits the road today with stops in indiana
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called a thank you tour with an emphasis on jobs. this was president elect donald trump's last big public appearance, election night. today he will emerge again heading to indiana where carrier air conditioning reversed plans to send jobs to mexico. trump tweeted look forward to go to indiana tomorrow. it's not entirely clear what technologies were offered but trump's anticipated nominee for treasury secretary was elated. >> i think it's terrific. the president elect and the vice president picked up the phone and called the c.e.o. of united technologies and told him we wanted to keep jobs here. i can't remember the last time a president did that. >> it brought a sarcastic response from the white house. >> if he's successful in doing tht 804 more times, then he
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manufacturing jobs that were created in the united states while president obama was in office. >> emerging from her own election yesterday, nancy pelosi, who fought off a challenger to maintain her job promising to fight against the trump administration. >> i would trade anything not to have this opportunity of opposing an administration where we can engage, we will. where we need to >> as far as the incoming trump administration, this is how it's shaping up. these are the cabinet picks so far. still a lot of blanks to fill in here as the interviews continue in trump tower. >>russell: you know the first day of december means a lot of things but it means hurricane season is over and starting next year, the hurricane plains that noaa flies in storms will take off from the lakeland airport.
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fleet of hurricane hunters spent 23 years at macdill but the base needs the space for refuelling jets. the past hurricane season was the most active and costliest since 2012 and also the deadliest since 2005. we had 15 tropical storms, serve became hurricanes with three reaching a cat three or higher and one of the bad ones was matthew. reached a cat five status at one point. storm killed 1600 people while moving through the it lost a lot of steam before skirting the florida coast but it did a lot of damage. the storm with the biggest impact on this side of the state was hurricane hermine, the first to make landfall in florida since wilma in 2005. it was only a cat one when it hit the big bend area of the state. storm did about $80 million in damage. close to 15,000 insurance claims in florida, a lot came from people who live in pasco, hernando and sumter counties. they had a lot of flooding in
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systems in the area. those guys just -- i remember those two guys just got on that boat. remember? she just got on a boat and went out and started helping people out and rescuing animals. >>dave: and then matthew, as it approached the coast of florida, if it had come onshore, it would have been a whole different setup. >>russell: and you know, i know northern part of the state a few weeks ago. they're still dealing with damage from that storm. >>dave: it does damage along the coastline. there were parts of the road just washed out. but north carolina got hit the hardest from that particular storm and it's interesting that a hurricane drought is over for our state. still, it's been since 2005 since a major hurricane made landfall. matthew made landfall as a category one storm.
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7:10. we've got fog outside this morning. although i'm looking at the visibilities, lakeland is back up to three miles. winter haven at eight miles. now brooksville has gone down to a half mile. it's just patchy in spots. once the fog lifts out, maybe we get a quick shower today. a tiny little line of rain working towards the coastline. that's the cold front. once that moves through, we'll knock our humidity back down and several nice follow. for today, a transition day. highs in the upper 70s. >>jennifer: also ahead, a page from the bible. someone found it after a destructive fire. wait until you see what one of the verses says.
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>>dave: 7:14. while it looks gorgeous along the coast, see this? low level clouds. that's what we've been dealing with inland. some of those made their way down to the ground. hence, we've had some fog.
