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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 5, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> days after she vanished carlesha freeland gaither is about to be reunited with her family. how cops tracked her down and her mother's words for her suspected kidnapper fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. >> thank you so much for forgetting my baby home. >> a mother's gratitude.
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her daughter is a life. snatched from a philadelphia street days ago carlesha gaither is rescued. >> her abductor who had a has been arrested. >> who is the suspect. what cops say about his frightening past right here in philadelphia. >> we got a very dangerous predator off the streets. >> right now her mom is on her way to maryland too pick up her daughter. this was the last time we saw her dragged for a block and force flood a car. tonight police is maryland surrounding a car and find carlesha inside with her abductor the the words we've been wait to go here, she's alive and in a maryland hospital tonight in incredible end to go an intense search that captivated the country. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. we are crews here in philadelphia and in maryland where authorities tracked down carlesha. we begin with dave schratwieser live at northwest detectives. dave, have you been on this story for days. such incredibly good news. >> reporter: lucy, high drama
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in maryland tonight as police swoop down on that caress queued carlesha and arrested dell von barnes he's 37 years old. he has addresses in philadelphia and virginia. he has a long criminal record. but tonight, it was all about carlesha being rescued and her family's joy over her return home hopefully soon. >> she miss me. come get her. >> what did you say to her. i'm going get my baby. >> the words of a mother after learning learning her daughter 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither had been found safe. >> she told me to come get her. she loves me and come get her. >> reporter: carlesha was after 5:00 in jessup maryland still in a car in the company of 37 year old dell von barnes who police now say kidnapped her off the street sunday night. fbi and atf agents police and u.s. marshals moved in to rescue carlesha and arrest barnes. >> they were able to sit down
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and take down the individual and safely rescue hershey's in good shape. has some injuries. but is being -- was taken to the hospital. she is talking to the agents. >> reporter: the rescue and arrest brought an toned a 70 hour ordeal for the young woman who was snatched off the street in germantown sunday night. >> i do want to tell him. i'm not mad at you, baby, because god got this. that's who you got to answer to. >> he's a thug and this is what he does apparently. >> police credited detectives, fbi and the public for tips after the violent abduction was caught on tape wednesday the fbi and police turned up the heat releasing this surveiled of barnes entering a philadelphia supermarket hours before the kidnapping. >> he's a vicious predator. he's off the streets and hopefully he'll be in jail for the rest of his life. >> reporter: new video surfaced after these surveillance photos of the same man went public showing him using calicia's atm card in aberdeen, maryland. three minutes later this surveillance video shows the man again in a gas station
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convenience store. keisha gaither said detective jim sloan made her a promise. >> he said i'm bringing your daughter home. he brought my baby home. >> reporter: now calicia is being treated at the hospital. her family will be reunited with her later tonight. a little background on dellvon barnes he has an outstanding warrant for attempted capital murder out of virginia. he was convicted, arrested and convicted here in philadelphia in 2005, 2006. sentenced to six to 17 years. what he's doing out of jail at this point is anyone's guess. we'll get that information to you. as we continue to report this story but, again, carlesha has been rescued and dellvon barnes is behind bars tonight. guys, back to you. >> dave, thanks for the good news. what was supposed to be a candlelight vigil for gaither turned into a celebration tonight at green and colder streets where she was snatched. shawnette wilson is live there tonight. a lot of emotion from those who know her and even those who
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don't. >> reporter: yeah, i can tell you that everyone gathered here tonight including her family members overwhelmed with joy. here at a gathering they shouted, many said god is good and tonight they wait anxiously to be reunited with carlesha. >> watching the news getting ready for the vigil. it came across breaking news. i was just so happy. >> reporter: emotional roller coaster came to an end tonight. >> amen! >> reporter: as word spread that carlesha freeland gaither had been found. >> i'm so glad that it came to this point that she is here. you know, we haven't seen her yet but just to know she's save is all good. >> reporter: patricia is her niece. she says they were putting out candles here on west colder street where carlesha was abducted preparing for a vigil as everyone held out hope for her safe return. >> some family members had just returned tonight from maryland where they were joining in on the search when they got the news.
