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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  December 2, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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((russell- a costly crash. a driver lost contr >>russell: costly crash. a driver loses control and hits a building. several families may go hungry over this. plus -- >> donal pick for secretary of defense. i'm in washington. we'll have more on the person that's being nominated and how this all came about just ahead. >>jennifer: gone in 60 seconds. video of a christmas tree set on fire. it doesn't take long before the entire room becomes an inferno. wow. gosh. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm jennifer epstein filling in for laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot ahead. let's start with the weather and
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long we were in the 60s and now we just touched the 59-degree mark at tampa international. look at the dew points in the mid 40s. is it dry out there. 48 in crystal river. 52 in leesburg. a couple of lower 60s along the coast. enjoy this beautiful, gorgeous, refreshing weather. back up to 75, maybe 76 degrees for a high temp this afternoon. vanessa? >>vanessa: we're watching a new report of a hit and run crash separate incidents by f.h.p. right now but we don't know if eventually we'll learn if these are maybe related or one incident. this is happening at southbound 75 and clark road. so far no lane blocks reported but it might be the possibility of a big scene. please use some caution. good news, not seeing any delays quite yet. we'll watch this. in case you missed it, we're watching minor lane blocks at this point due to police
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situation. take special care in the eastbound direction. we have a single lane that's blocked. >>russell: thank you. it's 7. . 02. we'll start this hour with signs of progress in fire ravaged tennessee. days after ferocious wildfires swept through the great smoky mountains, residents and business owners will get their first chance to go home today. but they may not find much when they get there. you can see how extensive the damage is in the new aerial video of gatlinburg, one of the harder hit they'll find home after home gone. trees and vegetation scorched. 700 homes and businesses likely destroyed. it's going to take months, possibly years to rebuild. and despite rain this week, leaders warn the fire threat is not over. months of drought conditions could cause the fires to rekindle. news is not all bad. despite the destruction, many tourist areas are reopening. none bigger than dollywood.
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parton. attraction was spared any major damage from the flames. expected to reopen this afternoon. it's being used this week to house and feed emergency personnel. and a couple from lakeland sent us these pictures. they own a cabin in gatlinburg. they used to. picture on the left is the cabin before. the picture on the right is all that's left of it. nothing wyatt jones sent us these pictures. >>jennifer: switching gears, we're following a developing story in pasco county. the search for a fugitive from georgia who might be hiding out locally. 26-year-old sanchez savage was -- has a history of selling drugs and running from the law. deputies consider him armed and dangerous. call 911 if you know where he is. a car crash that might leave hundreds of people going hungry today. the car hit a food pantry.
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and i know a lot of people were expecting to get some food from there today. >>reporter: yes. already we've seen people arriving this morning and many of them seeing the sign on the door for the first time. we're off nebraska -- north nebraska here at the st. vincent de paul location. food pantry closed until further notice. we apologize for this inconvenience. now, let me show you why. you're looking at some a driver lost control and plowed through the front of the building. this happened on thursday, leaving a huge mess behind. the impact knocked over food and shattered glass, causing thousands of dollars in damage. fortunately, everyone inside made it out okay. they were not harmed. still the organization's president said there could hinder efforts for those who
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know, i help her out because she lives on s.s.i. and the check is not enough until the end of the month so this helps her to get by for the rest of the other week until she gets her money. >>reporter: katherine was able to drive her neighbor here but driving is not an option for everyone. in fact, the president for st. vincent de paul locations the people in this neighborhood, they come to this location because it's easily accessible. it's in their neighborhood and it's a location they're able to walk to. so at this point, she's telling us they're going to try to serve anyone who shows up as best they can but they will likely be doing referrals throughout the day to other locations in the area. so we're going to stay out here throughout the morning and we'll continue to keep you posted as
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>>jennifer: hopefully they can get it fixed and up and running again soon. thank you. police arrested a tampa man in jacksonville after they say he held people hostage during a bank robbery. >>russell: the hours long standoff did come to a peaceful end. nicholas humphrey held up a bank yesterday with a dog in tow. 11 people taken hostage. the 23-year-old demanded cash and for some family members to come to the bank. a couple of hostages were released but humphreys' threats escalated and even put a gun to the back of someone's head and that's when the swat team decided to go in the bank. they found an opportunity when two people hiding ran out of the bank and startled the gunman. nicholas humphrey was charged with armed robbery and 13 counts of kidnapping. according to his 2015 voter registration, he lives in valrico, has a criminal history as well. he was arrested for domestic violence with battery in
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say, is okay. it's now with animal services. >>jennifer: pass toe county detectives want to find the guys who broke into a pair of cell phone stores. they threw concrete through the glass doors to get in yesterday. they stole a bunch of iphones. it's a lot like a burglary at a store earlier this week. >> what's it feel like to be out? >>russell: that is trevor dooley leaving a hillsborough county jail. a judge let him go home while he's waiting for a second trial. he's served an eight-year prison sentence for shooting david james on a basketball court. while he's out, dooley can only travel in hernando county unless he's in court or meeting with his new attorney. >>jennifer: we're still waiting to find out the cause of a fire at the winston park recreation center in clair-mel. there isn't much left.
