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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> first at six tonight your weather authority tracking rain moving through the region. here's live look at ultimate doppler radar. you can see the path of the storms. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. for a look what we're in store for night. a nasty line of showers and thunderstorms toward the central part of the state. it's warm, it's muggy. no question about that. take look at the humidity close to 60%. the temperature right now in the mid 80s. so it's very unstable stepping outdoors. those clouds kind of bubbling up especially toward the west of the philadelphia area. and that's where we are marking a nasty line of showers and thunderstorms. very heavy rainfall. vivid lightning as well as this system slowly progresses toward our area. it's dry this evening in cherry hill as well as drexel hill over to norristown you saw some downpours earlier this afternoon and evening. but that activity now lifting on off just to the north of the
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trenton hopewell area right now looking at very heavy rain as well as vivid lightning but expanding the view, you can see most of us are dry and quiet. it's down right warm and hugh hid but here's the main event. we'll watch it as it slowly heads toward the philadelphia area and putting a tracker on this, arriving toward harrisburg in the next 12 minutes. allentown close to 8:30 and we're looking at the philadelphia area prepares for some of this activity around 10:30. so once again, it slowly progressing toward our area f you're stepping outdoors this evening, just grab the umbrella. it will stay warm and humid few pockets of scattered showers but from eight to midnight that's when that mainline approaches our area. locally heavy rain possible as well. then from midnight to 5:00 a.m., the system runs out of gas and we're looking at leftover showers across the area. coming up, we'll have specific rainfall totals expected for your neighborhood, plus what's ahead as we move toward the latter part of the week and upcoming weekend.
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>> thank you scott. we're tracking the storms on air and online. you can get weather updates and see live radar by going to just look for the weather tab. happening now in center city philadelphia. rittenhouse square residents are meeting to night about safety concerns following the sexual assault of a woman that has shocked the community. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in center city tonight with the latest on tonight's meeting. shawnette? >> reporter: iain, this meeting as you said is being held to remind people in this area of basic safety precautio precautions. as you can imagine, this latest incident has really -- really shook up a lot of people in this area, a lot of women who are out and about day and night. so this meeting being held tonight comes on the heels of the arrest of this man, 28 year old milton garcia. he was arrested you may remember and charged just yesterday. police say early saturday morning he followed a woman to her spruce street apartment in rittenhouse and sexually assaulted her. he was caught on surveillance cameras just moments before it happened tonight kenyata johnson
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and center city residents association will talk about how women can protect themselves from violence like this that conversation will happen during a paneled discussion. this meeting is set to start in less than an hour at 7:00 o'clock. it will happen at tenth presbyterian church located at 1700 spruce street. dawn? >> thank you shawnette. philadelphia police trying to identify the man who attacked and robbed woman walking into her apartment in oxford circle. it was caught on camera and happened on busy rows vessel boulevard. the suspect stole her jewelry and force forced her to call a friend to bring money. he forced the woman into her car, drove off and return to get the friend's money. dough off again letting the woman go about block away. >> a former philadelphia police officer is going to prison for a long time. 53 year old raphael core dish row just sentenced to 15 years for interfering with a federal drug investigation. he was a 23 year veteran of the department when he gave sensitive information to his half brother who authorities say was a member of a drug trafficking organization.
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cordero was convicted last december. >> and now to developing story that we have been following for you all day long. a suspect is dead after exchanging gunfire with police in delaware and trooper is in the hospital tonight recovering. dave schratwieser is live outside christiana hospital. dave, what exactly happened here? >> reporter: dawn, it all over -- start widow mess tick incident. tonight state police tell us that the suspect who was killed in this exchange of gunfire dennis hicks had a stolen handgun and an outstanding arrest warrant during that he can change of gunfire that led to his death. tonight, corporal lloyd mccann is here at the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the face and his hand. >> there were cops everywhere. >> reporter: investigators say 26 year old delaware state police corporal lloyd mccann was responding to a domestic violence incident when he encountered the suspect trying to get it way. >> the suspect exited that vehicle and immediately exchanged gunfire with the trooper.
