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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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people who have come here now, now something like this happened. now it's gone. a community is heartbroken to see the rec center go up in flames. good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. thanks so much for joining us. it is big loss for the people in clair-mel. that rec center was in other words going major renovation and it was going to be jewel of that community. fox 13 aaron mesmer is live outside of the rec center.
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right. this was a really big, this is really big loss to this community. rec center meant a lot to the folks around here. i saw 1 person driveing by. you can really see is the shock on his face. we've seen tears in people's eyes. really good mean a lot right now what's going on behind me investigators are going through the wreck age trying to figure out how this fire started. there's crews back there cleaning away some of the debris. and that's really what's going to be going on throughout the from people in this community is how did this happen. how did the fire start? unfortunately it could be some time before we know that answer. this was a massive fire that tore through the winston park recreation center. neighbors could see flames from a few miles away. took an hour and a half or so at and 35 firefighters to put it out. this facility just received a two and a half bill monday dollar donation this year from tampa bay lightning owner jeff vinik and boys and girls club so
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it has be a tape el in community with clair-mel elementary at and middle schools nearby. one neighbor talked to us about how much it hurts to lose this center. we feel heart broke ep this morning to see something like this. but i know when i did when i woke up came to go to work at 3 in morning came running here i could see flames over trees from my house. i came running over here to see if was one of my friends or family family houses and see what i could do to help. just the >> folks around here say this facility helped a lot of people helped them out helped kids stay out of trouble. unclear when those renovations that were under way when they were going to be finished. and what's going to be next for this facility. people were really looking forward to what it was going to look like now linda, they are looking forward to what happens next. they say that this facility gave lot of hope to people in this neighborhood now they are going to get that same hope when they
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just hoping it happens sooner rather later. that's the key it has to be rebuilt. like you said hopefully soon. thank you, aaron. >> well breaking news right now to share with you this sunshine skyway bridge is closed because of heavy fog. here's a live look. pretty foggy out there. a few cars may still be on the bridge. but they are not letting any more on until that fog subsides. jim says sea fog can linger for hours but it does appear, well, i don't think it looks like it's breaking up. there's no way of knowing when it will clear. but reopens we will let you know. we have a news alert out of jacksonville where police have arrest ad gunman who took hostages while trying to rob a bank. someone called 911 just after 9 this morning alerting police to robbery at the community first credit union. when police arrived they learned there were 11 hostages in that building. the s.w.a.t. team was prouth in to surround the bank and then just after 11, all the hostages were released shortly after that. the s.w.a.t. team rushed in and
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of child neglect in sarasota. sarasota police officers found 5 kids, 5, including a baby living in absolutely horrible conditions. these were a few of the pictures. trash, rotting food and feces on the floor. and no running water. the children were removed from that home. amanda dean and joseph were arrested on child neglect charges. a substitute teacher in manatee county is out of a job and facing some serious charges. he's accused o three girls. detectives say brad knew the girls outside of school. they say abuse had going on for years. according to a school district, he started as a substitute in november of 2011. and in a statement released to the bradenton herald district soifls officials say after learning of his arrest he was immediately removed from his position. we now know what caused a deadly fire at a mobile home in odessa.
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morning a disabled man was trapped inside while his wife ran across the street trying to get help. officials say the couple fell asleep while those candles were burning. they did have a smoke alarm, but apparently they didn't go off. sent to prison at age 73 for killing a father on a bay area basketball court. but trevor dooley could go home today. right now his release is only temporary. but it might become permanent. fox 13 walter allen is orient road jail to tell us trevor dooley is expected to a walk out of the orient road jail he won't walk out complete free man. of course he was granted a retrial. so is still waiting that future trial that's coming up. but he was granted a $100,000 bond by a judge yesterday afternoon. now let's get back to how this all started. his original sentence. trevor dooley was serving an eight year sentence for killing david james during an argument in valrico on basketball court back in 2010. he served two years in prison.
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of course he was granted a new trial back in the spring. and yesterday the judge set his bond at $100,000. now under the conditions of his bond dooley will not be allowed to leave his home in spring hill in orlando county unless four medical or legal reasons he will also not be allowed to own a weapon or contact the victim's family. now let's stay with victim's family. remember this happened in front of janes's daughter danielle who is only teenager now. janes's widow argued her daughter his daughter is frightened of dooley being released out on bond. but of course we know how judge sided with that he sided with defendant and granted that $100,000 bond. so of course, dooley will walk out of here out of orient road jail on that $100,000 bond awaiting that new trial. of course we've following this all way up to this point. we will follow it when he leaves here. and will be all over that new trial when it begins.