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>> up all night. i've been driving around looking for her. i've been way out in maryland putting out posters and stuff too late night because i wanted her home safely. >> heel who didn't know carlesha stopped by to celebrate. >> the night just got a little lighter. >> her family sent up praises. >> i thank god for to bless her to be back safe with us. >> that's right. >> that's all i can say. i'm thankful. >> reporter: and they're grateful for the community's support. >> thank everybody for all the out reach. i'm just telling you god is go good. it's a blessing. >> reporter: family members who are gathered here tell me that no formal plans have been made yet but a welcome home is in the works. iain? >> i'll take it shawnette. it will be a big welcome home. such a fast pace. new clues coming in hour by hour since carlesha's abduction hit the air waves. our big good clue in the first one in the case was surveillance video that captured the violent
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attack. police then tracked her atm card to ab beer dean maryland. last night this video of the same man police say in a convenience store not far away. and finally today, a new glimpse of the accused abductor in a philadelphia grocery store before the attack. police very clearly hot on the trail of their man which led to that quote of the night. i'm taking my baby home! they're trail led to jessup maryland where our team coverage continues. that is where fox's rick bran is joining us live tonight. rick, a very busy and very good day for authorities. >> reporter: yeah, it is. for authorities and that family as well. let me tell you this all ended here. this is a parking space actual wrl it all came to an end where police officers tell us that federal agents say this is where the car was found here and inside this shopping mall this is a strip mall much this is along the one and 175 in jessup, maryland, for those who don't know where jessup maryland s it sits right smack in the middle between washington, d.c. and
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baltimore, maryland. it's very heavily used location. but all because of a police tip this all ended on tonight. this was a lot going on. it all started about 7:00 o'clock this evening. that's when federal agents and officers started to get those tips. they tell us that they began to strategically put vehicles around this strip mall just in case this vehicle took off. after they were able to make a positive identity of who was in the driver's seat and who was in the passenger seat that's when they said this is time to move and put this to an end and a lot of delight going on as i said with the family and investigators involved. >> agent at that point moved in. utilized one of their vehicles to block him to prevent him from leaving the parking area. >> reporter: yeah, they did in fact do that. it was strategically done perfectly. as for that victim tonight that 22 year old, she's not so far from where i'm at right now howard county hospital. she's expected to be okay but
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she does have some injuries. as for that 37 year old dellvon barnes he's now locked up and as you know he'll be facing a long list of charges not only those charges down there in virginia those attempted murder charges but also now these federal crimes out of philadelphia. we'll send it on back to you. >> thank you very much, rick. right now the very emotional news conference announcing that carlesha is safe. it is linked with our coverage of this fast-moving story we're continuing to follow through the hours. >> on your radar right now, we've got some rain moving in to our area. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking when it will start. >> that's right, iain. right now starting in northern sections of delaware around new castle county, wilmington toward newark. we're watching some of that rainfall move up from maryland. so this system is going to bring rain for the morning commute. so just pack some patience but take look to the south. you can see more rape fall yet to head in our direction. so as we roll the clock, you can see by 4:00 a.m. when you're watching the fox 29 morning news with sue, we're looking at that
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rain overtaking the area. by 8:00 a.m. still looking at the clouds and showers. coming up we'll talk about how much rain to expect, where this system moves out and also big changes moving in behind it. iain and lucy. >> all right, scott, thank you. a jury in montgomery county hands down a historic verdict against a former ivy league professor who beat his wife to death. tonight the victim's family is talking only to fox 29 about the decision. a jury says former penn professor raphael rob must pay for the bludgeoning death of his wife ellen. they ordered the 64 year old to pay more than $124 million to the couple's only daughter olivia. it's the largest settlement in pennsylvania history. rob plead guilty back in 2007 to killing his wife. ellen rob's family says the verdict sends a very clear message. >> this was always about justice for olivia. for ellen and for our family. a statement was not made only behalf of the family but for all victims of domestic violence and
