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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  October 29, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> two years to the day later, this storm is still the trouble. times here in new jersey, lauren? >> good morning, parents, players, coaches, take on the school world here at central bucks west high school n regard to the hazing allegation, what came that far meeting coming up in a live report. kerry? >> and the unbelievable moment that a rocket exploded, just seconds after launching. why some local students were on hand for this, what they lost because of it. good day everybody, it is wednesday, october 29th, 2014. good morning. >> good morning, and, sue, mike jerrick was talking about
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this yesterday, as you look to the south, out over the coast, and look toward virginia, might have seen this, and then that all went a rye. >> we were thinking, depending on the cloud cover it, might have been visible, because it was just the island in virginia where this happened. but i don't believe it got high enough in the sky for anybody around here to see it. soap, that was then; this is now. we are going with a seven today out of ten. torn between a six and a seven, but i think we'll see sunshine today at least early in the day. mostly dry day. we can't rule out stray shower or two as we transition to cold front to cooler temperatures. so hopefully you enjoyed yesterday. we've got ultimate doppler to show you the rain up toward harrisburgment some of it may edge into berks county, or lancaster county over the next little while. and eventually, this cold front will come through. it is kind of slowing down little bit. but we have possibility of a shower or two. it is much milder than it was yesterday at this time. 61 degrees in philadelphia, 50's to the north of us, upper
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60s to the south of us, 66 degrees in wildwood. these are temperatures that are as much as almost 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. but, it is not going to last. tremendous tuesday had a high of 76 degrees, it was delightful, hopefully you enjoyed those temperatures, 67 will be the high today, mostly cloudy, scattered shower or two. than is your forecast, two minutes after 5:00. good morning, and here's what's awaiting you, as you travel about this morning. we have route 202 northbound approaching route 29. malvern, there is construction, there only the right lane gets by. on the northeast extension, northbound, between lansdale and quakertown, construction has the right lane blocked. and, finally, in howell, 195 eastbound between 547 and 34, we have construction there, that's in new jersey, the left lane is blocked. kerry? >> sue, thank you. 5:02, breaking news this morning, overnight in northeast philadelphia, a car accident involving two vehicles, it happened at about 2:30 this morning, on the roost cents svelt boulevard,
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near north mascher street. a 50 year old man and 57 year old woman were taken to the hospital with neck and back injuries. no word on what caused it. and we have lift off ... third mission to the iss ... that main engine at 108%. (silence). >> this did not go as planned. investigators trying to determine what caused a rocket headed to the international space station to explode. this was just seconds after take off yesterday. nobody was on this commercial supply craft. no one in the surrounding area was injured. the rocket blew up over the launch complex, wall of silence, several witnesses, in fact, caught their own view of the explosion right along the virginia coastline. >> and those witnesses include some local students, and experiment from the students at ocean city high school was on that rocket. the operation was run by a private american company, orbital sciences, nasa has had
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a growing reliance on private companies, to deliver supplies to the international space station, since the shuttle program was shut down. officials let the fires burn out, and crews are expected out there, daylight, to clean up the aftermath of that explosion. >> we don't really have any early indications of exactly when might have failed. and we need some time to take a look at that. >> no word on how long that will take. and how long it will take to determine the cause of the accident, and to make all every those repairs, officials say crews at the international space station have enough supplies for now, but the company states scheduled to launch supply ship in december. tune in to good day at 7:00. astronomer derrick pits from the franklin institute will be in our studio, to look at this video, and i'm sure mike jerrick will have a loft questions, he's interested in these kind of science issues, in fact, told all of our viewers, haim, take a lock at this last night. as you can see it, didn't get very far off the ground. nothing real toy see from our vantage point here. >> we had water coming in,
