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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  October 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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blue cross. live fearless. >> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> good morning, 6:00 this morning, philadelphia police officer, out of the hospital, after he was dragged underneath a car by a suspect on the run. what that man was accused of doing just days ac that set off chase through the city. >> i can't believe you shot me. >> man attack with a bat, shot in the middle of the street, what police say the woman screamed just before she started swinging.
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>> inside territory! and they win! >> yes, giant win game seven of the world series. a huge game. >> not the first time. >> third time in five years. >> first time 1985, royals were in it. a lot of people pulling for the royals. giant again, three wormed series in three years, wouldn't it be nice if the phillies could do that? >> yes, then we be all hoe hum about it, oh, world series, la, la, la. don't you think that was the way it was in the lockerroom, oh, ya, what time are we leaving? >> oh, it could happen again! >> we'll see. but that's the ends of baseball season. let's get ready to be chilly. seven out of tenure number of the day, temperatures chillier
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than they were yesterday. and the other problem, we're seeing, this morning, areas of fog, so, bus stop buddy, obscured a little bit. but he's wearing warm sweatshirt, because temperatures are in the 40's this morning. they're anywhere between ten to 20 degrees cooler than they were yesterday. we don't have any big problems with fog, no delays at philly international right now, but in the outlying areas, we're socked in, and so many places. >> it will get drier, sunnier, before the ends of the morning. so, things are starting to improve already. but, be prepared for this temperatures, in the three's, 40's, it is 39 in pottstown, 38 in allentown, 43 in wilmington, and 47 degrees here, in philadelphia. again, about 15 degrees cooler than we were yesterday, and yesterday, we got to 70 degrees, today, it is 60. for high temperature, just 60. that's your weather authority forecast, at 6:02.
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let's check traffic, and get started, with the fog out there this morning, and reminder to slow down, leave early, in limerick, ridge pike, near knifer road, an accident in which a vehicle ran off the road. and the accident in blue bell, dekalb pike at morris road has now cleared in cinnaminson, 130 southbound, past riverton road, traffic signal down, and that has the right and center lanes blocked, this morning. kerry? >> all right, sue, thanks. 6:03. a suspect is under arrest following a police-involved shooting and a chase. >> steve keeley liver outside police headquarters with more on there is steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, we have another near death, near miss case for philly police here, and another guy trying to run over an officer, and so, again, they had to shoot at the car and driver to save themselves, only the car took the bullets this time, but the guy still took off. he and his green toyota camry were wanted for monday night kidnapping case, where a young lady was beaten up, tied up
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with duck tape. police found the car and driver, where he reverse intoed an officer, then drove wildly, for another mile through mayfair, before crashing and almost killing other, here at frankford and convent. still he doesn't get up, but gets out, runs away, one offers nerve good shape, good aim, good enough to use restraint, pulled out his other gun, a taser shocking the guy to a stop instead of shooting him, and the laid fry monday's case brought in, and positively identified this 34 year old as the guy who attack and robbed her monday. so, soon, the district attorney's office, chris, kerrey, will likely charge this guy with breaking almost five dozen laws in two nights of may help. >> ya. >> five dozen laws? that's 60. >> all right, steve, thank you, sir. all right, 6:04, secretary for the us department of health and human services will be in philadelphia today, sylvia, meeting with residents, and mayor michael nutter at the friday library. he is here to discuss the affordable care act, how
6:05 am has helped people in our area. >> also philadelphia police are hoping that some surveillance video will help them catch two people, who carried out a vicious attack in queen village. >> both these attackers arm, one person with a gun, the other with a bat. fox 29's lauren johnson live in queen village with that story and it is violent video of the woman swinging the bat at this victim. >> caring a bat, sidekick, older man has a gun, see the duo approach a man, walking toward them, on carpenter street near second after short conversation, things go bad. witnesses say you can hear the couple yelling, you know what you did, just moments before the woman starts beating the man with the bat in his chest. the victim tries to get away. he's screaming for someone to call 9911, running from his
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attackers when the mall suspect pulls out his gun and shoots the 36 year old in the leg. neighbors who live here remember hearing all of this play out last saturday, in the we hours of the morning, rumors now swirling around this quiet queen village neighborhood about exactly how or were this all happened. but no one of course knows for sure. people are simply scared, and want to get those attackers behind bars. so they can get back to their quiet lives out here. so again, take a good look at this surveillance video, see if you can see, right now, few tips coming in, they need the public's help to make sure they catch these guys. chris, kerry? >> they're very, very violent, we just saw. lauren, thank you. >> meanwhile, moorestown police searching foreman in a car who exposed himself to kids on a school bus. >> can you imagine if your kids are on this bus? so here's what accordingly happened. the bus was headed it to moorestown upper elementary school, stopped at a light, this is tuesday. now the driver reportedly pulled up alongside that bus, the intersection of board on landing, westfield roads.
