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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  October 17, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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northbound southbound on the dan hour bridge shut down due to a police investigation, taking a look at the tractor trailer in question. the driver of that tractor trailer has been flown to hahnemann hospital as we see bullet holes through the windshield, sabina a. >> reporter: jenny, philadelphia officials say they are fully prepared in the case of ebola out break here, safety measures they say they have put in place, sue. weather looks great for today, sabina with you what about the the weekend. we have a chilly change on the way. we will tell you when that happens coming up. thanks, sue. and hundreds of kids in philadelphia searching for a new school today, heart breaking lottery that has families scrambling. good day it is, friday
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october 17th, good to see you guys. >> you look like a big sidney crosby fans or something. >> you do. >> penguins. >> penguins. >> okay. >> hi, sue. >> they are black an gold, though. >> inside joke. >> yes. >> mike jerrick says wear black and by the. >> hey, we did. >> anything he said, we always do. >> i missed the memo. i didn't have any white, i have just black, that will have to suffice this morning. >> go flyers. >> we're lucky we are clothed the at this point. >> anyway, there is all rain from the day before yesterday, the night before, or from yesterday at this time when we were seeing some rain. we will see wrap around moisture. i think that will be confined to the western part of the state, a a little drop, showing up in dover, that is probably not making it to the ground. that is radar picture. now lets talk temperatures. the a as we get started th-s morning we are cooler then we
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were, not dramatically so but in the 50's, we have 60 degrees in philadelphia, 55 in wildwood. fifty-nine in wilmington. the these temperatures are, six, ten, 11, 12 degrees cooler then yesterday a at this time. so make sure you have a jacket with you. temperature, i should say wind are still out of the southwest though. this is not a dramatic difference. our dramatic difference in temperatures comes saturday into sunday. we will talk about that coming up. today 72 degrees. the mostly sunny skies. it looks like a lovely day. we will give it a ten out of ten a preview of coming attractions. the that is your weather at 4:02. lets talk traffic. we will start on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound just past valley forge an accident there that is on the shoulder, apparently in that accident a vehicle struck a deer. also on route one southbound between welsh road and ninth street there are three lanes blocked for milling and paving in the inner drive, use the outer drive to get by. on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound, between bensalem
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and willow grove construction there two left lanes are block. so, that is what is going on with traffic but our big traffic story, live with jenny joyce, a tractor trailer with bullet holes. >> reporter: that is right, sue, we will take a live look here at this traffic closure. we're standing along route 202 northbound and southbound shut down at dan onhour bridge. the details are sketchy. at this point, norristown police and members of the county sheriff's office are on the scene trying to sort it outstanding here at main and markly street, taking a look at the tractor trailer which is focus of this police investigation. it does have bullet holes through the windshield and the driver has been transported to hahnemann hospital. according to police the the man was driving erratically hitting cars and again, there are bullet holes through the windshield. it is unclear if the man was shot first and that is why he was driving all over the roadway or shot at because he was driving erratically.
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we don't know that at this point in time. again, right now, route 202 northbound and southbound closed here at dan opposite-hour bridge because of the investigation. back out here live now you can see tow truck is backing up here to this tractor trailer. it has been out here since 11:00 o'clock last night. so maybe they are moving forward and hopefully we can have some good traffic news as we approach the morning rush, but again, there is also been a ongoing construction project in this area that has impeded traffic. for the time being drivers are asked to avoid this area, again, route 202 northbound and southbound here in the area of the dan onhour bridge in norristown. >> let hope they get that cleaned up and quickly, jennifer, thank you. first nurse nina pham has been treated in the specialize lacing room at the national institutes of health center in maryland. >> we have a first look at pham in a video shortly before she left.