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like water fountain, just pouring through the doors, the windows, and the water was waist high. >> my good nets, the damage unimaginable. today it has been two years since hurricane sandy struck the east coast. and communities along the jersey shore have come a long way in rebuilding since that storm hit. >> but, for many of those same people, recovery efforts are still underway. fox 29's steve keeley live now in longport washings lock at the progress there, or should we say, lack of progress, in so many parts, steve? >> reporter: yes, the southern end of the shore line that's really the high end of the recovery picture, two years later, here in new jersey. and as nice as things look here in longport, still looks like disaster in so many other places north of here and so many homes north of atlantic city. as we watch the waves this morning, hit the sea wall here in longport, and sends this sea mist into the street, and on this very new fresh blacktop here, we remember how hard this wall was wacked by those hurricane winds, and waves, enough to toss these
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boulders into the street, and break up the sea wall, break up the blacktop, kick in these rocks, like a kid, kicking the small stones down the street. and while the memories mostly bring back in the mind those sea sun amusement rides sitting in the ocean, the ferris wheels, the roller coasters and the boardwalks, may all have been replaced, but not all the homes and neighborhoods beyond the beach blocks north of brigantine and beach hafer where that hurricane hit directly. and the harder whip around effect winds, devestated ocean, monmouth county towns, up there, two years later, still seems like just the start after too long wait to rebuild, recover, and not have to rewind these images on video, you know why, because there is still liveable today. all these people dealing with this, and a lot of people living in trailers, or living with mom, or living with their brothers, still wait to go live in the homes they used to call their house two years ago before this storm hit. chris, kerry? >> it will be interesting to
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see where we are two years from now after four years. steve, thanks. it is just about 5:07 right now. been possible siting of accused cop killer eric frein. >> of course accused every killing one trooper, wounding another outside their northeastern pennsylvania barracksment manhunt for him has been going on now for two months, resident reported possible siting of frein, route 390, monroe county yesterday. police not releasing any other information about that reported siting. parents, players, coaches, had the opportunity also night to respond to a football hazing scandal at central bucks west. >> parents accuse the district of rushing to judgement in cancelling the team season. fox 29's lauren johnson live in doylestown, with this story for us, this morning, lauren? >> hey, good morning to you, kerrey, so kind after case of us versus them. like the parents, the students, the players, the coaches, versus the school board. everybody of course having something to say, emotions cents flying high. it was a crowded room inside that auditorium last night. everyone was cents there, blasting the school board members, for cutting the
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season short, two games, including what would have been homecoming last friday night against archrival central bucks eels. >> this all stemming from hazing allegations, the superintendent says, he learned about on october 14th, but stays all happened in august after pre-season scrimmage, while parents were nearby hosting a picnic. coaches telling the crowds they weren't there when this incident happened. most parents in the crowd defended the suspended coaches and the players. >> we love this program, the reputation of this program has been harmed by untrue allegations cents of severe misconduct that happened on our watch. >> student are resilient. they'll move forward and be stronger asomugha result of this experience. we will look, we will work to rebuild the cb west football program. >> in handling the setbacks you've been given i would request that part of this investigation include restoring the character and reputation of this program. >> (applause). >> i love my players. i love the parents.
