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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  December 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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? >> army strong but not in numbers. why the branch is having a tough time recruiting. >> the holiday spirit in more forms than gree pines. homage to christmas trees. >> good morning, we finally made it to friday. i'm jenn epstein. >> and i'm russel rhoades isn't it nice outside? >> it is. i think the humid sit coming back in two and a half days. maybe two and three quarters. how does that sound? >> monday?
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>> for most people they're just getting up. >> i see. >> we're almost done. >> maybe that's the problem. >> 61 in tampa. these are lovely, comfortable temperatures. crystal river back to the mid-50s after bottoming out in the upper 40s. dew points are dry. 30s and 40s. we have dry air in place. should warm up quickly enough we made it back into the mid-70s this afternoon. vanessa, a high of 78 for saturday. >> thank you, looks like we're dealing with lane blocks from an early shall contrary here in the davenport area. it's at kenny harmon road which is the eastern side of rornald reagan parkway. at the intersection is where we have eastbound and westbound lanes that are blocked. this is a serious injury crash. we know it involves a semi truck and a second vehicle. due to the injuries we've been seeing a big shutdown here for several hours. continue to avoid.
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around, the eastbound, westbound direction will be your best work bunch. and it's putting the military branch in a predictament. ((jen)) while they need that many people they say the issue is only three in ten people can meet the initial requirements. three in ten. there are three basic components: health- mental- and moral. health- really means physical. there are weight requirements- can't be above a certain weight depending on how tall you are... there are also minimum weight requirements but those are rarely a problem. you have to have a high school degree. and the moral part of it is subjective. ((jen/wipe vo)) but generals are saying they can't
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they just have to deal with fewer recruits.. but they also say, parents and schools need to do more to get america fit again... they also want more education about what the military does.. saying that most people have the misconception that most people in the military will see combat. and that, they say, is not true. ((jen)) these same generals said their recruiters may have a hard time filling their quota of eighty thousand new recruits... but it won't compromise national security... it might if there are several years of low numbers.. but they don't anticipate that. ((russell/ later today, congress will vote on next year's defense spending bill. 611 billion dollars. the republican-led house is going against just about everything president obama wanted. ((russell it keeps guantanamo bay open. president obama had pledged to close it. but it will remain open- and president-elect donald trump has vowed to keep sending terrorists there. it stops the pentagon from any base closures... it also increases the number of troops. another seven thousand service members for
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point one percent pay raise. that's half a percentage point more than what the white house wanted to give. and their largest raise in six years. ((russell/wipe vo)) but most importantly, it stops the department of defense from going after thousands of members of the california national guard. remember last month, we told you about the push to recoup some signing bonuses from people who allegedly were not eligible. sometimes >> this is from people who were allegedly not egligble to get them. sometimes causing people this new bill stops the dod from going after these people. however it's not clear what will happen to the member who's have
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rounding out his cabinet, he's looking to probably the most important nomination. the next justice for supreme court. sources are saying he's narrowed is down to three or four candidates and we should hear something soon. >> thank you to ohio. >> for almost an hour in front of a large crowd in cincinatti, it seemed like donald trump was back on the campaign trail. some familiar themes the usual attacks on the media and surprisingly enough, a cabet >> we have going to appoint mad dog maddis as our secretary of defense. but we're not announcing it until monday so don't tell anybody. >> but here's the complication with maddis. he retired back in 2013 and there's a law barring officers from serving as a defendant secretary within seven years.
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exception. >> he's going to be widely accepted not just by the rank and file but lawmakers i believe from both parties on the hill. >> reporter: the maddis news almost overshadowed a stop at carrier air-conditioning in indiana. o after helping them to stop from sending 800 jobs to mexico >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> reporter: but the in state tax incentives drawing fire from liberals and from some conservatives. >> when the president of the united states says we will not allow companies to leave the country without consequences. he if has the power to do that, what else does he have the power to do? >> reporter: and as far as the maddis nomination for secretary of defense is concerned that brings this up now to eight of these cabinet level positions now filled with prospective nominees.
