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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  October 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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under a quarantine. now did he not release any personal information but says they are free to return to the state any time they want. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> good evening, i'm timmeney. iain page is off. president obama also naming and bowl la response coordinator as concern over the potential spread of this disease rises. >> we've got an all hands on deck approach governments. >> reporter: that approach includes ebola czar appointed by the president. ron klain who served as chief of staff to both vice-presidents biden and al gore is now the point person on the virus as errors made at a dallas hospital at the epicenter of the crisis are eroding public trust. klain scene as a political insider has no medical experience and that's already drawing criticism. >> we are confident he has all the credentials that we could want for somebody who can implement these kinds of policies that are so critical to the safety and health of the american people. >> reporter: lawmakers are also pushing the cdc for answers
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on hospital preparedness and many want the administration to band travelers friending the u.s. from those nations in west africa with ebola outbreaks. >> if you're not going to do a travel ban, do a quarantine there. >> reporter: miles away from washington, d.c. a dallas hospital worker who handled a lab specimen of ebola thomas eric duncan who later died is on a caribbean cruise ship that. worker is now being quarantined for any signs of infection. and one of two dallas nurses infected with the virus while carrying for duncan nina pham is being cared for by doctors at the national institutes of health in maryland. >> we fully intend to have this patient walk out of this hospital and we'll do everything we possibly can to make that happen. pham is a high level contain many unit and doctors say she's in fair condition. resting comfortably and even using her i-pad while in isolation. at the national institutes of health in bethesda, maryland,
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catherine herridge fox news. >> three people from pennsylvania were on that flight from cleveland to dallas with a nurse who tested positive for ebola. now they are in texas. they are being asked to monitor their temperatures but they are not being quarantined. governor tom corbett warning residents this morning not to be distracted by rumors. >> many rumors that are being generated those rumors are causing miss information. it's important that you know that pennsylvania current distal not have any positive cases of ebola. >> governor corbett says procedures and protocols are in place and many valuable lessons have been learned by what happened in dallas. philadelphia officials continue to insist that they are fully prepared for an ebola outbreak that might develop here while stressing there's no evidence at all of a local infection. >> bruce gordon joins us now. bruce, the mayor in particular is trying to reduce tension. >> reporter: all over the country fear of ebola has spread faster than the disease itself. top officials appeared at a city
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council hearing to inn is the philly is ready for any outbreak that might hit. today mayor nutter himself went in front of cameras to pound home that theme. >> with headlines fanning the flames of fear, the mayor remi reminded philadelphians that so far at least there have been no confirmed cases of ebola anywhere near our region. his pointed message to the media -- >> there is a line, i believe, between actively informing the public and potentially scaring the hell out of people. >> reporter: of course the ebola hot zone is the west african nations of liberia, sierra leone and guinea. air travel raises the possibility of infected people spreading the disease all over the globe. local hospital officials insist they are equipped and trained for any possible outbreak. the x factor is the public. there asked to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if they've recently traveled to west africa and exhibit symptoms like fever, headache, diarrhea and vomiting. but there have already been
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examples of infected people not being fully candid about where they've been. >> if you have a history of travel from an affected country and your symptomatic it's in your best interest it's in your family's best interest to share that information with your health care provider. >> reporter: fire department paramedics would be on the front lines of any outbreak here. commissioner derek sawyer says his first responders have basic protective gear recommended by the centers for disease control. >> so we already have 700. there's another thousand on order. >> reporter: how long before those would arrive? >> they should be here within the next 30 days. >> reporter: 30 days? >> yes. >> this is the kit. with instructions. >> reporter: the union representing those first responder social security not convinced this outfit -- >> mask, shield, gloves, head covering and gown. >> reporter: is sufficient. >> we believe they're woe physical inadequate actually. they are the bare minimum level of protection that you can have in this type of situation, aside from wearing nothing at all. >> reporter: of course the firefighters union and top brass
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are frequently at odds in this case the fire commissioner says there are more advanced protective suits on board the apparatus that would be dispatched to any seen. 22 says they're under orders not to use that gear but to stick to the basic gowns. dawn? >> all right, thank you, bruce. while experts try to down play fears, there are still some people concerned. take look at this picture fox 29's alex holly posted on social media. she snapped it as she was boarding a flight to dallas today. you can see a passenger there in a surgical mask. we of course have a link to all of our ebola coverage right on home page. scroll down and click on the picture to see all of our coverage in one spot. >> new developments in a road rage involving a schoolbus. police have a possible break in that case. they found the vehicle that may be involved in yesterday's violent attack. against that bus filled with children in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live outside of northeast
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detectives. dave, i still can't believe this one. >> reporter: it's one that has people shaking their heads. detectives from the major crimes unit found that vehicle this morning using some high-tech equipment. they continue to go over it. tonight up at the police impound yard as they try to identify the four women involved in this bizarre road rage attack. only fox 29 was there when police found the suv they believe was involved in thursday afternoon's road rage incident with schoolbus loaded with children. >> it just literally belows my mine. get out with what i'm told baseball bat and mace. we got children on this bus. >> reporter: police believe there were four women inside the suv when it stopped the durham school services bus at boulevard and levick just after 3:00. that's when passenger got out, sprayed mace on the hood and another woman used a bat to break out the bus window. >> there's obviously some kind of dispute, verbal dispute. maybe some kids on the bus, maybe the bus driver.