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abuse. >> rob plead guilty back in 2007 to killing his wife inside their king of prussia home. he was sentenced to five to 10 years in prison. mug shot you will not soon forget. this local football coach arrested. cops say he hit a car drunk and then took off. what officers found next in the driver's seat. >> armed gunman burst noose a local pizza shop. walks out empty handed. what the clerk said that sent him packing. >> plus your phone protecting itself from thieves. that's right. the new app that can tell if your phone is stolen and lock the crook out. >> it's a monster on secrecy and shame. tonight a teen breaks her silence. >> every person i have told my story to has either struggled with an eating disorder themselves or know someone else that is struggling. >> how one teenager is now changing lives in the delaware valley. and we are still following breaking news. philadelphia woman kidnapped off
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the street is alive tonight. carlesha freeland gaither rescued from her alleged abductor in maryland. her family heading down right now to bring her home. ♪
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♪ >> fishtown hold up caught on camera. philadelphia police are hoping this video will catch the gunman who you saw just walk up to a woman behind the counter at key pizza on east york street. he had a gun and he wanted money. she said no. so he took off empty handed simple as that. if you know anything that might help catch him, call philadelphia police. high school football coach from the mainline arrested for
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drunk driving. now he's stepping down from his coaching duties. police say joseph gallagher also left the scene of a crash this weekend. >> as fox 29's chris o'connell found out, many are standing up in support of the popular haverford high school coach. >> reporter: haverford high school football players were finishing practice for the playoffs on tuesday night. but they practiced for the first time in more than 20 years without their head coach. this is the booking photograph of joseph gallagher, the head football coach was arrested for drunk driving saturday afterno afternoon. police in prospect park say he hit another car and took off. after being stopped minutes later, according to an arrest report, gallagher had open half bottle of bell gin ale in his center console and told police "i messed up. i hit him and should have stopped. i messed up ". >> he's been a legend here in town, and, you know, until everything comes in, i wouldn't pass judgment on exactly all the
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facts. >> reporter: parents in haverford school district say they're shocked to hear the news about one of the longest tenured and well-liked football coaches in delaware county. >> he's been a good coach. he's good with the kids. i think it's a loss for the community. >> reporter: some former students of gallagher with spoke with say they're sad to hear the news about the arrest but stand by the man they say has helped so many students over the years. >> i hope it doesn't derail what he's established here because i do really think he's a great guy and i would hate to see that. i think there are a lot of very few good teachers and he was one of them. he was good coach, too. >> reporter: since his arrest he stepped down as head coach but according to the school, still remains on faculty as gym teacher. >> we reached out to joseph gallagher regarding these allegations but our phone calls have not yet been returned. it is still not clear if and when he'll ever return to the football field. in prospect park, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> accused cop killer eric frein
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was surviving in the woods with everything from soy sauce to dvd's a laptop computer. there's some of the 100 things on newly released search warrant list. investigators found it stashed stash at the birch wood airport hangar where they captured him last week. he also had maps of the area, weather camouflage gear piles of clothes and in the middle of all of that, soviet aero weapons more than 200 rounds of ammo. how did he power his electronics? he had a solar powered converter. prosecutors will look at all of that evidence very closely as they build their capitol murder case against frein. the 31 year old heads back to court next week for a preliminary hearing. prosecutors say he killed a state trooper and seriously injured another outside their barracks just a few miles from where authorities track him down. that manhunt lasted 48 days. >> police in delaware county come under fire today when they try to serve a warrant in collingdale. investigators say officers fired back. tonight a father and son are
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facing some serious charges. fox 29's dawn timmeney reports the situation could have ended a lot worse. >> reporter: police say this shirt less man, 24 year old lamar james, fired at police and swat team members as they tried to execute a search warrant at his home on the 100 block of lafayette avenue in collingdale around dawn. >> upon their arrival, nine officers in full swat uniforms with police across their chest approached the porch, knocked and announced their presence. >> reporter: that's where delaware county district attorney jack whelan says lamar james' father, tony gale, who is now facing obstruction of justice charge, tried to bolt the front door. >> lamar james was apparently upstairs, ran down the steps with a revolver in his hand and fired four shots at the officers on that front porch. these officers, the swat team