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early wednesday morning. they were undergoing renovation. they plan to rebuild. we just don't know how long that will take. >>russell: elections board in michigan will consider a request today from president elect trump. his lawyers say green party candidate jill stein cannot request a green count because it will not affect her. she has no way of winning. she only got 1% of the vote in michigan. highly unlikely that this is going to change who won. president elect trump even took his own staff by surprise last night by naming his latest cabinet choice during a big rally. >>jennifer: his choice for defense secretary drawing bipartisan praise and also complications. doug reports from washington. >> general james, mad dog mattis is a popular figure within the military but his experience would make his nomination for secretary of defense a little more difficult.
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>> for almost an hour in front of a large crowd in cincinnati, it seemed like donald trump was back on the campaign trail. some familiar themes, usual attacks on the media and surprisingly enough, a cabinet pick. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. we're not announcing it until monday so don't tell anybody. >> here is t m mattis. he retired in 2013 and there's a law barring officers from serving as defense secretary within seven years of their retirement. still early indications are that congress will sign off on an exception. >> i think he's going to be widely accepted, not just by the rank and file but also lawmakers. i believe from both parties on the hill. >>reporter: the news almost overshadowed trump's other big story. a stop at carrier air conditioning in indiana after helping to convince them to
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union jobs to mexico. >> companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequences. not going to happen. >>reporter: the carrier deal required about $7 million in state tax incentives, drawing fire from liberals and from some conservatives. >> when the president of the united states says we will not allow companies to leave the country without consequences, if he has the power to do that, what else does e the do? >> as far as the mattis nomination for secretary of defense is concerned, that brings us to eight level cabinet positions now filled with perspective nominees. eight more to go. >>russell: and this. florida attorney general pam bondi will meet with the president elect today. she'll go to trump plaza in new york. speculation she may be his choice as drug czar. bondi is already part of his transition team and president
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tuesday. he'll visit macdill for a meeting on the u.s. counterterrorism strategy. macdill is home to the u.s. special operations command. they have 2,500 employees there. 69,000 around the world. they help to protect us from terror attacks here and abroad. >>jennifer: governor rick scott is in miami. they've had several cases this year involving local mosquitos. governor gave the all clear for the northern part of miami last week but he might declare the rest of the state zika-fe hour. we'll let you know what he says. >>russell: fishing may never be the same again. a story that may change your perspective on that sport. >>jennifer: and a costly commitment. becoming a pet owner. how much you should expect to pay in the first year. wait until you hear it. >>dave: depends on if you buy clothes for them like jen does. budget. u.s.f. marine science camera. we're beautiful this morning overlooking tampa bay.
