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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  December 2, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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((russell a local food charity should be opening right now - to feed hundreds of families. but it's not. this is why. a local food charity should open to a feed hundreds of families. it is not and that's why. >> forget the dream car. these are wheels barbie needs. campaign to create a wheelchair for barbie. >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes p.m. i'm jen epstein laura moody has day off thanks for waking up on friday >> oh, boy >> beautiful out here. yeah? jen why don't you come out and join us for 9? i think will be fun. no. okay. well. hey. no, no technically it's impossible. >> 59 degrees. it's gorge just out here. whole different atmosphere. our dew .43. and northeast winds at 9. i mean wow. what a start to day. still in upper 40s for crystal
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enjoy this little burst of dry air i'm giving to you for two and a half days, then guess what it starts to get humid again today we will back in mid 70s. all right sounds good dave thank you. 8:0 one right now skyfox checking on crash on westbound hillsborough right before you get to 275. we do have a couple of lanes blocked. you can see heading in that direction in just a single lane that's right lane that is passing. it appears to be just a minor fe delays as you might suspect with that lane blockage plan extra time. davenport a serious injuries crash with a semitruck and an another vehicle. this is a kenny harmon road which is the name for the roadway for ronald reagan parkway on east side of 17 by the way. kenny harmon at sir radio in a drive eastbound westbound lanes are blocked. we do have skyfox still en route to this we will try to get you live pictures as soon as possible. good news here after an early
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finally clear of lanes there at manhattan avenue. families desperate for food or going to have to figure out where their next meal will come from. because somebody crashed into st. vincent de paul and caused so much damage the place won't open this morning. that means they will not able to handout any food that's going to be lot of trouble shayla reeves live in st. vincent de paul with a look what's going to happen next. shayla. >> hi, the thrift store location attached to building it will be open today. they've simply impacts the food pantry sharing the same building. many of the people we spoke to and saw this morning they started arriving before daylight. some seeing this sign age on the door. right here for the entrance to the food pantry it says food pantry closed until further notice. we apologize for this inconvenience. this comes after officials say a dangerous scene unfolded
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pantry here on north nebraska avenue. a car came to rest inside of the building. but not before shattering glass and causing thousands of dollars in damage. impact knocked over food, fortunately everyone inside made it out okay. this st. vincent de paul president says this will hirnt their efforts to serve those needing food friday. i spoke with woman who brought her neighbor to the pantry this morning. the people around here is going to be affected to get any. tree especially those that don't have a car. so then we have to go walking. so i have a car so i'm able to commute and drive her around and help her out as well as myself. now catherine you heard from, she transported her neighbor here who tells me is on social security and depends on
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get through each month. her food needs in addition, we're told that driver who lost control in this case did receive a citation. the food pantry again shares the building watt thrift store. our understanding is thrift store will be open but the food pantry again will be closed until further notice. we will continue to follow and keep you posted should new information become available, guys. back to you in the studio. all right shayla, thank you. we'll talk soon. 8:04 right now. sarasota mother and father of this morning accused of a letting their kids live at filthy conditions with very little access to food and no running water. the house was in such bad shape sarasota police arrested at two charging them with child neglect. police received a tip when they showed up to the home they found rotting food and human waste thread throughout home when officers couple why hey let things get so man told him it was his fault no excuse for it.
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were removed and in dcf cutted cutted a tam ma grand retrial is out on bond he appeals his conviction for a second time convicted of killing hearsay neighbor on a basketball court in between ten. dooley claims it was in self-defense and said there were errors made during jury instructionses and that his defense attorney was ineffective. >> imagine waking up and finding a strange man standing at the foot of your st. petersburg woman. britney klein says she will never forget the morning of november 20th. when she woke up to find a burglar in her bedroom. klein said she screamed at him to leave when she saw him bending down, petting her cat. the man said hey and turned around and walked out of her house. >> the man arrested for the burglary was identified a jasper although ren virginia. he liddy a block away from klein they pound his fingerprint on baby gate blocking doorway.