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she had been seen in her hospital room upright and heard thanking the staff who cared for her. president obama says he is considering appointing a person to lead the the the fight against the the disease. while the the president says he has no fist lodge -- psyched is logical objection to imposing a, travel ban on west africa, he said people will still hide where they are coming from and therefore, be harder to track. >> if we institute a travel ban instead of the the protocol that is we have put in place now, history shows that there is a likelihood of increased avoidance. people do not readily disclose their information. >> also this morning cdc is now saying second nurse infected with ebola amber vinson may have had symptoms as early as last friday. she was diagnosed, on tuesday, health officials are now reaching out to passengers on her flight from dallas to
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cleveland as well as anyone who visited the same bridal store as vinson on saturday but there are no answers a as to how both nursees were infect while treating thomas duncan. our chris o'connell is in maryland and we will hear from him at 6:00 o'clock. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter is holding a briefing detailing on how philadelphia is prepared to deal with infectious diseases likee bowl. lets bring in fox 29's sabina kuriakose and she's live with that part of the story, sabina, good morning. >> reporter: city officials say they are well prepared in case there is ever an ebola case within city limits. people here of course have been feeling nervous over how the the sit would i respond and prepare for the the virus. yesterday the public health and safety committee held a hearing on ebola readiness and it gave lawmakers a chance to calm frayed nerves. office of emergency management and health care workers said they have been planning ahead in case there is ever an out break here. >> we must replace fear with
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facts. we must be prudent but not yet panicked. >> reporter: we have the tools, expertise to manage ebola in the city of philadelphia. >> council members say all area hospitals have protocols for dealing with the virus but calling for regional centers, specifically outfitted to deal with out breaks. back here live at noon, mayor nutter holding a press briefing to talk about the city's preparedness fore bowl, back to you. >> okay, thank you. at 4:07. a judge says it doesens of hospital employees who had contact with the man who died ofe bowl air being asked to sign a legal documents agreeing not to go to publish places or use mass transit. abot on staff members at texas health presbyterian where they were involved in the care of thomas duncan after he was hospitalized. children's hospital of philadelphia, chop is one of several american hospitals, federal officials may call upon to provide care for any child, who gets ebola.
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chop says likelihood of an out break is extremely low but if a child catches ebola in this country it has agreed to provide care. a lot of people are glued to the developing ebola a story. of course, could ebola virus lincoln your fox -- my fox web site, of course, you can get coverage on that 24/7. how private are your cell phones? does the government have the right to see is what on them if you are accused of committing a crime. fight between the fbi and tech companies is heating up. and hundreds of parents, frantically searching for new schools, a lottery that is forcing kids to find a
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let's start off looking at hurricane gonzalo, still a powerful category four hurricane, 140 miles an hour wind, as it gets ever closer to bermuda, just under 300 miles south/southwest of bermuda and latest track of this storm is not necessarily a beeline for the the eye of the storm to go over the island of bermuda but with winds this powerful it doesn't really matter. today is when land fall is expect and a lot of destruction is all you can say, it is really hard to be not be dramatic about this. through wednesday morning the the hurricane warnings continue for island of bermuda bearing down that hurricane bearing down on them. is there our rain from yesterday, a few stray showers, possible down to the south of us but i don't think
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it is likely that any of that green thaw are seeing which is disappearing almost as quickly as it arrives, anyway making it to the ground. there is a few clouds this morning. we are looking ahead to the chilly change we have been advertising for the weekend, high pressure in control today abe tomorrow and then this dry cold front comes through nighttime hours on saturday with just a few clouds but the the chilly air is behind us and we will feel that starting on sunday. walking out the door now, temperatures right now are where they will be during the the day, on sunday, 55 degrees in bethlehem, 54 in allentown. we have 60 in bensalem. sixty in philadelphia, 55 degrees in doylestown, and 59 degrees in cape may. our high temperature today very pleasant. 72 degrees. a couple breezes here and there. then down in the 50's tonight. that is your weather authority forecast. 4:12 is the time. let go back to norristown where jenny joyce is this morning, markly street southbound, and north wound between penn and the danenhour
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bridge the road is closed due to the investigation we were just describing. now on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between virginia drive and bensalem, construction there has two left lanes block. on 202 southbound just past chesterbrook road construction there the right lane is block, kerry. >> sue, thanks. former arizona congress woman gabby gifford will be in bucks county to discuss protecting women in gun violence. gifford has become a national advocate and started the group americans for responsible solutions. today's stop is part of the nine state tour promoting tougher gun laws. 4:13. philadelphia's first poker tables arrive at sugar house casino, 24 state of the art poker tables will be brought in the interim poker room but there won't be any gambling just yet. poker room will not open until next month. it is decision day for
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troubled trump taj mahal in atlantic city. trump entertainment resorts and karl ican will find out if the federal bankruptcy judge is willing to cancel casino's union contract. company claims it cannot survive will shedding costly pension and health care obligations. if the ruling goes against the company the taj is expect to close next month. >> i can men for his hostile take overs. interesting to see what will happen with that. hundreds of students are without a school after a philadelphia a charter school told parents they don't have enough room for their students. >> last night charter school held a lottery to decide who will get to stay. parents gathered, in northern liberty last night. school district of philadelphia say charter at 1200 students even held but was only supposed to have, 675, based on its signed charter. now, hundreds of parents will to have find a new school for their kids, just two months in the school year. >> you sit there when you start and you are preparing you hear your child's name.