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and i love my coaches. and i'm greatful for them. i'm greatful for my wife, my mother and father to be here tonight and my extended family. they've been great to me. and can't ask for anything more than the support we got in that rom tonight. >> now, board members did agree to reinstate some of the homecoming activities for the student edge, about will you talk to all sports teams across the district to make sure they are fully aware. meanwhile, district attorney here in bucks county says he still wants any players to come forward, if they have any information in regard to the hazing incident. chris, kerrey? >> lauren, thank you. 5:09. burlington county contractors digging a new swimming pool discover human bones. crews unearthed them yesterday afternoon, the 600 block of bank avenue, riverton. investigators say the remains appear to be very old, they do not suspect foul play. however, forensic anthropologies cents cents with state police, now examining those bones. all think of what,
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poltergeist? talked about this. >> remember that? ya. 5:10, authorities in north carolina say that they've the alleged gunman responsible for yesterday's shooting outside of the nash county courthouse. authorities say the gunman shot two people, and then took off, apparently, with the help of an accomplice. the two victims are expected to survive, authorities say, the shooting was not random, the victims were targeted, but they wouldn't discuss the motive or identify who was involved. the second suspect, remains on the loose. there will be enhanced security at federal government buildings later today. >> dave johnson says the specific security steps will vary, from location to location, the move of course, in response to continued threats by terrorist organizations, and last week's deadly attack in canada. homeland security officials say there is cents no specific threat. these height ends security measures are simply a precautionary step. >> winner take off tonight in kansas city. world series between the royals and giants has come down to the deciding game
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seven, royals forced game seven last night, with a ten to nothing win in game six. the odds are stacked up against the giants at this point. in fact, the home team won the last nine times, the worlds series has made it all the way to game seven. uncle watch game seven tonight right here on fox 29. 5:11, the time, lets december weather on the ones with sue serio. >> that's good idea. because you need to be prepared for slightly cooler temperatures today and the possibility of a stray shower or two. although, we're not really expecting any more than a .1 of an inch of rain, if you get any at all. you will notice, increasing clouds, we will get early high of 67 degrees, and then temperatures will start to slowly drop after that. so, scattered showers possible, sunset time is 6:02. as we get closer to halloween, and your trick-or-treating forecast will be coming up. right now, though, let's check traffic. start off at the new jersey turnpike, this is past the burlington-mt. holly exit. there is cents construction there, two left lanes are block. until about 7:00 this morning.
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>> actually not a girl. the family sure thought it was. how the m
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>> meeting with health workers been on front lines in the fight against ebola. president says the states need
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to use science, not fear, as they decide when to quarantine or monitor american medical workers that are returning from west africa. he says the united states cannot be seen shying against the battle of ebola, and must support the workers fighting in the fight. meanwhile, second of two texas nurses was ebola is out of the hospital. they are the first people to get this virus on us soil, and doctors say, both are now cured. in at lan tax emory hospital discharged nurse amber vincent yesterday. she caught the virus, while caring for ebola patient, thomas duncan, who died in dallas. >> vincent's release leaves one ebola patient currently receiving treatment here in the u.s. doctor craig spencer is in serious but stable condition in manhattan's bellevue hospital. meanwhile, australia became the first country in the world to shut its boarders, banning visas for citizens from ebola affected states in west africa. new fox news poll released suggesting concern about the virus spreading here in the
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u.s. has dropped nearly 9% since earlier this month. vaccination trial for ebola is set to begin on friday. >> the vaccine was co--developed by the national institutes of health and a british-based drug company. 120 volunteers will participate in the vaccination study, the grip will be monitored for six months, with some participants working with ebola cases in west africa, and others, as is a swiss university to determine both the safety and efficacy of this vaccine, now the number of ebola cases worlds wide has topped 10,000, according to the world health organization. let's turn to this, grammy award winning singer, phil collins, made special trip to the lone star state. british pop legends donated his collection of alamo artifacts to the state of texas, some of the items include a fringe leather pouch, a gun used by davey crocket, in the legendary nights, collins, sever proclaimed al moan entheusiast, said he is thrilled to be returning to
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the artifacts to their home state. i mean, interesting. >> this touched a nerve way back when i was cents about five, six years old. and it stayed with me. >> texas -- jerry patterson who joined collins for the big event said the artifacts will eventually become part of visitor's center said to be dealt at the alamo. >> all right, thank up, chris. 5:17 right now, taking a look at your health news this morning, new study that is raising some questions about the accuracy of those home blood pressure tests. researchers found that on average, readings were slightly inaccurate, and up to 15% of patients, and potentially significantly inaccurate about 8% of the cases cents cents. there is cents no way to know whether the inaccuracies are misleading patients into seeking care when they don't need it, or not getting treatment when they do. but, doctors say, it adds to previous research suggesting these at-home devices are not perfect. all right, it is getting darker earlier, obviously,
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that might be encourage cents new for women look to go conceive. an infertility specialist finds that ladies at their most risk, and their most fertile during a full moon. also more likely to conceive during the darkest nights. the data gathered from a mobile app that will track a woman's monthly cycle. >> kerrey consideration we stay with this team for a minute? >> i don't know, can we? >> well, listen to. >> this ladies, you might think a man who keeps busy bedroom is just a playboy. but maybe you misjudged. you might actually be doing a good thing for his health. so please don't judge. men who have had multiple partners have a reduced risk of prostate cancer, according to a study, researchers found men who have more than 20 notches on their bed post slash their cancer risk by 20%. twenty notches, 20%. but celibacy doubles the risk of this disease.