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71 degrees with a south wind there at five miles per hour. 72 from the river view net camera and you can still see some of that fogginess down toward the ground. it's not as bad as it was a couple of hours ago which is fantastic as we're quickly now that the sun is up getting rid of that fog. south winds at five and 66 degrees over the lakeland net camera. check the visibilities. there are two spots, brooksville and bartow, down below a mile at this point but places like winter haven and brandon, the visibility is quickly improving as well. as we usher the fog out, we bring a cold front through the area. out ahead of the front is this very thin, tiny little line of showers. so as we go through the later morning into the early afternoon, and this starts to ever so slowly work in, if you get a few minutes of rain, don't be surprised. it's not going to amount to much
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this is where the cold front is. behind it we're beginning to feel the cool, drier air in the state. look at the difference. we're at 71 degrees in tampa. pensacola is at 49. panama city at 51. tallahassee at 59 so obviously there's a front between the two spots. what's going to happen for us is we'll get the tiny little band of showers to come through the area. the winds will begin to shift to happens, you see these dew points which are in the upper 40s in tallahassee. they're going to make their way in by tomorrow morning. that's why i kind of said today is transition day. it's warm, it's muggy outside. it will feel that way most of the day and then while you're sleeping tonight, here comes the drier air just in time for the weekend. high temps today, 79. i think we'll hit our high temperature very early today. when i say early, i mean like noon time, 1:00 or so and then
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start to fall late today and tonight they'll get down to 60 degrees. maybe leftover cloud cover but more importantly, drying out. huge difference. it's going to feel crisp and refreshing tomorrow. high of 76 degrees. and it only lasts for a couple of days and that's the problem. we'll get right back to the lower 80s by monday, tuesday and wednesday. vanessa? >>vanessa: right now we're watching westbound i-4 near thonotosassa road. we have a crash and some delays because we do have lane reported. it was just one lane but in the last few moments, we see a second lane blocked in the southbound direction. we have a trooper or deputy travelling up the left shoulder in the eastbound direction. so use caution both ways and definitely plan extra time here westbound i-4 as you approach thonotosassa road. we'll keep an eye on delays here and let you know if it gets bad enough that you have to do a work around. it will all depend on -- looks like we're temporarily blocking the third lane here for a fire
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depend on how long this sticks around. we'll get back to 301, river view area still seeing delays southbound. we have lane blocks near duncan road. that's south of bloomingdale. delays northbound, continue to avoid this head-on collision and folks travelling south on memorial highway and betts as well. approaching 275, we have a crash now on the shoulder but it might be a bit slower than normal as you pass on by. >>jennifer: well, there it is. night at rockefeller center in new york city. that's a 94 foot norway spruce. the lightning ceremony, big event. ton of talent. singers josh groban, garth brooks, trishyearwood, dolly part, all there. >>russell: let's go to the other side. remember in charlie brown
7:19 am
christmas tree wasn't really all that nice? i guess its beauty is in the eye but it was not a great tree. it couldn't even hold one ornament without falling over. ? >> i killed it. everything i touch gets ruined. >>russell: well, charley's friends came to the rescue. his chr the day was not a total disaster. but we certainly hope that our charley has better luck in finding a tree. >>jennifer: and i'm sure he will. that's what he's doing today at one of my favorite places. >>charley: well, every year when i come out just outside of dade city, i look for my very own charlie brown christmas tree. and i have found it yet again. look at that.
7:20 am
you've got to be nice to the little ugly trees. >>jennifer: the dogs can have their own little tree. >>charley: a lot of us start out in life as little ugly christmas trees and then we blossom into frasier firs and then other ones of us become an evergreen tree. i don't know why were -- i don't know where i'm here he gets the shipments of the classic trees from up north. we have it all for you. stick around. december 1, oh, time to get in the christmas spirit and have a "good day tampa bay." (russell- also ahead, >>russell: seecms like a weird transition but subjecting drunk drivers to nickel back.