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returned fire at this particular house firing multiple shots. >> reporter: no one in the home was hurt. skyfox over the scene as investigators scowerred the scene for evidence collecting shell casings. two swat team members were hit by bullets in the gun battle. the district attorney says this could have been much worse. >> this is one example of how dangerous their job is, but for the grace of god today, we would have lost two officers. >> reporter: fortunately the two officers who were wounded in the gun battle suffered only minor injuries. james is facing a slew of charges including nine counts of attempted homicide of a police officer. he's being held on $1 million cash bail. his father is facing an ab instruction of justice charge and being held on $50,000 bail. in collingdale, dawn timmeney fox 29 news. >> you decide 2014. the day donned brightly for businessman tom wolf who got out of his trademark jeep today to say hello to some folks near his
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home in york county. he beat republican tom corbett in a race he led from start to finish. he plans to for go his salary as a state chief executive saying it will go back to charity or back to pennsylvania. the successful businessman through millions of his own dollars into his gubernatorial campaign. he says he and his wife plan to divide their time between york county and the governor's residence in harrisburg. though the keystone state's governor's race went to democrat republicans across the nation won big seizing the senate taking full control of congress. and president obama held a long news conference this afternoon talking about what happened and says voters have sent him a clear message. also, something that we heard bill clinton say when republicans took over congress during his presidency in the '90's. >> the american people sent a message. one that they've sent for several elections now. they expect the people they
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elect to work as hard as they do. they expect us to focus on their ambitions and not ours. they want us to get the job done. >> and he says he hopes current lawmakers will take care of a number of things before the holiday break. they include more funding for ebola so doctors, scientists and troops have resources they need to combat the spread of that virus. and he wants new authorization to use military force in the fight against isis. >> the fate of philadelphia's walter palmer elementary school is on the line at a hearing today school district officials questioned the leaders of palmer about their finances and enrollment practices. district officials are considering whether to revoke the school's charter. palmer charter high school closed last month because of over enrollment. elementary enrollment was slashed in lottery. well today parents weighed in. >> it's unfair and all the children are being misplaced and everything is such in disarray right now.
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>> recommendation on revoking the charter could come early next week. a vandal tries to take out some frustration on a potted plant but that plant as you can see fights back. talk about karma. what happens next will have you laughing. >> and say it isn't so. a cannoli shortage on the horizon. what's behind the disappearance of a philly favorite desert. what's behind the disappearance of a philly favorite desert. >we put all the apps you love...
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>> it is still flowing. lava from the volcano in hawaii is relentless. however state officials say the lava has not moved in at least 48 hours. the lava remains about 500 feet from a village road. emergency crews are urging residents to be cautious when heading outdoors. >> a cry in the night leaves to a live saved. a newborn abandoned is indeed safe tonight. a person in a washington, d.c. neighborhood heard that baby girl, found her just hours after she was born and called 911. police say that she's doing well tonight. nurses and doctors caring for her now in a hospital and now police are searching for her mother. amanda knox the woman convicted of murder for a second time in italy has gone from being part of the media frenzy to being a member of the media. the 27 year old is writing for a weekly seattle newspaper. the paper says she's covering human interest stories like plays at the local theater and she's working on a free lance basis. knox of course was convicted for
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a second time in january by a jury in italy for the 2007 death of her roommate meredith. knox was an he can change student in italy at the time studying creat creative writing. she's working to appeal the verdict again. >> former baltimore ravens cheerleader facing charges of having a sexual relationship with a 15 year old boy. police say 47 year old molly shad dock's relationship with the boy culminated in sexual activity in a vacation home in bethenny beach, delaware over labor day weekend. charges include rape and providing alcohol to minors. she's estranged wife of a prominent maryland energy executive. caught on camera in georgia. a driver swerving for miles and coming within inches of slamming into other cars. >> and here it is. another driver caught it all with his own dash cam. richard durbin says he saw the driver taking out mailboxes, jumping curbs. durbin decided to call 911. good decision. police say the woman behind the wheel was under the influence.