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>> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, united states of america was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the naval and air forces of the empire of japan. >> president roosevelt. the day after the attack on pearl harbor, hawaii. it thrust america into world war ii. and this marks the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. the then ma fought in that war were quickly losing. but today a wrld war ii veteran at the age of 94 boarded a plane
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off this morning. >> remarkable man. such a special day for him. john ceeley, 94 years old. as of now he's flying the skies expected to arrive in los angeles sometime today and then arriving in hawaii tomorrow. a day that he's been looking forward to for a long time. in fact, the last time he was in pearl harbor was about two years ago. he says there was 12 survivours there and he's expecting three, obviously along the way many survivors have passed away. with that said, again, this is a day he's been looking forward to for a very, very long time. john ceeley is the last man alive from the 25th infantry that served at wheel i airfield back on december 7, 1941. he was assigned guard duty that day when the first shots of the war were fired at the three rows of planes. he says when he saw the planes
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it was about 10 feet from the hanger when one of the first planes came over. >> just before 8:00, we saw all these planes coming in over the pass. we thought they were american plane and under american flags. as they got closer, one peeled off and headed towards the hanger i was at. and the bullet holes are still there right where i was we interviewed him during the 6:00 hour, and such a remarkable man. i can only imagine the stories that he could tell. 94 years young. very active. says he works out at the ymca six days a week. because of that, he's still active enough it make a trip like this. back to you. >> amazing. amazing. thank you. >> got good news/bad news about the economy.
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came out. the unemployment rate fell to 4.6 percent last mo. that's the lowest in nine years because companies added 178,000 jobs. now here's the bad news. the unemployment rate also fell because a large number of people stopped looking for work. also troubling, the average pay fell last month after making gains in october. speaking of jobs, the largest u.s. solar panel install certificate opening up an operation center. the company is solar they'll be hiring sales and installers for the center. the company said that defeating amendment 2 last month allowed them to move forward with their plans to come to the sunshine state. >> local charity is cleaning up this morning after a dangerous scene on thursday. a driver lost control and crossed a parking lot and food pant riy. everybody is ok.
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it could take days for repies -- repairs. customers are being referred to other pantry locations. >> still ahead the dos and don'ts of the holiday season. our etiquette expert november gates that for us. >> and we've not started the 12 days previous to christmas yet, but we know how much each day will cost you everything from a partridge in a pear tree drummers drumming. >> and speaking of gifts, walter filling in for charlie today at a fine place. pick up some nice stuff for the holidays. >> reporter: yes. it's the fine arts center. it's the fine is in the name. it's got to be fine. including pottery free for you and me. that's not all. this is stuff you can buy. but there is so much more that you can do.
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>> three, two one! merry christmas? >> poor the final time president obama and first lady michelle and daughter sasha lit the national christmas tree. his wish for this holiday season that americans take care of the sick, hungry and downtrodden and to treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. >> last night over in lakeland close to 40,000 people showed up to celebrate the holidays with their annual christmas parade
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santa part of the festivities. the popular sheriff and russ will call him an elf earlier. >> sheriff elf. >> you realize you called gradey judge an elf. >> he tweeted me and he likes it. >> he does? >> they approve. it's good. >> i was going to say don't go near lakeland. >> i'm having a microphone problem. i'm told i need to stand close >> you. every year we hear and sing along tho that song, the 12 days of christmas. >> and everyone year someone calculates how much it will cost us to buy everything on the list. from a partridge in a pear try for up to the 12 drummers drumming. it will cost you only a half percent more than last year. but it's still going to set you back $156,000. >> exactly. >> what? quickly here's the list. a partridge in a pear tree,
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-- there on your screen. five golden rings own $750 >> that always gets me that it's drummer drumming- 29 hundred dollars... the total: but remember, the 12 days of christmas are not before christmas. >> yes. technically the 12 days of christmas happens on christmas day and the days following until all saint day on january 6. >> how do eight maids a milking, $58?
