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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  October 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> i'm overwhelmed by the kindsness that people have shown. >> how this local father is using the death of his son to help people who have children with special needs. ♪ >> right now on fox 29 news at 5:00 rain moving into our area damp and dreary out there. here's live ultimate doppler radar showing rain spreading across our area and the going to start feeling a whole lot colder the biggest question right now is can we salt salvage some of this weekend. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. we are looking at one sloppy friday night. let's get over to chief meteorologist scott williams who is tracking it all for us. scott? >> hi, dawn and iain. i think we will salvage a part of the upcoming weekend but take a look at all of the rainfall moving in. toward the middle west the ohio river valley this rain is moving due east right toward our area. right now, we have cloud cover, cooler than average temperatures and pockets of light showers across the area. it's really hit or miss right now but if you're stepping outdoors for friday evening
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plans grab the umbrella and rain gear because we are going to be dodging some of those light showers. timing everything. you can see as we roll the clock by 8:00 p.m. we're still looking at pockets of drizzle and showers some of the heavier rainfall south jersey and delaware. look at what happens overnight. saturday 3:00 a.m. we're looking at that rainfall really starting to spread in and overtake the area and temperatures will be dropping, too. right now it's 60 degrees in the philadelphia area. the sun will set this evening at 6:29. so if you're stepping outdoors, it's going to be a little chill. grab the rain gear. temperatures dropping into the upper 50s that steadier rainfall arrives overnight. we'll talk about when it finally moves out, also, how it could impact temple homecoming and also what to expect as we move into sunday for the eagles game. all coming up iain and dawn. >> thanks, scott. the weather authority of course tracking the rain and you can, too. to see a life interactive radar go to click on the weather tab right at the top of our home page. >> the father of a mercer county pre-schooler who died from enterovirus is speaking out tonight.
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four year old eli waller attended yardville elementary school before he suddenly died last month. another pre-schooler at the school is also being tested for possible enterovirus infection. the respiratory illness is blamed for eli waller's death much his dad spoke about his son today. >> just an incredible kid. you know, a couple days ago i put out statement, and he's like the little puppy dog who just looks at you and wants to make you happy. and that really was eli. >> eli's dad announced the start of a foundation eli's memory enterovirus has infected children in more than 20 states including new jersey. happening now in montgomery county, another courtroom surprise from convicted killer ragu as we waits to find out if he will get the death penalty for the murder of a baby and her grandmother. prosecutors say he needed the money to pay off gambling debts. >> the horrific crime happened two years ago in king of
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prussia. fox 29's brad satin live at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown tonight. brad? >> reporter: guys, we saw tears in the courtroom today. things wrapped up for the day the trial is continuing but wrapped up about an hour and 15 minutes ago. the day started with the defendant saying believe it or not he was okay with the death penalty. his attorney talked him out of that. the sentencing phase went on and at times today it got pretty emotional. >> it's obviously no secret to courtroom observers he's been a difficult client. >> reporter: his attorney fighting for his client's live and had his work cut out for him. the day started with himself telling the judge, stop the trial. he was okay with being sentenced to death. after a jury on thursday found him guilty on two counts of first degree murder. >> he made a comment about not contesting the death penalty, however, his attorneys are going through that process. >> reporter: they did while he served as his own attorney during the guilt phase of the trial he did allow his defense team to fight to try to spare
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his life in this now sentencing phase. >> what is significant here is while he's mentioned the times he doesn't want to fight that has not been consistent positi position. so my position has been since he's rocking back and forth a little bit we ought to put on the mitigation evidence and let a jury decide based on all the evidence. >> reporter: prosecutors contend the death penalty is warranted. he having been convicted of killing 10 month old baby girl and her grandmother back in october of 2012 in what was a botched attempt to take baby for ransom to pay off gambling deb debts. the defense called witness who's tried to portray him as troubled and mentally unstable who lost his father in india in a terrorist attack and attempted suicide. all mitigating factors getting to jury the spare his life. >> he's not an evil person. that there are reasons for the poor behavior and the horrible things that he did. >> we have to convince 12 people that the aggravate the out weigh the mitt gators. it's a difficult processing to
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through. >> reporter: now the most emotional part of the day was actually at the end when some of the family members of the victims two brothers took the stand. you'll be hearing them in their words coming up at 6:00 o'clock tonight. so, again, no verdict at this point but the trial will resume on tuesday. guys? >> all right, thank you, brad. a police officer in the hospital this evening with mine minor injuries following crash in south philadelphia this happened after 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. there's no word on what cough the crash. >> former mob boss joey merlino back in federal court in center city today. he hea headed in to court before 10:00 this morning a judge being asked to sandy him back to prison for violating terms of his supervised release on racketeering charges. our dave schratwieser live outside the courthouse tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, not exactly a homecoming for joey her loon know but it was classic merlino today holding court inside the courtroom before the hearing ever started, and again with camera crews and reporters as he left the courthouse for the day.