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we still haven't narrowed that down yet. >> hopefully they'll find who and what this was all about report roar bus company's general manager says there were 22 students on the bus. a 15 year old was slightly injured by flying glass. he praised the bus driver and the bus matron for keeping their cool. >> they kept the people off the bus and they didn't allow the children to get off the bus. so i think we have to give kudos to the driver and the matron on the bus. >> reporter: sources say investigators found several women's purses inside the suv. police are still trying to identify the suspects. >> we'll be talking to the owner of that vehicle, and who was in that vehicle yesterday and hopefully that leads to the people that we're looking for. >> reporter: the bus driver and matron did return to work friday despite the frightening incident. >> they're okay. everybody is okay. thank god and the children most of all. >> i hope they can find these people, arrest them and do what needs to be done. >> reporter: now the students on board that bus were from st. katherine's in bensalem again
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only one was slightly injured by flying glass. we'll have the very latest on the investigation coming up at 6:00. lucy. >> just scary. thank you very much, dave. speaking of scary, scary thing on the roadways police are right now trying to figure out with a truck driver swerved all over the road hitting parked cars in norristown before they finally stopped him. i'll tell you it took some extreme measures. police say they had to fire shots at this tractor trailer to get the driver to stop. this stretch of route 202 in norristown near the dannehower bridge partially shut down for hours. a chopper through the driver to hahnemann hospital. no word on his condition tonight or if prosecutors have filed any charges. >> an accident investigation team is recreating the scene avenue deadly crash in bensalem. 44 year old lisa dimeo died in the one-car collision. it happened monday along i-95. witnesses say a black sedan merged in front of her car, they say that car then slowed down causing her to lose -- to lose control and hit a median.
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on lookers say her jeep liberty flipped over four to five times before landing between two guard rails. iconic old city restaurant is closed tonight after a fire broke out early this morning. it happened in a dumpster outside the city tavern restaurant at second and wall net streets. firefighters arrived on the scene just past 4:30 this morning and they think it may have started in a linen bin. if you made reservations for tonight or this weekend, the city tavern will reach out to you and let you know the status. >> there's no damage inside in the building, but we have to assess -- we have to assess the smoke damage and everything else to make sure we can open and serve as soon as possible. >> the chef says he is grateful the national park service acted so quickly to put out the fire and save the historic building from any major damage. they are now conducting electrical and mechanical checks throughout the restaurant just to make sure it's all safe before they open again. powerful hurricane gonzalo aiming for bermuda and residents
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are bracing for the worse. the island nation is set to take a direct hit from the major category three storm. maximum sustained winds are over 100 miles an hour. life threatening storm surges are hitting residents and warnings are in effect. many people there have taken precautions boarding up window and shopping for necessities. the fox 29 weather authority is tracking the hurricane. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. pretty tough situation there, scott. >> it really is. we're talking life threatening storm surge over 10 feet for the island of bermuda, dawn. right now as we take a look at hurricane gonzalo you can see that eye is about 50 miles to the south southwest of bermuda. highlighted here by that red arrow. this is the first major hurricane to impact bermuda since fabian back in 2003. so hurricane warnings are up and conditions have been going downhill taking a look at the bermuda web cam throughout the day today.