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>> there are questions here. many questions. answers are not forthcoming. >> ok. lower 60s outside. we talked about how -- >> can i stop talking into fur microphone now? >> talk into my chest? >> will you go. see you later. >> ok. >> creepy. >> that's what creeped out? that's it? of all of things i've done in 12 years with you, that creeped you out? 63 in brandon. i've got 63 in lake start to the day. as you go up towards i-10 upper 40s for our friends in jacksonville. lower 50s from gainsville to thattallahassee. we're looking at 10 to 14 degrees celder than it was in the 9:00 hour yesterday. very, very comfortable. this front -- you know what's interesting to me? the big temperature drop, dew
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you normally think with a big front like that you get a big line of showers. didn't happen. dew points are down into the 40s as well. if you're going to south florida, different story. still feels like summer down there with dew points in the 70s. beautiful day accept right over south florida. the everglades. everybody else looking at sunny skies. with that i think temperatures today easily get back up to 76. because that dry air quickly. now, the sun will go down this evening at 5:34. once it does i want to you grab your jackets. because we'll get back into 50s overnight tonight. for tomorrow we're looking at 78 partly cloudy. lovely conditions as well. moderate chop for boaters all weekend long. it's going to get a bit more humid by sunday afternoon. let's say sunday evening. and then the humidity plus some clouds and maybe a decent rain chance coming through the early
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then maybe a big cooldown late next week. >> all right. sounds great, dave. thank you. it's about to be 9:19. we have a heads up for folks traveling in the hernado county area. fhp reporting a prescribed burn near u.s. 98. that could cause visibility concerns in this general area. if that is a problem make sure you're slowing it down and giving yourself enough stopping distance as well with the >> you've probably already gotten a few invitations to a party. well, here to help us navigate the dos and dons. it's more than just rsvps to the invite. >> it's been a while. >> i missed you. >> i missed you too. >> i follow you on instagram. i stalk me back sometimes. i say, look, she likes it. >> that's o k that's property etiquette, right? what are is the go-to whz responding to a party?
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within 48 hours. >> people don't do that. >> but it heckles your mind. you're is mad about that party by the time you respond. get your calendar. t out. circle the date. if you can right when it comes in theaz even nicer. and then you want to ask the host what can i bring? do i need anything? >> what do you if they say no? >> bring a gift anyway. because they'll you don't. >> so that's the polite response for them but you should still get something small? >> something little. >> what if you don't go? do you still need to send something? >>. f if it's glur bestie, look one of those, it's a sin that you're missing it. you do want to roll over there with something before or after and love on them a little bit. >> what about the regrets as far as you not being able to come? >> keep it simple.
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dissertations. but if it's your bestie, you need to cancel everything unless it's a trip it new york with your bestie for your honey on. >> what about the fickle people? >> well, we have to give them grace. but whatever way you receive an invitation if it's by e-mail or phone call respond back in the same way. >> there a proper way t invitation >> people send them by e-mail? >> they do. i love the written ones but they're, you know, falling away. aso you want to make sure that if you have someone, a person in town or something, to ask the host is it ok if you bring them? don't surprise them. like here's crazy aunt sally that got drunk last year and ruined everything. >> aunt sally needs to stay at home. what about when you're there?
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guest? >> you want to keep conversation going and flowing. don't latch on to the same person the whole night. and walk around and pick up any orphaned plates, napkins but do it on the sly. don't say, hey, i'm picking up the cups that crazy aunt sally left sitting around >> do you have a crazy aunt sally? >> oh, yes. and an aunt gertie. them together? be a gracious guest. >> yes. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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>> good morning. we're at the fine arts center. diane shelly, adult education director. nailed it. big event going on this weekend. open house. pottery is for sale. all the proceeds go back to pottery program. but have you much more to offer this weekend. 10:00 to 2:00 what will we see here? >> everything we do as far as our education program. our new cat rogue just came -- cot rogue just came -- catlogue just came out. the printmakers will be here.