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i could go with this in january, fine i have options. i have no options. there are no options. so i have to figure out what i'm going to do. >> tough for parents and the kid, right, to change schools midyear. school district claim audit found that the school was allegedly collecting money for students, not attending the school. the school's founder denies any misuse of funds. he also says it is against the law to put a cap on charter school enrollment. so take a look at this, sky fox over a mace i have teachers rally in spring garden on north broad street where teachers, students, parents hit the streets to voice their concern diverting traffic for hours. last week src voided teachers contract. it is a move that the move called cowardly. the commission says that action though frees up millions of dollars that can go directly into classrooms. that rally was right before a big commission meeting, src's first gathering since last
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weeks decision to cancel teacher contract. educators to have start contributing to the cost of their health care. meeting lasted for hours with many challenging src and that controversial decision. commissioners say their decision about teacher contract will save the cash strapped school district american 40 million-dollar. and vice-president joe biden, paying a visit to philadelphia's waterfront. >> the vice-president came to promote the ongoing project to deepen the delaware river, shipping channel, and biden toured a dredge boat and said the project to deepen the chan toll 45 feet must continue, in the port of philadelphia is to remain competitive. vice-president says 135,000 jobs are link to the ability of ships to navigate the delaware. meantime did you hear about this, joe biden's son, hunter, says he is embarrassed about his discharge from the navy. the wall street journal reports hunter biden tested positive for cocaine, failing a drug test last year, and he stated last night he respects the navy's decision to
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discharge him. the four two-year old is vice-president's youngest son and he was discharge last february. new this morning in burlington county west hampton school district officials confirming that a middle school student has been diagnosed with enterovirus d68. the student was hospitalized, we know that but there is not a lot of additional information released about this child's condition. also you may remember a four year-old boy in mercer county died last month from that same illness. in arizona health officials are waiting on tests to determine if the phoenix area six year-old died as a result of enterovirus. we know that boy had severe respiratory illness that worsened over the weekend. at this point enterovirus has sickened 700 people in 47 states. lets take a live look, national headlines on this friday morning, the nthb is investigating a train accident in north western arkansas. freight train collided with a passenger train injuring more than a dozen people. passenger train was carrying
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50 tourist on a fall foliage tour in the mountains, five people were critically injured, including a conductor. it is unclear whether the train crashed head honor if they were using the same track, the national transportation safety board is of course investigating as they are compelled to do. two thieves burglarize a home in arizona but getaway with thousands on have dollars of valuables but the evidence they left behind was priceless. these camera captured two suspects break nothing to this home through the rear dear. a camera shows them walking around apparently looking for things to steel. they took electronics, jewelry, cash and they took something else. they stole one of the actual security cameras but new police have a clear view of the face of one of the suspects. through have it. good news for wal-mart workers i should say. higher wages could be on the way for them. >> they have been rallying for this for a while. company is reportedly planning to pay employees higher then
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the federal minimum wage. it is in the clear exactly how much more or when that change could happen. a spokesperson for wal-mart says 6,000 of their employees make minimum wage, less than 1 percent of the work force. the announcement came as hundreds of law wage workers protested in four cities demanding a $15 wage, federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. fbi director is urging data companies against encrypting smart phones. james says that doing so could stall criminal investigations and that suspects would walk free as a result but privacy advocates called the claims an exaggeration. the that tech experts say encrypted data keeps information safe, but fbi director says new legislation is needed to allow law enforcement to use suspect's communications. lets take a look at your world news, talks over iran's nuclear program continue but time is running out, negotiators on both sides facing a deadline now of
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november 24th to reach a final agreement. the the west still pushing iran for greater transparency and access to the nuclear sites but iran is focusing on its own security needs, saying a lasting agreement has to acknowledge iran's right to have a nuclear program as looks it is not used to create weapons. with weather conditions really improving today, sue is calling this a ten. rescue crews widened their search, in the northern mountains. weather there is we are concerned about as they stranded a series of blizzard and avalanches this week. meantime the government there is forming a committee to monitor rescue efforts following criticism that official where is the not doing enough to help. 4:20 is the time. vatican issued a new english language translation of the draft report by bishops debating family issues. >> a section of that report that was titled welcoming homosexuals is now titled providing for homosexual