10:26 pm
i just want to do make sure that she was brought to justice for endangering those people. >> police arrested 39 year old elizabeth post for dui they say it's the third time they've arrested her for drunk driving. days of intense searching all leading to an incredible ending. a philadelphia woman kidnapped those found alive. neck the hard work that helped bring out tonight's good news. >> a schoolbus driver takes off from a field trip but for gets something. how a couple of students finally got home. scott? >> don't forget the umbrella out the door tomorrow. rain is moving in. w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññçthursday and
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♪ >> i do want to tell him i'm not mad at you baby because god got this. that's who you got to answer to. >> her words to be the abductor. right now carlesha fre free fr d gaither's mother is on her way to a reunion with her days.
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>> found in maryland where the suspect has a long record. let's go back live now to fox 29's dave schratwieser at northwest detectives in olney. dave, can you walk us through this whole arrest tonight? it starts with surveillance video that was out there. someone in maryland spotted the surveillance video and spotted them in a car. we're told near an apartment complex. agents from the federal fugitive task force down there atf and fbi agents surveiled that vehicle for quite sometime. didn't see anybody in it. then the car started to move. they made a road stop out there. approached the car. he got out. they quickly arrested delvon barnes much he's 37. he's from philadelphia. with addresses also in virginia. and then rescued carlesha. a joyous moment down there. fbi agents quickly hustled him away. they were in the same car that he used during the abduction here in philadelphia according to police. the same car with the back windows knocked out by carlesha
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as she fought to get away sunday night when this first occurred. >> dave, is there any way of knowing at this point because i know it's early whether they knew each other before this incident? >> reporter: according to police, they did not know each other and now police believe this was a random situation. that he spotted somebody on the bus, carlesha. pulled around the corner waited until the bus pulled up, got out of the car and approached her. we showed you video earlier in the week last night in fact where they came into contact at the corner of green and coulter. she quickly breaks away then they cut to the other video where you saw her violently trying to get away from him, and him violently abducting her dragging her down the block. cell phone fell out. her glasses fell off. into the car and they were gone. 70 hours on the run, that ended tonight in jessup maryland. again carlesha is in the hospital tonight being treated for some minor injuries. delvon barnes is behind bars. he has a long record including a
10:32 pm
conviction here in philadelphia where he got six to 17 years in 2006. what he was doing on the street, we have to find that out. police are not quite sure about that. we'll probably have more on that tomorrow on good day and tomorrow at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 o'clock, guys. >> dave, thanks so much for that recap. we appreciate it. it's been emotional roller coaster this week. we put all the clues that led tonight's rescue at >> a trick or treater in california had a bag of crystal meth in her halloween candy. police are trying to figure out who would such a thing. the eight year old parent's were checking her candy friday night when they found it. they thought it look suspicious so they called police. officers ran some tests confirming she was given the drugs. it's not clear at this point whether it was an accident or not. she understands either way it was not very nice. >> 'cause there's bad people in the world, and they can hurt children like that and that's
10:33 pm
mean. >> police say the girl went to at least 20 houses so it could be difficult to pinpoint just where the drugs came from but they are checking the bag now for fingerprints. police say the person who did this could face felony charges much the girl was dressed on halloween as a police officer. >> on your radar, doppler getting lit up tonight. scott, what's going on? >> lucy, right now that rainfall is moving in to lancaster county, chester county, also, as we move into sections of new castle county we're looking at that rainfall. you can see the heaviest rainfall right now around the glasgow avenue moving down to odessa as well as smyrna. it's coming up from maryland around the baltimore area. we're looking at some of that rainfall but even expanding the view a little farther you can see more moisture toward the ohio river valley an area of low pressure will help to enhance a little more of that rainfall overnight. and especially early thursday. as we take a look at the timing of this system, you can see after midnight we really start
10:34 pm
to see the coverage fill in in south jersey, north and west as well here's 4:00 a.m. when you're watching sue in the morning we're looking at clouds and showers continuing through good day. so allow some extra travel time for that thursday morning commute. wet roadways out there and we're looking at rain continuing through the lunch time frame so grab the umbrellas. off to work and school tomorrow. it look like we'll see a bit of a lull as we move toward tomorrow afternoon and evening. leftover showers so it looks like the morning commute will be the worst commute as far as dodging that rainfall we start to dry out as we move into thursday night and friday but friday we're looking at blustery conditions and those temperatures will be dropping. so as we look at the expected rainfall amounts, you can see anywhere from about a half an inch to an inch right around the heart of the area. lesser amounts once you move down the shore. perhaps 210ths of an inch toward wildwood and as you move toward reading we're looking at about an inch of rainfall. so the bottom line on and off again showers tomorrow.
