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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  June 11, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> debris just all like an earthquake. >> vacant homes literally falling to the ground and neighbors say their homes could be next. fox 29 working to get results. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> and first at 5:00 not guilty that's what a truck driver charged in a deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike told a judge just a couple of hours ago. thanks for joining us i'm dawn timmeney. i'm iain page. >> today the courtroom was full of cameras that is a driver involved in the tracy morgan wreck made his first appearance. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live in new brunswick tonig tonight. chris? >> reporter: kevin roper, iain, the wal*mart truck driver charged in the deadly crash involving actor tracy morgan pleading not guilty to vehicular homicide and four other counts of assault by auto. the hearing here at superior court in new brunswick,
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middlesex county, only lasting about two minutes. >> roper arrived to court and was met by a flood of media. the 35 year old truck driver from jonesboro, georgia, pleaded not guilty. his attorney speaking for him in court. the judge kept his bail at $50,000 which he's already pos posted. he is the sole driver charged in causing the deadly six vehicle pileup along the new jersey turnpike this weekend. the crash killed comedian 62 year old james mcnair and just two blocks away from here tracy morgan and two others are still recovering in the hospital. morgan remains in critical but stable condition. roper and his attorney declined to speak to reporters. >> they said you didn't sleep for 24 hours. is that true? >> roper did not make statement leaving court, but his twitter account believed to belong to him says i thought our country said we still had right of being innocent until proven guilty.
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wait, that doesn't sell newspapers or get website hits and another tweet from yesterday said "i was never charged at the scene of the accident because once again i was not guilty of any crime, not until all the tv cameras came". now i asked roper several times whether that twitter account belonged to him. he did not answer. now, prosecutors have still not said how they come to believe that roper hadn't slept for up to 24 hours before this crash according to the criminal complaint. once again, roper denied that claim on twitter. dawn? >> thank you, chris o'connell. and now to your damp and dreary weather forecast. fox 29 outside the art museum today looking down the ben franklin parkway and you can see the haze in the air. we have been locked in a cloudy and wet pattern all this week. chief meteorologist scott williams here now and, scott, when does this unsettled weather clear up? we need some sunshine. we'll have to wait few more days, dawn, before we start to
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finally dry out. humidity still high. take look at the numbers. 76% right now and you can see those winds out of the east northeast at 11 miles per hour. temperatures, however v been a little cooler because of those easterly winds. right now only in the upper askings but look at the cloud cover. hanging tough across our are a. but that cloud cover is actually helping us out. because to our south take look at all of the severe thunderstorm watch boxes also a lot of lightning. that will stay suppressed to our south. but look at the temperatures right now. cooler, 66 degrees in pottstown. in the 50s right now in the pocono mountains compared to this same yesterday, yeah, it's 7 degrees colder in the philadelphia area. and 12 degrees cooler in the allentown area. what about baseball? as we look at that forecast for tonight first pitch, 7:05 cloudy, mild, i think the rainfall holds off. temperatures will be in the upper 60s because of that easterly fetch. coming up we'll time when all of
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the cloud cover moves out, but unfortunately, i am tracking some heavier rain coming up with that forecast. >> thank you, scott. you can track the weather authority forecast and the radar any time, just go to and look for the weather tab at the top of our home page. >> happening now, the search for several men who stole a dunk tank an bounce house from a fundraiser. police believe four men used a truck to steal from the benefit for a non hiv profit. and whoever made the get away had some pretty big items to conceal. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live in clementon tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, tonight the clementon youth athletic association is offering a $500 reward for information on where those stolen items are and for an arrest. police tonight are looking for four suspects and the pickup truck they got away in. >> just bring it back. >> reporter: it was clemento clementon's second annual block party complete with a bounce house and dunk tank. but when the party shut down,
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four thieves moved in under the cover of darkness and stole the deflated bounce house and dunk tank. >> obviously, sick and thinking it was a big joke and have no care in the world. >> reporter: these are surveillance photos of what authorities believe is a gray or silver dodge dakota pickup truck that hauled away the $3,000 dunk tank and the $1,800 bounce hou house. >> for guys get out with flashlights, empty the water out of the did you go tank, places it in the back of the truck and they also pick up the deflated bounce house. >> reporter: this is surveillance video obtained by fox 29 from perks pine hill market they caught the truck passing with the dunk tank in the back minutes after the robbery. >> something had to be seen or heard by now. >> reporter: the real heartbreak here for the kids who use those ball fields in town. clementon youth at let tick associate paid for the bounce house and dunk tank as part of a fundraiser if it's not recovered, the cyaa may have to come up with the money to