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klein's house again on tuesday but found the door locked and secured by an alarm system. he was arrested wednesday after police tracked him down. taken to pinellas county jail. >> department of transportaion is cracking down on airlines just this year it fined airlines more than $4 million for infractions that doubles last years fines and highest since 2013. it's not just fines but aviation consumer protection division issued 23 consent orders or voluntary agreements between agency and the airline. that's up from 15 the sfwrakss range from lengthy tarmac delays not compensating passengers for lost luggage. consumer advocates say while penalties are a move in right collection drven injuries need to know their rights when it comes to airline issues. about to get a whole lot edz easier to get your hands on tickets favorite place and concerts u.s. senate passed bach act an anti cancel be to fine hacker and scalpers that buy tickets in bull be anding turn
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more in september house members filed similar legislation but bills are not identical senate version is now moving to house for a vote. >> this morning there's new support for women in the military. earlier this year congress proposed a bill that would require women to register for the draft when they turn 18. just like men. >> and fors first time president obama is endorsing the idea. he is the first president to endorse universal draft registration since jimmy carter. after the proposed, the white house was mum on the bill but now that's changed. as part of original defense policy bill created earlier this year legislation called for adding women to the draft. but that has been taken out. this new version being voted on today calls for a commission to study whether the military should have the draft at all. >> white house says the president supports an all volunteer force and that president obama believes adding women to the draft would show commitment to gender equality
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service. no one has been drafted into the military since in a 1973. earlier this year women were allowed to participate in combat roles for first time. but that could be changing too. there's a chance the trump administration will review and potentially repeal allowing women to serve in ground combat units. >> emotional sight every holiday season arlington national cemetery. in other veterans cemeteries across the country. thousands wreaths are placed on head stones the project carried out by december 17th more than a million wreaths will be placed on veterans head stones across the country. they need your help to make it happen. this year they are short on volunteer and on donations if you'd like to help you can sponsor wreath for $15. just go to wreaths across by december 14th. chris wallace profiled person that started that. >> yeah. nice. >> well it is almost time to pull out your boots and jackets. at least for a couple of days. dave's back in just a few minutes with when we'll see much
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back this weekend. i'm going to give you sneak peek at old hyde park home tour the 8:30 christmas time its here and things have change ad lot over
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this sunday is your chance to see some homes in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in tampa. it's the old hyde park home tour--it's an annual tradition for the homeowners..and this sunday is your chance to he homes an annual traditional for homeowners and us too i never get tired of seeing great old homes and spending time with those who keep them that >> on south othering area this year old hyde park home tour beautiful homes. some old, some knee from swan avenue to bay shore boulevard. we try to keep it all on one street. thus is easy to transport everyone up and down they been see more houses and less time.
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in 1916 one the gems on this street even featured in southern living and better homes and gardens speaking gardens chip's garden is not to be missed. just redone, it is beautiful. funny to talk to chip about how this neighborhood was when he came in. it's a beautiful home. how long have you been here? >> oh, i bought it? inn 79. at that time this was a very iffy neighborhood. it was red lined and wouldn't loan. some of the bigger homes were sub divided into apartments. and that's when i came. old hyde park is nothing like that now. it is preserved and protected. and lot like it was at the beginning. we live in the front of our homes as they did decades ago. and from that we get the feel of the old time, old time living
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chip has heing old hyde park restored to its original beauty in fact he was one of those that helped get it done. now here you will. this beautiful neighborhood and beautiful homes. it's something, huh? yeah i feel like an an old stone. so do i old hyde park home tour is sunday from 1 to 4. again it's on south oregon hyde park village and park in garage and walk to the tour. always fun. beautiful. hey, yes? >> hey jen? you saw that closing shot, right? russell. >> yes. that's russell in like 20 years, right? sitting on the porch in a rocking chair getting off my lawn, kid. i just put fertilizer down. am i right? he thinks assist thinking three
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get out of my yard. walk on your own. >> anyway. sorry. i just had that vision. i know you did. you know a little, there's two chairs one for you too. you're more than welcome. you'll still be here. you will 20 years behind us. yeah eventually. that was compliment by way jen. 59 degrees current temperature outside. sitting here a lot cooler and lot yesterday. i'm just best way to describe it honestly just refreshing outside. plant city, new tampa. palm harbor all at 57 degrees. brooksville at 57. crystal river at 48. so we get to the 40s around here. after the 70s, yesterday morning. lower 60s from bradenton englewood. and polk county upper 50s to around 60. there's your 24-hour temperature
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wauchula you're 5 degrees cooler to the extreme. crystal river 23 degrees cooler here in 8 o'clock hour versus yesterday. soths just going to be an absolutely gorgeous day. you look state-wide. everybody is cooler. and enjoy this little cool down. enjoy this dryer air. because honestly it looks like by monday morning, the humidity is back. but, the good news out of that is that it also looks as well. which rereally, really really do need. mostly sunny, much drier today with high of 76 degrees. tonight, mostly clear. seasonable. 57 degrees for the overnight low. and all looking a tomorrow, another gorgeous day. not as dry as today, still lovely though. with a high of 78 degrees. i'm going to go back to lower 80s for second half the weekend. plus, 30 percent rain chance.