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one thing is very clear tonight. there is no love lost between joey merlino and federal authorities. for the first time in 14 years, former mob boss joey merlino returned to the federal courthouse here in the usual joey merlino style, after more than decade in prison, he was asked how it felt to be back in philadelphia. >> can't wait to go to the parade. >> reporter: skinny joey returned to face allegations he met in florida with convicted felons and mobsters like philly wise guy john changlini a violation of his supervised release. merlino's attorney argued friday the feds missed a deadline to violate the so called john gotti of passyunk avenue. >> hopefully the judge grease with me there's no juries dick. everybody goes home happy. >> we want to go forward and bring him to justice again. >> reporter: the judge withheld his ruling for now. meanwhile merlino left the court surrounded by cameras and reporters. he was peppered with questions. >> joe, are they picking are you
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do you think? what do you think? >> reporter: i'm asking you. >> jury smart. >> reporter: 52 year old merlino has been living in style in florida most recently with his wife and daughter. he's working and reportedly about to open restaurant. >> offer of a job in a yet to be opened restaurant, and that may happen in the coming week. >> i don't think mr. merlino is actually worked a job in a very long time if ever. >> reporter: federal prosecutors would not say if merlino is still running the mob. they had this to say when asked if merlino was still an active member of the mob. >> that's the way we consider him, sure. >> us attorney said you're still an active member of the mob. >> he's mental. >> has joe woe been associating with known felons and convicted mobsters? >> of course not. >> as for a possible return to philadelphia -- >> i think he considers himself a permanent resident of florida. who knows what tomorrow will bring. >> reporter: now, merlino could face six months to year back in prison if he's found to
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have violated the terms of his supervised release. he told me today that he didn't think federal authorities would ever stop pursuing him coming up at 6:00 his lawyer comments on what the feds could be doing with the money they're using to chase joey merlino. iain. >> dave, thank you. a gang of bold armed robbers is on the loose in bucks county. a group of men in ski masks armed with a gun, 95 and stun gun forced their way into bar louie in bensalem around 3am. employees were forced into a walk in freezer and one was struck with the stun gun. the thieves looted the safe stole a car and then took off. >> now to the latest on the ebola outbreak. the united states is stepping up its efforts to fight the virus overseas. the u.s. is sending boots on the ground to the epi sent of the threat. liberia. fox news correspondent doug luzader has the very latest from washington. >> reporter: u.s. military aircraft moments before they touched down just outside of liberia's capital of monroe
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weave. contention of hundreds of u.s. service members that could soon reach into the thousands. local health officials screened them for fevers before their work to help built treatment center which is begin. >> i would say we're here to support aid and the government of liberia. >> reporter: governments in the region are pleading for help with the death toll that is rapidly mounting. temperature screenings at airports are ramping up around the globe soon to come come to group of fire airports here in the united states but it's not clear how effective that kind of intervention will be. and there are more calls for an all out travel ban from west africa. some airport workers in new york walked off the job out of exposure concerns. there is some good news. blood tests confirm that the texas sheriff deputy hospitalized after coming in contact with the family of ebola victim thomas eric duncan does have the virus. tests continue to find an effective vaccine to stop the virus but the head of the cdc
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put this outbreak in stark terms. >> i will say that in the 30 years i've been working in public health the only thing like this has been aids and we have to work now so that this is not the world's neck aids. >> reporter: right now, though, there is a vast difference in scale. ebola virus has killed about 3,800 people globally according to the world health organizati organization. but that number is increasing every day. >> of course that was doug luzader reporting. we are following the ebola developments both air and online at a so-called joke about ebola on a flight from philadelphia to pun at a can at a ends in no laughing matter. >> here's the situation. i need everybody to sit down. everybody sit down. it's going look worse than it is. >> flight crew went into response mode when a passenger on u.s. airways flight 845 reportedly coughed and said something like, i've been to africa.