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persons. the the initial report was released was criticize for its tone towards gay people. vatican spokesperson says english speaking bishops asked for the changes arguing first translation was filled with errors. however he says the original italian version remains the church's, official one. sue serio, as we mentioned it is a ten. >> what would you prefer fantastic friday or fabulous friday. >> how about classic friday. >> is what the other one we have. >> far out friday. >> that is even better. >> okay. >> if you have more alliteration, with wonderful adjectives that go with friday, we would love to hear them. you know how to get a hold of us, tweet us, facebook us. here is your fantastic friday, planner, a few breezes out there today, 50's to get started, it is cooler then it was but still not uncomfortable. 70 degrees with plenty of sunshine by lunchtime, high
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temperature of 72 today and sunset time is 6:19. that is your forecast, lets get to the roads because on the turnpike westbound past valley forge, we have an accident where the vehicle struck a deer on the roadway there so vehicle is now on the shoulder and you should be able to get bio kay, still early, chris but it will be just fine. it is baseball weather. san francisco at least, take a look at this, the world series gets set. there is a hit. we know royals are there on the american league side but the the play of the day coming up in sports.
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the the giants are this years national league champions, travis hit a tie breaking, three run home run, in the bottom of the ninth, to lift the san francisco giants, past the the st. louis cardinals. score six- 36789 the the giants will travel to kansas city for game one of the world series against the royals on tuesday. here's more sports with shredder. good morning i'm tom sredenschek, opening night for 76ers less than two weeks away and they need all of the help
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they can get. the thursday's game with the celtics allen iverson and his yankee cap at wells fargo center. allen is embarrassed here. he shoots. nobody in particular. and ai can only smile, and lavas sixers lose 111-91. bye week game of the week this week is the giants and cowboys in dallas. giants come off an embarrassment to the eagles and cliches are already flowing. >> first two games, we're behind in the division. we have to move forward. this is a huge game for us. we have to get out there. >> as far as us we understand the importance, it is a an important game, you just have have got to recommit like we did a week before and we need to do it again next week and go out and give your best effort this week. >> kick off 4:25 right here on fox. the that is sports in a minute. all right. it is 4:26. sports bet nothing new jersey
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is one step closer to reelity. new jersey state assembly passed a measure to allow it yesterday and goal, of course, to help the states casino and race track industries but it faces legal challenges from professional sports league and ncaa. this is a sad story, guys, a little pup all bandaged up, what happened to him that makes it a miracle that he is still alive. and then joan rivers official cause of death revealed, so now the the investigation can continue. what that autopsy,
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a tractor trailer found riddled with bullet holes as an investigation is launched, where this is and what you need to know heading out the door this morning. >> it is really horrible. >> and then an investigation into sex trafficking, sources tell thaws a search warrant was executed at a lawyer's office, we have the exclusive story coming up. and latest on ebola and an ebola patient who work with the man who died from the virus in texas is up and talking and what she had to say from her hospital bed. and then this little doggies too adorable, three months old, skin and bones, and why would somebody want to harm him? what animal rescue officials believe happened to that pup and how he is healing this morning. the it will break, i mean, it is an awful story, it has a good ending but what happened to this dog will absolutely turn your stomach. >> i have to tell you, sue there are certain stories i'm
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glad other stories are a assigned to dawn timmeney has this story coming up. >> good day everyone, friday october 17th, 2014. hi sue. >> weather, this time yesterday, was very rainy. we have a lot of rain on radar and it is still there, but it is way up to the north east of us. a little bit of activity up towards the great lakes, none of that expect to make it here. we will see green on radar but in of that made it to the ground. there are a few clouds and that kept us from having to be too cold. it is cooler then it was yesterday at this time with temperatures mostly in the 50's out there, mid to upper 50's. the we are at 60 in philadelphia and that is 6 degrees cooler then yesterday, at this very time for 4:31 in the morning. ten or 12 degrees cooler. so make sure you have a jacket or sweat tore day. wind are not extreme they have calm down from the breezes we had yesterday. 72 degrees should be our high today, very pleasant day, lovely outside with plenty of