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replace them. >> who gets hurt here? >> the children of the communi community. >> reporter: athletic association helps about 200 kids ages four through 10. councilwoman new sarah is hoping someone will spot the stolen items and call police. >> i don't understand why you would do that. why hurt the children? >> reporter: now that theft took place about 100 yards away from police headquarters here. if you have any information, you should call the clementon police. coming up at 6:00 where did that mysterious pickup truck with the four suspects go after it left clementon? iain? >> dave, thanks. we'll see you at 6:00. the mother avenue little girl cops say brought heroin to her philadelphia elementary school is under arrest along with her boyfriend. 32 year old maria hunter and 28 year old christopher troy jenkins could face charges of endangering the welfare of a child and drug possession. police say on tuesday, hunter's six year old daughter took 11 packets of heroin to her first grade class at barry elementary
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school. the daughter and her classmates had to be checked out at children's hospital. >> hundreds of school students walk out of class in protest outside philadelphia school district headquarters today. many of the students are part of the group united for change and they're protesting budget cuts and asking the governor and city council for more school funding. the students believe there is a lack of effort to raise much needed money for their schools. >> if i would have let budget cuts take a toll on me i should have been pushed out and gave. >> school district needs more than $400 million to prevent hundreds of layoffs and other cuts. in the meantime, the superintendent is still in talk with city council about ways to get the district more money. we now have a picture of the man philadelphia police say has pulled off several burglaries. you can see his changes his look here officers say francis, has
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targeted the washington square and logan circle areas of the city. police say you can see him on surveillance video and in one case using a crowbar to get into a home and steal a computer and a tablet. similar items valued at thousands of dollars were taken from other locations as well. if you know where he is, you're asked to call police. >> a major construction project will begin tonight along i-95 in port richmond. you'll notice new traffic patterns in that area tomorrow morning. this is all part of a multi-million dollars project to improve the northbound lanes of i-95 between the girard and allegheny avenue interchanges. penndot says the rainy weather has been delaying the start of plans to paint new track lines. >> septa says it is optimistic it will avoid a strike but tonight it's telling regional rail riders to look at other transportation options just in case. the transportation authority has been in talks with two workers unions and has another mediation session scheduled for friday. if the workers strike this weekend regional rail service will be suspended.
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if they do not strike, septa will implement a wage hike for hundreds of those workers on sunday. >> and we are following new developments tonight in the controversial release of sergeant bowe bergdahl. secretary of defense chuck hagle is on the hot seat and fox's my he will shell macaluso reports lawmakers grilled the secretary in a house hearing earlier tod today. >> reporter: tough questions for defense secretary chuck hagle. over the release of five taliban prisoners for sergeant bowe bergdahl. in 10 shuts hearing lawmakers pressed the secretary for answers as to why the administration left congress in the dark about the deal. >> full compliance with the law would have been met and i don't think we would have pushed back at all. >> reporter: hagle defended the administration's decision. saying the white house had to act quickly in order to secure bergdahl's safe return. since they believed his life was in jeopardy. >> i made the decision i did. and i've explained that in general terms. the circumstances surrounding my
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decisions were imper if he can. >> reporter: lawmakers from both parties say the president broke the law by not notifying congress 30 days in advance about the guantonimo bay prisoner transfer. >> it's wrong when you knew you were thinking about doing this deal you didn't take the top leadership in congress and talk about it report roar concerns remain over security threats due to the release of the taliban five. some say they will rejoin the fight against the u.s. >> we put american lives at risk to go after these individuals if they rejoin the fight. >> yes. >> okay. -- if that's the case let me ask you two other questions. >> you can use the same argument congressman on yemen or anywhere else report roar there's still questions surrounding bergdahl's disappearance in 2009. hagle says the army is investigating whether or not he is a deserter but so far no formal charges have been made. >> in washington, michelle macaluso, fox news. >> a waitress receives a $1,000 tip but before she got a chance to cash in, her boss said not so fast. >> how far the customer went though when he found out and he
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wanted to make good on that extra cash. and if you're tired of get dear old dad a tie for father's day how about some brotox. it's the procedure that has more and more men heading to dr. month's office. >> man attacked at a gay pride event in detroit all caught on camera. tonight he's speaking out. what his mother says after watching the video of the ugly incident. >> dangerous conditions in one local neighborhood. a vacant home literally crumbling to the ground and the woman next door wonder if's her home could be next. fox 29 working to get results. >> and you will see maybe the greatest play by a player in baseball in i would say 10 years and of time you watch it it looks better. a great reaction by dwayne wade last night to a media member that should have never asked the question