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beach grab you? we're at 50s and 60s, mostly 50s outside this morning coming off the 70-degree temperatures yesterday at this time. it should be nice and refreshing for you outside today with a high of 76. tomorrow a couple of degrees
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>>dave: 7:15. look at that 59 degrees that we have outside. clear skies, dry air. a little breezy but a beautiful start to the day. let's turn the camera around and look west on kennedy and again, beautiful, beautiful sunshine. one more stop. let's see where we're going. river view, where it's 57, looking to the west examine that north-northeast wind at five. it seems like a whole different atmosphere. just picked up and dropped on top of us overnight. our dew points dropped from 70 back to the 40s. our temperatures from the 70s back to mainly the 50s. look at the freezing
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nashville at 30, atlanta 39. miami still warm. still warm and muggy down over south florida. that's the only spot left in the southeast. look at the different. tallahassee has a dew point again. it's the surface moisture. we give it a number. anything below 60 you start to get in the comfy category. 30s, bone dry air. contrast that to miami, 74 dew point. the state of florida has a lovely, d except south florida. i'm longing at 2 1/2 days. that's the way. 2 1/2 days of the great weather and then it will start to get muggier again. you may notice it on sunday afternoon but you'll definitely notice a difference by the time we get into monday. yurp front just hung up over south florida which is why we have showers down around miami this morning. the rest of the state is clear, gorgeous. northeast winds should allow us to get right back up to the mid 70s and at the same time, keep
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nice outside now. with that drier air in place, once the sun goes down, at 5:34, for most of us we'll be out past that time, grab your jackets because it looks like the temperatures will drop quickly, in the low to mid 50s north and tampa right around 57 early tomorrow morning and then partly cloudy, real nice again tomorrow. a couple of degrees warmer than today as we rebound, modify the air mass a bit. tomorrow closer to 78 degrees for 81 on sunday. it starts to warm up, gets muggier and we also bring a front in the state early next week but the god news is that is at least we have a halfway decent chance of showers. tuesday's rain chance around 50%. >>vanessa: thanks. we have an update on a crash we mentioned in an earlier hour of "good day". this is in the davenport area, close to the polk, osceola county line. this was reported at 17 near ronald reagan parkway but we
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polk county sheriff's office that's really going to be kenny harmon road which is ronald reagan on the other side of 17. the eastbound and westbound lanes are going to be completely blocked here. we're hearing this is a serious injury crash that involves a semi truck and another vehicle. this has been underway for a couple of hours so it sounds quite serious. drivers can use the work around here of 17. you can see where it loops here and the osceola polk line road. we'll watch this. meantime, kenneth city drivers, here's a crash with a couple of lanes blocked. it's 62nd street north at 54th avenue north. plan extra time or avoid, please. >>jennifer: we all love our pets but our wallets, they don't. want cost of owning a dog definitely adds up. one family decided to do the math. they specifically wanted a shiba
7:19 am
dog. they paid $2,000 for the dog and another $40 to register him with the american kennel club. then when you add in the crate, the bed, the collar, leash, puppy food, bowl, toys, that all added up to nearly $2300. good news is you'll probably only have to buy those things once. i don't know about that. i buy beds every couple of months because they smell. >>russell: and they tear them up. >>jennifer: after the initial adoption, there are more costs. the quarterly which is $400 a year. quarterly? lots of shots maybe? i don't know. >>russell: wow. >>jennifer: when you add in food, treats, grooming, toys, that's about $840 a year. but don't forget, there are emergencies, too. so make sure you can take care of your furry friend before making that commitment. and then imagine if you have two like russell or three like me
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>>jennifer: look at that. who -- it doesn't matter. it does not matter. the cost. >>russell: pet insurance. get pet insurance. peace of mind. >>jennifer: i'm looking into it. >>russell: 103 million followers. see if you can guess the celebrity setting that record. >>jennifer: and weaving in and out of traffic. the driver puts the video live on facebook. first walter allen in for charley. good morning. >>charley: good morning. you're talking about the little dogs four together and you have the size of my dog. 75 pounds of black lab. that's what rookie is. we're at the dunedin fine arts center and we're talking about a pottery sale that will blow your mind. it's going on this weekend. it is awesome pottery. it is inexpensive so if you are fishing for a christmas gift, this is the place to be.