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sunshine and southeasterly breeze, just five to 10 miles an hour. that takes care of your friday, big changes, as we have been telling you, we will talk about that coming up but lets go to norristown right now with that bizarre story of the tractor trailer and bullet holes found and the driver taken to the hospital. well, as a result of that investigation markly street southbound and northbound between penn street and danenhour bridge the road is closed due to that investigation. now on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound just past valley forge an accident there vehicle struck a deer. the accident is on the shoulder, the the vehicle i should say and on i-95 northbound near route 291 bartram avenue there is construction there and two left lanes are blocked, kerry. 4:32. more on that incident that has shut off parts of the 202 in norristown. a truck driver was rush to the hospital after shots were fired in his truck. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce live at the scene for us with the very latest, jennifer, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. chris and kerry we are told that the driver was flown to hahnemann hospital and we did just get an update here on the scene, they seem to think this area will be cleared in about a half an hour or so in the north and southbound lanes of route 202 at danenher bridge reopened. a tractor trailer is at the accident center of the investigation. driver is being treated for those injuries, again, flown to hahnemann hospital, according to sources, it appears that police shot at this vehicle, to get the driver to stop in his track. this is at the intersection of main and markly streets in norristown, parentally the driver was all over the road, hitting park cars, driving erratically. this was all before midnight last night so circumstances were related to what caused the driver to be all over the place are unclear. so taking a live look now you can see off to the left here there is a tow truck, i guess trying to find the right angle to remove this tractor
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trailer, and from this scene again this is right at the north and southbound lanes of route 202, having been close at danenher bridge and officials want to get this area reopened in time for the morning rush. chris and kerry. >> so many questions, in norristown, thanks jen. meantime first nurse infect with ebola is in maryland where she's being treated in a specialize lacing room at national institutes of health. >> a dallas hospital posted this video of her shortly before she left. she appears to be in good spirits. she could be heard thanking the staff around her. president obama is considering appointing a person to lead the fight against ebola a while he has no philosophical objection to imposing a traffic ban on west africa he said people will still find a way to get here. >> they may essentially break up their trip so they can hide that they have been to one of
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these countries where there is a disease in place. >> we know about nina pham but also new information about the other infected nurse amber vinson. cdc says she may have had symptoms before she made that flight to cleveland. health officials are reaching out to passengers on that initial flight as well as her return flight and anybody who visited the same ohio bridal store as she did. the cdc is investigating how both of those nurses got infect while treating thomas duncan. chris o'connell as we mentioned earlier is in maryland and we will have have more from him in a live report at 6:00. new concerns over ebola in connecticut, one of two yale grad students who just returned on a research study is being tested for the virus. student felt feverish after coming home to the u.s. while officials say student did not come in contact with ebola patient from his liberia they did interact with someone who was later diagnosed. the patient is in isolation inside yale new haven hospital
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where only designated health care workers have provided care. officials say a sample from the patient was sent to massachusetts, from further testing. another scare, that time in connecticut. another student, at a southern california community college had to be quarantined yesterday because of a made up ebola scare, it happened after people on campus heard about a female student who might have been exposed to ebola after hours of uncertainty, dozens of people kept in quarantine were released after officials dismissed the threat. college spokesperson says a student made it up so she wouldn't be dropped from class, for an absence. seriously. >> ridiculous. you say oh, my goodness and seriously but a terrible case of animal cruelty. a three month-old puppy, veterinarians was suspect to be used as a bait doggies recovering from terrible wound. >> his injuries are too graphic to show you. they are just nausea inducing.
4:37 am
home at last dog rescue saved this guy from a high kill shelter this weekend. the puppy was barely alive, rushed to norristown veterinary hospital where doctors are worried he would not make it. >> it is a amazing that he is alive. injuries on the top of his led has taking muscles off down to his skull. his skull is visible right now. >> i cannot fathom what he went through and look at his little face. dog who they name max is staying with the foster family until he is well enough to be adopted. they bring him to the vet every single day to have his bandage change but his wounds can continue to heel. >> lets hope little guy does just that. >> unfortunately there is probably hundreds of other dogs exactly the same thing as we speak. >> i don't like to even think about that stuff. a school bus, sprayed with mace windows shattered all while nearly 20 kids on board that bus? what police say happened straight ahead. joan rivers cause of death is revealed, what happened
4:38 am
inside the operating room.
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a little ed sheeran. >> i like this song. >> at 4:40 this morning, wildwoods iconic 17-foot tall welcome sign, it is getting a bit of the make over.