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wind swept rain, tropical downpour and take a look at the wind forecast you can see hurricane force sustained winds over 74 miles per hour will impact directly the entire island of we are mood today. maximum sustained winds at 115 miles an hour moving to the knot north northeast at 16 miles an hour. about half a foot of rainfall is expected there. quiet and comfortable conditions for us right now. temperatures in the low 70 70s. for tonight. comfortable. temperatures in the secretaries. a shock for the weekend. a frost concern coming up. >> thank you scott. >> owners at the trump taj mahal convince a federal bankruptcy court judge to void union crac cracks. that judge granting the requests today. raising hopes that the gambling hall and its 3,000 jobs may be saved. trump entertainment resort says it cannot survive without shedding costly pension and health care obligations. >> wall street manages to break a six-day losing streak just in
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time for the closing bell today. absolutely amazing. we'll have more on that a little bit later. well the power of social media. it brought together this local firefighter an old friend and a darling little girl. and now a life-saving move is about to be made. the heart warming story is next. >> center city workers rushing by tourists are taking in the sights an woman is getting robbed. the atm hold up in the middle of day in a spot you'll be surprised about. >> what's wrong with this picture? a road crew leaves behind an embarrassing mistake. the spelling error catches drivers by surprise. >> you know when two things are hot chances are one has to cool off. who will it be in this year's world series? row he we break down the unlikely matchup coming up in sports.
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♪ >> right in the middle of the day in a busy part of old city a robber attacked woman and you're looking at the surveillance video of the atm at fourth and market streets. a man walked up to her you saw him and he put two fingers against her back, told her he had a gun and to hand over the cash. she did. now, if you know who this guy is, call philadelphia police. >> the pennsylvania state police trooper who was shot and wounded in a deadly ambush in the poconos is out of the hospital. he was given a police escort to a rehab center this morning. trooper alex douglas was shot last month at the blooming grove barracks in pike county. corporal brian dixon was killed. investigators say 31 year old
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eric frein seen here shot those two officers. a massive manhunt for frein is about to enter its sixth week. did drugs play a role in the death of a new jersey mayor's son? william acres the mayor of seaside heights. his 29 year old son william died yesterday. authorities are waiting for the results of toxicology tests to determine an exact cause. but they say they did find drugs at the scene. police have arrested the man in connection with their investigation. he now faces charges of possession and intent to distribute. >> firefighters are known for saving lives but this man is going above and beyond the call of duty. >> he really is. he's donating part of his liver to save a three year old little girl. fox 29's thalia perez has the story from bethlehem. >> reporter: this liver transplant is a gift of life for little kennedy stevenson and her mother tells us it's a miracle that the firefighter who jumped into action to help her is a match. kennedy stevenson is three years
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old. her short life so far hasn't been easy. she was born premature and at eight months suffered a seizure. a brain mri shortly after that revealed a host of problems and then a rare diagnosis. a dina sill homo sistine. kennedy is one of six people with the disease in the world. and doctors say a liver transplant is crucial. >> it could be the cure all. they just don't know for sure. what they do know it's going to up restrict her diet. so she's going to be able to eat protein which will give her brain the best chance to devel develop. >> reporter: mccoy says desperate to locate a donor, she turned to facebook. mike thompson a friend from high school with whom she just reconnected with three years ago turned out to be a match. >> it's a great feeling, but, you know, people are saying that i'm a who are row. i don't look at it that way i think i asked him probably five or sick times if he was serious. >> thompson a dad himself says he just wants kennedy to be able to live a normal life. >> it's such a selfless thing to
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do. and we're just so grateful that there's really not words to express our, you know, how grateful we are to him. >> reporter: surgery is scheduled for october 28th in pittsburgh. both thompson and stevenson have set up go fund me pages. head over to for more information. reporting from bethlehem, thalia perez, fox 29 news. >> we hope for a quick and full recovery for both of them. gun violence the key issue at a round table discussion in bucks county among the speakers congresswoman gabrielle giffords domestic and gun violence advocate along with local leaders. they say abused women are five times more lik likely to die if they're abuser has access to a gun. gifford says a nuisance bill just passed by state lawmakers yesterday is one way to help protect crime victims. >> that protects the rights of all crime victims to be able to call 911 and other first
5:19 pm