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(russell- welcome back to good day tampa bay. the >>russell: welcome. 7:23. family, friends and fans
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running back income -- mc knight. >>jennifer: he was found laying on the road, his car nearby. a man is in custody after surrendering at the scene. detectives haven't told us what the argument was about but they say mc knight did not have a weapon. his nfl career wasn't very long. a few years with the jets and then with the chiefs. he was 28 years old. >>russell: rhode island man streamed himself showing him driving at high speed, weaving in and out of traffic. he lost control of the car and hit a garbage truck from behind. the impact sent his car across three lanes of traffic before slamming into a barricade. police plan to use that video as evidence. he may face charges if he survives. >>jennifer: fidel castro's ashes have reached the final resting place. thousands of people stood along the road as the procession stood
7:25 am
santiago. his funeral is on sunday. that will end a nine-day period of mourning. former cuban president was 90 years old. >>russell: buzz aldren in a hospital at new zealand. doctors say he's responding well to antibiotics. he is the second man to walk on the moon in 1969. he's 86 years old now. >>dave: good morning. 7:25. big temperature range again. 46 up in crystal river. the temperatures this morning, up in citrus county are running about 20, 25 degrees colder than yesterday. big difference. mid 50s for brooksville, wesley chapel, lakeland, new port richey, upper 50s for tampa and hanging on to the 60 to 62 numbers from pinellas all the way down through sarasota. 12 to about 14 degrees cooler than yesterday. so big difference, of course, the drier air is in place now as well and it should be for most of the weekend.
7:26 am
7 tomorrow. late in the day sunday, the humidity starts to come back in but still lovely with a high of 81. >>vanessa: we want to check some major roadways. we do hav a lot of stop and go in that southbound direction which is not unusual for this time of morning. this is fouler as we mentioned and the slower speeds continue to almost sligh avenue and then we start to see speeds pick up a little bit. no big complaints for times. from bearss, that will only take you 13 minutes and also 13 southbound on 75. bruce b downs to i-4. plan for about a 15 minute ride between 75 and the interchange if you're taking i-4. >>russell: a christmas tree is set on fire and it didn't take long for it to get out of control. >>jennifer: and ahead, 75 years since the attack on pearl harbor. a survivor returns to remember. alcides segui is on that story. >>reporter: we spoke with john
7:27 am
he's on a plane about to go to hawaii, arriving tomorrow
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(jen) w >>jennifer: time is 7:30. a mother and father in sarasota face charges for letting their kids live in deplorable conditions. children are no fresh water, little food. some pictures are too disturbing to show you but they were bad enough that sarasota police arrested the parents. officers found rotting food, human waste spread throughout the home after receiving a tip.
7:31 am
>> thankfully the kids physically seem to be okay. a little shaken up and a little dirty but seem to be okay physically. emotionally we're going to make sure they get the help they need to get back on their feet. >>russell: officers asked the couple why they let things get so bad. the man told him it was his fault and he had no excuse. he was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. five children are now in dcf custody this morning. >>russell: nearly 75 years since the attack on pearl harbor. decemb today one of those survivors is heading back to hawaii to remember the day that they said would live in infamy. it still does. alcides segui is at tampa international airport. the man has a remarkable story. >>reporter: absolutely. 94 years young. john sealey, just a remarkable man and i was telling our executive producer, can you
7:32 am
he's 94 years old. skrus about an hour, he's catching a flight on american airlines. he has several connecting flights. by the end of today, he'll land at los angeles and then tomorrw morning, he's going to arrive in hawaii. on wednesday is the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor and john sealey has an incredible story. he's the last man alive from the 25th infantry that served at 1941. he was assigned guard duty that day when the first shots of the war were fired at the three rows of planes. he said when he saw the planes, he actually thought they were americans. he was about 10 feet from the hangar when the first plane came over. listen to him. >> just before 8:00, we saw these planes coming in over the pass and we thought they were american planes.