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>> reporter: corporal mccann is a four-year veteran of the force assigned to troop three in camden, delaware. he was raced to bay health kent general hospital by fellow troopers with two gunshot woun wounds. then medivacked to kiss christiana hospital for further treatment. >> he's listed in stable condition and is currently with family. >> reporter: investigators say it started with domestic confrontation in magnolia between the suspect 29 year old dennis hicks and his girlfriend at this townhome complex just after midnight. >> she said that last night he pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her last night. >> reporter: girlfriend and her children hid out in this man's home w police were called hicks fled and returned around 7am when corporal mccann spotted hicks car on birdie lane near bay hill. the suspect got out and opened fire corporal mccann fired back killing hicks. >> actually a shame it had to end that way report report at least 14 shots were fired. some left bullet holes in two homes. including kenny gordon's house. >> i'm just glad my brother didn't get hit because where he was laying at n bullet could
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have caught him in the leg, upper body area and who knows might have been two victims. >> reporter: now, neighbors tonight credit corporal mccann with probably saving a lot of lives. he's been placed on administrative duty that's a standard thing pending out come of this shooting investigation. iain? >> dave, thank you. tonight the investigation in a bloody double stabbing in philadelphia's olney section. making investigators jobs even more difficult. the home where it all happened was filled with trash. fox 29's bruce gordon is live at the scene tonight in olney. bruce? >> reporter: iain, the quiet has finally returned here to the 5900 block of north fourth street after a bizarre series of events that began predawn with a bloodcurdling scream an pair of stabbing victims found lying outside a hoarder's nest. northwest detectives used a battering ram to enter a home just across the street from the bloody crime seen around mid afternoon.
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they were looking for clues in predawn tack that has shaken this block. >> a lot of break ins going on lately. this used to be nice neighbor. not any more. >> reporter: it was just after 4:30 a.m. when police were called to this home outside lay 71 year old marica taylor. she was in bad shape. >> suffering from multiple stab wounds. approximately 15 establish wounds from the chest to her toes. >> reporter: not far away lay her 54 year old long-time companion dennis connelly. he too had been stabbed twice in the torso. police recovered a kitchen knife with a 6-inch blade at the bloody scene. and they noticed something bizarre. an 18 your old boy the neighbor from that searched home with a garden hose in hand. >> not only hosing down the blood but was hosing down the 71 year old bloody female. >> reporter: the boy's mother says her son was asleep at the time of the attack and simply rushed to the victim's aid. >> he was in the basement and the window is broke in the
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basement. my window is broke down there. he said he kept hearing help, help, help! he ran out. >> reporter: home where it all happened was overrun with kittens and cats. they were taken away by pspca agents to be checked out. a rear window in the home was out suggesting a possible break in. but the condition of the place made it tough to figure out exactly what happened here. >> it is filled with stuff and debris and trash and furniture and anything you can name from the third floor to the basement. >> reporter: both taylor and connelly are at einstein medical center at this hour where their conditions have been upgraded from critical to serious condition. that 18 year old still being questioned by authorities as a witness at this point, no arrest, no charges at this time. the two stabbing victims were somewhat infamous around this block for their erratic sometimes off putting behavior but neighbors say they did not deserve this kind of brutal assault. dawn? >> all right, thank you, bruce. all service on the
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wilmington newark line has been suspended until further notice. authorities tell us a person was hit by a train at the sharon hill septa station. skyfox over that scene just a short time ago. on the 400 block of sharon avenue in sharon hill. police there are trying to investigate just what happened. if you need help finding an alternative for that service in the area, septa has options on their website we're working right now to learn the condition of the victim. of course, we will keep you updated. caught on camera a shooting outside of a local club. >> wawa worker says happened when he saw the gun and took off running. and new jersey governor chris christie and his administration are the target of another bridge investigation. the issue who is footing the bill for a nearly $2 billion construction project on the pulaski sky way? >> the flyers saying goodbye to a now former flyer and scott hartnell is trying to accept his trade. hear from hartnell coming up in sports. and your weather has been monitoring a hot and very humid afternoon and evening.