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researchers think regular sex may flush out cancer-causing chemicals. the study, which i'm sure was done by all men, is published in cancer epidemiology. >> okay. never mind. i can't. there are so many things i want to say but i won't. >> not right now, but perhaps during the commercial break. 5:19 the time. oakland, california, a coffee shop is offering its customaries chance to cuddle up with some cats while they enjoy their morning joe. >> so this is cat town. it is a cat cafe. custom kearse order coffee, pastries, and you can have a snack. it is for a good cause. cats up for adoption in the oakland area. >> a way of possibly luring people in, who aren't
5:20 am
necessarily thinking about adopting, but once they come in, they'll see a cat and realize there is cents a void in their life and will make friends with that cat. >> cat town open -- you heard about these cakes, blue inside, or pink inside? like you tell the baker to make you a cake, based on paper you have from the -- you don't know what the gender is, right? >> they have these gender reveal parties evidently, so the newest trends for couples having a baby. this is new to us. >> right. >> a party for expect and the pennsylvania mother gets an unexpected surprise. take a look at this. >> girl! (screams). >> i was right! >> oh, inviting their families to their pennsylvania home, anticipation running hi, the parent got ready to cut the cake, which was supposed to be baked with a blue center for a
5:21 am
boy, or pink for girl. the icing revealing they're having a little girl. but the celebration short lived. >> i swear to god. >> it is a boy. it says boy. >> oh, boy. >> that's right. dad opens the envelope with the ultrasound information, and they gave to the baker, and it said they were having a boy, even though, the bakery made a pink themed cake. the parent owned up another envelope from the doctor also confirming in fact it was a boy on the way. baby boy bell is due in march. >> all right. >> some blue outfits, not pink ones. >> well, boys can wear pink. >> no, come on, stop. >> sue serio, 5:21 is the time. >> and girls can bear blue. >> but they said girl. >> gender stereotyping. whole thing ridiculous. >> just seems like an awful lot of trouble. they could have just opened the envelope. >> seriously. thank you, sue. but i pray for them.
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>> here ray for them? >> maybe just party excuse, right? let's throw a party. so, bone-chilling breezes on halloween, not really, but i just wanted to say it, dry on halloween, we promise you attributing or treat forecast, yahoo, mostly cloudy skies, dry, cool, for your trick-or-treating, on friday evening. so, we breakdown, if you got some little kids going out while it is still light out, it will be some sunshine, and 58 degrees. that will be our high temperature for the day on friday. and then it chills down to about 55 by 6:00. 8:00 it will be about 50 degrees. so, make sure you maybe have little sweater on under your costume, as go out and get your treats on friday evening. that's your weather authority forecast. 5:22 is the time. and this traffic report starts off in thorton, pennsylvania, dilworth town road, at britain lake road. accident there, apparently a vehicle has overturned, so, we are gathering more information on that one, kerrey, and we will have more about it coming up in thorton. >> sue, very good, thanks.
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5:22, who could forget jim carrey's impression every those matthew mcconaughey lincoln commercials? >> awesome. >> so good. gets even better. when you see it applied to the new york city subway. coming up in the trends.