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premier nationally known artist in st. pete, his glass studio is bringing his mobile hot shop on site. you can blow your own glass christmas ornament. so it's $45 thing you can do. but when will you blow your own ornament. i think it's a special occasion to do that. >> reporter: so you sign up in advance? >> they're 15-minute slots. he can only do 16. it's a limited offer. but it's just interesting to come into the classroom. something you've thought about, taking a class. talk to the instructor. see what it's about. there will be students working in the classrooms. you can seen two up to them and ask them how it is. >> good for kids too? >> absolutely. bring the family out. not only is it great for the pollery sale but they have a
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are about. >> thankthank you so much. i appreciate it best of luck to you guys. tomorrow, here at the fine arts center, 10:00 2:00. >> 1143 michigan boulevard. >> reporter: russ, back to you guys. >> nice stuff. thank you. see you later. >> yeah yeah. >> goodbye. and about face. the new policy coming to
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>> the announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station this is good day tampa bay. >> welcome back. time is 9:29. we have a better understanding this morning of chaos
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involved shooting in washington. >> officials stay started with a domestic dispute that spiralled out of control. officials say the man, whose identity has not been released fired bullets at two police officers who responded to the call on wednesday. anxious officer was killed and that's when the man barricaded himself inside a three-story home.% the man's wife and another woman escaped before the official could reach his weapons. the s.w.a.t. team then rescued two small >> can'ty employees will remember their fallen colleagues this morning in san bernardino one year after a husband and wife as assailants killed 14 people. another 122 were rounded. employees will hold a moment of silence just before 2:00 p.m. our time. police are holding a 14-mile memorial bike ride that will end near the site of the shooting. the city is holding a public ceremony tonight.
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facing a $40 million fine for dumping waste into the ocean. >> it's the largest penalty of its kind. operators were found guilty of using what's called a magic pipe to divert oily waste into the ocean. it had been dumping waste since 2005. an engineer discovered this three years ago and reported the company >> right now the remember of being allowed back to their homes in tennessee for a few hours to gather their belongings and see what, if anything, is left behind. a lot of city jpz counsel town is in tact but hundreds of homes have burned to the ground. the major says there are trees down, power lines down and propane tanks leaking. it's an unsafe situation. the flames are still covering more than 17,000 acres even after two days of rain. officials say the hillside is
9:32 am
you know it's hard enough to sit here the a distance and see the video of this. >> imagine having lovered ones in tennessee or owning a home there. this morning a man from lakeland reached out to us with sad and stunning pictures. this is wyann jones' cabin in tennessee before the wildfires. beautiful property sitting right there on a hillside with a spectacular view. look now. >> wow. gosh. >> after the fire. you can see mr. jones says he's owned the cabin for 15 years and plans to rebuild. he's a retired firefighter and polk county. >> nothing left. wow. >> nothing. >> outside we go today. >> wow. not to mention some of the resorts up there that are gone
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>> much less humid. it's breezy outside. but it's a nice northeast wind that we have for you on this friday morning. our temperatures running from the mid-50s to 57 in brooksville. 61 in tampa. 64 in sarasota. further south you go, the warmer it is. and it's, like, 80 in keys now. because the front has been hung up over south florida all morning long. but it did go far enough south, taking that humidity with it and drop into the 40s even the 30s as you go further north say o calla up towards the panhandle. it's so dry outside a whole different atmosphere from what we experienced yesterday. and you can thank the the northerly wind for that. 10 to 17-mile-an-hour winds. the air is drying rment warming up quickly. a beautiful day. in fact the next two or three look absolutely gorgeous. it's starting to get warmer as the weekend moves along.