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85 degrees right now. humidity at 59%. those winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour and also take look at 3d storm view. clouds are buckling up. there's a nasty line of showers and storms off to the west. the timing of that and expected rainfall amounts coming up. ♪ >> coming up tonight at 10:00 o'clock, retailers making shopping quick and easy. some even sending your receipt right to your in box. but it might not ab good idea to give up your e-mail address. what convenience could really cost you tonight at 10:00.
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>> philadelphia police are trying to identify two suspects in a shooting out side a club on rising sun avenue in lawndale. it was caught on camera.
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19 year old employee says he heard someone yell don't shoot! the employee ran as the gunman opened fire into a crowd. 1984ed was wounded in the leg. >> new jersey governor chris christie's administration is being linked to a new bridge investigation. the manhattan da and the feds are looking into a billion dollar project to repair the pulaski sky way in new jersey. fox's chang explains why the construction is coming under closer scrutiny. >> reporter: repair the pulaski sky way will cost more than a billion dollars. the money comes from the port authority of new york and new jersey and ultimately commuter tolls yet the pulaski sky way runs between newark, new jersey, and jersey city. not between new york and new jersey. the american automobile association aaa says that makes it a new jersey project that should not be funded by the port authority and new york drivers. >> this is a jersey project. new yorkers shouldn't pay for it and there are plenty of things that need to be done on the
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facilities at the port authority owns and operates without spending who knows how many hundreds of millions of dollars on this facility. >> reporter: new york times is reporting that the manhattan district attorney and the federal securities and exchange commission are investigating if new jersey governor chris christie's office got the port authority to pay for the pulaski sky way repairs by having former deputy executive director bill baroni have the port authority claim the sky way leads to the lincoln tunnel. this might violate security law. the port authority responded stating in part, the pulaski sky way agreement was analyzed and negotiated by lawyers on all sides. separately the law firm of or rick harrington and sutliffe provided appropriate opinions to the under writers on though bonds but obtained a copy of an internal memo comin coming up -l cautioning that the pulaski project cannot be undertaken by the port authority and have the quote risk of successful
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challenge by the bondholders and investors. >> the offices of governor christie, manhattan da and the securities exchange commission would not comment on this story. >> a big hahn are in today for nba all star player and delaware county native jameer nelson. the philadelphia freedom valley ymca is dedicating its gymnasium to the pete and jameer nelson foundation. pete is his father. nelson crew up in chester, was a star at st. joe's and currently plays for the orlando magic. the ymca wanted to honor nelson for his commitment and dedication to the youth of chill chester. nelson says having a ymca like this is very important for the mount in the. >> it helps out a lot. the y helps -- hopefully one day we can get the y... >> pete and jameer nelson foundation will benefit all ymca members through a variety of
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programs for youth, families, individuals and active older adults. >> turning back to your fox 29 weather authority now. let's check in with scott williams because we know we got some ran moving in to the area. scott? >> most of the rain is not going to arrive until later on this evening, iain, but if you are stepping outdoors, hazy, hot and also humid. 85 degrees right now but look at that humidity. upper 50s to near 60%. you can always slice the atmosphere. it's that sticky outdoors. winds out of the south right now the about 10 miles per hour. scattered showers and thunderstorms likely across the area. not everyone is going to see that rainfall. but look at the temperatures. still 80 degrees by 9:00 we're looking at a pair of sevens by 11:00 o'clock tonight. as we watch this slow moving boundary approach our area but ultimate doppler showing most of us getting a break right now across the area but this is the mainline that will be watching over the next several hours. and you can see earlier this afternoon and evening, we were
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watching some activity moving out of bucks county into sections of mercer county. that's lifting away. but the atmosphere is very unstable out ahead of this fro front. a very soupy, juicy if you will air mass across our area so this is what we'll continue to monitor. vivid lightning right now. currently no severe thunderstorm warnings associated with that line. it will likely weaken a bit as it heads toward our area. but look at how long it's going to take. you can see by 7:51 approaching the allentown area. the northern extent of that line. then a little after 10:30 arriving toward the philadelphia area with the likelihood of some heavy rainfall and localized downpours across the area. but by 8:00 o'clock, you can see a few hit or miss showers across the area. and then from 8:00 until, say, midnight, that's the main timing of that line as we watch the clock. by 9:00 p.m., the pocono mountains, the lehigh valley moving into lancaster, chester counties and slowly but surely approaching the i-95 corridor between, say, 10, 11:00 o'clock