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>> feds ram reserve goes into day two of the policy meeting, yesterday, great day for
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stocks, dow jumps 188 points, finally back above the 17,000 mark. the s&p 500 closed 23 points higher, 1985. nasdaq edged up, that's not edging, 78 points, huge leap to land at 4564. for many service, men and women returning home to civilian life after combat overseas is real tough. we talk all the time -- >> it is difficult, even just for the families to kind of reconnect after being gone for so long. but there is a new program, that aims to help in -- when it comes to building their carreers, program called shifting gears t trains service members as automotive technicians, go through 12 week course, become skilled in the industry. general motors, and the us army, are partners in this program. >> for gm, i mean, for us, we had real need out there. we needed about 2500 service technicians, every single year, gm dealerships, all around the country. and so, you know, we need to be able to find casino of a pool of talent, to be able to
5:27 am
get them trained, and get them available for those dealerships. so, what a better fit. >> great fit. a loft these troops have experiences working on similar systems -- systems, so their skills lends themselves to this particular line of work. you may not be getting what you think you are getting when it comes to your cell phone plan. now the federal government suing one of the biggest phone companies in our country. why the ftc says you may have fallen victim to abate and switch scam. >> then you wouldn't want to waste any ivy league education, right, especially students out there, all of your parents money, if they're helping with this, but one school offering up class for students who want to waste time on the internet. now the big question
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>> break being news from overnight, report of suspicious package in old city watch officials are telling us this morning. and an unbelievable site in the sky. rocket explodes, seconds after launching in virginia. that is local connection to this launch. what some new jersey students lost because of t. good day everyone, it is wednesday, october 29th, 2014: let's make notice of the philadelphia flyers, they just beat the stanley cup chap ups,
5:31 am
in over time, so go flyers. >> very, very cool. and the sixers home opener is tonight. >> in indianna, opening their regular season tonight. >> that's it. >> so that is the milestone, weaver to get a flyers jersey on bus stop buddy. but he's wearing a sixers cap tonight. mild start, sunshine, might have some showers; thus, the closed umbrella for bus stop budd think morning. temperatures in the 50's, 60s, to get started. the number we have selected today, it is a seven, we'll have some of that early sunshine, and it will be a largely dry day. but again, we can't rule out stray shower with a cold front coming through. there you see some showers up at the state capitol of harrisburg. and beyond. around state college, as well, weaver some rain. but none of it has at least so far made its way into our viewing area. so, we will keep an eye on that cold front. temperatures, well, the colds front hasn't come yetment
5:32 am
still in the 50's, six off's, and normal high temperature for today 63 degrees, there in wilmington, right now, these temperatures by the way are as much as ten to 15 degrees warmer, than they were yesterday, at times, so think about that when you're selecting your outerwear today. 76 degrees was that high temperature yesterday. one day special though as we've been telling you, 67 is the high today probably reach the high early in the day, then things chill down tonight. that is your weather authority forecast. 5:32 is the time. we start out on the vine st. vest way. >> luckily they'll get this out of the way soon. we go down to thorton, dilworth town road, britain lake road, there is an accident, there and it is reported to involve an overturned vehicle. more on that coming up. and finally, on the turnpike northeast extension, between lansdale and quakertown, construction has the right
5:33 am
lane blocked. >> breaking news for this morning. crews clear the scene overnight, after being called out for reports of a suspicious package, just after midnight, this is at a park, at fifth and walnut, old city. the scene was cleared about hour later. >> police also cents investigating overnight crash in northeast philadelphia, two cars collided on the roosevelt boulevard, near north master street, right around 2:30. a 50 year old man, and 57 year old woman, were taken to the hospital with neck and back injuries. no word on what led to the crash. >> bring cigna wondered third mission to the iss. >> engine at 108%. normal power. >> investigators trying to determine right now what caused a rocket, heading to the international space station, as you can see, to explode, just seconds after take off. no one was on that commercial
5:34 am