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police say that's when the guy got the attention of some of the student on the bus, and then he can positioned himself >> for the third time in five years the jean are the world series cramps. >> the lefthander so young, so talented, and has three world series rings now in his young career was dominant against last night coming out of the bullpen, pitching full five innings, leading the giants to three world series wins, in five years, the final score three to two, in this game seven. >> first time they won game seven of the world series, 79. that was pirates-orioles. >> somebody just told that you. >> firm foley, that was good team. >> good night. >> all right. we will cover up a of the stories for this morning, unmanned rocket exposed -- explodes six seconds after take off. on board, experiment by south
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jersey kids. what they were trying to send into space. >> and are you planning to do a little bit of shopping, maybe on craigslist, this holiday season? there is a local town that's trying to make those craigslist transactions safer. the sit that i is setting up what they're calling transaction safe zone. and where they're doing it.
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what's the truth on taxes? says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest. they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett? it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars... ...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest.
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>> for the people living here, and the lava flow inning closer to homes there, on the
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big islands, officials say the lava is moving at about five to 10 yards per hour. sad to see the village threatened because so many families have lived there for so many years, for decades. >> moving pretty quickly still. , five to 10 yards per hour. so they'll have to find some ways around that. okay, 6:11 right now. >> chilly fog out there, depends on where you are at any given time, how bad it is, but be aware this fog could slow you down next hour and a half, two hours, we haven't seen any problems or flight delays at philadelphia international just yet. but we've half mile visibility in millville, .3, a lot of areas of fog out in lancaster, places like, that so what happened the cold front came through, but still slow to pull further off shore.
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so seeing a lot of moisture still around, but they're the chilliest temperatures that will be moving in gets even colder after this comes through merge what we expect to be coastal storm saturday more about that coming one chillier changes ahead, just in time for first weekend of november. the forecast, so much going on here, we've got halloween tomorrow, we have the temple game saturday, weaver the time change saturday into sunday morning, where we fall back, set our clocks back an hour, then reelection day tuesday, so after sunday, only get to 48 degrees, feels colder because of the winds, we do see bit of milder trend back to the 60s, which is where we're supposed to be this time of year. that's your forecast, 12 minutes after 6:00. in solebury, lower york road, at sugan road, report after dent, there more on that coming up. kerry?
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>> sue, 6:12. israel's prime minister speaking out after senior white house official called him a pretty vulgar name. what benjamin netanyahu is saying about it now.
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>> new video of the rocket off the coast of virginia. pilot had camera of his ipad rolling, some 3,000 feet in the air when the rocket blue up. this is good for ipad. what a good camera on board that. the cause of the explosion still unknown, but some experts blaming the rockets engines. why? they were built 50 years ago, in russia.