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i have ebola. it happened just before the plane touched down. hazmat crews wearing blew protective suits boarded the jet when the landed in pun at a can at a. he did not have fever that's a key early symptom of ebola. airport representative call the incident a joke of poor taste. >> well there could be a major medical break through with type one diabetes. coming was that scientists have discovered that could lead to cure. also ahead a series of violent robberies in the northeast. why cops are starting to think there might be a connection. >> plus turn down the heat. why a house this winter could help you look -- i should say a house could help you look a lot better next summer. >> and a teen sent home for wearing this. it's the leggings controversy in one local district. school officials go too far? >> keith. the numbers are the numbers. they are what they are. but are the eagles really gas as they're four and one record? there's one reason they just may be. we'll explain in sports. >> coming up in weather, rainfall moving in.
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but will the weekend be a wash
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♪ >> friday night plans, well, we have a lot of rain in the forecast tonight. live ultimate doppler radar showing it has moved into parts of the region. chief meteorologist scott williams is back with a look at when it all moves out. >> delaware state police make several arrests in adages worry home invasion. detectives say heather holmes and her boyfriend richard la font know lived there and plotted with two friends to rob the on the residents of the ho home. those friends caleb connor and
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jason castner under arrest. one of the residents was punched in the head during the confrontation. >> serial robber on the loose in northeast philadelphia and police need your help finding him. take look at this video. authorities believe this man is responsible for robbing at least 14 businesses between october and august. the stores include beer distributor, fast food restaurants a wawa and five 7eleven stores. so far he's gotten away with more than $9,000 in cash. police say no one was hurt during the robberies but they want this guy behind bars. >> we're looking for people to be alert and when you're out there driving around if you see something suspicious or somebody sitting a block away watching the store call 911. >> police say he's targeted places overnight usually hits between 8:00 p.m. and 4am. he also appears to have an accomplice in some of the jobs. >> a shocking discovery made after authorities arrest a man for not paying his child support. the ocean county sheriffs department was serving 56 year old george clark of toms river with an arrest warrant at the
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shore motel where he lives. clark started having breathing dulty's and authorities took him to the hospital. doctors found a nail from a nail gun lodged in his heart. investigators found the power tool near his bed in the back of his room. clark is icu and list the in critical but stable condition. authorities say he suffered the injury procedure to his arrest. >> before heading into the classroom, philadelphia teachers hosted a rally this group gathered outside the kelly school in germantown similar protests were held at schools throughout the city. the demonstration called turn up for truth is in response to the school reform commission's meeting on monday where they voted to cancel the union's contract. educators say they want parents in the community to know their side. >> we are willing to contribute towards health care but we're not willing to be stuck up by the src... (applause).
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>> in order to have a family plan. >> contract negotiations have been going on for nearly two years. the src says by ending the contract with the union, they'll be able to pour nearly $44 million into district covers this year. a student sex scandal gripping rowan university in new jersey. two male students are suspended for posting a sex video online. university officials say one man filmed the act while another from his fraternity had sex with a female. the men later posted it on a pornographic website. the female student says the sex was consensual but she had no idea she was being video taped. she has not filed criminal charges, but the university did charge the two students with violating college rules. >> dietz and watson breaking ground today on a $50 million expansion of its facility in philadelphia's tacony second. it includes a 200,000 square foot distribution center as well as new maintenance facility.