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>> fox 29 working to get results for a chester woman living in fear for her safety. in a region full of row homes it is every owner's neat mayor. the place next door to you becomes vacant and slowly takes your home with it. bruce gore son with an all too familiar tale. >> reporter: iain, sharon redwood says she's owned her home on west sixth street in chester, delaware county for most of her adult life. she says the place next door has been vacant for years. it's become an eye sore and dangerous one at that. the roof has fallen from the third floor down to the baseme
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basement. ain't nothing but rubble. >> reporter: sharon redwood peaks through the weeds behind a vacant row home next door it's been collapsing for years tearing down her quality of life as it goes. >> i'm just sick of it. >> reporter: around the front of 806 west sixth street, you can pier through the window at the rubble inside. >> how long is it going before it starts falling in on my property? it might fall in and cave in on me. look at them houses in philadelphia. people are dying. >> reporter: that fear is not unfounded. sharon says every big storm brings with it the sound of falling bricks. >> debris just fall like earthquake. just like an earthquake. >> reporter: there were on the problems. the exposed common wall creates water leaks for sharon. out back the neighbors massive tree has engulfed the chain linked fence that borders the properties and uprooted her concrete walkway. a weathered sign left by the city last october cites health, fire and safety hazards and says the vacant structure must be demolish. but eight months later, there it
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sits. >> maybe somebody talk to them, light some fire under they bleep. something got to be done. >> reporter: i wept to chester city hall looking for answers. city officials tell me they can't find the owner of the vacant home. frankly we didn't have any luck either. but in a later phone call, the city's communication director said as of the latest inspection at 806 no eminent danger as far as the city is concerned to her property next door? >> the city was not immediately able to tell us when the latest inspection was carried out. so -- >> what am i left to do? just deal with it. they not dealing with it because they not living like this. none of them is. >> reporter: at our request sharon asked the city of chester to respect the vacant row home and hers. they're still working out time. if the situation is deemed eminently dangerous, the city could just bulldoze the crumbling structure and bill the owner with no guarantee of recovering that money the cash strapped city may be hesitant to go that route.
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and so sharon sits and worries. iain? >> bruce, thank you. do you need help getting results? well, you can tell us your problem by head to our website and clicking on the getting results tab. >> evesham township police are looking for a beauty burglar. police say cameras caught a man shoplifting boxes of row gain hair products in the cvs on route 73. it happened around 8:00 o'clock monday night. the man ran off as soon as he left the store. if you recognize this guy, give police a call. a 66 year old again old den woman shot by her husband in an apparent murder suicide died. delaware county district attorney's office says carol an parolper rolly passed away at te hospital last night. she was shot twice in the head before her husband 67 year old richard turn the gun on himself. they were found in their home on the 600 block of west ashland avenue yesterday morning. >> a barricade situation in west kensington comes to an end with the suspect in police custody tonight. it happened on the 2500 block of
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north masher street in west kensington neighborhood of philadelphia. police received a call before 3:00 a.m. from a man who said he was pistol whipped by a guy carrying several guns. officers moved quickly to ensure everyone's safety. >> we were told by the 28 year old victim that not only did this male assault him with the weapon, he had two hand guns and he may have fired several shots into the air. so we took this pretty serious seriously. >> the man release add woman and five children from inside the home where he was barricaded before eventually turning himself in. another relative still inside was observed by medics to make sure he was not hurt. the man is being charged with aggravated assault among other charges. right now police are searching for suspect after an armed robbery in clear view. this happened at the 7eleven in the 7300 block of elmwood avenue last saturday. police say the suspect grabbed the cash and then ran out of the store. anyone with information on this suspect should give police a call. >> something knew is popping up at penn's landing for the
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summer. check this out. tug boats are moving three landscaped barges along the delaware river from chester today they have a water garden, a boardwalk anbar and restaurant for you to check out. it will all be set up along waterfront at the spruce street harbor park by the delaware river waterfront cooperation. >> turn to your weather authority you're looking live at the center city skyline. another damp and overcast day all across the region. we're keeping a close eye on radar for any any rain that could be headed our way. let's check back in with chief meteorologist scott williams. i think dreary just describes it, scott. it really does. we have the cloud cover across the area. we also have the humidity but right now, getting a little bit of a break from the tropical downpour that is we were dealing with this same time yesterday. you can see ultimate doppler pretty quiet across our area. so there could be a spotty shower as we move into the overnight. but take a look to the south of us. where the atmosphere is a little more unstable. look at the severe thunderstorm watch boxes and in yellow.