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thank you, walter. >> race is on to rescue some manatees in palm harbor. as many 4 manatees have been strand lake tarpon since june when tropical storm collin caused heavy flooding. manatees likely got there by swim throwing awe water control gate connected to the gulf. that gate won't reopen again until the next rainy season. even though lake has plenty veg station rescuer are concerned water might get too cold during the winter months. with winter coming up we don't know what temperature in to find warm water source. if there's not one lake they will not be able to keep their body temperature at a place where it's going to be healthy for them. and they will get into trouble. >> one juvenile male has already be pulled out you're looking at him. he's being examine by biologists if healthy he will be released into tampa bay. emergency crews in jacksonville helped save a manatee from storm drain construction worker spotted animal while paving street they spent several ours cutting away
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pull that manatee free. it was taken to seaworld orlando last night. and they want to make sure she can still move and swim on her own before releasing her back into the wild. >> well here is great way to get in holiday spirit. lakeland christmas parade is tonight. hundreds lawn chairs line streets of lakeland already. folks are holding there place for to want's parade. this is the 36th year for this parade. this year's theme miracle on main street. it all starts at 7 with fireworks over lake mirror. lakeland center. this is a really big event in lakeland. they expect some 50,000 people to attend if you want to go get this early so you get a good spot. >> do you have too many passwords to remember? answer's president obama yes. good news you may not need to remember them much longer. find out what's being used now instead. and we're going to take you on a one tank trip to winter wonder land close by. complete with lots of snow. there's jen. she looks like she's having a
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but maybe cooler temperatures. we're not talking about snow. we're talking about fog though because we've watching the fog all throughout morning hours. big batch of sea fog sitting right off the coastline. that's the view from st. pete beach. that white wispy thing out there, that's another area of sea fog. just kind lingering off coastline. same time cold front pushing down state a couple showers on skytower radar. also some much dryer and slightly cooler air is heading our way. lots to talk about, and it's all
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more and more americans are doing their holiday shopping online this year more and more americans are doing their holiday shopping online and using their smart phones or tablets. do you ever get to check out and realize you forget your bass word? yeah. i do it all the time because i have too many of them consumer reporter sorboni banerjee tells bus a push to do away with them. you know how you use your thumb to get into your iphone unlocks everything. so what if you could do that to pay a bill or it would make things easier, right? maybe. bio metrics that means something to you and unique your body, facial recognition your voice that, thumb prints that what's they are talking about using instead an alliance natural organization pushing to use buy oh metrics. more than half shoppers 53 percent of us forget this passwords a third abandon online shopping carts altogether who wants to bother with this.
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helpful when it comes to exactly money, money, money. >> you know i like the whole idea of thumb print because i can't forget it. number one. >> yeah. i don't have to change it. but does it work? so some of those things are contingent on the environment. think facial recognition, right? if it's too darkths not going to work. maybe you've gone to gym or your holding coffee. maybe your thumb print a little damp, a little different. so there are some stipulations but they are trying to get around that by having if doesn't work the other be prompted. so my next question is is it secure we hear way too much about hacking we hear that almost every day now. anything can be hacked. you think okay, a thumb print that can't hacked. researchers >> oh, no >> researcher managed to take somebody thumb print a picture use some sort of special ifrng that mimic properties of skin and take that push it up against a phone and unlock it to answer your question nothing is
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use two things. password if you have to or just two forms, this double awe then the awe then the indication. i want you to watch in equity in story i think your son will like this beginning look a lot like christmas in orlando starting to feel like it too. that's if you make a stop gaylord palms. annual ice winter wonder land continues. jen epstein got to check i in this one tank trip. it's christmas gaylord palms. i'm pretty sure they got some help from the north pole. because this orlando resort looks more like a winter wonder land. christmas is such an amazing time of year it has an imagination, it has giving it has heart. nikko put his whole heart into this project. and with a little help from 4-year-old daughter kennedy he created this year's theme. a charley brown christmas. >> my mother watches it and my