supply craft. no one in the surrounding area was injured by this explosion. rocket blew up, several witnesses caught their own view of the explosion, you can see here, this is along the virginia coastline, including some local students, and in fact, a experiment from those students at ocean city high school was on that rocket. no word yet i should say on how long it will take to determine the cause of what happened there, to make any repairs, and they're going to be out there today to clean up the area. the good news is that the crews on the international space station do have enough supplies, at least for now. >> yes, but the company space x scheduled to launch its supply ship in december. so, couple of months from now, they'll get another re-supply i guess could you call it and good day at 7:00 this morning, we will have as is tron america derrick pits from the franklin institute to answer a loft our questions here. and your questions, as well. our hours go out to the
5:35 am
families who have lost loved one. the loss of life was kept lower than it might have been, but, from those individual families, obviously, you know, their world has been torn apart. >> today marks two years since hurricane sandy. what's the progress look being like right now? our recovery efforts still underway at the jersey shore. >> they are. fox 29 steve keeley is in longport there is morning, covering the story for you from there. steve? >> well, we all remember new jersey leaders hyping the slogan stronger than the storm last year. this year, the slogan for so many here in new jersey could be still waiting for the storm recovery. longport point looks better than it did before the storm. these nice expensive homes, even nicer, and more expensive now. we were here the day after, two years ago, and met the man who road out the storm, marvin, he's still here, and he and his neighbor's homes wreck then are picture perfect nowment the picture though far different north from here,
5:36 am
long beach island up, as less wealthy, more wind swept away homes are still far away from being lived in again. many still have to be raised up, elevated off the grounds, and lifted up before any insurance company will pay up and cover for fixing them up again. so, yes, the amusement rides and the board walks, they got the front page pictures two years ago, and they may be all back, but not the homes, just a bit further off the beach blocks, stronger than the storm slogan is still only a slogan. stronger in spirit, still a hard reach for many here in new jersey, two years later. >> chris, kerry? >> all right, steve keeley live for us, thank you. 5:36 right now. two veterans back in philadelphia after the trip of a lifetime. where they were turn for the first time since serving in world war ii, and why they say that experience was more than they could ever imagine. and then, if you thought this jim kerrey impersination of matthew mcconaughey was funny, wait until you see one that takes us to the new york city underground. that's coming up on the trend.
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>> life line for taj mahal reports, union management healthcare funds giving two months of extended insurance
5:40 am
coverage to the workers, unite your health, fund run by union representatives and casino executives. now it, says, it acted because of quote unprecedented times in atlantic city. earlier this month, the taj mahal got bankruptcy judge to cancel its union contract terminating employee health insurance, and pension plans. slow moving lava from hawaii, the volcano less than the lent after football field, from homes now on the big island. >> that lava already burned an empty shed. officials say if it continues, on its current path, a two-story home could be next. residents have been told that they might have to evacuate. meanwhile, that is school in the lava's project the path that will be closed beginning today. ii haven't heard an update how quickly it is moving today. yesterday, it was 10 feet an hour, slow, but still substantial for something that size. >> yes, nothing you can do, we said, to stop its path. so you got to do what you got to do. hi, sue. >> just get out of the way,
5:41 am
right. we have a look at what would help probably in that situation, some rain, in harrisburg and further up toward state college. it is now starting to sing to the western edge of berks county. this is a look at the cold front that will be making its way through the area, probably, through by early afternoon, but then, another disturbance behind it, will mean just a couple of showers around. but we don't see anything just yet in our viewing area. soap, we look at 61 degrees, in mount pocono, for this early in the morning, for october 29th. that's unusual. 53 degrees in allentown, 54 in warminster, 54 in chester, and in south jersey, 65 degrees, in millville. 67 degrees in wildwood. so, here is our seven-day forecast, and as we said yesterday, a lot going on here with 67 degrees today, and then 60 tomorrow. some spooky clouds on friday, for halloween, and then some showers, and a big chill on saturday, going to the temple game at noon, you will have to bundle up. then we have the time change,
5:42 am
we fall back on saturday night, breezy, chilly, on sunday, not out of the 40's sunday either, but we do get back to seasonable temperatures by tuesday of next week. so that's your forecast at 5:42, and it is time for traffic. this problem on the vine st. expressway, the eastbound side, just before eight street, disable vehicle, on the shoulder, it will slow you down, chris? >> sue, thank you. the federal government now suing one of the biggest cell phone companies in our country because they say you could be getting scammed. much more on that story straight ahead.