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>> unmanned rocket headed to the international space station with supplies, tens every thousands of pounds of food on board. >> food, absolutely. and the next shuttle doesn't go off for the next rocket until december. so, hopefully checks last until then, but also on board, talking about, some science experiments made for more than dozen high schools across the country tax includes one from ocean city high school there. were team of student there, working on this micro gravity experience, for more than a year. it involved the small tube, caring e.coli back tear crashes and the goal was to test how space and the lack of gravity impacts bacteria as it attaches to astronaut intestines. bad bacteria, and they have to know, okay, how are those bad bacteria going to behave in space? are they going to attach to astronaut, in what ways, how will they infect them? >> the student send been promised another shot at
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getting their experiment into space by officials. they're hoping it could happen within the next few months. >> according to that is, a the space station is well stock, they've six months worth of food up there. and plenty of research to do. in fact, an unmanned russian ship arrived at the space station, just hours after the explosion another load of supplies, from cape canaveral. >> troops returning if-ee ebola a missions face 21 days in isolation, by chuck hagel. on the other side of the coin, president obama is rejecting quarantines for medical work that's are returning from these ebola stricken countries, worried people won't travel to west calf to help fight the epidemic because of them. meanwhile that nurse who treated ebola patients in west africa left her home in maine yesterday, that was in defiance of state health officials orders stacey says maine, where she is now, she'll give them until today to lift the quarantine requirement or seek legal
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action. state health guidelines require hickox to be quarantined in her home for 21 days, reportedly doesn't have any symptoms of the virus and arguing these quarantines rules aren't scientifically or constitionally just. 6:18 the timement fox news preparing for exclusive interview with the navy seal who shot and killed osama bin laden. the seal who is commonly referred to as the shooter, will reveal himself for the first time, his identity kept secret since the radon bid lane laden's come point, the interview will air in two part special next month. fast nature to go watch. coming to boil point, after none obama officials rimmed the american ally, calling him a coward, and a lot worse. the problem stems from an article in the atlantic magazine, they're saying unnamed top obama official that used profanity to describe netanyahu, saying he's too scared to launch a war with iran. well, white house now working
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very hard over time real toy calm the tension while not disputing the report, saying the comment are isolated don't by any means reflect the entire obama administration. >> secretary of state, president of the united states, people leading our relationship, don't view that language and those words as appropriate or accurate. netanyahu says those who attack him don't have israel's best things in mind. simply written offer the white house will go directly to the american people to voice his ankle feria nuclear deal is cut. a missions trip by the british navy, ends a multi-million dollar drug bust. the royal navy helicopter was delivering hurricane relieve to bermuda when the crew spot add suspicious yacht. well, they went to check it out. turns out, they uncovered ten large bags of cocaine worth 50 million. the two man crew that far ship of course was arrested.
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>> 50 million bucks? >> man! >> good grief. all right, mike? >> mike jerrick, good morning to you, sir. >> hi, chris, hi, kerr. >> i high. >> so i don't know what to do about this apple pay. you take your phone you rush against a cash register, pay for things, get rid of your walt net seems now like couple companies dropped apple pay, like cvs, rite aid. why did they get rid of it? they're afraid they're going to, you know, somebody will hack the information that we give them. i don't know this any more? should we use it, or not? i love the idea of apple pay. but why did they drop it? if they drop it maybe i should not use it? you know what i am saying? >> i think a loft people are thinking that way. >> totally. >> i want to use it. >> hacked. >> i'm little afraid. and i'm sorry, but i had an outburst yesterday, about sue, like three, four month now, we can't seem to find a
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weather -- or a traffic person, person to dot traffic. so about five and a half hours a day sue is doing both weather and traffic. seriously, fire your agent, get on our management, and i know i'm if fear of losing my job here, i'm trying it get sue some help. so, a bun of of people on twitter said i could do. >> this and i agreement like melanie says i'm a paramedic. >> oh! >> she's all over the city. she knows all the streets. melanie laden would be a good idea for a traffic reporter. don't you think? a paramedic. >> and can help when i keel over. >> right. i mean -- >> gee, sue? >> should i just let this go? let it go, let it go ♪ >> i'm one with the winds and rain ♪ >> i've struck a nerve. so many people want to be the traffic reporter. >> had you a little cranky the last couple of days. it has gotten to you. >> because sue is cracking. she is cracking under pressure.