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tuesday. okay. all right. dave. sounds good. thank you. it's 8:16. we have skyfox monitoring westbound. near 275 westbound direction you can avoid take hillsborough and make sure sure aplaning extra time. in between commercial breaks we had skyfox check out this. this is a crash on our you can see we have right lane blockage here. that northbound direction. very slow this way. so same goes for this one. plan extra time. or avoid if you can. look major roadways right no big complaints. live look i-4 near paul bachman highway. everything moving nice and smooth east and westbound. 75 commit you head towards irnths change great conditions continue in yellow here at 15 minutes through that stretch.
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coffee. stuff of miracles. you notice your hands are getting shaky you broken into a sweat it maybe time to layoff the beans for while. feeling of being buzzed isn't pleasant but doctors say mild caffeine overdoses are not all that dangerous. but it will take four to six hours for the feeling to wear off. we will reign in factors here weight to j nettic you true to speed it up hydrating well can splush your system and working out can burn off excess energy as well speed off limit caffeine before going into coffee two to three cups normal maybe even four but anything beyond that is just asking for trouble. yeah. i think in the morning i do. yeah. yeah. i do. hey, we received a very interesting picture from a viewer yesterday after seeing charley at ergle farm they cannot afford tree they do something very cool instead. we will show thank you to you
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first walter getting creative dunedin fine arts center.
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good morning everybody. walter allen in for charley belcher this morning. we're at the dunedin fine arts? with lorraine. lorraine, you are instructor of, this had a whole big giant
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student abstract acrylic expressionism. i also teach intro to pastels reason we're talk to you tomorrow they have big open house which starts at 10 o'clock. that's where you can buy all pottery by way. here, is one the demos that will be going on. this where people can come and see everything that the dunedin fine arts center has to offer. and you will be given a demo about this. so what are you agoing to be telling folks tomorrow? basically the way i teach my classes, and i have some of my students here, and it's all about painting abstractly. and there's two different kinds of abstract. there is figure active which basically it looks like something. and then there is this, which is nonobjective. which is basically composition color, shapes and value. and each week in our class, we talk about a different way to start a painting. how do you start? you have blank canvas what do you do. so tomorrow in the demo aring
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blank canvas how do you get started. big tip the cap to photo journalist tiptoeing around land mines trying to not knock over this hard work in here. how do you get started? i mean do you have to have a picture right there? >> you don't. you don't have a picture. but this particular picture here is a photo shopped version of a still life that we worked from a week ago. and this shows you that you can work from a painting within a pa much. it was probably a corn stalk in the still life. and photo shopped it just makes an interesting abstract. so i work from that as the class did. and just look for shapes and values and invent the colors that you happen to like that work in your composition. beautiful thing about this is, you use all sorts of things. one artist over here she was using credit cards to make sure you have straight lines. you were using your fingers you
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what we do each week i'll demonstrate again tomorrow is you can use pallet knife a brush, your fingers, it's really trying to loosen up your technique. if anybody comes in and says i think too tight. that's the class they want to take. and they can see a little bit of that demo tomorrow. and i think also you don't have to be married to the picture if you start making something like you were mentioning off camera earlier something that was supposed to be i don't know, starting to look leak tree or turn it sideways it looks like something else you can make absolutely. absolutely. you start it one way. and it's just the basic elements of composition and shape and value. and all of sudden, something may appear or by turning it, it looks like something else. and you work on it that way for a while. and then the class is very instructive as well. everybody will look and say i really like it better that way. did you think about maybe lighter here or darker here. so it's really a collaborative effort. and we do positive critiques which means we talk about what's
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versus saying something negative. and there's always something working in painting always something gelling that will turn into a great painting. i wish we had positive critiques. i can help out with that. okay. thank you we'll bring you on do positive critiques thank you so much. so for the demos that will start same time pottery 10 o'clock but only go until 2 >> that's right. here dunedin fine arts center we will go back ove things they are going to have this weekend on top of the pottery that includes jewelry as well also glass blowing and all of this other interesting stuff. if you're market to do to get some christmas gifts out to friends or family, this is the place to be, guys. >> all right. looks good. thanks, walter. see you later on. >> it is a moment that changed america. the bombing of pearl harbor. 75 years later. a man who survived it is going back. alcides is going to share his story. plus a barbie for everyone.