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instead yesterday of the rainfall the first half of the day. half an inch to an inch of rain before all is said and done most of the coverage starts to phil after midnight temperatures in the city low 50s 40s in the suburbs. tomorrow overcast on and off again showers. cooler than today. today's high made the up to 69 degrees officially. so tomorrow temperatures only in the upper 50s. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you much cooler but drier by friday. so friday night at the temple game, it's going to be chilly. have the jackets and sweaters handy and then look at the low on saturday morning. 33 degrees. that's in philadelphia. so the suburbs we're looking at temperatures in the 20s so likely a hard freeze upper 40s on saturday. and then a few scattered showers on sunday. 54 for the high. we moderate monday. 57. looking pretty good for the eagles game. veterans day looking good as well, mild, 60, but look, the bottom drops out as we move
10:36 pm
toward wednesday. temperatures only in the 40s for high temperatures, and a lot of events this sunday. we're talking walk to end alzheimer's in the morning temperatures in the low 50s. a little chill in the air and then that afternoon and evening there could be a scattered shower temperatures will be dropping into the upper 40s. >> no raining on the parades sunday night. i'm walking in that. i'm excited. i got my fox 29 rain gear ready to go just in case there's sprinkle got to be prepared. >> yes. a lot of rain, though. >> all right. check this out. because this guy he may never vandalize anything again. you'll understand why when you see the rest of the video. how a potted plant got revenge. >> it's a favorite dessert around the city but there could soon be a shortage of cannolis. >> what? why they mate be hard to find this holiday. >> it turns out most of us are very sneaky. what many admit doing on their computers, do you guys do this, while the boss isn't looking? hmm.
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♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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♪ >> a vandal in santa barbara california making a fool of himself and it's all caught on camera. video showing the guy walking upstairs and kicking a potted plant. >> look at that. >> however that kick kicked back
10:40 pm
and he fell on the steps. he ends up running away. police are trying to figure out who he is. >> and that's what happens. in your money tonight how much time some people plan to shop for holidays while at work. new study finds people plan to spend, oh, two days shopping online for the holidays. most of that at work on average they spend $1,400. apparently not everybody is very good about sneaking around with this one. 36% surveyed say oh, yeah, my boss has caught me. new software may soon allow your phone to know when it has been stolen. it will track your every day activities and get to know you so well it will automatically know when you aren't the one using it. developers in scotland say that after three minutes of unusual activity, your phone will just shut down and ask for code. the software is still in the testing phase. no word on when it could be made available to the public. >> holy cannoli that's that's right. there could be a shortage of the italian dessert treat. >> say it isn't so.
10:41 pm
famous pastry warehouse burned to the ground this week. bakery supplied cannolis to 100 retailers and distributors. we're talking 10 million canno cannolis a year. the manufacturing warehouse destroyed cannoli shells could be hard to come by this holiday season. >> we're to the going to have the supply that we would normally have. but after working through inventories and again trying to set up shop when and where possible they'll be around. they just might be in limited supply. eat it very slowly. >> weiss words. they're looking for temporary space to start production for all those incoming holiday orders. texas schoolbus driver is in a bit of hot water. parents say they pulled away from a field trip without a few kids. how those students finally made it home. >> thank goodness they're safe. south jersey teen has doctors calling on her for help but first she had the fight to survive. >> there was all of these noises in my head saying, like, you're fat, don't eat, go run.