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beginning of next week, we'll expand this map out and show you a show system developing over texas and that low will crank northeastward bringing a front towards us by late monday or tuesday. the good news is we finally get a halfway decent rain chance in here. we have a great weekend to look forward. mostly sunny. 76 fr a high. 57 for an we'll inch the temperatures up tomorrow. partly cloudy with your high of 78. over the next seven days. 81. we'll go 80s sunday, monday tuesday but we'll be warm with showers around on tuesday. especially during the day which would be nice because we do need rainfall. couple of first birthdays to pass along to you on this lovely friday. zamir turning one today. he likes the abc songs and loves
9:35 am
happy first birthday to you, little buddy. and kara is turning one today as well. kara loves dancing, giving high fives playing with her older siblings and cuddling with mom and giving daddy kisses. we hope you both have a grate first birthday. >> absolutely. wonderful birthday to you both. thank you, dave. it's 9:35. out of the lake wells area, we're getting word of a bad crash that will be seeing a lot of delays between caps and stokes road. this is a trauma alert with at least two adults with bad injuries. med calical -- medical chop certificate responding. it looks like mamoth grove will be your best work round. >> and a moving e-mail from a
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a tree and they got creative. >> and chris prats is playing pacifics on jennifer lawrence. we have the posts coming up next. >> and dow starts today down
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts
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try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. papa john's. >> the announcer: you're watching good day tampa bay. >> and baby makes fewer. word is that mi landfall kunis has given birth to her second child a baby boy. rer reps confirmed to e online that she welcomed baby number two with her husband. no word yet on especially considering they're private and try to keep their older daughter away from the paparazzi camaras. congratulations to them. you know they're not the only couple to adjust to two children. blake lively and her husband recently had a second daughter. we don't know her name but we're hearing more from ryan on being of a dad of two. he says there's more love. there's more love. there's more diapers. more of all that stuff. he stopped joking long enough to
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thing ever and that he's just amazed at how his older daughter is welcoming and helping with the newborn. we don't know her name yet. onto other news. we showed you recently a funny picture of chris pratt. in between that he's making fun of his relationship with jennifer lawrence. busy with j law doing promotional posting pictures of half of her face or the back of her. always say something like here's the picture of jenn you guys are asking for. another day with buy best bud, jenn. but she's never in the pictures. and jenn is going along with it. probably also because she's not quite into social media the way chris is. it's funny.
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? and no one else ? >> that is the beginning of one of the tracks from the new rolling stones album. the album, itself s. called blues and lonesome. it's the first record in 11 years and it's all about blues, as you might have guessed. it's an ode to their beginning when their we blues rather than rock n roll. sounded good. can't wait to hear more. speaking of more, we still have lots more ahead including how can you without the pine needles. creative ways to show the
9:42 am
the holidays don't officialy begin, until it's time to make: flaky, delicious, piping hot things. golden brown and sticky things. gs, old things. and blink and they're gone, those went fast things. make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season.
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>> we've almost made it there it was a long week especially after the holiday last week. >> but it is friday. we've had fun this week. let's take a look at this week's goodday goodies. >> don't be >> i guess i'm hiding behind you. >> she's not going to maul anybody. >> what are you feeding here there? >> little pieces of meat. >> oh, yeah. raw meat. we certainly hope you're not feeling blue today. but if you are, maybe it's for a blue christmas. ? i'm coming out ? ? i want the world to know ?
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>> where you at? he was here just a minute ago. >> a message from the other side. >> creepy. the dark side. sorry. just kidding. it's happening in oldmar and it's this weekend. my gosh! they're trying to take my head off. that's why i don't get on the ice with you buys!
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>> pulling on my ears. high hair. >> there it is. >> let's get an update on the families. i want to see how big they get. >> those are not going to be little dogs. that dog was chewing my ear. >> nice day. >> all right. you want it take a break? >> yeah. sfoo lawrence and sometime. next. just fifteen minutes and a little imagination
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it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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((jen//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. >> another look at the board on wall street. down a little bit. 17 points. >> let's get to lawrence, talk about markets. got a good employment report, jobs report. i'll get to that in a second. i'm glancing over it something unusual accepting. we have the nasdaq and s&p higher and the dow lower. most of the week we had at opposite section. the banks have done extraorinary since trump was elected. the tech stocks have not. investors may be rethinking that. let's talk about that jobs report. the headline number 178,000 jobs
9:51 am
relatively what we expected and a key -- decent number. the second part is the unemployment rate. best number since 2007. nobody saw that coming. but i ask you this, is that because -- and the answer is yes. is that because people stopped looking for work? they didn't feel confident they could get a good paying job? we saw wages go down. some people are saying it was good enough to cement the fact we're getting an hike in two months. others are saying we might see four hikes next year because the economy is doing better. >> wow. >> we'll see. then there's other folks saying, this report wasn't that good because of wages and the number of people witnessing the workforce. >> all right. so there's a big issue going on right now with fake news on social media, especially facebook. they're trying to do something to stop it? you know what you're reading? >> yeah.