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tornado watch box for the western part of the state. and also a lot of lightning over 15,000 lightning strikes heavy rain right now moving through sections of virginia but all of that activity it should stay to our south because we have that easterly wind cooler a little more stable if you will across our area for today. temperature wise, cooler as well. you can see 65 right now in atlantic city. mid 60s in allentown. even in the 50s currently as we move toward sections of the pocono mountains. so if you're stepping outdoors, cloudy, it stays mild. there could be a spotty shower and then the concern for tonight more fog develops as well as little bit of drizzle. coming up, though, the timing of more heavy rain moving in before we finally start to dry out and clear up. i'll tell you when coming up. >> all right, scott, thank you. special olympic torch is on a very special journey. where the flame of hope is right now and when it will arrive in newark, new jersey. >> and meet milkshake a cow with an identity crisis.
5:21 pm
how her owner says you can tell milkshake thinks she's a dog. ♪
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♪ >> in dallas, texas luxury home is hanging off a cliff. at a ache look at this. lakeside house is built on a cliff next to lake whitney and
5:24 pm
it was built in 2007. but it appears it was constructed along a large crack on the cliff. part of the house is already broken off and fallen into the water below. and the rest as you can see just hanging over. thankfully no one is currently living in that house. >> in florida tck driver trapped under his own rig. witnesses say he pulled over to fix his transmission but the truck was still in gear. when the transmission turned on the truck rolled back pinning the driver's leg under the tire. rescuers quickly arrived but when they were unable to move the 25-ton truck, they had to call a tow truck after lifting the mannite from under the tire he was flown to nearby medical center. >> house majority leader eric cantor says he will step down from his post at the end of next month. he lost in last night's virginia primary to a fellow republican david brat who is an economics professor. cantor spoke short time ago and says he'll support kevin mccarthy of california to replace him a majority leader. brat is an solidly republican district but will face a
5:25 pm
democratic challenger in the general election. >> new york city strippers are a cued of drugging wealthy men to steal their credit card information. the women are accused of running up tens of thousands of dollars on victim's credit cards. the women are facing grand larson knee, assault and forgery charges a banker an real estate attorney are among the victims. >> it's a cow confusion in sacremento california. milkshake the cow was rescued from abusive owner six years ago. now she lives with a bunch of dogs and milkshake's owners say she even eats out of a bowl instead of grazing for grass. according to ranchers, she was never exposed to other cows. >> so then she hangs out with the dogs so i think she just assumes that must be what she is more than a cow. >> milkshake' owners say she even tried to get into the back seat of the car. milkshake still suffers from separation anxiety when she leaves the ranch. >> a little big to be getting in the car. yes. >> well a thief steals cash box
5:26 pm
at a charity yard sale. why the local teen whose raising money for the needy says she's not going to let her get her down. >> ladies eating a juicy hamburger or thick steak may curb your cravings but it could also put you at risk for breast cancer. >> and caught on camera. a man attacked at a gay pride event in detroit tom night he's speaking out and so is his mom. what she has to say after
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♪ >> live look at your ultimate doppler radar.