10:42 pm
>> next, courtney's story of triumph over an eating disorder and don't think they're uncomm uncommon. tonight we share
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texas bus driver feeling heat tonight. parents say the driver left two students in houston behind after attending a renaissance festiv festival. a second bus went to pick them up but they returned hours later than planned. parents were not only late. kids were also hungry and stuck in the rain. the houston school district said it was an isolated incident and they are reviewing why there was such a delay. tonight we have got the essence of the addage. how many times you get knocked down that counts it's how many times you get back up. >> teenager who has doctors calling her a hero. to get to this point this high school senior had to pull herself out of one dark rabbit hole and sleigh a monster. food. ♪ >> like alice in wonderland courtney went through the looking glass. reality became blurred. mirrors were the enemy. there was all of these noises in my head saying, like,
10:46 pm
you're fat. don't eat. go run. you need to do this. you need to do that. you need to be thinner. you need to look like her. >> the images of everywhere. pictures of skinny happy people flood social media second by second. don't think they don't make an impact. >> there's a lot of pro anorexia blogs and theft moved post about how to lose weight and hide your food and what you should be doing and you should be eating 0 calories day. >> numbers took over. calories in, calories burned. pounds on the scale. so focused on all these little numbers i lost a bunch of friends. i couldn't keep up with school any more. at home i was just sleeping because i was so exhausted. >> school and friends were her life. the family knew something was off but when a school counselor reached out and said, these two words, eating disorder. >> i thought this can't be much this can't be. okay. maybe she's a little bit off but eating disorder? i had the
10:47 pm
picture in my mind of a 60-pound young girl who couldn't get out of bed and this wasn't my daughter. >> did you draw these. yeah. that was me in my eating did he order and recovery. >> you look much better in recovery. yeah. thank you. >> if you could sum up the complexity of eating disorders in two pictures, these do it. one drawn in darkness. isolation and shame. seventh, eighth grade that was going to be the end for me. i was going to be eating disorder dead by the time i was out of high school. like i wouldn't be here any more. >> the other in recovery. i love that picture. yeah. that was the first time i was able to get back in the gym. >> look at your muscles. my goodness. that's a lot of protein right there. yeah. >> that's tremendous. yeah. >> a lot of hard work to get here. relapses, yeah. >> and when that relapse occurred she had lost more weight than before and she was
10:48 pm
even skinnier. even sunnier and she had come to us and said, um, you know, with tears that i realize i can't dance and dance was her life. >> but as a family, they kept battling with therapy, doctors and nutritionists even a month at philadelphia's renfrew center. so scary at the time. >> it's like campus and stuff but i'll have to face all of my fears now. >> they have individual therapy, group therapy. family therapy. and they can connect with each other. >> that's key, right? being able to talk to somebody else about what you're going through. >> yeah. someone that knows what the struggles is like. >> the national eating disorder association says 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their live in the united states. and anita says more people buy die from anorexia than any other psychiatric disorder.
10:49 pm
>> it's getting worse. i mean patients are getting younger. we're seeing younger and younger cases. we're seeing older women come in with the disorder. we're seeing men. >> what do you do? well if you're courtney what don't you do? she chronicled her recovery on instagram instantly connecting. >> i think that this is extrem extremely pref len especially among teenagers. every person that i have told my story to has either struggled with an eating disorder themselves or knows someone else that is struggling. >> she start a club at school tackling eating disorders. >> it was an mazing thing and the club she started grew to 70 members in time. >> she organized the first walk ever in south jersey. >> keeping it real. $18,000 raised. anita thought this would walk would do. >> i don't think they realized who they were dealing with. >> you got a big future. all kinds of plans. yeah. >> and the girl who once wrote
10:50 pm
this. i couldn't focus on my dancing because every moment of looking in the mirror at my distorted body i was riddled with thoughts of having to lose more weight. >> emerged back through the looking glass. mirrors, bring them on. mirrors are okay now. i look in the mirror and i'm like i look good. >> she looks great and take it from somebody whose walked through her shoes, she is brave. the money courtney has raised through her walk and the money her club raises at school helps fund treatment for people struggling with an eating disorder if you'd like more information on getting help head to you'll find a link to the renfrew center along with this phone number click on the scene on tv tab. as doctor told me eating disorders do not travel alone they come with anxiety and depression and trauma but insurance and this is the good news often covers treatment which is expensive. >> i'll bet it is. great story. all the best to her. >> all right. how about this? a five week old orphaned sea on the tell welcomed at a chicago aquarium.