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tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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((russell 2shot bw)) president obama will make his final speech 8:30 president obama will make his final speech about u.s. counter terrorism efforts next week. and he's doing it all here in tampa. at macdill air force base. the headquarters for u.s. special operations command. while in tampa the president plans to meet with the men and women stationed here. that includes special option taemz that play key roles during president obama's presidency. white house says president will focus on the reforms he
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veterans administration at newly introduced bill focus on fixing miss math ashs and improving best access to care. called va management alignment act of 2016. in would direct the head va to issue a report to congress outlining steps it needs to take to reorganize the department. if the act passes that report would have to be delivered within 180 days. it's been 75 years since the bombing of world war ii. a man who survived it is getting a chance to go to hawaii for the anniversary. fox 13's alcides segui is at tia where he just left for this long trip to hawaii. >> and i thought was interesting speaking with him there were only about 30 plus survivors. and a there be a handful there he's predicting somewhere around
8:31 am
variety of reasons. but the few that will be there, he says he's looking forward to that moment because it's a time that they can reflect on what happened. as you mentioned russell and jen, yeah he's on a flight right now. american airlines, flight leaves 8:30 this morning scheduled to arrive in los angeles some time later today. and then is going to arrive in hawaii tomorrow morning. as we mentioned it's going to be a day that he's just has been looking forward for a very, very long time. last time he pearl harbor was two years ago. so let me introduce you to this guy 94 years old a pearl harbor survivor. this morning getting on that flight expected to arrive in hawaii tomorrow. he's last man alive from the 25th infantry that served a wheeler air field back in december 7th, 1941. he was assigned guard duty that day when first shots of war were fired 3 rows of planes. he says when he first saw those
8:32 am
he was about ten feet from that anger. hang around arkansas. he spoke with him earlier this morning i had, i just i figured that the bond that they would have would be something that would just be unexplainable. but what he told me was a complete opposite. listen in. >> if you're exposed to battles you don't want to have friends you have because when they die, if they are friends it is tough to handle it where if they are just another person in the group you can handle that. wow. remarkable. two years ago by the way, there were 12 survivors that actually went to pearl harbor. again only a few are expected this year. 94 years old. still very active. he says he goes to the ymca six days a week that's why he's able
8:33 am
thank you, alcides. see you later. terrifying. >> terrifying two-hour stand off jacksonville bank ends with man arrested. turns out man who was taken into custody is from tampa. armed man went into the jacksonville credit union and took about a dozen people hostage just before 10 o'clock yesterday morning. a man walked in with a dog fired his gunned and and ordered everybody in back room investigators say robber threatened to kill pointing a gun at a person's head. after few hours, s.w.a.t. team was able to move in and make an arrest. identified 23-year-old nicklaus of tampa now facing a list of charges one count armed robbery and 13 counts of kidnapping. not first time he's been in trouble. hillsborough county sheriff's office arrested him back in february on a domestic violence charge. nearly two years after a teen was murder tampa police make an arrest in case in
8:34 am
now police believe 21-year-old reginald bowman pulled the trigger. detectives say his dna was on a visor that's was found at the scene. tipster said he wanted to arrange gun sale so oaked rob coleman. second degree felony murder while this arrest is very important it's not going to bring that family closure. six people are hospitalized after bus crash in south florida. it all happened ysterday te ran stop sign forcing a driver a private school bus to swerve. bus smash 32ed u concrete wall surrounding a home. adults 4 children were hurt. kids students nearby middle school none of their injuries are life threatening. investigation into into what caused a fast moving fire winston park recreation center continues this morning fire started yesterday. within an hour, flames enveloped the building. leaving behind charred remains rec center recently received
8:35 am