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right, sue? >> i can't tell you how much it means to me that you care. >> just sick of listening to you drone on about traffic and weather together. >> oh! >> kidding, sue. i love you. >> all right, buck up, sue. we promise you the trick-or-treat forecast, and we will give it to you, mostly cloudy skies, dry, cool for trick-or-treating, tomorrow night,. >> if the kids are little going out, sun, 58 degrees, high temperaturement then we see temperatures drop through the 50's, and some spooky clouds moving in now back to today. expect high of 06 degrees. actually managed 07 yesterday. but it is much chillier to start, with temperatures in the three's, and 40's, this morning. and, of course, be on the alert for areas of patchy fog. time is 62:00 it, let's get to the roads. bensalem route 63, bensalem road at route 13, accident
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there. right lane block. to new jersey, cinnaminson, route 130 southbound past riverton road, traffic signal is down. the right and center lanes are blocked slow going, solebury, sugan road, an accident there, as well. >> 6:23, high school athlete was concerned with coming in first, what she did that got her disqualified. but praised by a lot of people this
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>> good morning, i'm tom sredenschek. opening night for the sixers, won 19 years a year ago, he can pecks takes cents even lower this year, wednesday against indianapolis. noel making his sixers debut, shot just two of 11. pacers didn't have any problem shooting. cj moss for three, pacers hit eight of them many win 103-91. >> yapping up here on fox, story, madison baumgartner, five shut out innings. wins his third game in the world series. giants, over the royals,
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thirds tile l in five years. eagles hoping to have jason kelce back sunday when they take on the texans in houston. now after sports hernia surgery, doctors toll him it won't get any worse. question of dealing with the pain. >> right now what i'm going through will just be an ongoing thing for awhile now. so, you know, just gets to the point of whether i can push through it, and still play at high level while dealing with it. >> and the flyers take on the tampa bay lightning tonight in tampa. that's sports in a minute, have a great day everybody. >> all right, 35 pounds exotic cat, that ran off about two weeks ago, in delaware, was spotted just yesterday, but, unfortunately, he is still not back home. where he was last seen, that's giving those
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this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard.
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aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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>> police forced to shoot at suspect when he starts driving away with a officer being pulled boy his car. how that officer is doing this morning, and, why police were chasing that suspect, in the first place. and surveillance video just released after man and woman approaching a guy on the street, with a baseball bat and a gun. what the woman yelled before she went on the attack. >> are you shopping on craigslist this holiday season this police want to make sure you stay safe when it comes time to doing that transaction, in fact, they set up a transaction safe zone, we're going to look into that. >> i think it is a really good idea! >> hear more about it, you
6:31 am
will think probably the same way. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, october 30th, 2014. it is halloween eve. >> yes, so, we want to know how the weather will be of course for trick-or-treating, sue serio, but more importantly how are we doing with this fog and this morning commute? >> still hanging in, there but just patchy enough, that it didn't warrant a dense fog advisory, still we're here to advise to you take it slowly on the roads this morning being look at bus stop buddy, barely see him, through all of the fog, chill nerve, too, much chillier than yesterday at this time. when temperatures were in the 50's, 60s, now mostly in the 30's, and the 40's. so, in your weather by the numbers, we do expect sunshine later on, it will be rather pleasant afternoon, just cooler than it has been, so going with a seven out of ten. here is some of the visibilities out there. and, it is not much visibility, in allentown, pottstown, trenton, reading, lancaster, philly international, has been okay, all morning, and we haven't had any flight delays, .3 of a mile, though, visibility in dover, delaware, so take it slowly, especially if you're
6:32 am
out in the outlying areas, with the deer out there, that could be a dangerous situation. so, no rain to show you in our area on the satellite radar picture, the cold front that came through yesterday, been slow, but it is finally pulling off shore. we had few showers, down in southern delaware earlier. look at the temperatures, 30's mount pocono. allentown, pottstown, 47, philadelphia, 43 in wilmington, 48 in wildwood. fifteen to 20, 25 degrees colder than we were yesterday. add a sweater to your ensemble. zero six is your high after the fog burns away, tonight down to 43. that's your weather authority forecast. 6:32, is the time. for traffic this time, we start at bensalem. route 63, woodhaven road, at route 13. and an accident there, that has the right lane block. also, cinnaminson, 130 southbound, past riverton road, there is a downed traffic signal. that has the right and center lanes block. and finally, in soul bury, lower york road at sugen road accident there, as well.