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your weather authority keeping a close eye on any potential showers headed our way. we will check in with chief meteorologist scott williams in just minutes. police in cherry hill need your help tonight tracking down two suspects after a robbery at the mall. it happened last week at the nordstrom store at the cherry hill mall. this is surveillance pictures of the suspects. police say they stole 17 michael coors brands watches from the store. if you recognize them please call police. >> a detroit mother is desperate for answers tonight after her son is attacked over the weekend and it's all ka* caught on camera during gay fried event. amy lang spoke to the mother and her son. >> what's up? >> bleep, bleep, bleep. >> it's difficult to watch. young man attacked and beaten by group of guys along detroit's river walk sunday evening. it's even more upsetting when you find out why. the victim says it's because he's gay. >> it's crazy how they just
5:30 pm
spotted me out. there was so many gay people on the river walk out of all people. maybe because because of my hair i don't know. >> 20 year old sean lee stopped to pose for a picture. the future hairstylist had just left the gay pride parade. >> he just kept commenting on my hair. you have long hair you bleep and this and that. his friends started calling me bleep. he started walking up. >> lee tried his best to ignore them but they wouldn't leave him alone. the men he can changed insults, lee even yelled hit me. >> hit me! >> and then the fight was on. with suspects friends jumping in and jumping on chong lee as a crowded river walk stood and watched. >> nobody came to help or anything. i didn't think it was going to stop. i'm like, okay, so what's next? am i about to be nabbed in my neck, my hand, my back anything. i was just on the ground thinking the whole entire time. >> reporter: lee's injuries a bloody eye a bruised forehead
5:31 pm
arc fractured finger his mother says she's grateful they didn't kill him. >> i thank god they didn't do that. but i just still don't understand why did they do that you know, everybody has a right to how they want to live their life. if they want to be gay, that's their preference. people should respect that. >> pamela howard doesn't understand how this could happen to her son. >> me and his father, we are very supportive of him, because we love him. and somebody to just beat on him because they don't like him because he's gay, that's not acceptable. that's not acceptable, and i want justice to be served. >> reporter: detroit police chief james craig says they are taking this very seriously. >> we're investigating investige crime that occurred at the festival. >> reporter: meanwhile chong lee wants everyone to see this video. >> everybody needs to see what gay people go through on an every day basis whether it's
5:32 pm
just name calling, whether a fighting or anything. people need to see what we go through and they just need to stop. >> that was fox's amy lang reporting. the senate is about to vote an bill that would cover the medical bills of veterans who had delays settin setting up thr first visits to va hospitals. house passed similar legislation yesterday. meantime, the fbi says it's open to criminal investigation into the department of veterans of fares. it will centered in fee mix where the va scandal broke and secret wait lists for treatment were revealed. >> representatives from the philadelphia school reform commission make their case for why they need a one-time grant. the group testifying today in front of city council. the src says the grant would allow the city to fulfill its $50 million commit many made to the district last summer for the current fiscal year. they say it would even help the district phil part of the budget for 2015. no word on when council will make a decision. we are counting down to the 2014 special olympic games in
5:33 pm
new jersey. and starting tomorrow the flame of hope will be carried through the garden state with a special stop right here in philly. it will make its way to the opening ceremony at the prudential center in newark this sunday. fox's liz donald is there as the torch starts its journey in times square. >> reporter: as the torch for the special olympics made its way through times square, young athletes like colin watched and cheered. he's participating in the first ever young athlete festival at the games. his father chris tobin had hard time fighting back the tears as the flame of hope made its way throughout the city. >> it just shows what big family this whole thing. >> law enforcement officials from each state carried the torch from times square to the 9/11 memorial museum. jimmy john season a deputy us marshall came all the way from anchorage alaska to support the
5:34 pm
3500 athletes. >> people in new york have been great. getting around going to see the sights with these athletes and spreading the word. >> reporter: starting next week special olympics athletes like antonio bow will compete in team and individual events. this is antonio's 24th year participating. >> i have competed. >> the torch run made its final stop at liberty island. a fitting spot for the athletes to show their pride. >> great honor. like traveling all over new jersey. >> the torch run will continue across the hudson in new jersey tomorrow. opening ceremonies will begin sunday at the prudential center and the games start monday. from lower manhattan, liz, fox news. >> we have the special olympics covered for you on air and online. head to our website and click on the special olympics heading right under our home tab. >> a waitress receives a $1,000 tip. but before she got a chance to
5:35 pm
cash it in her boss said not so fast. >> how far the customer wept when he found out a way to make good on the extra cash and if you're tired of getting dear old dad a tie for father's day, how about some brotox? it's the procedure that has more and more men heading to the doctor's office. >> and local woman is preparing to take a hike for hope. all new at 6:00 o'clock, why she's lacing up her sneakers to help a pair of brothers. scott? >> right now, as we take look at the satellite and radar, the cloud cover, it is in place but look at the showers and storms to our south. coming up the timing of when to
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>> in your health news tonight researchers say there may be a link between red meat and breast cans. >> our joyce evans is here with details of a new study. joyce? >> there is a new study, dawn and iain. researchers at harvard university analyzed data from thousands of women from ages 226 to 45.