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>> i don't think my father ever thought this would happen. i didn't think it would happen either. we've become a national company and starting with just a little hole in the wall practically. >> dietz and watson says the project will create more than 150 jobs. the company's distribution center in delanco, new jersey, was destroyed by fire last year. >> tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote in delaware. if you want to cast a ballot in next month's leck. registering as easy logging on to a computer these days. visit i we'll have a link on look under seen on tv. applicants can also visit the state elections office in dover. it's open from eight until 4:30 tomorrow. county election officers are extending hours on saturday. election day of course is november 4th. >> well, we are looking at a rainy night ahead. let's take look at our pocono mountains camera this is french
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manor in the pocono mountains. looks like a pretty nice knit out there but it will be rainy and the temperatures is going to start to drop. it will be kind of chilly come tomorrow. here's scott will jumps. >> that's right. right now we're socked in with the cloud cover. temperatures already below average only upper 50s low 60s across the board. satellite and radar showing you we have some pockets of light showers some drizzle across the area. but the heaviest of the rainfall really won't arrive until after midnight. so as we focus and expand the view, take a look at all of this moisture showing up on ultimate doppler. stretching through the ohio river valley towards sections of the midwest and looing at the trajectory. it's moving from west to east. so it will continue to head in our direction. so we have several hours of rainfall to really get through during the day tomorrow as well. 60 degrees right now. humidity at 51%. the sun will set about 6:29 and look at those cooler than average temperatures. 58 in millville. 58 in trenton as well as reading. mid 50s right now in lancaster. so the bottom line if you're
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stepping outdoors for your friday evening plans, on and off again showers. not a complete wash out. have an umbrella handy but the instead yesterday rainfall arrives during the overnight. low temperatures in the 50s. we'll have to complete weekend forecast and talk about what it means for your plans coming you. dawn? iain. >> thank you scott. >> missing dictator. north korea's jong union out of site. >> plus new information about the crash of malaysian airlines flight 17. the crews clues left behind that paint a horrifying picture of what was happening on board. >> and the palin family brawl. what one of sarah palin's daughter social security accused of doing during a fight involving family members and what authorities decided to do about pressing charges.
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>> check this out. this water main break expected
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to impact the evening commute fortunately in new york city not in philadelphia. this main burst around 6:00 this morning near the holland tum in lower manhattan. tens of thousands of gallons of water gushing out on to the street. commuters using the outbound tunnel lanes are told to expect delays up to 45 minutes this evening. where is north korea's leader? speculation around the world as kim jong-un remains out of the public eye. he was a no show at a major event today and hasn't been seen in more than a month. nobody outside of kim jong-un regime seems to know where he is right now. the white house does not believe there's been a coo and a medical issue was thought to be a factor in his prolonged absence. >> the u.s. is stepping up air strikes in the syrian town of kaboni as fierce fighting continues to escalate. local curdish forces have been fighting off isis since last week. so far about 500 people have been killed in the battle and the latest intel suggests isis may be winning. militant group reportedly taken over the curdish headquarters and is trying to capture a
5:25 pm
nearby border crossing with turkey. some military analysts say they need more people to fight off isis. >> the fact we do not have people on the ground to assist in making those air strikes even more effective is the reason why they're still on the offense. >> the u.s. is urging turkey to get involved as isis closes in on its border but so far the country is staying out of it. in the meantime in addition to air strikes in syria bombings continue in iraq where australia's military have joined allies in bombing isis targets. history today with the youngest winner of a nobel peace prize. malala and were split the nobel award of one property $1 milli $1 million. she was targeted by the taliban retaliation for her advocating education for girls. two years ago, militants fired on her schoolbus shooting her in the head. she is the youngest win are in in history. 60 year old man found save the
5:26 pm
childhood movement getting credit with helping tens of thousands of children rescued from child slavery. >> regards is an important point for hindus and muslims. indian and pakistani to join in a common struggle for education and against extremism. >> the peace prize will be presented on december 10th. the anniversary of alfred nobel's death. >> a city on edge comin coming p ferguson, missouri at the center of a pr disaster. what the city did that has some people shaking their heads. and what's wrong were it this local teen's outfit? her school diss track says a lot and they sent her home. are they going too far with
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>> weather authority keeping close eye on live ultimate doppler radar for you tonight. a lot of rain headed this way. scott is back in just a few minutes with how much we can expect. >> a vigil is held in st. louis my sorrow to honor the memory of 18 year old myers. he was shot wednesday after he opened fire on a white off duty police officer. myers parents say he was unarm unarmed. and some activists and lawmakers say myers was targeted because he was black. it has been a rough couple of months in ferguson and started with the shooting death of michael brown who was unarmed at the time of his death. this weekend it could all boil over during four days of planned
5:30 pm
protests and marches. >> but the bigger concern for some could surround the new pr manager fox's charlie leduff explains why. ♪ >> reporter: what do you do when you're the white police chief and white mayor of a black town and your police force is nearly all white an white cop shoots dead an unarmed black teenager and black people get mad about it? you don't know anybody who can talk to black people because you don know too many black people even though you're the white chief of police and the mayor of a black town. what do you do? you hire this guy. a black guy with a colorful history. list stone him describe his job interview. >> the conversation was, you can relate those people. black guy,. >> black guy. >> killed a guy -- black guy who has had some trouble with the law and who's over yum that stuff you've got a unique perspective we were like the leverage. >> okay. so you killed a guy. they thought that might work?