6:33 am
kerry? >> sue, thanks, 63:00, suspect un arrest, but after re ending him, getting him cuffed, proved little difficult for police. it happened in the talcony section of the city. >> we go to steve keeley live outside police headquarters with more on this for us, hi, steve. >> reporter: well, toyota camry ways exactly 2490 pounds, at another 200-pound for spare tire, jack, bad guy, you have 2700 pounce of steel, stupidity going down the street into the average weight of a philly police officer about 180 pounds. not a fair fight for the casino of life or death fight, lots of philly police officers have found them in already this year. and forcing to fire in self-defense. that's why internal affairs finds itself so busy again because the philly police were forced to fire at another bad guy who almost kill one of their own. if it is not somebody shooting at them, it is somebody trying to kill them, with a way bigger, deadlier, weapon than a gun, but just as potentially dangerous, and that is a car.
6:34 am
and so, that's why it is the rule and routine foreign turn al affairs to find all these police shootings justified, that's probably the case here, the car, the green toyota camry, and the video here, thought to have been involved in monday night kidnapping and assault, where a woman was duct taped and attacked, good police instinct, and suspicions, all confirmed when the guy didn't just hanover his license but suddenly shift in the reverse, and almost ran into the officer behind him. second officer, in good partner, with good aim, shot out the back window. but the guy took offment then got about a mile away until he crashed again, here at frankford and convent. ran out and ended up in a real nice kind of gesture of restraint, just being shot by police taser instead after glock. so only his run ends, not his life. lady then brought in. she has already positively identified the bad guy, as the guy that attack her, monday night. so, they've got bad guy, who probably didn't whole lot of bad stuff before. and you can add about 60 new
6:35 am
charges, to his long rap sheet already. chris, kerry? >> in addition to that, 2,000 plus pounds of steel and stupid i well put, steve keeley, as always. thank you, sir. time 6:35. female victim is list in the stable condition following an early morning car accident, in northeast philadelphia, the accident happened around 1:30 this morning, east roost develop boulevard and oxford circle. >> also, philadelphia police investigating an overnight shooting in the city's hunting park section, it happened around 3:00 this morning, on the 100 block of west tioga street. police tell us they found a second scene on the 3300 block of york road. but at this point, they're not sure how the two are connected. the man that was shot is in stable condition at temple hospital. >> a camden county police officer, one of 40 people charged in connection with a drug trafficking network. >> authority say officer ashley bailey shared confidential information with her husband, and brother-in-law, who are members of this network reportedly. investigators say, they distributed more than million dollars worth of drugs in
6:36 am
camden, and surrounding suburbs. >> this network is believed to have supplied heroin and crack cocaine to lower level dealers in camden, and atlantic county. >> police tell us bailey was on the force less than year before she was caught. she is charged with official misconduct, possession after weapon, and for an unlawful purpose. she's also charged with making a terroristic threat. >> philadelphia police are hoping surveillance video will them them catch two people who carried out a truely vicious attack, in queen village. >> fox 29's lauren johnson, live in queen village, with the story. lauren? >> that individual joe shows you they were relentless, happened on the street hine me, quiet queen village neighborhood last saturday, but police just released this video hoping someone can get a good look at the people in question. >> see an older man, caring
6:37 am