responders as many times as they need during a year. in the past, before this law was passed, they would have been evicted in they called more than two or three times. >> and congresswoman giffords says domestic violence has 35,000 victims each year. >> to your fox 29 weather authority now and cooler temperatures. fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams is here and scott it was a gorgeous fall day but temperatures are going to tumb tumble. >> they really are. it will be a shock to the system dawn as we move into a part of the upcoming weekend but right now it's beautiful stepping outdoors. we have numbers above average actually 72 degrees in center city. you can see a beautiful center city skyline shot on this friday evening. winds a little gusty though out of the southwest over 20 miles per hour. look at the temperatures area wide. we have upper 60s in atlantic city. 69 in trenton. 70 current until allentown as well as wilmington down to dover. so if you're stepping outdoors, it's going to be a little cool
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because of those winds gusting at times once again over 20 miles per hour sustained though right now in philadelphia 15 miles per hour. so bottom line by 7:00 o'clock, 64 degrees, a cool evening if you're stepping outdoors. some scattered clouds by 9:00. 62 degrees. upper 50s as we move toward 11:00 o'clock tonight. so dry and quiet for football friday night lights. as we move into the upcoming weekend though we'll track a trough. it's going to dive southward across the area. bringing with it some colder air from canada those temperatures are going to tumble. we'll have the timeline of those temperatures as well as when to expect, yes, frost. that's in the seven day forecast coming up. lucy and dawn? >> all right. talk to you then, scott. more than a dozen people die in an outdoor concert. what went terribly wrong in the middle of a crowded show. >> a message on the side of a bus is turning heads and causing jaws to drop. why one transportation authority says this ad is staying put despite a ton of complaints.
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>> and this accused thief thought he was pulling off brilliant move, but it backfired. big time. the huge clue he
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this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make. >> piece and protesters crash in hong kong once again.
5:24 pm
more than two do's september people are arrested. police used pepper spray and batons to try to control the crowd of 9,000. the protesting the governments saying they took away the city's freedoms. the chaotic seen happened hours after officials tried to revive talks on dem at cat tick refor reforms. these demonstrations have been going on since september. >> 16 people died in an outdoor concert in south korea. a ventilation grate they were standing on collapsed and they plumetted almost 70 feet. nearly a dozen others are injured. all-girl band on stage kept on playing at least for while after the accident. and the crowd of hundreds kept on dancing. none of them knew what had happened. investigators say it looks as if the grate gave way under the weigh of all the people standing on it. >> seattle police believe they have found a body of missing actress misty up ham. police say the body of a woman was found in a ravine near the white riff about 1:00 p.m. yesterday. items with up ham's name on it were found nearby. medical examiner is now working to confirm the identification of
5:25 pm
the body and also to find the cause of death. up ham is most known for roles in august osage county, frozen river and january go unchained. the 32 year old act stress was reported missing by her family back on october 6th. >> new anti jihad ads seen on buses in san francisco have people scratching their heads. >> a lot of folks wondering who's is behind it all much the ads have an image much american journalist james foley the first man isis beheaded. officials say the ad costs $43,000 and the american freedom defense initiative paid for them and what it calls an anti jihad awareness campaign. the image itself is taking people a back. >> people are offended and, you know, when we deal with public spaces of our vehicles, we have to abide by the first amendment. >> that's horrible. why would they even put that out there? it's more things they need to be put putting out there on buses. not this. that doesn't make any sense.
5:26 pm
>> officials with the transit system in san francisco another campaign is about to launch across the city promoting peace. lawyers for oscar pistorius is saying he lost everything and esche not go to prison. the defense for him delivered final arguments during a sentencing hearing today. pistorius was convicte convictee homicide for shooting his girlfriend last year. he says he thought she was an intruder. the defense is pushing for pistorius to pay a fine and be put on house arrest for three years. prosecutors say, he should go to prison. the judge is expected to decide the sentence win a week. >> still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00, we will go live to bethesda, maryland, where a nurse is being treated for ebo ebola. new information about nina pham's condition straight ahead. >> and gut wrenching drama in a florida courtroom. a man convicted of killing a teen because of loud music delivers a message to his young victim's family. plus, a 13 year old is attacked by a shark. he talks about the scary encounter in the water coming
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he talks about the scary encounter in the water coming up. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars )
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>> u.s. has a so-called ebola czar to coordinate efforts against the virus as concern over potential spread rises. ron klain serve as chief of staff to both vice-presidents joe biden and al gore.