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see charley brown this year on ice. ice is big attraction. but it's not the only thing to see a gaylord palms. so i asked my new friend kennedy who has been here a time or two to show me the ropes and take me to snoopy. >> was he in there? i got in line to see peanuts pup and angie susly waited for my turn. i love snoopy. hi snoopy. >> we danced we laughed and we hugged. kennedy was a little so we headed back to alpine village and into gingerbread land. we're going to make a gingerbread cookie together. high 5. we were definitely ready for something sweet. >> cookie for you to decorate today. am i princess too? absolutely. okay. absolutely. and there are two cookies in here. so you can just decorate however you like. a ton of icing and a few
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taste or magical creation. take a bite. it's not a winter wonder land without some snow so we bundled up for our next adventure. indoor snow tubing i was definitely doing that again. real snowballs in florida, yeah. you can do that here too. kennedy had enough of the cold so we said our good-byes then i got ready for the main attraction cold. this year we have charley brown christmas hand carved in two million pounds of ice. it's absolutely breath taking go through there. boy was he right. whoa peanuts gang was waiting inside and boy was it cold my parka ear muches and scarf didn't lessen chills but 9 degree temperatures didn't stop
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there was only one way to end this magically perfect ice cold day, with a steaming hot cup of hot cocoa. hot cocoa time. oh, this is good. and that was a fun assignment. ice gaylord palms runs through january 1st. tickets start at 28.99 for adults and 14.99 for kids. and jim weber is here to give it a thumbs up. you guys yeah. we go every year kids absolutely love it. when you walk into it, you're like nine degrees this feels pretty nice half an our into it you're like nine degrees this is cold your nose your hands. you keep taking your gloves off to take pictures before you know your hands are frozen you want to the out of there. >> about an hour maybe a little by the more you can spend as much or as little time as you want. but certainly a lot of fun. as that time of year, isn't it?
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calendar. november was ridiculously dry now we're hoping for a little bit of rain cold front pushing down over us. maybe a sprinkle or two. as far as december is concerned. usually a fairly comfortable month. average high is 72. average low is 54. this is our sixth driest month of the year. so last month was our driest. so hopefully we'll make up a little bit. because it's just been ridiculously dry. inch of rain. as far as temperatures, warmest coolest you can see we can have some big ranges in temperatures. we've seen many times getting up to 86 degrees. and back in 1962 we actually got got all way down to 18 degrees. so temperatures kind of all over the place throughout the month of december. visible satellite loop today showing really a lot of cloud cover. this is actually a cold front right through here. that is pushing down over the state. we've got that batch of sea fog
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with those winds coming out of the west starting to push that fog a bit further inland. and as the front moves through that will help to clear it out as well. the winds are already starting to turn more to that north and eventually to the northwest as we go through the afternoon. still seeing some fog. down in manatee, and sarasota reporting about 1 to one and a half miles of visibility at this point. skytower radar, really not showing much. couple little sprinkles up in over towards dade city. had a couple right through there you can see them just kind of falling apart. so that's pretty much what we're going to see as we go that you the afternoon. maybe a sprinkle or two that's just about it. 79 degrees outside right now. dew point is at 71. so still pretty muggy outside. these temperatures you can see from about tampa down to about south still pretty warm. starting already to see some cooler temperatures moving in off towards crystal river at 64
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huge thing going to be changing we go through the day. you see that 71 here in tampa. sarasota has a 72. 30s across the panhandle now. now watch this as we go through the next couple of days. it's drier air just working its way right back down to the state. for friday and into saturday. so going to feel so much more comfortable outside. the front will continue to push to the south. you can see a band of clouds we will continue with kind of variable cloudy skies for today. but by time we get into tomorrow skies are going clear out as that front pushes to south high pressure builds back in and some lower humidity works its way right back in as we go through the weekend. knot going to lost all that long. variable cloudy skies, muggy with aum could have showers for today. clearing skies turning dryer for tonight. overnight low of 60. then for tomorrow, even though we've got daytime highs in the mid 70s, much lower humidity will make it feel delightful
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light chop on bay high tide 4:18 this afternoon. seven-day forecast, just shows beautiful looking weather for a few days but then moisture comes right back as we get into the first part of next week. a little unsettled. 20 to 30 percent chance of some showers monday and tuesday of next week. >> president-elect trump pew cabinet picks on hold today. we'll tell you what he's doing instead. plus we will take look how