tampa bay lightning. and the boys and girls club of tampa bay. leave the guns at home in an open letter chip burke said the presence of if i were arms in stores creates an unsettling environment. he clarified he have i's wasn't banning guns just asking people not to bring them into company's stores, officers and facilities even local laws allow deadly shooting including pulse night club shooting in orlando. burke says with so many store spanning globe he's thinking more about safety and protecting customers. we could get outside and check in with dave. good morning. it is so nice. this is again, my opinion, i know, people like it, people like cold air some like it warmer. this is perfect. just feels so good outside. our temperatures are starting to warm up of course.
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like brandon's at 61. 42s proof at 61. sebring at 63. 64 in bradenton. just lovely, lovely stuff. crystal river has finally gotten back to 50-degree mark. real chilly stuff in our state. up to the north right across i-10 jacksonville 44pensacola's 48 degrees. that north wind, northeast at times bringing in drier air i do expect breezy at again a beautiful sunshine. i call it wall to wall sunshine that we're going to have. notice not so nice down over south florida miami sitting there like, okay. it's still warm. still muggy. they've got some showers. but once you go north, once you get north of naples the weather is great for the entire state. look at the bottom left hand corner of your screen. you see mid level moisture. over the weekend, especially
8:37 am
way. and you'll probably notice some surface moisture starts to get higher as well. whooim saying is next two and a half days, great. dry, beautiful, gorgeous. then humidity from the southwest is slowly going to start to kind of sneak back in. so mostly sunny. much drier today then yesterday. boy, it's a huge difference. 76 for a high temperature. mostly clear. 57 tonight. and tomorrow, we're going 78. partly cloudy. lovely conditions. boating but we do have mod ray chop any time we get in moderate chop i urge you to keep checking back in to see if that changes over weekend. next high tide 4:56 p.m. and seven-day forecast brings humidity back in. but it also brings in some rain chances. which we really do need. so next tuesday looking a 50 percent rain chances. time to give away another fox 13 good day mug. #we live here. you got to go to my facebook
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just like richard did. richard buck of this gorgeous rainbow over one the most beautiful places in our area. sun city center. i'm not sure, vanessa if you have been to sun city center. but it's pretty without the rainbow. that's just made it even more gorgeous. and that definitely is beautiful. and that rainbow added to it. hope you found the pot of gold, richard you definitely thanks dave for that weather report. 8:38 and we want to check the roads. we have live look here 275 near ashley drive here southbound lanes. we do have a reported crash as you head towards the cypress area. i did check a few cameras looked for delays i don't see anything there on camera. so at the very least just keep your eyes peeled i don't think it will be there like as reported on our fhp website. seffner drivers u.s. 92 a parsons northbond right lane
8:39 am
caution heading that way we have minor slow downs you can sear here southbound use 19 crashes reported with single lane blocked here. good day garden with our friend david widwam inspect good to see you hope your holidays are going well. they are going greet. about a month or so ago. we were out in good day garden we had to kind of redo it. because of some seeds got mixed in wit just got pulled up. we decided to put pollution in and now we've made lot of progress. we put pollution in and then we put carrot seeds in we do do some of this by seeds. and really we have haven't number garden for about four weeks. other than some mild weddings. so now it's time to do housekeeping. >> looks good. yeah. all right. where do we start? we'll start over here. this is broccoli. it's doing okay. it really doesn't look like it needs much other than the
8:40 am
here to the kale. the kale when we put the plugs they were still pretty tight. if you look down here you can actually see that there's one and a one plant growing out of this hole. see how there's two plants. nice thing about this we call a gleaning you're going to get a little bit of harvest outdoing this. first thing we will do come through and thin out plants. here's another bunch of kale right here. that as you can see is just too tightly packed. because i'm gleaning i'm going to actually going to take bigger one and have a little bit of more of harvest. 's. that's ready to eat in smooth sympathy or stir 42 i. we can thin the rest of these out. i want wanted to move over here to lettuce. romaine lettuce also when we planned it you can see their more than one plant.