5:30 pm
meanwhile, the first nurse to become infected with ebola after caring for liberian thomas eric duncan is now in maryland. last night the hospital in dallas released this video showing nina pham just before her flight. and tonight the 26 year old nurse is spending her first night at the national institutes of health in bethesda. and pham is said to be in good condition. fox's tom fitzgerald is on the nih campus tonight outside the building where pham is under quarantine. tom, why exactly was she taken there? >> reporter: good evening. this is a very special place. one of only four highly specialized containment units in the united states. the others being in montana, nebraska and atlanta, georgia. there's been a slight change in her condition. she left dallas in good condition. she's listed here in fair but stable condition while that technically is a downgrade doctors tell us not to weigh too much into it. simply a factor of a very late night and a very long trip here from dallas.
5:31 pm
inside the national institutes of health building 10 nina pham shown here on video before leaving dallas said to be resting comfortably after landing at a friend rick airport late thursday night. >> reporter: the doctor who examined when she arrived at nih in bethesda says she appears in better condition than he expec expected. >> she's resting comfortably. she's interactive with the staff. she's eating and she is able to interact freely and really think she's doing quite well. >> reporter: the 26 year old pham is listed in fair and stable condition nih officials say they're specialized quarantine center one of four in the us is equipped to both treat her and protect the medical personnel now caring for her. >> so there are two things that are happening much she's getting optimum intensive care if needed therapy but it's also being done with the optimum protect of our
5:32 pm
health care workers. >> reporter: but while medical officials at nih addressed nina pham's care the governor tried to ease any bethesda area residents concerns. >> we can't live our lives in fear, and our fear is not going to help to us contain any potential cases that we identi identify. >> reporter: dr. josh sharp steen maryland's second of health insisted there is little risk to the general public in around bethesda. >> people who in the community are generally very low risk. it's really the people who are taking care of patients were they're very very sick. >> reporter: employees at nih told us they are not overly concerned about having an ebola patient in isolation on campus. >> it's a medical facility and i'm fine with it. i'm in building 10 also but i'm on a different side of building 10, and they're saying that, you know, the air doesn't circulate the same, you know, it doesn't go in the same way. so i don't -- i don't have any worries. >> report roar officials cannot
5:33 pm
say how long nina pham will stay at nih but what they can say they have a definite goal for when she will be ready to leave. >> she will get out when she's well enough and free of virus. >> reporter: it's important to tell you nih had a run through on all of this last month. a doctor who been treating patients of ebola symptoms in west africa was flown here at the end of september. officials are concerned he had been exposed to ebola virus. luce san dawn, fortunately did he not develop the virus. nina pham is resting comfortably and receiving care. >> thank you very much, tom. >> new concerns over ebola in connecticut. the centers for disease control is testing one of two yale grad students who just returned from liberia. initial ebola test results from yale new haven hospital came back negative. but both of the students are still in isolation until results from the cdc come in. those results expected sometime
5:34 pm
today. one of the students felt feverish after coming home to the u.s. while officials say the student doctors not come in contact with an ebola victim, they did inter act with someone who later came down with the virus. of course, we will continue to follow the ebola situation on we'll post the latest updates right on our home page and you can check it 24/7. >> a florida man will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing a teenager over loud music. michael dunn was convict evidence first degree murder in the death of 17 year old jordan davis. the fight over the teens playing their music too loud start gas station parking lot in jackso jacksonville. du inform inform claimed all long he fired his gun into the car with davis and three of his friends because they threatened him. today in court, dun inform apologized to the teen's family saying whether or not it was justified he's mortified he took a life. dun inform also faces prison time for his convictions on three attempted murder charges. >> as prom miff the union
5:35 pm