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(linda nr) the president elect is taking a break from filling the next administration.. to make his first public appearance since winning the election.. he's traveling to to make his first public appearance since winning election. he traveling to indiana and ohio today. fox lauren blan chart has more. >> president-elect donald trump
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election thank you tour. first to speak carrier facility in indianapolis where mr. trump says been able to stop about 1,000 jobs from being sent to mexico. analysts say while not much it's about sending a message. >> a thousand jobs 18th a lot of jobs in a country of 320 million people, but a thousand jobs can used to create a good feeling to start a narrative. although the details of the deal are still vague, some republicans in congress are warming up to it the president-elect trump's style. they thought world was going to end with his election. they are seeing signs its not case i'm not going to call them cheerleaders for donald trump but they are a being a little bit more thoughtful if you walk halls of congress you would think every republican here was a strong trump supporter from day one. they are certainly on the trump train now. later tonight mr. trump will hold a rally in cincinnati,
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night they will back to work soon enough. >> we're going to be continuing to work through december and all way through inauguration day to make sure we are ready on day one. meanwhile ballots are being counted once again in wisconsin after the green party candidate force ad recount in a state mr. trump won by less than a percentage point. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox 13 news. >> this week the president-elect nominated tom price a his health secretary price is representative from georgia who has long opposed fox 13 marissa lynn joins us with what changes we can expect with price in charge. >> yeah, linda no question about it withdrew now know big changes are coming to healthcare. this could spell big changes to medicare and medicaid. let's show you what it means for obamacare. for the past 6 years republicans have objected to president obama's healthcare law. over and over again. mr. speaker i ask unanimous. object. i object. i object.
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the modern healthcare work force. objection. >> i ask unanimous >> objection. the gentlemen will state his objection. object. that's tom price man president-elect donald trump picked to a run u.s. department of health an attack obamacare from within. while many. and, single payer system or something sla are to medicare for all of us, price and republican leaders will move in the opposite direction. as health secretary, he has power to not promoting healthcare enrollment. price already has a replacement in mind. >> tom price has forefront not only repeal movement but also replace movement he plans to remove current rules for businesses customer and insurance companies. and he would give people who don't have coverage tax credits based on age instead of income. price would give same amount of money to everyone. and then instead of a lot of mandates, the health insurance
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attractive package of benefits they could. while price cannot do this alone he's on the same page with house speaker paul ryan in congress. they will work together and likely try to change much more than obamacare. price also plans to scale back federal money for medicaid, that's state run healthcare for the poor. he also wants to privatize medicare or federal healthcare for seniors. he wants to give seniors subsidies to buy private insurance his goal is to cut federal spending with costs and a $19 trillion debt. democrats say his plan would burn senior with rising costs and cut benefits for people who need help the most. >> now, democrats will try to stop these plans but may or may not have the votes to stall in senate in vice-pre president-el is top priority when new administration stakes over. police are looking for man who robbed an armored truck he
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police in tacoma, washington shot and killed a man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer.. police shot and killed a man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer. as fox's dan springer reports, man nearly 12 hours. and used two children as human shields. a 12-hour long stand off ending early thursday morning with the death of a suspected cop killer. a dramatic rescue of two children tacoma police officer was shot multiple times on wednesday afternoon. while responding to a domestic dsturb arns call. suspected shooter then barricaded himself in the house taking two children hostage.
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he grabbed the other kid and one of officers felt he was shot and took it. suspects deceased. both children and eight-year-old boy and 11-year-old girl are safe and unharmed. it's unclear what provoke original confrontation but witness say cops did everything by the book and the suspect seemed to lose control before firing the first shots. >> they just said that they wanted to talk to him. and gunfire started and it wasn't them that started it. there's definitely a lot o officer was 45 years old. and a 17 year veteran tacoma police department after his death was announced procession of law enforce went officersest courted body from hospital to medical examiner's office. we've suffered a great loss. and i think the community suffered a great loss. i don't know how to put that into words. police say the man's wife and another woman were in the house when the officer was shot.