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good morning, i'm tom sredenschek. eagles getting ready for the hughes and texans, 1:00 o'clock sunday right here on fox. quarterback nick foles continuing to look for answers, how about nine interceptions this season, that's the thirds most in the ffl he threw only two over last year. >> those are, you know, whatever, we got to get those points. >> all right, nick, how about the flyers and kings over time hockey last night at the wells fargo center, tied at two, braiden, skating in, the officials say no. wait a second. the officials say yes. game wish. flyers win three-two over the kings, they won four out of five. giants, royals, game seven
5:46 am
tonight. royals fors last night p-run second, added three more later in the game, royals win ten to nothing. game seven of the world series coming up tonight right here on fox. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. all right, 5:46. murder suspect is in custody right now philadelphia police are trying to figure out if this guy is connected to a long list of other crimes. yesterday police divers search the waters of the schuylkill, looking for gun that may be tide to the murder of 49 year old dallas long, they've arrested dion jordan, bloodied and bat nerds this picture for long's murder. jordan may have tossed the murder weapon off a bridge, and they think he's tied to a string of violent attacks. >> this individual has been on spree of his own, bank robberies, murder, things that he's been part of. >> police tell us investigators now looking at jordan for as many as five murders, kidnapping, and a
5:47 am
bunch of bank robberies in new britain, and chestnut hill. a judge has denied jordan bail. at&t being accused of unfairly slowing down the data speeds to some of its customers smart phone. >> federal trade commission filed lawsuit accusing cell phone giant targeting millions of customers who pay for unlimited data then actually use large amounts of it. the practice is known as lot link. the suit claims that some customers speeds are cut by as much as 09%, so what is the best advice for cell phone shoppers? >> make sure you know what you are signing up for, what data is available and at what pediatric. >> at&t calls the lawsuit baseless, and the speed change affect 3% of its customers who are informed when their monthly data usage hits a certain level. >> colleges overall types of interesting courses cents, with interesting titles, u pen of course, many of us, qualified for. it is called wasting time on
5:48 am
the internet. it is a creative writing course offering next semester, basically, students will try to figure out why we all spend so much time on the internet by spending time on the internet. professor for the course says there is poetry, and historical value in the comments and the forums on line. student lent ultimately have to write a work literature inspired by their internet activity. i mean, i have seen the comments on some of those message boards. >> and? >> i've never considered calling them poetry. but i guess in a certain sense? , perhaps they are. >> big hit in s&l spoof, matthew motorcycle conihan, now the spoof inspiring other sketches based on the characters.