representing philadelphia teachers is going to court. that union filed several motions today. it wants school reform commission decision to cancel the teachers contract reversed about they rallied yesterday. src voted earlier this month to cancel the contract and that means that teachers have to start paying health premiums. diss track officials say they had no choice to freeze up millions of dollars for school. on the subject of money wall street does indeed manage to break six day losing streak just in time for the closing bell today. the dow jumped 253 points today. but it still closes down 1% for the week. that's how tough it has been. the market had huge swings this week including several sharp drops. investors worried about slowing economic growth plunging oil prices, even ebola. >> police in florida make arrest in a bizarre string of robberi robberies. thieves stealing toilet flushing handles and pipes from
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5:36 pm
parks and restaurant bathrooms and police say surveillance video caught the culprit on camera walking into a business going into the restroom and leaving with a bag in his hasn't. police say this guy hit wendy's, mc donald s burger king, cracker barrel and many other popular places. they have a man in custody charged with eight counts of theft. may be linked to even more cases in the area. >> president obama's credit card is rejected at a new york restaurant. why he had to turn to the first lady to pay. >> thank goodness she was there and accused of thief pulls a pretty dumb move. how his attempt to cover up the crime backfired big time. and new at 6:00 a routine traffic stop takes a scary turn along a new jersey road. the close call caught on tape new at sick. >> scott? >> 60s and 70s now, but coming up when to expect highs in the
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♪ >> take a close look at your screen. do you notice anything wrong here? little bit. >> road crew didn't when they
5:40 pm
finish this paint job. you saw on the left right there was spelled stop incorrectly. parking lot in aurora colorado that's where it is. the crew returned late last night and fixed. >> he is the leader of the free world. one new york restaurant said president obama's card was declined. the president told the story today as he signed an executive order on identity theft. he says he hadn't used the credit card in a very long time so the company canceled it. fortunately the first lady was there and picked up the tab. the order the president signed today mandates chip and pin technology on federal government credit cards. it also provides new help for victims of identity theft. >> arizona police are on the look out for two burglars who hit a home in phoenix suburb. it was all caught on camera. fox's andrew has bin has the story. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured the two suspects breaking into the home through a rear door. a camera inside the home shows them walking around apparently looking for items to steal. >> primarily electronics,
5:41 pm
jewelry, cash, things that based on what i could tell based on the things they left behind they left power cords hyped with computers. it was clear they were looking to take these things and fence them quickly. >> reporter: jim morgan installed five security cameras at his chandler home in dobson. as they stole the security cameras, one of the suspects looked directly into one. giving police a clear view of his face. >> i don't know if he thought by taking the cameras they took the evidence but obviously with modern cameras they store to remote cloud location. so even when they took the cameras i have the evidence. >> reporter: morgan was out of state when the burglars hit last week. one security camera mounted on the front of his home captured the suspects car. they got away with thousands of dollars worth of electronics and other valuables. but they left some solid evidence behind. >> i feel like we've got as much evidence as we can hope for for a crime like this. >> that was fox' andrew has bin reporting. >> 13 year old girl attacked by
5:42 pm
a shark and she talks about the terrifying encounter from her hospital bed next. >> and thieves caught on camera stealing dogs from backyard. the heart broken family just wants them back. how they're hoping friends and strangers will help bring home their pets. put them in the trunk even. >> after their five and one start the eagles take break. we do not. coming up in sports, the best of we do not. coming up in sports, the best of
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
5:45 pm
>> breaking news right now from chester. skyfox over the 2900 block of west 11th street in chester. now preliminary reports say somebody was shot in the chest. we have not confirmed how seriously that victim is hurt. we do have crew heading to the scene. of course, we will stay on top of this story and bring you more information as it is warranted.