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((russell- those are protesters marching through charlotte, north >>russell: those are protestors marching through charlotte, north carolina last night. they're angry with the prosecutors there. that outrage stems from the decision to not charge a police officer with the shooting death of a black man. >>jennifer: there are conflicting reports over what keith scott was doing t the shooting. >> this is obviously a difficult day for scott and the entire scott family. >>reporter: protests break out in charlotte, north carolina after the district attorney clears a police officer who fatally shot a black man. officer vincent acted in self defense. the incident prompted riots to break out in september. >> i am fully seaed and entirely
7:25 am
force was warranted. i got to opportunity to meet with mrs. scott and her sister to extend my condolences personally and to go over in detail all of the evidence in this case. >>reporter: hundreds gathered outside of the police department wednesday frustrated by the decision. >> just tired of the police brutality in our city, nationwide, the treatment of people. >>reporter: while the family appreciates the time the district attorney spent with them to go over the investigation, they're still not convinced. >> we still have concerns and it's important for the public to understand that doesn't end our inquiry. >>reporter: the family's attorney believes the attention given to the case has raised important issues about police community relations. >> she's happy that at least it looks like some good things are going to come out of this and
7:26 am
preparing to address some of these social issues. >>reporter: officer vincent has been on administrative leave since the shooting and it's not clear if he will return. >>russell: seven people now confirmed dead from wildfires in tennessee. governor calling it the worst wildfire in the last 100 years. mre than 200 firefighters still n the scene, close to 16,000 acres up in flames leaving thousands homeless or without homes. parton is accepting donations to help the victims. that pay will pay $1,000 a month for any family that lost a home. her dollywood attraction near gatlinburg did not suffer very much damage. take a look at this. an employee of dollywood found a page from the bible in a public water. one of the passages says, quote, or lord to thee, will i cry for the fire have devour the pastures of the wilderness and the flame have burned all the
7:27 am
the employee did not consider himself very religious before reading that. now he says he'll reexamine the role of religion in his life. he plans to frame that page from the bible as a remainder. new developments on a deadly plane crash in colombia that had a soccer team on board. audiotape reveals the chaos. pilot heard repeatedly asking for permission to land because of a total electrical failure and lack of fuel. pilot said he was flying at 9,000 feet before communication was lost. the plane hit a mountain and killed 71 people. six survivors. it could take months to analyze the black boxes and review the maintenance history on that 17-year-old plane. >>jennifer: that's the song "too bad." it's a song police in
7:28 am
th car while transporting accused drunk drivers. some people consider that punishment. others think it's cool. the police department is trying to add humor to a serious issue. they encourage people to plan ahead if they're going to drink. >>dave: 7:28. some fog this morning, although it's more widely scattered. half mile visibility in brooksville. less than a quarter mile near bartow. go to winter haven and it's up around few more patches here and there. cold front comes out later today. it will bring with it a couple of showers. nothing significant at all and behind this front, we'll begin to dry things out a bit. 79 for a high temperature today. tomorrow 76 but it's going to feel so, so much different as our dew points drop in the 40s. saturday looks gorgeous as well. >>vanessa: sure does. thanks, dave. not looking gorgeous right now, i-4. we have delays bad enough at
7:29 am
you're just joining us, westbound i-4, we're down to a single lane just past thonotosassa road just after a crash and you can see they're pretty much setting up shop here. emergency crews have put the cones out and so we'll probably see the delays grow from here on out until this completely clears out so drivers use that work around, probably u.s. 92 where sam allen road is, those are the two obvious ones to the north and south of i-4 and you can see the delays are back towards park road with the speeds closer to digits. not good at all. please be careful here. u.s. 301 just north of that exit on i-75, southbound on the interstate we have a crash that has thrown some debris in the center lane. no delays here but use some caution and then just a quick update here. 301 we now have a single lane finally passing southbound, south of bloomingdale at the intersection with duncan where we have the head-on collision and we're learning there are
7:30 am
>>russell: a fighter who exercises her faith in and out of the ring. coming up, her punishment for doing that. >>jennifer: and home for the holidays. a felon getting out of jail today. walter allen tells us why it might end up being permanent. >>walter: good morning to you. the man accused and convicted of killing another man in valrico in 2010 has been granted a new trial and granted bond. we'll tell you the soonest that
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? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. (russell- >>russell: 7:33. we've been following a devastating story out of clair-mel this morning. fire has destroyed a rec center
7:34 am
neighbors that are understandably very upset. >>reporter: good morning to you, russell. right now firefighters are going to be conducting that task of making sure that not only is it safe for investigators to get inside and start looking for a cause of the fire, but also doing that overhaul, removing pieces of debris and making sure all of those hot spots are put out. and again, speaking with some of the folks that have been in the clair-mel community for many years, people that can provide perspective to us on what the winston park recreation center really means for this community and i'm here right now with principal roger stanley just on the other side of the building. you've been principal for five years and to see this today, what does it make you feel? >> well, it's a tragic situation. there's no doubt about that. this community center, it was a ray of hope for this community.