gun approach them carpenter street near second, after short conversation, things go soar. witnesses say they heard the couple yelling, you know what you it, before the woman starts beating the man with the bat in his chest. victim tries to get away, unsuccessfully mail put out gun, shoots him in the leg. they remember hearing all of this play out saturday in the we hours of the morning. rumors are swirling around this neighborhood about exactly how and why this happened why no one knows he can actually (people are scared and just want the attackers caught that is the biggest concern people have around here, we have somebody in our neighborhood that's potentially taken vigilante justice out. that's little aggressive for my taste. i'm all about waiving a bat and scaring somebody off, but beating somebody with a bat, chasing them off with a gun, obviously little over the line. >> reporter: make sure to tack a good look at the surveillance video, detective do feature help, they say, tips are not coming in as they
6:38 am
expected, and they're hoping someone will recognize them, so they can catch them. chris, kerry? >> lauren, thank you. meantime an update about exotic and very large cat missing in delaware. >> so the cat's owner said the cat was spotted by police yesterday morning, the cat's name is boo, reportedly, still in the new castle area. and the family's incredibly hopeful he'll soon be returned. they're pricy those cats. thousands of dollars, i mean, obviously a family pet, but they're expensive, too, so we'll keep you updated as the information becomes available. >> a beer delivery man says he did what he had to. he saw a robber walk into had a store armed with a gun, but what he didn't realize was what the robber was holding what he thought that gun really was. >> and you know what they say? don't work with kids and pets, little kitten gets a little too excited on live television. what happened that got everyone nervous. coming up.
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what's the truth on taxes? says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest.
6:41 am
they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett? it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars... ...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest. >> it is not extreme, but it is slowing some of us down this morning, it is fog, and visibility is very poor in a lot of our outlying areas, you see north and west and even east, northeast of the city in trenton, just .3 of a mile of visibility, but haven't been any problems in the city or at philly international. we've been checking, but no flight delays, so that we can see this morning. so, it just depends on where you're driving. it could slow you down, and then it will be patchy fog, you'll go in and out of it. you know the deal. so leave early as you can.
6:42 am
here is cold front, came through yesterday, sort of lingering, just off shore. and then we still got the moisture around, that's part of the reason for the fog. we don't have a loft winds yet. but, as drier air moves in, and the breezes pick up, that fog should dissipate after sunrise, there is the secondary colds front that's on it way, with even chillier air for the weekends, plus we expect some rain on saturday with storm that hasn't formed yet really off shore. so, here's your future cast. and talking about the rain that's coming on saturday. friday is halloween, should be dry, it will be dry in the morning, for our party, it will be dry in the evening, but then we see some rain moving in, little later on, after that. watching with these colder temperatures, for the possibility of frozen precipitation, do not see it, on this future cast, none of these computer models, so, again, we will keep an eye on. that will do expect some chilled rain on saturday, on and off, and as far as your trick-or-treat forecast is concerned, things look very spooky, of course, appropriately so. by 5:00 o'clock, we will be at about 55 degrees, 52 by
6:43 am
7:00 and even creepier at 9:00 temperature around ooh degrees, so probably call it sweater weather, maybe little sweater under your costume. we've been in the 70s, plenty of times in the last five days, but no 70s in the foreseeable future. we look ahead at the seven day forecast change the batteries in your smoke de tech tears and change the clocks saturday night before go to bed. >> now, we take live look, roosevelt boulevard, southbound at fox street, and things are pretty crowded l also, good illustration of the haze and the fog out there this morning. so, again, this is roosevelt boulevard southbound at fox street. accident left two left lanes block, so alternate is hunting park avenue. to help you stay away from that. also, in bensalem, route 63, woodhaven road, at route 13, we have an accident there. that's now on the shoulder of the road.