5:39 pm
there were women who filled out surveys back in 1991. now, the amount of red meat that they ate varied from never or less than once a month to six or more servings a day. the study found over the past 20 years of follow up there were sick extra cases of brett caps ser in the category of women who ate the most amounts of red meat. it's more evidence researchers say why both men and women should maintain a more plant based diet. and speaking of women's diets researchers say pregnant and breast feeding women should eat more fish. the fda now recommends women eat at least two to three servings a week of low mercury fish to support the fetal health and development. now lower mercury fish includes shrimp, salmon, canned light tuna, tilapia and cod. >> okay. now here's unique father's day gift to consider. brotox. yes, botox for men and it's getting even more popular. the bros are going under the needle because it takes only few
5:40 pm
needle and you're done. takes about two weeks for the muscles to completely relax for simple way to smooth it out and lift it up. and if you're really macho and you need a cover story just say you only did it because you got it as a gift. >> it's just part of the whole anti aging. people are living longer lives and they want to, you know, look more youthful as they're aging. >> it does create a line that does appear that i did look angry and at the same time i also want to look younger than i am. >> you can look goodie pending on how much you get. a few hundred dollars to thousand bucks. iain, would do you? never say never but i don't think so. >> um-hmm. i really don't. >> we did fathers of the bride and -- businessmen do it too to look younger for interviews and things like that. >> yes. i did a story on that. >> come on iain. (laughter). >> give me few years. >> we'll check back with you iain.
5:41 pm
exactly. okay. >> well a local teen takes time to raise money for the needy only to have a thief steal the cash bock at her charity yard sale. she's not letting this get her down. howard? >> what does a player say when a question is really a bad one? you've got to listen to the response of lebron james and dwayne wade and that will be coming up in sports. and a waitress at waffle house gets a tip of a lifetime. 1,000 bucks. but the restaurant says not so fast. but the restaurant says not so fast.[ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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>> waffle house waitress gets a $1,000 tip but because the restaurant's policy she thought she was not going to be able to collect. the waitress works in charlotte north carolina on mother's day kind customer wrote $1,000 on the tip line of his receipt to be charge to do his credit card. but the restaurant refunded that saying it asked customers to pay large tips in cash or check so they won't dispute the charge with their credit card company later. but that waitress still got her money. she explained how via skype. >> i spoke with my reporter locally and the reporter said i have her information. i have her phone number. why don't you give her call. she gave mow a call. he said meet me in this specific location and i myself will write i was personal check and he did it's wonderful. >> waffle house says it was never its intention to prevent the waitress from keeping the tip.