7:33 am
regular size. and as they got closer, one peeled off and headed toward the hangar i was at and the bullet holes are still in the hangar right where i was standing. >>reporter: about a foot away. and when he arrives tomorrow morning, he said he's going to take a couple of pictures and again, he's looking forward to that day. remarkable man, 94 years young, still very active. he said he works out a six days a week. i mean, 94 years old, doesn't look a day over -- well, a day over 80. how is that? but he does look great. no doubt. >>russell: great. that's great. i love every bit of it. thank you. see you, man. >>jennifer: many of us are dreaming of a white christmas. not a charred, fiery one. firefighters are warning people to water their trees. those fresh ones to avoid the holiday celebration going up in
7:34 am
polytechnic institute set up this living room. this tree was left unwatered three weeks in room temperature. once it's lit, it only takes a minute for it to turn into a raging inferno. in 63 seconds, the entire room was on fire. >> when we start to think about what 63 seconds means, that's how much time we need to get out of the house to alert the fire department and get the fire department to 63 seconds is just not a lot of time. >>jennifer: according to the national fire protection association, 210 house fires are started by christmas trees each year leading to seven deaths. so to reduce that risk, make sure you're watering your tree every day. also make sure you're not putting too many electrical appliances on the tree. make sure the tree is also not near heaters are open flames, of course, either. >>russell: starting to look like
7:35 am
>> awesome evening for a parade. >>russell: there he is. there was santa claus. there was a belly dancing statue of liberty and yes, the chief elf. polk sheriff judd. lakeland christmas parade, around 40,000 people were there to see it. nice. downtown tampa is kicking off the season tonight. the city is having the annual tree lig mayor buckhorn will turn the switch. the tree is in the middle of the new winter village and also a free screening of "a christmas story." it's free. you just need to find a place to park and tomorrow the park will have santa fest which includes tampa's annual christmas parade. >>dave: the lightning will try to snap a losing streak tomorrow
7:36 am
goalie gave up four of those goals before ben bishop was sent in as a replacement in the second period. the dallas cowboys have now won 11 straight games. 11 in a row after losing to giants they beat the vikings in minnesota last night 17-15. minnesota had a chance to tie the game after a touchdown but couldn't convert on the two-point play. the stamford took a shot to the head. there was no penalty flag. loss drops the vikings to 6-6, further behind in the playoff choice. folks, there was a tiger woods sighting yesterday. he's back playing golf again.
7:37 am
challenge in the bahamas. woods was playing well until double bogeys on two of the last three holes. he's nine shots behind the leader but it's pretty impressive considering his 466-day layoff because of knee and back injuries. i couldn't shoot a 73 if i had played every day for 400 days. lebron james, 2016 sports person of the year. sports illustrated has been giving out that award since 1954. lebron instrumental in helping the cavaliers win the championship for the first time. i thought about giving the award to the chicago cubs, the entire team. the cubs hadn't won a world series since 1908 but they decided on lebron. >>jennifer: recreational fishing is a popular thing to do here in florida. fresh water, salt, you've got your choice. but this next story might make
7:38 am
>> for the last 100 years, the fish mongers have unfined, descaled and deheaded hundreds of varieties of fish. and for as many fridays as he can remember, al here has eaten a fried or baked fish for dinner. >> i'm 73 so that's a lot of years. >>reporter: eating, and every other fish in the sea comprehend more of their world loss still fishing. >> they feel pain. if you've ever been fishing, you would know. >> it's the capacity to feel. >>reporter: director of animal with the humane society institute for science and policy. >> fishes feel pain.
7:39 am
they remember it. they avoid it. >>reporter: in his new book, he assembles a body of independent scientific studies from all over the world to argue, fish feel, fish learn, fish remember and fish communicate. >> emotions, perceptions, pain, pleasure. >>reporter: 30,000 different species of fish swim in the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. >> large numbers of fishes are crushed in big nets. they may die of if they survive to the boat deck, they usually die of suffocation. >>reporter: rethink the eating habits to encourage humane fishing practices. >> catholics who like fish on fridays. >>reporter: he has fish to fry. he knows it won't suffer any more if he brings it home, cooks it and eats it. >> he's dead now. he doesn't have any more
7:40 am
>>jennifer: saddest story ever. >>russell: didn't need that today. i did not need that. selena gomez, the queen of inein s inextra -- instagram. she beat out taylor swift, beyonce for top spot. hip hop is the most buzzed about u.s. music hashtag this year. and key top moments include tributes for david bowie and prince following their deaths. the instagram. >>jennifer: you're on it. yeah. actors ashton kutcher has welcomed the second child. baby boy was born on wednesday. they reconnected more than a decade and got married in july of 2015. they have a 2-year-old daughter named wyatt isabel. the couple has yet to reveal what they named their new addition. pretty people.