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and then after midnight moving into interior sections of south jersey. down the shore, a lot of the activity will likely miss that area as it diminishes overnight and as we head into your thursday. so rolling the clock you can see by 2:00 a.m. we could see a little over a half an inch in philadelphia. maybe over an inch and a half toward the wilmington area and approaching about a half an inch closing in on an inch towards sections of the lehigh valley so the timing from now until 8:00 it stays warm, humid, a few scattered showers across the area. then from 8:00 until midnight that's the mainline. showers, some gusty storms and locally heavy rain and then from midnight to 5:00 a.m. just a few leftover showers but that humidity will decrease during the day tomorrow. with the sunshine, we squeaked out 90 degrees, 5 degrees above average for this time of year. upper 70s in atlantic city. 86 in reading. 87 right now in allentown. but look at the dew points. any tumor you get those dew points above 60 degrees it's
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going to feel sticky and oppressive. we have dew points in the mid 70s in dover. 73-degree dew point readings in the new castle wilmington area. so upper 60s, low 70s for tonight. scattered showers and thunderstorms. locally heavy as we watch that slow moving system. 86 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. a leftover early shower. gradual clearing and that humidity drops and look at friday. 85 degrees. and what about the weekend? 84 on saturday. 85 on sunday. so right now, the weekend looks pretty good and then hazy, hot and humid as we move nearly next week with 90-degree temperatures but we squeaked out 90 today. >> i believe it. >> i believe it. >> felt good out there to me. >> squeak, squeak. >> scott hartnell is not squeaking he's now former flyer but finding it hard to say goodbye an big-time class mommy from the fans last night when tony gwynn, jr., step to the plate much that's coming up in sports.
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♪ >> the flyers traded scott hartnell. that was on monday. even with a less than average season last season, he wanted to stay flyer.
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now the flyers wanted to trade the five years left on his contract which was in the easy but columbus wanted hartnell. scott hartnell had played seven years with the flyers. his best season back in the 2011-2012 season when he scored 37 goals but had fallen off since. always tough to put on another sweater. it's tough say goodbye. something that will take awhile to accept. >> i don't know if it's totally sunk in yet. i think i was surprised, shocked, angry the first few days when i got the call a week ago today and, you know, i said, i don't want to leave. plain and simple. i like our team. i like the guys. i'm comfortable here. this is mew home, and, you know, he made it pretty clear that they were going in a different direction. >> i love those comments from general managers we're going in different direction. the phillies play again tonight against the marlon the home but last night was a moment where
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the fans showed a lot of class. let's go to the ballpark and take look. tony gwynn, jr., now his dad he lost him last week to cancer. he left to tend funeral and family matters but was back as pinch hitter last night the fans gave him a standing ovation. as he came up to the plate. class moment for the fans an difficult moment for tony gwynn and everybody else. >> made that bat little more difficult to try to fight back emotion and tears and stuff like that. but, you know, i think that's why guys who play here they love it here. >> yes. it was a nice mommy. not nice when you don't get hit but it's nice the fans showed respect for his dad was a great ball player and a terrific guy just like tony gwynn, jr. by the way just happened, tim lincecum pitched no hitter for the san francisco giants. >> nobody can hit. exactly. >> that does the for us here
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tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> see you back here at 10:00. have great night. april side edition is up next. ♪
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we come on the air with breaking news. >> diane sawyer shocker. >> the tv news woman is stepping down. >> the big reaction. >> we love you. then, murder by hot car? the little boy left in a sweltering suv by his own father. >> it's almost unimaginable, could he have intentionally left his own son in the vehicle? >> police know that there's something fish which i. and drone rage. -- fishy. >> and drone rage. why americans are getting fed up with drones. >> you were standing there partially clothed, you look out the window and you see a drone. then, the


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