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in tacoma, washington dan springer, fox 13 news. those are protester marching through charlotte north carolina last night. they are angry with prosecutors in that city. that outrage stems from decision to not charge a police officer with the shooting death of a black man. fox's jackie has the latest. difficult day for the entire scott family. protests break out in charlotte, north carolina after the district attorney clears a police officer who fatally shot a black man keith lamont scott. the da saying officer brently vincent acted in self-defense. the incident which was cut on camera, prompted riots to break out back in september. i'm fully satisfied with entirely convinced officer use deadly force was lawful.
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had a gun. this morning, i got the opportunity to meet ms. scott and her sister to extend maikon doll lenses personally. and to go over in detail all of the evidence in this case. hundreds gathered outside the police department wednesday frustrated by at decision. >> tired of police brutality and in our city, nationwide. family is time district attorney spent with them to go over the investigation, they are still not convinced. we still have concerns. and it's important for the family the public to understand that this doesn't end our inquiry. the family's attorney believes the attention given to the case has raised important issues about police community relations. she's happy that at least it looks like some good things are going to come out of this and
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issues. officer vincent had administrative leave since shooting. and it's not clear if he will return. in new york, jackie fox news. at least 13 confirmed twisters damaged homes and topple trees in parts of louisiana, mississippi and tennessee. 5 people are dead and dozen more injured in those storms. 45,000 homes and businesses were without power at one point. >> and those storms tore through as firefighter control of wildfires that killed 7 and damaged destroyed more than 700 buildings around gatlinburg, tennessee. rain helped douse the flames, it brought the dual threats of flooding and land slides. the mayor did have? some good news to share last night. downtown area is intact. and could reopen later this week. will dow see 20,000? and cost of a popular christmas carol is higher than ever.
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midday market report. now that dow jones industrial average has hit 19,000 and s&p 500 hit 2200 what's next? >> goldman sachs making a call s&p going up 9 percent to 2400. in early months of donald trump presidency because investor will be focused on hope for lower taxes. and stronger growth. focused on hope rather than fear. we have good news for parents traveling over the holidays with their kids. netflix doone load tv shows and movies to mobile devices ask watch them on the go. hundreds of titles are available to download including orange the new black nar coulds and kung fu panda. videos will expire from your device in less than a week. >> and the iconic christmas song 12 days of christmas now cost $34,363 if you were to pay all of the participants and buy all
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why. bigger salaries for drumming drummer and biggest increase was for turtle doves their price tag increase more than 11 percent. everything else costs less or the same amount. that's business. for more log on to fox this just one of those stories. a man in new york city saw an opportunity and took it. he grabbed a bucket from the back of an unattended armored literally a pot of gold. fox dan has the video. the man had only a few seconds but it's all he needed to strike gold. swiping a bucket from an armor truck in mid town when one guard with armored car company walked to front seat and the other was making a pick up bandit pounced stealing an 86 pound container filled with $1.6 million worth of gold flakes.
12:37 pm
heard. since i've been here for 20 years. matthew is a third generation jeweller with leo. he says the flakes thieves swiped looked like this. from looking and feeling it, there's definitely gold in here definitely nickel definitely platinum. you're refinery, and other extreme ovens and burned back down into like an actual physical gold bar. or some type of material and then there's value to it. man escaped by simply walking away. slipping i tourist and customers in the diamond district in broad daylight. that heavy bucket slowed him down turning a ten minute walk to east side into an hour-long journey. police don't think the bandit knew the true value of his new treasure. the fact that guy was able to walkthrough manhattan and fact that they still haven't come up with him to me is completely shocking. and the armored company is offer reward of $100,000. as for the suspect investigators believe it's possible he's in
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the gold. from diamond district fox news. more than 3,000 students got together to try to break a guy is in world record. show you what they did right after the break. the tend this holiday season smart toys. but are you a smart shopper? i'm consumer reporter sorboni banerjee on hunt for hottest deals on must with expert input, you won't want to miss. we know everything.
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only. at carrabba's. students in arizona are
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students in arizona around drying to break guy is in world record for long edge high 5 chain. fox lindsay is on hand for the challenge. the guy is in world record to beat 2711. how many people lined up and high 5ed each other can these 3800 students here beat it? >> yes. we're going to do this. we are going break a world record. how long have you been and a half. sebastian a lot of pressure on you man. you kind of were the one to begin all of this. if you messed up it would have been bad. just 1 high 5. just, high 5. high 5 spirit go the next. so you all way from new york to make sure she is kids are doing it right what are you looking for. what you're looking for today is no more than 10 seconds when making that connection on the high 5. we want it to be fast. we want to be an actual high 5. good high 5 above your head or at your head.