5:31 pm
well, i think it's, you know, not just, you know, the conviction that was part of, you know washington they thought would -- that they could leverage. i think it was just i was in a gang. i was a street entrepreneur. i've got ties to the streets. i've been able to do things here that they couldn't do. that other folks can't do and law enforcement can't do. >> let me just tell you i've been shot before. >> show me. that looks like a gunshot wound. the shooting that proceeded that shooting was a hit from my gang to take me out because i was trying to make a transition to a different life. >> did you do time? yes yeah. >> how long did i did three months in prison. >> the st. louis economic partnership hired the 3284 old native of memphis, tennessee to work for the city of ferguson after the teen shooting. and then the partnership recen recently fired devon james because she say james didn't tell them that he killed a guy.
5:32 pm
but the mayor and the chief say they new james killed a guy and told sold dope in his past. it's one of the things they liked about him and they're keeping him on. >> his past is a drug dealer, gang banger, killed a guy. that's a bonus in your book or,. >> i think it helps to add perspective. >> but he's teaching about the black experience and black people. i think, yeah to some extent. it's hard for someone whose never had the experience to truly understand it. >> what do you think of the shoes? >> those are nice. >> you hired a black guy to talk to black folks but he's got a record. is that insulting to regular joe on the street who doesn't -- did you hire him because how black guys are? >> i think his story is impressive. >> they hired a black guy to kill somebody to be able to talk to you. >> that's a bunch of bleep. >> ever belong to gang? not me. >> have you ever been shot in the arm? not me. >> ever killed a man? no. >> so you don't got much in
5:33 pm
common with the mayor's spokesman. >> not the all. probably have more in common with the mayor than i do the spokesman. >> reporter: hmm. the chief says he loves devon james even though he's given the guys questionable advice lately. he was here was his apology two weeks ago. >> i'm truly for the loss of your son. i'm sorry it took so long to remove michael from the street. >> that made lots of people mad. >> we felt like the apology that the mayor -- ooh mean the chief put out was fake. he wasn't sincere about it. it was just for tv. >> did he advise you to do the apology? >> no, no, no. he made it possible forme to do it. >> what does that mean? >> just something i've been wanting to do and he helped -- he happened me do it. >> the evening of the apology the chief decided to march with protester who's were protesting against the chief. somebody should have advised him
5:34 pm
again it. >> you were marching against yourself. no, we were just walking. we were walking and talking much that's all. >> would you do that again? um, i'd re-evaluate the tenor of the crowd before i'd do. >> i'm told someone through a black of urine. two days later, a ferguson cop was shot. protesting against yourself that didn't really work out too well. again i wasn't protesting against myself. ♪ >> the mood of ferguson is red hot as you might have guessed it's smoulders along racial li lines. (inn dud able). >> looted businesses have yet to row place their windows. expecting more chaos if a grand jury does not indict the officer in the teen's killing. in the meantime, let's hope devon james ferguson's gun for
5:35 pm
hire has a plan because it's obvious his employer doctors n not. >> i think that there's potential for lot of unrest. for a lot of violence and i think that everyone should -- not just in ferguson. i think this is something that could transpire all over the country. >> then good luck. we're counting on you. >> okay. >> you want to shake, white guy or black guy. it's all good. >> still a head you trying to lose some weight. while you'll want to keep the heat turned down this winter. >> coming up all new at 6:00 o'clock coach under fire. local atheists groups crying foul from the sid lines what a football coach is accused of doing right before the big game. scott? >> dawn, right now, scattered light showers across the area but look at all of the rainfall off to the west. the timing of when it arrives
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
♪ >> a giant beached whale washes ashore in long island yesterday. officials say the male fin backed whale was a whopping 58 feet long.