7:35 am
hopefully it's just temporarily. hope. ly they'll rebuild this because the students out here, they need a positive place to attend after school. >>reporter: and just for the folks that are watching, i guess this particular location, it was also sort of like a peace of mind for parents with things that may go on in the community. it was a peace of mind to know they could bring their children here and they wouldn't have to worry. is that correct? >> yes. that's all communities, the students need safe places to go. this represented that. that's why i'm going to encourage whatever happened here, we can't let this happy in communities. we all have to work together as just neighborhood watch and help keep things safe. we have to help rebuild in. we don't know what happened but we certainly want this to be rebuilt for the students in this community. >>reporter: and for folks that might be watching right now, just give me a lay of the land as far as what you all are doing
7:36 am
but some surrounding schools and for parents dropping off this morning. >> sure. right now this road is closed. destin drive is closed. parents that are going to the elementary school, we'll open the back gate that's a direct route to clair-mel elementary school. please let the parents know that. >>reporter: thank you so much for your time, sir. again, we're going to be here throughout the morning as investigators begin that process of debris, trying to determine how this fire started. this is a center we've been telling you about for several months, a major renovation project funded in part by a donation to the tampa bay boys and girls club by the viniks, the family owners of the tampa bay lightning. we're going to continue to follow, continue to keep you posted and i'll be back with another live report in the next half hour. >>russell: you can hear the pain
7:37 am
him say, it's going to be rebuilt and i know the folks in that community just from what you've shown us this morning, they need that there. >>reporter: and hope is the word we keep hearing over and over again. hope is what they've not given up on and they hope to see this rebuilt and here again for them. >>russell: thank you. we'll >>jennifer: sent to prison at age 73 for killing a father on a bay area basketball court. trevor dooley could go home today. his release is only temporary but it might become permanent. walter allen is at the orient road jail to tell us why. >>walter: good morning to you. that's right. trevor dooley was granted a new trial and in the process of that, he was also granted bond of $100,000 yesterday afternoon so we're awaiting trevor dooley to step out of the orient road
7:38 am
i just stepped inside a half hour ago to see where it stands. he's still in processing but as early as 8:00, he could be released. but how do we get to this point? let's take a look back at how this all unfolded. trevor dooley is serving an eight-year sentence for killing david james during an argument on a basketball court in 2010. he has already served two years of that sentence in a prison. this spring, dooley was granted a new trial and yesterday judge set his bond as $100,000. he will not be allowed to leave his home in orlando county unless for medical or legal reasons and he also will not be allowed to open a weapon or contact the victim's family. if you remember this situation all unfolded right in front of the victim's daughter danielle, david james' daughter who was only eight years old at the time. she's a teenager now but during the bond hearings, the victim's widow made the argument that the
7:39 am
rel release. we know the decision of the judge. he's allowed dooley to be released on a $100,000 bond but that has -- that is not the last of this situation. of course, he's awaiting his new trial but he could be released as early as 8:00 this morning. we have followed this every step of the way and we'll continue to follow it throughout the day today so follow us on fox 13 and jen? >>jennifer: thank you. we'll talk to you ducks, kittens being rescued from storm drains. emergency crews in jacksonville had a much bigger animal to save. they rescued a manatee from a storm drain yesterday. the workers spotted the animal while paving the street. they tend to roam into the area because of the ortega river and it's filled with grass and they love to eat it. he's nicknamed piper by the firefighters. he was brought to sea world.
7:40 am
okay and could be released next week. later today, wildlife officials will perform another manatee rescue. this here in our area. listen to this. officials believe that three to four manatees are swimming around in lake tarpon, got trapped there during tropical storm colin. plenty of food so officials were not worried about the manatees until now because the temperatures are dropping. and the officials there say they don't think the water will stay warm enough for them. manatees will be rescued the next few days starting at 9:00 th >>jennifer: fighting for what she believes in. a young boxer is putting up a fight to get into the ring. here is the story. >> i like the discipline and it grounds people, i guess. >>russell: it's easy to see she's a fighter. her spirit isn't confined to the boxing ring. >> this is my body and like i can do whatever i want with it, you know?