12:42 pm
nailed it. yes. they did it. high 5s everyone. high 5s. high 5s we did it. so now what? they are going to be going back to class here soon but going to get certificate to prove they beat this record. will hey make it into big book? that's still kind of up in air guiness tells me me they record sfrif,000 world records only about 4s,000 make into book we're going to have to wait and see fox say bye. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. go. wow. that's beautiful. it's officially christmas time in new york city. lst night thousands braved cold and rain to watch the 84th annual rockefeller christmas tree lighting. the event featured perform appearance from dolly parton
12:43 pm
than 50 thouks bulbs standing 94 feet tall second largest tree to ever stand in the plaza. >> here's a live look outside >> here's a live look outside right now anyone with type 2 diabetes >> here's a live look outside right now knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning, invokana? is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. in fact, it's been proven to be more effective at lowering a1c than januvia. invokana? works around the clock by reducing the amount of sugar allowed back into the body, and sending some sugar out through the process of urination.
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it may help you with both. invokana? can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded, or weak, upon standing. other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, changes in urination, high potassium, increases in cholesterol, risk of bone fracture, or urinary tract infections, possibly serious. serious side effects may include ketoacidosis, stop taking and call your doctor right away if you experience symptoms. or if you experience symptoms of allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. do not take invokana? if you have severe liver or kidney problems or are on dialysis. tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take. using invokana? with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar.
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with invokana?. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana?. ask your doctor about it by name. i'm charley belcher coming to you from ergle christmas tree farm outside dade city. great place to com tradition for fox 13 to come see tony and talk trees. before we talk about what the trees surround us right here tony, this is an actual christmas tree farm. you don't see a lot of those in florida. yeah because you could actually go out and field and xut down your own christmas tree here. that's what people want to do go out and lumber jack and pick up perfect tree and saw it down. let's talk about trees that grow here in florida. not necessary classic we call
12:46 pm
>> red cedar and carolina is a fires. sand pines are really nice green ones. >> right. and they are soft needle. yeah. but they traditional florida christmas tree was a red cedar. because that was only tree that was here before they started importing them >> red cedar. and then carolina is a fire. that's really beautiful tree. it puts off nice scent. a wonderful tree i'm taking four of those up to governor tuesday. then of course the when i think of a christmas tree i think that frazier fur. number one selling christmas tree in country you've got plenty. it doesn't leak like we're going to run out any time soon. we need to get these cut and soed up as possible and get them in water. why we keep them in here in shade keep it cool. where do these come from? north carolina. >> up around where you're from. way up in mountains. >> yeah. um, how many trees will you end up going through? how many do you buy? you know all of these numbers
12:47 pm
well no my wife knows all numbers but i'll say thousands. thousands. we've had several trucks come in and out. truck drivers tend to get lost every now and then you have to give them directions. and then when somebody comes to buy a tree you cut off a fresh cut you drill holes in it and wrap it up trees are under green houses which keeps them cool and we cut every one of them put them in a stand with water. we water them every day. when they first come in the more water you put on them the longer the tree lasts. you n water one time. it's like a cut on your hand it will seal itself up and won't drink any more. so it drinks right between the bark and the wood. right here. so keep it water. keep it watered. keep it watered. watered. no surprise no aspirin. you heard it that's what he says. he says it will stay beautiful all the way until christmas day. ergle christmas tree farm for to put gps if you go to you can find all
12:48 pm
eagle. charley belcher, fox 13 news. thank you, charley. whale watchers in california got quite the surprise. an orca sighting dozens made splash off coast of newport beach yesterday afternoon. it's very rare to see orcas out in these waters. normally found off coast of british columbia. so we have a little fog that closed the skyway. as we were coming on the air here at noon. >> exactly. still out there? still dealing with fog watching camera about ten seconds ago completely cover radar covered in fog. now it's starting to cool out cold front starting to working its way down there you see much improved. that's been really probably the past 30 seconds. it went from just completely 0 visibility to now you're starting to break out. getting some sun there. still can't see the water down below. because there's still quite a bit of fog around. but it's going to continue to