5:39 pm
marine specialists say he likely died about a week ago, but they don't know if it was from natural causes or if the whale was hit by a ship. fin backs are the second largest species of whale. pennsylvania governor tom corbett expected to sign legislation into law expanding screenings for newborns. the bill nicknamed hannah's law requires hospitals to screen newborns for crabby disease and five other disorders. the disease is inherit he had condition of the central and peripheral nervous systems. the measure cleared the senate unanimously this week. >> a look at your health news now. a big break through is reported in the search for a type one diabetes cure this is big. researchers at harvard say they have successfully coked human embryotic stem cells into ones that produce inn sewell lip when those cells were transferred to diabetic mice they behaved as healthy cells do and regulated blood sugar. they're findings are the result of 15 years of research. a new study might have you warming up to cold weather. you listening up iain.
5:40 pm
>> no. >> researchers say if you keep it cold in your home this winter, you could lose weight and that's because colder temperatures help the body burn calories by converting so-called bad fat in good fat. the new study comes a year after australian researchers warned that warm and cozy rooms could be making us fat. i keep the warm and cozy at home. am i -- okay. authorities decide not to file any charges against a palin clan for that huge brawl at a party in anchorage, alaska back in september. 24 page report contain the statements from five police officers and more than 15 witnesses. they say it was just a messy drunken incident. witnesses say palin' husband todd, her daughter bristol and son trek got into a physical confrontation with guests while palin and her other daughter willow argued with other parti partiers several accounts they bristol punched the home opener pretty march. it will be friday night wash out perhaps coming up later. >> scott is back to tell us if it will ruin the entire weekend.
5:41 pm
hopefully not. and a teen sent home for wearing this outfit. it is the leggings controversy in one local school district. the wes is did officials go sever? >> the book of eli was a movie but sunday night real feature film.
5:42 pm
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>> take a look at this rescue. hiker and her two dogs hoist to do safety after spending three nights in the washington estate wilderness. paula and her puppies went missing on a hike. the 21 year old was spotted by a
5:45 pm
search helicopter that was able to rescue her. reuter kept her dogs alive by feeding them beef jerky that she had along with her. >> the people aboard the malaysian jet that crashed in ukraine last summer may s have known they were falling to their death according to the dutch foreign minister who says one passenger was wearing an oxygen mask when he died. all 298 people on malaysian airlines flight 17 were killed. officials say a missile hit the jet as it flew over ukraine on its way to malaysia. >> a five year old girl is force to do sign a school contract saying that she will not commit suicide or kill anyone else at her school her mother is just lived. the woman says her little girl drew something to resembled a gun and pointed a crayon at another student and made the sound of a gun going off. the mom says school officials gave the child the questionnaire and made her sign the contract. she's now pushing to have the incident removed from the girl's record. >> a clothing controversy brewing in the brandywine school district over this young lady's
5:46 pm
outfit. do you think she should have been sent home. >> she was. >> officials thought her fag choice was inappropriate for class and as fox 29's jennifer joyce reports, that girl and her mom feel the school just took it too far. >> she's your average 17 year old girl. developing a sense of style. >> finger tip length. >> but she's not modeling these stretch pants and boots to show off her fashion sense. rather to prove a point. >> i would like to roughly say that's 4-inches above my knee. >> emily schaeffer was season home from brandywine high school on monday because of this outf outfit. >> i was offended because i was basically just being told that my education is less important than what i'm wearing. the school has not returned our requests for a comment but according to the district's website students are allowed to wear stretch pants as long as they are covered by an article of clothing no more 4-inches above the knee. emily's mom jessica says she feels her daughter met the criteria. >> when she walk back in and i saw she was wearing, what are
5:47 pm