7:41 am
>>reporter: as a devout muslim, she wears a long sleeved shirt and leggings in the ring because of her religious blefs about modesty. for safety reasons, boxing only allows for tank top and trunks and so she's disqualified. >> i'm waiting. i'm like, okay. i don't know. it's been awhile, you know. >> the weekend before last, her coaches took her and two other florida in hopes she would be able to get into the ring. when officials called off the fight because of her attire, her opponent gave amia her belt because she said amia was the true winner. >> i was overwhelmed. it felt like finally somebody is respecting all the work i've put in. it was really cool. >>reporter: one day she hopes to box in the olympics.
7:42 am
>> i want to fight so it's going to change, you know? you can't sit around and wait for it to. >>reporter: they and her family have filed a waiver with the international boxing association for her to wear her modified outfit in the ring. so far they haven't heard anything back but they hope to in the next few weeks. >>jennifer: here's another picture of her opponent giving her that belt. the share it since they didn't get to fight. her mother says her daughter has gone through weigh-ins and was putting on her glove when that decision was made. that boxing tournament was in kissimmee. dave? >>dave: a little cloud cover this morning. we've got south winds at seven. it looks like a lot of fog is beginning to break up now which is good. we have a little line of showers that maybe will get you wet today. more importantly, i have much,
7:43 am
hours away. we'll talk all about that coming up in a couple of minutes.
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(dave- by now, you probably know >>dave: 7:46. by now you probably know about the mannequin challenge. some runners in antarctica took on the challenge of standing still in the frozen tundra. 600 miles from the south pole. folks, it was minus 20 degrees outside, okay? so they ran a after doing this. i don't think that's the case. i think they were just frozen. i think they were just frozen solid. running 26.2 miles in that. come, on vanessa. let's do it. >>vanessa: no. >>dave: okay. we'll just do the challenge thingy in the studio. that would be fun. our temperatures this morning,
7:47 am
some spots in the mid to upper 60s and we're still dealing with a little bit of that fog, especially in inland location. now, as you go back to the northwest, what a difference. it's 49 in pensacola. 51 in panama city. 59 in tallahassee. so here is all of this cooler air sinking toward the southeast and yeah, by tomorrow, these 50s, that's where we're going to be. so today is kind of a day because it's very warm and very muggy and then you've got this drier air. boy, what a difference. gainesville's dew point is 65. tallahassee is 47. so just drive a few hours, a couple of hours and you'll feel the drier air or just wait and it will get here sometime later this afternoon and tonight. in fact, the forecast dew points by tomorrow, drop way down into the 40s so that is some nice, dry air.
7:48 am
days. just before we get this drier air to settle in, you're going to get a very thin, very thin little line of showers to move through so if you're out and about today, the next few hours, you get a quick round of rain, no big deal. it will not add much to the rainfall bucket. but overall, the theme is going to be drying it out for the weekend. so high temperatures today, i think we'll reach the highs noon time or so. about 79 degree if it happens, it's not going to be a big deal. then some clouds may linger tonight but the drier air is going to come racing in, and the dw points will be in the 40s tomorrow and tomorrow is going to be an absolutely stunning day with a high temperature of around 76 degrees. saturday gorgeous as well. looks like we'll hang on to the nice weather pattern through sunday but then the warmth and the mugginess will come rolling back in for the early portion of
7:49 am
vanessa? >>vanessa: all right. dave, of course we're keeping an eye on i-4 west which is still seeing a whole lot of delays and they're getting worse, approaching thonotosassa. still have two lanes blocked on the left-hand side in a single lane passing. at this point, we still have the speeds in the single digits they're thonotosassa but the delays are back to county line at this point. that's your area of concern to avoid i-4 westbound between thonotosassa and county line road. take u.s. 92, take sam allen road which is to the north. we're also keeping an eye here on 301 in bloomingdale. seeing notable delays northbound and southbound following a serious injury collision. in light of what we were seeing in shayla reaves's live report, we do want to remind drivers that are heading out to the clair-mel elementary school area that destin is closed. officials are asking folks,