5:46 pm
unforgettable ride to the hospital for pregnant woman in iowa. police dash cam video shows rachel and ben cohen speeding along and being pulled over by police. the officers drew their weapons forcing the couple to the ground. now once the officers realized what was going on, that they were pregnant, they drove the couple in their police vehicle the rest of the way to the hospital. an hour later their baby girl hazel right there was born. we're told everyone is doing great tonight. >> can you imagine. >> would you were you! >> dog snatchers caught red happened on home surveillance video. >> the owners are very very worried. the thieves will sell their pets online or maybe something even worse. fox's tisha lewis has the story. >> reporter: dog snatchers caught on camera on tuesday night two suspects hopped this fence initially they were scared off by the three american bullies but seconds later, they be friended the pooches. that's when they make their move stealing them and stuffing the
5:47 pm
dogs in this trunk of a white sedan. now imagine how the dog owner 12 year old arianna gonzalez felt when she saw what you just saw. >> they were part of the family for us. wee really cared for them. we really love them a lot. >> and this is where they were taken from? >> yes, this is like where they jumped and just pushed them threw them. how they just -- it was really sad how they just watching that video. >> reporter: two crooks captured on home surveillance system. the family purchased it when they moved here a year ago after realizing an ban donned house sits next door. >> when you saw the individual what went through your mind? i was just really mad. i didn't really know what to do but just cry. really miss them a lot. >> reporter: two week alter daisy, one month old pell grow and four month old romeo were all christmas gifts. >> some people know their pretty expensive doing. that's how they get them. >> reporter: family members fear the dogs could pop up for
5:48 pm
sale online. police say they have detectives on the case but the family is turning to facebook for help. their post about what happened has more than 17,000 views and has been shared nearly 2,000 times. it all helps. >> i just really wish people could help us try to find them 'cause i really miss them and they're like family to us. >> i hope they get them back police are working very hard to track down the third person they believe was driving the get away car. a 13 year old girl attacked by a shark in australia and lives to tell about it. it all started early this morning when she was surfing on the beach. all of a sudden the shark took hold of her leg and tried to drag her under. >> grabbed my foot twice just thought it was -- and then grabbed me a third time and i looked back and it was swinging me around and pulled me under. >> pretty frightening stuff. authorities have closed down that beach for now and visitors
5:49 pm
are being told to stay out of the water. >> around here, we've been having lovely weather. yeah. >> i have to say, scott. we're hoping it sticks around for the weekend. >> well a part of the weekend looks pretty nice but the second half will feel more like november. looking at temperatures only in the 50s as we move into sunday. but right now no 50s. we are looking at numbers. look at that. 72 degrees that's well above average. beautiful weather on this frid friday. but it is a little gusty those winds right now out of the southwest gusting look at that to 22 miles per hour. so as we look at the temperatures, everyone is pretty much above average. 69 in trenton. 69 pottstown. upper 60s in lancaster. we have 70 currently in dover and 72 that's the typical high temperature for early october right now in philadelphia. so as we time that fall chill, a dip in the jet stream that will mean some cool air comes down from canada. it will be blustery and chilly much temperatures will be in the
5:50 pm
upper 40s to mid 50s at best pretty area wide. let's advance the clock. here's sunday morning. 46 degrees at 7:00 a.m. in philadelphia. but look at the clock as we move toward the afternoon. 55 degrees in philadelphia. 46 degrees in the pocono mountains. 54 in millville. so definitely jacket and sweater weather. as we move into sunday night, monday morning, look at the frost concerns. north and west temperatures will be in the mid 30s. as we move into sections of south jersey, 38 degrees in millville. so outlying areas away from the city you'll want to protect those sensitive plants sunday night again into monday morning. as we talk about the tropics right now, major category three hurricane bearing down right now on bermuda just hours away from landfall. maximum sustained winds at 115 miles per hour and you can see the entire island will feel sustained hurricane force winds at or above 74 miles an hour
5:51 pm
this evening and then conditions will start to improve as we move late into the evening and overnight time frame as that hurricane pulls away. but power outages and storm surge likely over 10 feet up to half a foot of rainfall is likely with that hurricane impacting bermuda. as far as our weather, partly cloudy, comfortably cool for the overnight. 56 degrees in the city. 51 in the suburbs and as we move ahead to tomorrow morning, down in wilmington, delaware, the walk to end alzheimer's it will be sunny, breezy so take a light jacket or sweater. temperatures will be in the upper 50s for the walk, and tomorrow, high temperatures top out around 68 degrees. it will be pretty mild. but with that breeze it could make it feel a little cooler. so just keep that in mind for your saturday. seven day forecast though showing you those chilly chang changes. 55 degrees. that's it for the high temperature on sunday. and then monday morning, low temperatures in the 30s. upper 30s for the philadelphia area.