you doing here? why would they send you home for that. >> when emily went home to change she put these jeans on which are acceptable within the dress code. but she says they're actually tighter and more revealing than the stretch pants. the issue goes even deeper. schaeffer says school administrators announced in an assembly that certain outfits are a quote distraction which makes teenagers like emily feel uncomfortable. >> he told us the quote that our bodies are a secret. and they should be kept a secr secret. >> i can imagine being a 14 year old and hearing that and thinking, is my math teacher looking at me wearing my pants? >> reporter: while she believes in enforcing the rules she's siding with her daughter this time and hopes the school district changes its overall approach. >> i don't want them to use the word distraction when it comes to dress code at all. >> reporter: in wilmington, delaware, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> actress amanda bynes caught on camera acting bizarre before authorities say she tried to get away with a shirt. >> this video from tmz and it
5:48 pm
shows the former teen star dancing in the new york store pookie and sabastian on wednesday much after busting a few moves she tried to make off washier. a store clerk confronted her. then we're told later in the day she tried to steal a hat from barney's. no charges were filed in either incident. >> all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority. it will be damp dreary friday night as this rain moves in, scott. >> iain, dawn most of heavy rainfall arrives overnight. if you're stepping outdoors maybe for din are in just keep the umbrella happy. hit and miss showers but take a look at the camera. center city it's certainly socked in with the cloud cover. we're looking at temperatures only at 60 degrees. remember yesterday the high was 70. today's high 61. those winds are out of the east southeast about 5 miles per hour. the sun will set this evening right around 6:30 give or take a minute or two. but as we look at the satellite and radar, you can see mostly cloudy conditions. pockets of light showers. this isn't the heavy rainfall we're dealing with right now
5:49 pm
along i-95 into sections of south jersey as well as north and west. take a look as i expand the view. look at all of this moisture off to the west and it continues to move from west to east. it's not going to move to the south. it's not going to move to the north it will just continue to move in our direct. so the timing as we watch the clock by 8:00 p.m., mostly cloudy once again pocks of light showers, drizzle around. but look at what happens after 12, midnight, 1:00 a.m. we're looking at most of that heavy rainfall arriving. by saturday morning, 4:00 a.m. where you see the yellow imbedded orange, we're looking at some pretty intense rainfall. but what about saturday afternoon? here's the clock at noon. we're stelle looking at some of the heavier rainfall south and east. but look at the yellow look at the orange offshore. we will start to gradually improve and dry out as we move into the second half of the day. so it's not a complete wash out for the weekend. sunday morning, we're actually looking at some sunshine across the area. so sunday right now definitely
5:50 pm
the better of the two upcoming weekend days. how much rainfall? on average as we roll the clock here you can see most of the heavy rainfall arrives saturday morning. we could be talking about an inch perhaps an inch and a half once we move into sections of burg ton as well as ocean counties. so the bottom line, cloudy and chilly for your friday evening plans. friday night lights we're looking at some on and off again light hours but not a washout, not the heavy rainfall. that arrives as we move into the overnight time frame. low temperatures bottom out in the 50s. then rain lingers at least through midday on saturday. rainfall totals around an inch. what does that mean if you're headed out to the linc for temple homecoming. there could be a leftover shower early temperatures only around 57 degrees. the wind direction will be out of the north five to 10 miles per hour. the high temperature today 61 degrees. well below the normal which is 69. look at the record high. it was 90 degrees set back in 1939.
5:51 pm
temperatures right now pretty uniform. upper tees to right around 60 in wilmington and philadelphia. for tonight, damp, dreary, chilly, on and off again showers for your friday evening plans but the heaviest rainfall arrives overnight and early on saturday more morning. cloud cover tomorrow. 63 for the high. showers at least through midday. as we look at that seven day forecast, you can see by sunday, sun and clouds, mid 60s. the eagles game sunday night looking pretty good. a shower chance returns monday. 70 for the high. mid 70s tuesday. showers even some thunderstorms possible by wednesday of next week. here's a look at that kickoff forecast at the linc on sunday night. we'll call it scattered clouds. it will be cool. so jacket sweater weather temperatures in the upper 50's but right now it looks like that rainfall is going to hold off until monday. >> that sounds good. perfect football weather. >> it is. keith? >> you know the giants been buck talking, right. >> absolutely. >> two words it's our house, right? >> absolutely.