5:49 am
>> sometimes you got to go back and move forward. because ... it doesn't matter where you've been, or how you've gotten here, or the train traffic. ... >> (laughing). >> okay, so this sketch uses matthew true detective character, special experience on the new york city subway system, that is spot-on impression with the message we're sure many in the big apple can relate to. it is so fun. >> when you first saw those real commercials, with matthew, didn't you think they were little strange. >> well, i didn't see it first, i heard t is that
5:50 am
matthew motorcycle hon hey ace voice, man, he's real end fallen from grace. >> now everyone has pick up on t national cat day. so, we want to see your pictures of your cats, just sends us use the hashtag fox 29 good dayment make sure use the hashtag so we can show them on the air. >> very good. >> friday of course is shallow wean, and as always we have some surprises planned for the big show in the 9:00 hour of good day philadelphia. but we have one special guest, of course, we'll tell you about it. >> little hint. >> at love kids, a lot of adults, will be dressing up as els a this year, so we decided to have els a here with us, on our studio just friday morning, we would like to you bring your kids down to meet her. and if you want to meet her, there is no shame in that either. we'll have some other great surprises, including revealing of our halloween costumes, normally, we all know what we're going to dress up as. well, this year, we're all surprising one another with our costumes live on the show. the big reveal, if you will,
5:51 am
around i think 9:00. the party begins at 7:00. elsa gets here at 9:00. don't be late. we expect, sue, there will be a crowd out there, as well. >> it is true, it is true, she is the hottest celebrity around these days. and we got her right here fox 29. all right, let's take a look at the weather ahead of us over the next couple of days. we start off with today, in our weather to watch. mild start, holding onto some of the warmth of yesterday, increasing clouds, though, and stray shower possible. cooler temperatures, by halloween, trick-or-treating is dry, oh, there is a little ghost there, look, oh, my goodness, a big, big chill blasts cents in on saturday, along with some rain, not the best weather day for saturday. sunday looks pretty chilly, as well. so there is your weather to watch. let's watch what's going on with traffic. we have a big accident down in thornton, dilworth town road, at brenton lake road. an accident there, and it is
5:52 am
report today to involve an overturned vehicle. so you definitely want to avoid that area, if you can. kerry? >> all right, sue, thanks. 5:52. just a man enjoying a lunch at a restaurant. but what exactly is that on his table? do you see what i'm referring to? who joined him for this incredibly romantic day.
5:53 am
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heartwarming photo, of an elderly widower, making rounds on social media. >> so, this man has been captured several times, eating alone, at in and out burying nerve california. on the table, a picture of his wife, who died five years ago. he carries that photo with him, everywhere he goes, so he doesn't feel quite so lonely. he calls her his sole mate, and says, they met when they were just 17 years old, couple spent 55 years together. >> so sad. >> it is really sad. i mean, we lose a loved one, in your widow or widower, meal time. >> sitting alone, yes. all right, two world war ii veterans return to philadelphia after amazing trip to the beaches of normandy. >> more than 07 years after "d" day, the vets set foot on
5:56 am
what some call sacred ground, 88 year old chet. he was seaman on boards the uss cory, the destroyer that led to "d" day invasion. his wish to return to the shores of normandy, his friend, 90 year old warren kimmel, took that journey along with him. kimmel served in the china birma india theater, visits the site to pay his respects cents to those who died in the battle of normandy. it was fantastic. the people unbelievable. once they found that you were a veteran, of the d-day invasion, they just couldn't thank you enough. and we really appreciated it. >> so cool. eighty-eight years old, though. >> i hope i look like that when i'm in my 80s. he looks fantastic. >> his wish granted by the twilight wish foundation, and the doylestown vfw twilight if you're not nam car with it, grants wishes to seniors, that he how they got to make this
5:57 am
amazing, and memorable trip. >> coming up on 5:57. new report says the police chief in ferguson, missouri may be stepping down. now the city is being sued by a restaurant. then lauren johnson live in doylestown where parents, football players, have whole lot to say to school board members. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. that's right, parents, players, even coaches, sounding offer against the school board last night in a very heated discussion at a meeting. we will tell you all about
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
something from new jersey on that ship, local experiment that won't make it into space. outrage at school meeting. parents upset over how the school is handling an alleged hazing incident involving rookie football players, what they had to say about the coaches involvement. >> president obama firing back at states like new jersey, who are enforcing mandatory quarantine for any healthcare workers traveling from west africa. well, now another country is banning travel from ebola stricken nations, altogether. where people from west calf will not be allowed to


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