12:49 pm
hours. because cold front's working its way down you go just up st. pete beach. this is 6, 7 miles, just to the north of there you kind of see back end of some of that sea fog. we are starting to break out into at least some sun. but still going to vaibl cloudy skies as we go through afternoonvisible satellite loop showing a lot of cloud cover. actually front probably located right through here. that will help to clear out that sea fog as that front pushes to the notice the winds turning more towards that westerly direction up in brooksville. ahead of front winds coming up out of the south and the southwest. that visibility start to go improve a bit down towards sarasota. about 1 to one and a half miles sitting now three miles things are starting to thin out starting to see a little bit of improvement along the coastal areas. with the front, we just have not seen much rain. that's what we have right now. a couple of little sprinkles up in the citrus county as we go
12:50 pm
front continues to push through. you might see that random sprinkle here or there. that's just about all you're going to see as we go through the afternoon. outside right now, it's still in the warm and muggy side. 79 degrees. dew point way up there in 71. humidity 77 percent. our winds are still out of the south, southwest at seven miles an hour. but starting to see some of the cooler air working its way in. crystal river right now 64 degrees. brooksville has a 75. and then you go down to wesley brandon at 84. 84 down across lake placid. 80 in wauchula. sarasota with at fog around, you're still sitting at 75 degrees. and dew points which is just a measure of the amount of moisture and we've watched these numbers throughout the week just climb right back up into the 70s. so it just has that very muggy feel to the air. but you're starting to see that little hint of the drier air working its way in. now watch what happens as we go
12:51 pm
way right down over us by tomorrow. we're down into the 40s. that will hold into saturday as well. unfortunately, just not going to last all that long because as we get into first part of next week moisture will make a return right back over the state. there's the front right now. we'll continue to push down to the south. still have that band of clouds. but as the high pressure builds in we will start to clear skies out we go into late tonight into tomorrow. there you see it on future cast fron humidity really a beautiful day for tomorrow with lower humidity. more sun. and cooler temperatures. but then, we look back to our west. there's more clouds and more moisture. that's going to working its way towards as we get into first part of next week. forecast for today. variable cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle or two. daytime high of 79. then for tonight overnight low of 60. with conditions getting much, much drier. lower humidity as we work our
12:52 pm
days. that's exactly what the seven-day forecast is showing. beautiful looking weather for friday. heading into saturday. but then, a little unsettled as we get into first part of next week. a local high school chorus is bringing their own brand musical magic to disney. next how they became one hottest tickets of the doctor: oh yeah... right there. oh! you got a nickel back there! heh heh! when we say a health care company should treat you like family, we mean more like this. operator: it's gonna be ok,
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member: really? operator: really. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. learn more about our marketplace plan visit
12:54 pm
processional at disney's epcot is one of the hottest tickets of the holiday season. a local school chorus has earned a coveted spot in the show. a local school chorus earned a covet spot in that show.
12:55 pm
line ? ? ? ? >> the chorus a tampa prep is rehearsing for one biggest holiday shows in the country. ? ? ? ? candlelight processional disney epcot. professional lighting and with 50 piece professional orchestra and voices of liberty and then celebrity guest narrators. this will be tampa prep fifth year at the event. electric's reason they are consistently invited back.
12:56 pm
video we send. hard work that pays off in more ways than one. (linda germany's munich zoo introduces its bouhlel done. wow. look at germany munich zoo introduces a lateest it's only ten days old and right now you can see it's doing a snuggling with mama bear. they will stay secluded into end winter and be son display for zoo visitors. this fog. rolled in you said this 30 seconds start roll out. yeah that's the way sea fog will be. i've watching pretty much during noon newscast here. socked in right and then just as we were about to come to it cleared right out.
12:57 pm
point. >> it is but we're watching the troopers driving back and forth testing that visibility. wouldn't be fairly shortly in the next maybe hour eventually this may actually clear up enough that they can reopen the bridge. cold front working its way down much cooler and drier air moving down. and beautiful looking weather at least for a couple of days. that looks like a nice weekend right there. thanks the news doesn't end here weep keep posting latest all fox 13 news app right on your phone. plus look for more news, weather and sports at 5. i'll see you tonight at 5. have a great afternoon. "realtime closed captioning
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