10:51 pm
fuzzy female pup weighs just under sick pounds found on a california beach in september after a resident heard her crys for help. she weighed just 2 pounds. officials say the otter probably had been separated from her mother. >> cutest thing ever. howard you're not quite as cute. sorry. >> no. not close. all right. (laughter). >> a loss by the -- maybe a little bit. is a loss by the 76ers tonight really a win for the front office? and the eagles have some new starters for the second half of the season. the starting quarterback talks about starting a game in the nfl for - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪
10:52 pm
♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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♪ >> eagles they have a new starting quarterback because of the broken collarbone in nick foles suffered on sunday, and now it's become so easy for the haters to talk about why nick foles was not good enough. in reality he needed to play better but was 2 yards away from being an undefeated quarterback. i think the new quarterback will do a good job. that would be mark sanchez. had his issues with the jets but offensive coordinator pat sherman pointed out he was leading in 2afc championship games at half time. the issue he did not play in the regular season for two years. but he says that's not a probl problem. >> that's hard going four straight years of playing and
10:55 pm
then, you know, being out for a year one just not being able to practice and then two coming in and watching somebody else play that, you know, it tests i was little bit. it makes you appreciate it even more, and makes you want to play all that much better when i get in there. >> eagles six-point favorite on monday. on the other side of the ball the new starting middle linebacker casey matthews not a fan favorite but played better off the last few weeks. he'll split time with emmanuel ocho. he was happy when he got a text message from dee me company ryans after the last game. >> get a text telling me take over the team and, you know, just be great and i like the text. it was great. good to hear from him. obviously a tough situation. >> more eagles sunday morning with fox 29 "game day live" at 11:00 followed by fox nfl sunday at 12 a double letter.
10:56 pm
cowboys and jaguars and tony romo to play followed by the giants and sea hawk at 4:25. >> tough game for the sixers tonight. was it a win for the organization? now, both the sixers and orlando were winness and the 76ers second season of tanking games a loss tonight but that's a win for the organization. you get it? at the wells far good center. nerlins noel seems to get hurt a lot. meryl lips noel in the third quarter turns his ankle. so he'll be out for awhile. and then henry sims the six social security down by two. second press in the game only pass in the guy tied at 89. four-point sick seconds left. orlando take the ball in and, sixers lose it none-89 but again they're still winless. they still lead the league in most losses without a win. and for sam hinkie the general manager that's a win. >> yeah. >> because they want to be bad. >> so when you lose, you win. >> there you go, howard. >> crazy math. >> all right. howard, thank you. >> let's get back to our breaking news.
10:57 pm
carlesha freeland gaining they are found alive days after she was kidnapped and our coverage does not stop here. be sure to tune into the fox 29 morning news and good day starting at 4am. >> of course sue serio with your weather. bob kelly with traffic. be sure to stay tuned. have a good one. cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now, you can save $400 on the c4 mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. silent night not so silent? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that.
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>> today "tmz" -- >> there is, if i may be legal for a second, strong circumstantial evidence that khloe kardashian is banging french montana again. >> it was kendall's birthday and khloe backing that thing up all on him, grinding. >> it's what everybody does though. >> you do it at your sister's 19th birthday. >> so remember michael jordan said president obama was an expletive golfer, he would crush him on the golf course? obama was asked about it on a radio station. he said -- you might want to spend more time thinking about the bobcats or the hornets. if i was playing the last 15 years, that might not be the case. [laughter] >> young bird decided to choke [laughter] >> young bird decided to choke out his girlfriend.


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