7:41 am
what story? the cost to buy all the gifts from the 12 days of christmas. >>jennifer: i love t. >>russell: coming up, the one items that shot up in price this year. >>jennifer: laying off the lights. no christmas display for the man who always attracts thousands of people. why he's no longer showing his love for the holiday. >>dave: i'm just going to show you one camera shot and that's -- you're going to know exactly what i'm talking about. it is that pretty outside. it's a lot cooler and drier humidity does make a return early next week. we'll discuss that here on "good
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>>dave: it is 7:44.
7:45 am
much, much cooler as well. temperatures there in the 50s this morning. also it's in the upper 50s in the tampa area with absolutely gorgeous conditions as well. look over tampa bay. johns hopkins camera, you can see the wall to wall sunshine that we have for you. here are the temps. wow. 46 still in crystal river. i have leesburg at 52. a lot of mid to upper 50s inland. around 60 to 62 along the immediate coastline but everybody, everybody cooler than yesterday at this time. there's a 39 in the state, panama city, wow. we've also got jacksonville at 40, gainesville at 44. marathon saying cold front? what are you talking about? we're at 80 degrees or close to. they're at 79. the front hasn't really cleared the state all that well. it's 25 degrees colder in
7:46 am
hour. it's 18 degrees colder in daytona beach. you get the point of what this front did by knocking down the temperatures, knocking down the humidity levels. you would have thought with a front like that, it would have brought some decent rain to us. absolutely not. now, there are some showers down over south florida if you're travelling there the next few hours. our next rain chance does make its way in early next week because watch what happens. this front just sags to the south. high pressure dominates, really we'll start to add numbers like in other words, we're going to add 78 on saturday afternoon and 81 on sunday so our numbers are going to go up, but watch what happens early next week. all that moisture that we just got rid of starts to stream right back in as this area of low pressure moves to the northeast, drags a front into the state monday and our rain chances kick in monday at 30% and tuesday, maybe even as high as 50%.
7:47 am
get a great weekend, right? we're at 76 degrees for a high. tonight grab your jackets, your light jackets. 57 for the overnight low and then tomorrow, we're back to 78 degrees. boaters, we are looking at a moderate chop all weekend long. always check back in with us before you take off on your coastal waters just to make sure that hasn't changed. other good thing i like about the seven-day forecast, we need rain so the fact that i've even got a 50% rain chance on there for tuesday is pretty good a down by thursday, high of 68. >>vanessa: right now we want to see how highways are fairing. 275, we had reports of debris in the roadway here along the interstate near 38th avenue north. looks like it's cleared out. didn't take too long. road ranger came and scooped up a ladder so if you're missing one, that's where it went. we do have our eyed on this crash. it's the one in polk county, the davenport area, close to the
7:48 am
kenny harmon at sereno drive, hearing the eastbound and westbound lanes are blocked due to the serious injury crash. we do have sky fox headed to the scene so hopefully wheat get you some live pictures as soon as possible. ? hallelujah, hallelujah? "christmas vacation" with chevy chase. he finally gets all the lights to work. his christmas display had so many lights that it caused a brief power outage around town and temporarily blinded some neighbors. some people, though, are like that in real life. >>jennifer: they love to decorate the outside of the house. like this guy. bob from waconia, minnesota one of those people. look at that. wow. his house usually has so many
7:49 am
it every year. they call it the christmas house. he had been displaying his lights for nearly a decade but not this year. he's honoring the wishes of his neighbors who complain about the traffic, the crash and the noise and makes him sad not being able to share his love for the holiday. >> faith, hope and love. that's what christmas is about. and i think that fighting for our display violated what i was brought up to believe. >>jennifer: he said he has about 300,000 lights just sitting in his garage, a bunch of electrical cords as well. he'll keep them in storage. he plans to move to a new house where there's more space and fewer neighbors. >> four, three, two, one! merry christmas, everybody! >>russell: they lit the national christmas tree last night in
7:50 am
last time the first family will carry out the holiday ritual. they had a front row seat to watch performers. this year's tree is from vermont. 2,500 red, green and white bulbsment it's a tradition that dates back to president coolidge in 1923. >>jennifer: in case you're wondering, the cost to buy all the gifts from the song "the 12 days of $156,508. that's actually less than what -- that's less than 1% more -- what? that's less than 1% more since last year. it's less than 1% less. the tab for the turtle doves rose the most, up 29%. seven of the 12 gifts cost the same as last year.