5:52 pm
>> this is our house. you know the eagles aren't used to being dominant at home believe it or not they're going for their eighth straight win at home. last team to beat them at home, who else, the giants. now this week the debate has been non-stop are the eagles really a four and one team? the biggest reason they're four and one the play of the special teams. chris, who played for the sea hawk last year part of the group that scored four touchdowns in the last three week. about the only man who can slow him down. tom srendenschek. >> when you look at our kickoff team our punt team we got in guys that have played football a long time and really know what they're doing, and especially our kick off team it's a privilege almost like a starting spot to get on there, so somebody got to beat somebody out. even if somebody gets injured somebody has to step in, it's quite a privilege to get on that unit. >> every time that i go out there i put -- we put the wings on our helmet i want to represent the people of philadelphia. you know just a tough gritty blue collar type work ethic.
5:53 pm
us players want to represent this city well, and my style of play hopefully does that and hopefully that's rubbing off on other guys too. >> eagles wanting to two-zero in the nfl east they have to slow down manning. over the last three games eight touchdown, one interception. the eagles feel the key is what it's always been. hit him and hit him some more. and see how he reacts from the there. >> any quarterback gets affected when they get hit. not many quarterbacks can be the same, you know, as when there's no pressure at all and when they're getting hit. so i think effecting the quarterback is one thing and like i said the rest -- built to not get the quarterback hit. he'll try to get rid of the ball before the rush can get there. >> more on a giant challenge sunday on "game day live" at 11 a.m. then fox nfl sunday at noon. dolphins and packers at 1:00 o'clock. the great day of football on fox
5:54 pm
29. >> now by the time eagles take the field will the flyers and zero-three. this is the 40th season they last won a stanley cup this year off to really slow start. last night the flyers battled back once down three to nothing. they would tie the game at three on wayne simmonds second goal of the game less than second left in the second period and time the game at four. former flyer puts the devil ahead to say. the flyers didn't practice today but they did talk about being the only zero hiv two team in hockey. >> we're confident in ourselves. a lot of -- you know, the first two games we loosen up a bit. i think last night we did a good job with our -- we start to do control the puck. start to do make plays. like i said little things that made the difference last night. >> basically what wayne simmonds is saying, people, calm down. you know how flyers fans. we're zero and two. we're never going to win. you will win a game.
5:55 pm
>> it's arely. >> that gap was so back and forth. my fingers crossed. >> they a chance. keith, thanks. another half hour full of news at 6:00. more than a dozen violent armed robberies in the northeast. we're live with why cops think they may be connected. >> plus, busted at the office. a local woman under arrest. what she's accused of doing that could land her in a whole lot of trouble. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right after this. ♪
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>> right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 get ready for a wet and chilly friday night. this is a live look outside at center city tonight. showers are already moving into the area. the rain is going to come down heavy at times. good evening i'm iain page. lucy noland is off tonight. grab the umbrellas. we're in for very wet start to your weekend. chief meteorologist scott williams here. scott, how much rain are we talking about? >> iain, we're talking about an inch an average before all is said and done. take look at the center city skyline. this really sets the stage. we have the cloud cover, pockets of light showers now. but look at the temperature. only 60 degrees. yesterday we saw highs around 70. look at the satellite and radar. you can see mostly cloudy skies. light rainfall and sprinkles dotting the map if you're stepping outdoors hit or miss showers nor your friday evening but this isn't the heavy rain. take a look as i expand the view.
6:00 pm
off to the west around parts of the midwest ohio river valley, this rainfall is headed right for our area and most of it will pick up during the overnight time frame and early on saturday morning. so by 8:00 o'clock, mostly cloudy. once again pockets of drizzle light showers. but after midnight you can see some of that heavy rain starts to overtake the area. when you wake up saturday morning, we're looking at wet conditions. heavy rainfall, likely, early on saturday morning and some of that could linger through a part of the day. for tonight hit or miss light showers. grab the jacket, sweaters you might need that umbrella. you might not but the steadier rainfall definitely arrives later tonight. so the bottom line, cloudy and chilly conditions this evening. on and off begun showers. the instead yesterday rain arrives overnight. we'll talk much more about this system and also the entire weekend forecast perhaps you're headed to fall festival, temple homecoming and what about the eagles game on sunday? we have the forecast for all of that coming up iain. >> scott, thank you. of course you can track the rain tonight and any time this weekend. head