8:41 am
eat. so we can just come in here, again when i'm gleaning i like to take bigger plants. that way i'm getting more for the table. so as you can see we got two little lettuce plants here romaine. we want to go down the radio and do that with every single one of lettuce. >> okay. the cilantro we will leaf it when we glean later on we get a little bit more of a harvest. move over here to the carrots. so with the carrots, as you can see when we put seeds in, they are still a little bit tightly pack. make with carrots. is they don't come back and then them out. carrots are pretty easy aget them to germ nate. key is making sure you come back in and thin them out. you want carrots to be about 1 to two inches apart each. i like to just, yeah they are too close. but we just wanted to make assure you this want them too far apart either or you're wasting space we will pull all of these carrots up and leave them so they are one to two inches apart. we don't is lot of time left.
8:42 am
after we thin everything out we're going to come back and do our feeding. like i said everything has in for about four weeks. this will give everybody a little push and make sure they have minerals they need micro nutrients which like vitamins and compost plus. which is the food what they use to actually build with. time to give them some of that. that's right. good, david. looks good. thank you, man. moving along. good to see you. good to see you too. oh ever changing holiday season.
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((russell studio b)) over the last few decades.. christmas has changed drastically.. christmas change allotted in last few decades being drastically changes chances are you have seen it evolve. to this list proves it we're taking look what came out the
8:46 am
1959? who is that? in that year barbie made first debut one first adult dolls to be introduced. she still makes children light up today. now we're going to lean forward to 1971. much more forward. bit more controversial. this was year john lennon yoko ono debuted vietnam protest song happy christmas the too. moving on to 1982. walter. >> prince william's first christmas 1983, christmas story. i love that movie. and still considered one most iconic christmas movies of all time. you this like it? >> no. >> 1988. vanessa. >> what? >> i like how we just-- yes, i was born in '88.
8:47 am
and picsary both consider hottest toys of year tops almost everybody's wish list. really? i don't like that you don't like the christmas story. tradition is to watch miracle on 34th street my mom watch it is a dozen times a holiday season. she loves it. both versions. >> i'm auk ser for hallmark channel. >> that's maikon fegs. they just play like nonstop christmas movies. we played the christmas vacation. take b holidays. i never watch it any time of year exception when they move christmas moves i still have frosty santa claus. >> oh. all of those. yeah. my kids are watching. we play the christmas vacation clip earlier i want to see it again now. my dad would sit and watch christmas vacation and laugh as though he had never seen it before. it's funny. he could watch it repeatedly so
8:48 am
walter will starting new memories that's true his baby girl coming up right around the corner. neat. neat. shall we check in with him as long as you brought it up. hey walter. >> all right. now clark, clark that there is an rv. [ laughter ] >> that there is an rv. now don't you go falling in love with we're taking it when we leave here next month. oh dear. we have uncorked something. i love christmas >> surprise surprise i remember a movie line somewhere. yes. yeah. i know i'm sorry i do love that movie i'm just like your dad i would watch it and every time i watch i laugh at something new like i've never seen it before. let's talk about christmas. why don't we? why this we talk about christmas presents a good idea here if you're coming here to buy pottery you can also make your own jewelry.
8:49 am
ments so i use excedrin. from my life. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on my symptoms, too. now moments lost to migraines are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me.