7:51 am
>>russell: that's too many words. >>jennifer: like .5% more maybe. we'll do that story again. >>russell: no, we won't. the sheriff's department put out pictures on twitter of a beaver holiday shopping at a dollar show in maryland strolling down the aisle, the beaver took a minute to check out the christmas trees. he knocked over some shelves but no major damage. animal control came beaver to a wildlife refuge. there it is. >>jennifer: he was paging through the aisled. he's like, that one. >>russell: you want to get to walter? >>jennifer: let's see what he's up to. >>russell: hey, my friend. walter? >>walter: i'm sorry. you're tossing to me. hey. hello, good morning. happy friday. it's my turn to talk. wake up, wally. what's going on? sorry about that, guys.
7:52 am
center. there's a big event to showcase all the fine arts center has to offer here in dunedin but the big ticket item is the pottery sale. it starts tomorrow, 10:00 but we are giving you a sneak peek of all the beautiful and inexpensive christmas gifts that you can get for this holiday
7:53 am
this season, unwrap disney magic... and wonder fills the air. where joy is the reason for it all... and everything is better together. come share it all... walt disney world resort. where holiday magic is endless. feel the magic again and again... ...become an annual passholder now and get 13 months
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>>walter: walter allen in for charley belcher this morning. we're at the dunedin. you've worked here, you've retired from here, volunteer, you take classes. there's a fantastic weekend that showcases all that the fine arts has to offer. you're unwrapping the potte >> all kinds of treasures. we're discovering the last year, our students and instructors, they make samples and the students decide they don't like this little run of the glaze here so they donate these things and the money goes to buying the bells and whistles, fancy glazes and it's a perfect place to come and by beautiful things. this is $20. this was made by one of our instructors. we have things over here that
7:56 am
crowd coming on saturday to buy some of these things. >>walter: the students and teachers, they put the work into it but also get it on the back end because they donate all the pieces and then get it in return. >> and we have a great time doing it. we had a glaze party a month ago. some instructors got together with some of student volunteers and we took a lot of pieces that have been abandoned or people glazed them and had pizza and - wine and >>walter: i wouldn't be surprised if they would go for like $200 or $300 but very expensive. >> that's true. we have some pieces here that the art center is know for the crystaline pieces. he donated a lot of things for the sale so you can really snap up some bargains. >>walter: and sale starts tomorrow at 10:00, right? stay with us. like i said, you'll see all that the fine arts center has to offer. we'll step across the hallway, step into one of the demos that
7:57 am
the sale starts at 10:00. this is a fantastic way to get some christmas gifts, stocking stuffers out of the way. 50 cents. thank you, km. i don't know who you are but thank you. >>russell: nice. cool. see you later. women in the draft. why president obama is throwing his support behind the idea and his support may not matter. >>jennifer: also why you might want to hold off on the extra cup of coffee.
7:58 am
z26q7z zy6z
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8:00 am
((russell a local food charity should be opening right now - to feed hundreds of families. but it's not. this is why. a local food charity should open to a feed hundreds of families. it is not and that's why. >> forget the dream car. these are wheels barbie needs. campaign to create a wheelchair for barbie. >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes p.m. i'm jen epstein laura moody has day off thanks for waking up on friday >> oh, boy >> beautiful out here. yeah? jen why don't you come out and join us for 9? i think will be fun. no. okay. well. hey. no, no technically it's impossible. >> 59 degrees. it's gorge just out here. whole different atmosphere. our dew .43. and northeast winds at 9. i mean wow. what a start to day. still in upper 40s for crystal


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