6:44 am
>> daring rescues, in queens, take a look, this will hold on for dear life. >> little guy hung on, someone finally called 911. pulled it off, and animal control workers took it off to safety. food cravings can make do you some strange things, the morning call is reporting on lehigh university student whose craving landed him in trouble with the law. >> wearing yellow teletubby costume. >> application say when he was he was wearing the yellow teletubby costume in question. >> montgomery county community setting up one of the nation's work craigslist transactions safe zones. would like to make sure people doing business on this popular website are able to do it
6:45 am
safely. >> showing us how it works. >> coin be any safer. there is police cars, surveillance cameras, good lighting, even in emergency phone to contact police. >> good idea, a lot of transactions on the internet. >> chief designated the parking lot and lobby at police headquarters as on line safe transaction zone. he says if you're conducting one-on-one transactions, where money is changing hands, this is the safest place to do it. >> lobby open 8:00 to four. lobby well lit under 24 hour surveillance, i think will give the community a sense of safety, and, security, to get their on line transactions done. >> new transaction zones comes as ripoffs are inch kree g, dion jordan met a guy who wanted to purchase a dodge charger like this at local wawa. during a second pre-arranged
6:46 am
meeting at this airport, they went for test drive. that's when police say, jordan and accomplice kidnapped the buyer and robbed him of $2,000 at gunpoint. >> dallas long, two days earlier, he faces charges, in several bank robberies, where he wore this expensive hollywood style disguise. investigators now trying to link him to five other murders. >> bad guys can get to your stuff here, then they will they're real good. >> somebody come to the police station to dot final transaction, then obviously don't do the deal. >> chief says never go to transaction like this alone, and always use cash or bank check. >> in case a problem develops were the deal. he also believes other towns will follow suit, with safety zones, of their own. >> dave schratwieser, "fox 29
6:47 am
news". >> wisconsin height sky ailette getting a loft praise after she helped fellow runner cross the finish line at big cross country meet. high school junior, tagan getting closer to the finish line, when she saw fellow athlete injured, without hesitation, teagan carried that runner across the finish line. get. >> this both girls were disqualified from that meet because the rules say you can't help another runner. >> so my goal was to try to run pr for the day, hard course, real hilly course, and anything can happen. i saw the girl, like getting real wobbly on her feet, she was like 10 feet ahead of me and then just fell. i don't know, the if i thing that came to my mind was to make sure she was all right. >> as for that injured runner, she is said to be doing okay. >> but did the right thing. >> a hundred percent. >> all right. >> your favorite story, by the
6:48 am
way. >> celebrities have babies, and we all care about it so much. jessica beil and justin timberlake this time are reportedly expecting their first child. >> yes, according to radar on line, the actress is at least three month pregnant, she's due in april, we're hearing; however -- >> oh, i can't wait. >> i know. we'll have a baby shower for them right here. beil and timberlake have not confirmed the news. website sources say it wasn't easy for beil to get pregnant, so probably not surprise that they're staying quiet. >> we don't know. >> why do you think, mike? >> oh, i feel for them. >> why do you have to be so hateful? >> harris joining freak show, harris and his husband, david, will appear on the final two episodes of the season l play salesman, berta involved in a fight with the show's main character played by jessica lange. >> so it looks like or son wells final film will be completed. the new york times is report that a deal has now been struck to finish the other
6:49 am
side of the win. film was shot back between 1970 and 76. it tells the story of a temperamental director, fighting the powers that be, in hollywood. of course it has been 30 years since, well, he died. >> it opens with rose budd. >> an energetic kitten up for adoption, becomes hit on youtube after stealing the spotlight during a live newscast in atlanta. >> and this cat is actually entertaining us in the studio for about -- oops! (laughing) he's back. >> just hold on. >> i think you might want to hold it? >> bouncy little guy, isn't he? >> this is from our sister station in atlanta he's fine. but if you look in slow motion, oh! he kind of did a back flip. he's like little kitten gymnast right off the table. >> not hurt. doing just fine. >> all right, mike.