9:52 am
users. they have a lot of muscle. sometimes people read fake stuff and they take it as being legitimate. so they were criticized for influencing the election with fak news. facebook is work on ways to fact check and alert users this is not legitimate and this is the reason why. have you to be proactive yourself. if you down load the plug-in called bs detector, not for but sure the love the name and the image they show you next to the name. look it up. you'll see. they're going to red flag facebook articles for you. literally it will be in red. this is not legit and they'll tell you why. there's a way to be proactive yourself. >> and one more thing can you get through amazon -- well, two more. hbo and cinemax.
9:53 am
a year you can stream their video. if you pay an additional $15 a month, you get hbo, an additional $10 month you get cinemam. >> so both is $25. on top of the prime fee. >> that's the thing. everybody wants to stream and cut the cord. but you have those ho who say you might as well keep your expensive changeable bill even though you don't watch half the channels because it's so hard to figure out all what cure going to pay for to stream. it's complicated. >> i'm kind of with you. we have one of those what they call a smart tv. but you got to get to it all. it just -- i know i'm whining here. >> you have o access each app and sign into watch. >> and sometimes your connection is lost. i'm with you. sometimes you're overpaying for cable but it's more simple. >> a gree. >> hey, good weekend, ok.
9:54 am
confused by the remote. thank you. >> oh, no. >> take care. we love you. see you soon. >> have a good weekend. >> 76 your high temperature. >> ? 76 tom -- trombones led the big time parade ? >> 81 on sunday. hopefully we get se >> i was in the pis orchestra for that. >> look at this. we have a picture from a video. after she saw charlie at the christmas tree farm. she wrote we're not a wealthy family but we love christmas. last year, for the first time he wouldn't afford a traditional christmas tree. so the kids came up with this. we love it. it's budget friendly, less mess. and a lot of fun.
9:55 am
so others can enjoy. >> nice. i like it. >> pretty. >> that is the true meaning of christmas. >> true. >> and of course the holidays. but it got us thinking. >> what other kinds of nontraditional trees are out there? amazing what you can find. here's another version of that viewer's tree we just saw. this time it's felt on the wall along with the orna militaries but no worrying about breaking anything. the only thing missing the lights. >> then there's this but with real ornaments. >> that's cool. >> gives it that 3d look. might be good for small ornaments or someone who is allergic. >> and for the brainiac. make it out of books. the tree on the left is pages. but the website warns don't tear up a classic. make sure it's not 50 shades, either. because if someone reads it.
9:56 am
books. >> that's neat. >> i like that. then there's this one. on the left a mini burlap. and the one on the right sticks lined with snowflake lights and topped with a wood star. >> this one with a recycling theme. reclaimed pallets different colors attach tied long straight board. we're starting to stretch here. finally take a ladde >> that's instant. >> instant tree. >> i could do something like that. but not that other complicated stuff. >> the pages one seems a little laborious. >> it does. >> but those are great ideas. >> do you guys have your trees up yet? >> two. >> we have five trees. >> do you? >> in different rooms. it's bad. >> it's like overload?
9:57 am
>> i'll share with you. >> i'll put it online or something. >> get us out of here. >> today is february ? what? >> today is friday slam. >> get out of here while you can, people. >> go, go. get out of here while you can.
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, comedian and talk show host chelsea handler. and from "fresh off the boat," randall park. and we wrap up the "live's holiday gi at the latest holiday tech gadgets. plus, the lovely busy philipps is kelly's cohost for the hour. all next on "live!" ? ? [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and busy philipps! [cheering and applauding] ? ?


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