4:41 am
the what the letters that spell out wildwood will come down, in stages, so that they can get refinish. the logo will remain throughout the project and, of course, the sign welcomes visitors to that resort town. it is a good time of the year to do that. sort of maintenance, sue. >> that is right. well, that is sea air batters everything that is down there but it is worth it. we've got your first look at the morning at the seven day forecast including tomorrow morning, which should be excellent for our walk to end alzheimer's. we will get together in wilmington delaware tomorrow at the garrett tubman park down there the at the river front you will see everybody walking toward the park, walk along the river, fabulous but most important, we will find a cure for alzheimer's and help folks who have it. we will get together, the walk starts at 9:00, we will be there at 8:00. see you then. 68 degrees is the the high, tomorrow. seventy-two today. chilly change on sunday high
4:42 am
of only 55 degrees. that is your weather at 4:42. let check traffic. that story in norristown still being investigated, so markly street, southbound and northbound between penn and danenhour bridge that road is closed due to the tractor trailer investigation. 4:42 right now. case of road rage, with a bus full of kid. it happened in one of our areas biggest road. what police say went down.
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we have breaking news right now out of norristown. police are on the scene of the violent incident involving a tractor trailer driver. officialness montgomery county tell us that the driver was driving erratically and hitting parked cars at some point somebody fired shots at the truck. the driver was taken to the hospital, in unknown condition, we don't know if the shots were fired before or after the trucker began to hit cars. parts of the 202 were shut down, because of this. sources telling fox 29 that a grand jury investigation into sex trafficking brought investigators to center city this past week and we have learn that authorities served a search warrant at a lawyer's office. fox 29's dave schratwieser has that exclusive story. >> reporter: it was just after 9:00 friday morning when sources say investigators from the cities special victims unit entered a center city law firm with the search warrant for evidence in an ongoing sex
4:46 am
trafficking investigation. sources say when city investigators served the search warrant on the center city lawyer's office they seized his carpeting, a cushion from his couch, day planner, his cell phone and his computer as part of the ongoing grand jury investigation into sex trafficking and a 14 year-old girl. according to sources the 14 year-old was part of the sex trafficking ring in fill run by two suspects already charge by federal authorities. sources say svu investigators were looking for evidence involving after hour trips to the center city lawyer's office by the 14 year-old. >> it is a horrible insidious. >> reporter: frank, of the support center for child advocate says sex trafficking involving underage girls is a growing problem in philadelphia. glad to see law enforcement cracking down on the ring leaders and their clients. >> they are living right in front of our eyes. they are living in the community. they are workers. they are professionals. >> reporter: the investigation is run by district attorney seth williams office.
4:47 am
he has been at forefront have of local efforts to crackdown on sex trafficking and human trafficking here. the grand jury is reportedly been meeting for months, the investigation started when the 14 year-old showed up at a camden hospital emergency room with injuries from a sexual encounter. >> it creates a real victimized child a person harmed, scared throughout her life. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. a lot more on that story, as that develops. 4:47. philadelphia police also searching for a group of woman who attack a school bus in an apparent road rage incident. >> police say four women attack the bus full of kids using ma thece and baseball bat near roosevelt boulevard and levick street. now the students, age 14 and 15, had apparently been shouting at the women. investigators say they became angry and pulled their car in front of their bus, blocking the bus path. at least one student was injured. >> for someone to get out of the vehicle, and use a
4:48 am
baseball bat and break a window of a yellow school bus knowing it was filled with students, that is pretty bizarre behavior. >> evidently a camera inside the bus was rolling at the time. investigators were able to get would the man's license plate number, anyone with any information information, other than that is asked to call police. a nasty fight breaking out inside of a baltimore high school at the the center of the mala, a student and a teacher, and it is all caught on video. >> unaudible. >> is that insane? teacher is woman wearing black pant and gray top right there on the left. you can hear her threaten to kill the female student. the student is a 17 year-old senior this fight broke out last friday at baltimore's carver high school. the student's family said they are shocked. >> you are supposed to be role mod toll these children and you took your shoes off and physically was fighting her like you were outside on the
4:49 am