6:50 am
never work with kids and animals on live television. >> geez, that's what -- who said that? was it johnny carson? >> it might have been ed sullivan. i don't know. it seems this halloween the best accessary may be your smart phone. from transforming yourself into a zombie, to making sure your kids are safe, we have -- we're having an apppy for halloween. one, fantastic. you can bring up this thing on your iphone, and then put the phone inside your shirt, looks like your heart is beating. it is really -- okay, i'm obsessed with this sue serio thing. >> right? >> when did kacie leave? three month ago, something like that? >> 2008. >> 2008? philly won the world series and kacie mcdonnell left. >> no sue working her can off for three, four month, doing weather and traffic, weather and traffic. we need a traffic person. so, all these people on
6:51 am
twitter yesterday asked, were telling me, coy do it, i could do it. i -- kacie -- limo driver, that's a great idea, anybody who is involved with commuting would know about traffic. >> uber dudes. >> ya. >> or anybody who rides the bus, takes cabs, whatever you know about traffic. right, sue? >> it is time. don't you think it is just time? i think so too. >> i was just trying to help. >> i appreciate t you don't know how much this means to me, from the bottom of my heart. talking about fog all morning, but it has not been a problem at philadelphia international. everything a go there. we have foggy start, though, in so many of the suburbs, and it is much cooler than it was yesterday. >> expect sunny afternoon, not up to 7 degrees, which was our high wednesday. now, who are halloween, increasing spooky clouds. see the ghost hovering over
6:52 am
the airplanes there? trick-or-treating should be dry for the kids, weekend big, big chill blasts in saturday with rain, and then chilly temperatures, on sunday, as well. we go into a lot more detail on all of that, as time goes back. >> this is southbound on the boulevard. southbound, on the boulevard, at fox street, there it is, what a mess. the accident halls the two left lanes blocked. the alternate is hunting park avenue. you definitely want to avoid that. >> now, in bensalem, route 63, woodhaven road, at route 13, an accident there, it is to has now been moved, kerrey, to the shoulder of the road. >> our detour dive a. maybe not for too much longer either? >> i think it is time. >> it is time. all right, we'll see what we can do. beer man to the rescue, beer delivery guy doesn't think twice when a robber walks into the store, only he didn't realize that this thug was
6:53 am
holding a gun. what he thought was in his hand.
6:54 am
in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
6:55 am
>> fog to contends, with sue serio will have that for you. first, beer delivery man hailed a hero, and not just by beer lovers. this guy stopped a robber, in his tracks, surveillance
6:56 am
video, take a look, caught the tape down. delivery man unloading cases of beer when this robbery began. he jumped into action, slamming that 14 year old to the grounds, then just sat on the kid until police got there. >> he looks at me, look at the dark, my reaction, she said she was being robbed, i got to get this guy. >> police say what the cashier thought was a gun was actually just a stuck. -- stick. teen wasn't in school because he had been suspended. >> police say now facing armed robbery, drug-related charges. chris christie loses his patience with a heckler at the event, talk about the recovery effort after hurricane sandy, what the governor told this guy to do, and little league star mo'ne davis making headlines, this time, cover girl. the magazine she's now gracing the cover of, great photos, and i have to tell you, behind the scenes here, good day at
6:57 am
fox 29, our beloved mike jerrick, i have to admit, been a little cranky, little testy, in the news room, in our meetings. that said, mike has a very big announcement coming up in the next 20 minute of good day philadelphia. so stick aroun
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> this is "good day philadelphia".
7:00 am
>> sit down and shut up. >> oh, christie being christie. who and what set him off. his ebola response, was that the problem? >> sandy response? why that response from the governor? >> she has walk out of her home. septa workers, making signs. is this a sign of a strike? strike eminent? sure seems that way. and salvador perez. the two-two. pop shot. >> they win. >> oh, falls down, so excited. giants win. this is what the phillies were supposed to