5:46 pm
she says she is thankful everything worked out. >> well an organization that gives back to its community members in need finds itself asking for help tonight. they say some thieves stole their cash donation box and fox 29's jenn for joyce has more on how they're trig to recover from their losses. >> everything is a ranged by size and gender. >> reporter: racks of cloth clothing, stacks of food angels of god clothing closet in pitman new jersey spent the last five years giving back to roughly 8,000 people. >> since they've opened they've stayed open and helped so many families rt. >> thank you guys. >> reporter: this week the no non-profit needs your help. >> the table was set up right here and then also the cash box was right on it. >> reporter: 17 year old founder ate caitlin says during last weekend's annual yard say fundraiser -- >> it was very very crowded. >> reporter: cash box filled with several hundred dollars was stolen. >> people dropping off donations. we've been sorting them report roar the money raised was going to pay for back to school clothing and supplies for local
5:47 pm
children and operating costs. >> it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: bethany mc cord donated. she says the organization helped her family of five when she and her husband were out of work. >> it felt good to mow that i gave back. >> reporter: angels of god is now gearing up for a makeup yard sale this saturday. >> word spread quickly about the weekend theft on facebook and in the last few days angels of god has received mountains of donations for this weekend's yard sale in hopes of recouping all of the money lost. >> i think it's double the items we got last week so it's been really exciting. >> reporter: pitman high school senior never went to police. she keeps a smile on her face and forgiveness in her heart. >> i was definitely very disappointed after the theft reflecting on it a little bit i real lied maybe whoever took it needed it more than we did. just trying to be for giving in that sense. >> years ago her family's house burned down and the community came through in a big way. now, they're focused on giving back and looking forward.
5:48 pm
>> i feel like everything kind of happens for a reason, and hopefully the sale this weekend will make up for what we lost and maybe we'll even peak more than what we had made last weekend. >> reporter: in pitman, infor inform, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> and by the way saturday's yard sale will be held from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 p.m. at the angels of god headquarters in pitman, new jersey. for more information on how you can help just head to our website well, some local talent tonight on fox as so you think you can dance bus as move in philadelphia. ♪ >> philly! >> dancers auditioned in philadelphia back in january, of course, philly has lot of talent and judges say the dancers get better and better every season. >> you'll get this sort of individual dancers that, you know, profess to created their own style, but at the end of the
5:49 pm
day, i think we've just seen sort of styles being strengthened as we do every ye year. >> and you can watch the philadelphia tryouts from the kimmel center tonight on so you think you can dance at 8:00 o'clock and stick around for fox 29 news at 10:00. all right. let's check back in with scott williams and your weather. scott, i was chilly today. >> come on. >> what's going on. >> really, iain. >> yes. >> easterly wind kept the clouds and also kept those temperatures a little cooler n fact right now only in the upper 60s. yesterday we were dealing with the tropical downpours at this time. so getting a little break from that. but not a break from the humidity. right now it's at 76%. those winds out of the east northeast at 11 miles per hour. so coming in off of the ocean pumping in those clouds and keeping temperatures a little cooler. look at ultimate doppler this afternoon and evening. yeah, we're getting a dry break. all of the thunderstorm activity has been suppressed to our sou south. so for tonight, we'll call it
5:50 pm
mild. muggy, patchy fog. some drizzle developing during the overnight. then for thursday, it's warmer, it stays muggy but more chances for those scattered showers and thunderstorms for thursday and then a particular on friday more white spread activity so just keep that umbrella handy. i think it will get a break for tonight. looking at the satellite and radar, you can see the cloud cover, it's in place but look to our south. in richmond, virginia, showers and heavy thunderstorms right now also just outside of washington, d.c. and take look at the severe weather risks. those yellow boxes that severe thunderstorm watch boxes also a tornado watch box so the atmosphere very unstable where they saw more sunshine to our south. as we roll the clock tonight, you can see we'll keep the clouds around maybe a spotty shower but otherwise, it stays mild and muggy right through your thursday morning. 66 degrees at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow on philadelphia with clouds. some fog around just be mindful
5:51 pm
of that. but watch the clock. by lunch time, watching scattered showers and thunderstorms arriving so they return across the area for your thursday and especially as we move into your friday. so you can see remaining unsettled tomorrow at 10:00 o'clock especially north and west of the philadelphia area. the high temperature today 10 degrees below average. only 72. we should top out in the low 80s for this time of year. so it's cooler in atlantic city. only in the mid 60s right now. only in the 50s currently in the pocono mountains a little warmer, 70 degrees right now in dover. so compared to this same time yesterday, it's 15 degrees colder if you will in lancaster and 16 degrees colder in the trenton area. so for tonight, we'll watch that wind continuing out of the east spotty shower patchy fog staying muggy across the area. temperatures in the 60s. for tomorrow, 82 degrees. so about 10 degrees warmer than today. and, yes, you'll need the umbrellas, more scattered showers and thunderstorms especially during the afternoon.