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welcome back... the time is 8:xx. barbie dolls are being created with more realistic porportions. some even come with stick-on moles and acne. well one company is adding another unique accessory to the dolls-- wheelchairs. one company adding another unique accessory to the dolls. wheelchairs creator of dolls. he wondered what it would be like if a wheelchair was common
8:52 am
with a disabilities. mattel did once produce a doll in a wheelchair. but discontinued it for unknown reasons. one wednesday lamb launch a kick star campaign to make mini wheelchairs reality. chairs designed to fit most fashion dolls. the creator believes in kids can see diversity and their place. they can accept it and people around them. what a great idea. time 8:52. check with walter he's filling in for charley this hey, good morning. >> hey good morning there guys. we're dunedin fine arts center. we are of course, we're thinking about christmas and christmas shopping. the pottery sale going on and open house dunedin fine arts center this weekend. 10 to two tomorrow. but also, when you're in market for pottery and nice things to get family and friends, you can also check out all the other things that the dunedin fine arts center has to offer. one of them being stai stacy perry and jewelry making and all
8:53 am
what all you offer. what do you offer? we offer all different types of jewelry making and the art of jewelry making from wire to jewelry fabrication traditional silver smithing. what's beginning do you have to have any type of experience when you come? you don't need to know anything. when you come into the classroom we'll teach you everything that you need to know. that's my kind of class. because i usually go into a lot of situation not knowing a jewelry is this easier than something else am i way off? jewelry classes is that we start you off at the beginning. because you've got learn how to spell a word before you can take off and write books. so we start at the beginning. easy projects in all of skills that you learn build on those skills. so it gets better and more and more complicated as you go. what all is involved? i mean is it in metals?
8:54 am
working with wire we're working with sheet mental and gem stones. so what's involved is sawing and hammering and piercing. and bending wire. torching. we do soldering. and create these lovely pieces. i've had students bring samples of pieces we've made in class. from things that are very, very basic like starting out just making a very basic simple band to pieces that are a lot more complicated. as you're s so talk about the success. what type of success have you seen from your students? they come in not knowing anything they leave with >> they leave with gorgeous pieces of wearable art. >> and it's so cool to watch people who knew nothing. and then they are making jewelry for their friends and themselvea career make jewelry and sell and do real well with it. now if you folks because i wasn't aware, the dunedin fine
8:55 am
classroom right? it was jewelry classroom at one time. we've kind of been in satellite locations art center just expanded built us beautiful new studio. we partner art center partners with florida society of goldsmith's west coast chapter and president of that organization. we partner with the art center bringing tooling and equipment to help turn it into premiere julie restudio people have fun, safe environment to learn jewelry arts. okay. perfect. here you go. this is not on sale. this is not on thrilled to sell them. some of the pieces are never going to be for sale because they are very special to students but they are samples of their work. and every away got things from wire class to more sophisticated fabrication. let's go with that. because, um, why do students-- what makes it so important to them? sentimental? >> it is sentimental but also an
8:56 am
thing it makes you feel good makes other people feel good when you give it to them. it's immediately rewarding. you make it you have it you wear it you're like yeah look what i did. thank you for coming on this morning you can like i mention gifts, gift certificate for somebody to take this class. and you can make all of this fantastic jewelry. and then we're going to talk about pottery coming up a little bit later. russ will i i know you're outside jason bird is going to hate me i'm so you can't see me. maybe you can. yeah, it's okay. it's wonderful outside humidity is gone. it's okay. no it's great. you're right. the shot is okay. >> okay. okay. oh. oh, okay. all right. russell we'll talk it back in to you. all right education legendary rock group rolling stones released their first album in 11 years. doesn't sound like what we're
8:57 am
keith. we will play a little of it for you at 9 o'clock. nobody ever said christmas came cheap. now if you love the song the 12 days of christmas, we're going to tell you h ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ?
8:58 am
(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
8:59 am
9:00 am
? >> army strong but not in numbers. why the branch is having a tough time recruiting. >> the holiday spirit in more forms than gree pines. homage to christmas trees. >> good morning, we finally made it to friday. i'm jenn epstein. >> and i'm russel rhoades isn't it nice outside? >> it is. i think the humid sit coming back in two and a half days. maybe two and three quarters. how does that sound? >> monday?


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