7:50 am
>>russell: all right. look at this. another gadget for the holiday wish. tar wars battle drones. these allow users to engage in laser battles. they go on sale tomorrow. $240 each. how many have you ordered, charley? what did you say, >>vanessa: no millennium falcon until next year. >>jennifer: did you know about this, charley? of course you did. >>charley: no. our producer brad said, hey, have you heard about this? i just googled it. i totally want one of those. >>jennifer: of course you do. >>russell: are you going to wait for the millennium falcon? >>charley: yeah. i want to wait until the price goes down a little bit, too. that's a little expensive for a toy, isn't it? i can only justify so much
7:51 am
that's cool. millennium falcon. oh, man. that's cool. that's cool. all right. now i should have answered differently to santa yesterday. hope. ly i'll see santa again before the holiday. we are at a christmas tree farm outside of dade city. this is another variety of tree that's grown here. carolina sapphire tree. actually developed in 1968 at clemson university. so it's a cultivate of an arizona cypress tree and it has a beautiful aroma to it, almost citrusy. you can cut your own down here and put it in your house with the sand pines. we're talking about cut your own tree down for christmas when
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
? rockin around the christmas tree at the christmas party hop? >>charley: happy december 1 to you. hopefully you're getting in the chris christmas spirit. 301 is a long road. trust me, consult your google or
7:55 am
farm. ridge manor, outside of brooksville, outside dade city -- >> north of l.a. >>charley: there you go. just outside l.a. at ergle christmas tree farm. tony is here. always a pleasure to see you. this is a real christmas tree farm in for floor. >> we've been here for 30 years. this is our anniversary year. 30 years of selling christmas trees. >>charley: let's talk about the varieties sand pine. >> it's a beautiful tree. it doesn't hold heavy ornaments, but it's a really nice tree. shaped more like a scotch pine almost. >>charley: it has to be how big to cut down? >> we ask that you cut five foot or above. we want to save the babies. >>charley: and we're here every year. they're getting big. they grow fast. >> they're growing so fast. well, we got all that rain over the summer. >>charley: and that was good for these trees. and then you've got the carolina
7:56 am
i'm taking one of those to the capitol for the governor. >>charley: rick scott's birthday is today. and the tallahassee called you and said we want you to -- >> yes. the presentation is going to be on tuesday morning. my wife and i are going to tallahassee. >>charley: why you? >> well, they found my website and they called me up and said the governor wants to know if you'll bring him a tree. and i said, of course i will. >>charley: perhaps he's seen you on fox 13. >> hope everybody, developed by clem on university in 1968. has a very fresh smell to it. >> it's a wonderful tree. it was developed off an arizona cypress and does wonderful here. it grows so well. it's drought tolerant which really helps it, but we also have water underneath them. they handle the soil and water very well. the sand pines don't grow in a pot. we have these in a pot. >>charley: can you buy one in a ball? >> no.
7:57 am
deep as the tree is tall. >>charley: never mind then. talk about the varieties shipped down from up north next. >>russell: next. i like that. talking about it next. >>charley: i get the wrap. i just stop talking. next. >>russell: i like it. see you later, man. >>jennifer: thanks, charley. >>russell: a party drug could become a prescription drug. why federal officials believe that ecstasy could be just what the doctor ordered for ptsd patients. wonderland in the middle of florida. i'll show you where you can go
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
((russell a recreation center goes up in flames.. and deals a devastating blow.. the emotional toll its taking on a local community.. a rec center goes up in a flames. emotional toll it's taking on local community. high cost of bad sleep. health issues just the beginning a lack of z's is costing our country bills i don't understand of news station, this is good day tampa bay. good morning,it's 8 o'clock an i'm jen epstein laura moody has morning off thanks for joining us on this thursday, december 1st. hey dave. hey, morning morning just waiting for all fog to lift out. we still have a little bit left over here brooksville with half mile visibility. many other spots, that the


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