5:52 pm
outlying areas will be in the mid 30s so that's why we have that frost concern. 63 on tuesday. and then unsettled as we talk about wednesday and thursday with shower chances in the forecast and temperatures pretty cool, chilly for this time of year only in the 50s. >> might have to turn the heat on. >> definitely. >> thanks scott. >> keith russell in the house. >> speaking of heat, it will be a hot world series. we can't wait. you know the world series is set two teams that don't know how to lose but someone has to learn. the royals are the first team to win eight straight games to start the post season. giants have won nine straight post season series. how is that possible? well they didn't make the playoffs last year but when they do they go all the way. laugh night in the ninth inning travis with one swing sends the giants to the world series for the third time in five years. talk about destiny. he wasn't on the team when the season started and now a series that will determine who cinderella after all. >> to bring me back for that second opportunity and, um, not only to bring me back but to
5:53 pm
call me up and just give me this opportunity it's just -- it's so gratifying, and i'm just so happy i was able to do it for this city and this team. >> the fall classic promises to be just that. classic. best news of all you can see every game on fox 29 game one joints and royals in kansas city. tuesday night coverage starts at 7:30. before then we got football to talk about. eagles get a well deserved rest at this week at five and 1a lot of highlights. here's a look back at the best of the best. ♪ >> at that point in time of the game with 17-zero we needed to generate something and i was confident that we could hit it. darrin did great job. ♪ >> we played way on owl faces today and gave us that spark we need. ♪ >> tied game. you know you know just go in there take home the victory. couldn't have been any more exciting for me. ♪
5:54 pm
>> hey, we're a team. that's how it has always been and no matter who gets it, you know, we're all excited. ♪ >> something to build upon. so we're happy where we are i guess the best way to say we're pleased we're not satisfied. still a lot of things we can do better. >> and for the touchdown on the recovery touchdown philadelphia. >> we weren't good enough. ooh thought we were good enough defensively and special teams but not offensively today. >> ♪ >> if they're going to take away like they did and try to take a way the run game we got to pay through the air and that's what happened. >> foles, wide open, touchdown jordan matthews. >> we got to start a little bit faster. we have not been able to do that this season. ♪ >> just wante wanted to put it t there today, tonight, and just show, you know, the world that we're -- that we can play. ♪ >> those black shirts they must be working. >> we were flying around having fun.
5:55 pm
>> a lot of things to improve which excites me. ya'll know how i am, but it will be great to have this bye week to get some rest and recoup get ready to go. >> now even on bye week we talk eagles football "game day live" sunday the 11am. eagles cheerleaders stop by the studio. fox nfl sunday at noon at 1:00 o'clock panthers and packer at 4:25 giants at the cowboys. great day of football on fox 29 at 6:00 o'clock you the viewers we tell you how you can weigh in and have your opinion heard on the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> i'm guessing your opinion was heard which is why we have the eagles cheerleaders in the house. (laughter). >> you might be right. you might be right. >> love that. >> i also like chip kelly getting the piggyback ride. >> carrying the big man. >> we have another half hour full of news straight ahead. all new at six relax and tell the truth. that is the message from mayor michael nutter when it comes to ebola. how the city is preparing to handle this deadly virus and what you can do. plus, a scary scene caught on dashboard cam a new jersey
5:56 pm
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> right now the u.s. is a new leader in the fight against ebola. the president named an ebola czar. ron klain is now the point person in the battle against the virus. he has serve as chief of staff to both vice-presidents joe biden and al gore and tonight we are learning three pennsylvanians were on a flight from cleveland to dallas monday with the nurse who has tested positive for ebola.
6:00 pm
good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney tonight in for iain page. they are not showing any symptoms but the cdc says they are not allowed on another commercial flight for 21 days. today there have been no confirm cases of ebola in the philadelphia area. city officials are quick and happy tore mine us. our bruce gordon says mayor nutter was front and center today to try to keep everybody calm, bruce. >> reporter: yeah, dawn, the mayor took a not so subtle and perhaps well deserved jab at the media noting there is a fine line between informing people about ebola and scaring the heck out of them. so far the ebola virus in the us has been confined to a single death in dallas. but the fear of a widespread epidemic has been fanned by breathless news coverage across the nation from coast to coast. which the mayor and top city officials going in front of cameras friday trying to sooth jangled nerves. >> we need folks to stay focus focused, be calm, but we're prepared for this. >> reporter: city officials say local hospitals are eq