street. >> the student's family says that she possibly threw a book at the teacher and she has been involved in previous fights. the teacher is on administrative leave and police are investigating. every year during the holiday shopping season is there a new list of must have toys for your kids, this next one not on that list. it is a giant ebola plush toy complete with the petary dish. it was sold by a web site called giant, the site promotes learning and fun and it is a gag gift as well. company's president says this $10 toy has already been sold out but they do sell other infectious diseases inspired toys including botcholism and e-coli. >> a little we'll coal eye for your stocking. police believe a body of the woman found in washington state is that of a missing actress misty upper. woman's body was discover in the the ravine yesterday afternoon. the the body has been turned
4:50 am
over to the medical examiner for positive identification and to determine the cause of death. she's none for her rolls in august, osage county, frozen river and django unchain. the actress had been missing since october 6th. medical examiner says comedian joan rivers died from low blood oxygen which led to brain damage. the rivers died september 4th. of course, she had been in the hospital for a week after going in to cardiac arrest during a routine medical procedure. new york health system is investigating the surgery, rivers was 81 years old. turn to fox 29 as we walk to end alzheimer's. join team fox 29 during three separate walks this saturday. we will be in wilmington, at tubman garrett park on the river front, we will be in ac, atlantic city on october 26th and at citizens bank park on november 9th, i will be at the last of those dates. sue serio will be there tomorrow, i should say and very excited. she brought the alzheimer's awareness to our team here,
4:51 am
she has launched what 15 years ago down the alzheimer's road. >> something like that, i forget. >> been a while. >> big joke around the alzheimer's association. >> my fox for more information. >> where will you meet up. >> it is called tubman garrett park but right there by the river front and if you are familiar with wilmington at all you'll know where it is. it is right across from the train station in wilmington where they built beautiful condos and they have shops, restaurants. it is a nice revitalized area of wilmington, delaware. nice walk right along the river front and everybody is helping the alzheimer's association our good friend there now, we have visibility issues out there this morning because there is still a lot of moisture left over from the rain we had yesterday at this time. so reduced visibility in lancaster, allentown, slightly reduced every where else. it is not a big deal but we will keep an eye on it to see if the fog gets any thick they are morning. we don't have any rain to show
4:52 am
you on ultimate doppler radar but temperatures are a little bit cooler, then they were yesterday at this time. inesly in the 50's, coatsville 56. west chester 57 degrees, and 59 in bear. fifty-nine in camden and williamstown has about 56 degrees right now. we're heading to a high of 72. ten today. nine tomorrow. breezy and cooler, chilly change on sunday with that high of 55 and chance of morning frost on monday, you cannot really rule it out for sunday morning either, frosty times ahead in your weather authority forecast. that is your weather at 4:52 is the time. now lets get to the roads, route one southbound at ninth street, this is, lets see there are reports of an accident there we will get more details on that coming up, chris. famed guitar player slash is in the halloween spirit, yah where you can hear his guitar in person while getting
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
just rocking out. >> seriously some of the greatest music ever made.
4:56 am
>> indeed. >> a pint sized powerhouse, if you will, this is aidan prince hoist eight years old, he is hard core. his moves choreographed by a woman named tricia miranda. it went viral this week for a fierce dan to nickie menaj anaconda. so, i don't know, he is a kid, right. i don't know what is going on there. >> he is just a kid. >> pint sized powerhouse. >> he is a tiny dancer. >> hold me closer. >> what should we put there, sue likes alliteration. we will bring a mike up and have her laugh when we say pint sized powerhouse. >> 4:56. rock and roll hall of fame musician slash composed to music for his theme park. >> rocker gives us a sneak peak of the maze.
4:57 am
>> ♪ >> this is, halloween horror night's clowns 3-d maze, the rocker slash says collaboration was perfect because he loves, horror. >> it sound great. i'm just so honored to have been a part of it. i would have done this probably a dozen times. >> he is british, right but he sound like a surfer dude. he has lived in los angeles forever at this point. forty-nine years old. >> i don't think he is british. >> no. >> no. >> i'm almost positive that he is not. >> what do i know. >> anyhow. >> all right, time out he was born in london, oakland. that is where he comes from. >> all right. is there a way to ease labor pains? what doctors say may be missing from your nutritional diet. >> but on a serious note at 4:57 we will continue to follow breaking news after a
4:58 am
tractor trailer driver was shot, live update from tractor trailer driver was shot, live update from
4:59 am
5:00 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at good morning 5:00 o'clock. breaking news overnight a tractor trailer found riddled with bullet holes as an inn votesgation is underway. where this is and what you need to know as you head out this morning. >> i was in the middle of a highway having contraction was guns pointed at me. >> can you imagine?