5:52 pm
friday we watch that cold front approach. but more showers and thunderstorms locally heavy rainfall friday. but we get everything out of here for saturday. 82 degrees for the high temperature. what about 84 for sunday? a lot of backyard barbeques taking place. father's day weekend and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate but look at next week. upper 80s, near 90 degrees. >> wow. >> now we're getting into my temperatures. >> iain was cold today. >> it was in the 50s and 60s. >> there's chance of everything. just remember that. >> there's a chance of me being cold. >> not my more. >> little baseball. phillies are on a winning streak. they're going for two straight tonight after a win last night in the first game of this home stand. it was really one player that gave the phillies the offense that they needed last night. that would be marlon byrd. who broke up a one-one tie. and his three run homerun and then four rbi's in the game, did the trick. tonight it's cole hamels on the
5:53 pm
mound. but the manager states the obvious with reasons for the win. >> just putting the whole game together, um, and when you get -- when you get pitt which are out there starting pitcher that's setting the tone and doing a good job then the offense gets in the dug out and then they're trying to put some runs up on the board. put runs up on the board and you play defense so it's just continuing to get the job done in everybody's area and everybody chipping in. >> i wonder why it hasn't work sooner. this has been the great defensive play i've seen in 20 years. he fumbles the ball but look at that throw. that throw was no hops, no nothing. just throws it on a strike to home plate. the angels and the a's unbelievable throw. by the what just to mack you feel good the phillies had a chance to sign him but they didn't want to spend the money. >> all right. eagles continue on a 12 month a
5:54 pm
year sport. now i don't know if these ota's are mr. exciting for the head coach chip kelly or for the players. they're all in this thing together. it's a good learning experience for the new players but also for the players that have not been here that long. safety earl wolf now here for a second year. it's all about players helping each other. >> it's like a tree. the young guys they might ask me something f i have question i'll ask nate. it's his second year in the defense. or ask coach. it depends who is around me. i feel like everybody, you know, that i'm asking a question has pretty good knowledge on defense. so i feel like -- the young guys feel pretty comfortable asking us questions. >> i have petpeeves in sports. but watching me and listening to me over the years you know that. cliches are so over used. that is one of them. and media that just asks a question to ask a question and in many cases it's just trying to feel important. here's an accident happen pep
5:55 pm
last night after san antonio defeated miami. >> off great defense. they're averaging 104 points game. you have a lot of offense. you haven't broke 100 yet. is the problem your lack luster defense or is it the problems you're asking offensively? lack luster offense? >> um the problem we down two games to one. (laughter). >> that answers it simply. >> the problem with these big events that in the news conferencconferences they run ld the cameras show the guys asking the questions. they want to feel important. >> just shut up if it's not good question. >> too funny. laughing at him. >> that was great answer. >> exactly. >> we have another half hour of news straight ahead. all new tonight at six new
5:56 pm
jersey student collapses during gym class. the quick response that saved his life. >> and a local woman is preparing to take hike for hope. how you can join her mission to
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
♪ >> right now at 6:00, a local middle school student collapses in a school gym. what rescuers are telling us tonight about how they saved that student. and not guilty. that's what a truck driver charged in deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike tells a new jersey judge. ♪ >> live from center city in
6:00 pm
philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. a lot of attention on this man inside a new jersey courtroom today. he is the truck driver accused in a deadly crash that injured actor and comedian tracy morgan. the hearing lasted just a few minutes. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. chris o'connell is live in new brunswick. you were there for the hearing and it was packed with reporters rt. >> reporter: it sure was, dawn. kevin roper that truck driver said nothing instead letting his attorney do the talking in this two minute initial court appearance here in new jersey superior court. roper pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide and four other charges. >> surround beside an army of cameras, 35 year old truck driver kevin roper arrived to his first court appearance. it was held just two blocks away from the hospital where tracy morgan and two others are recovering from


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